The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 1949 BTATJIEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWg PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams i STILL , "Keep THE site CLIPPlMG RIGHT'—IT'S GOT A CLICk TO IT LIKE: CLOSIM6 A CELL DOOR/ EGA.D.8OVS.' H6B6-S A TOOTH PASTE SLOSAlO FOR VOU TH/VT JOST STRIKES ME VODB. TEETH PCOM CBAP& AMD WREATH.'" A LITTLE TOO SAO, A* A JO R.' TRY TO WBfcPA FEW SI*-BIT WORDS. AROOMO / YES, AND ( A LITTLE DAMP \ IN THE RAISJY I SEA6-OM — BUT \ WE'VE MEVER OH, I SEE WHY HE PLJTS THAT THERE. WHEN A HIGHER RANKIW OFFICER ( MCVE& TO TH' POST HE CAN TAKE OVER A JUWOR OFFICER'S HOUSE IF HE LIKES IT. YOU CAW'T EAT SOPPE8 WrtWOOT AN1 /. JPPER,' •2 V LET IT SET —\ BORN THIRTY YEARS TDO SOON Our Boording House with Maj. Hoople Read Courier News Want Ads. sevsonat Jim. AH it forgiven. Return home at once. You will never again be late for •n appointment and lose your job. We promise to buy «n accurate new Bulova at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 West Main St. Blytheville "Meet -Ureifus—Wear Diamonds" LODGER COTYIIICKT IT OIINMI^G: PVH DUTUtUTID IV HU MIV1CI. or more (ratle in allowance on your old washer, rtgard- A less of make or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance tor Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. . tw* tire* icei !•!#• »»* !••«•• the IK•!!!•• key. KM race meckKBlc wire* Ihr >Killon *o • he? "'" "*' be •«<**• nl Major Dr»mn*"»* h*« already ]nan«d to rrtnrm by ba>. R*C«r aw fa l««viaa; f««- O. C. I. T STOOD on the fronl porch waY- ing goodbj to Roger, and as his jeep rounded the corner »nd dis- lappeared, I turned to go into the Ihujse. Before the door closed. I heard a car stop and saw a squat young man get out of It. He smiled at me timidly, I thought—but then I'm no judge of character. 'Chappie to my name. John 2happle. I'm here with Crisscross Engineering Company to lay out the East Air Base. My boss, Fred Banks, says he knows you. That you'have a larger house than you're using. Might rent me a room.* Realizing that here was a pleasant fellow, albeit one engaged in a sandy occupation, I felt awkward about offering him the basement, and so suggested he go down alone and look around unin- ever saw, Lumpy oeds., one bathroom for the whole houseful, even musty cellars with coal dust all over everything." I hated to pour cold water on such enthusiasm for our house, but I said, "I'm afraid you'll think 'm very seltish when 1 tell you don't want a bonanza. If I lot you have the bedroom, that's the >est 1 can do." "No, 1 don't think you're sell- sh. 1 think thai you are very icnerous lo tahe anyone in at all." He oflered me a cigaret, lit une htmsell. He smoked thoughtfully then tried again. "1 noticed you nave an extra bed stored away the corner of the basement Couldn't 1 set that up in the silting room and have a buddy down there with me? He wouldn't be any me, trouble. He's married, like and as soon as he finds hibited by any fear of hurting my feelings il he didn't like what he saw. In less time than it took me to settle down in the garden room, he was back, his eyes glowing and on his face the Birth >f a Great place, he'll send f»r hi? wife some as I'll do. He's up against it for a decent place to sleep." • • • TOPIS buddy moved in so fast 1 made me suspect Henry Snoi had been hiding all the time o the flw> r of the car. They un packed and disappeared, tn hour they returned and this tim they brought a friend with them He had. he said, all of his furni ture in storage here while he was looking for an apartment to put it in so he could send for his family, and since he had a perfectly good bed and bureau he could move in our basement and use, couldn't he please? The other fellows were willing and he swore he'd not be a bit o. trouble. If he hadn't been blond and blue-eyed, freckled and Idea. "You have a bonanza!" he nice, shiny, weII-scrubbed face pped with <-~cd hair Pat Keotinn orkcd like a beuvci csiabhshini! inniy and 11 eni'y in the si 111 n (; oom. He couldn't have displayed iorc concern for Ihc arrnnficmonl ! the furniture if he had been omg to live there himself. When he was all finished mnv- iil the bureau an inch more that 'ay. Jimmy's bed an inch more iiis way, Henry's bed over by the oor. he nad Icfl n space appiox- y seven by four (eel with bsolutcly nothing in it. lie suit) wislfully that he was the only one f the gong left outside. Pal wasn't married, he didn't have my furniture, i felt s 'e and ex- >ansive when I said, "It's loo bnd we haven 1 ! another bed. You might just 35 well room here with he boys as not." Like n Hushed covey of quniJ the three men look oil. An hour later they carried a construction cot down ihe basement stairs and set it up in the space so providentially big enough ,o receive it. "Now see hcrc, H I said emphatically, "this is absolutely ali. Don't dare bring in another one or out you'll all go!" 1 was sublimely ignorant of O.P.A. regulations. • • • a^HE boys had said they would make their beds but 1 had neglected lo stipulate in the bond who was to pick up their :lolhcs. The first time 1 lad occasion to go to the basement after they moved in, 1 found my progress mpeded by mounds of soiled 11 iris, socks, handkerchiefs, underwear, slippers, shoes, and lop- coats. The only place that was free of .ovvcls was the lowel rack. It wns Jme they nad fresh linen. 1 climbed two flights ol stairs to the men closet, loaded up wjlh sheets, pillow cases towcL c and wash informed me excitedly. **1 could set 15 cots down there and bring you 15 men before night, and they'd all be glad to pay you anything you asked. You can't imagine what we're up against It's either the hotels — no monthly rates, rrund you. but so much per night—or the darndest dumps you skinny, 1 might have refused him, but Jimmy looked so much like Bill I couldn't hold out. I dubbed them the Three Musketeers, so touching was their Ail for One, One for All devotion, but before another night feU I grew panicky for fear they'd turn out to be the Ten Little Irjuneers. Jimmy had a pa] to help him move m, not John, not Henry, out cloths 1 made up four bfds The only ditTercnce between this and Ward 8 was that I didn't also have to bathe the occupants. I don't care how (reckled a b is or how redheaded- I hate picking ip sticky socks. 1 became a While Wing. With a largt carton for • carl and a stick with a nail in it, 1 spcarecJ up the mess, (To B« Cunliii'UKi; IHE GRAMS COMPANY I\_l. \L.TOi\S Real Z*tdt Phone 521 loan* • [n<>urdn< Phone 30751 Our cold riays HIT Is the lime lu think of Spring and Summer. That memis housecleaning, redecorating and rejuvenating.. .that leads to DEAL'S PAINT STORE. We have Ihc Benjamin Moore painU. Birgc wallpaper and paint supplies you need to do Ihc job and do It riglit... at little cost. See us, today. THE COLO CLIMATti.DEER HAVt A HHt. THICK PUR Uf<DtW THEIR HAIR THAT KI-EPa THEM WARM JJEAL'S favtSt** IO9 CAST MAW SJVKT COTTON FARMERS Chemically rtelinleil cotton seed germinate quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and proiluce more cotlon per acre. STATE CKKTIFIKU VARIETIES AVAILABLE 0. i I'. L. No. 11, per 50 Lb. Bai J10.00 I) & P. L. No. IS, Per 50 Lb. Bat 10.0U Stoneville t B, Per iO Lb. Bas 10.00 Slunevillc •> C. I'er SO Lb. Bat 1<>M Kowdcn 41-B. Per 5« l.b. Baj 10.00 I Half & Half (Hibred). Per SO Lb. Baj 10.00 r < Cokcr's 100 Will Resistant. Fer 50 l,b. Ba)r 10.00 I-auIa. Per 50 Lh. Bac 10.00 C.mpirc. Per SO Lb. Bs B 19-00 Come in and place vour order or pel ronr MipplT loilay. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. / lllylhcviltc Ark. achrille. Ark., llo anil Scnath. Mn. rhonf 8S5 myincvmc. J\IK. " Branches: I.e^chville. Ark., llornrrsvillc. Mo. I'hone 8fri Constant growth oT our business has made it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This nccessilatcd changing our number. Our telephone number is 812 / ate. one tool Think of An Apple EFFECT! VK APRIL 12, 1913 UNITED INSURANl.K ACKNCY "The friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingram lluildiug We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS .S TUDEBAKER. Our New Telephone Number 888 Call for prompt- service Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash IMione 2195 ta u. s. f»T. Off. FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB Choic* Volet "You know, grandpa, I'm gcttirv older, but I •tilt *njoy •those circuses!" PKISCILLA'S I'OP Slic'll Shnw Him By VKRMKER I DIDN'T SLEEP A WINK ALL NIGHT.' CARLVLE LEFT ' W3 SKATES ON PILLOW; GOOD HEAVENS, PRISCILLA! WHY DIDN'T VOL) PDA THEM IN HIS ^ CLOSET HUMPH.' I DON'T NOTICE HIM EVER PUTTING MV THINGS AWAY/ VIC FLINT The Tarty Is Rough By MICHAEL O'MALLEY und RALl'H LANE 50 YOU WANT TO PLAY GAMES,/ I'M AFRAID I'M 6UTTERBAU . AIL RIGHT, WE'Ll / NO GOOD AT THIS. PlAY GAMES. CHOOSE YOUR I MISS fOLW. BUT AW- EAPON.'/IRw'N, THING TO KEEP THATS THE SCORt BASKY. NOT A TERM WASH TUI1BS Cull Ajjnin By LESLIE TURNER MEANWHILE. JHN IKIES 10 KEEP CA1HY5 M1UD OFF HEG TROUBLES. BUT. HONEV.i.lT's OWLV BEEN TEN WUUTEs' -7 S1UCE WE CALLED LAS1 1IME1 HELLO...MOTHER? CfMHV WANTS TO KUOW AGWW lt= THEREi ANV NEWS VE1 FROM EASY ABOUT HEC DftBDV. HUGS BUNNY The Eusy Way By FRED HARMAN THW'S SOME 6IMM1CK TO S SIN' T'GETHER, i. PORKY/ IT'S THE P-PLANE I'M ENT6RIN& IN THE M-MODEL A.IRPLANE AREN'T YOU 6-601N& ^ IN THE \ NATCH, V CONTEST ?y . OOC...OC BATWiNSS BUNMV'LL BE RIGHT IN AMOMGST 'EM.' W-MV PLA-NE'S T MINE'S ALL R6AvOY..,y ALL SEf WHERE'S y TOO.,. 8E YOURS.' /J RIGHT. W|TH I'M ENTER1N* A GLIDER./ tfi* ALLEY OOP You Will? Gtiody! Uy V. T. HAMUN ASWN? V MEAN 1 SEEN IN THIS HOC5VVALLOW BEFORE? mmj& f: ;: r"^' i VHX Y<3J MCWIA.N APE I'LL TE*CH YOU TO .SPEAK Or MV PALACE WITH RESPECT: HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Right Hy KDGAR .MARTIN TUDEBAKE

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