The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAKCH 18, IMS PA'OT led Tide Feared fear Flood Stage U.S. Statesmen Feel Stalin Could Not Halt European Sweep WASHINGTON, March IB (UP) —Secretary of State Ceorge C. larshall and his Russian Advisers ear that Soviet Premier Joseph talin could not slop the Communist Uempl to sweep across Europe If c wonted to, It was learned aulh- rltatlvely yesterday. Well-Informed sources said there j « :itense fear among American t-n policy makers that on (he oasis of past Communist successes, ' 'lie whole situation in Europe will ; jet out of band. This reasoning Is based on the at- Ihicie of urgncy that the Soviet Union feels about Europe—the urgency to net before the European recovery Program and Western union really gets underway. The Soviet Union probably be- ieves that it has Lo go ahead quick- y or not at ah, these sources said. The danger, they added, is that the Soviet Union might betray Itself Into over action. This is almost a complete change I of view by Marshall and his top advisors over a month afio. Then, It can be authoritatively stated, the United States was confident the Soviet. Union would do everything possible to avoid preclpatlng a war. •low the feelinK is that the Soviet Union may not. be, able to prevent an Incident that would lead to over action. Italy and Turkey Take Spotlight in European Picture Wallace Claims Truman Admitted Doctrine Failed NEW YORK, Mar. !8. )UP> — Henry A. Wallace, third patty presidential candidate, said yc.slciday that President Tinman's Cone res- sional message svas "an admission of failure of the Truman doctrine." Wallace said: 9' is a shameful call for world rrmohiUzntion. R complete ad mis- lion of a failure of the Truman doctrine, and n call for an Ameri- ran police state.' 1 Wallace said he would air his iew,; of the president's speech fully In a broadcast over the American Broadcast mp Company's network *t 9:45 ICST) tonight. Read Courier News Want Ads. cult«f*t and mililcm'poet Chile filet (crmaUc ilnUNSecu Council oqairttt Rui oiter- i«iiur« of Cm hen!a- vokio, ond Ru'f a Ruiito Millatk Tinker tor 4 fnendtVip and military poet limilarto Bonded of Finland. TVikey it to Such a pact wc-glJ bri«g USSR.nlfuenct the Middle Cottar** Considered vithin the 01 a i»rtof lo thf peace ol Europe IHFalian April IB electioni.fledi will o*e< cabinet, pla with Moscow, Re dominated lloly could c«f» trol eoitern blocking 8/itoin'f ico-borne lifeline lo Middle Eoit ^^ lEBANON^ Kwuia end Commun dominated counTiift Weitern Union bloc Miner Accused In Son's Death From Y/hiskey WYTHKV1U.K. Vft.. Mnr. IB.— (Ul** —A coal miner an'U.socl of «lv- whl.skcy tn his Iour-vc;»:)M son \viis ohnipr<i v/ith murder yc.s- tcrdny In iho child's ilcnlh. \fc Mnrthi, 45. homo trom Hie West Vlrplnlft coal [iolds Uccgvise of llic walkout of Ihe Unllcri Mine Workers, claimed he sot ft bottle of whiskey EIOWJI nnd four-ycnr-oM Uillipr Martin rtnuik Lt, I The v\\\\t\ brcnint* um-onsrious snrt dlrri In K loi'nl haspHnl. HP was onr of riglU rnlldrrn. fihorlff J. M. RtUhM-land m\\<\ Mnrtiti will tipt'^ftr'in a preliminary <*:u'iii|5 Snlmxluy to nnswcr H iini'K** of dplliipruloly • RlvliiR wh!s- i'V lo hl.s son- No report, of nn nulnt^y °n thf oy's hody hurl brrn rorrLvptl. the slifrlff said, Fimornl scvvlre.s foe the rhLUI will be held Uxlny, Ix-Convlct Arr»tt»d For Bank Robbery '[•KXAKKANA. Tex., March 1» lUl'iKcrieiRl officers were proper- Ing today to transfer • M-yeur old cx-convlct to Waco fov trial In U. S. Dlsltlcf Court on thai gen of bank r-rtrtwry. Hi'inance l/e» Cranklln wiu »r rested nlioul 1 a.m. Tuesday u h» danced with a pretty blonde In Texarkaiw night club, nnd w ehnrged with robblns the Clllieiu Slate llnnk at Iluflalo, Tex, r. B. 1. Attend salrt Prankltn con- ICSMMI lo (he robbery ol »2350 on fob. 27. When they put h»ndmtr« Fiiinklln. the unidentified blond disappeared quietly, Frujilclln and his Iriend were dancing to th -siriilns of "Sentimental Renso which Xrnnklln had itvjni'Mrd. Deputy sherirt Prank Hlley of Howie County .laid that Franklin \viis "vory jwlt out' 1 at. his "niirnn II, 1 \vn.s told not lo como to 'IVxtn kntui," Ulley quolrcl him us .suying. "They said it. was hot here, . AutJ here I urn— caught." War Criminal? Tempo ol Coinniunial t.'xp;iiision steps up in Knropc ns Ihe \vcslern worlil anxiously aNvniis ouicomc of Italian elections and Turkey Ccels new pressure in Russia's unrelenting cimi|>nit;n lo sew up Ihu key slratei;ic areas Irom the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Map i-ounds up lalesl development! in the critii'al Kuropcan silufilion. Little Rock Man To Run f6r State Secretary's Post LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 18. CUP) — William B. Holmnn, manager of Vets' Haven on Lake Catherine, yesterday iHert his corrupt prnc- tlccs pledge as a candidate (or secretary of slate. The 49-year-old Holman Is a native of Clay county but has made his home in Little Rock far the Smst thirty years. He Is seeking Ills first elective office but has held several s'J t« f-overnment posts. He was appointed director of the Weights and Traffic Division of the State Reve- Juie Department (n Jai^uary. 1U45, by Gov. Ben Laney. He served in thnl capnclly for seven months nnd was transferred to the l»ark.s nlviMnn of Hit- Arkansas Resources »nd Dcvclopinenl Commission until appointed .manager of Vets' Hnvcn. The Haven is a rpcrcntioJial. area under Ihe directorship of Die Vcternn.s Rccrpa- tional Memorial Association and sponsorfd h\- the Young Dcmoirvals of Arkansas. Holman is under contract to servn a.s Manager until Nov. l. Secretary of State "c. G. Hall Is expected to be a candidate for reelection. | More Applicants Sought For Postal Positions The closing date for acceptance D£ npphctitions for civil service ex- j animations here for two post office ! posit ions hns benn exlenrlrd to j Api'il 6. it v, as announced today. The exniuin.ilions for sub- clerk and currier and involve local j employment Thn closing date for - appVicatJons was cxleniirti ix^cnusr j an insufficient number have been | received to dale. 1 Thus iwr. IB npplicntion.s have t roccivpii for RTI nnticipatcri .t placements. .Ion.-1,1. v«n**i tKot l*«kf ML* I|«A«. hot nM b p«rmon*>tr h I* ft** • kxktd.M tJ<Uug loch blo.l I, «,.! O..J Mon«. Red Zone Head Heinvkh Ran. veteran German Communist, heads the Soviet* govrnunml In thr Rn»- slnn zone ol Germany Tht rewly-foimrd bwiy n known •• In* Kconomic Connnl.viion BEAUTIFIES • iNSULA'ti • FiRE PROC-i • The PERMA-STONE Fewer lhan 1000 Semhiole Tn- dians live iti the Everglades of Florida. Shizuko Tsulsui is *he first v/om- an charged xvith war crimes atrocities in Japan, The 31- year-old former chief nurse at Kyushu University Hospital is accused of performing experimental 'operations on captured Allied prisoners. BLYTHEVILLE ARMORY Fri. and Sat., March 19th and 20th HICKS BROS. INDOOR CIRCUS Auspices Blythevillc Jaycees 20 BIG TIME CIRCUS ACTS Headed by the Following Stars TEX ORTOX—Knife Throwing Champion PAT AMI WII.A LEVOLA—Wizards of the Slack Wirr K. L. HEKRDINK * CO.—Koremost Kxpimctils of the Horizontal Bars. HARRISON DUO—Cycle Calculators. ALICE AND HER AKRIAI, BAI.I.ET LATARSITA—Heel »nd To* Catch. BII.I.Y IRU'IN—Table Rock. CLOWNS AND MANY MOKE. ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALE BY .1AYCKE MEMBERS I'honi mi of Sikeston, Mo. SL • No mart "hife* n'm" Thii exlr«ocdin«ry »rw ttif «d)m» in), Mxho-Matic Nool*, «mlw^« with Frtmltr, a lfc« c«4 tm4-otAf noult thu >djum io*lf with ••ih« miticil pKcilio* (• *»f !!••( iurf«t« tor mo $72.95 $•• H Today mt ADAMS APPL1ANC CO. i. W. A4am, Mir. >M-M W~* Main rh*D* MTt .Eager to find A GREAT BOURBON BUY? \\'lial a wonderful find you have cnmitig to yon —in ycnr first bottle of Three Feathers V S R! Bottled in Kcnlncky, Three FcaUieri V S R is blended to x hourbon connoisseur's delight. Enjoy this magnificent whiskey — iodnyl 90 PROOF THREE FEATHERS VSR [EOURBON WHISKEY A BLEND Todays JBest Bourbon Jtuy f Bt!J Stra/ghl Bouibon Vi'iiisVey, 491 giiin spiriLv. iRree Fc^llicn Uistribulors, Inc., New York, N. Y, P UT your mind's eye to measuring llie makiiifis of R truly rnnslerdil car — and you ccrtninly caii f t o\'crlook this one, especially this year. Here you find lUe distinction n( tnpcr-tliru xtylinj — the regal comfort of an all-coil- spring ride, now newly shielded n£:iinst vihration — the Fireball action of n (treat »traight-eij<hl engine tlial boasts the quietest purr and pulse in all motordom. Already you have reason to grant thai it sets » new measure of motorcar excellence, regardless of price. Now look at something where comparison ends — at Headmaster's Dynaflow Drive.* For no anloniohile drive ever developed makes driving so effortless, yet gives you such near-miracle performance. Here'you not only drive without R clutch pedal and without manual geai shifting — hut nlso without any hrcak in your Road master's gait, as it accelerates between all speeds. That is because no gears ever sliift any- where in the car — not tvrn auloinalic'allyl Here the power plant itself does what gears used to do — responding lo the touch of your toe on the (rcnillc through nil speed ranges — without trace ol Ing or hnlv or hesitation* So though you've already decided there wai no surpassing the Roadmaster'a super excellence in terms of its 4400 pounds and 18 feel of top styling, luxury and power — just boost your expectation! (till higher. See the Roadrnasler — try Dynaflow —and you'll find more reason than ever to get your order in —with or without a oar to trade. iu. WHAT'S D/FFfMNT ABOUT DYNAfLOW DJtJVf*? To an «ffici*nl n«w pump (4«ft ibov*), lui«k •ngTitMrv hev« acfd*d a \mm lurbln* (right) «n4 9+ h*(«ni«iM new iup»j-chorgtng o»»»mbly (Fn hand) wh D lorque-booiting action In parting «n*i Th* r«iull li lit* firtt d*v!e« *fl «ny Am*r 6 <r car wUcK amplo/i liquid H *H tfc« both th* <lutth or\d rha uiual low, **f*nd *n4 Ufb a «ori.. Thi clulch pc^al k «irmrnotMl and • i control giv»i you manual Ml««tw<i «f p*w*r and direction. l/Kfc/r better automobiles are built BUICK will build them BUICK alone has a * MPM-THKU SmiNO * VIMAJHWIDW MM •* nex-rrr OIL KINGS * KMID TOMM-TUW * DUOMATIC irtnK ADV4NCI * tO4B-»fTT UUHtt * auxDKurux COIL ir*inatN* + fOUND-SOKUIt TOP LININO &".£., * TEN 5MAXT MOD11J A tOOt ir fflMV HELP AMERICA PRODUCI FOR PIACI-TURN IN YOUR SCRAP IRON AND STIIL LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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