The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1966 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1966
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. 82—NO. U BLTTHBVILLB, ARKANSAS (72815) SATURDAY, MAY 14,196< TIN CENTS 10 PAGES Gemini Set For Tuesday CAPE KANNEDY, Fla. (AP) - Gemini 9 astronauts Thomas P. Stafford and Eugene A. Cernan had a four-hour appointment with doctors today to make certain they are physically and mentally fit for their rendezvous and space walk mission. Stafford, 35-year-old Air Force major, and Cernan, 32- year-old Navy lieutenant commander, were to finish with the medics about l p.m. and then huddle with Gemini officials to dscuss all phases of the planned three-day fight. The Gemini 9 doubleheader launching is to start at 11 a.m Tuesday when an Atlas rocket boosts an Agena satellite into orbit. A Titan 2 is to propel the astronauts aloft at 12:39 p.m. to begin pursuit of the Agena. Stafford and Cernan are to catch and link up with the Agena after a four-hour chase, practicing many of the maneuvers Apollo astronauts will make in returning from the moon. Cernan's health is especially important because he is to make a physically-demanding 2 hour 25 minute space walk during which he is to determine just how well mar. can operate outside an orbiting ship. For part of the excurson he will zip about with a rocket- powered back pack on a 150-foot tether. The maneuvers could set guidelines for future space tasks such ps assembling space stations in orbit, maintaining and repairing satellites and transferring from one craft to another. Cernan will spend the first 50 minutes outside on a 25-foot umbilical line which provides oxygen from the spacecraft. During that time, medical monitors on the ground will watch his heart rates and respiration. THE QUEEN AND HER COURT — Janet Shoemate (center), Miss Blytheville for 1966, is flanked here by first alternate Lana Ander- . FROM UTTLE ACORNS — Mr. Junior Jaycee, Danny Trimue, and Little Miss Blytheville, Tracy Lynn Fair, were crowned in ceremonies Thursday night. (Courier News Photo) Search For Kidnaper Continues SHADE GAP, Pa. (AP)-Hundreds of volunteers swarmed to the picnic grounds here today to resume the massive search for Peggy Ann Bradnick, a 17- yejr-old girl feared kidnaped by a mysterious sniper known to residents of this rural area as the "mountain man." Meanwhile, the state police distributed an artist's sketch of the suspected kidnaper based on Information supplied by area residents who said they had seen him. The search, police said, has Jailed to uncover a trace of the girl or the masked man who snatched her from a dirt road a quarter-of-a-mile from her home Wednesday shortly after she and her younger sisters and brother left a school, bus. A teen-age boy was picked up for questioning but released. State police continued to advance the theory that the girl's abductor was the mysterious "mountain man," who for two years has terrorized this tiny community (pop. 140). The artist's sketch was compiled from information obtained from townspeople, many of whom reported being shot at by the sniper. Nimbus Shot Is Postponed VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP)-The scheduled launch of the Nimbus 2 weather satellite was postponed today because of technical difficulties with the guidance system of the second-stage Agena vehicle, a U.S. space agency spokesman said. .. The countdown was stopped because of insufficient time to determine whether the problem existed in the vehicile or the ground monitoring equipment he said. Viet Mail Call In view of the tense state of affairs in Viet Nam most Amercians will say they are glad to be on home soil and not embroiled in that Asian conflict. There are, however, at least 15 men from Mississippi County who cannot feel detached from the battle. They are now serving in Viet Nam. Their names are listed below so that readers who wish, may write them an encouraging letter. School home rooms, civic clubs, church groups and individuals are encouraged to 'adopt' a home county GI via the U.S. mail. In case you have not yet sent the name of your son, husband or relative in Viet Nam, do so and his address will be published in the future. MSgt. WILLIAM V. HOOSMAN AF 18398629 12th FMS PO Box 2292 . APO San Francisco, Calif. 96366 SP6 HOWARD R. BIGGS RA 17515437 Co. B 1st T.C. BN 1st Cal. Div. AMLB APO San Francisco, Calif. 96490 C. K. GRIMES UTP-3 3499031 USN MCB No. 5 "B" Co. c-o F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif. 96601 CHARLES L. LIPFORD 919-65-61 USS Outagamie County LST 1073 c-o Fleet Post Office San Francisco; Calif. 96601 SP5 BOBBY G. McCORMICK RA 18506729 20th ASTA Det. APO 96308 San Francisco, Calif. SGT. RAY BIRMINGHAM RA 54207549 Co. A 2nd Bn 35th Inf. 3rd Blgy. 25 Inf. Div. APO San "Yacisco, Calif. (6225 SP4 RAYMOND E. Binning- HAM RA 18689830 B Btry. 6th Bn 14 Aty. APO San Francisco, Calif. 96295 PFC EARNEST W. HUFF US 54361916 C Co. 1st Bn 2nd Inf. 1st Inf. Div. APO San Francisco, Calif. 96345 SP5 GEORGE RIDDLE RA 25420468 481st Crane Det. 1099th Trans. Co. Med. Bt. APO 96307 San Francisco, Calif. son (right) and Mary Elizabeth Brown, second alternate. (Courier News Photo) Coed Is New Queen Miss Blytheville for 1966 Is Janet Shoemate! : The 18-year-old Arkansas State coed is a pert blue-eyed blonde who lists karate as one of her hobbies. When master, of ceremonies George Klein announced her name last night as winner, mustering all the mock-suspence al his command, she respondec with poise and offered a "thank you" to the audience arid to the sponsors of the pageant. * * * Janet is the daughter of Lt Col. and Mrs. Foy Shoemate o: Blytheville Air Force Base. First alternate was Lana An derson, 17, daughter of Mr. aw Jrs. Curtis Anderson of 112 Terry Lane. Lana is a senior a Blytheville High School, as is second alternate Mary Elizabeth Jrown, also 17. Mary Elizabeth is the daugh er of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jrpwn of Holland, Mo. Miss Congeniality of the 1966 Blytheville Pageant was Paula >ews, 18, daughter of Mr. am Mrs. Paul Crews of 116 High and. Paula is also a Blythe rille High School senior. Miss Blytheville, her two al ernates and Miss Congeniality were all on public view again oday, for the benefit of those who missed last night's efficient y run pageant at Blytheville High School. They headed the city's 75th Anniversary Parade this morn ng, and they will appear on oth er honorific occasions for the duration of Jubilee week. TriQuang, one of the key.fig-'Saigon government. All they res in the country's political I care about are the Americans urmoil, made the statement to' »e Buddhist newspaper Chanh ao. It was his first reaction nee Premier Nguyen Cao Ky aid a week ago he intends to ay in power for another year. The newspaper, in a heavily ensored article, quoted Tri :uang as saying: "The present government will e judged by the people. If it loes not keep its promise, then, am afraid the people will reel." The statement was seen as resaging new Buddhist pres- ure for a speedy return to civil- an rule. Under pressure of the tightly- knit Buddhist political apparat. and with rioting sweeping aigon, the military junta prom- ed last Aprl that general elec- ions for a civilian government South Viet Nam will be held in three to five months." Last Saturday, Ky outlined a engthy process involving two lections and the drafting of a onstitution before the military •ould step down. This, he said, would take a year. His statement was expected < have serious repercussions, ut none have materialized so ir. . . . Tri Quang, often described as SP5 BOBBY W. RICHARDSON RA 25420571 8th RRU Co. A APO San Francisco, Calif. 96308 SGT. HOMER D. LUCIUS APO 96307, San Francisco 173rd Airborne Brigade SP/4 EMMETT W. MONEY HUN RA 16780026 101st Abn. 1st Bde. Aco 2/502 San Francisco, Calif. APO 96347 S. MAJ. LYMAN A. EVANS RA 3501195 Hq. Spl. Comd. 1st Air Cal. Div. (AM) APO San Francisco, Calif. 06490 LT. DONALD E. ROGERS C. Btry. 6th Br. 71«t Arty. APO 96312 Sin-Francisco, Calif. Beard contest winners, also selected at last night's pageant were Leon Williamson, ful beard; Jimmie Hodges, runner up, full beard; Joe Payne, mous tashe; and Bobbie Nichols, Van Dyke. Williamson received a $5 prize for his beard; the other ;ot $25 apiece. S. D. Bray o the sponsoring American Legio made the presentations. ELECTED - Eddie Saliba yesterday was elected presi dent of the Brythevllle Life Underwriters Association. Qth- ers elected include Bill Dm- bach, vkt president, and Jim Medford, §ecretary-trea*urer. Monk Threatens Viet Violence SAIGON, South Viet Nam AP) —The uang, the Venerable Tri most influential uddhist monk in. South Viet am, warned the government aday to keep its promises or ce crowd reaction. neutralist or leaning to the left, told the newspaper that. It "is too early to talk about negotiations and finishing the war." "It is humilating to talk about the negotiations now because nobody seems to care about the and Hanoi," he said. "Therefore," the newspaper quoted Tri Quang as saying, "we should have an assembly and a government elected by the people in order to create a discussed." He said that he does not consider neighboring Laos as neutral but as Communist and "if a similar cease fire is accepted in Viet Nam, I predict that face" for this nation ! South Viet Nam would fall to "If a neutralist solution is ; the Comuriists within six needed, then neutrality must be'.months." .MESPALP'EM LATER ON— The wooden Indian'might deliver such a message if he could talk, but these winners in the American Legion beard growing contest aren't worried. They are Bobbie Nichols, Van Dyke beard;-: Jimmy Hodge, runner-up, full : beard; Leon: .Williamson, full beard, and Joe Payne, moustache. (Courier News Photo) City Hall Ceremony Tops s Agenda Tomorrow's City Hall dedication, Sunday's box supper and religious services at Walker Park and Monday and Tuesday nights' variety show at Blytheville High School auditorium will begin the final days of the city's lelegration of its 75th anniversary. A dance scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. Program for the Blytheville Review, beginning at 8 Monday and Tuesday nights, is vaired. Included will be the Rockie Smith Dancers; Miss Blytheville Janet Shoemate in a reading; the Blytheville High School choir; singer Ronnie Faye; and he Fairview sixth grade choir. Others on the program are Arkansas State coed Connie Smith, who will sing and give a reading; the Central Tonettes, and the Blytheville Very Little Threatre. Members of the theatre group will present a satirical skit, 'Bye, Bye, Blytheville," which pokes good - natured fun at local, state and national poliitcs. Wils Davis, Memphis attorney and Blytheville's second mayor, will be the speaker at 1:30 p.m. dedication ceremonies in the municipal courtroom of city hall tomorrow. Mayor Jimmie Edwards will be the official host and will sel- come visiting mayors as well a past Blytheville mayors, all of whom whave been invited to attend. The portrait by Samuel F. Norris of Rev. H. T. Blythe, the city's founder, will be unveiled during the afternoon. Unveiling the portrait, which hangs in the new conference room, will be great great granddaughters of Rev. Blyth* —Ann and Elizabeth Crigger, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crigger III. The portrait wHl be accepted on behalf of the dry by Mrs. E. E. Hardin, daughter of Rev Blythe. Refreshment* will be served during the afternoon and visitors will be invited to see thi improvements made in City Hall during last year's $90,000 renova- ion. C. M. Buck, an early Slytheville resident and a sort of unofficial historian of the own, is scheduled to speak iriefly on the history of the city. Blytheville's Ministerial Alliance will sponsor special interdenominational services tomorrow at 4 p.m. at the Walker 'ark grandstand. Rev. Martin Wilkinson will deliver the sermon. Others on the program include] starting time about S o'clock to- Revs. Paul Kirkindall, Dan morrow. WUliam Knight of Dell will be the auctioneer. All women are encouraged to prepare bos suppers and bring them la the grandstand for auctioning. Soft drinks will be sold. Grove, Virgil Keeley, ,John J. McDaniel, Myron Dillow and John Symonds. Mrs. Robert Klug will be song leader. The box supper, sponsored by the Blytheville Jaycettes, will begin at Walker Park grandstand immediately following the services. This should make the Draft Exam Held Today WASHINGTON (AP) - Between 350,000 and 400,000 college students undergo three-hour examinations today that may help their draft boards decide whether they can stay in school or be drafted into the armed services. Another 600,000 youths will take the 150-question draft deferment test May 21, June 3 and June 24. The tests are being given at 1,200 colleges and universities in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and 8ie Panama Canal Zone. Exam results wil be forwarded to local draft boards after they are graded by Science Research Associates, a private agency that is administering the tests under a $l-million-plus government contract. Although the scores are merely advisory, most draft boards are expected to give them considerable weight. The passing grade is 70 for undergraduates and 80 for graduate students. •' • • * * * Mounting draft calls for the Viet Nam war prompted the Selective Service to revive the national test plan last March. It had been dropped ID 1963 after 12 years of use. The system was initiated after complaints by leading educators that a class-standing yardstick alone was unfair to students in tougher colleges. But Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Education and Committee, has protested that the tests will penalize poorly educated Negroes and other minority groups. Powell compared the testing to "Hitler's twin system of eugenics and education" and said many of the underprivileged test takers will end up as "cannon fodder." But draft board officials have emphasized that the tests will be just one of many criteria used in determining whether deferments will be granted, guide to the board," one official the board," one official noted. He added tbat "no legitimate student will be denied a deferment." Nearly half of the 1.8 million students now holding draft deferments apparently have decided to take their chances without the test. About 800,001 students failed to sign up for the exams. In Corning Explosion LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Missouri Pacific Railroad and the federal government were named as defendants in a $2.5 million explosion damage suit fild Friday in U.S. District Court here. The suit is In connection with the March 9 explosion of a railroad car full of 177-nun shells being taken to the Red River Arsenal at Texarkana. Filing the suit were the Corning Grain Drying Co-operative, T ,£? wm ' cn has a S ra in elevator and Laoor drier near the .site of the explosion, and the Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association and the Arkansas Grain Corp., both of Stuttgart. The grain elevator and drier, which was damaged by shrapnel from the explosion, received $1 million worth of damage, the suit alleged, stored there the amount of $1 million >and soybeans stored there damaged in the amount of $500,000. It also said rice was damaged in nuiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiii'- Weather Forecast ; Gear to partly cloudy through tonight. Increasing cloudiness and warmer Sunday. Low tonight 46 to 63. Sunday. Low t£ night 48 to St. High Sunday in 70s. Southeast Arkanftt-Partly cloudy through Sunday. Low tonight in S0§. High Sunday in m

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