The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1930
Page 6
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r.i.vrnrv:: i i-:>.v s 'BRUSHING UP SATUKDA1', DKC-iMUKK 27, 19:10 SP(m rrs L;r:ifer 1C r\ M T ( H f> Tcx n ' ri!:m ' nn ^ J - Jl Gleason sent me complimentary tickets lor the Company lYl team 01 Here j C (T,i cs .johnson Kghli ^ Rc no in 1010. 1 combined business with ptcns- and Company A Team Ol ure by taking over a few carloads ot beer to supply the wide-open Steele Play Monday. '' fa]oans As an advertising stunt, and for a little fun, I had a hunch of tickets natlonalj made—resembling the real Jiuht tickets, but advertising the Malc-r brew, ery. • The moochers, glitters. Kltnnir-ftiiys, etc., were all out in full force—as. ,VO 'guard cage aggregations. Company Infamrj-'^BIylnc? i nl CWr> b!f! llgllt ' My fliplul - s '° :ii lliri11 ' !lacl Iots of tickets/The pan- ville's own, aim Company A o 1 | the 140th Infau- __ llry of Sloclc. Mo., will clash In the Hist refutation basketball game here Hits sciyjn as the final feature of the dciiica- llon ceremonies at the new nattc-.i- ol guard armory Monday night. After the formal ceremonies o! the dedicatory service Monday night have been completed the basketball game u-ill bring to n cli'ij the evening's actlvllles. Charles T. Kramer, coach of the Company M squad, hns lined up I a group of the local guardsmen who ' s would single me out. and I had a Itil of enjoyment out of lis- to theli- bl(iutllihinfnt.\ and Mudying their technique. When the crash would i-omc, I'd take (hem aside, go Into my Inside liave had basketball experience and '. vest P° ckot nlltl slip them Ihe grcwcry ndvei Iking tickets, with n warn- Is striving to work them Into a ln t' to put them away ut once, before the whole town was after me. They'd do .so without examining the tickets. As the crowds got bigger, I'd put a couple in my breast coat pocket and saunter through the throngs. Some ot the llKhl-nngcreO uentry good passing combination for tho initial contest. Vernon Wiggins. Pete Craig. Guy and Jolm McHenry, Buddy Uonc. n n d would get them. Which proves. I'm sorry to bay. !hnt everybody isn't Lynn Baker, Albert Sanders ,..,«, Shirley Yarbro will be the main- ' onest. stays of Company M In the game • • n", f^S, B , U " d ^T- ^ A " c '- ^ "Ghl. I -aited over * day ,„ Heno. Before; Company A outfit lias bsei. only j recently organized lor this season's campaign and the game wlh be In; first contest for the Missouri cns- ers as well as the local quintet. Coach Kramer is also planning on Rickard to congratulate him on the of his big venture. "And always remember. Tex. I'll be glad to do something for yon ami Glcnson any time I can," 1 told lilm. Tex looked at me with that ixikor face Immobile, except for the clicking of his cigar. for games with national guard ( .,,, , qultets of Hoxie, Walnut Ridge, Mi- i You ve "'I" 1 " 1 !' ilonc plenty lor us nlrwidy Tun," he said—"but more rlamia and Haytt later In the sea- i 101 ' yourself." son. The Company M team is also And he handed mo a bunch of about 50 of my Maler Brewery ails The game Monday night start about 8:30 o'clock ami be the first'official contest to bejnened at Pennsylvania, plnyed on the modern Indoor uourt, • • • in the new armory drill hall. Minrms k-i: v .. 1 '«:. ! iV^v'fi&.'J I -S« rW "I ' ««a mm Itoi>er Rumbles Out of t!'.e echoes of the Pcnn ed, or where It Is more popular per capita among the students? NO cry of revolt Is heard at Notre Dame. Knutc liockne sends his men EASL INCHED HIS FIR, 1 , r Bit, LEAGUE GAME NEW "VT'E FiKTtiME BAKE Rufil CAME To 8NT EARL PUT OVER. 70x3 STRKES OAU.EP TTME. vv Tel-L ME . EM BABE RU>TB COMES UP, RE- CALLED T&THE CATCHER. TUP. R6BE MISSED THE NEXT PITCH BY -A FOOT- Rctudm 86B)inne 86 Snutt l07SJ!iwn 107 106 •$00 80U)Uie "^AMS ROLLED THE ABOVE Firecracker Shooters Warned 13AS KETBALU ferent evolutionary mscs and wU'n each succeeding one the g?.me !s becoming more sdenlilic. Few people arc aware of how universally the yame is played. ' By KVERETT S. DEAN HJ-.kelball Coach. Indiana t'ni- verslly Baebctuall Is recognized in mcsi of the country as the s°co:id 1112- lor sport. Its progress has conn During die lust few weeks I Save about solely on its merits. Prox- received requests for b?.?ketbaHi":s- ^mlty of the. crowd to tiie players • sons from the following counties: I has made it possible for the crowd 'Alaska, Porto Rico Mexico Gt-im !to experience thrills which go with an:! France. Our service teams h.ive speedy action more than in any no doubt been the greatest ni"-'i- other sport. U m of spreading the gnme Fine gymnasiums and Held hcus- • • • es in many slates are ifal lestlmany Basketball Is played In the fol- to the popularity lowing countries that we knov: of: of basketball. De- Alaska, (Janndian Provinces, 111- mand for seating' waii. China. Japan. Porto Rico and space has led; other South American countries, larger towns to '. Cuba. Panama. San Salvador. Spain build gymnasiums ; Greece, Persia. Guam. Knchrrl, with seating ca-' Fiance. Mexico and others, paeitios of 4000' In many of the.-s countries Ihe to 5000. Fine field , panic is played oUside due mostly nouses with seat- to '.he warm climate. However, ing capacity from . playing facilities are tncrcasins 8000 (o iB.uuCTwlth the popularity of th; gnr.ies have been juili as manifested by an order received to meet the CD|- j from (he Mexican government by Veivlt S tk-in lese Jem and. i (he Nurre Plato Glass Coiiipiny of "• "<" va Outstanding bns- • Bloomington. Ind., for fotir csm- ketball plants of the country arelpletc sets of glass bank boards' the Palestra at the University of, Mexico sent a team to tour the :-iid- Pennsylvama, and mast of Hie f!;lit ' west last year and it. surnris-d ev- houses of Big Ten schools. The In- jeryone with its ability ' diana State High School Basket- I; ball Tournament is played year before 20,000 tans and oIT;rs a great spectacle to sportdom. Schedule making and tournament play In high schools have been regulated by state athletic associations to the extent that high school basketball is on a sounder basis than ever before. Schedules once consisted of 35 games, which ^•ere too many for the high school j boy. In some states 18 10 20 games now make up the schedules. Th? strain of long tuornaments Ins been avoided by spreading tournaments over a period of three weeks instead of two. Ttihen fi . confusion of tongues comes Ihe bit- through vigorous spring u- Ing voice of Bill Roper, j that Is animated by the spi " training .pirlt of "In five years," says Bin, "InUn- competition. Most of the work, in sive and prolonged training for col- jfuct. Is done In the spring, during lege football learns will kill the j which period the conch gels a line spori. This business or having fix, on his playing talent. In the fn]l eight 01 10 weeks of practice Is all 1'JV'A.. .Jtf.Wi Football Slaves wrong." I When I rigorous football training Is hetrd, a schedule of games that would pin the hue and cry against ; naturally the people on the outside: I tho Perm petitioners to shame Is gone through. If (here were u football grind to crlllclz e. surely it would reach th? The revolt of the football players '. looking in are invited thereby to 1K>mt 0[ tlle Intolerable at Noire at Pennsylvania, where Coach Lud : Inspect the football s-.'slcin. 'Any | D:ime . where week after week thr \Vray was painted as a sort, of Cl- ' Inspection of the foothill sysh-iu ' P la >' cr s «re called upon to face the mon Legree- cracking the whir, over'-should begin at the spot- where un ; stlnfrel kind of opposition. What is the heads of the tolling gridmen. ! Indlotnient ts most likely to be re- j thc Inference? Or, can sin infer-i would be more Jfrlous !f It should ' turned. "If the government should '< cncc ^ drawn from such a football -school as Notre Dame? Gun the defects 31 rvnn brtnk out in. more places Hum one. [start a national Investigation of As It is. it is hard to fathom. Gin j crime. It hardly would be propitious it be possible that of nil the coach-11° sentl n pack of sleuths to same *^god to the es In the United States, only Lud i isolated county where a 20-ycar-olU ""'" Wray was cruel and unusual In his } toy once slew his grandmother, driving of the men under him? Or, i Logically, the men with the rot t is It likely that only at Penu arc !l=cls H11[l bard voices would be de- be wholt system of football In the United States? I.ibor Men In Two Cabinets CHICAGO, (UPJ-Wtth appointment N. Dctik, legislative represen- overworked picture young men, lashed to lieve what you hear, they havo a labors that .breaking backs will not | crime on their hands there once In stand by a snarling mid relentless I n while, coach. Finally a couple of male: ... Joan of Arcs stand up, refuse to] Tllc Football Center submit to such domination any Similarly* in Inspecting the foot- longer and lead their fellows out of | ball system, Is It not logical to start the house of bondage. -.t Notre Dame? Is there any otl:?r Labor D. Robertson of Cunada Is vice president of the Order of Hail- rond Telegraphers, au affiliate of the American Federation of Labor. About 95,000 motor vehicles are btlng operated In Japan, nearly four times ns many ns were iu use JTerrible things must have hap-1 school where more football is play- ; , ir. Hint country five years ngo. /Qu AU/\ -' HMlf&4£lHElW . • _ , — • *^' *VJA-J f\i rfv« l/ v jv T(4EBi?6UJNi FAMILY OP DoTHWl/AlA. 'IAS BtoW WELL REPS.5SENTEO, I9i^> — JOWM WACK BROWM 19Z7 — V RED* BRO\s'N ig;j! _ Bin. BRown p«aid.«,ir S(8ii MlriJtr, 3b ... 7 7 G 3 4 O'Cnnn-.U..! ; 7 S » «lf. c Msrrhr. 0 DeWill. Instead of helping to heal the breach betwera Army mid Navy, the recent charity tended, in some-ways, to: widen it ... One of/lhe Army colo- lels after the game remarked that the Middle's outdid the future Generals in enthusiasm. .. Between the halves the Navy men went through a cheering stunt that showed long practice, wliile the Army lads strolled around to se;? the girl friends. ... It used to lie a time-honored custom atler the gams for j| the winneis to march in iroisl of Ihe losers' stand and give the defeated n cheer, which was followed by the winners' throwing anything that fit the hand into (lie losers' cheering section . . . There was none oJ that in the 1030 game . . . Th; Army boys hit out for Broadway as fast us their ankles would carry them . . . You can't blame the Navy for feel- Ing Insulted over the conduct of their adversaries. Uniform oxidating is anothe: | Texas they are so much a part of f. me OI a " to officlnU; and necessi- ChrLstmns celebration that State- ates com l)etent- men. During the Fire Marshal J. w. DeWeese has lasi [ew 5 ' cal ' s schools for officials Issued a bulletin asking for special . e he'Ped 'o standardi?'e onici- care in their handling. The custom atul &of using fireworks at Christmas Basketball has gone through dif- datcs back so far Its origin cannot be traced. Wont CL4SSHEI) Will/ In her 69th year, Mrs. Anne|| Mitchell, of Freshwater, Isle ofi Wight, has UJ living descui<iamsi§ —eight children. 50 prnndchll- • drcn and 72 gicat-grandchildren. Japan Is estimated to have produced 35,000,000 pounds of rayon' yarn this year, which Is 8,000^000 pounds mote th,an In 1929. OWN YOUR HOiME If you are paying $20.00 per month rent for the home you live in, at the end of ten years, you will h.ive paid out S240000, and will have nothing but a large hatch of rent receipts to show for your money, but If you deal irith me, at the end of tbat time, you will be the ornier of the home in which you live That's the difference. I have more than twenty-five hnuse<; in Blythevillc from which you can make a selection. If Interested, sco me, .;• * ;' ;•• . C. J. Evrard I Three cross-country championships ' won within 15 days was .the record recently credited to Bill Zepp, above of Worcester, Mass., captain of the Dorchester (Mass.) Athletic club. Late in November, Zepp captured the New England championship fro:n a £ost fit * ! - °" e wcek laler ARE THE • collection by coming In ahead of f ,-,1. \ ^-T- A r-i-vsrv* \-vi»ctiiu*i uy (.UIILI^JK iiL aui:au ui ONES WHO CA^LE(«TAFR)RC>JB strong neM of nationally known •IT' ca> lOTTA MOKtM FREE.' THANKS To Lrtae R stars at Jersey City, N. J. And then a week from that date he won the New England 10-mile title, competing against another strong field. Zepp is a former high school boy now working in a Worcester factory. He is planning on representing the United States in the 5000 and iO.OOO-mcter races in the 1932 Olympic games at Los Angeles. "Pni 1 - MOUSE WORTH Sl.OOfl PRINCHTON. W. Va.. IUP) — Mrr. H-:len .leffcr^ale. Princeton drank a botlle of "pop" last June an-l iiorrilied to find a dead mouie in the liquid. Circuit Court '-cr? awarded her $1,000 damages for the mental and physical distress sh? says she suffered. The tnc'-sc, preserved in alcohol, was shown nt the trial. I The long-horned sculpln fish is ] j nb!c to change its skin to OilEerent j coio'.'s Hk? the chai chameleon. wrtiHpi....^ j i o 2 BO™;„;;::;« c i 1 •• ToUll Ci 51 5J 27 Ti Toll!. «1 "9 :; u Con«m t 3 S 2 7 5 1 S S-'.l Tcurfciu 0 I 0 0 0 0 » J 0_; kiU, KitVkr. O'CoTROf. 'llOBW ranV Utlrkt .1. "O'ConVf- 1 ^ r.tdltloi, 2, Ak<.n6cr?. Miloiwr. SwlcnloK!. Nl.w" M,,: ""fer, Mtrris.Kipkr. D«tblepliy«. Mo-tis. ,M<\»il(r 10'OVon. rot: 'AkxiB^er l« O'Concor; Alfwndfr.Mornt In O^nr-icr- »uV)«r, Akxa&derlo O'Cftiinor; Mirrh la .\l*\iar?,r: Hyiruo Txrk«>«T7. R«««n biHi, off rkWiu 13.01 \Mi.-Vj J SifutV out, brWriiklt, b f UcWiul. Tint, 2:10. Unpin. Mntu,J udC«Tl9d«r. WAY 86GONE THE CSReATesT MOMEV WIMfJER. OF AU_TrlORo06He)?EDS Ir-WILUSSWARPr? KILMER. DECID To ENTER WM IN TUB $100,000 -AOOA CAUEMTe RAHDICAP" SO.M (THE LEAOECL) - Kentucky Small Egg §5.75 | Kentucky Lump S6.25 Kcigler - - S7.50 Empire - - 89.75 MontavalloGcnuiiie 12.00 BROWNE & BILLINGS Phone 76 taBl^thevilleFced&CoalCoJ Phone 196 "It's the little things that tell" That's what big sister said to her boy friend as she pulled little brother out from under the sofa. But wait till big sister and the boy friend are man and wife with a home of their own to run. Then how much more she'll realize the truth of her observation! For then the age old problems will come pressing- hard. So much in the pocketbook. So much on the shopping list. Will it fit? Then's when the little things make the big difference. The little savings—the small economies—the slightly better values of which a good housekeeper takes advantage. Then's when big sister will read the advertisements as she never read them before. Comparing values; learning reliable brands; watching the bargain and reduction announcements The advertisements will help her in a thousand, ways to take care of the little things, acquire the little short-cuts in time and effort in the big job of running a home, Read the advertisements every day. Consistcnltj/ advertised goods are worthy of your confidence . . t- otherwise they couldn't be consistently advertised

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