The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PUTJCIL And Expert Says l.enf'lli of Bout Depends Kn- tirely On Louis • lly HAUUY (SRAYSON Sports T'llllor, NIM Service NEW YORK.—Ho*- long will Max Sclimeling last? That seems to bo the only qnos-', tlon in connection with liie a:-i'-l nisui's scheduled ',5-roim;l CIVTISC-' ment with Joe Louis al Yii'nkca! Stadium. Jim; 13. j Just lo be different, I'd like tor ^ay that n rejuvenated schmi'llna! stc<xl as much as u cuc!<>ss Chinaman's clianc; of dosing i/juls' eyes, .or somcthlnsr, In opjiifn^ rim* of Ills critics. But ] fear Unit lli-Kc 1-OliIS SCUM KLIN'S 22 Age 30 200 Weight ]U2 C ft, 1 3-4 Jfl'l?ht 0 11. 1 7G in. Hcach 74 in. 41 In. elicit (normal) 40 In. 44. In chest lexp) « in. IC'.i in. Meek r; hi, .13'.t 111. Biceps 13 ill. .12K In. l^nvnrm I0;i In. C in. wrist u in. 34',i In. Wulst 31 in. 20 In. T,ii ? |i i 0 i,j n, 15 in. call' nvi in. 10 In Ankle • !) in. of ns who refused to become excited about the affair at Ibe otit- £et had Ihc ris'nl slnnt. 1 saw nothing at. the ex-chrimpiGn's Na- Iianoch camp to make mu clr.nv.;.' my miiicl. The way I see It, tin> dlstitntti of t'.ie sci - ap depends on IjOiits' mcpd, and the iK'yro can in nc sense be ol.isscd hs a jouui; man of many moods when li» Imckle? down to dressing the bays up, us lie calls It. Schmelltij puiiclie.i Just Imrd enoiieh wltli his right hand to te .too dunscrous to carry, and, llko Jack D?mpscy. Loiih is not (lie type to lug an opponent nlou,; eveii If I'.e believed it safe, Although Louis never lias seen Schmcllng in the flesh. 'M has nothing but utter couloniut for ins Teuton's ability, jack Blackburn's opinions are Louis' nn;l the famous old lightweight ncvsr cousldcr.-il the Bhck it/.iton anylhliiT more Hian'* slow and awkward seeoml- I'nter. Louis has atu-:li:d Hie pie- .lurcs of two or (tnW of Schmeling's battles, including .the on?, in TAhlch 'ne was stopped by Max Uisr. That atoiie convinced him that tlieie was no ctiuse for niiprolirn- sion m a 'match with die I'rct/,?] Pounder, parlli'iiliirty nflfr the tw fashion In which the Ironed out. the C'alifbrnlnn. . Sa>s' Kayd in I'qur I.nskcd Louis w hat lie thought of Pchmeling, while we sut «-alcl-.- ing Schoolboy Raws and (be Dark AiiRel's favorite Delroit Tigers subdue the Indians in the American League opener In Cleveland this surlng Coming from 5,j m , ix,,,^ leply practically amounted lo a sriDcch. "Us can't right," snl;i the Aln- uamn-born darky. I askid Lnuls nt Lakewoort if he felt the snme way about it. n» nodded bis head in Ihc>. The following afternoon we followed Lia'nt Horse Harry Cooper in the Opsii at niltusrol. and I nsk- crt Louis bow far he thought, the bailie would go. Smoky Joe dc- nolrs ring distance \vltli his lingers. He put up lour. Sclimcllng will full like a. broken airplane t'ne llrst time lie leaves an opening, Just as liave 23 of Ixjuls' 27 previous advLT.sarle.s. Tile erasli may come In the llrst heal. I will be niorj surprlscit Ibiin Die Km- Imhncr if (lie condemned ninn Is among those pvesenl at I'm; end of four, What rominirativriy little letting Ls taking ptaci' Is on tljo length of Die .sliimllg, v.ilh the pile? dep;n:l- Ing on Ilio number of rounds, Sciimclini{, who ptrhajis 1ms all Die money lie ever will HIT:], tinlckly will learn that the lie can get out ol the liout Is Ihe S300,- 000 ]>iir.s5, which | 5 bioug'.it him buck ta tills country. The German will do las best, no doubt but, under Ihi' circumstances, lie would be ii rummy to lnl:c- any nn- ti'-'ccs-ary psslin^. One {'miilnjf, Other Unhii; It's Ir.c same old story—one ('omini;, r/n> otber Roiii?. and. while he wns at his peak from 1928 to 1!)3L>, Scliinelin;; didn't have enonsh of any one tiling lo whip Ills lank of todny, Tht: colored cloiilcr Ls iniuiy jumps ii'iiriMl of Ihr conntor- fell-s who have p'lLsed ns first-raters since lli» n'tlri'iiicnt or C!i>no Tinmi'y. A man yio\v, he m ;i v i«> at his plmiacl" n'jnlml tile Ilhck Uhlan. I.ouls is more Mian eight year? yotnujcr I'nnii Sclitnelini; an:l has '•wry physical nnd mental advan- l:iK« over I lie erstwhile l-'eiwbus Frankfnrler, Trim. St-limeling lins knocked out W!>"cr Nensel ami Sieve Ilinms since lic'lnj hulfjd by liner iitul bfalen tiy llamas, but !K al?o hns ir-vn Unoiif.i two ja- rounders with t!>e liutu>rc:l Paulino Iteisdun willioiil i;ettlui; miywhere In particular, i/niis compli'tely wivekcd I'niillno with llu.> llrst two real punches 'he let s u In [hi- foiirtli round. LmiLs' cdifB over Scbniellng cx- Ifliids. even to Ihe liljhly Important nintlvr of rhi;} rust, llerr Moslc hasn't been lo tho wars since July 7. IMS, when I'aiillua held Mlm cvcii in Berlin. Smoky Joe made It ns painless as passible In exccmlliH Charley nctnlnir In Chicago In his lasl start curlr this yi-nr, After' wttlcliIiiK Lonls IliiuT.i Paulino niH! sludyiiuj pictures o( other of his lialil.s. Sclnncllnff and his trainer, Mas Maehon. iin- noiinced (hat the Brown KmbalmL'r luid a weakness which t'he German would us: lo iHlvmiUiisc, Wa'wlll have to wall null! Jlme IS to knoiv whether their ey.'s are .sharper limn file llncst Juilm-s ol boxers alive. While the Uiuis-Schinelhii; scrap) which Is expected In atlract iiiDr- than aO.COQ pel-sails and bring bnc:k the million-dollnr gale, Isn't likely to last very long, the ciislomi-rs like In sec the bl K fellows fall and I'.u- Rhijj Robot's nrllstry is such Mint he always sends them home Baseball Results . Knoxvlllc 1. llirmincham 2. Lllttc Rock 17. Nashiillc in. McinpMs-ChattniioDija. nlflit. New OrlDans-Allanlii, night uii . Boston 10, si. Louis 4. I'ltislnirB'n 9. Brooklyn a. Mew York S. Cincinnati •>. Chicago 4. Philadelphia 1. Ailicririin l.racilc ' Cleveland 8. New- York 4. Chlcnso 4. Uoslon 2. • Philadelphia 9, St. Louis n. Washington 3, Detroit 0 (10 In- niugsl. Marry Gray sou IVorlhensl. Arknnsas I.paniio Osccoln 4. Jon-sborn I Hirnsould 3, Caruthersvllle .a NEW YORK.—While Mike Jacobs rucked his brain for ballyhoo Ideas In connection with tho Louis- Schmeliiijj scrap, fxinieone su(jgcsled a scandal. That was what Hie show needed—n good, oid-fashton- c«l scandal, lioxln? doesn't have them any more. While the ballyhoo bureau has done a pretty fulr Job o( tearing down Joe I/onis and building up Max Schmclini;, Jacobs has had to BO far oul ol his way to keep tbe drums booming, Jacobs signed Sclnnellng to n^ilt Jim Braddock In the event that he won from Wills, but that didn't make. the. headlines, lor no one ex- pccls the German to beal the young ne^ro fit Yankee Stadium, June 18. Jacobs nuule believe t'nat he wns In a dither when wills' handlers went through the motions ol rejecting a 12 1-2 p?r cent olfer for n nraddock match, allhoush the 'promoter Isn't al nil certain Hint tho Brown Embalmcr will make 'mother hinjor stnrt this year and Is positive that hcVlil not ni>pear ul t'iie regular chiillcnaer's late. Klckard luiiciiiiriit'nl Them No show of Ihc in'oporllons ol thc Loiil.s-tic.hinellng prodiictlan promoled by Tex Rlckurd would huvo K oiie this far without a scaii- <tul. Old Tedsc's eyes sparkled when t'hc lii-llie-Iln<; uoys stiirlcd Uilkliij; out of Ihcir ears. Wluit's happened lo tliem, |>y the i«iyV The ticket s:aiidal was a Klck- ard favorite and remained popular until Jacobs, thc scalper, became Jacobs, thc promoter. Certainly, Scalper Jacobs 'nns thc Tight lo do what he pleases with •his own tickets, and you cim bet that he ts doing plenty good with them. y The boxing commission has taken the referee question out of the hands of the managers. Tncrc 1mvc been n few ,squa*ks before nnd alter engiiBemonls, but doubt In re- yard lo the identity of the third "inn until Ihe i.isL minute, and the installation of the capable Arthur Donovan as 'head man. deprived slcam-nps of Ihls angle. Max li.ier hml an es--immager suing for breach of contract ami fair Indies suing for breach of promise r|.,.|it up to the Inst. bill tills popular form of pugilistic advertising seems to have pissed oul wii',1 the UuUsilly ijuleher Hoy. * • + . Uullcls as llallyhon "OUCM I'll have somebody take 11 shot al Louis," remarked Jacobs, recalling how Ployd PltMliii- inons, the ohl Benton Harbor and Uelroit promoter, nnkled along Ml- aml Ueiich exbibilliijf thc .shig that narrowly niisseil Jack Dcmpsey w'nlle the iinnassn Man was Steaming the Jack Sharkey-Young strlb- llng show Into a $400,000 nttrac- lion. "Why not try kidnaping?" suggested another helpful soul. Thnl was another pst of Usmpsey's, but I "at was ruled out, G-men being w'nat .they are today. Jacobs might, have hail Sclmiel- l»g yank n fair miss out ot Mkc Slmwaiigunk. That usually was «ocd for some kind of a ynrn when Tommy Loughran jind thr boys worked next to Hans Ehm- Icr's lily pond nt Hooslck Palls Bui, what Jacobs would like most ofal is a little activity on thc part of the in-the-Bag Boys. H' s alxinl tmc Ibnt they again cnme to the aid of rue beak-busting business. Courier News Classified Ads Pny WEDNESDAY. JUNE 17, 1936 Down the Fairway By llh'liiml I!. lUlnsma Pitches Against Builders Tonight; Robinson Drug Takes On Clothiers lly J. 1', f'KIKN!) Vcrnc Rliiicr, erstwhile Robinson Drug star, will make Ills debut'as n member of Ark-Mo Power tonight In the first game of ihe Commercial Softball League double-header facing the East Arkansas Builders Jiouliiion Drug ami R. r>. Hughes clash In the afterpiece. As a member ol t'n c league leaders, Rimer appeared in six games getting credit for five victories and suircrlng a single loss—lo Pastime Ullltard Parlor. In 55 2-3 Innings he gave up 35 hits and 35 runs, only 14 ot w'hlcli were earned H-< Issued 45 bases on balls nnd struck out 30, leading In both, departments. Decisions were earned over Ark-Mo Power, 8-7, 'East Arkansas Builders, 12-0; K. i>, Hughes., a-!!- McMullln's Cash Grocery, 4-3;. and file Lions, now Phllllpis Motor Co.. 5-2. He went the route In three. In their first meeting with the Hulklers, the llotinlnt* won, 8-0 behind the live-hit pitching of Kd- dle Sallba. blnce then both managers, Harmon Taylor nnd B|]|X, Gilbert, have made radical chnng- e.s. Gilbert has added Hie pepper box, Robert (Red) Baxter, and UyL ron (Blncy) Morse, w'no are expected to give added strength, both•• In Held nnd at bat. The Ilotpoliifi- greatesl loss occurred when Jnmes Ace Puckett left for school. His 500 stick average and fine work in the field helped no little. With his absentees all accounted for, Manager Bob Grimes js tiop- ing that his ll. D. Hughes' charges will perform tonight as they did last week whon ttley iwunded out » H-4 triumph over Ark-Mo Power Tommle Young, catcher, celebrated his return lo the game with two home runs. "Tulfy" liushlng's presence at shortstop strengthened the' Infield considerably. Koblnson won, 1 S-2, when t'ney met hi the season's first game of the scries. Rimer per- mllllng but three hits, but Issued 12 bases on balls for n new league record. Dick Potter has ndded several new faces since then, too. Dick Tipton has relumed from the University of Arkansas nnd has taken '"is place • nt second base Joe Johnson, Stcele boy, Is a t llrst, and J. W. Taylor, Osccola slar, is living up lo cxiwclntlons in right Held Permit Copeland, stcele, is tho mound addition, where he has been doing right well, fnank you. Today's Games Memphis nt Chattanooga Little.Rock al Nashville. New Orleans at Atlnntn. Ulrmlnghnm n.t Knoxvlllc. National League Chicago at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at New York. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. St. Louis at Boston (two games). American I.eagiie •Washington nt Detroit. New York at Cleveland. Phlindelpi'nin nt St. Louis. Northeast Arkansas League Joncsboro nt Osccola. Pnragould at, Cnrulhersvlllc Uatesvillc at Ne«'|x>rl. »-- ° ri helps put a barrel of qualify in every bottle! DISTILLED DRY GIN-85 PROOF Distilled from 100S grain neutral spirits When Tony Manero won Hie Na- llonitl Ojxm last week a meant Just nnotlicr field In whlt'h Itnllnn athlete rank rlglil up with any other nationality In i!i c world. Mancro Is of the same neighborhood t'nat lirodiiced Gene SaraMn, Joe Tnr- iiesa and countless oilier good Hal- liui pros In the business. Miuicro is a very nervous-acting player who sports a little mustache. He started In the game as a cadoV, just as most of the experts started, lie was born In Elmalord, N. Y., ali'iiough be has been acting as pro at a North Carolina club. As a youngster Manero was pretty handy with his dukes and at one time lie couldn't make up his mind whether be wanted to bo a i;o!t pro or a professional lx>xcr. lie's medium of 'height, but is unusually strong, which gives him plenty of |>o\vcr with all his clubs. Whilci he isn't, so 1 well known nroimd these parts he's a familiar figure In fn? cast and also on the west, coast where a few years ago lie won the Cutnllnn Open, lie may not win another tournament, this year but he's certain to give a better account of himself fhan did Sam Parks who won the OIKJII last year. Hill Pollard, medalist in the qualifying round of the club champioii- slil|>, is iijjain back on his gnme nml should 'have n flue chance of reaching the duals. However, he 1ms some pretty slid competition, In the lower bracket with him arc Roland, Shane, Guard, Halnes, Murse, Llnlzenic'h and Terry. ' H. A. Lynch, the defending champion, also may reach the duals but will need to resort to all his skill lo see him through, in t'he upper bracket with him are England, Byron Morse jr., Farr, Alfllck, Klrsh- ner, Lcntl and C. M. Buck Mrs. E. D. Gee and u. A. Lynch (paired together and defeated Mrs. liolj Klrshner and myself In a mixed two foftll foursome. This Is the third time this match was played. In the llrsL contest Mrs. Klrshner and I were fortunate and won by a slim margin. The last two contests were also closely contested with the match all even up to lust hole. Mrs. J. F. Lcnti and Mrs. C. A. Cunningham played a round of gall Friday morning and teed ol? at 8 o'clock. liyron Morse jr. had the best round of the past few days when 'no posted a 3(i on the first nine whlls playing In the company ol Bob Kir.shncr, Byron Morse si.. »nd J. Ci. Hoyt. Choi Cmmingliam is taking lessons and can be found in the practice field almost any morning at 7 or 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. cminlnglmni. while playing a round ol golf wlfn Mr. Cunnliv;- linin. birdied number five when she drove on the green and sank her nut for a two. Mrs. E. IS. Gee and Mrs. Dob Kirshner arc playing considerable golf these days. Mrs. Gee. who can hit (,'nots according- to lloyle, got going well last week and shot- a 48 and n '10 which arc her best efforts so far this season. She will probably shoot 42 or better before t'nc season is' over. Mrs. Klrshner is hitting Ihc tall fairly well but Ims not scored as well as she'might. 'Mary nianchc Gay is taking to golf, she had 'ner llrst lesson recently and did very well. Gary Cimdill i s one of the •younger boys who is also taking up the game. His nmbltlon is to b?at his Dad, who plays u pretty yoo'l Bamc himself, Charles u-nums is again playing fjie game and usually come.s out about two o'clock In the afternoon. J. G, Iloyt, v,!io recently moved from Kansas city to 1/eachvlile, Is :i new addition to the club and also a pretty tnir golfer Atlanta Nashville lllrmlng'iiam tittle Rock '.., New Orleans Chattanooga Memphis Knoxvlllc W. .. -13 lli .'129 ,. 39 27 .Kl! ,. 32 30 .516 .. 30 31 .19) ..28 31 .475 .. 27 31 ..25 35 .. 20 43 .406 .•111 National Lea St. Louis Chicago Pittsburgh New York Clciiniati Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn American New York Boslon Cleveland Detroit Washington '.' Chicago Philadelphia St. lynils League •W. Nnrthc.lsl Arkansas Cnruthersville ; Osceola. '_' j Newport ] Jonesboro | Patagonld j Batcsvillc EI.KCTIUC AT BEST PRICES PROMIT SE8VICK Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 10 nusiNEss & POLITIC: AT LETTEKS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap & quick Velenih:; Snrvicc Wmk All Kimts niunk Forms Curfis J. Little Hale ISM;,". \VrrcVor "Sorv-iro - (',:<•* OPEN ALL NIGHT 1'HILLIPS SKRVIC10 CKNTER Phones 777 - mn RADIO REPAIRING A Complete Unr ,,i ^ Tul>r> Hud 1'itrli TIKE ,14 nATT»:::v ('.« I 1 HONK I'e STRAIGHT WHISKEY--90 PROOF As >ou prefer in BOURBON or RYE COPYRIGHT I95f>, T11R OLD QIIAKHR CO., LAWRENCF.DURG, 1NO. Look! Save Money! Cash ON Castoff Bests F o r m e r Males; Caruthcrsvillc! Loses lo Paragouicl i Oi-fpola trimmed JoJiMboro . and Canithersvllle lost to !''l!U. DEI.ICATBSSEX I.IXR ClH'ivies for all liislcs Cold Mrats of any kind Hull Jnlpe & Ginger Ms Md'.SII YARI1 EliClS DAILV I'lCK.Utll'S OHO. & MI:AT MAKKKT I'lione t>73 —We Deliver 1044 Chlcteawta , a to 2, In two Norfuean Krmsas league sanies yesterday. fabeldon Brunner, ' S ISb ,°?i IU '," e " lor limited his old teammates to scattered hits. M^mjer Collier wns tbe wln •lii'rk-r r,s tbe inirat'ould team feated Cariifwrsvlllc's lca»ue I I»B IliUlgcrs at Ca m ilic..,;m c nadgers outhit the Hcbels coiildnt rnakt them count as , T "COFFEE TAKEN FOIt YAKM INHTIIUCTIONS fllEK Airs. I,i:slii! Hoc/per A. ((. Unity 11 us Clilckimwtju Drs. Weil & Wcrt OI'TO.IIKTHISTS nvi-r Joe 1 Isiiru:. 1 ;' SlnrL "WK MAKK 'HM SKK" I'liora MO Have your mid-mun'iii!; cim »il ulC* Alft (• l ~^*^Ml'[T(jMpij ' Coffee !,,ifip nt ' ' HOTEL NOELS! XZ\t)*Sf~*V~t*r±i-~—~.~- \ liiifnru Von liny Any d - s™ Ihc NETOJNE ?. ir. I-. osir Hlnjjli! Cyl. 'iP '•> (Oilier SizcH 'CD 10 II. p.) HUHHAK1) TIUU & UATTEUY CO. r Renewed and Guaranteed Fords and Chevrolets 1. Low Price 1'lainly Marked On. Evcrv Car. 2. 500 i\li!e or ,'!0 Day Gutirantce—Safeijtisird. :(. Complete Stock—All Jlodels alid Types. •I. IJheral t.ow-Hate Terms, If Desired. 5. Kree Tune-Up and t-uliricafion Service. 0. SIO Cold Uontl FKEK to All \v ur | ( | War Veterans. 1M2 KOKI) V-S I)K 1,11X10 COUI'K. Newly 1'ainled. Mxrcllenl .'Coiulilion and Appearance l-'«l KOHI) V-S TIJDOK KKOAN. Original lilack I'ainl Like New. Has H c i> n Thoroiishly Rc- 1!>;i;j CHKVH01.KT COACH. New Hliie Color, I.icons; 1 . Molor I.ikf New. Only .. ?20r> IMS KOHI) V-S I)K 1AI.XK COUriO. Now Tires, K;i- ili», Dual Horns. S:ifely (Jbss. l.ouUs aiicl Itmw Like Now 5!75 FATHER'S DAY IS NEXT SUNDAY, JUNE 21st Why not give him a Come in now-Buy Today or Tonight PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. CORNER WAI.NIJT & 5th STS. Salesmen:_Hcrnar<l Good., Tim lirccdc.i, U. F. Barber, Alton Hardy, Hoy Calyin, Charley (..raves, j (u > .shanks. Guaranteed to bs lowsst price for tliix sonso;i WHITES AND ALL COLORS light, medium and darker sliades--every model If yini r,(ins and daughters really de- nre lo splurge a iiil (in Dad's present for Dad's Day next Sunday then you Kliniiltl look over our exclusive ciillccliiiii of I'alm Beach Suits, tlie mos! famous summer suit in Ihc country (ndiiy. As you know, (he:e 1'alin liciichrs give unmalfhetl comfort, coolness and style distinction, they arc jH'rfecl for daytime, sports, ovcninif wear . . . and (hey are certainly ihc Ivcst suits for the price. In addition he gels a perfect lillimj service. Palm Beach Palm Beach sport slacks student suits $5 $15 75 AH exclusive in Blytheville at MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Blythevillc's Summerwear Headquarters

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