The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1939 BLYTHKVILLB^(ARK,), COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per Hue for coiisecu- live Insertions: One time per line lOe Two limes per line per day,...08c Vlircc limes per line per day...(We Monti: rait per line.... 60c Cards of Thanks 50c & 76« Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for I h r 6 e or six (lines and stopped before cxpira- Iton will'be charged for the number of limes Ihe ndd appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy k iubniillcd by persons residing out- virtc of tlic city must bo accoin- imnlod by cash. Rates miiy. be easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one lime rate. No .rapoiislbll ly will be taken tor more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent 3 room furnished apartment, elcc- -liic refrigerator, private tail), enrngc, Phone 294.' 2 or 3 room apt. 605 Cliickasawba. I'honc 176 during day. 24-pk-l 3 room furnished apartment, 719 Ciiickasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Dunca "- - ac-ck-2 3 room furnished house. Close in.- Utilities furnished. 120 Dugan j St., Airs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Milk fed fryers. Hallcrv raised. Mrs. Russell, N, W. Coiner Holly «nd Division. 21-pk-8-21 i. Notice Fishing License FOK VOIJK CONVKNIKNCK, WK A K K 1'KEPARKI) TO 1SSUK VOim FISHING UCKNSE AT OliK STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. rhone 35 Ice ICE-iCE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICT: coi.n WATERMELONS Welding BXPKRT ELKCTRIC AND ACETYLKNE WELDING STORIES IN STAMPS Olil Herder Saves Hot-k 1 ' GOLDKNBALE. Wash. <Ut')~-A ,17-year-old girl siirfiilicrtjiM', Lucille neeks, ispi-nt lit) hours ullli her nock virtually vvlllicul food nnd sleep after they became divided hi the wild Ml. Adnnis country. Miss Hecks,-mi experienced herder de- .spllc her use, said she prcferm! lo stiiy wllli the sui'ep Ilinn lo risk losing any ul them by returning to vamp. Boer Holiday Recalls Victory Over Zulus »ra« line and,'heavy specialty. welding * Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wal"«l._ 24-cW If Nice furnished apartment. 70S W. Main • 22-ck-lf Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch Mis Emma Rolen, 310 W Walnut 2^ ck-tf Well appointed and furnished 4- room .apartment. Phones 197 and 571. jO-ck-lf 4 room • unfurnished apai irnsiit. Miss Eltse Moore. Call 227-.T. 1013 W Walnut 11-ck-U Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or Kcs. 101D Personal 3 room modern, furnished, apart? ment. Jijr's. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-cl tf Comfortable bedrcom: 1017.Walnut- Phone 10.) 15-ck-tl 2 or 3 room : furnished, apartment., • Newly dbcdrftted. OH Hearri. 3-pK 7 3 Modern 3 rocn 1 ' unfumlslied apartment Mcun and Second F Simon, Aromr Slnitffsh Drer. wnrt ntt Ihr blti- to riri yourself of constipation gas pain's and lhat sour n'mk feallni;. : Take one box a, KIRRY'S ACTIVE I.IVER IMI,I,S ''^ at nil Kirhv Stores. .MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP~New OSTHEX Tonic 'lalilels contain mvlgorators, stimulants. -73-year-old doctor sa>5, •! take Ostrc\ myself ' SI 00 size, special loday 39c. If not ticlighted maker refunds Hits price Call, write Khby Bros Dnig Stoic Dairy Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS' '•"•' iiMiniin ^r Railroad « Ky Washing, li-oning Exnert washing and ironing Cheap Rough dry and finish 6 quilts $1.00 One day wince Willie Bell Green, behinrt City Ice PUnl l-pk-3-7 Notice Unhblstoring and Bcflnishlnc. M. Tomlin, 214 S. First 6-ck-8-» irj qunlltv and service In . products Cattle free ot Band's Disease, In best of physical condition Call Mrs Grace Lower* «?,; J 'o° r Halsc »* Grade A Raw, lc •MHK.ClSWri. Country Butter. But „, tenoucrKextra or •—"•-- --->-- year, on Dee. 1C, the Boers of South Africa cole- biiile "UiiiKaairs Day," commem- orntiin! lh e century-old oalh ol the Voorlrekkers of IBM, that if God gave them victory over the Zulus, they would build a church and dedicate a day ol thnnksgiv- iiiB. Thai first "nitisaan's Day" was n crucial paitil in the history of (he Dutch in Soulh Africa. TliE Doet'i-, fifihtiiiR British anli-slavcry laws, Iiiid begun, in 1B35, their long Irck across Hie veldt to new homes and jieii' freedom in Natal and Transvaal. A»d In Nalat tlicy cncounlered Dlngaaiii Dingaan was ;i Zulu chieftain, a formiclnble, craily enemy. ]J e had seized power afler murderhif; his brother, organized his warriors inlo a pawciful fijjliling force. Ruthlessly he massacred emigrants, checking their advance. Then Andries Prclorius came to Natal, rallied, the Boers, and set out with «•! men to weak delayed vengeance upon the Zulus. His force, entrenched on the banks of a' small stream, now called the Blood river, • was attacked on Dec. 10, 1838; by 12,000 warriors. After two hours, the Zulus .retreated, leaving 3000 dead. Bill thc_ bailie of Blood river broke the menace of the Zulus in South Africa. . : . Hardships of (he Great trek 'are' commemorated in (he Union of Spulh Africa slump, above',' rcso and slate, of the Vourtrekker sei i-ies ol 1038. For Sale or Trade Suburban grocery and inarkel Col sale, or trade. Well located, established business. Wrilc ; Box "P' . c/o Courier Nc\vs. 28-ck- **>» ITabeU's Tjxhf Promised Land. Route Found One black horse mule about 1100 pounds and one bay mare tunic about 1100 pounds Both are fmooih mouth About ]6 hands high Noel McDaniel, 5 mil-s No. of^Slcelc, H W 61 27 pk-3 Ram returns about five pounds of nitrogen, annually, to each acre of land Pmiitecn .million tons of coal nrc required niiiiimlly to supply tlie oti\es \vbrkshops.-hotDlSi clc, ~ PRESCRIPTIONS-^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. ftlain'A First >Fhone PRESCRIPTIONS : Freshest Stock Oiwranleed .Bcsi I'ricw Kirby Drug Stores CAN YOU STOP? You would not aiarl, an 'ocean voyage without life )»'c.5crvers Good bral-.cs are. your "life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It cod* nothing lo KNOW Hie true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection: : Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A ' complete and thorough 'rord ABO Brake . Adjustment, including adjustment of Brake Rods Si.35 or tallies & Hand' Brake. I Replacement, parts not included) Safety Service.No.. 3 Complefe Brake OVERHAUL and RELWINGJOB FORD "PASSENGER : CARS Dlsnsscmbie entire brake system- Free lip oil brake cams—INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE: snoEs-Adjusi clearance—Adjust hand brake—Adjust brake -ross—Lubricate cross shaft —Adjust pedal clearance — Road tesl—One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND $^35 6 NEW BRAKE SHOES. JJ PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. MODERN WRITER 5th & Walnut Phone 810 modern poetess. 13 To be ill HKish ISElectnfied nlom. 1C To'promote.' 17 To fit up. IB Tedium. 20 Booty. 21 Plural pronoun. 23 To be proper. 25 Spain. 26 Company. 21 Vigilant. 23 Indian mulberry. 30 Wine vessel. 32 Sleeper's noise. 33 Toward. 3>l Jargon. 30 To be prolific. 37 Exists. 38 Bureau. <1 Note in scale. « Chief actress. 44 Flat round plate. 47 Native. 49 Garden vegetable. 51 Aside. 53 Water sprite. 51 Mohammedan nymph, 56 Poem. STShe is o writer of fine -—• poetry. 58 She is also a playwright or —~. VERTICAL 2 Assessment. 3 By way of. 4 Indisposed, 5-Court. 6 To miss nn nim. 7 Din, 8 Towboaf. 8 Mountain. 10 Surgical lint. 11 To yearn. ' J2 God .of sky. 16 She has had a fine -— or schooling. 38Water. ,'. pitchers. 13 Tool. . 20 The ttcep. 22 Songs tor one voice, 23 Bifstock. 2-f Scrutinizes. 25 More confident. 28 Enemy. 31 Man v/ho docs massaging. 35 To scatter hay. 33 Split pulse. 39 Railroad. 40 Inlet. 42 Bustle. " 43 Cab. 45 Stain... 46 Mohammedan judge. ' 48 Some. 49 Lcgumo. 50 Constellation. 52 Thing. 55 I am (contraction). . n rl°rt"''r" «*'V' 11 " 10 called 7, m tr b uw J,oc»lcd »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWARDS, 1'roprlcter of uelml •|>p<;«rilt-r,, Adding Machines «nd internal Hemorrhoiils & Symptom . uol UlCj lU'C irrqurntly Die basic cnusc • Soim- til the nmst ramubn condllloiis mcu nro cniiscd nmi-c "i ,te.i .hfclly hy Ilc.uoirliolds ,,s well HS 0 (to lialhology «rc:.).l g h blood |M',.rt! B cslli'o dlsltirli- «mei. exlrcnwi, dull •low-linclsiirlic. buck of iii'hc, iusoiniiln iiCei) nnd coiisllj>.'itbii is folly m»| (laiijjeious to defer or ilralccL linn ami Irealinenl llmt will relieve nnd cure Mils J. L. GUARD Optometrist - By Olyclo Drs. Mes & Nics Clinic 5U Main Only Graduate Orilnmc Irlsl In niythcvllli!. Glasses Kltlcil Corrfiilly A FRACTION (OF A CENT I WOULD HAVE. SAVED Bill HAT What's Happening in Your Own Home? Inju THE CELLAR DOOI? IN TIC DARK lire «iptntivt . . , No need forMr.milloslumMo in 'ilaikiKss'. - Our low r.ilci mil ui V <,l extra Iii;hi «nli out csri-ss cost, It's rn'oilli (o - Missouri Power Corporation Wlinl ;i hmgli on you. I iliy innkcls!" JJCKY MO SEE US.' AV,WES--WHEN K BOV! WA5MT THW ^^ N r u ^«^K^«,SK* r 7 .^9 L ^'^, ^AM7TIME\GIRL-R5IENP ^7, MV,MV.' I NEARLV FORGO! MV PRESS CONFERENCE; SUMMON THE WEVJEMEM. G.OOO MORNIN6; GENTLEMEN.,, NOW IF YOU LI- HEY, MAW « C'MERE How matters OTJH HI THE SOUTH ffiw WAV BE SUCH A PRO "' FORWE 6IRl -S OF HIPPA-HW.AACE TO HAVE A. WcAcUtOUS 8EAUTV SECRET PBOPOCTTKAT W1U SWEEP THE COUWTRV.TH.M5 WVW I HEED! TRIE4 IS LOS1MS A THOUSAND DOLLARS A DA^.AklD J.P. WcKEE COULD GET "WE«! BEAUTV tCRET AMD PUT IT ItJ BOrrTLES! AUD VAM SCAMP, HAVE A HEAD jST«r. TDK TOO.ACE AFTER THE WRACUVOU5 BEAUTV SECRET. 1 AND WITH YOO HkRRlE!) TO A NWlVE,'WE'VE ,;»i " Y "" v - *""* T0 5A« Wr COt'PAW , UftKE A HiT VMITH His FUTUftE FATJiEK-W-LAW! l| KRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS A \,iu\ of i\I;inv Affairs GOT -. AS JUDGH OF f B/.TUINS BE/vU, . 5T UP Ti-iE BEACU ' He MAY BE UNCOUTH AND UNPOLISHED , BUT HE Lb'ARNS THE WAYS OP CIWUZATfOW

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