The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MABCH 28, 1984 BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.)! OOUROX JflWB PAGE SEVEN M. CLASSIIIED SlCf ION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per .me ror consecutive Insertions: a uije> 19o 06c 05c (Oc tFlve average »'<vo> One lime per line Two limes per line per d»y Three times per lla* per day Ely times per toie V 1 "* y if onto itte per toe •••••••• Minimum ch*rge BOc Adj ordered &'• Ulree or times aud stopped before t'on will be char&oc for thjj number of times the ad appeared ana adjustment °f blu m * de All classified Advertising oouj submitted by persons residing out- ».'d.e of tlic city trust be accompanied by cosh. Rates may " easily computed from above la Special Used Car Sale > I'riccs Nt-ver Lower. Huy Now! 1933 CHEVROLET SPOUT SEDAN .................. 3i OODGK '6' COUPE. I>ucu Fenders, 6 Wru Maid, Mistaken for Burglar, Sues for $5,000 CLKVKl'AM) lUI 1 ) — Il's \\oilh aguhibl anvreli Jj. Van Oastcl in home slit? wus omyloycrt us 11 niaiu. 'I'll; Ehouliuit owirml »t li A. M< when Miss Dunn vaw rcluinliiH 10 $535 NO responsibility will be 101 more than one Incorrect In sertiou ol any classified, ad. Advertising ordeicd lor irregu jir inseitions uke tus one urn rate. BUSINESS DIRECTOR* L. G. MC3S, undertaker Aniuulaiice Service 3D WEAR-EVER aluminum is belle and. costs no nxoie. Sola exclu sively at Hubbard Hardware Co 5-ck-*We spetlnlize in Floor Swee Special kinds for special floor llubbard Hardware Co. la: m-r. Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phone 421 Spencer Corseliere 26C k4-2 Sb.000 to \K truwd bv 11 uinii-r, Uw Vim Gnslcl lw»w when .nlslttkeu for « W,,r W ""I?""* ul1 '" your employer, Mh>s Tvrvsii Duiinj ! ielltl0 "- tellcvrs. Slic IllKl .suit in common I The pi'tilion nfUr an lo llcr staled iilie und Miilciod n hlji wound. Van. I student GuMil Mild I hi; girl wns for ii burelnr, us « soitcciilr t>ev- erul yoursHBO I torn u ^Irl naiunliil unco wllli.llic uiulcrsliiuilliig llmt It was 11 "dud" from thu W.oild win 1 , proved lo lie "the rnil llilnj! 1 ' "Dlld" Alttk 1 Alll Joseph Knlnvodn. owner of UKI bomb, NVUS eleiiiiing Ills trunk vi'licro ,,the "dud" was sioi'fd. noberl lliw- Tear Gat Bomb Wasn't . . court for Unit miioiuu cliiitk uy OIK ol lour Imllcto fired mlwlon lu OMiniiiic It. He cm (lit fus;. 'I'M "diul" cxpKxted. Nclllicr .slmklll wus Injured, but lintll sUKgcvcd lo windows, tlwlr eyes l|ll«l wllh (em- gns. Tht tundtaiiy Uirued In n live (ilnvm whrn slic snw llii 1 fcinoko. Head Couvlei News Wiiut Ads. Huge Coffee Crop Landed NEW OltLKANS (Ul'J — The lnrb'Of.1 cargo oi Urnzinan cofTcc In » [tec-iide—niore. limn 8,000 loiis In 101.608 sacks und valued at approximately $1,600,000—it'll* dls- chnrued niCfnlly at New Orleans dix-ka. Tlie Inrgrsl cnriio lo reach lllb |K>rl wiu> ll^.UH lugs In 1073. OUR BOA11DISNG HOUSE 932 FOKU V-8 TCDOU ... 932 CHEVROLET COUi'K .. $3« 932 AUBUKK COUJ'E 933 II O C K N E SPOK1 SEDAN. « Wire Wheels . ?375 S31 FOKI) TUDOK 5225 938 I'OKD TUOOK • 5135 5M CJIRVSLKK '10' StDAN 5285 931) CHEVROLET COACH 1931 CHEiROLET SEDAN .. S2C5 1929 BUJCK SEDAN S185 1929 BUICK COUPE D29 rLYMOUTII SEDAN .. 1929 OAKLAND SEDAN .... SlilS 19M CHRVSLEK UOADSTER 1923 FOKD SEDAN f i929 FOKU KOADSTEU .... * ^11 Ubtd Cars Have Betn Sfrvicea .s Our Shop and Are heady To Co. I'ou Must Ste 't'htse Cars lo Ap- ^icciatc These Values. Shouse-Little Chevrolet lo. EXPERT Tjpewrlltr and Addlnj Machine Rcp»iricg. U. S. JBlao»- tnshlp, 116 E. Rose. Call 165-J. FOB yellow singers, full grown CANA. Jlrs. Joe McFall, 205 T«ike. CHAIR CHEAP. e, Joiner, Ark. Up kl-12 ONE BARBER. ilrs. M. W. i. New Ford Batteries Mental - Rcch»iglnE - Repairing .'I TiHB cfc UATi'ER^ STATION 26C LIVE STOCK 1 Oliver row crop traclor, one 4 row planter, or.e 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 row buster. with marter. All In For Sale: 1 Jersey HEIFER with calf 8 days old. Apply Hayncs Men's Shop, 20S W. Main. Call 211 27ckit FOR RENt Five Room Furnished APAHT- MENT, bath, downstairs. 1W W. Walnut. 28 ° ' " first . class condition. toe. '' Gay and fc W-b TWO eoud mules, priced reason able. H. A. Smith. 510 W. Main 2c ktl REAL ESTATE Tor Trade: City property lur farm LAND. Mrs. Ed HarSin. 13cktt POULTRY & EGGS »>oh e«s dally. R. I, Red settinj Fickard Store. W44 Chlcka- 8p ki BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Cusloin liatching Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Ccr. .No. 86 AUTOMOTIVE WATERS' HCrTEL bvultHng, rooms,' 2 bath rooms, gu Centrally located. J. M. A-ndcreon, City Dvus Store. nicely furnished CHEAP. 914 Hearn St. UNFURNISHED •» room apart merit, bath. Phone 327;' night 55. 2 stoy modern house on Division, jusl north ot catholio chuch. Reid, Evrard & Henderson. Piione 382. 13c-tf 2 unfumlslied ROOMS, 516 Chickii- siwba. Minnie Lee Jones, Cull 1026. 2Bc k-30 THREE room lurnislicd apartment vvitH bath. Mrs. Dozie Mick, 110 W. Ash. 17-ck-tt 476 Scibtrling Tirw A lutes, KtpUce- ment parts and actcisorirt el all kinds lo- any make of car. Automotive Kept, llubbud Hd*. Co. Ic K3-) Auto Ubus All KiniSs li.stal'.cd The Ark-JIo Lumber Co. SOc hi-1C BEDROOM lor 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ct-tf KTJRNISHED befl-oom, 101T W. Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardtn after 5 P. M. lc ROOM & BOAKD ROOMS or room and board meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. Lollin 421 S. Second. 8-ck-«-8 WANTED Used Truck Sale 'LOADED ON TRUCKS. MUST CLOSE OUT AT ONOK. WANTED—Clean Kags. [rcc nl tut- I Inns. No pants or hc.ivy underwear accepted. Courier News. d h 11 FOSITION WANTED EXPERIENCED stenographer and general oltlcc worter wants position. Available April I. Ex- ISJ.f CHEVROLET 1!£ TON . 5125 133Z CIIEVROU'.T l',i 'ION Lony Whctlliasc SJall I!»3'i 1)01>GK l!i TON .... SOT 1S32 CHtVilO.._r l',i TON . S35fl 1931 C«EVK01,tT IV- ION . *'«5 1U31 CHEVROLET l!i TON With Body S25" 19ZO FOR!) I!: T()X. Willi iiodj. JUS 1923 CHEVROLET I' A N K L ISOUY '/; Ton UtliTM} ...S 55 152D DODGE PANEL BODY Several Clirap Trucks at Give- Aw-ay Prices. Sec These Vilucs. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. FEEDS We jp«iUli«s in sccrl corn, l-'irnicrs Cash Fccil and Seed Co. Phone 127. 19|. i4-lil For Sale: CORN delivered to j-ou. W. T. Rlley, Kcw Madrid, Mo. 2l-pk-M9 cellcnt recommendations. Call 48!. AGENTS WANTED MEN' anrt WOMEN, full or spare time, in Missiwiippi county. Al- Iraclive proposition. Write for ap- poinlmcnl. Box 61K, Blythcvlllc, 26ck;29 WANTED TO BUY We Pay S'^ per ton Tor Scrnp Iron. Also buy Uictes, brass, copper, cad, elc. Wolf Arian, Phone 176. 128 E. Main. 26-ck-3-26 Want lo buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, gloves. Highest Cash prices. Leigliton's Second Hand Store. 320 E. Main. 10pk4-10 LOST Fiom E. M. McDouaWs Thursday night going NE, t black horse I\5ULES, weighing abo « t IOKI lbs ' each. < years old. Reward. 24p};28 Firsl liitcrurban lo Go ALLIANCE. O. (Ul')— The j>ui>- Iiched first inicrurbnn electric railway in .Ulic United Slates, tlie line runiiiug from MaJisfleJd lo GJicl- by. O., is to be dismantled am scrapixd by a melal conipanj here. The railway, started in 186ft discontinued service recenlly. AND THK MAN CA.MK HACK! OOOOOoooHOOOH.' IMM'S-CAO. 1 VJG MEfcOEOTIlM &W! 2AI«30, VJITI) EVE, COvLU \TRACK AN ANT 1RACKER, WHO WAS BRINGIH 1 UP HftS OlSftPpeArM}/ 1 (!E'S CONE ? HE W«i BEHIND ME? I WAS/ TALWN'TOMIM? / llfWn- '~N ACROSS A AN' THEN, POUF. HIATS QUEER!) DESERT 01 Lirr IL(QT - A _JL ^ni in . -READ /»BOVrT TUAT FOUND.T2ECEWIN V NOW WHAT'S 6ONE' WRON'3 BACK THERE •DIAMOND -THAT T^ 7Z6 AVJFUL HAS/ ' R>* #3,50,000 ! BY SUPPOSING, IK) fAV 6OV.D " LITTLE PHoEBt'^I UNEAWH K OF GOLO TUE SIZE OP BV NOAWS "BEARD, ITS (SOLD Bfctu; SOME PAWN SWO DEAD, BUT HE fAANV A OW BEFORE HE DOES 5CARCHTIV JUNGLE.' KlNTlf TREE5.' T GOIN'.' ; L9 WEAKENING. , MOKE THAN HE ASKKI) FOtt! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VC 60T WOW .VOO'OE 60NMA OO X UKE I flIN'T STUMPED, MR. RWERS- SHE OON'TTftKE NO INTEREST IN NUTHIM, AM 1 S ADDER'N _. EWEK. . . TO f RY SOMETHVi? WBW, APACHC. Wj'ME- It- B'JT M«V LANE, WHO SIT9 V:OT1CES WHAT 16 60IMG OM. ( CTPRVIMG TO CHtER MISS l-ftWE, THE 8OY5 AT THE II RAMCH PUT OH A RODEO. ITS A PRETTV GOOD OWE.TOO, AtJO THE GOESIbADE DELISHTED. SALESMAN' SAM I'J"S OKAY BV KOSCOK.' = PER. HOLD up p tiwuTe, see Kotd CAUCH To T&UCH OcttRouJiM KKECKLES AND UTS FRIENDS BESIDES, NO OKIE OOULP : fv/ILL MR.MEIL REALLY FIRE .' /ND THB TANK HAS ONLY ONE OUTLET VALVt'.. AND ITS ALVWVS kEPT Lockep! V.VIEtl OIL IS TAKEU FROM THE TANK, I ALWAYS SUPERVISE IT AVJO kEEP . A CHECK OF THE EXACT 1 8ST,IF SHERLOCK HOLMES itx*; THIS ASE.EVEN WED BE PLEWY PUZZLED.,.. HE'O PR08ABIY SAY, YOU,IF YO-J POUT PIMP OUT WHAT TO TMW 47000 GALLONS OF OIL THAT DISAPPEARED? [S THIS TOE 'TANK TWAT IT OiSAPPEAREP FROM ? POSSIBLY TAKE w«r MUCH OIL AWAY.WTftoUT ATRUCK, A WATCHMAU HEft£ AT ALL TIMES... AND CRUOE OIL DOSSNT RND OUT W*T APPEUED TWAT 01J.! NEEK.ES^.1 VWNT To KHIT MV BRW!"

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