The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER a, ioao (AUK.) COURIBII NEWS ICLASSIFIED ADS Two ctnts a wora for first Insertion and one cent a word lor Men subwqulnt insertion. No tdverlUeraeat taken lor less than 60s. Count IU« words tnd send tie Phone 306 FOR SALE FOH SALE—Nice cafe. Owner has other business. Will sell right. P. B. Hawkins, Slecle, Mo. Bpkli 5y NEA SERVICE7/20 ERNESTLYNjN LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1923 LATE I'ONTIAC COACH A-l condition, loi^.s and runs fine. This Is an j excellent bargain. Only $3551 1928 MODEL AA FO11U TRUCK. Has 4 new Tires, closed cab ami nkitrorm body. Just the truck fpr your heavy hauling $293 1U30 FOItl) I'OliDOK SEDAN. Driven only 9,000 miles. Fully Cimiruntccil. Only ..' $155 Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS iMOTOll CO. Authorized Ford i>euler>j 1'IIONE 811 TODAY FOR SALE--Office desk and swhel chair . Clieai). P. O. Box 115, Bly- thevllle. 4uk8 SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coaeli LEE MOTOR CO. IICUIX IIKllB TOHAV llrK^nnlu^i u« ILII r^lrjt WJ.V'I'ICli tins hmiKrcMi-i) rniiljly ntiij • f^ iLotv nitduT roiilriii'i (u (j'rnml l.'ullrj, one tit (Uu lur£ ol ihe llullytvtiuil HtuJ[n.4. AHTIP liii« liccn ll^fiifr <vl[li two olltvr r.vtrnK. i:VA 1IAUI,]:V :iiul JUI.N'A >l()l:il]SII.V, lint Kvn, lironiise at n irn^lu la\v cxiirrli-m'L- ILILI! her . f:illiirc lo "ntukc Ihu K r ^^<--" In lloll>'vvoi)il, Teturui lo hvr liuiuu In .\rw OrlrniiJi. HAN llOlimnil. former IK-IVI- IHipfr mail xiMil IIO\T 11 kccntirlo ^vrjfor, In In lava \vllh AIIIK-, liut lie IIIIM cuine cu ri<t;:irj Ms (vM'ILnu for licr un n Loimlcxs one, rsiie- «'l^11y fclucp MM rt:lrji.te from Oun- itnpiifnl Mulurrn nnil UU rnlln-r I'AUt, CO), I.inil, nho \vrllr.i it dill]}- inaile 4-oltliiin for u jitrin;; nl tic^KLntprni, KLnroN llnn'K Jiimrliiirur i\E[h lifni. Ik- h:it K"TU fnllli In ll:m'» nlilLit^, uYnnilu tlic< InllL-rV (]Ucoiir:iKt]Limr. \Vlilli> In ftrir V.irk Drill l,:.d urlllfn 11 |ilny for iTie HlaKP. illn n|{k-ii(, unnljl^ in [ihice II. Elnnllj- hi'nils II h:u-k to- tilui, und Anni^ Whiter nud C'ollleir, itlu'll they rc.iil ll, fire nstlc in er it. Titty nrKC l>ntk In rpilKc ft 'or ibe. movk'x. l)nu fnllo\\H tlirlr lldYlre. The Iilny evfuniitlly 1^ urccineil hy Crnnil L'nllrd, nnd lie li> totil flint lie inny lib <jr7.i-rrd n L-oiilrnt-i. Ifuouluj: Ilinf Anue irolild lll:e lu Jilyiy n drciiinillc rnlt>, nnrl linvln^ heard |i,-r *-xi)ri->.i the ^lali to pl:i>tile iinrl ur tbc lii-nilne uf |I!M ' lilny, ]{oriiiii>r Ktiuui'x^* lo sltnllo eli'Clttllr.i IJi;it f.he IJv eonsldereU for (liu imrt. Heretofore xln' linjt lil:j>-i-il rnle.i in \\Iilcti bcr t.liiu;[ne tniil ilnnrliip fi-fLlurt'J. UAHItV SI, (IAN !« |o direct the £>!v{tire, :itid U^tii In tnld tTint the •tJK^i'slliin ull] l>c ni::ik- to SEnnii to K!IC Anne n test, Tlil.t I* ivlint nniiLieni, ouj Sloju Tft vli'D^i'il «itli KOW CO O.V WITH 'I III: STORY CHAPTER XXXVI \T/"Oni) was travelins through the Ur.ind Unllcd tot that Cany Sloan had made another "discovery." From tho publicity department emanated "copy" that told of tlio (inick rise of Anno Wiu- td lie dhln't wonder. "Tlila Horlmer," lio chuckled, 'knew what lie. was lalklnt; alioiit. pmronlly." Ho called Dan Into his office and nado tlie admission directly. Ho "aid he owed tt to him. "You salil liat you had on idea \vo might hank you for your suggestion. :?orlmer. Welt, wo do. And aaj Ifmo you havo any inoro hlcas as ed aa lliat oue. Just step right on!? ono way to mako a picture mil (hat's lila own \viiy. When It's iiilbhed yon can bo suro that Garry Sloan got tli<j ucst out of every lino 11 it. llo Isn't onllsllcd with any- .hlng else. /With lilui It'a Just llko his; ho (eels that Ills reimlallon d at slake with ovcry picture ho urns out, and It'a just too bad It lie IJOVB and uhlj don't come through tho way ho wants lliem Dan went out pleased. lie thought: "What a diucrcuco Lo- iwcen him and Adainson." Paul Collier, back from his vacation nud exuberant over llio gu6d fortune of his best friend, wroto-a "success" story about' Auno Winter uud, unknown lo-Dan. devoted the major part of one ot his daily "columns" lo Itorlmor nud llio |i!uy that had lx?en kicked from one producer's oflico to another on Hroad- way, only lo he purchased by Grand United for one of its uutjor pro- ol llio year. • • • T.I E conlendcd that Ihcra was more vision In Hollywood now thau In New York, and that it might he well for thosp who con trolled llio destiny ol the Ken York stage to drop their patronizing attitudo toward tho "talkies' and lake a leat or two from, (ho Infant industry's book ot experience. He "went out on ,1 limb." -with Hie slart ot production still tonic weeks away, ho predicted that Rorinier'a play would bo one of thit sensations of the, audible screen. After his first long lalk with Garry Sloan, Dan somewhat regret- ter. from extra to singing and danc- for tho director for no very good 1 Ain:0 w ^«t at once to Rorlmer' ing comedienne to player of ouo of """ """"" ' ' " ' ' FOR SALE- 2 mill's south of city on highway, o'.L- acre lots— Houses on Kentucky, Uougan and llryan addition. Cheai). Mrs. Georije Tucker, L J acc. Miss. 8;ikll j FOR SALE—Practically new Singer Sevang machine, cheap for cash. 215 'West Davis Avc. xx FOR KENT FOR KENT—2 or 3 rooms for ighi 'housekeeping. 1020 liearn Phone 848. Bjikll FOR RENT—Light, .Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. . 2Gc-tf Furnished aparmcnc, for rent. See Jhnmic Lcdbclter at Saunder's Store. . , 20c-tf FOR - RENT--Nice: bcdroam, close hi. iQD'Dougiyii. • - --3pk9J tho season's choicest dramatic roles. Others had tried for It. Dan ttor- imer was Riven to understand by Phillips, head of tlio scenario department, that studio politics virtually dictated that'several others be given a test. "They resent the girls who come from the stage, and grab oft Eoiiie oE the desirahlc roles. -Sometimes It's hard to convince tlicm that the studio isn't partial in the mailer. Of course. It Sloan wanted to ho A NXB WINTER was in a seventh '* heaven ol .ecstasy. Tho day :lmt Sloan's decision was made itnosvn to her Gho was summoned lu Mr. Johnson's o%e and that Individual dellveifl himself of a friendly llttlo speech of coijyratit latlon and a somewhat fatherly lalk on tho necessity for her lakliu; her work and her opportunity nt Clraud United seriously. "Nothing makej us any happier, Ml»3 Winter, than' to glvu some one' a real chance—especially someone deserving ot It. For your present oiinorluiilly you can iliauli tho training you acquired on the slagc—igid your good friend Mr Horiuier." The executive smiled. "It was Rorluicr, yon know, who informei us that wo weren't taking full ad vantage of your talent, lie suoko right up In church." know that." Anne said. "I! told mo laler v;hat ho bad done I'm grateful to liltn, and to yon fo listening to him—and to Mr. Sloan of course. Everybody has been wonderful to me! I'll try very hare to deserve your kindness." - "I'm snro you will—only don' call It kindness, -Miss Winter. ' led the prejudice be had formed |Prelty hardboiled, really." OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru reason. The man, he was forced to admit, had perception and Imagination. And he knew v/hat lio was talking about. Sloan had let it bo known tliat lie tough, they'd have to liko it. But you know bow it is." Dan, remembering what Mr. Johnson had frankly volunteered about "keeping peace in the fam- desired a conference with "this fellow Rorimer" and Phillips hronght them together .at lunch. Tlio discussion that hegan over a. liable lasted through the afternoon.' iloaa thought a certain aii'.bunt.ol evislon was desirahlc, and ho had practical Ideas concerning 'tho es- uusiou ot a Iheino in which recent "news breaks" had quickened ily," ha understood. 13ut ho reminded Phillips triumphantly: lohl you she \vaa good, didn't I?" Phillips Grinned. "Sho had FOR RENT—One of Shane Apart--j nicnts on West Main street. Tel-i ephcnc 1U1 and 571. ackia' FOR RENT--Front bedroom adjoining bath: Private home. Phone 47G-W. 4ck9 FOR RENT—Sleeiiing room adjoining bath. Steam Seated home. Garage if desired. Phone 114. 5pkO be; slie's'iho first oruiiet to play a • loading, womau .to tv/o' year's." Carry Sloan said It was Anne's -..voice, more than anything else, that had won the part for her. "Other^,-wise," lie told Mr. Johnson, "it j-mlght havo been a toss-up. Hut [mono of them can talk llko "Anne .(Winter." •V Ills mind, Uo said, had been made . Sip as soon as ho heard tho recording, and Johnson, viewing the test, ho public iLteiest. "WUli the situation In Chicago what it Is today, we'd bo crazy not :o ride along with it aud develop tho gangster stuff mnre. A'nd I thiak yon ought to shift the scene from New York to Chicago. What do you say?" His manner of malting a suggestion was such as to give Rort- mer the impression that he^took for granted its acceptance, but Dan bad iio quarrel with him. The other had logic on his side, and Dan felt that the picture would not ho apt to suffer in Sloan's hands. ' ' "Ho's fond of using that perpendicular pronoun." Dau told Collier, "but I guess yon have to hand It to him for knowing bis slafi." "Ypu'vo never seen him worl:," Paul said. "E have. Sloan knows idle office and found him Micro lending over his typewriter, at work on Ills scenario. "Dan," she aid at once, "I'm so happy I could nig you right here." And Dan grinned and pot up. 'Go right ahead, Anno; : won't slop you." But Anne glanced around In prc- .endcd fear ot discovery and laughed. "It it weren't so public—" "Well, wo can put it on till this evening, I suppose, hut that's a >' loag linio to wait. J'm sure qlad you got it. Anne; you don't know how badly 1 wanted to see you get it. .We'll have to celebrate, won't we?" "You're such a dear person, Dan Rorimer. .We ccrtaluly nnisl. What shall wo'do?" Dan . 'considered . thoughtfully. "Well, I .don't know," bo told her. "I guess H really requires sonic thought.','.How aViout you? Got any Ideas?" Sho left-him with llio inider- standiiiR that sho would have her mind made up wheu he called for her. he arrived at the bungalow that evening sho suggested immediately that they go for a urlv "Anywhere. I iusl want to .talk, Dan. Tliero aro so FOR. RENT—Two front tedrcoms. Board if desired. 719 West Ash.i Mrs. Lydia McGhee. 5pk9 y lldug-j to talk about, and l'r« cen such a nest to Mona over since KOt l:i)inc." "All right with me," nan uaM. And I hujm you Imvcu't forgotten ml little matter you brought np ils afternoon In my ofllce." What llttlo mailer?" Anno rowncd, "Why. you haven't forgotlep, avo you?" "Oil, I linow." Slic laughed and an over lo him uud threw her vina around liiin. Hho said to lb|iii, In cxiilaniitloii: "1 told him his afternoon 1 was so liiinny that couhl ling him, and you see ho nado mo iiialio good wllli my hrcat." '"t'linfs rlglii. Dan," Moim said. Don't let her get nway wllli any- hln;;. Yon uida net out ol uern icw: my d:ito will Iio liero- iiny uliuilo. We'ni tolug lo Iho Km* Inn anil bee ono ol my plcturo.1." Mona Kriiincd. "I'm In n c ol the nmh scone;*. Yon know me; lOthlna llko Bucccsu. (Joodby low." "She's a great lltllo kid," Dai Bald, heljihiK Anno Into tlia car. 'Dhl juii ever tec nnylwdy ai chcertul'!" And Anno Fbook her hcaoi- In a positive manner. Dan, sho said, couldn't begin 10 appreciate Moua MorrUon aa much na she dlJ. "No one coiild. Sho'u just a llttlo ivon- der. Mona." nlio ndilcd, "Is my greatest comfort." Uau chuckled. "I lohl you the day you llret met her that 1 \\n-s going to Iw jealous of her." And iio sail reprovingly, ''it you want to know, 1 think you sort of look advantage or mo by delivering that sisterly embrace In front of .Mona. It sort of look llio edge off It. 1 elt just a little bit cheated, Antic. t wasn't quite fair." "But why; Mona didn't nitud." "You Koulil say something llko .hat, wouldn't you?" ho grinned. 'Doggone it. why do you Bniirioso cb'usenlcd to a postpnneinciu? 'vo liccn looking forward lo It; 1 thought (t was going to bo real private and exclusive." "Well, yon brought tlio subject up In front of llona," Anne ro- :ulndcil him. "I -did do Hint," ho admitted. "That's what 1 get Cor being Im- >atient; 1 guc-ss it's my own fault. 1 don't suppose there's a chance ot ;olng through with It again, there?" She sj:ook her head and laughed, ami she laid a cool finger across his lipa. "1 didn't Bay twice, Uan. . . . Where arc we going?" Dan kissed her linger bcforo sh« could take it away. "I don'l know. \Vhjoro; Jo you s;iy? How about gooil old Santa Monica?'> Want lo sii. on tho beach ami spoon?" Anno made n liltlo face at tho word. .What she wanted must ot all, she said, was lalk. "'s so wonderful all of a sudden, Dan, and I'm so happy anil excited about everything! just want to talk and talk lud talk." (To 1*5 Continued} VOUIL BE ABL?, TO f\ "TALK A,5 Sao/J AS VoUR UPPERS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HEAR! HEAR! By Martin FOR RENT—Furnished apartment close in. 505 West Main, Phone 353. Gpkll FOR RENT -Nice front bedroom In' modern home. Call 715-W. Gckllj OK KENT—Front bedroom, con- ! venicnt to bath. Phone 552-J, Mrs. U. W. Miillins. GpklO Young man with references wants i job de'.ivering groceries. Will furnish o'.m ca r and wcrk in stcr.e- Phone 75 or 325, Lake St. Bpkll STRAYED STRAYED—Boston l)u!l |)ll!>, dalk bteel Urindle color. Reward. Phone J. B. Clark, 134 or 1517-P-2 ScklO FOR RENT—Three rooms nicely furnished for lislil housekeeping. 500 N. Fifth street. Bpkll I'EIZSONAI. NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 8. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Oprn Kiyh LcV Clo^e • Oct 1125 1137 1073 1084 Dec 1140 1155 IOB9 1103 Jan 1153 llUO 1098 lllOb ' Alar 1116 1179 1115 1131 May 118-t JJS5 1131 11-iB July 1157 .1202 11S4 HG2b . Spots closed quiet at 1000, ofi 43. WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, VW S. Lake St. . 17ck-tl KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL — Mis. Lucile Thomas Smith will oiwn her Kindergarten at 1109 W. Main on Sept. 15 with a limited number of children. Yen will be delighted with tlie 'training your child will receive. Call 22C. 2ck3. WANTED BOARDERS — Four teachers or young men in furnace heated home, 11CS W. Main, Call 220. 2ck9. We. offer Ilic licst auto repair service iti Iowa A. H.JENKINS I'huiic 21^—818 In rick«kk Bus liuLliliiis Cotton Seed Market Milt -,- S33 llat; Al>1 '- $33 ~ 3b; SC P'- ^wn,i//t )j(,t,tj. aiui fxct $32 - 0h . Oc , SM40 )lill; Nm . $3225 MEMPHIS, Sept. 8. iUP>—Cot- ton seed closed easier on the Memphis exchange today. Closing prices: Sept. S30 to $32: Oct. S30.50 to S32; Nov. S31.75 to S32.25; Dao. S31 to S32.76; Jan. S3I.25b; l-'eb. S3I.50b; Mar. S3I.V5b: tiales totaled ICO Ions. Cottonseed meal closed easier 0:1 the Memphis exchange today. Jan. S30 to S32.40; Feb. $33 flat; to S32.50; Dec. S32.35 to, S32.50. ' ci:i.i;imATK'i\ ; MICHAWAKA. Illd. IUI')—Mr. mil 'Mrs. Jesse Lanrasler celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by takin'i; an airplane ride. H was the lirs'. lime eitlicr Inul been.In the air. Read Courier sews want ads. FKKCKI.ES AND HIS FRIENDS ;' TU6SS MOUMTAItJS AND ! CSEATE A Lor OF HOLES W j THS AIC..... sues SETTIM' Bowpy AS ALL UNCUC Cl.KM GCTS A SCAHE! By Blossct BIylhcvilie Upholstery and Repair Shop now located 117 S First St., next door to Will Carney's. J. H. Jenkins, Manager, I'liunc 4C9. 4ckll Closing Stock P tecs V. It. -WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on csrload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT j He Makes 'Em Seel Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tai, Bcokkeeulng Systems I'honc 51 Xngram B!dg. Blytlicvllle, Ark A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Oilier Sirvice Coca Cola Fox General Klcctrio .. General Motors ... Grigsuy Grunow .. I. T. a:id T Mouti'umiTy. Ward Packard Hadio Simmcns 27 1-2 Slew an Warner 27 7-8 United Gas 331-8 U. S. Sleel 1715-8 21G7-8 53-4 29 29 1-4 161 51 3-4 74 4G7-SJ 14 1-2 •12 1-2 3fl 1-8 135-8 411-8 i CAMT STAND ' ABOUND AMY ...I'M (3OIKK To HIM heae !! New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 8, tUP)— Cot- tou closed steady. OIH.-II Hiuji Lo;v Clone Oct. Ocl. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Mar. i July Spots closed quiel at 1115. oil 40 old new old row ohl lur.v 1H8 1 1127 115-1 114-1 1174 1154 1102 HOu 1153 Hill 1177 1133 nno HIM 117C 1155 1207 10S9 1075 1113 1000 ll'JS I ICO 1117 1134 1151 1110 1087 1122 1)03 1137 1112 1130 1147 1152 SO THAT ^V FOOT SLIPPED OFF "We RUODEB. BAR;: MOAl'N POP Jr YlCLL.VVt SPENT CIVK AND TAKE HRS.BO3ING IS INVVVGD THt\T VJOM(\N SUSNS ME UPl'. liOTHIIlG OF THE SO-RT BVjt VM 50 H'JfUUfVTED. I GUUU SHOT V\V PLUMB PULL By Cowa» —, ( \ SVMPI.V tACMTtOHC'D THE. TACT TVtM SHE WfsS SUCH A CMMtlllNG DtBUTAXTt I I WOW! |SHEB\OH'l ,. . SHL Pt^MPCO ^C THM I WAS tQVALVX, ^ Q •"

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