The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 8
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] PAGE EIGHT ML VOTE ON POLICE Civil Service Commission To Control Departments Proposed Qualified elrclors ol Blythcvlllo v.-ill vote Tor or ngalast creation of n board of civil service commissioners lo control Hie municipal police find fire departments IH tlie city election April a. At present heads of tile police and fire departments -ire npjwint- cd by the mayor, with approval of the council. A petition, Tiled within 90 rtnys after poisagf of Act 28 by tlie 1933 legislature providing (or Dm board, requesting Hint the act be submitted to a vote of the people, resulted lu submission (it ilils election. The act provides thai n board consisting of three members, none of whom shall be holders of elective offices or officials of any party organization, shall foe named by tlie city council lo serve without pay and control the iiolice and fire departments. Tlie pioposiil is directed, it is clnlrttPd. to the end Dial appointments may foe. "taken out of politics." The city council last spring refused lo pa-ss an ordinance giving the act effect, -although such action was made mandatory by tlie stale lefi- islature, ant) Joler was iiBirumen- : s tal In circulation ol a petition for a v -vwe on the measure after city employs, ousted with the charge in adjniiiktralfons, brought suit to compel the council to give the act effect. The suit has been in litigation ever since and ivjll be tils- missed if the proposal b approved by Voters, 11 Is understood. The sufficiency of the petition was attacked In the litigation. Stlf-I'trptlualiinr Board While some members of lhe city council expressed opposition 10 the proposal on grounds that it fostered Instead of curtailed political influence, all agreed to submit lhe matter to voters and abide by the result. Members of the local council have not actively opjio.scd the measure, as at Jonesboro, where the proposal is also to be voted upon. Unrier Act 28 the city council, if Tuesday's vote Ls favorable, tlmll appoint the three origins bers of the commission, meni- whosc m,YTHEVIl,LK, (AKK.J COURIER NEWS Easier festivities in Mexico center aioimrl thn drslruction of Judas, n symlxillcal Iriidillon Hint lunomUx silmoM. to a ceremony, slisueu by persons of all ages iiml all claw; of society. EfHglwi or Judas nre rarcInHy prep-avert in advuncc. iisimlly of csnlboajrl slui with nrrcrackcr.s, and on the day Ix-forc BistiT arc hanged burned, or Ixitli. Even prlson?i's in jail urc |yrmlui'd lo destrnj thcli 1 Jiula.sf.s if they chnose, Xr.XT: A f|u;ilnt Ka?lcr i ustnin in rural England. 'Continued irom I'agc One) over by (Me municipal court on a. charge of assault with intent to lob. At lhe time they nrrested llrooks officers expressed the opinion he wius n viclini of mistaken identity but the bus driver's Iden- varying terms shall expire in different years. Thereafter vacancies on the board shall be filled by the two remaining members, without approri] of die council. The body would have full control of the police and fire • departments and would act as a court In hearing ell complaints, with appeal from its decision directly to circuit court. The commission would lay down rules and regulations for the two departments under restrictions of these definite rules contained in the legislative get: That each applicant for appointment to the fire department shall be between the sgrs of 21 and 31 and- that any applicant for the police department shall be between the ages of 21 and 45 provided that Uiese age limits shall not apply to any .person employed nt Hie time the commission is created. That open competitive examination and lest for relative fitness of applicants shall be held. Establishments of ranks within • the I departments.with seniority as the' bails of promotion and appolnt- ^meni ol officials. Establishment of a period of probation of six months before any appointment or promotion Is complete, during which period tlie probationer may be discharged or reduced. Employment of temporary offl- ceis without examination if emergency exist. Discharge or reduction in rank 10 officers only when they arc presented reasons for such action in writing. That all officers discharged or demoted shall have right of trial by the board of commissioners with the. decisions by a majority vote of the members. Thai no officer or employe in any department under the board's control shall engage in solicitation of any subscription funds or assessments or contribute to anv lURtfs for political purposes and snail connected with anv politico! campaign. lificntirm remained unshaken. Few Municipal Court The smallest number of appeal cases (rom municipal court since Its creation will be for trial on the, circuit court docket. Only 1'i fts have been appealed since Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, }0-25c Nile G:45. 10-35c (lift (rnn of circuit court. A nuinlxT of old nppenl cases remain on the doc.kel however. All appeal cases Imve Ix-eii set lor the first dny of court. Oiitslaiitllng ' amons the np]x,i. cases will nrobably be trials of Dill. IJ. noljlmoji and mil Dew, boll' ol I.eachvllle. Robinson was con- virled in niuniclpnl court on i cnniKC of public drunkenness am Dew for obscenity. Robinson al leecdly Was drunk on Die way to nnd Irojn a Cm-nil home 'where he was the atU'iidlni; physician n the birth of a baby. The niotlic: tiled Juti-r. -Dew, who inaifo tin trip with' him. allegedly iiidulgei in mi obscene act. nt. the door o the home. Oilier appeal cases likely to be ROXY . and Thursday Mat. 2:30, 10-2f)c Nitc 6:.!5. 10-25C fought Involve Bradford i court Honw. betivecn Uic iiours prcserlhed )>y lasv, In th? city of Hlylhcvllli', Arkansa-i, "n the 11th dny of April 1931, the Inllowliig reiil e.stnle, to-u - lt: 1/jl mtfen MS) Block Two (2) cf ffolll|>etor-.Shonyo Ad- dillon (o Hie City of Blytlic- vllle. Arkniisns. .Snlci Sn!t: win he had to sfUMy said dccr'-e in tlie sum of $189.85, WEDNESDAY. MATfc H 28, 1934 Jliltwoori niul Jlmnili* Jones, ran leled in lhe lower conn of i!Val' jwisi-sslnn of intoxicating )i- 'inixMiii'j' of tiers, also u-- nl Hit- tc-i-m ay. *CTC planted by Chllwootl ones after their convlrllon.s. old ronvirtimis ntj&lnM. v loth will fjfk lo hnvc (lie *k orders vjualrd, it Is ni t'Xxl. COMMISSIONKIfS SALE Notice Is licreljy given Hint ... nilpi.slgim] comniKsloiHM 1 , lu c<«»- j 'llance wit)) tin 1 (erins of n ( | K -I.I-' endeied by tt:c Chancery Cum! or the Chtcka.'iau'ba District of Issippi county, Arkansas, on the !7 clay o; February. Itf.'H, when.n >. C. Jones wiis Plalntllt, No. 55l'i. ml pinkie SIMrunk, EminclL M.,r- IK Trustee ol Knsl Arkansas LHIII- x.-r conip.iny, and UiiXnown Hm:, Jl Will Slstrnnk, I3e«'iisc<l, wen- JafeiKlaiius, will sell nt pnljlic msi-- lon to I lie JilflH'sl and Ijesi h:il- LT. for citsh, on A c'rcdlL or itinc miinlis, nt (lie fiont door of :i.>- wltli H'f Intori'st from Aiifiist 18, ' Tile j)Utch:r:< 1 ]- aL .said .sale will ' )>e ]-('i|»lriYl lo execute Ijoml *'l!h : ajqn-ovi'il tii'fiirlly, to secure tile |)iiyii!(-iu ol Hie purcliiLse money, ii:Hi n tien ^lli lie retained njion siilrt pro|»rly as additional security for Die payiiH-iu of such purchase money. Witness ir.y linnd :in<l the .vul of said Court, on tills. I lie 22 day of Mai-ell, 10M. H. L GAINJiS. COininissioner In Cliaticevy. NVIlt I(e<d, ally for plalnlin. C:O>1MISS1<INKII - S SALE NO'I'ICK Is herein/ given th:il the undersigned commissioner. In compliance wllli I lie terms of a decree rendered hv HIP Ohiince-ry Court for till} CDIi'kafdivta Olslr.'ct of Mluitalpiil Comity. Arkiinsas, on Hie 21ft dny of Novembej 1 , 19M. wherein W. A. Ciriininett, wn'. I'lnlmilt, and Oeo. M. U'C and Helen Lee. his wife; John Shaw uiul lin.slile Shuw, his wife, and Tom Ciki.'-.s, wrro Df-lcniiaittf,, will fell al public auction to ihu hluh- esl and lx>:it bidder, for osli, on a credit of llnee inonllis. at [In: .south door of tliu tlie hours Court Mouse by ter (NW',1) of Section Sixteen US). Township Fifteen 115) North, Uaujm F.leven nil EnM, MLsFlsslpiji Counly, Arkiinsiis. SAID palp \\iii I:;- nao to satisfy ."aid decr.-r; In the sum of $151 M. with 10 per cent interest from Nu- veinljcr 21. 1933. THE purchaser <.". KUU saw will Ix.' reciulrcd to exccuti; bond ivilh :t(i|irovi'd .seeiivily, t» .stcuvc tlw jK'.yiiieiu of il:c f money. WriNKFS iny liand uim ol raid emu I, ni> iln s day oi M:m-h. IU34. ' Commissioner in infii secur- "' such pur- V- 1 icet« 20-2 law. In Die City of Blyitic'vilie. Arkansas. o)) tin? JGtlj diiy of 19:14. the mitowiiii; real o.tuti 1 , to- j wli: Ixil 12 of Il;c Addition to Klytlievllli'. Arkansas. STMUU IML- Ing carved out of llu- T',vo ;u)d Thrre-fourth.s i2 : !-.i Acres ly iiif; jioitli and east of Die P B. x E. Iliiilrnaii west of South liilli Hlreet and soiuh ot Cherry Hlreet, and being part of lhe Soiilhi'usl Quarter (SEW) of Soullinisl, Quarter ifiRV.) of tin- NorDiwesl Quar- Is tliu name g\\v n ^ money.; an rngrnvlng on w<xxl or ',11 in. > ....',,. i .1... .. Liii iin- lie rt'tnkiii-il upon'|>ios-s!on ilicictit. .. .The New Aid in PREVENTING Colds At tlint lirst nasal irritation —that first sniffle or sneeze —apply Vicks Nose c% Tlirum Drops. 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