The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 3, 1894 · Page 8
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1894
Page 8
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1894. WASTED. V. " ""entitle Help. V WANTED-A 'dishwasher. 1125 Liberty l cii . x y nr A MTPn J"fl- AvnarlanMrl An man p1 ' 143 Fulton sc. - o - , , . W a.nti a gin tor general aouscwura. WANTED - Dishwasher at 3703 Fifth ave., Oakland. WANTED Girl for housework, 15. May- llpwer St., East End. w WANTED Girl for housework. 6238 . Station at.. East End. w WANTED Girls to do dressmaking. ?44 Taylor ave., Allegheny. o WANTED Girl for general housework. Call at 115 Ferry St.; city. o WANTED White cook. Corner of Neg-ley and Rural aves., E. E. w WANTED A nurse girl, between is ana 10, at 17 Arch St., Allegheny. y . WANTED Girl for general housework. ,;; 24 Central St., Allegheny city. y .."' WANTED Girl for housework; no cook ing. Ill Jayette at., Allegheny. w WANTED Girl or woman for house s' work. 732 Maryland ave., East End. w WANTED German girl for " general housework. Call at 9i4 Libert V ave. o , ' WANTED Good girl for general house- work, inquire 96 Fourth ave., room si. WANTED Girl for general housework , Irish preferred. 67 Arch St., Allegheny w WANTED Girl for general housework no shirts; no children. 727 Carson at., S. 8. . w WANTED First-class female cook. Ap ply at Hotel Wels, 6428 Fenn ave., East End. w WANTED Good girl for housework Swede preferred. 5931 Baum at., East &na. w WANTED Girl for general housework, Call or address Julia Conroy, 147 sprin alley. y WANTED Immediately, girl for general ' housework, at oa tianausay si., Aiie- gheny. o WANTED Experienced girl for general housework. Apply 103 bneraeia st., ai- .- tegneny. o WANTED Experienced dining room - gin. Merchants hotel, opposite . O. depot. WANTED A lady to take orders for fine water color portraits. Aaaress j vi. Press office. y WANTED A good girl for general house-Mrork in a small family. 36 North Oak land square. o WANTED Girl for general housework, 72 Buna Vista St., Allegheny. Refer ence required. o WANTED An experienced nurse girl at oiutt wood worth ave., near center ave, ana f. k. k, y WANTED Girl for general housework family' of two. Apply at 1315 Oak st Willtinsburg, Pa, w WANTED A German girl for general nouseworK in a small family. 66 fre- mont St., Allegheny.. o WANTED A German girl for general housework. Inquire 221 South Euclid ave., near Penn ave. o WANTED Chambermaid; must be good laundress and have good reference. 143 Craig st.. East End. ' w WANTED Good Swede girl to docham ber work; also Swede girl for cook. 206 enaay ave., uast .una. w WANTED Girl to do general housework C Ul at E. H. Myers', corner Negley and i iswortn aves., aat End. o WANTED Girls for machine and hand sewing on pantaloons. Apply at W. 11, Klee & Co.'s, till Liberty st. w WANTED Girl 15 or 1(1 years to learn to sew on button machine, s. Kaufman tons, jl5 and 17 Ninth St., city o WANTED German or American girl for general nouseworK; references required Apply at 34 Esplanade St., Allegheny. WANTED Two girls, for up and down stairs work, in the East End. Apply at DoRoy Bros., Jewelers, 307 Smithfleid St. y WANTED Good, willing girl for house. work; -must be good cook, also kind in children. Call 814 Sheridan ave., East .na. w WANTED Neat, intelligent colored girl , for general housework; must be a good lauiiuress. Apppiy at wouart square, uttKiunu. y WANTED Good, respectable girl for general housework; good wages. 7ml : -iiin ave. extension, near Frankstown ave., Hi. i. - w WANTED-Good girl for general housed work. ApdIv at music store. 5:14 Smith. field st. Call between 3 and 0 p. m. and ui ii , m, o WANTED A good girl for general house. work; she must know how to cook, wash and Iron. Apply at once, 250 Cen ter ave., city. w WANTED A younir girl to assist with light housework; low wages, but a good home In the East End. Address Q 95. . . -'reus omce. W WANTED Orphan girl to attend child for her home: must come recommends 706 Fifth ave. extension, near Franks- - town ave., ;.;. w WANTED A good girl for general housed home for right party. Address or apply 6741 Kellyst, E. E. w WANTED Agood reliable girl as cook; must have good references. Applv at once In the afternoons at 4523 Fifth ave., corner Craig st o WANTED Experienced girl, for general housework; s. good wages. Call corner Center and Aiken aves., Shady Side, East End; Mrs. Cooper. y WANTED-A good, stout girl for general housework; also young girl for nurse; must have references. Apply 241 Federal st, Allegheny. w WANTED Toung girl to nurse or assist with housework; small family outside city. Apply M. C. KM Holmes st, second door from Pitt. Brushton, Pa. o WANTED Girl In small house, family of three, for general housework; one who can do plain cooking and give reference from last employer. Stta Hay st. y WANTED A respectable old colored lady to make her home with a small colored family; no wages. Address Mrs. Barrett, 219 Renfew st, East End. o WANTED A girl for generaThouseworit In a small family; one that can milk preferred to work in the suburbs. Address, with reference, Suburbs, Press office. 0 WANTED Girl for general housework in : email family; no washing or ironing; must be good, plain cook; no other need apply. 240 Allegheny avenue, Allegheny city. y WANTED Girl to do plain cooking and washing and Ironing in small family; 1 good wages. Apply at once to Mrs. O'Brien, Craft and Fifth aves., ok- - land. 0 WANTED Toung woman writing a good hand for bill clerk and other work of similar character; must be neat and rapid, worker. Address Stewart, Press office. o WANTED Middle-aged southern colored woman as cook and general housekeeper In family of two adults; must be experienced. Apply 229 South Highland, Last End. o WANTED-G.lrl for light housework in small family; wages 2 per week; must be abla, to do washii.g; no cooking; good home. 5514 Claybourne st. East . End, Shady Side. Mrs. Prager. o WANTED An expf rienctd general housed work". in family of two; none need ap-p!y wn!oKS -thoroughly competent to do !) Sinus of -housework. Apply this w' between, and li or 5 and 7 p. m. Mi. Wilier, corner Penn and Rebecca. ' w U ANTED A nut c!a! Jn -.-maker, having a Urge trade of h, r own, and co:n- pelent to take charge of the dressmak-' t department in a larre drygoods 1. ne in this city; a good opportunity pf,'!-,-d io the proper p.irty. Address Hi3mak6r, cart of Press oftica. 1 WANTED. Female Help. WANTED Good seamstress. 117 Ehef- j fleld St.. Allegheny. y WANTED-A few good girls to learn hat i and capmaklng; call at once. 138 Wy lie , 1 " ave. . mi B ' must have experience. Penn ave. i Houp st,. East End. - W i VTPH PvnoHanrAd trirl in umur nn j machine at Pittsburg Susuender Co. WJ Ohio St., Allegheny. WANTED-Flrst-class girl for general housework. Apply Mrs. U. Fester, 52 Fedenl at., Allegheny. y ? WANTED Cook In small' family; good wages. Apply Saturday at 81 1 Lilac St., East End; references required. y WANTED Good girl for general housework in small family; must be good cook and laundress; come well recommended. Apply 5433 Potter st, Shady Side. y WANTED Good girl, for general housework, in family of three; all grown; good wages and good home for responsible party. Call at 5804 Rural ave.. East End; city references required, jr WANTED Respectable colored woman as housekeeper for widower of 60 years; one willing to go to the country and do light work for small wages In return for good. home. Address M 1)5, Press office. w Male Help. WANTED-Boy. A. Klopfer, 208 Smith-field st. o WANTED Miners and laborers .at 172 Fourth ave. o WANTED Dish washer ave., Oakland. at 8703 Fifth w WANTED A btitchet. C. H. 6haner, No. Iii3 S. Main, West End. o WANTED Good man to drive pop wagon. Apply 201 Grant st, city. w WANTED Photograph operator at once. Address J WJ. Press office. w ; z. WANTED Stout boy for rough work In printing office. Ill Third ave w WANTED First-class pantaloon cutter. W. B. Klee & Co., 811 Liberty at o WANTED A first-class male cook. Apply 14u South ave., Allegheny, at once. w WANTED Blacksmith for wagon work and horse shoeing. 178 Juniata st, Allegheny, w WANTED Two first-class colored barbers; none other need apply. 6218 Penn ave., E. E. - w WANTED Twelve grate and front mold-ers. Apply to James McCullough, Jr., Kittannlng, Pa. y WANTED Experienced boy - for grocery store; come wen recommendea. 184 Rebecca it., Allegheny. o WANTED-Carpenter, at once, to take down pair stairs and rebuild same. 23 Diamond st, Pittsburg. o WANTED Man as engineer and fireman; one who can board with family preferred. Call 340 Fifth ave. w WANTED Farm hand with experience, who can take care of horses and cows. Address D OS), Press office. o WANTED A strong boy about 18 to learn the pressing of coats. Sldenberg & Rich, 810 Liberty St., upstairs. y WANTED Good German letter writer; one who understands English and Herman. Address C 09, Press office. o WANTED We are offering special Inducements to paper hangers who can Influence trade. P. E. Smith & Co., 440 Wood st. 725be WANTED One or two good men to solic it building and loan stock; good wages to the right man. Address Solicitor, Press office, Allegheny. y WANTED Mason to contract brick and stone work and take part pay by making first payment on lot I hold for sale. Address X 05, Press office. w WANTED Five boys to run as news agents on i . & L,. tj. road; must have $10 cash security. Apply news stand, P. & L. E. depot, South Side, city, y WANTED A first-class advertising soli citor for a program; good chance for right party; only experienced persons need apply. Answer J 07, Press office. y WANTED Two good men to put up Iron ceilings; none but experienced men need apply. A. Northroe & Co., cor. South Twenty-third and Mary sts., 8. S. y WANTED Manager or clerk for drug store; must speuk German; none but sober and Industrious men need apply. Lion drug store, 1010 N. Canal st, Sharpsburg. o WANTED At once, a nice young man for billiard room; -one that can wait on tables; must be experienced. Apply Concordia club, in basement, 45 Stockton ave., Allegheny, y WANTED Young man of neat appear ance tor a rew days; ngnt worK; can be done In evening or spurt time; small pay; no canvassing; give reference. Ad dress M 07, Press office. y WANTED Salesmen, In every county in u. ts. ; ita montn and expenses; office, advertising, delivery team furnished; goods monopoly. Address K. 8. Co,, 160 Colonude building, Boston.Mass. 724vozuwytpg WANTED A first-class designer on glass and brass; a man who can make all kinds of designs, lettering, etc., on foiled work. Apply to H. Stoddard, Supt. N. C. R. Co., Dayton, O., with references, o WANTED A young man 18 or 19 years oi age to worn in store; must be correct at figures; also good writer, and must come well recommended; no other need answer. Address at once, Business, Press office. o WANTED An experienced salesman; one wno is thoroughly acquainted with the jewelry business, to wait on customers In the store; must have first-class references, and bond required; no others need apply; a good salary will be paid to the right man. Address M. & A., Press office. y WANTED A man who can cut and lay carpets, to fill a position as collector and general hustler in a small credit house outside the city; salary 0 a week, and will be advanced as business improves. Address with credit house references, or letter won't be answered. O. S., Press office, or Fifth avenue, opposite opera house. o Male and Female Hela. WANTED Experienced hands and some intelligent gins to learn on paper boxes. Matcheit Box M'f'g Co., 059 Liberty ave. ' w W'ANTED Man and wife as coachman ana luundress; good wages, but must have first-class references. Address M s, Press office. w WANTED Young man and wife without children for a farm about 40 miles from tne city; to the right party a eood chance will be given. Address E. W irecs office, Allegheny. y W A NT E D-M ea t coo k7 stout boy for res taurant two boys for private family, woman cook, laundress, f4, Protestant; nurse; help for city and country. Walker's, 6 Sixth st, second floor; tel. 330. 83ba Iliinln Chances. WANTED Toung man ith ?150 capital; can make luo a month. Address V 07, Press office. 83b WANTED To buy notel business" with license; good location, city or town. Address Landlord, Press offiee.730buwytl WANTEU-To Invest H.0OO In a "manu-facturirg bosliiess that will give clerical portion at fair salary; can invest more if SsdUsfaciory. Address J 50, "c. 62bp Special. WANTED-Allegheny branch office of th Press is now located at is Federal st, Allegheny. n S ANTED Furniture to move, pack and riore. ShiUiuhan Transfer Co., 101 orb st. 71,ritvoid727ytuvwd WANTED No matter how badly broken. Jirftwn, No. 620 Wood si, j 'Ji vv;r nr repaired By W. 8. 61TO WAITED. Employment. WANTED-Bookkeeplng to do at night; best city references. Address X Wi, Press omce. ' w WANTED Position bv a lady of : Tw &SftmS? housekeePer i-gLltf JL. WANTED Position In Allesheny as first class cook; best of city reference. Ad-dress P U5. Press office. w W'ANTED Position as accompanist; good reader; plenty of experience. Address Miss N., Press office. w WANTED-SltuationTy"a""glrl as dish-' waaher or doing light housework. 26 Chestnutst., Allegheny. w WANTED Washing to do by the day or office cleaning. Address Mrs. S. Boyle, lttl South ave., Allegheny. w WANTED-Sltuation in Shady Side as first-class cook; best of city reference. Address OU5, Press office. w WANTED-Pos"ition"by an experienced bookkeeper; have first-class references. Address S Wi, Press office. w WANTED Situation as coaenman; willing to work; can give good reference. Address G 05, Press office. w WANTED By lady, position as companion or governess In family to teach music. Address L B5, Press office. w WANTED-Situatlon bv a competent, re liable cook in a small family in city or country. Address Z 04, Press office. w WANTED Position by a young colored man as porter in restaurant or hotel. Address rear 318 Forty-second St., city. w WANTED-Situatlon by two young la dies experienced on the stage; can sin and dance. Address Madge Gray, Press onice. w WANTED By a respectable girl, gen eral housework In a small family; city , or suburbs preferred. Address 73 Web ster ave. 1 WANTED A set of books to keep during tne evening; am a practical account ant; terms moderate. Address E !5, Press office. WANTED-Sltuation as nurse for chit dren; willing to assist with chamber- work; good reference. Address Z IKi, Press office. - w WANTED Mrs. Ward; washing to take nome or out by the uar; can give good rererence. ai xustin, near van ttraam, nttshurg, Pa. w WANTED A position by a young lady stenographer and typewriter; have had experience; salary no object. Address N )i., l'ress onic. - w WANTED Situation by woman as cook understands meats and pastry; hotel or restaurant; city or country. 11 West alley, Allegheny. w WANTED Q. A. druggist deBlres posl tion, city or country; either permanent or relief; good reference. Address 131 Lacock st, Allegheny. w WANTED Position by aN young lady as Bflipsiady; have had experience and am wining to work for small salary. Ad dress w ua, t'ress olnco. w WANTED-i-Posltlon by colored girl to do general housework In small family; good worker; wages $3 per week. M. E. H. 448 Frankstown ave., E. E. w WANTED Position by a colored woman first-class cook and general house- worker; prefers to go home nights, ltl wycamore st, Mt. Washington. w WANTED Position by a girl, either nurse or helping in housework; can speak English and German. Address J. Bohl, Woods Run ave., Allegheny, w WANTED By an experienced taeamster worn oi any Kind witti nurses; wen acquainted 1(1 the city. Address Bank Exchange hotel, 88 and 00 Third ave., city. w WANTED-Mrs. Smith, widow with three small children, wants washing to take home, or out by the day; can give good reference. Address 31 Tustin st, near van israam. w WANTED Employment by a young man as general house and garden worker and carriage driver, in private family can give good references. Address G tw Press office w WANTED A position by a middle-aged Protestant woman In a private family, Is a first-class cook and manager; city or suburbs; good references. Address P IMi, Press office. w wanteu-By a widow, a place in a Christian family to rlo plain sewing; would do light chamber work; state where an Interview can be had. Address H 08, Press office. n WANTED Every business man to know where he can get a man that can run all kinds or engines or all kinds of rigging block and tackle. Address J. F. McC, Pin. burg P. O. w WANTED Position by a first-class fur rier; will work by the day, week or contract; good reference. Address J, Scrftt, Dllworth st, near Prospect, i niny-secuiiu warn. w WANTED A man of years' of experience wants i situation as caterer or chef In some .lOtel or clubhouse or summer resort; best of references given. Address in w, fress omce. w WANTED Position as nurse for Infant by young lady of 18, who has experience; can speak German and English; willing to help with chamberwork. Address M, East End Press office. w WANTED A position by a young man as general office clerk; fair scholar and good penman; can furnish first-class reference. Address W. C. T., No. 100 forty-secona st, city. - w WANTED A situation as driver for .delivery wagon; know both cities; sober and steady; not afraid to work; can furnish reference and bond. Address E. C. Connors, Bennett, Pa. w WANTED-Posltlon by a young Swede , as clerk or anything; not afraid of work; would go anywhere In state; can speak both Swedish and English dress F 1)5, Press office. Ad- w WANTED Position as nurse or light housework; can work in small store; country or suburbs preferred; age 10; food reference. Call or address 60 Ugh st, near courthouse. w WANTED-By a good boy of 1, situation of any kind; can speak English and German; can furnish reference If required, Address Joseph John Hillenbrand, 35 Lombard st, city. w WANTED A situation by a refined ml-J-dle-sged woman ss housekeeper or companion for elderly couple; first-class cook; understands all about a house; first-class references. Address O in). Press office. " ' w WANTED A position by man who ia a good machinist; willing to work at anything for small salary; would go to country to farm; can milk cows and work about a place. Address V '.);, Press office. w WANTED By a lady, position as stenographer and typewriter; willing to assist in general office work; have had experience and can Rive tint-class reference; terms reasonable. Address T K, Press office. w WANTED Position by a young lady as oooKKeeper. and typewriter; have had two years' experience, ard can furnish best of reference; can give good reason for change of position. Address V 05. Press office. w WANTED Permanent place to sew and do light housework by a competent seamstress, or housework In small family or for aged couple; can give all the reference necessary. Address Emma Day, Press office, city. w WANTED-Situatlon by carpenter as Jan-itor or any steady position; have a good knowledge of repairs and painting, and can keep plumbing work In ordr; moder te wages for a steady j. b; age 33, murrled; good tools and references. Carpenter, 217 Irwin ae., Allegheny. w WANTED By respeclabK ebifginu and honest man situation as coachman; thoroughly understands care of fine tiwisrs; not afra.d of waric; willing to make himself generally useful. Address M. R., general delivery. East End post-office, w WANTED Situation by young man of 20 i as bill clerk, or office assistant, or clerk i in store; amxfast penman, quick at tig- ! ures and have fair education; willing to i work at anything; can furnish good ref- S erenoe. Address T. E. B., 18 Sixth avo. ; extension, Pittsburg, Pa, j WASTED. EmpUrneat, . WANTED Washing to do at home, 620 River ave., East End. . - e WANTED Situation by first-class baker. j. ti. Kroniinr, zuo urant st, o WANTEDBrbcFof 16. position In lawyers office. 'Address E 100, Pre Press ,otnee. , o WANTED Position by bread and cake baker. Address Baker, Eaat End Press office. - o WANTED By a middle aged lady, situation at general housework. Address B 'M, Press office.' WANTED By a colored girl, chamber work or housework. Address 187Vi Webster ave., city. o WANTED Position as experienced dishwasher. Address No. 120 Third st Miss Mamie Anderson. o WANTED By a young man, a position with horses; nine years experience. Address R 100, Press office. o WANTRD-Situatlon by boy of 14 to do any kind of work; willing to learn. Ad ores w w, rress omce. o WANTED-Situatlon by a girl to do general housework In small family. Address L 100, Press office. o WANTED-Situatlon, by girl of 17, to assist with housework In small family. . Address M 100, Press offiq. o ; WANTED-Situatlon as housekeeper or work by tntf day by a mi,. age(f wom. an. Address T 100, Press office. WANTED Position Dy a young man as driver; not afraid of 'hard work. Address 136 Preble ave., Allegheny,. o WANTED By a middle-aged man, work about; can take care of stock; reference. Address K 00, Press office. o WANTED-Situatlon by a young lady as' cook or general housework In small family. Address J. S., Press office, o WANTEDBy a glrl7t place to doTny ' kind of work at dinner hours In a restaurant Address L. W., Press office o WANTEDBy a boy of 15, position where he can learn photography; no salary first two weeks. Address Photo, Press office. - o WANTED A situation to do housework in a respectable family without children; state wages. Address S 100, Press office. , o WANTED Situation by competent ice cream and taffymaker; reference given. Address J. O., No. 18 Garrison st, Allegheny. 0 WANTED Situation by a middle-aged woman to do general housework in small family; city or East End. 72 Gibbon st, city. o WANTED Situation by a first-class white man cook, with best of city reference; city or country. Adress H 100, Press office. o WANTED A situation to do work of any kind around a gentleman's piace, by an honest young man; good references. A. K., 45 Fourth ave o WANTED-Posltlon by a young pianist; am auick music reader and have al ready played In the theater. Address Player, Press office. o WANTED-Sltuation as chambermaid or dishwasher in first-class hotel by young woman, or work of any kind. Address 54 Ashton st, Allegheny. o WANTED By a sober, industrious young man, position as bartenaer; can give references; country town preierreu. Ad dress . F. J., Press omce o WANTED Chamberwork or general housework by colored girl, or will work days and go home nights. Aaaress . 71, Press office, Allegheny. o WANTED-Posltlon by a boy of 14 in an office or store: bright and active; win Ing to learn and make himself useful. Address w, J. I'., tress omce o WANTED-Sltuation by young lady stenographer and typewriter; will work for very low wages until experience Is gained. Address u 00, fress omce. jo WANTED By a reliable widow, lady, a position as housekeeper ror widower, or office cleaning. Address Mrs. Kate Spring 34, Press office, Allegheny, o WANTED By a young colored man, sit uation in private family at any jcinq housework; can give reference, Ad'- dress Newton Cooper, Sewlckley, Pa. WANTED Position by single man with private family; understands horses and garden and cows; city or country; re ferences. Address l, 00, Press omce. c WANTED By a Protestant girl of 14, a place to help witn light nouseworK or lane care oi cniiaren. isimj .oai auey, rear Thirty-ninth st, Pittsburg, fa. o WANTED-Sltuation by a reliable young lady, Protestant, speaks German and English, to take charge of children; country preferred. Address T 00, Press omce. o WANTED A situation by a married man as watchman, or work around a wholesale olace: good reference as to hon esty and ability. G. Hersberger.Bennett p. o., ra. o WAED Position In small family as chambermaid and nurse, willing to assist with Ironing, by girl 16: small wages; country preferred. Alice, 60 High st., city. ' 0 WANTED-Position by active young Pol ish man as farm nana; can tane care of horses and do plowing; not afraid of work. Address F. Gasiorowskl, No. 626 Forbes st, city. o WANTED-Posltlon by young married man at anv kind of work: not less than fH a week; Is sober and Industrious. Ad dress H. Tweedy, head or Twenty-sec ond st. incline, South Hide. o WANTED Position by, a married man, work in warehouse: position as assist ant packer or box maker, or will make himself useful and will work for $8 a week. Address J 09, Press office o WANTED Bv middle-aged woman with boy of 10, position in country; any kind of work where I can take my boy; will work for 51.25 week; sewing and cham ber work preferred. 60 High st, city, o WANTED-Situatlon, v Janitor or any steady Job;-understand carpentry, painting and all kinds of repairs; thoroughly reliable; good references and plenty of tools. Carpenter, u rremom piace, Allegheny. WANTED-Posltlon of trust, soliciting or collecting; inside or outside work; can furnish horse and buggy or light wagon; age 30 years; married, and can give bond and best of reference. Address P 99, Press office. o WANTED Position as foreman carpen ter or general superintendent by a prc tlcal carpenter with 25 years' experience both In mills and buildlmrs: best of city references; none need answ r b it responsible firms. Address J. W. Brad-shaw, 349 Oakland ave. o WANTED-Posltlon by two refined Eng lish speaking German gins in one family, one to assist with chamberwork and make herself useful (good laundress), the other as dining room girl; can do good plain sewlrg; can give best reference. Address Box 521, Homestead, Pa. o WANTED By practical printer, situation with good house: ten years' experience; competent In all branches of composition as well' as Job and cylinder press work: can estimate on work; understand buying and handling paper of all grades; m tact an an arounu man. Address J 100, Press office. 0 WANTED-Posltlon as nurse for child of 8 or 10; would prefer to teach; like to go away next month: salary no object as a good home is wanted: also would go as French nurse for child, or would teach the lady If required. Address H. W., 4245 Oakland terrace, Oakland, E. E., city. w ANTED Situation by an industrious onng man of 24, graduate of good busi ness college; sneaks and writes Ger man; good penman? desires permanent pofltlon as bookkeeper or assistant, on or before October 1; best of reference given from present employer. Address Industrious Ml, Press o WANTED Situation by ian experienced engineer, of 25 years' experience with hli;h speed automatic engines;- very best of reference as to character and ability; strictly temperate; place as second engineer where dynamos are in use preferred. Address R. F. B., county treasurer's office, Allegheny county court bouse, city, ' , WAWTED. Eiaployaeat. WANTED By an experienced dress maker, a week or 10 days' engagement. Aaaress u vi, .tress omce. jr WANTED-Situatlon by a boy 17 year oia as oaroer, witn ift years- experience. auuicts a vi, rresa omce, y w n i .i aiiuauon oy a woman as dishwasher in a boarding houf-e or re- laurani. Aaaress t vi, fress omce. y WANTED Toung man wants work as butler and houseman; fisrt-class refer' ences. Aaaress X 1UO, Press office, y WANTED-Any kind of Inside work by a married, sober man; good, steady woraer. Aaaress in 7, fress office, y WANTED Family sewing by day or week or take home; children's clothes a specialty. Address D 97, Press office, y WANTED-Posltlon. by girl of 15 years. as nurse, or housework. Address 2513 Lebanon st, Twenty-seventh ward. Bourn eiae. y WANTED-Sltuation by a young man 22; would like to have a position as driver; can board with employer. Address K 07, Press office. y WANTED A situation as plain cook, or general housework; town or country; good references. Address S, rear 20ft - Forbes ave., city. y WANTED Situation by girl to do general housework; one where con go home at nlht preferred. Address C 60, Press office .Allegheny. y WANTED By active girl of 15. situation to assist in housework; can furnish good reference. Address Mary Prososkl, No. 626 Forbes st, city. y WANTED A middle-aged lady desires a position as confinement nurse; best of physicians' and ladles' reference. Address E 07, Press oliice. y WANTED Paperhanglng at half price; good work or no pay; if you are a conscientious person, you can set the price. Address F 07, Press office. y WANTED By a neat young man of20 years, position as driver on delivery wagon; two years' experience; can give best of reference. O 97, Press office, y WANTED-- SituationTby a middle-aged woman to do any kind of light housework; agreeable and willing to make myself useful. Address P 07, Press office. y WANTED Situation by a young man as coachman; understands horses, cows, and work on a gentleman's place. Address J. C. Williams, general delivery, city postoffice. , ' y WANTED-Sltuation by a married man as carpenter, watchman, or any other Kind or worn that I can make an honest living at. C. W. Woodson, 12 Lorraine st, Allegheny, Pa. o WANTED By a thoroughly competent woman, a position as housekeeper for an aged couple or small family that live quietly. Address M. H., 284 Fifth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. y WANTED Situation; a young man with experience as driver; speaks German, Polish and English; can give references. Address W, H. B., care of Menkln Co., 387 Fifth ave., city. y WANTED Dressmaking; dresses made at the lowest prices ; wrappers from 5c to 75c with fitted lining. No. 32 Decatur st, between Fulton and Manhattan sts., Allegheny city, Pa. y wTOTEl5y a young girl, to get into office with a telegraph operator, to finish telegraphy; can receive 18 words a minute; would like to acquire 25. Address Flossie, Press office. y WANTED A position as a stonemason or work on the farm; can take care of horses and cows; good German man, two years in country. M, Lehmen, No. 867 Taylor st, Pittsburg, Pa, y WANTED Position by middle-aged Polish man as farm hand; can take care of horses and do plowing; not afraid of work. Address Joseph Hajec, No. 278 " Bates tt., Fourteenth ward, city. o WANTED To hear f rorrTany firm want-lng a thoroughly experienced solicitor or collector for a few hours each day, at a small cost; no commission Jobs considered. Address C 07, Press office, y WANTED A situation bylt "respectabieT honest young girl at general house work; can give best city references; prl vate house preferred; no objection to country. Address Z 100, Press office, y WANTED-Sltuation as nurse for children by experienced unrse; age 25; am a good seamstress; none but respectable per sons need answer; state terms. Address Vivian Lockhart, Box 105, New water ford, Q. y WANTED A situation as delivery driver or collector; experienced; knows Doth cities well; strictly sober; not afraid to ! work; can furnish bond and reference if requlrad. Address E. C. Connors, Bennett, Pa, y WANTED Situation as driver: 25 years experience; understands taking aare of horses and knows all parts or city ana outside towns; by married, sober, steady man. Address Driver . B, Press of- nce, Allegheny. "y WANTED A situation by an experienced young girl as cook In a private family; best references give; steady place; good laundress; no objection to the country; please state terms. Address A 97, Press office. y WANTED By a respectable young lady position as managing housekeeper for widower or batchelor who is fond of good music; will act as governess over children; no objection to traveling. Address G 97, Press office. -. y WANTED By two sisters, work In respectable dining-room or hotel, or position as chambermaid and nurse In same house; reference given; no objection to. going out of city. Address P 69. Pres3 office, Allegheny. o WANTED Position as shipping or re ceiving clerk by man of 8 years experience; highest city references as to ability, honesty and sobriety; wages not so much an object as steady employment Address X 97, Press office. y WANTED Position by an active young man of 27, who speaks Polish and English; willing to work; wish to take care of horse and drive; has knowledge of all streets In the city. Pleasu address John Gasior, 628 Forbes St.. city. y WANTED By widow, experienced in all nranches or housekeeping ana sewing, position as housekeeper where she can take girl of 17 to assist with work; no objection to going out of city. Address O 69, Press" office. Allegheny, o WANTED A situation as coachman. In private family, by single man, capable of taking care of horses, cows and gardening; will work for reasonable wages; good references. Address J. N. B., Shields, Pa.j P., Ft. .& C RHy WANTED Decorating to do by experi enced man; can do anything in that line; hl?h climbing; flag poles reefed, and will furnish flags, artificial flowers, etc., at the lowest price in order to get work. Address 70 Park way, Allegheny. y W'ANTED A situation by two honest, respectable, steady young gins in one house as cook nad chambermaid: ex--perienced girls; best references given; steady place wanted; private house wanted; city or city limits preferred; please state terms. Address Y 100, press office. y WANTED A situation by two respecta ble, honest young gins in one houFe as cook and chambermaid ; experienced girls and good laundresses: best city references given; private house preferred; city or city limits preferred; please state wasres; steady girls. Call or address 73 Webster ave., city. y WANTED A hustler, In any legitimate calling requiring Drains, tact and ousi-ness ability, seeks a position; young, active and wide awake; no money to ln-vest.nor do 1 care to learn any new business, so, fakirs and bunko steerers. save your time and trouble; it is legitimate work with fair remuneration that I want. Address A Hustler, Press offlce.y WANTED Theatrical advance agent at liberty; thoroughly qualified from the brush up; a hustler; temperate in habits; not afraid of work and capable of booking an attraction through any part of the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada to the gulf; 10 years' experience; past five seasons ahead of one-night stand attractions. Address Theatrical, Press offic y WASTED. - Employmcat. . WANTED Washing to . at home by the day. Colbert St., foot of Hoover st East End. y WANTED Dining-room work by experienced girl. Address N 64, East End Press office. y WANTED-Situatlon to do general house- work In small family; references, 3422 Charlotte st y W'AN'TED-SitaaUon by a first-clas cook; with rrrn. ArtHreB Oermnn. Press wltta reference. Address German. Press office, Allegheny. y WANTED-Sltuation by a middle-aged German woman; first-class cook; best of reference. Address Y 07, Press office. - y WANTED-Posltlon as collector or timekeeper by young man of 19; good reference. Address Robert, East End Press office. y WANTED-Situatlon by a middle-aged woman as experienced housekeeper; can furnish the best of reference Address 62 Bedford ave., city. y WANTED-Situatlon by a good experienced girl to do general housework in East Liberty; good wages. Address J. M., East End Press office. y WANTED By white man, situation as cook, notel or restaurant; capable to furnish first-class reference.. Address S. K., 0 Veto St., Allegheny. y WANTED By married man, situation as aiiver, or 13 willing to work at anything; can furnish references. Address G. S. Geyer, 104 Ward st. Allegheny, y WANTED Position by an experienced warehouseman, porter, or any kind of work; have been out of work for some time and would like a Job of any kind; can give references as to honesty and sobriety. Address F. B., Gd Grove st, Pittsburg, Pa. y Agent: WANTED Advertising agent; one fa miliar with an branches of the business deBlres position with reputable concern; well up in bill board and novelty advertising; no objection to going out of city. Address for two days, Advertising Agent, Press office. y Mortgage- and Lonna. WANTED To buy J500 for one year; good personal Becunty. Address k 67, Allegheny Press office. 82bg . WANTEDMortgages on city or Alle gheny county property at lowest rates. Henry A, Weaver & Co., 02 Fourth ave. 31cm WANTED Mortga.',res; we have 50,000 to loan on monthly payments in sums to suit. Chambers & Schoales, No. 80 Diamond st. 31 lo x "-Rooms. WANTED Furnished and unfurnished rooms. Room Renting Agency,77 Fourth ive. 730bg WANTED Two unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping; one square from market house, parks and library. 177 Sandusky st, Allegheny. 82bp WANTED By October 1, two or three unfurnished rooms witn private family; will be permanent if suited; state location and price. Address McGilli-vray, Press office. 81br Occupants for Rooms. WANTED Occupants for nicely fur nished room. 68 Fulton st, near wyiie avov 83bd WANTED Occupants for newly furnish ed front room. ti4 Aurena St., East End. . 83s! WANTED Occupants for furnished rooms with board. 23 Union ave., Alle-gheny. - 82bg WANTED Occupants for handsome connecting "furnished rooms, with good board; private family; few doors from East park; terms reasonable. Address H 99, Press office. o , Boarde' S. , V ANTED Hoarders tlilo boW Mil tickets $3 per week; rooms if desired. 278 Federal st., Allegheny. 83br WANTED Boarders, 12 miles on W.p! R. R. Inquire Saturday between 1 and 5, No. 163 Market stall, Allegheny. 83bs Lotltrera. WANTED Lodgers at Windsor hotel, 8 Diamond st, 35c, 50c per night 87c , Houses. WANTED To buy dwelling house, 9 to 12 rooms, In East End; must be a bargain. Address, stating location, price, etc., J. K. L., Press office. 72 he llnntness Stands, WANTED Allegheny branch office of the Press is now located at 56 Federal st, Allegheny. h Musical Instruments. WANTED To hire a harp. For partlcu- lars Inquire 125 Ohio st, Allegheny city, Pa. 730bg Illcyclcs. WANTED Send your broken bicycle and have It repaired by W. S. Brown, No. 520 Wood st. 54yvc t'arrittffea and Wnigons. WANTED Light top wagon suitable for grocery. Lenox, Press offlce. 81bp WANTED-ight "covered wagon, 'suitable for grocery. Inquire No. 508 Webster ave. 83bp WANTED Good buggy; must be cheap and in good condition. Address R 64, East End Press office. 83s! Miscellaneous. WANTED To buy safe. Address O 09, Press oflice.J 82bp WANTED 14 or 16-inch letter-copying press, with cabinet stand. O, 07, Press office. 83bp WANTED Allegheny branch office of the Press is now located at 08 Federal st, 'Allegheny. i a WANTED Buyers for Sawmill Run coal, Hartley & Henderson, Duquesne way, foot Seventh st; telephone 1117. ilUera WANTED Buyer for house furnishing goods; kitchen and bedroom set; must be sold; call after 6 p. m. 97 Pride st, city. 83bs WANTED For adoption, a lovely girl baby, 3 weeks old; parents dead; full surrender. Address V 26, Press office. 720bg WANTED To buy a cheap second-hand road cart. Address or call on J. W. Cook Co., No. 97 North ave., Allegheny, Pa. 83bs WANTED To purchase from S to 20 acres, with buildings, near railroad within 25 miles of Pittsburg; give price, location, etc. Farm, Press office. 83bp WANTED Everybody to assist Home for Working Girls under care of Sisters of Mercy by patronizing Convent steam laundry, 13 Tunnel St., Pittsburg; first-class work only; special attention paid to, repairing shirts; goods culled for and jrljypr free: telephone 837. 51. V LOST. LOST On Thursday, lady's gold watch chain, with charm in shape of heart, In Boggs & Buhl's, or on Federal.street between store and bridge; reward If left at the Press office. 83p! LOST A roll of money in the vicinity of Lawrencevllle on ednesday or i nurs-day of this week; a liberal reward will be paid if the money is returned to this office. S3bs LOST-July 31, gold spectacles, either on the wylle avenue car or getting on a Federal st. Reward If returned to cor. Reed and Dinwiddle sts. 82bp LOST-Saturday night between Hamilton and Penn aves. lady's gold necklace; finder will be rewarded by leaving same at 6305 Station st 83s! LOST-Allegheny branch office of the Press Is now located at 58 Federal st, Allegheny. h PATENTS. PATENTS U. S. and foreign; special rates for June and July. J. H. Stevenson, solicitor, 100 Fifth ave., Pittsburg. e icia I , TO LET. Honses. TO LET G. A. M unlock Ctfc, No. 10 Federal st., Allegheny. . Two brick houses, Nos. 15 and IT Brown st. lour rooms and laundry each; rent Brick of five rooms, bath, ball and attic. ioi irwin ave.; rent Eight room brick, 363 Jlebecca st; rent ; $28. " Brick house U rooms and store room. I Ri,'1l;" , wnlrcr. v v,h B'ck, bpu eight room s. hall and bath. 73 E. Jefferson st: rent S3& i Eight room frame, 106 Rebecca st.: $22. ' ' 83) TO LET Small four-room brick housed 10 a month, 50 Hemlock st. Inquire 59 Hemlock st, Allegheny; also sev&i- roomed brick house, 30 Lombard st, Inquire Garin's grocery store, Lombard St., Allegheny, or E. J. Bubb, 531 Smlth-field St., Pittsburg. 83bs TO LET Overlooking Riverview park, new frame house 7 rooms, reception hall, bath, attic and laundry, hot and cold water, porches front and rear; large lot with shade trees; rent only $25. John K. Ewlng Co., 107 Federal st 83r TO LET-At Hulton, only $15, 8-room brick dwelling, large lot, shade and fruit, spring water in house, natural gas; a beautiful home; two minutea from station. Apply Dr. Reynolds, 52(1 Lincoln ave.r E. E.. TO LET Two small three and four-roomed houses, $11 and $12 a month, Willis st. Inquire Martin's grocery store, Willis st. and Bell ave.. Nunnery hill, Allegheny, or E. J. Bubb, 531 Snrtth field st ?3b TO LET Nice house; six rooms; papered throughout; everything convenient; No. 27 Rldgewood ave., head Buena Vista st, Allegheny; $15; rent reduced. 'Apply 25 Ohio st, Allegheny; possession at once. 83brra To LET Kearsarge St., Mt. Washington, new house, seven rooms, bath and w. c, laundry, range, wide porches; reduced rent; 20 minutes from postoffice. J. B. Heard, 505 Market st 724c TO LET East End houses We have the largest East End to let list in the city; send us your address for list Van Gor-der & Lloyd, 122 Sheridan St.; telephone 5180 617cm TO LET Only $10; 6-roomed city homes, with health and beauties of country. Apply r2 Lincoln ave.. East End, 12 minutes' walk of houses. 622o TO LET Nice new dwelling, 10 rooms; would suit two families; rent very low. G. K. Flower, Hazelwood ave. 83bp TO LET House) of four rooms, $8; also two rooms, attic, $6. Inquire 335 Washington ave., Allegheny. 730buwyr j Rooms. TO LET Three large, clean rooms, corner of Irwin ave. and Ellsworth st, 00 yards from North ave. park; $9 to a good tenant; Kitchen Queen range with gas for all purposes, 5 cents per day, W. Q. Miller, 87 Irwin ave., Allegheny. ; 7Ho TO LET Flat; second floor; three lovely oea rooms witn small kitchen; both gases and bath; completely furnished house; on park, one door from Federal st, 5 Church ave., Allegheny. 82bp TO LET One elegantly furnished front room, for gentlemen; near parks; $2 a week. Address C B 05, Allegheny Press office. 81br TO LET Newly furnished front room, second floor; both gases and bath; flat 1. 175 Lacock st, near Federal, Allegheny. 82bp TO LET Clean, modern flat of four rooms; halls furnished and cleaned; . porches; $14.50. Inquire 115 Colwell st. 82bn . TO LET Two nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping; use of bath; every convenience. No. 07 Seventh ave. 73objf TO LET Five-room house 46 Cliff st;-newly papered; first-class order; cheap. Inquire J. H. Friday, 222 Wyile ave.Slbp TO LET-210 Smithfleid "st, large" front room, suitable for office or sample room. Inquire at above number. 629o TO LET One large front room.nicely furnished. Inquire at the office of Drs. Lake, 40 Fourth 310c TO LET Two rooms furnished for light housekeeping; gases, inside w. c. 158 Arch Bt., Allegheny. 83bg TO LET Rooms, flats, houses, furnished and unfurnished. Room renting Agency, 77 Fourth ave. 730bg TO LET Two newly furnished front rooms; rent reasonable. No. 16 Seventh st, Pittsburg. 83bg TO LET Two or three furnished rooms, suitable for light housekeeping, at 28 Third ave. 83bp TO LET Two rooms for housekeeping; own kitchen; all conveniences. 46 San-dusky st. 82bp TO LET Furnished rooms, light housekeeping. 78 East Diamond st, Allegheny . 730bg Tf) LET Completely furnished housekeeping rooms. 228 Lacock st, Allegheny. 81 far TO LET Furnished front room; gases, bath. 53 Palo Alto st, Allegheny. ' ' ' 730bg TO LET Three unfurnished rooms; housekeeping. ,65 Gibbon St., city. 730bg TO LET Furnished rooms, faolng Allegheny park. 20 Montgomery ave. 83br TO LET Furnished rooms; rent reasonable. 62 Liberty St., Allegheny. 82br T0 LET-Two furnished rooms; reference. 42 Rebecca st, Allegheny. 83bs TO, LET A furnished room for light housekeeping. 172 Wylle ave. Slbg TO LET Furnished or unfurnished rooms; cheap. 115 Erin st. Slbwyp TOLET Nictly furnished front ' room. 251 Oakland ave., Oakland. 730bg TCf LET Furnished front room. 36 Ar-buckles alley, Allegheny; 83bp TO LET Furnished and unfurnished rooms. 106 Second ave. 83 bs TO LET Furnished room. 63 Washington st, Allegheny. 83bp TO LET Furnished front room; shade trees. 30 Cliff st. s3bs TO-LET Rooms, with or without board. 205 North ave. ' 83br TO LET Furnished room, st, Allegheny. 150 Federal .. 83bp Halls. , TO LET Harris theater; Grand Army week; for week preceding and week of Grand Army reunion; bids will be received at No. 00 Fifth ave. Pittsburg Opera House Co. 82g Business 8taiids. TO LET No. 37 Wylle ave., large storeroom; plate glass front, light in center and rear; cemented cellar and elevator; In first-class condition. Apply 219 Smithfleid - C20o TO LET At Hulton, storeroom, fitted for general business; old and good stand. Apply Dr. Reynolds, 626 Lincoln ave., E. E., city. - 626o Miscellaneous. TO LET Stable with four stalls, on corner Wright alley and South Twenty-second st. Inquire Press South Side brahch office, 2201 Carson st. 617ho TOLET Separate apartment for storage; vans or wagons for moving. Shan-ahan Transfer Co., -101 Forbes, 150 Water. 71.'tvozd727ytuvwd TO LET-Allegheny branch office of the Press Is now located at 58 Federal st, Allegheny. h PEKSOXAL. PERSONAL That wheel of yours needs an overhauling. Send It to W. 8. Brown, No. 520 Wood st. 54yvc PERSONAL Allegheny brancn otllce of the Press is now located at 58 Federal st, Allegheny. h PERSCNAtiStorage for household goods; moving and packing.' Shanahan Transfer Co., 101 Forbes ave., 150 Water st. 715tvosd727ytuvwd REMOVALS. R EMOVAL Madam. to 477 Fifth ave. Beatham moved 730bg (Add.tienal ClawUKd "Ada." so 7th Page.)

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