The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 13
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da- THURSDAY, MARCH IS, Planning is Key o Thrifty Meals New Tastes and New Desires Arrive With Change in Seasons There's something about spring • even the approach of U. that, oes things to our RpixHiics. We of heavy winter mcal.s. e'.op n«w laaU& and desires lor emit foods. Our desire lor H change to new nd different foods, however, wil to he welt tempered by cco- i' in order lo stay within lha ooti budget. Sounds liVe 5 dlffl ult trick these days, but it isn't n* 11 if we foliov a few simple fundn- loiuals that will help .secure varl< y and appetite appeal nlong witl coiiomy in our meals. Plan meals lor several day* a one time: You will save time an money and you 'will have more va ricty. Use seasonable foods: You'll sa\ noney by sei'vinp asparagus th spring, for example. And watch lo :ie curly rhubarb to make sauc i pink rhubarb pic. Spring, ourse. is the time to serve eggs. Cuter to rye-appeal as well a ivste-appeal: When you arc plai ing your meals, consider their aj icai tmee, For instance, gay, bright- olored jelly or preserves on the table to the eye as well as to the ap- jetite. The most thrifty, practical ncal is instantly more appealing when brightened with some of th» delicious Jams and jellies you can ;<!t so economically from your grower. Remember that contrast is appealing: This means contrast in colors, in textures and in flavors. Always keep this important point ]n mini! when meal planning. Arrange food, attractively: Uss simple gr.mi.she5. including (he old standby jelly. For example, plain, okl-fashioned pot-roast looks glamorous as soon as you put "jeweled orange slices" around it—the "Jewel" bcni" a gay dab of currant or mint jelly in the center of the orange slice. .-Above all r let's remember to serve sf^Kthing new once in a while, .something 50 different from your usual dishes thai you have to thini: a while to decide on it. RLYTHEVIU.R (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIMMm Fish Fillets Offer Easy Treat Broiled quick-frozen fillets of rod served with lemon and pariley; Fish that is boneless, easy lo cook on buttered hot toast, crisp crack and delicious to cut makes meatless days no problem. Broiled fillet oi Cud Brush qulck-.'vozcn Itllet- ot cod (frozen or thawcrii with mixture nr in paltcy shells. Slices o olive, diced celery mid jnr.sley may be added. Plant breeding and selection ol seed gradually is pushing cereal- growing regions toward the poles. The -.'.-hole inner surface of a single human lung measures abojt 1000 square feel. beetles nre canablo of lilting 70(J of melted butter, paprika, .salt and | Units their own weight, pepper, place OH well-greased broil- 1 chlmpamcrs have a souse ol cr nnd broil 15 to 25 minutes, mm- ! i|,yihm and can perform R kind o: ing to brown both sides. j dunce. Creamed Fisli and Mushronms 1 — (Serves 3-4)^, - '"-"" -^--- — j Two cups cooked lish. flaked, I'.i cups milk, 2!1 cups sliced mush- I rooms. 2 tablespoons Inilter, 2 tnblc- 1 spoons flour. 2|3 tablespoon salt. Cook mushrooms In butter until 1 well browned. Stir it; flour. Add milk gradually and cook over low flame until thickened, stirring constantly. Add salt and fish. Reheat. Serve on hot buttered toast or In pitty shells. For a gain luncheon, try these: Crab naked in Shells One tablespoon butter or fortified mnrcjarine, 1 small ouion, chopped, 1 cup crabmeat. 2 hard-cooked eggs, thyme, parsley. 1 bay leaf, salt, pepper, cayenne, bread crumbs. Melt butter In frying pan: add chopped onion and saute i-cntly. Next, add to crabmeat. in separate bowl, chopped CE.BS, thyme, parsley and bay leaf. Season highly and mix well Add all to s autecd onion and fry for 5 minutes. Stuff scallop shells or ramekins; cover with fine bread crumbs, dust with paprika, a"d bake to hot oven (-SOQ degrees F.) 5 minutes. , Shrimp Wiisle Make 1'i cups of medium white sauce. Add 1 cup cooked shrimps and 1 cup cooked green peas. Serve March Becomes Motional Bread, Gravy Month of '48 The naming of March as national Bread and Ciravy Month brings new prominence to on old- fashioned (rent. This combination will Increase food savings, nccord- ItiR to rtfba SUKRS. home <you«- inlst, If homemakers save ^Kil drippings to inake xvavy, then ;.,rve with bread for lunch or supper Gravy made from meat drippings retains nol only the flavor ot meal, but the nutrients »nd satisfaction value «s well, adds Miss Slasss. Gravies are divided Into two types: brown gravy and cream gravy. Brown gravy Is made with Hour that is brownjxl In drippings before the lltiuld Is added, The liquid In this case Is. water, vegetable liquids or soup stucx. About twice us much browned [lour as imbrowned Is required, because browning decreases the thickening power of flour. Brown gravy may Also be made without flour. This unthlcli- ened gravy l s called "pan gravy." Cream gravy on the other hand, chopped | s thicker and creamier. Unbrown- ed flour Is used, and the liquid Is milk or cream. Either type, can lie adapted to Individual tastes by the addition of ] cooked or canned vegetables, mushrooms, olives, chopped onion, chive, or Krccn pepper. FOR Country Style Pure Pork SAUSAGE Ib. 39* ^Wilson's Laurel Brand Sliced BACON Ib. 65c Fresh Beef TENDER LIVER 55 Sugar Cured SMOKED JOWLS 35 Home Baked Ready (o Eat 1 CURED HAM 10 Ih Fresh Tasty CALF LIVER lb Aged Wisconsin HOOP CHEESE 65 Krcsii Dressed HENS 59 79 C C Vegetables Tender, Cardcn Fresh YELLOW SQUASH 11) 19 C <;<H>d Baked or lioiled ^NEW POTATOES Karly Season ENGLISH PEAS 19' ^VashiQgton Wincsaps EATING APPLFS 1)07 25 C California Navel ORANGES Do/. 59 C (ioldcn Kipc (juatemala BANANAS 10 C 5 I,h. Bap Florida ORANGES 39 C Salad Worthy AVOCADOS each Canned Goods Monarch 10 '/ 2 Oz Can VEGETABLE SOUP ««„ W Sunny S^vcctencd CONDENSED MILK ,, 15 Carnation or PET MILK 3 for 41 Upper Deck No. 2 Sieve (Small) ENGLISH PEAS each 15' Auslcx Vegetables in BEEFSTEW 15 <)7. can 2 for Jumbo 18 oz. Package Jersey f CORN FLAKES LIMIT 2 ea. New Washing Miracle Pr ° ct °' & Gamble Box CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Main —We Deliver— Phone 2668 DcTMonte No. 2 Jar WHOLEBEETS 23 C .lack Sprat Hand Tacked lUMAIUCd .. extra fitncy, Nil. 2'/ 2 am Jack Sprat No. 1 Tall Can BLACKEYEPEAS 25 C Kroger for Be CUT THE OF LI YIN Nick but and lirjt shoulder bone removed Only Kroger Beef is "cut by the ruler" to give you more meat, less bone, less waste! Krogcr-Cut Beef "Cut by - moved before your meat the Ruler" gives you more is weighed and priced. It'a meat, less waste. Excess cut from top U. S. Grades bone and waste are re- of finest beef. HUMKO S M.29 For baking or frying C'lUCK ROAST LARD 4-lb. Ctn. .Firm white pure hog U. S. Graded good or choice. RIB ROAST 49c ,,.„„„ I!. S. (inxlwi (i(Hid or Clxm-f Pancake Flour 59 PORK SAUSAGE,.__ Swift's ItroukfleM. I'ljf Units, Ih. B7c Cut-up Piece* Wings Ib. 45c Backs & Neck* Ib. 35c .... • Brtattt Ib. 93c WhoU Leg* Ib. 89c Ib. 1948 Fresh Dressed. Salt Meat Ib23c Whiting Ib 19c Carp Ib 19c .Towls Dressed Fresh River Fryers 69c Moll's Jelly Assorted Flavors 2 Glasses Kroger Brand PRESERVES Colonial House I'cach GELATIN Assorted 1-lh .lav 3 PkK» For 19 PRESERVES l £ Clover Valley. Apvicot-l'ineapple 19 SALAD DRESSING r 35 Kroger. ftlelln-Xcst SUGAR Bag Pure cane granulated FLOUR >rS. Risi 2.03 Avondale Pf. or S. Rising 25-lb. Bag FLOUR Avondale SO-lb. Bag Plain or Self-Rising 12-oz. Bottles No. 1 Cans Easter Eggs Chocolate cream candy 7-/b. Cello Bag Jelly Becns Assorted Eastcii candy Brook's Catsup 2 SPAGHETTI DINNER! IT MACKEREL Kroner. Prepare in a Jiffy. 18-o/,. PkR. . Standard llrnnrl LIBBY SPAGHETTI ; 20 VEAL LOAF With Merit Balls Fruit Cocktail — 2 NIBLETS CORN 2 ^, 35 Choice Kernels of Corn TOMATOES 2^ 27 C Standard Quality Peaches MARGARINE ICalmorc. Fresh and 1'ure CIGARETTES INipulnr Urands 29c tSf TSf 39c GRAPEFRUIT Standard Juice WHEATIES lireakfast or Champions •Ifi-oz Can 8-07; I'kg. ir 15 C Avondale Sliced or Halves 2 No. 2Vi Cans 39c „„„, 65 •!«« CHEESE FOOD Wisconsin Windsor Cliil) KLEENEX Facial Tissues 95 2 22-Ct. «Ac Boxes OO Kroger Bread 2 Large 1 l/4-lb. Loaves J-lb. Ce//o. Bag RITZ CRACKERS Nabisco. Fresh, Crisp FIG BARS Kmbassy 1-lh 1-11) I'kg. 23 C CRACKERS Kroger Salted Sodas 23* Box Angel Food CAKE 35* Spotlight Coffee L Bars CRACKERS Kroger Salted Sodas GRAHAMS Kroger Crackers Mb. Bag 2-lh Box 1-lb Box 27c 45' 23- 40c LIFEBUOY 'I'he Health Hoaji RINSO L Z (lets ClolhcH Whiter 21 PALMOLIVE I Try the J4-I)ay Plan 37 C DUZ l %i: Duz Docs Everything Bars Bag Cake Kroger 13-egg recipe. Light Bulbs 12* 60-Watt Size Grapefruit 10 Juicy Sweet Seedless—Texas. APPLES SJ 5 lbBa r h 57 c TOMATOES Wash, Slate—Red Winesups Firm Red Ripe LETTUCE , 10 SPINACH Top Quality. Firm, Crisp Home Gro^n—Fresh. Green, Curly GREEN BEANS „,,, 2V CAULIFLOWER ^ Sin-ing Crop—Tender, SlrinRlcss Fancy Sno-Whit« Compact Heads State Certified—Red Triumphs. Ib. M«h 37' 39c Tube 2 ,., 25' 15' ae ere—e . Seed Potatoes Bag 459

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