The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1939
Page 8
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iPAGE EIGHT View Of High'Tor And Aged Owner • • »-<•• <••"«" ,1 t - - Y.,. _ '•' - COURIER NEWS Defender Of Famed High Tor Is Rugged Individualist •BY PAur, rtoss NEA . Service Stall' Correspondent HAVERSTRAW.- N. V. — The chances ore (lint when Elmer E Van Ordcn flies, the Slate of New York will take over nnd make n part: of his beautiful old Sana and his famous mountain, High Tor. That will lie ironic, Indeed, lor the ,one thing of which Elmer Is least fond Is—the stnte. "I'm a Democrat," he roars In Ills assertive voice, "n Jeffersonian Democrat. But how's n man to b'ar nil these rules nnd regulations? If I wannn go lumttn—not thai I do any more—T got to have a license. If I throw n little piece ;o' line in the lake I got to have n license. I even have to have ;i license for my old farm clog. "I tell ya we need a change," he says, glaring with ills right eye while his left eye squints. For a moment he pulfs on his itieh- thtck cigar. "Or . . .do we? How d'we know what we'll get? Maybs they'll be worse'n what we sot now." Old Elmer had been out of Uie news for n while when, the oilier day, lie was recalled to the minds of New Yorkers. The Hudson : River. Conserval!o;i Society conferred tin honorary membership on him for his stubborn defense of. High Tor. P-OCK COMPANIES GOT RETORT D1SCOUKTKOUS .Rock-crushing companies operating nearby liSd come to El nice with tempting offers for permission to demolish Ihe basllon-llke mountain which dominates the Hudson River around Hamstraw. "I told 'em to go lo h—", says Elmei. "This land's been giving Vnn • Ordens a living for nlmusl two hundred years. It's still good land. I ain't gomm: let 'em blow it to pieces. The scenery on the Hudson is pretty. It's the Rhine of America. I'm nol gonna have it bloued up. Besides look what this rock crushed down the road did lo property values. No, sir. anybody wonts my farm has to take it under restrictions not to blow up High Tor. Thai 'goes for the state, too." His gruff pride In High Tor Inspired Maxwell Anderson to write a play nbout him and the mountain. Called "High Tor'?, the piny made a New York character out pi Elmer. -. ••Klinei liked the ptoy pretty '"" ' - ' ~ *~ ' well but he fennel he didn't like wll ° would shoot Hitler. Maxwell Anderson.. "He ain't, n But with nil (ins, Elmer doesn't •man of principle," says Elmer, think there's any partlculnr story Why couldn't he have come up in himself. When I wcnl im to lu- and shook my hand muV told me.ten-lew him, he snid no then let. ties got a good play nntl It's nmk- out a whoop like the Indians use mg money—ami, maybe, leave n »i Ihe movies. Oirt Ous Weltle box of amis?" i Elmer's "boy" w i, 0 has been with IS PATIllAIICII ; him for 45 years, cnme in from OF THE VALLEY , Hie fields, found a volume of local history and turned to the Van ,.•,,,...,, • , ' mucn oi _ the hnU-cciilury-nso almosphere in the Van Ordcn farm house Is 'contributed by the old- fashioned parlor with its family photographs nntl the ancient French piano at which Elmer E Van Orden sits In the photo at left. That's "th c boy"-C2-year-old Gus Weltle-lea - Mansfield, Ohio Program Proves Successful In Reducing Toll MANSFIELD, O., July 27 (UP) --Mansfield's program for teaching children of pro-school a»e Uie rules of traffic safety is lieinc .studied wlrtely. The lii^lc Idea, of Ihe unruly pro_"am Is to tench by experience vatJier llian instruction. Mansfield 'lldren learn when, where and to cross streets, obey traffic Is nnd signs, and learn other rules by taking part in the -?.s- of a miniature community Safety Town"—complete wltii miniature automobiles, a small- scale traffic light dint operates like regular ones, and lane-lines lines for automobiles and pedestrians. Model homes and stores •omplclc (lie picture. Now In its third yenr, "Safety To.vvn" LS moved every four weeks one of Die four playgrounds fn Mansfield during u s eight-weeks ,--.-.- ., > . . .,,..„., ,.»^, uwj --v«*-jt«ll-U|H VJU^ >YUlLJt- ILllJllIiy \Jl\ UlL' High Tor, viewed from the Van Ordcn farm. An airplane beacon stands on it. piano. Right, Elmer E. Vnn Ordcn peers at the strange world from his farm retreat . . . and II is dislurbliiE 4-H Club News Notes tie Ihe bottom of all three cycler, and should produce a drouth comparable to the only other major occurrence of Its kind In written history, In the year 205 A. D., "about when • the Roman Kmpiiv began to crumble nnd when the wars in China were chronic." Gillette based on a study ot Gosnell 4-11 Club .varvcs, or layers of sediment rte- A meeting of the Oosnell 4-1! I )osl( «l '" sens or lakes by the an•••-*• mial nmoff' ot streams. Some of with Mol- Club was held Tues lie -Vernoii presiding Thlrly-uuu •- ~--~, ..^. U...K, «UUL club mcihbers and three leaders j back w 2 ' 300 J'««'s B. C., and cotiM were present. The group sang "The ''" fr ~" ' '"" """ Slav Spangled Banner" which was led -" by Virginia fiiley, song cap. and u reading wns given by Dculah Nell Hawkins. The following club captains gave reports; Harold Boyd, pig; ixiiils Chilmaii, corn; Junnitn Lott, gardening nnd cunning; Gloria Powell, clothing; Geneva Loll, poultry. Tile .agrlculturnl aseiil, D. S. Lautrip, gave n discussion on the county fair and "How to Cut for Hay." Ihese compuUUions, he said, went back to 2,300 years B. C., and cotiM be followed for millions of years, lie said'that, the maximum rainfall periods of the ll-ccntury cycle were remarkable for their association with- great periods of prosperity such as the Cretan Palace Age aiiout 2,286 B. C.; the second pyra- mfd age; the golden age of Greece and Rome and the rise of Rome between 5G5 and 509 B. C.; the Norman conquest of England; the Crusades, and the invasion of Ghcngis Knhn. Worst Drouth In 1,700 Years Seen By 1966 PALO ALTO, Cal. IUP>—Hnlbert P. aillette, famous geologist and melcrologlst, predicts the greatest drouth in 17 centuries'will come within 2" years. Gillette reported that he had found evidence in rocks that there was a 1701-year rainfall cycle having siibcycles of 5G7 anil 180 years. He. .said Ih'at the year 19GG would In England, approximately half the motorists involved in fatal road accidents are under 31. At 76, Elmer works nil day In )l lsl , 01 ? nml ti his fields, eats enormously smoke" ° r(tcu P!IBS ' forty to fifty fat cigars 'n week Elmcr brush drinks beer, cats limes for rheumatism, would have-a car TO. ,.. — • -—ied his grey cyc- hls brows so thai thc hairs bristled , bv and shook his silvered head. sunset" if his falling .eyesight, per- " Rentl her out loud, boy," he snid. milted, is considering- buylii» n As ! volul lt >e phrases—"sub„„.,_>., . a Etanlial citizen", "ancestors fought under Washington", 'Itwo hundred acres" and the rest—old Elmer listened closely. When I finished, he grunted. "Maybe you'll get something lo OI'IONATKD, YET poitable radio, orates about taxes, is driven into frenzy at sight of an Idling man,, worries over disposition of his pioperlies when he Is gone, for he never married be- cailse he "didn't get .around to it," Elmer's farmhouse •resembles n rural dwelling of fifty years ago. • Tlie walls are covered ' with pictures of animals "nnd' family photographs. Th e parlor contains in ancient piano, horsehair furniture, four Bibles. Though Elmer worits all clay and cant, react because his eyes are dimming, he knows what Is uohv on. "Two men are makin' nil the trouble in the world . Hitler nnd this Massoline'," lie'says his voice rising to an angry pitch. Hes a thief, this Hitler, a plain blankety-blank- thief." Neighbors ner's say that he once dc- he'd pay $1000 to anybody WHY PAY MORE? Keep Summer Clothes, Cool, & Fresh at Less Cost In Yourself. 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(.ut, with the miniature Irnffic ight placed at the intersection of the two main streets. Other fix- res, such as signs denoting stop reels, curves nnd detours, are lincccl at appropriate snots. .—~J!^uii o jLjl': c _. lI s£!L_ Twenty-five toy automobile were lought last year with $200 donated >V the Eichland County Auto Club, rhcsc serve not only lo give the ihildron training in their future -•Cfponsiblltles as motorists, but ilso provides an incentive to gel hem to enter the safety program. :>ne Rroup of children pedal Ihe uilos through the "streets" w'nile i second group walks up and down ho "sidewalks," crossing Hie strews n accordance with instructions. The idea for "Safely Town" was originated by Patrolman Fred C, Goals In June, 1937. At first ... Invited children to bring their M he cycles nnd scooters to ihe miniature town.- Then the Richlaml County Auto Club grew enthusiastic over me Idea and provided money for thc Rules lo acid a more realistic touch. Patrolman Heals points out that Safely Town" still is In (he experimental stage, "it will be another v.vo or three years," lie atid, "below the program, will be perfects! 10 the point wiicra any city can start a 'Safety Town' with jui investment of only $100," This is his answer to inquiries about the program that range from New York lo Corpus christl, Tex., and even from Toronto Can nda. And the results ol "Safety Town"? ' Records show that thc number of children (up to 18 years), injured in Mansfield traffic accidents during IS38 totalled 23 compared lo 81 in 1937. op t 0 .y ft y 1(i of lliis year only Jive children were hurl. Like Versus nktlkc. Patrolman RoaL-i' theory behind his safety program is simple: "A child learns to do some-thin^ ho likes four or five limes as easily as some-thing he doesn't tike. Therefore, one of thc first requirements of a safely program ts that 11 musl nlfecl the child. "Because traffic Is a physical situation it must be met with n physical cducalion program. For this reason, we have inaugurated Ihis program, made up— not of instructions after instructions—but plan of learning by doing," TSoals lid. Before "Safety Town" comes to '. neighborhood, it is advertised through letters mailed lo parents ind by house-lo-house dlslribu- lon of circulars. The children arc brought to the playground by bro- THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1083 thers, sisters mid parents, many of whom become interested In programs as they watch operations of the mlnlalure town. Boils may yet realize his ambition to sec his "Safety Town" program adopted on a nationwide scale. 'COURTS Elma Lowery Childs has filed suit In chancery court .seeking a divorce from An«elo 13. Chllds on Uie ground of Indignities. Addle Husrcll charges desertion in her ease against Claud Russell. CJunde P. Cooper represents j,olh plaintiffs. Arm In Wringer Unbroken MENTOR. O. (UP)—While watch- In^ Her mother do the laundry, 3- year-old Ellen March's arm incidentally went through Uie wringer willi the wash, but cmcriicd without permanent Injury irorn its impromptu "ivilnglnz." No b:.nes were broken. them therein by Home Owners',! Loan corporation. " Dated this 5th day of July 1P39. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. By Elizabeth B)yl|, c Deputy Held nnd Evrard, • c-13-20-27 Altorrieys for Pljiiiitiif. Mrs. -Violet M. Musyrave and Jean Horace Musgrnvc nre warned to appear in Uie Chnticery CVinrt for the Chlcta.sawba district of Mississippi county, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, nnd answer a complaint filed against — HOTEL PEABODY— Air Conditioned For Vonr Comfort Lowest Rates lit E. nrain St. — Hlylhevlllc TWSamuils AND SMILE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BDURBON BUH.DINO I'KIIMIT Nctice Is. hereby given, tlmt ap- pllcnlion has been made for a permit to erect a one story 34x40 wood building: on r,ot. s onc lmU two c! mock 32 of the Blytlie Addition lo the city of Hlythevflle, Arkansas for use as a cafe by w' b. I'\)lke.s, ni 809 Soulli Franklin' Permit for the erection of 'said building will be issued! thirty ( i nys from dale herccf, unless protest !•; filed as provided by law. Ualecl this July 8, 1939. JOE CAHNEY, C-13-20-27 City Engineer. COOL-WEATIUB COMFORT FOR THOSE X: HOT-WEATHEB SKIM MISERIES 4. E of prickly heat, .sunburn, cliaf- 1. f; Ing iirilatiojis. 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