The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 23, 1959 · Page 46
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 46

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1959
Page 46
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4 PiHsburgK &tn, Monday, Nov. 23, 1959 Radio Programs Program listings are supplied by iha stations and art lubjaet to changa without notice. LATE MONDAY KDKA I0 FM M. mi WWSW M 44 I MM 7 ' SKY MASTERS - i A80?ET BmSM !SLS, I OOCTOK JAMBS VAN AILBN 0&XGP&?J P&SONMSIYCKAtKieZ, OnaCRX ly. - V THAT TUSO OP THEM LOOP OUT FOaw v VE CANT TEU-y'ET', ShJ srOf IMA REAL M UHCLf TED SAYS SHE'S ) Ur ONLY I WISH Stlll VVU 51 BUSINESSMAN S A SPKIAL 6000 OfSXT '"H BUSINESSMEN UW5 POl-V PbNPI V NOW. I WORK FOR RISK, OUEfNie. THAT'S gpJ ME COUID MAKE SOM6 llOr f MISTAKENLY V RS. BONE ON CREDIT. U BUSINESS TALK PC SAVINS ,,, MONEV, TOO. CHRISTMAS f PElS -7tT . m , . ' -V SHE'S TOO POOR TO PAY. V IS PRETTY 6QCN . r Mm m wfmt - . THE JACKSON TWINS ' ' psst naw Aooa ms f awp what a now, wllVxj curve"! f mai waapvsiox ) " "SteY ID LOOK ) A GOCP -STUTPYGUY IkAE MOMEOZAW I SO , v BEPCEE YOU GO ? 7 WOTSTVE ;Wlf AfMDf KIH VOJ yTVUMG I'M 117 LUVE TO tJ?N COMMON I C-AMOiS PIZZA RE ESI SO BELONG XnMPMG OUT LAC MTW MVE TO WALK? X N. I PEPCTXSS?( B40B45a7''fWEKE-I 1 MOW WHATA r 11 fAy, H C "--s----x-- MEAN H0KJ3BLE SSJ f Sr flA ZZTr -"a socialite fJTV X ? M -- r " MICKEY FINN - . . Aiixtr- fne TTWSTEi? wo Y tm PtGurro our Wr! prs pwtty Ti wk ; mow wtnt 1 "V -ANOYOUWEKB 1 l$.'PWAroMB 600P AT FIGUKIN'S. HOUR PMONE-1 HAVE HPS A PS CU1I A 8 MAM.' T WELL, WMETf YOlfHi A TRANER,' i lALKW TO THE NURSES THIN6S0UT.' WETW TO MAKE A CALL y I KNEW HE DIDN'T TRUST AMONG STRANGERS IN A sfffa. TO rtlENPS WHO ALMOST SURE ITtL SC ME-ANJ) I DIP HIM A 016 STRANGE LANP, 1 6UESS WZ!ffl!V7fti. Wwfa CAMC TO SEE MC . BE TONIGHT, TOO,' J I RNAlD W I I OUT OUR WAY I"""! Y DOM'T VOUTHIKJK SEg InSUred SaVingl St'lS AWVB0C?V'5 CAN'T HELP) IT THEY'RE CLOSER Cam V.l7 A WUT THAT HE T06ETHER THAM Jgpgli tdrn ?WF WHO'S COLD, AIKTT OTHER PEOPLE'S flijljgg 3 WMfm TIREP, HAFF NORMAL I WAS JlSTHIKIKlM1 T ttl WiSwEk STARVED y HIS SOUL HOW MUCH 'AT ff pggs VAVfl WlW AW MILES ( AKJ HIS AAOOM LOOKS LIKE t W PWi FROAA HOME, STUVSMICK L0OKIK1' IKJTO A " UZSMSSMSfsm "J., , It M AM' STOPS AIM'TAS BOWL OFCHICKEM fllBilllillllllH (vl llj W VtJ T hHI miklm Q 3AXE CLOSE CRAW WITH BUT- J jplf SlU m llil hMll WiUfM at OOKJ- TOCETHER TER IM IT, ER A HHT in f f1' m ff LIGHTS.' AS MORaAAL 1 PAWCAKE WITH WW W. proyid. FREE tnv.. ,1 OPL&S! J BUTTER O02.IW' JT ryf op.i nd p.y poit.9. ! WmI OVER VxV'T'iff ltA'V' 1" Mozart Opera Thanksgiving Day W'QKD will present members of the Boston University School of Fine Arts In Wolfgang Amadeus Mo zart's comic opera, "La Finta Giardiniera," Thanksgiving, from 5:30 to 7:30 p. m. Completed by Mozart w hen he was only 18 years old, this work pokes fun at the outmoded conventions of comic opera. J J ... StrAJiJ! run n r1 O Discover superb craftsmanship, finger-tip handling, sheer pleasure at the wheel! Enjoy solid, one-unit, no-rattle construction, rear-engine thrift and efficiency, agile action, spacious sun-roof -and a car-full of "extras" at np extra cost! It's the best buy-the beautiful buy-the sporty, irresistible bianchinai I BIANCHINA acMi era CONVERTIBLE S Radio Highlights LET'S TELL A STORY A story of faith and courage and a friendship between settlers and Indians entitled "The Courage of Sarah Noble." WCAE, 7:15 p. m. FROGRAM rI Live broadcast of William Zecken-dorf's address to Allegheny Conference on Community Development at Carnegie Institute (8:05); Mike Levine's news day; interviews about blind rehabilitation and community electric power; "Peri-scope" of upcoming news. KDKA, 8:00 p. m. GOLDEN HOUR Schumann's Svmphonv No. 4 in D Minor. WWSW, AM, FM, 9:00 p. m. MUSIC ON FM - WK.IF-FM Frankie Carle, his piano and orchestra present Robert Merrill's music from the Broadway production "Take Me Along." 6:00 p. m. KDKA-FM Beethoven's "Fiedlio." 8:00 p. m. WLOA FM Concert in Hi-Fi Highlighting excerpts from the Classics. 11:00 p. m. HOFFMAN JEBEVERLY HILLS, CALIF SEE YOUR LOCAL FIAT DEALER P O L NEW YORK fMevniAiivoB at. . u,5,",oultu 07 I III Fill MOTOR cab en.. INC MEW rORRi 443 PARK AVENUEBEVERLY HILLS. CALIFORNIA: 9130 WILSHIRE BLVD. BUTLER FOREIGN CARS Of BUTLER, INC. 342 Bouth Min St. ERII FORfIGN CAR VIUAGI SALES 1 SIR 3213 Asbury Rrt nrrsiURGH INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOBILES, INC. ISM Wat Libuv At. 6REENSIURG OLMETTI MOTORS, INC. 240 I Pittsburgh St. WARREN IOWEN.WHITE TRUCK CO , INC. 1812 Fnnslm Av., Wut ALL MAKES Prmpt Strvic SmibU Priew SEWING Strvic StubU Prici MAGIIIHES NEW, USED FOR SALE REPAIRED A. MORRONE . LO. 3-2515 f -mmmmmmmmffK!.mtttfm! ipWWEmmEM ti I? iv P) A SINGER, SON Julie London is a cafe singer in the Philippine Islands ond Richard Cunter is the son she is striving to keep in tonight's episode of "Adventure in Paradise." Channels 4 ond 10 at 9:30. 'Camera 3' Series Ends On Jan. 17 Sunday Morning Spot Right For Modest, Scholarly Effort By FRED REMINGTON' ' There Is something kind of melancholy and forlorn in the news that "Camera 3" will be no more after Jan. 17. It is not, Heaven knows, a program most people watch with any regularity, but then no show scheduled at 11:30 Sunday mornings is going to be. But It was pleasant knowing; it was tliere, and looking' in on It when th demands of the Sabbath morn permitted. Yesterday, in its thoughtful, unpretentious way, "Camera 3" dramatized two scenes from the Thomas Hardy novel, "Far From the Madding Crowd." (That usually comes out "Maddening Crowd," as though Hardy had been writing about a Dormont street car, but actually he wasn't.) They were incomplete little fragments of the book with no real beginning or end, but they were skillfully acted and transmitted the tone and flavor of the book, as they were intended to do. "Camera 3," it struck me, is sort of like an inconspicuous volume by some non-best selling author, exactly like Thomas Hardy. There it sits in an obscure place on the shelves -and if TV viewing limes are thought of as shelves, 11:30 a. m. on Sunday Is about as obscure as you can get. You don't pick It up often, this volume or this program, but it's nice to know it's thete, ready, available for the day you have the time and the mood. Perhaps television can't operate this way. Viewing times are not expanding things like bonk shelves, and quite possibly TV's economics are such that at no hour of day or night can it schedule something which only a few look at occasionally. 1 But the fact remains "Camera 3," ambitious in ideas and modest in production, is an asset. It was right and appropriate in its obscure Sunday morning niche, and it seems a shame it's now being crowded out of even that modest dwelling place. VIEWING IMPRES. SION'S: Burgess Meredith surely rates an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Eli Whitney on Sunday right's "American Heritage." How skillfully he suggested the drive and fire of that often frustrated genius rising triumphant over bitterness and disillusionment. . . . Another recent acting June A 1-Woman Voice Squad By HAL HUMPHREY HOLLYWOOD Since this is the year for exposing everything on TV which isn't strictly kosher, you may" as well have the facts about some of those sexy starlets emoting on your home screen. Male viewers, especially, must have noticed that these young glamour queens usually possess soft, sultry voices which make a guy want to roll over on the floor and bark at the moon. In recent "Laramie" episode a well upholstered heroine looked inio a rowpoke's eyes and purred, "You've got to take me with you," with a come-hither voice Mae Wext would envy. Actually, this particular damsel's vocal chords sound like the starter on an old Essex. The dulcet tones you heard were those of a diminutive, ex-radio actress by the name of June Foray. Miss Foray is a voice bootlegger. And she is so busy dubbing her repertoire of voices for TV "actresses" that she has difficulty finding time for her stock in trade TV and radio commercials. During the past year the vari voiced Miss Foray has been used to cover up vocal deficiencies in Just about every western on TV, besides some of the top adventure shows, including "77 Sunset Strip." One of her most recent Jobs was "looping" (dubbing) all of the dialogue for a heroine on TBS' "Rawhide." The gal in the role had a shape like Marilyn Monroe, but she talked with a Brooklyn accent thicker than Mabel Flapsaddle's. Miss Foray sat in a projection room, adjusted a pair of earphones on her, then waited for each of Miss Glamour's scenes to be repeated on the screen. Cue lines were marked on the film, and as each one came up. Miss Foray read aloud each line of dialogue. It is a tricky process, because Miss Foray must "lip-sync" here words to match the lip movements of the girl on the screen. Her voice is then duly recorded on tape and later inserted into the film. Now I can hear someone out there in the audience asking. "Why did they hire this dame with the Brooklyn accent in the first place? That dear viewers, must be answered very delicately and thoroughly. There are cases where the fresh young starlet is a "close friend" of someone who pulls a lot of weight on the show. He knows that Miss Glamour has a voice like a fishwife's, but he sees other talents in her which, shall we say, compensate for that shortcoming. With TV's sudden passion for doing nothing to deceive, its audience, I'm sure that Miss Foray will soon be getting billing' at least "Body by Simon LaRue; Voice by June Foray." 5! 6 8 9 iM tlS tlO , '00 IS :30 :45 10 12 New C (act Continued Wmu Cam. Cominud Nv: . Lang An Pollon Wfhn Cont. Contmuad OO ; Naws; Pollon 1 S Continued t30 Wim, Cont. :45 Commuta Inn ! ilS Qtom FM i30 1 Wr j Cont. :4S Continued Nt MS; Pr O-OTl PM Whr.i Cont. Continued Newt: P. Lin Continued Wthr.i Com. Contmutd Paul Lonfl IS ! Pan lin ,30 Wthr.i Cont. :45 ! Continued :0O Newt- Randy ilS Hall Show i30 Vifthr : Cont. j4S Ctv'nutd :00 IS I i30 :45 WCAE WAMP KQY I1M 'M J 1410 1320 Utum Kmw Nw Whit Do Scott Prww Continued Continued N; Cent. N. Whit Continued Continued Continued Continued New Henn Newtt Jim Dove Scott Penny White Continued Son., Cont. Newt; SoerM J. Doiv Nt Thomot; S'dtt, 3-Star Xtto so.LWh...Ni Th Rotary NeweTjim Morgan: Nw Pot Soon Whit H. Dobecco Kothrve Newt of Gene; Cant. Kuhlmon The World Continued NMrt Nesbtt NwiTYou St H. Dobecco I, II Neibit Your lit Show: Newe Continued Monito, Coninued Continued Continued Continued Newt,- Neibit Nwu Monitor lorry Aiken Continued Continued Cant.; Nwt Newt? Cant. Continued Cantinued Continued Continued Cont.i Nwl Newt; (ill Nwt: Gotlighl Newt; lorry Nesbit , Serenod Aiken Newt; Cant. Continued Continued Continued Continued Cont.t Nwt Newt; Sill Nwt: Gatlight lorry Aiken Nesbn Serenab Cont.; Newt Newt-. Cont. Continued Continued Continued Continued Cont.; Nwt Newt: Neibit Nwt; Goilignt Grerj Mown Cantinued Se'enod All-Nite Newt: Cont. Cantinued So'eli'e So nGooflfWOet Continued Htt: Scorn Gibson Ntvt Record H'ts Tudref. Sori SamGoodmort Continued Tucktr, Sou SarnGooomaf Tonight ot I Continued Continued Continued Got den Hoot Continued Continued Continued Accent Oft Melody Accent on Melody All-Star Final Continued Continued C9nmued 90Club Continued Continued Vnf--n--pd - EARLY TUESDAY 7 8 9 10 11 :00 1 Nwt; Cardie ilS1 Cantinued 30 I Wthr.; Cam. :4S I Continued :00 Nwt; Co'diC ;1S Continued :30 Newt :45 Cord.f I C. :00 1 Nwt; Cardie 12 2 3 4 IS :30 :4S :00 tlS :30 :4S iM tlS 30 ti :00 tlS 30 45 :00 (IS ;30l t43 I :O0 ilSj 30 :00 ilS : 30 l45 .00 ;1S :30 i45 Continued Wthn Cordic Continued News; Afi Pollan Show Wthr.i Cont. Continued Newi; Art Pa lion Show Wthf.t Cont. Continued News Bod Ifotev VVthr.j Conf. Cofinied News; Trocy Bob Irocev Wthr.; Cont. Contirujed News; Trocev Continued Wthr.i Cont. Confinutd Nes; Clark Pore Sho Wthf.i Conf. Continued Newt; Wthr." C Race Sho Wthr.i Cont. Cor'nued . Newti Shore Continued Continud Sptt ;Cont. N Perry; Nwt Pere Short Ne vt: Cont. Continued Newt: Shower Continytd Abdou Com. Continued Newt; Shater Continued Continued Continued Newt; Shofer Continued Abnou; Cont. Continued Nwt Michael Continued Abriou; Cont. Continued Nwtt Michael Continued Abdou; font. Continued Nw; Michael Continued Abdou: Cont. Continued Nws: Michael Continued Nwt.- Henny Penny New: Henny Penny New; Cont. Co'nud Newt - Doug he tv Lee Voaef Show; Newt Newt: Conf. Dougherty Continued Show; Newt Newt: Lee Dougherty Vogel Show Show; Newt Newt: Com. Dougherty Continued Show: Newt Newt; Leo B 'en k fast Vogef Show Club Phone Party ' Continued Continued Continued Newt: My Peter L. Haves True Story HenryDoBecco Continued ' Continued Continued Continued NtwiNBC Henry Do Pndio Becco Show Theatet Continued Continued Cont.: New Newtr Jano Henry Da Hlen B5ll Becca Snow Newt: Frank Continued TomnseMo Cont.; New: Newtr Frank Sam Holg-an Tomasello Show Continued Continued Co" nJ8 Cont:;ewt Newti It't Snm Holman Network Show Continued Contintd Com'nued Cont.; New Newt, It't Dave Scoff Network Continued Continued Continued Continued Cont.; Newt Newt. Jim Dave Scoff Whito Continued Newt; Con. Continued Cpnf'ni ed Con? ; No-a1 Good Memlnej ShaiienberQef Continued Continued Good Morninf Continued Newt; Snyder Snolicnberpw Good Mwrm Continued Tune tnn Continued H. Lockharf Continued Continued Continued H. lockharf"" Continued Continued Continued Roy Snyder Wthr.i Polka Rhythm Continued Melodvgo" round Bill Hindt Continued Bill Hindi Continued . Continued Continued B'M Hmdt Continued Continued Continued Record Hit SomGoodmon Continued performance that struck me forcefully was that of Jay Adler as Chickie ("I'm chicken clean through") the sleazy little drug addict with a mournful sense of humor on "The Detectives' Friday night. Got a chuckle out of the 'Tordic and Co." film nhown on Carl Ide's noon news Saturday and earlier In the week on Pat Kiely iihow. Appearing to narrate the film, Rege, ever a man of honor, gravely revealed that til ft morning radio show is not done he-fore a live audience. Stout fella, Rege. Yd alway cherished the illusion that multitudes of fans packed Hunt Armory every morn-Ing at, 0:10 to provide crowd noises, hut It's nice to know the truth, much as it hurts. Can you recall a Sid Caesar Show which didn't include an eating scene? Out of 87 Caesar Shows, only four have larked one. Sid insists on real food, too , , . On Sunday afternoon following the Army-Navy football-game, the two service Acade- DAYTIME STATIONS WDUQ FM IATI MONDAY 100-Si.n On: N.wt 1 lS-5or. Heart Proiram l:30-Concert Matinee 4:30-Comwt Caravan S 45 V iioi el Itrael :00-Pinanc Newt; Sort. 4 1 S-lntiih viw A:30-Dinner Muiic 00-Geet.etewn rerum Hour :30 Av Moria 00-Centerl Hall 0O-Nwt: Sin O f ARIY TUESDAY 00-Si.n On; Muiic; N.wt 11-Socred Heart Prerom 30Cencert Matine 30-Camput Caravan mies will compete In the GE College Quiz Bowl In a general information quiz. How wonderfully descriptive is Edward R. Murrow'f comment on the singing voice of Louis Satchmo Armstrong: "Like a tired piece of sandpaper calling lor its mate." i Mm umiiLLum. i IN.w dial vmbr for 400 homa Mrvlcti ft HOUSE RE-IVIRKJG rlr tioui Tel mn R. . your new. out your jld p.lektd wiring t r-mov fir heiird. In- f 1 1 new Isctrie wiring in your horn.. Aesitered Work To Local Codes Low, Low Month oymtnf fhont Now for Fast Servct AMERICAN HEATING CO. . Electrical Division" S2TS Finn vi, EM. 2-0800 (3. Money JbT hard to Here's convenience you'll like! Household Finance does everything possible for your convenience in arranging an instalment cash loan. Chances are, one of our 1000 HFC offices is not far away, wherever you are. And HFC gives you the convenience of real cash you can spend anywhere for anything. Drop in or phone. Lift imuranet emilablt on loan ahftv $SM tl loie group ml C,, MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS YeOet W I 34 I 1 I 11 SmtULtnArt SIM IS 5.D0 t5 7.27 B10.IK 20 11.69 14.43 19.99 3 17.13 21.27 29.H1 501 27.23 I 34 16 4.D9 CMimir 0Km (A. Act im S59.41 I 71.73 I ff2.4' 1134.31 2m 79 01 I 95 40 123 01 jl78lv3 Ptymtmt trntiwU ptimtptl mn4 tnutmL mm HOUSEHOLD FINANCE Ltm eeew mm m ev HOUSEHOLD CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. 00WNT0WM MtOOOCK 304 Fo Avt. it 4. 2ne Fl CO V34M M afwMtwi .,? H M I -tfSl Sie SmtkM St ATI-SIM luimaaf HeFittliAv. tor 2l 0. AT1S.WI . . ,. 14i Stith St J Fl U MOSS " """i"' - " w tetmy Ent S4S Pm. Am. H4VIS FALLS mmtwooo orriei . 413SrfwitsvlM ?t4Ftor TU 4 ftWHI 9m tnn I TlWe. -M4 AnilnliilhIITrreSlwepC1l. OSEINtluaa IAST LltCRTT "J ""' Sl ,i 14 P An.. 24 Fl EM 13900 1 . Umpl 4-MM H0STM HOC MtKHIPOST n I Wm, hh. Suemky PoPoHi't k VU-.M ft 0 4-H14 ?o Fl T MX NEW KtNIINITON wtLKiNMuaa m nei st. ?n fl HI? SI. over WoelwertK I CK 1 -(IM4 0t Fmtei CtetKM tfl HOMftTfAB WilHINOTON 4 t B An 24 Fl m I 7WI f Mm Jt. 1H H tAMr 7V

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