The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVHMBKR 22, 194-1 Germans Permit Red Cross Boxes Prisoners Of Japan May Not Be So Lucky, Official Declares ATLANTA, Nov. 22. (UP)-Na- tlonal Red Cross Chairman Basil O Connor snld In Atlanta yesterday that American prisoners in Germany appear to !» receiving nil Red Cross parcels sent lo them. Unfortunately, however, the same thing could not be said of the situation in gp'ie Pacific war zone. W O'Connor went on to say "We have recently sent a ijoal load of supplies to American prisoners of [he Japanese, but whether or not those supplies reach our men Is anybody's guess." The l?e<l Cross leader, who has just returned to this country from a lour of the European theater of operations, chatted with newsmen for over 1111 hour on his arrival In Atlanta. He praised Ihe work of Red cross workers In foreign lands, and especially the women. He said they were courageously living In privaliqn and danger close to (lie battle lines, bringing movies Four Men From County Are Wounded Overseas Four Mississippi county men have been wounded recently in the European Area, the War'Department 1ms announced. They were: Pfc. Cornelius L. Hus- Kcy, husband of Mrs. Evelyn Huskey, m. l, Manila; Pfc. James A. Creecy, brolher of Harris Crcccy of Osrcoia; scrgl. James O. Lowe, husban ( | of Mrs, Lorene Lowe of Osccola, and Pvt. Johnnie L. Roberts, sou of Mrs. Mary R. Roberts HI. 1, Wilson. Shortage Overseas, Too LONDON, Nov. 22 (UP) — The cigarette shortage has hit American Army exchanges in England. United Kingdom Base Headquarters tonight discontinued the f.alc of cigarettes ni all PX posts not located in nir combat stations, hospitals, replacement centers nnrt rest areas. and other recreation to weary soldiers. O'Connor revealed that the Red Cross overseas program Is expected to reach a peak within the next nine months and that by then there will be some 10,000 workers In foreign lands. At present there arc about 7,000, of whom ' women. BLYTIlKVIIiLE COUIUEll.NEWS 'Gambler Bay 1 Crew Fights Losing Battle ABOARD ADMIRAL PECHTE- LER'S FLAGSHIP, Lcylc Gulf, Philippines, Nov. 22, <UI>> - A gallant group of men are aboard Admiral Fechtelcr's flagship in i^yie Gulf today. They are veteran's of Ihe "Gambler nay"-,, thin-skinned American escort carrier which went down in Philippine waters. There were Ihe gunners who for 45 minutes pitted their small weapons against the monster 8-lnch guits of three heavily armed Jnp cruisers. Gunners who knew Hint their shells didn't have the cluince of a spltbiill. There was an Incredibly Heroic sailor named Fetkcnhelr, Ills heel was shot away, but he refused to remove a from (he stinging scuwnlcr to climb aboard liferafts with the Injured, ! "Most of them were llko 'Hint," said the vessel's skipper, Captain Walter Vlcwcg of Elmlrn, N. V. "The men were all magnificent," he added. Vleweg and his air officer, former United Slntes Naval Academy foolball star Fred Borrlcs, revealed (he "Gambler Day" look ubout 20 direct hits before she went down. Her gunnel's scored at least one solid lift before the Jap cruisers' Ills guns found (heir range. Ami the men sluck to their guns to the last, even tinder (he cascading [he of tons of Japanese slccl. DoiTles, who boarded (he Admiral l-'crlitclcr lodny, left the Gambler uay by a hand MHO over her slda after Vicwcg ordered "abandon ship." yt>r 10 mtimlos more, Vleweg stayed aboard to make sure as many men escaped as possible. A salvo hit the Island bridge where he stood. He began descending a ladder lo the deck. Another shell lilt the bridge, and he jumped. Once In the water, hc began to swim, directing the task of loading llferatls from tlic men swimming about. Finally Ihc rafts were organized Into two llollllas, Wei commanded by Ihe skipper'ami the other by Uorrles. ( GASOLINE wings on a car EXPECT NO MIRACLES from your present car if the tank were filled with 100-octanc gasoline. Its motor was engineered specifically for the gasolines which were available at tlic time you bought'your car. To secure the benefits of very.high octane fuels, post-war motors will have much higher compression ratios, will be smaller and lighter, and will deliver greatly increased power and extraordinary mileage. i , All this will be possible because of the super gasolines to be made ., available for motorists in the posr- P> war pcrjpcL And you have every tcason ;to 'expect that Phillips will be; among\rfie ficsc to offer these ^asfly imptove'd motor .fuels soon after victory. Why? Because Phillips is today one of the nation's uve largest producers of 100-ou;me aviation gasoline. Phillips is also one of the Jc.iders in the war production of butadiene for synthetic rubber. These achievements are a direct ' result of Phillips long years of peacetime research to extend the frontiers of knowledge concerning hydrocarbon chemistry. Oilier accomplishments, which cannot now be toU for security reasons, flow from Phillips wartime exploration of tlic limitless possibilities of chemical production of new and better tilings from petroleum gases as well as from petroleum. This is why we siy: Every time you see the Phillips 66 Sliicld/lcc it remind you that Phillips ~icfin-\ cries, in addition to'producing gasolines, lubricants, and fuel oils ... are also gigantic chemical plants pouring out weapons for victory. battleship wii? lying dead in the water only t,hicc ho|irs away. The Americans feared for a time that the wrong rescue crews would come lifter them. At sundown, the enemy battleship was making steerage way, and the next morning she was gone. Tho rescue work then started at full spi'Ctl. • WARNING OltDKK In Hut Chancery Court, t!lilckas;iw- lui District, Mississippi County, Arkniuus. Delores Murrcll, Plnlnttir, vs. No. 8895 Mllbiirne L,. Murrcll, Defendant, The defendant, Mllbiinic U Mur- rcll, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in Ihe caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of the plaintiff Delores Murrcll. Dated this 20 day of November, HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Claude p. Cooper, Ally. 11(21-28-1215-12 AVAUNING OIUIKIt In lli» Chancery Court, C'hlckasaw- ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. :'' ' : : T. De Witt DoUsoi), Plaintiff, vs. No. 88D8 Daisy Ellen Dotlson, Defendant. The defendant, Daisy Eilcn Dod»i. Is hereby warned ' " Uliin thirty days in i FOR YOUR OK/'OK' ydUR GOUNTK Y-! 'fHIUIPS PETROLEUM CO. answer the complaint of the pialn- liir, T. De Witt Dotlson. Dated Ihis 20 day of Nov., 19<14. HARVEY MOnniS, Clerk. Claude P. Cooper, Ally. .Il|21-28f.l215-i: WAHMNG OKDKRYY.V ' In tlic Chancery Court, Chlckasaw ha District, Mississippi , Count) Arkansas. ' ' Roberlha Calvin, Plainliff, '•'•' vs. No. 8800 T. C. Calvin, Defendant. Tiic defendant, T. c. Calvin, I hereby warned to appear wlthii thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer-'thi cdmplalnl of the plaintiff, Rober tint Calvin. r .... : }.-J.,,;.. Dated this'26 day of'November HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Claude P. Cooper, Ally. >i /.I'lV , Wl Not V. ' NlJt ArknnQn fsur 'oCl Court WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (UP) ~ has ^""'V«!< 1 » Supreme Court IBS: icfuscd to review n suit m wllf "" a group of Arkansas cm- vold " of lUie 7. •~c""i:m.-i ax'uLsiiuure Motitnir »)> a department of labor ,>nd m , P»l>io.v,nent compensation ". ™','!' C ( ; n " )lo S'fs' group sued lo re- K "lo'ifM.-pakl Into tho ;l^ unemployment benefit fund, which dismiss- Scientific Advances May Aid Postwar Life WASHINGTON, Nov. 52 (UP) — President lioasowlt is seeking to lenrn how wartime scientific, advances can be used to nmkti post l "«r life Imppler. Mi'. Roosevelt has consulted the head of tho Office of Hclenllflo Research and Development, Dr Vnn- (icvnr Hush, lie hus asked for rec- ommcmlntkms on how lo use new .scientific advances to' create what (he President calls "fuller and more fruitful employment nnd a fuller jo complain^. a nniinier which,. wn s Age Discovered, Paratrooper, 14, Makes New Start nd more fruitful life." 'Hie chief wiccutlve'lfsls four mii- »' proposals to make war advanc- 1 in science III peacetime needs - -rsl. publication of tho now Ideas as soon as, possible so ns lo stlm- ulau, new enterprise and provide Jobs, second, control of dl.wn.w mid improvement : mrdleal techniques Ihlrd, discovery of n way for (he government lo aid scientific re- -ienrcli. And fourth, development or i prouram to finding and dr-vcloii- Ing scientific laK-nl in American iM,,' Pcl1 "" NOV. 22. , • 7 V°n U ' 1 ^''" lkl ls vm. f , ICO r lw "" <1 ex-imrnro ven f he | s only 14 years old And sympathetic friends arc sec- lii8 to It dmt Jimmy cinrk of Mc- rK'' PC " n " " Oes "' 1 lmvo lo >u UIILK. J'»i»iy enlisted in die Army a , VW . ,T '""' S|IL ' nL yetn In training. Well, Just ns hc Wlls uQ| be shipped across, 1H S commanding olllcer learned the truth, Dial Jim! ,. J' 1 ' Wpsi'Ml of returning lo the mosaic Ife of a firth mmlcr was A l „ °° m " ch for Ulc Wl". Aim the superintendent of hk school knew it, So he appealed to »Lff"T Ci ," 1 LcBl0n on Jimmy's behalf. And now Jimmy will be & SSS! „'„,'=-'! s WARNING OKDKR In Ihc Chancery Court, Chickasaw ha District, . Mississippi Count) Arkansas. Ina Tally, PlainliiT, L . -..,-, j LnWciice Tally, -befcridnrlt:'•'. •'.''(':( The Defendant Lawrenc« 'Tally} i hereby warned lo i appear wlthii thirty days in the court named ii Ihe caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Ina Tally Dated this 20 day of Nov., 194. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Claude F. Cooper, Ally. ll|2l-28-12i5-12 Have a Coca-Cola=Refreshment calling ... the familiar red cooler invites you In your town and in any town you yourself are likely to be a part of a scene like this. People are on the move. Across the land, familiar red coolers for Coca-Cola invite them-and you-to pause and be refreshed with ice-cold "Coke". Yes, at home and abroad Coca-Cola has become a high-siga of friendly refreshment. BOTrUD UNDJR AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COtA COMPANY 6V • COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLE It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you heat Coca-Cola called "Cokc"< make the Army a life time career Jimmy says one of the WK nt- Irncllons about Army .. life | s the girls you meet. J:tuiiiy's pretty proud, loo, U m i none of them even ,sus|ieelcd him of twlng only 14. Hut ho says "I'm uaniKl particular about mj' women I ,doi ( v let them drink, smoke, cuss or (irts.'i loud." . Building Fund Boosted By Gift Of War Bond The building fund for, a new Iimimciilnle Conception School to K•fff ccl ^- t ?H<«V,tho,,.war, .'was richer talny by $25 a'ricr ' Roy Lillle donated n Wiir Dowl of that amount. Mr. mile recently was awarded tile bond in n contest sponsored by children of that school. Courier newi want •£* Sour or Upset? a a Tired-Listless? a a Do you feel headachy and upset due to poorly dieted foorf? To fcol cheerful «nd h»ppy again your food must bo uigcsted properly. tieh day, Nature must produce about two pints of > vital diaeativo juico to help digest your food. If Nature fails' your food may remain undigested— lea ™K you headachy anil irritablo., 1 hcrctore, you must iacrcaso tho flow ot this digestive Juice. Carter's LUu 0 1-ivcr Pills increase this now quickly often in 03 little 03 30 minutes. And you re on tho. road to feeling hotter ' ' i Don t depend on artificial aids to counteract nidiecsllon—when Carter's Mil o Liver Pills aid .liceslion nftcr Na- iiros own order. Take Cnrtcr's Llttlo Liver I'dls «, directed. Get them at any drugstore. Only 10( and 25f. * for priority on maleilals to construct a..12. million dollar cotton picking jiianlibK, pinm; Tho plant will be known 'as tlic intciuallonal Itarmlor Company Incorpornled. • ••••'• lit the Interest of this proposed plant construction, the, delegation' headed by Mayor WnHer ChnndJcr of Memphis, made a special (rip lo Washington Monday. Tho Harvester Company pur chased R silo for (he factory In August, 1912. Priorities Sought For Plant To Build Pickers MEMPHIS, NOV. n (UP) .J. A MldSoulli (Iclctsnllon of business men ha.s iipiienlwl to \\'r A RBIIBVB OORETHROAT due to»cold.. Jet n little time-tested VnpoRuh molt a 44 A ,^ 4^ in your nioiilh *M | ^ K S ~ VAPORUB '^r' f -T t -.' • i EcMido.ocnopliripiM/riiiiptelKnpimirn.SI ' : '• (ett«r, salt rnouni, burnp» (bUcuudtVli • "'••' '-'.''- •nd Vfty firpJsca-aul akin,"'MilUou i£i : •••'•' '•'•,'"';''•' ilove Itching,' burhlnfrtricl ! »6reii««'of ?;•'' •.;•",;>"; rncht.'. lUtiok'and Whito ( (o work Btdncol'AIJa !i?iling t '#6rk»«6»','n •* niitl«oi>tio way;-- 26"j'oar« »u«e«r.'10c; : . < )"-'<"•"> •Joo, 60o «izc3. Purchase price- rcfimdM ' "'• If you ro not ealisficd,'.(jVoiay '*•;<«•;! '••: '' ' • rcc oil, Vital in cleansing fsgiXKliOip^'.,,•„ Hojoy Black and >Yuito Skla Spap $i$yi> -:""-: . .works line I GREYHOUND LlNfl ' A N N 0 U N.G;|Ii NEW LOCAL SERVlll i ... - ' - ;•-:•• f( .... r- TO ', • "-.:.'r MEMPHIS ., South llniint] y llcinl Dtitvn 7:,'!0 AM l,v. (Uylhcville, Ark. 8.05 Ai\] Ar. O.sooola, Ark. !l:tir> AM. Ar. Memphis, Tenri. , ' North, Bo»nd ; t Up " Effective November 22, 1944^ I''urllicr JiifornmilDii Call GREYHOUNDBUS 109 Norlh firth Slrccl ^:.-:i-:i.V;,ii'w,«i«,-b^T "" Phone, 441;' S/top Our Balcony For And Make Your Selections EARLY! •aNi'! 1 !' 1 Baseball DART GAME 2.50^ A Whlc Choice of DDL LS 29c to $15 STUFFED ANIMALS , 2.25 , Hs.^5: TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely u n mnkcslilft raetlinds tvf fcrmllc control. Ul lh c world's largest Icrmilc coiilrol orBiinlza- lion protect you against cosily ilamagt. Free inspections on request. BRUCE TERMINIX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MEMPHIS SINCE 19Z7 DANCE Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Night* 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE i 'Admission 60c Ind, Tax. DOLL BED $4 WAC DOLL 1.25 TOY TRUCK 1.29 PULL TOYS 29c up PISTOL SETS 1.75 to 4.95 DOLL BUGGY ,. . $8 KIDDIE KARS 1.69 to 2.95 TEA SET 69c TOY TANK 1.95 Hobby Horses 4.95 to 13.50 Landing Craft 1.19 TOY TURTLE 1.19 And Many Other Toys Not Listed Here! Planters Hardware Co. •,"v M H 126'W. Main Incorporated

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