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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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SATURDAY. AUGUST 27, 1949 Church and itvllfitoti "Xrtr PAGE 5 The Conjurer in Church Sunday School Lesson Pastor Teaches Religion Through Magic Man's Highest Attainment By WILLIAM E. GILROV, D. D. (When the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 119:11, "Thy word have I hid in niine heart, that I might not sin against Thee," what did he mean? In the New Testament, in John is the account of the Word that was in the beginning, the Word made flesh, dwelling among men in the earthly life of Jesus This Week in Religion Holy Year of 1950 May Be Greatest In Six Centuries Findings at Tomb of St. Peter's Basilica May Be Announced During Great Jubilee Reports from Rome this week that the tomb of St. Peter has been discovered under the great Basilica which bears his name have served to heighten interest in the Holy Year of 1950 which will be ushered in next Christmas Eve. If the finding of St. Peter's remains is verified and the report of the Vatican excavators is promulgated ill 5 Pope Piux XII in person at -i- "1 i -1 i vl 4L f'f- )' vvw 4 -y- rv PI I Rev. Voorhees at Carnegie Church Thirty years ago a young Methodist minister saw Houdinl perform in Erie, Pa. He was so enchanted by the master magician, particularly his slate writing trick, that he talked about doing it himself. His wife questioned whether he could do it. That was the proverbial last straw. Rev. Ted V. Voorhees got himself a slate and proved to Mrs. Voorhees he could do the spirit slate writing trick. For the last 27 years Rev. Voorhees has been practicing magic from the pulpit. He has recruited several hundred young ministers of all denominations to his theory of teaching faith in God through magic. Children's Favorite Now pastor of Carnegie Methodist Church, Washington Carnegie, Rev. Voorhees is a favorite of children. He performs for them at least once a month showing them the "way to religious thinking through magic." "The children," the minister explains, "like the multiplying bill trick the best. I tell the story of Jesus providing the multitude by the sea shore with a single loaf and a single fish." To illustrate the story he tells of the lady who had $50, kept spending it here and there way past the amount she originally had and still always ended up with at least S50. Always a Quip Rev. Voorhees always has a quip or pun to go with each of his tricks, but the children aren't the only ones he believes in teaching through puzzles. For these, Rev. Voorhees often performs the trick of the inexhaustible cylinder, an apparently empty object, from which he produces yards upon yards of cloth. The congregation doesn't understand how he does it, so he has a comeback for those who say they do not believe in the Bibical miracles because they don't understand them. His theory is, generally: "If I can do this, and you do not un derstand, what must God be able to do with his ominous powers?" Rev. Voorhees has known and corresponded with several mas- Among the a the Word that was with God, and was God." But what did the word of God mean to Old Testament writers, who wrote many years before Jesus came? For them, as for those of the New Testament, it meant God in the heart, and the "heart" was the center of man's life and being. To have God in the heart meant to be guided and controlled by God. The word of God was the expression of God, synonymous with His commandments and His law. In Psalm 40:10 the' writer expressed the same thought in the words, 'T have hid Thy righteousness within my heart" In Isaiah 51:7 is the reference to the people In whose heart is the law of God. The sense of right was dominant in all the devout Hebrew's thought of God, and of man's relation to Him. The good man is the "upright" man (Psalm The figures of the measuring line, and the plumb line, are applied to life and char acter, as they are to building. So the word of God in the heart was a word of law and command. The good life was not a matter of chance, or of man's preference. It was based on the unalterable character and laws of God himself. As well expect a life without law to be good, as to expect a house built without square, and measurement, and plumb line, to be anything but crooked. This elemental truth, so repeatedly emphasized in the Psalms, has been sadly disregarded and neglected even by many who make profession of religion, and consider themselves among the saved. What a world this would be if every nominal Christian and church member had the Psalmist's passion to have the word of God hidden In the heart, so deep and strong that it was the motive power of every word and action! To be "upright and innocent from the great transgression" (Psalm 19:13) must be the sincere purpose of every man who would be worthy of a place in the fellowship of those who love the Lord. Christian teaching only enforces and strengthens all that the Psalmist wrote concerning UP, UP, UP goes the magic aluminum ball as Rev. Ted V. Voorhees commands it. The Methodist minister shows his parishioners how to believe Biblical miracles with this trick. "If I can do this, and you do not understand it, what must Cod be able do?" he asks. Rev. Voorhees uses the old trick of the disappearing pink lemonade, right, in his sermons to children. He tells about the selfish little boy who got all he could drink for a nickel and wanted more. Told he could have it, if he shared it with his sister, he agreed, but tried to drink it himself. Then he discovered the lemonade was gone. ft v. a I'll f4 DR. D. W. RICHARDS Directs Welsh singers. Hymn Festival To End Series Welsh Singers Will Appear at Oakland I I 4- Hi 'I "-1 the word, and law, of God in the, heart. If Jesus stressed the new commandment of love, it was as the fulfilling of the law. and not its abrogation, or as a substitute for it. There is no substitute for righteousness. But the New Testament doe reveal the word of God as love, and the indwelling of God's Spir it as the source of spiritual power to obey the word. To heai and obey the voice of God with in is man's highest attainmen" and destiny. Japanese Beetle Quarantine Eased State Lifts Ban In 14 Counties HARRISBURG. Aug. 27 (UF' State Agriculture Secretar Miles Horst has lifted Japane beetle quarantine restrictions i movement of all fruits and vef tables except sweet corn from heavily infested Southeaste Pennsylvania counties. Sweet corn restrictions continue until Sept. 30. Clearar certificates from State or Fede' inspectors will be required ur that" date on railroad car motor truckloads of sweet cc Consigned from the area. Mr. Horst said the hig! destructive Japanese beetl have largely disappeared fr i 14 Southeastern counties wh- restrictions on bulk shipme of fruits and vegetables been in effect since June 20. Mr. Horst said reports fr i his field agents indicated Japanese beetle infestation lighter this year In all Perm vania counties except Lebar Franklin and Armstrong. Only 69 townships in Crawford and Mercer coun are free from the pest. Mr. Horst said lifting of Southeastern area restrict has no effect on the almost r- around ban on shipments beetle -free districts of 1. manure, and nursery plants i earth clinging to their roots Srmthfield Str A hymn festival will close theilcan oinciais or nome newspa- GUEST SPEAKER Dr. Donald A. Spencer, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, will speak at Sixth United Presbyterian Church, East Liberty, at the 11 a. m. service tomorrow, Dr. Spencer, former pastor of the Mt. Lebanon Church and of United Presbyterian Rev. Voorhees has served in the Pittsburgh Conference 22 years. Before that he preached in the Erie Conference. He was pastor of the First Methodist Church in Monessen and Beulah Park Methodist Church, McKeesport, before accepting the Carnegie charge. Founded Honor Group Rev. Voorhees is the founder and first executive secretary of the only international honorary society in the United States for students in religious professions. The Carnegie pastor founded Alpha Kappa Omega in 1946. Another unique feature about Rev. Voorhees is his selection to wear the clerical collar, no longer required of Methodist Lutherans Set Fund Campaign Officials of the Pittsburgh Lutheran Synod will campaign for $450,000 to be distributed to Thiel College, Mt. Airy Seminary and Gettysburg Seminary as a part of the National Lutheran Christian Higher Education Year drive. District Lutheran congregations will be asked to contribute to the drive for $6 million to aid church-operated i i tions throughout the nation. Dr. George C. Reese, Thiel chaplain, will direct the drive in this synod with Rev. H. Reed Shepfer, president of the Synod; Col. Edwin Hodge president of Thiel's Board of Trustees, and J. Boyd Duff, a member of the college board, aiding on the drive committee. Combined Session Set The final in a series of combined meetings of adult classes of the Second Presbyterian Church, Wilkinsburg, will be held at 9:30 a. m. tomorrow. Rev. James Golden Miller, pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Is in charge. EAST LIBERTY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCK W. Sherman Skinner, D.D. Penn and Highland Ave The Rtr. George T. Petrrn. of Ormantnwn, Philadelphia. Penna. 11:00 A. M. "IN THE DAY OF TROUBLE" 8:00 P. M. "HOW ABOUT A MIRACLE?" Mr. Theodore W. Ripper Guest Organist-Director mmmmmmmm Donald D. Ktttring Minitter ot THE THIRD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Fifth Avenut mt South Nitley Taka Car 73 or II A. M. "THE TRIUNE GOD" 3. "I Believe in the Holy Spirit, the Revcalcr" Reverend Christian Edward Ludwig, D.D., Pittsburgh GUEST ORGANIST CATHERINE KEPPEL FISCHER the opening of the great jubilee as has been predicted the Holy Year will undoubtedly rank as one of the most memorable since the first special year of prayer and atonement was proclaimed by Pope Boniface VIII in 1300. It was announced last Spring that one of the biggest happenings of the Holy Year might be the publication of a report by a commission set up in 1939 to conduct-excavations in the vaults of St. Peter's Basilica. Vital Questions Major interest has recently centered on the question whether the excavators have discovered the tomb of St. Peter and thus are able to verify beyond dispute Catholic claims not only that the First Pope came to Rome, but that he was buried under the site of the Basilica which bears his name. According to the reports this week, the Vatican archeologists have, in fact, discovered St. Peter's tomb, and in the place traditionally assigned to it directly beneath the Altar of the Confession, or main altar, of the Basilica. The reports further claim that an urn containing St. Peter's bones was found in the tomb, and is now reposing in the private chapel next to Pope Pius' study in the Vatican Palace. Pledged to Secrecy However, these reports have come either from unnamed Vat- Pers- ine Vatican arcneologists anc? ever' Person associated with their work have remained pledged to the threat strictest secrecy under of severe ecclesiastical 'Penalties. One of the curious features of the situation is that Pope Pius himself, as early as last January, informed a group of Roman students that "under the central Prt of the gigantic dome (of St. Peer's Basilica) was, and is, the Place of st- Peter's grave." is inougnt tnai in view of the reports circulating this week Pope Pius may find it expedient to put all doubts and questions completely to rest by officially proclaiming the results of the Vatican scientists' work. If these findings assuming they are as reported, are promulgated uuiiug me noiy i car mey will add an exceptional note of re to, the fr whi Catholics from all over the world will journey to Rome next year. Religious Landmark One other happening which would also make the 1950 Holy Year "a historic and religious landmark would be the proclamation of the Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother of God. Belief that the Virgin Mary was assumed bodily into Heaven after her death has been common among Catholics for close on 15 centuries. But for more than 80 years a movement has been growing to have the doctrine proclaimed inafallibly. According to Vatican sources, demands for a definition of the Assumption Dogma have grown to such a degree that there is a strong possibility that the Pope may issue an ex-cathedra declaration some time during the Holy Year, It is said that the number of petitions already exceed the total submitted for the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854, although the latter were received over the period from 1617 to 1848. Should the Pope decide to define the Assumption, it will be the first dogmatic definition since 1870, when the Vatican Council promulgated the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility in matters of faith and morals. Church Enters 96th Year Parishioners of St. John's Catholic Church, Coylesville, are making plans for observance of the historic church's 96th birthday this Fall. Plans for the celebration will be outlined at the annual homecoming and picnic on Sunday, Sept. 4. The Dedication and Blessing of the recently built grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes will be held at 3 p. during the homecoming celebration with Msgr. William J. Spiegel, pastor of St. Paul's Church, Butler, officiating. St. John's Church is located 8 miles east of Butler on Route 422. Music Service Planned Paul Bosau, New York baritone, nnd Muriel Thompson, local contralto, will be featured tomorrow morning in a special program of classical and religious music at Washington Heights Methodist Church, Bigham St. and Virginia Mt. Washington. Delia Rawsthorne, musical director of the church, will be in charge with Dorothy Scabereti accompanying at the organ. The First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburg SIXTH AVENUE AT WOOD STREET CLARENCE EDWARD MACARTNEY. Minister 10:45 A.M. SERMON Dr. Harold John Ocker Park Street C'hnreh, Bwtn, 8:00 P.M. SERMON Dr. Harold John Ocker. 12:30 P. WEDNESDAY NOON PRAYER MEETING. "MOUNTAIN AND MOUNTAIN MEN OF THE BIBLE" Dr. Marartnev will preach the first dermon in thii series Sunday Evenlnr. Sept ANEUR1N BOYCOMBE, ORGANIST AND CHOIR DIRECTOR ministers. He chooses to wear It because he believes that a minis ter should be easily designated. He states that this identification opens up wide new fields of serv ice that would otherwise never be found. Also interested in psychology, Dr. Voorhees is a certified psychological examiner for Pennsylvania public schools. He is now doing post-graduate work toward a Doctor's Degree in Psychology. He received his education from Northwestern i ersity and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education at California State Teachers College. He received a Master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Doctor's from Bethany Divinity School, Fla. Mental Test Urged For Politicians GENEVA, Switzerland, Aug. 27 (UP) A Danish psychiatrist said today that "every leading figure in every branch of government" should be tested physically and mentally. Dr. P. J. Reiter told the annual assembly of the World Federation for Mental Health that boards composed of a psychiatrist, a medical internist, a psy chologist and a sociologist should carry out the tests. Each mem-i ber of the board should be tested also, hg said. "But who will test the testers?" Dr. E. G. Campbell of the United States asked. That ended the discussion. Boon for Students! Electric Translator SALERNO, Italy, Aug. 27 (UP) Federico Pucci claimed today he has invented a machine which can translate copy from any language into any other. Pucci said the machine was electrically operated, but refused to disclose other details. He said he has entered it in the Paris International Fair of Inventions to be held next month. HAWLEY. Minister A. M. "PRIEST AND KING" v. William S. Wise 6:50 P. M. Post-Hi Dorlng All Sunday 8erTlees Robert W. Stacktl, Pastor PITTSBURGH SECOND CHURCH. 718 Ridge Avenue, Sunday Service. II H. KTLKINSBt'RG FIRST CHURCH, IIS Wallace Avenue. Sunday Service 11 A. M. BEWICK LEY FIRST CHURCH. tit Beaver Sunday Bervioa ervioe 11 A. at. PHESIIYTEIIIAX OII IHir Howard C. Schirts Mlnlitar. frank M.tcMnwn. MlnlOr bui still wxtwtasto 11:00 A. M. "THE VIRTUE OF ADVERSITY" MR. HUTCHISON WILL PREACH RUSSELL, G. WICHMANN, Organist and Director. Tl Cars 73, 75, 76 to Amberson A ter magicians including Houdinl, Blackstone and Thurston. He is past president of Ring 13, the affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Books on Magic The pastor, who considers himself a semi-professional artist, has performed for numerous local clubs and organizations including the exclusive Magic Fifty-Two, a Pittsburgh magicians' group. Rev. Voorhees has authored several books on magic including "Magic for Ministers," "The Conjurer in Church," and "Puzzles that Preach and Teach." Through these and through his personal efforts he has influenced several pastors to practice his magic theories from the pulpit. Churches ingside Presbyterian Church, will speak at Bethany Lutheran N. Highland Ave. at Kirkwood at 11 a. m. Sunday. TRINITY SERVICE Rev. William McLean, rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Butler, will be guest speaker at Trinity Episco pal Cathedral, Sixth at 11 a. m. tomorrow. PASTOR RETURNS Dr. William R. Vivrett, pastor of East End Christian Church, will return to his pulpit after a vacation in Ontario and Chautauqua, N. tomorrow morning. The pastor will speak on "Uncomfortable Christianity" at the 11 a. m. service. FORMER LOCAL PASTOR A former Pittsburgh pastor, Dr. Stillman Allan Foster, will speak at 11 a. m. services in Third United byterian Church, Shady Ave. and North umber-land St. tomorrow. Dr. Foster is now pastor of First United byterian Church. Philadelphia. Foster Council Sponsors Five Religious Broadcasts The Council of Churches of Christ of Allegheny County will sponsor five religious broadcasts over local radio stations from 8:30 until 10 a. tomorrow. WCAE will present Rev. P. M. Scholl, pastor of Bethany United Lutheran Church of Braddock, for a half-hour program at 8:30. Rev. Howard Edgar will act as narrator and William Twigger will be the organist. During the same period Rev. W. Howard Lenhart will present weekly morning devotions over Station WPIT. From 9 to 9:30 a. Rev. C. J. Fox, pastor of First Braddock Evangelical United Brethren Church, will speak over Station WWSW. James Smith will narrate and Joan Penn will provide organ music. The Religious Almanac will be heard from 9 to 9:30 over WPGH. Rev. Frank L. Hutchison, assistant pastor of Shady-side Presbyterian Church, will speak on local and world news. KDKA will present Dr. Hugh Thomson Kerr at 9:30. The Centerbury Choir under direction of Arthur Metcalfe will sing. Rev. Lenhart will act as narrator. Dr. TVmuVv Hnthixlrnl SIXTH AVEN -a. 1 Til UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ANSLEY C. MOORE, D.D., MINISTER North Highland Ave. at Station St. Take Car No. IS II A. M. "THY WILL BE DONE" Or. Donald A. Spencrr, pator Second Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, Tenn. 8 P. M. COMMUNITY CHURCH SERVICE Carnegie Music Hall The Welsh Singers 9:45 A. M. Sabbath School OR. ROBERT GRISWOI.D. Orfanlst 9 a. m. Holy Communion 11 a. m. Morning Prayer and Sermoa The Rev. William McLean, St. Peter's Church, Bntler. Dairy Service 11:4 A. M. P. M. Organist and Choirmaster Tb Rev. Mired Hamer 32nd season of Union Commu-! nity Church services in Carnegie I Music Hall at 8 p. tomorrow. The song service will be spon sored bv the Welsh Societv of Pittsburgh and the 2fi churches of Oakland. Squirrel Hill, Shady- sid and East Liberty co-oper- atively conducting the Summer series. Tenor Soloist nr. uvsr Richard? dirrrtnr I of music for Youngstown, schools, will direct congregation-i al singing. Walter Fawcett will be at the organ. Robert Bodycombc. tenor choir member of First Presbyterian Church, will be the soloist. Rev. William S. Wise of First Methodist Church will lead devotions. Eisteddfod Music Men of the First pnf jt Church, under direction of Kevin Mears. will serve as ush ers. William E. Morgan is chair- of the Executive Committee of the Welsh Society, and Haydn Hargest is the president. Most of the music will be preserved in the style of that used at the Eisteddfod, traditional annual Festival of Music in Wales. The festival is based on the music of the ancient congress of hards and singers of Wales. Tomorrow's program will include well-known gospel songs and hvrr.ns. Five Leave for Wisconsin Meet Five Pittsburgh church leaders will attend the Sixth International Workshop in Audio-Visual ucation opening an eicht-daj s-s 1 at Green Lake, tomorrow. v. Orville L. Kuhn, director of audiovisual education here will lead the local delegation which includes Dr. Samuel W. Shane, manager-treasurer of the Pittsburgh United Presbyterian Board of Christian Education. Dr. Shane is a member of the audio-visual committee, publishers section, of the International Council of Religious Education, sponsors of the workshop. These leaders will be among som 300 national, regional and local Officials meeting to plan new tetitmkjues and devise new material tot vise in visual education programs in Protestant churches here end in Canada. Also representing the United Presbyterian Church's Board of Christian EsJaeation will be Joseph Mosoa, technical adviser and sales representative; Margaret Elizabeth H231, assistant to Rev. Kuhn. and Rev. David S. Kain, director ot eucUo-visual education lor th Presbytery- work groups, denominational conferences, meetings, cf producers, distributors and film librarians are included in the schedule. A week-end film festival will climax the international session. Admiral Promoted WASHINGTON. Aug. 27 The Navy announces that Rear Adm. Thomas Sprague, chief of naval personnel, will succeed retiring Vice Adm. Harold B. Sa-lada as commander of the Pacific Fleet air arm late next month. Kev. Kuhn SMITHFIELD ST. METHODIST CHURCH AT THE METHODIST CENTER DR. C. LLOYD DADGHERTY JR. 11:00 "What Dost It Get "If I Get To Live Forever" 7:45 "A Vital Experience with Christ" "I Enjoy His Blessing" a Homer Rodeheaver Coming Sept. 11-18 chujehes at tiers and Point Breeze, Char Canonsburg, once served on the Board of American Missions as treasurer of the Pittsburgh Synod. He is a for- mer president of the Ministerial Union and moderator of the Pittsburgh Presbytery. Dr. Spen- IJr. Spencer cer is presently a member xf the Board of Directors of Maryville College, Tenn. He will speak on "Thy Will Be Done," tomorrow morning. BOSTON MINISTER Dr. Harold John Ockenga, pastor of Park Street Church, Boston, will be guest preacher at both morn ing and evening services tomor row at First Presbyterian Church, Sixth Ave. LESSON-SERMON "Christ Jesus" will be the subject of the lesson-sermon in all Churches of Christ, Scientist tomorrow. The golden text will be "God loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John HYMN FESTIVAL The 16th annual hymn festival will be held at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, Wexford-Bayne Road, Gibsonia. at 2:30 p. tomorrow. Victor Wick, leader for the 1946 and 1947 sessions, will again conduct the singing. PRESBYTERY John K. Bibby of Presbytery office speaker at 10:45 GUEST Dr. the Pittsburgh will be guest a. m. services tomorrow at the Knoxville Pres- byterian Church, Knox Ave. and Jucunda St. HOMECOMING The annual homecoming service of Clinton Methodist Church, Wampum, will be held at 2 p. m. tomorrow at the church on Route IS. Rev. William Ralph Wigton, pastor, will preside. MINISTER'S BROTHER Dr. Jennings B. Reid, just returned from Edinburgh, Scotland, where he received his Doctor's Degree, will speak at Mt. Lebanon Presbyterian Church at 10 a. m. services tomorrow. Dr. Reid is a brother of the pastor of the church, Dr. J. Calvin Reid. RADIO SERVICE Rev. Charles F. Tame, pastor of Whitaker Community Methodist Church, will speak on "Escape Into Life" during a service to be broadcast ovor Station WHOD, Homestead, at 11 a. m. tomorrow. Rev. Tame will speak at First Methodist Church, McDonald, where he was formerly minister, at 8 p. m. tomorrow. GUEST SPPZAKER Rev. Clifford E. Simpson, pastor of Morn- dm Great Hymn-Singing Festival Community Church Service and Welsh Society of Pittsburgh co -operatiir 8 P. M. Carnegie Music Hall, Schenley Pari Dr. D. West Richards, Song Leader Robert Bodycombe, Tenor Soloist Come! Enjoy an evening of Favorite Gotpel Song and Hymn: THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH DR. JOHN W. FIRST CHURCH Canter Aiken Ave. Cars 71. 82 or 87 COMMUNITY CENTER Howe Aiken Aver Cars 73 or 76 11:00 Nureery for Children Provided THE FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH 615 Grant Downtawn 9)30 A. M. Sunday School, Rev. Howard A. Alsdorf, Guest Speaker, A. "GIVE GOD THE CREDIT" The Pastor will preach. Service broadcast at 11:30 over Station WJAS, 1310 hilocyclem GOSPEL TABERNACLE- Pittsburgh' Grmat Cnfr of Mimmionm and Evangelism Christian and Missionary Alliance 809 Arch N. S. REV. KENNETH C. FRASER, Pastor 10:45 and 7:30 Rev. David C. Kopp, Punxsutawney, Pa. HRISTIAN SCIENCE The STBJFCT of the Iesson Sermons In all Christian Science Churches Tomorrow CHRIST JESUS Authorised Branch Churches of the Mother Church. The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Boston, hold services at the location and time designated below: CHRISTAN CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURC f. Dlthrtrtge St. at 5th Ave Oalt. JAMES O. VAN BUREN. 11 A. "Confession ol 6in. Evanselical 6 Reforme BT. PETER'S EVA NO. LUTH. CHTJ! Collins to Station. E. 10 A. 6 School A Chi Rev. Theo C. Honold. Paster CHURCH OF CHRIST OAKLAND CHURCH OF CHRIS Memorial Hall. 6th Ave to BUelnw C. KIRKPATRICK. 11 and BELTZHOOVER CHURCH OF CHH Estella Ave. to Loyal Way WORSHIP 10:50 A M. and BP.I Cars 44-46-49. J. F. Nichols, Mini FRESByTERlAH 2ND PRESBYTEHIAN Bth below Per.n. JAMES GOLDEN MILLER. Pasc 11 A. M. "The Divine Fellows: of Daily Living" BAPTIST MT LEBANON BAPTIST (Dorrao W. Liberty and Alabama Avea 11 A. M. "When a Man 1 rajr MT WASHINGTON BAPTISI Svcamore nd Shlloh 11" A. Morning Worship 7 P. (iranrtview Psrlc Ferv LUTHERAN MT. ZION. Perrysvllla Waldorf Dr John B. Knlseley. Pastor 10:45 "Ood'a Generous Grace" TRINITY. Stockton Ave. to Arch St. DR. O. E. 6WOYER. Pastor 10:45 Chaplain Stremel, Western Penitentiary N. Beatty.E B. REV. JOHN M. NYCUM. Pastor 11 A. M. "Chariots ol Iron" (Lutheran Missouri Synod) FIRST TRINrTTf F. Schumann, Pastor. Ser. 11 a. tn. GRACE LUTHERAN Pioneer St McNeillv South Hills 9:30 A. Sunriav School 10 A. M. Adult Bible Forum 10:45 A. M. Divine Worship W. A. GERDES. Pastor A. C. M. WahL Pastor Emerltm ST. ANDREW'S Center St Morewood Avea. Rev. Aug. P. Brunn. Pastor Frederio Lotz. Organist 11 A. M. 'Our Helper In Prayer" Mr. H. HlUer 10 A. M. Bible Classes for All. Cars 71. 82. 7764 FIRST ST. PAUL'S EV LUTHERAN Eighteenth to Sidney S. S. German. 9:45 A. M. English. 11:00 ERNST BRAND PASTOR QUAKER FRIENDS' MEETING 1 1 A. M. East Liberty YWCA. Spahr to Aider St. PITTSBURGH FIRST CHURCH 63ft Clyde Street Sunday Services II 4. H. f. MT. LEBANON FIRST CHCRCH 1100 Washington Road Sunday Service 11 A. M. BFLI.EVCE FIRST CHURCH Sunday Service 11 A. M. 630 Lincoln Avenue, MeKEESPORT. FIRST CHURCH. 319 Penny Avenne Sunday Service. II A. M. All Churches hold Wednesday Eveninc Testimonial Meetinrs at 8 P. U. and Sunday School at 11 A. M. A Ift-mlnute devotion program 1 hroadcast over KDKA at 10 A. M. the third Sunday of everv month and over KQV each Saturday at 4:45 P. M. READING ROOMS: Pittsburgh Oliver Building: North Side Federal Mt. Lebanon Washington Road; Wilkinsburg Itl Penn Avenues Bellevue 4 Hawlev Avenue; Srwirkley 431 Broad Street: McKeesport Hflt Masonio i Temple. Walnut A fith St.

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