The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1946
Page 8
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KIUHT HIA'TIIKVILLK (AHK.) COUIUPJU NEWS MONDAY. Al'Ull, 20, 10-10 Rosen Sets Pace For Giant Wins .Former Dodger Turns On Ex-Teammates In. Sunday Doubleheadcr BY CARL I-HNDQUIST Press Sports IVriler . NEW YORK. April 29. (UP) — TM Giants were a brand new ball club today, all because Goodwin fcosen is burned up at the Dodgers. They have high hopes that the •pork he kindled In his first ap- pe»rance .with them yesterday, will efeftble them in turn to burn up the Rational League. They r>iy be asking loo much, Since the Giants need more than a havd-hitllng outfielder. But the fire and spirit that has been lacking was there yesterday as the colorful Rosen led the Giants to a TOHAV'S SPORT Three Dangerous Riders Likely To Be Aboard Graham Entries BY OSCAR KRAljKV now look like money In (he bank Hulled Press Sports Wrilfr for the Churchill Downs canter. LEXINGTON. Ky., April 27. (UP) U comes easy lo Ihe blue-eyed •-Leslie Combs II, Ihe man Ix'hlml gent despite the fad thai his first the throne In the Maine Chance (merest, was football. Few poop!-: Farm grip on the Kentucky Derby, renumber, bill played left end wiped a glcnmlng pate surrounded on the famed Onlve College fool- by straw-blond, hair today as he ball team which knocked off mighty tried lo decide who should go and Hnrvard by a 0 to 0 score hi l'J21. who should ride the beauty salon Alvin (Bo) McMillin was Ihe Iwr.i beaviUes in the Rose ruu. , iol the ganic bul one ul the guys "Eddie Arcaro left It to me," he who helped lit) score the winning moaned as he downed a mint julep touchdown was this Lexinglfli) in the lavish living room ornate farm borne. "That is what makes 11 because Arcaro rode .Maine Chance's lord Bo.wcll to victory In the Blue Grass stakes, nut there ore four other possibilities In tlie stable and of this quartet the raw boned Knockdown also Is a certain starter. Add to the big pair the questionable Colony Boy, War Pippin . Mtin victory over his team mates | and Perfect Bahrain and it provides of the day before, to 4. 7 to 3 and 10 quite a problem." Combs, whose family roots are It was the old story of a ball player being "sold down the river" »hd rising at the first opportunity to torment the team .that had no further use for him. Bought tor ihe bargain basement price of S25,- ti»0 in a Iwo-for-one sale in which fookie First Baseman Jack Gra- h'ani was thrown in, Rosen made no secret of the fact thai he was Wtterly disappointed. He hud his top.year with the Dodgers In 1045. letting .325, which was tops for the team, and driving in 75 runs. But there was no place for him In (he Dodger accent on youth, so' he was moved along. He set the hitting pace in both d»mes, getting three sharp singles In the opener and a three-run homer and single in the second game. Wai-Schumacher, a top-flight pre- 7»af pitcher, won the opener in his first start, distributing seven hils effectively. Rookie Bob Joyce came OH for his third straight victory, feasting in nJter the GlnnU B amp him a 9 to 1 lead..In five Innings. Bill Rigncy, Buddy Blaltncr and Alf Pike got Giant homers and pee wee Reese and Dixie Walker Bit Dodger homers in the Iwo Kimes. Tlie victories ended a sevcn- H»mc olant losing slreak and an eight gam e Dodger, winning streak. The Cardinals remained tied with buried deep in the nine Grass, is lh c advisor to Mrs. Elizabeth IAr- den) Graham, ihe cosmetic queen who owns the nfoieincntioncd favorites. It was the well-built Ken- lucky horseman who advised her lo buy each of these colts which beat Bob Feller on the previous Sunday. Sherman Lollar had doubled with two out n ml Overmire walked Lambert Meyer to get at Embrce. The Senators knocked New York nit of first placc with a 3 to 1 'ictoiy at Washington. Stun Silence ending In two runs with an eighth lining double that spoiled a good iltching job by Al Octtel. Roger A'oltr gained his second win. The While Sox split with the Browns at Chicago, winning 4 to when 46-year old Ted Lyons .urned in a steady nine-hitter, then losing 11 to B in a wild nine in which St. Louis scored nine unearned runs in the first. Don Kollowny nnd Tafl Wrlcht hit !iomers to take care of Lyons. Tlie Browns got three walks, six lilts, two bit batsmen in their bis of his _ lirccder. , And nflcr those happy college tough, djijiji. combs still had a bit of traveling to do before lie could rruliici: Ills boyhood tlreitm <>f muihvt; '.' breeding fiirm. First came a stretch as a coffee Importer and exporte: 1 in South America before malaria railroaded him home. Then h'^ maternal grandmother left him n legacy which made his early dicains come true. ( And when hc bought acres of bly^ 1 grass and old house with the massive pillars in front hc {'ailed H Spendthrift. Farms. There's 11 story behind Unit one. H seems thai when his yrand- fatluT, also a horse breeder, was newly-married. (lie [;iandmolher wenl lo New York on a visit. When she returned it took every servant on the place to carry in IHT nn- Belkas, Cozzel Combine Talents Featured In Tag Bout Against Harrcl, Ritey At Arena Here Tonight I'romoler Mike- Meroney was Informed shortly before noon thul (')irls Krlkas will he unable to (111 his eiiKiiKemciil hrr« tonlghl a:* pJuniM-d anil Ms place will be taken by I.eo Newman. Promoter Mike Meroiiey's weekly mill show at the American Leion Arena lonlghi features Heii- V Ilarrcl and Tex Rlley opposite Jiill coz/cl ami Chris Bclkas. H will b c n tag match, the winner taking (ho best two out of Hires rails, 00 minutes being the tin if Hiirifl made an excellent appear- j ance here last week In Ills first bout In the local arena. He is a li'.uuisome, well-built, young man [weighing In the neighborhood of 1 200 ixmnds. Last week he demonstrated an inherent love for flijht- Inji (hat lends to liven up the mat business. When he ue»s real mad he can jump shoulder high off | the floor, which is quite an accomplishments. flllcy, Hand's partner for the main event, Is quite fast on ills feet, loo. his favorite stunt, being ' to bound off the .canvas arid kick hl.i opponent in (lie fact with both feet. This accomplished a lot in favor of Ills (cam. He is an all, around good man and I jjood mate for Harrcl. Coz/el is just as handy makes inniny after c-.uise you foci when hc talks tftat whai he's giving yon Is on the level. Therefore, it bears some weight when hc admits now that Lord Boswell at Hie moment Is the ! one in the barn. "We thought Knockdown was tlie best fov a white but we really don't know whether he can go the mile and a quarter derby distance," Combs said. "Colony boy suffered a sprain In the Blue Grass and ts a doubtful starter, although If with Herons newly purchased packages it, responds h c might go. missed pop-Ioul the Dodgers at St. Louis, also going down' for a double count' to the a 3 to 1 Chicago Cubs, 9 to 7 and 3 to 1 Tigers. The Cubs tied the opener at "~ Hi ' the ninth on Mickey. Livingston's homer, then pushed across t#o runs in the 10th. Don Johnson's four singles set Ihe pace foi <he winners. Tn Ihe second game, Srohnny Schmitz edged Ken Burk- Wdt" in a pitching battle, the Cubs clinching it in the seventh *ith four singles, a stolen bnsc and a sacrifice that netted two runs. The Boston Braves took a firmer |k>ld on third placc with a double Yictory over the Phils at Fenway ftvrk. home of Ihe Red Sox. 6 lo 1 »nd 2 to 1. Most heartening news *as the return to form ot lork- bdller Morton Cooper, who pitched the first game. Cooper, shelved most of last season with the second arm operation df his career, hnd been a big liability,- 'but was effective in whirling his ttrst 1946 game. Rookie John Sain pitched the second victory, shading AI .Turislch. Carvel (fiama) Rbwell's double and Phil Masi's single in the sixth broke the Hall-tie: Stuart Hoffcrlh's thrce- tttn triple in the fourth clinched .the opener. Tlie Braves borrowed the .Red Sox park because paint or Ihe scats at their own field stiV (eaves Ihe customers green. Ed Hcusser gained his second vic- lory-in as many Sundays over lhc J*irates, beating them. 7 to 1 fjtncinnali as the Reds made it foui In a row over the Biics. Orad> Jtomcr drovein four rims with a fJomer drove in four runs with a a double, and a single. The second tfpme -was rained out. The Boston Red Sox regained first plac c In the American Lcagui *ith 2 to 1 and 5 to 1 victories n' Philadelphia behind the fine pitch ing of Cecil (Tex) Huehson am Mickey Harris. Long flics bv Bob by Docrr and George Mctkovic brought *f\ John Pesky and Tei "Williams who had singled in sue cession to win the opener in th eighth. A four run rally in th seventh Rave Bobo Ncwsom his f 1J46 defeat in the afterpiece, was Harris' third straight win. Pitcher Charley Embrce mine the day for 57,149 customers, lar Sfest paying crowd in Detroit Tip history, when he doubled home tw runs In the 12th to give Clcvclan it 3 to I win. Tiger strategy we' liwry In the duels between Eu bree and Frank Overmire, wl WELL KNOWN MAN FELT LIKE SWOLLEN BALLOON PULL OF STOMACH GAS Recently, a well known man stated that hc used to feel like a swollen Wlloon alter .every meal. He would Woat full of gas and spit up aciciu- tous liquids for hours aflcr caling. Was terribly constipated. This mini to one of the hundreds in Ihis vie klily who now praise INNER-AID lie - states he was ama?.cd at the **2Ults when he took this medicine How hc eats what hc wants with- trut gas or bloating, and bowels arc regular for the first time in years. He feels like a new man. INNER AID contains 12 Great llerbc: they cleanse bowels, clear g*s from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable pco- JAe'aoon feel different nil over. S» *on't go on suffering! Get INNER- AID. Sold by all drug slores here ' in Biythcville. startc'fl the fireworks. Yesterday's star-Charley (Iled> Embrce of lhc Indians, whose two- run double in the 12th game him pitching victory over Ihe }f lints, drCvSSR.s, Jillocs, pre.scnls iiiul \vhat not. "rvt> go| a iicwly-foalcd colt nut n the hiirn tiiid I'm ^oinf! lo name liitn aflcr you." the yrantlfnlhcr lid . to his wife. So lie immi'd the cold "Sppnd- thrtft." TJul (jrnndiiia had her chuckle, loo. Because when Uio same mnre hnd lier nexl colt, grandma named | it "Miser." ! Cirnnua had the best laiiKh. thonf-h, lieciiusc! Spcnd-lhrift be- ciune one or the greatest nnd most fnnious cinnpaignrrs in n state fruned for Its women, whisky and horses. So it was natural Unit Combs should iinmi! his estate after the most famous of the Combs' color benrers. Horsemen are a funny bunch of \ico|llo. They run Have the best race horse In the world and Insis'.. that they nre worried nbont ;\ sell- UiK iilnlVr who shouldn't even be in the siinic rnce. Wlilcli makes Combs n refreshing eharacter be- "IVi'fccl Bahrain, another derby eligible, has run only once—wlnnlnn by IS lengths. If he should win lhc derby trinl we'll have to run him In the derby. War Pippin, also eligible, never Ims .started and so Is doubtful. Blur Pilot definitely is out." But Mrs. Graham lias Arcaro. Bobby Pormnnc and Ted Atkinson hied up and it's hardly likely that ihc'll let somebody else cop such i dangerous saddle pilot. So the ikcly outcome is that Arcaro will •kle Uord Boswell, Permane will inndle Knockdown nnd Atkinson will ride either Perfect Bahrain or Colony Boy. The entry will-, be mighty tough to shave. Promised Land Beaten, 4-2, By Blytheville Blytheville Independent baseball team chalked up its Ihird straight victory of Ihe season yesterday afternoon In defeating the Promised Land Independents witii a 4-ti score. A close and hard-fought contest, the score was knotted twice and victory not decided until the ninth Inning when nlythevillc scored two runs to gain a. decisive edge. . ... , _, ...... Starting fast in the first inniivj, those bi« lists of his as Rlley Is I tlie Blytheville team scored when with his feel and If Harrel and Crowe dropped a Texas leaguer in- ftllfy get lu front of too many of these they will find themselves nn the losing end of the situation. Cozzel Is an Indian and typical of his race Is hard to stop once hc l!cts himself riled up. He'll attack anyone, even his own partner "ft he nets in his way. Belkas, who • was stationed at Blylhevlllc Army Air Meld at one time while he was in Ihe service. is widely known by the fans here. This is his Ilrsl appearance here in several weeks. He has a good .substantial partner for his return match a"d will llml him ready to assist him In any situation. The entertainment gets under way promptly at'8:15 p.m. when the lirst preliminary begins. Harrel nnd Mfi'tas tost each other to see who Is the better man. After this Cm- •i.f\ and YUley heal each other up as much as possible then a short rest period for the participants mcl the main event gets started. to the box. Stabbs then doubled on a line drive into cenlerlield, scoring bolli Crowe and Mcharg. J. L. Johnson. lilylhevllle's pHch- cr. struck out H batters with the pitcher on the opposing team also tending H batters down swinging. J. B. Stabbs received top honors on (lie Blytheville team for runs batted In with two. On the Promised Land team, honors went to Billy Raker who received credit for both scores. Both Crowe aiul Meharg .scored twice for the victors while "Frit/." West made the Promised Land runs. botli EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Mobile at Memphis, night. Atlanta at Nashville. Birmingham at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Little Rock. AMERICAN I.F.AGWE Cleveland at New York. Only game. *~" NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. o right, field, stole second and scored on Billy Meharg's single. Promised Land did nol score the first two innings. Their firsl score was In the third when "Fritz" West made first on a grounder down the Ihirde base line and stole both second and third. He scored when Baker laid a slow roller down the first base line. The score was tied until the seventh Inning when Meharg was hit with the first ball and scored on a hit by J. n. Stabbs. I^i'omised l*ind bounced back in the last of the seventh inning when "Frilx" walked, again stole second and third and scored on a ground ball into right field by Baker. Blytheville broke Ihe deadlock in Memphis New Orleans Imtlnnooga Atlanta Nnshvillo Little Hock nirminglmm Mobile Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Yesterday's Results SOUTHKKN LEAGUE Memphis '2-1. Mobile 1-4. Nashville 5-9. Atlanta 4-1. Challaiiooga 3-3, uu'iuingham 0-2. Little Rock 10-0, New Orleans 'J-7. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston C-2, Philadelphia 1-1. Cincinnati 7. Pittsburgh 1 (second game, rain). New York 1-10, Brooklyn 3-4. Chicago 9-3, SI. Louis 7-1 H» l , game 10 innings*. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston 2-5, Philadelphia 1-1. Chicago 4-8. St. Louis 3-11. Washington ;i, New York L Cleveland 3, Detroit 1 112 In- nings.K .TO .088 n 4 11 5 5 5 .C4:t 8 G .!VT 1 0 0 .SOU 6 8 .429 4 10 .281! '2 13 .I'i'i NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. I'd. Brooklyn . St. Louis . Boston . Chicago . Cincinnati New York Pittsburgh Philadelphia 5 7 5 1 4 8 2 8 .127 .692 .Kf« .545 .411 .411 .33:i .200 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet Move Garaffe. on Rollers ; PORTLAND. Ore. <UP>—A huge, i concrele and brick garage and liro ' shop is really rolling here. i Eiimrct LcBeck, Portland con- '| tractor, said the building will be jacked up and supported with rail road rails placed a fool apart. Then the huge slructure will be moved across the streel on several hundred small rollers lo its new site. New York Detroit . . St. Louis tlie ninth Inning when Crow sing- Cleveland led, with Melinrg duplicating the.'(Chicago . .. feat, advancing to second and third I Washington when Bunch was oul on a bouncer Philadelphia 10 :i a 4 1 4 e o 4 5 5 T 4 8 2 10 .ion .(592 ,03<i .500 .444 .411 AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. WRESTLING Blytheville Legion Arena Monday, April 29, 8:15 p. m. Adults, 36c, Tax 9o—Total 45e. Reserved SeaU IZc, Tax 3c—Total, 15e. Children's SeaU IZc, Tax 3c, Tttal, 1S«. Reserved.Scats on Sale at the Legion Arena Every. Monday From 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Harj!el and Riley Cozzel and Belkas Also 2 One-Fall 30-Minute Matches HENRY HARREL «. CHRIS BELKAS TEX RILEY vs. BILL COZZEL NOTICE! All Members of the Blytheville Insurance Exchange Will Close at Noon Wednesdays Beginning Wednesday, May 1st The Cooperation of Our Customers Will Hc Appreciated YOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE FINGERS lo rcHevt'ihy-M-^lp itc]iLHR. You ,„(.] ll, ( > i.-al l,,l|> o! M,,tc!me Hnir Traiir. It uiiU naKiial oila; In !|>» Ig r.•»inv» ikinilrulT Ihkra. MOROLINE HAIR IONIC FAHMEKS BANK AUENCY 1-1KST NATIONAL AGENCV NOBLE Gll.l, AGENCV CENKItAL INSURANCE AGENCY OSCAK ALEXANDER AGENCY W. J. POLLARD AGENCY W. MARION WILLIAMS AGENCY CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week Daj»: StarU at 7 p. m. Last Time Today "Best Foot Forward" (In Technicolor) Jack Jordan, Lucille Ball Also News i Short Tuesday BUDDY NIGHT 15u to All "HER PRIMITIVE MAN" with Rubort P;iigo, Louise Allbritton Also Shorts In addition (o <he huildinR in Ihis cut, we can also furnish you with pre-cut ready to erect huiMinKS 20 fi. !>y 5.1 ft. at $995.00 and 50 ft. by fvl ft. 51050. These buildings can he inexpensively erected and are ideal for stores, shops, factories' churches and schools. Can also hc converted into large or small homes. No rating required. W< discount to dealers. USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you are Roing (n keep your present car let us give you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body nnd painting. Credit terms can he arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and home radios for safe. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVEKY MIGHT Matinee Saturday A Sunday Last Time Today "They Were Expendable" With Robert Mnntcomery NKWS AND COMEDY Oldsmobile Bast Main St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 Tuesday —BARGAIN NJGIIT— THE LADY CONFESSES' with Mary Beth Hughes I'LUS SERIAL ANI> COMEDY Admission lOc anil Ho Pre-Cut . . . Ready to Erect HOUSES IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CorriiRulcd Aluminum Treated \Vooil Kntmc 24 ft. x 18 ft. Covered Dming K;LcX«n 1 BatK Alcove w V' 4 » 6** D y 1 A 6 7-0- | g. >_ Livmg Room II «'* IO Btd Rooit\ tZ'x 11"*' BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; Picture starts at 7:15. Riilr»»d Street Bill Wunderlich — Rear Robinson's Drag Stora Last Time Today DANNY KAYE in "WONDER MAN" With Virginia Mayo ^In Gor^eoHS Technicolor) KKO NEWS anil SPORTSCOPE, SKIMASTER Tuesday ^ —BAHRAIN NIGHT— (*K Atimission I Or and Mr. "MELODY PARADE" ,V(;irj Beth Hushes, Tim and Irene and Tert Fio nito KKO NEWS and SHORT For River-Washed Plus Freight Cash with Order forLUZIERS Fine Cosmetics Ca)l Miss Francis Jones Here's our answer (o lhc housing shovlnuo! Huild (his house in two days . . . move in ... complete (he interior lo suit your fancy, tit your leisure! Or . . . use it as a summer cani|>. lieuch house, iruest or lour- ist cottage. Main frame is cut and drilled for easy holt nssemhly, usitiu specially designed metivl cradles. Partition framing—can he used for your own floor plan. No phimhing or wiring material or fixtures furnished. NX) KI.OOHTM; ou INSIDE \VALI, HOAUU ou WALL FINISHING MATKKIAL INCLUDKO, hut framing is on 2 ft. centers for hest use of stock si/.os of wall hoard. We supply only from the bottom plate up . . . house can be erected on conventional foundation or concrete slab Farmers & Planters, here's your opportunity to evocl belter servant houses. • All framr lumber prt-cnl, accurately drilled, piece-marked f»r easy a.ssemhly by unskilled l.ibor. • Wood trr.iled to resist moisture, termites, deeply • rrc-rut, pierc-m;irked, corrugated aluminum roof nnd sirlewall eovcrlnp needs no p;iinl . . . hrifhl surface provides e\erllenl relleelivc-typ* insulation . . . cool in bin weather! • All nails, holts, mils, washers, metal erecting er;ullcs furnished, ivilh complete, c.isy-lo-read instructions. • f'levn-class ivitulnw.s, gulvanired screens, framinc for interior s partitions, sheet aluminum covered frout (ioor xilh hardware, included. • On IK tnrnpletnly ereclert by one cav- pentrr anil i«o helpers in TWO DAYS! SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam Dirt tor Fills Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. I-arktn Iliilen Ilolme-i Phono. 5- Ash worth Specialty Company 25")-257 Union Avoinic, Mcmoliis- a, Tenu, Niit'Ms ;uul Sundays l-MOii ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Let us figure your total contract including labor. Service and Repair on wiring and accessories. Appliance Repair. > WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. S«c. Phone 3371 EN 6:15; STARTS T p. i AIR CONDITIONED I,asl Time Today 'Son Antonio' (In Technicolor) Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith Paramount News Also Shorts TUESDAY PAL NITE The Brighton Strangled John Lorter, June Duprez Serial: "The Monster & The Ape" Also Shorts

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