The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Some of the Men the Giants Must Beat games. A feu- changes team as e r are .shown confer, in, over the new live «»" »«"-r of the cards Hooks Anothor Pair of Brothers Qjfj Appear Headed for Majors rr' ! «',;re >™ ° Bill Braucher , pennants and n world chnmpion- slrlng catcher for the Toledo Mud Hens in the American Association. tlie 1933 nglil, cnn win . lindy, 18. Is n third baseman with the Milwaukee Hiewers American Association. H isn't, often thut a set brothers make good in the it Rickey I ll ' :li ? ucs - Oniy lwo ' lllKl » H'inl minds and originator of the store" Wen by which Ihe SI Lo team has prospered. 'It's 11 matter of clue" - -"• ••• i.'"- 'i lilt; K-H restaurant at Brndemon. Fin recalled. A fe-,v years ago Hob and where the tenm cats. "B Emil Mcnsel nmde the grade wiih . mciin that the tenm lacked the majors now. nncl Uoyd Waller are out- sion, co-ordination, unity rind cooperation last ycnr. Under Frisc . I expect ihe team to recover its <«] a baseball club, ik Manager Believes Team To Be, In Thick of Pennant Fight ElllTOlt'S NOTE: This Is another of a scries of articles from We IfMlue training ramps, an:i- lyrlng rlianres of the various le.itnr. In ihe coming pennant race. KY fill.I NEA Service Sports lictilor BRADENTON. Fin. — Bill TOITJ tad picked Ihe Cardinal.; ns the team ihe Giants would have to beat to v.-iii tile National League IKiinnnl. what dirt Frank Frisco, i»w manager ol a rejuvenated Cardinal mnchine. hnvc (o Kiy about Hint? Whcre'ii were Ihe Carainais better than the leuni that Frisch took over last August, a club tlint finished fifth in tlie league race? The c-x-Fordlmm Flash rubbed his whiskers. He had just come In from a workout, and there was n nice crop of red stubble on his chin. "Say. I've got to shave." he raid. "The boys had a nice- workout this morning idcsolU' a light drizzle). And diri you see them riding that new tell over into the trees? No question but Hint th? rail rides farther and faster thi year. Tw;nly feel farther, rd say." « * * But Manager Frtsch was getting away from the subject. How were 1113 Cards better than lust year? Belter hitting? "Yes. we'll hnvc heller hilling. but it wasn't hitting that we iiroded so much bsl year. Davis, the catcher we got from the Phils in the Wilson deal, will hit. in some more runs for us. He was runner-up to. Klein, who led ihe league. "But. If you'll look up (he records we made battiiij; Inst year. you'll seo HC don't liuve to have EO much more hitting. we scored the most runs, had the most stolen bases, batted in runst, and ____ " Also had the most .strikeouts/ "Yeah, we had the most strikeouts. That's a funny thing when you figure the way we hit in those runs. We didn't B et the nils irfien we needed them to TIGEBS TO PUff flT M FIELD WEDNESDAY, MARCH •—.. m..,-. _ By Kronz Floodlighl Poles To Be Moved Oul of Way .o Smith's Swalsmiths Haley Held, scene of the iii»h U'liuol otit-door n'.hletic.s. will Iji-'d as the home playing neld 01 Ihe niytheville Tigers, local independent baseball learn. John Smith business manager, said today. Smith raid an agreement had lit-en rr-ached with .school authorities by which several iwle.s 5! the ; .••choors lighting system for night ! football will be moved to provide j a clmr field for baseball activities. Crawford Greene. su]>ormicndenl, said permission to do so was cer- | tain if ihe Arkaii?as-,Missouii | I'ower company would agree to be re.simiiMb!« for replacing the poles in their proper places by next fall. He regarded thi.s as forthcoming. Smith, who annually puts an independent team of some .son on j llin fieid. claims thai his nygrega- | lion this year will lie the best, he has piwmrd and that, contrary ! to the road-playing schedule of j nire-i of his teams in ihe past that. ' his men will play in home, nioro i ihati ever. N"e\v uniforms for the Timers : have been received and are on • di.spliiy ai a local stole. • GLENN A LITTLE t>TrWT ro HE ST A NEW iNDC MARK or 4:03'! AT A C^rr NEW YORK MEtt W.K BfiGKe -f£ I / • viV--*, 7 .,i-js?««: ^fi^ X> CAME CLOSP 16 JACK LWrlOO<'$ " SECCPiO CM:<j7.fc .;/ \ff-V^-/ (— -. $( j ,fc S \\r 'm GLENN,*™*- hE WAS f6 ™K5\\ , i i p«. i * W-!SV, AKO SWJU) \ / (' l£i I S-Coysfitp'TrC, \ / V..-. \'& V *«»/,<*? . \ /L . , %/ •SVD lit WAS K A a 1 -',' RWL , _ ji avc ,,,. from our reserves this year. Have you watched some of these voting felloks like Whilehead hit?" • * • We had waldied Whilehead a ' - form; "Joe lost year's Cardinal sen' Pepper Martin, nm| „ few hammering the b.m They were pretty fair country hit««*,.... M() now. how about fielding and pitching? . "There In our nt first. chair, will hold togelhcr. If .» nian Is needed »l Rochester much change ™ is sent to Rochester or Din ""- Collins "lie, III., or lo any 0 |,er of \ third. Hut the en short l'»ve to second, id Afar H am doz ~ 5 " Giante? Players. PitAin^*!! " "" ' he5e teat Uurocher O m " lom ,'" ight *- r . •* '^°"n X 1 ? ,£? have Co!o- The "IHDW man' m a y be either I '-"ans aiul Discounts amnzed or disappointed. nccordh.K ! Ixl!>lls "" ""' Eslalc"" 'hice ,, 1>r °T olio " or "emolion. but Loails °" Cotton "Pitchers? Well, - " - homa. Worked aV Columbus last year A, ^ ^ - '" only 24 ycar ' A '«l he's £%&£•££&& v~ *ell with * u ~ «--v.. . " ' «., ••- Jvl * iwia not Where's th»t razor? - -; oot of the most dif- ol all to melt. , mber of Cardinal lleod " lna " f ™» llc is ^ot.cht on from Pirates. Je- romc "Dlray" Dean has mnllTgOTil iis n pitcher with the Cardinals nncl hb younger brother, Paul. I' wiih the same ciuu. is Ihu "second' j w allle I"! of the MissisMppi Valley League baiting in the clean-up position Last sensoii with Peoria Jie batted .1!D8 and hit 12 home runs Rudy's fust ycar in the minors was with the Kuoxville Club in As-soelailon. He finished the r»;i.<on with a W aver- otlage. RTajor lenguc scouus trailed' 1 | him for weeks while n halting lifted his average to .-lUS. Brooklyn ar:d Washington Loth KiBlil in buy him. Bob Allen f president, of ihe club, put a S20.-' CCO price tag on him nnd botii clubs tinned thumbs down He later went imo a .slump. Lasi year he played with the Mlnnla Criu'k- In tl'.e fame league, bulllii" NSWERS DAVISON is the nifd-lle'namo of .lolin n. liockefeller. Tlin liiniinnoR dynasty extended Irom 1613 to 1917—:1<M years. ; There is frost about one or _ nlKlus a year In Hie WBST- : KltN SAIIAIIA, »nd more frost J In (tie CBNTRAI. JHUHLANUS; . IKJSI (iitcher In the world," accord- are sniti to have joined his teammates In Ciiiciniuul Mureli 1C (or tlie ttlji (o Orange. Te.x.. where the Mnd Hens have their Ivaining ramp By XKA Service No; ED many years a'jo I.ouis P. j Chlozxa was peddling pajjsrs in I •. New Orleans. Today the Italian j; boy is tishling with Irv Jeffries.! another rook i e. j for n steady job lies' infield. Chio^a in hij:l: school, playing baseball and easS-X'tljall. His asuics o n Ihe diamoiuis finally won .him a minor lea^u." 1 contract, and he beat around ihe bushes in Mon- ioe. of the Cotton States League; Ileckley in the I Middle-Atlantic, and finally wound up in Memphis, where.he hit .4fl[) In the Southern Lt-a-jii- play-oil nlst sea.son. At 24. his gray i lrl j|. i-,n[i^ " '''* f *?^jjjjl& rn ^| ^' f ^^8?,_ \^'F^ __y^^m^^ •outh. HOL-IOI.S tell him i,K p-,'n:i-] \v-.lti I ' <• "ni""" "' ri:s C ""' P ; "' ;;l """" SALT V.AKE a-rvr'uiTh <UH- Duritis- the ye:irs fiom 1523 lln ' ! lo w:! "' : 1 > n:i|p in their bas-at- nalities In which motor vehiclis ! b!i:ki- intu llK-ir'''rei'e"i''''•nVd'".-!'"''' ' '. i'-i ;r (!!/:h(-.s. l&feDOUBLE.SDGE ^^SAFETY RAZOR BLADE IL, esaa^dS^S^'ft V3i •SOI W. Mi:in ~HB «'>i- -^ ••^™^ = .^-^ =aJ -.^l ' ina lo Dizzy. The Imllni ^ <i\. iLmim.., ,., t .«.m tu IUIM; " ^ I..LH tiniiitiig ('limp . "Mrlngs" nttnched to Wnllie Las- Rll<l >' »'»s picked up in Chicago'! koivskl, while his younger brother !' vlnrch 25 - to accompany the I ;:•= to Hoi. Springs. Ark., for, t ruining. j , is the properly of ihe Mihvaiikec l B '™' "faun" of the Browns. lioth have sprin 1930 and -Jl-bnl when his Icnm ran out of the money in 19:1S and '"". n new glue expert was ap- nled—Frnnkie Fi-isch. >'ow lei's .sit back ;md see what Klerlrif Allln Sllll in I's,. j WELLI-BLEY. Muss. (UPi _ An! electric nctomoliile purchased i n | !01C sllll is in use. Dr. Ellen Fil/! I'endleton. president ot Welleslfy! college, drives it icgularlv " j be losing, ii. v neighbor - '"* ~v of Assignments HKl'OUT or CONDITION OK .s Hank c^ Trusi Comnany HICSOUHCKS the rath- Cardinal manager ., - ~,.. *.». ,,.! IllillfUl'Pf 111 Ml »» and ap,>oin!cd Itoriibv "end Overdrafts. Secured and U. S. Securitie. 1 ; Stock in 1' Hes.-rvc Bank . I-lirniture and Fixtines ... Banking }lo;ise ............... ". . . Other Heal t-MiUc ........... Cash and Due from Approv< d ' Hesjrve ' Wanks " " 1 Total WI.'JIKl Uu 2. UK) tfj | 1K.EOOUD 481.H11.-J, «" - j'-a'j'jSs New EITCTI Called TJie ^i llc ^va^n't «*«> Fho cardinab RS l ™~ ?--^^rnt.i€ sSr-'Wi^ worth u^ Sd | aW * y ' and B "'i' 50' I - S H^ j^^O Cardinals finishing as ' S^cal' *° ° nbby Str " 1 ' a /-, .. ' *'' G^PII tnc tusk Gabby won two pennant,^!,, Capital Stock. P.iid Up Surplus Fund. Certified Undivided 1'rofits. NYt Savings Account* '.". T " tnl I.IAH1UTUCS 200.009 (M 4 O.OOO.Il J S !>O.I51.:>(i 2:-..00 s . 880.34ti.-l 3 8.000.00 28.6I3.M 13.428 GO 'Afler deducliiis amoiiiii'mV wilicli mi por «nl interest is |viid as shown above i Always Verify and Compare This Tolal STATE 01' AKKASSAS COUNTY Of MISSISSIPPI, ss: Sl.Mii.7ii:, m«, m,,k:domu UK- be.t of my k,,o,Ued"e ami ATTEST:— B. A. Lynch, •I. L. Chcny, 1. R. Johnson. Directors. U A. LYNCH. President. WARREN, cushier. icutllis 27ih day of Mnrrti. 1M4 - BRYAN. Nnlary Public. .re as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house in run, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly I hey keep themselves .informed of the best offering of the stores. They are export purchasing agents' Inese purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. Thcv know their needs. They know through the advertisement- .Hist where these needs can b c best supplied at the least cost Such intelligent buying sa'i Umi an i effort and money. It results in a management of I ho Home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them everyday. ThvouS hen we can know exactly what we want'before we "-o to buy. This is the surest way of secuvinir Ml v-ilno for every dollar you spend. tuinn S H.II \.iluo

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