The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 12
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?AQB TWBLVI * BLYTHEVTIXl (ARKJ COUHTER XEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1»« fitirried Housewives Discover Ways to Serve Tasty Tongue Th* homamiker outlining her toad budftt may lt*t that »he U In that unhappy position described H* "brtwwn the d«vll and th* deep •'sue M*.." Om co* lid* *r* high meat prices, •rewinf upon h«r food lundt. On ftt* oth»r side are her family'* Jood hablU and likes, th* pattern of m*«t main dishes r.nd everyone's •njoynwnt ol them. But there are ways out Jor tho wise—«onomical meat rtLshes which torn* homemakers overlook. Today's Peae* Plat«, which raUs high on •conomir, 1» Jellied Tongue, rjcln^ a »olid meat, tongue U ft less expensive buy than many of the other lean cuts which include bone. It's one of the so-called variety meats which !end variety to menus. And ihi> Jellied Tongu* will assuredly provide a new and different main course-, suiting the family's food likes and pocketbook at ll-e same lime. Jellied Tongue 1 tablespoon (elatin Vi cup cnlrt water I cupt stock Worcestershire wince or horseradish I lalilespdonl lemon juice Sail and pepper m cups diced cooked Uingu* 1 cup celery I'arslcy or iilmcnto Soak gelatin in cold water, rtml di.ssolvu over Ixiillns water, llenl stock and stir in dissolved gelatin. Cool; add seasonings.|o taste. When Sflatin mixtiira has thicken*';! slightly, add tongue, celery and chopped parsley or pimento alrips. Pour in mold and allow to chill. Unmold when firm. Serves 4. MENU SUGGESTIONS: What can do more to stimulate (tie appetite than the aroma of delicious and hearty hot potato slad. fragrant with mustard and picklo sauce I Serve creamed spinach, too. and for dessert, have a caramel pudding- bread pudding sweetened with car- duel syrup, and baked In custard Tips Offered On Cooking Frozen Meats How do you cook meat? '•'I you use a special technique that's different from other meat cookery? 'lliese and othor similar questions are being voiced these days by chaiidtslng conies more and Into the picture. But It appears that the ladles are unduly alarmed. Hoba Staggs, •known home economist, says so in no uncertain words. Miss Slaggs emphasl/e.s the point Economy-Wise WifeKnowsMeal Homemakers Learn New Ways to Trim Household Budgets Valuo-Mlse home/linkers intent on hunisliLng budget troubles Iiava un important lesson to ionrn in Ihc idcntilicnllojt o( meat cuts. Hebi StaxR.s, prominent home, offers n few gtiitle-pnsts to help who are interested. 'Die most important thillK, Kays _ Miss StaxBs, Is to pick out the lijpn- lioniemakei's as fimcn food inei"- i liiyi'iB eliiiraclcristic of each cir.. Search Partlei 'Hunt 4 Knoxyille Fugitive* Tcim., March 18. f.UI>) — Search parties fanned o'H over East and West Knoxville today In hopes of tiai.-kiiiR cloivn four counts' convicU who fscaiwd by overpowcruiK two Jailcra with a siH'kful of .s<;ap bars. Sheriff Austin Cnle'* office said Is color: heef is cherry red, veal a light Krayish pink, lamb H pinkish red, and fresli pork ranges from grayish pink to delicate rose. Next comes bone .structure. And in this instance il U often possible to relate cuts from nne meiit I'ar- or ronnd-bohe pol-rowt, liav« » fiinal) round bone, while cuts from Dm shoulder, such as hlado-bona pot-roasi.s or steaks, and pork or lamb shoukler steaks have an elong atcd blade bone. MLss SUinKS .sin-Bests tK'cominj; familiar v,nh the, characteristics of Ihc various nils through the us* of pictures and charts, then frequent, trips to your local meat deal- firs who can be an excellent source of information. ftinM Whltcomb Hlley'i birthday, Ocl. 1. was declared an off), cbl holiday throughout his home state In 1915 111 honor of "Indiana's most beloved clli/^n," according to the Encyclopedia lirUlaimlca. The United Stntes government first bewail usifiK nickel for coining pur|K>ses In 1857, when an alloy of 88 per cent copper and la per cent nickel wan'used to make its copper pen n leu. it was believed th« men were lild- ini< out in rugged brush country nearby and did not make a suc- ce.s.sfnl Kct-a\vny by vehicle. The pri.soiU'i's, all serving tc-rms for larceny, robbery or , felonious assault, were identified as Aurcl Grecian, H. VV. HutchiiLson, James Hardy and iy)uls Schraff. Schraf! wa.s .serving time for felonious as' .sault. Constitutional Issu9 Raised in Hospital Case FAYETTEVILLK, Ark.. March 18 (UP) —City Attorney Price IDIckson indicated today he would appeal a decision by Chancellor John K. Bull. Permanently enjoying the election commissioners from Holding a ref- crrendum of tiie use of a $75,000 bond Issue. The Issue was approved last Summer, for improvements on the City Hospital. Hut after it was proposed to use the funds for a county hospital, Die City Council wanted the | question put on the April 6 ballot. The City Hospital board sought the Injunction. If the case Is appealed it limy provide a test, for the constitutional privislon that money voted for a specific purpose may nob tie used for another purpose. FLAVOR-PROTECTED IN CELLOPHANE WRAP Mo«k fwih doily in our kitchen* from coast E^ to coatll flint there is no difference in the. j cass to from another, For ex....^ .., ._.., ... .. -. meihort of cooking ijicnt, whether fro/en or unfro/.cli. 'Jlip basic rules that meat cr>ok- ery stand for nil types. In other words, lender fro/en cuts of merit are ronked by dry heat methods, that Is roasting, broiling and ;)iui- brolllni!, just as arc the unrio/di cuts By the same token, less-lender flits live cooked with moisture, RS In braising or cooking In liquid. Another point of Interest toliome- niakers who use frozen merit fie(liiciilly: frozen meat mny he cooked either from the fro/.en or defrosted state, with equally Hood results, lliotiuh fro/.en meat rertnlres inure time. Thinner eiits, stieh as steaks and chops, are usually better If defrosted first. Preserve! Add Holiday Touch for Breakfast Rolls With so many quick mixes rvvii'.l- nblc today it's easy lo enjoy hot rolls and muffins for Easter breakfast. A very simple way to give them from beef steaks (T-bone,, clubi and veal, pork, and lamb loin chops. All have a T-.s!iapc<l bone, Ihounh, of course, in choirs it is correspondingly smaller. Rib cuts from beef, veul, and lamb all have the familial- rib rack .sinictuiv winch can he used as a self-rack m roastiiiK, Arm and \cg ellLs, silnh as lieef rind veal roumi, and the beef arm. hei e. Gui'stx were ,J. J. Hevan and H. li. Pollard, buth of Whiteliaven, Tcnn., nncl Billy Hoone iitnl Rev U D. Strubhar, both of Blytlieville. nips. FOOO TIPS: You'll 1» sui'i: ft the assortment ol touguc which you can buy. There are lamb, pork, ve*l and beet tonsue, which vary in f\m from one-half to five pounds. Furthermore, you may buy fresli. •molten, oormd or pickled tongue. Prices also vary on tongue. Tho •mailer tongues, such a* lamb, pork «nd veal, are sometimes less expensive per pound than Ihe heavier be«f tongue. But thera'i waste in UM skin and trimming of each kmgue. «.nd this Is more, proportionately, from two or three small tongues (him from one larger one. fio it may be more economical lo buy thB larger beef tongue. Smoked or corned tongue must bo •Diked for several hours—usually cv«rni?ht—In cold water. Cover with fresh water: heat lo boiling »nd discard wntec. Again cover »'ith fresh water and cook until tender. By discnrdiiiE first water, tin utock has a mild enough Ilnvor to permit Its us« in today's recipe. ())|U (|pslre(1 )U)li(1 ,, y , mlcll Ls t() , the ballet- hi each tnuflin pan wii'i surprised „..„ , ,., ,_.., ,„„'.. ,,„,„„ one teaspoon of lart Jelly before baking. Just wait till you see how prclly Ihey look when they come out of the oven. Maybe you'd prefer Orange Muffins. Here's a quick and easy fill- Ing for them: Mix 1-4 cnp brown sugar and 1-4 cup flour. Add 1 tcasjxion light cream. 1 tablespoon Vmtlcr and '2 tablespoons of orange marmalade. Mix well. Now drop a teaspoon o' this filling Into each si-eased inuf- lln tin and then fill It two-lliirds full of batter. Housewife's Thoughts, In Springtime, Turn To Ways to Moke Salad I Jn Ihe spring our thoughts turn to crisp, cool salads, delicate and sppsaltng as Ihe first'bright dny. Peach Cottage Cheese Salad calls tar either sliced peaches or pencil halves. Simply place the fruit around a mound of cottage cheese on a bed of lettuce. Top with A epopulul of currant JeUy or stsnvr- ' berry or red raspberry preserves. Piocaple Cottage Cheese Salad **e* the tnsle combination of pineapple preserves and cottage clieesa which appeals to so many families. All you do is combine tiie pineapple preserves with cottage ihee place on a bed of lettuce and add a-few walnuts or almonds to th* top. or combine them with th ehee-v; if you prefer. Remember this combination i preservwi and cotinge cheese. You'll find it about the quickest way possible to whip tip a delicious salad 'in no time at all and you'll liii.i both preserves and cottage cheese are very economical at your grocery store. Supervisor of Schools Addresses Civic Club Mis* Winnie Turner, city super- •Isov <if elenie.iuftry schools, spoke m the Illythcville school system at he weekly meeting of (he Kiwanis Jlllb yesterday noon in the Hotel s'oble, Miss Turner described the school system geneially mul pointed out :he overcrowded conditions cxisr- 111? in the schools. She also discussed training required of teachers Serve Evor-Good Pure PorV Sausage for breAfast, lunch, 01 dinner. Eaiy to (!*, tarrgy, and leitful — it addi much to any meal, for, the winter days ahofld, plan lo have Ever-Good Pure Pork Sausage. Your Ever-&ood dealer features Pure Pork Sauiage. Gel some today in the^ modern cellophane package. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. Memphis, Tennessee m ,ii/ IM- 'Read Courier KcWa Want Arts. **%ptClA L Qr * MEALS L tJiccific front MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN TO BAKE A HAM Mtiyrott Hum tiott a of require fjurboilitsg PInce side up on a rack in an open pan. Use no water. Bake it] a stow oven (3^5 C I'.) nccor<liii£ lo following weight jcheciulest or tboui IJ min, per Ih. 12 10 15 IM.- ->H to flirt. or ihnui 16 min. pcHb. 10 to I2lhs.—3 to 3« hr». Or jlioiu 1ft min. per Ih, Rio lOlhv-JJ/4 to.lhn. oc *^o.n20 min.pcr Ih. 5 10 7-1h. po.--2 to 2'/i hti. oc ahnut 22 min. perIh. Remove paper am. all rtn^.- Covcr \\uti one of the following phi/cs: 2,1, cup hrowii sugar nntl l(.il)!c- spoon flour; 2 /3<rtip brown Tinist.ircf. Bake in hot oven (•100" F.1 for 15 minutes, or (ill ihc desired bro\vn. ^d'l&thy ^iaa^t S Wanning a really "special" dinner? Naturally, you want to serve the finest. And, thnt calls for delicious Mayrose Ham ...tender, fnll-of-flavor quality ham. From end to end, sugar-cured, hickory-smoked Ma\ rose Hani has thai superb "center-slice" flavor...truly magnificent! To get the highest quality ham, remember to ask for MAYROSE. Send for free Recipe Uooklct, "Holiday Hospitality with H,,m." Write: Dorothy Su.arl, Mayrosc Test Kitchen, S2-( Vaiuicvcnter . Ave., St. Louis 10, Mo. / ?x REMINDER: u. nomo MAYROSE Idonlifies higheil quclity iroat prod- ^'tU, svch a\...Moy- roit Pure Poil< Sousogc, A\aytoic Sliced Dried Bool and MoyroieRendy- Scive Hum. Aik for th^m by nomo . . . MAYROSE. ST. IOU1S INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY WONDER, TAYSTEE OR HART'S BREAD - - 21- 25c 4 POUND CARTON PURE LARD 99c HUNT'S NO. 2!/z CAN, IN HEAVY SYRUP APRICOTS 19c • • 42c PRUNES - - - 25»». S2.75 3 TALL OR 6 SMALL PET MILK PLUMP and MEATY M t. Admiration; "It's Cup Tested" COFFEE - - Hb.jar49c Pure Cane; 5 Ibs. 45e Domino Sugar -10 Ibs. 89c Large Box LUX FLAKES - - - 36c Medium Size, 2 for 31c RINSO, large - - - 36c Regular Lux TOILET SOAP - 2for19c Del Monte Sliced or Halves PEACHES - No. 2^ can 30c 18c 18c Brooks 14 01. Bottle Tomato CATSUP SunMaid 15 Ounce Box RAISINS - - - 2 Pound Bag PINTO BEANS - - - 34c Gibb's 46 Ounce Can TOMATO JUICE - - 23c Adams 46 Ounce Can ORANGE JUICE - - 23c Tcxsun 46 Ounce Can GR'FRUIT JUICE---17k Victory Brand, Plain or Self-Rising FLOUR - - 25lbs.$1.95 V-8 Vegetable C'ktail Juice 46 oz. can 27c 10 lb. Bag CREAM MEAL 79c "GUY SAYS LOW PRICES LIKE THESE MAKE OUR MEAT MARKET A MECCA!" Skinless Weiners or FRANKS Ib 45 Sfrc:ik-O-Lv:m SALTMEAT lb 34' Swift's Selected '\ VEALCHOPS H, 59 Trtish Mealy KECK BONES u,17i' Ond Fashioned HOOP CHEESE 48 Hesl Side Cudahy's SLAB BACON „, 46 e Heil lii-and Sliced, Rindlcss BACON n.57 Kih or Brisket STEW MEAT ,,35 For Moiling SALTPLATES ft 25 Marco Bvand MUSTARD - - - Qt. lOc Prince Albert TOBACCO - - Ctn.$1.15 Lifebuoy HEALTH SOAP - 2 bars 19c La Homa, No. 2 Can Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers VEGETABLES Blue Tag Certified Red IViumph SEED POTATOES .. Bermuda or Yellow ONION PLANTS 159 2 Hunches CABBAGE PLANTS Red or Yellow ONION SETS s , 45 V. S. No. 1 K«l Triumph POTATOES , ( ,,i s 2 8 Ui. Ba<r ' _ _ ORANGES 39 10 Mesh HOMINY - - - 2for19c Poos Nationally Known for Easfer ,, ^ EGG DYE lOc ENGLISH PEAS ,,,23 .i GRAGPEFRUIT 39 Well Killed I'oels $1.35 Value—5 Star BROOMS - - - Ea.98c All Varieties Pies—Frozen FRIGID DOUGH - - Ea. 63c . S 2 Ibs Clover Leaf Frozen ROLLS - - - 2Doz.21c Parnell Pride Frozen CHICKENS - - $1.56 up Krom the Rio Gninde Valley NEW POTATOES Crispy Bunches CARROTS Crispv Heads LETTUCE l.nrj;e ttolden Fruit BANANAS \V:ishinjtton Slide DELICIOUS APPLES Plenty of Fresh FROZEN FOODS! Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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