The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1960 · Page 2
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1960
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Detectives Snip String Of Burglaries Three Suspects Held In $12,000 Theft Spree Throe drtcomr hnt,Moi from snatch today cracked sirin? of burglai irs win netted mote than $12,000 a rh in loot. Tw o .suspect. James Han on. ,1.1, of ISO Devillieis St.. ami Ohtey Pat krr. .10, of 12::') Prnn Ave, wrie held for coin I by Magistrate John J. Fiiiiun i. A thud. believed hy dclec tics to ! the imglrader. wav puked up and booked shortly j after the healing at Crnliali Station. Hp is Benjamin Millar.! 37. of Last Court, Broadhcad Manor. ) Began ( hristmas Fve The tah of burglaries began on I'h,! iMtr.a- Fv c w hen thieves broke into the Geneial Elerltic AppaiaUis Sales Division at bM9 Penn Ave., and carted off! more than $12u0 in TV, radios' and stereos, j A week later -- on New; Year's ( a hit again the ame spot was for Sl'liii wot tit of. similar equipment. At the hearing ron admitted his first I.K burglary said hp was not in any others. today Bar-role in the , Detectives implicated OfTtcei s linked Paiker lo I eiht jobs. Other Burglaries In addition to the two ;K bre.ik ins P.uker was charged with bin gl, ii ies that ranged horn SI.. 'id at a potato chip firm to .ViiKHl in a safe job at the W'cise Provision Co.. 1111 Mutiel St., on Jan. 17. Detectives Hubert Wagner, Phil llingley and Arthur Palmer started out cold on the case after Christmas. They found that radios and television sets were selling dirt cheap around the Hill District. They testified they traced the "hot" items to P.aiToii and Paiker. but not before the series of bin glat les became en larged. The offiiets feel that a fourth man mav be involved, I hut so far they've been unable to ronfii tn this. Equitable Seeks Gas Rate Rise Continued from foj One acrvue for tts 2:,0 rest-ilentiut, eotntiiercinl and industrial consumers. customers: Kouit.ihle setves in Allegheny. Armstrong, Puller, Greene. Indiana. Washington, and Westmoreland counties. Mr. Piown said Kquitahle is also seeking Pl'C approval today to .sell an additional six million dollars worth of new preferred slock, lie said the rising cost of money is te-flerted by the fact that this lipvv issue is expected to carry a dividend rate of Tvii per ,'eni. last month the Pl'C ai proved a $722,000 Kquitahle increase to rover the new Pennsylvania gross receipts tax ngainst utilities. Peoples Natural Gas Co. and Manufac t liters Light & Heat were gi anted similar increases totaling Sl.SO.'i.OOO. The total 11 mill levy has been passed along to customers by all three (inns, Kquitahle's 10-year analysis discloses that since 19."0 it received five tale advances totaling S'i.32fi.iHH) to offset higher wholesale gas charges. Three, for $ti.2 12.t km) a year, met ad-riiiional expenses, chiefly for labor and material. The utility said that more than one half of Its Sfi.i-li,-AtlO general increase was paid out in f ederal and State income taxes. On Keh. 1. Manufactureis Light & Heat appealed for a 51.100.000 raise to defray higher natural gas prices. t',as utilities hete have been filing for higher rates at so furious a pace the City of Pittsburgh has attacked the problem at the wellhead. The Citv has retained a Washington consultant to protest natural gas puce increases before the Federal Power Commission. The City Law Dept. also says that some utilities have tie-in with pipeline suppliers, whereby additional revenue is diverted to parent companies. U. S. Steel In Price Move U. S. Steel Supply Division .plowed into the rear of Mi Is changing its prices on hot!Sladky' stalled trailer Jan. , rolled carbon steel products: in three areas of the country, apparently based on an earlier move by the Joseph T. Ryer-son & Son's Pittsburgh branch. The changes were made in U. S. Steel's Pittsburgh, Cleveland and St. Paul districts, effective with orders placed today. Like Ryerson, U. S. Steel Supply said the "adjustments" include hoth increase and de- nrases, nut that buyers can lower their steel costs by Mannarinos Involved In Conspiracy Apalachin Linked To Gun Plot Gambling Cut Behind Moves By iKMK ROIH.KKS The big story in the ! conviction of six men for gun-running is the story i behind the story that was unfolded at the trial. an international gambling svn-dirate and i t possible con- rurlions with the big gang-land convention in Apalachin, N Y , law enforcement officials are on hired. Involved with the gambling syndicate ate an iniei national ci ime cartel, big time local iae-ketocrs, revolutionary artivi-ties. lohlwry and intrigue. "Gun running hi one of the Nssiliilitir-H of the Am-lachln (iti( conference," 1'. v Attorney Hubert I. Tei-telhaiiin said I m I y . "Many or the men picked lip at that conference were hip gamblers and I hey were Interested in I he lucrative gamhlin enterprise In pre-("HHtrci Cuba.' A for the gun running rase, the principal characters weie: Norman Ilothnian, of Surf- side, Fla., former "slot ma-cliine king" and night dub operator of Havana, Cuba, late-ly of Miami, Kla. ind Chicago. Joseph Merola, a former Pitlshurgher, of Miami, and a fiiend of deposed Cuban Presi- dent Carlos Prio. intei national ievvel thieves and South Anien can despots. Sliiurt Siilnr, of Ilialeali, Fla., self styled s.ldier of for- tune, who was raptured with a plane load of stolen weapons at the Morganlovvn. V. Va port Nov. 4, 10'iX. Three New Kensington men Involved in the plot were: Victor Carlucci. son in law of Western Pennsylvania racket hoss Sam Manual ino, and heir apparent to his "throne." Daniel (Sppedo) Hanna. for mer doorman at the Triangle; , Milliards Club, a gambling! i joint allegedlv owned by C,a-j hriel (Kelly) Mannarino, Sam's) brother. I -losepn (Keill .0(ano, a neighbor of the other two and former manager of the IJache-lor Club. rive or the above men were i given live year prison terms and fined $10,000 each. The sixth, Giordano, was given a three-year jail term, but was not fined. Attorneys for both sides were in Philadelphia today, where the defense- is asking the Third Circuit Court to free the convicted men on bond 1 pending an appeal to that tribunal. Tlipy were the principal characters named in the indict .ment. But as in manv a cood mystery story, the main char aclers aren't listed. The original story is a simple one: On Oct. II, 1 .-. when ( 'li Swindle Victims Get Back $2100 Car Dealer Pays Up To Stay Out Of Jail An Oakland used car dealer repaid $2100 to two victims of a truck swindle yesterday as an alternative to a jail sen tence in Criminal Court. The defendant. Ben Fore man, whose auto lot is on North Craig Street, pleaded j guilty to charges of fraudulent conversion and false pretensp in the trial before Judge Kohert Van der Yoort. Foreman was accused of, buying a truck for $S0O but ! not paying for it - and then selling it for $1100. When the. vehicle proved faulty, the new! owner invested some $200 for repairs and finally returned it. He demanded bis money hack hut was turned down. Foiemnn was ordered bv Judge Van der Yoort to make restitution or fare jail. Jle also placed the costs of the case on the defendant. Mvofvi'ng 3 Deaths One Held, One Freed At Road Inquests One driver was held for court and another was freed crash inquests today involving three deaths, Ldward Sladky, 20. of Scottdale, was absolved of blame a Pa i kway I killed. West crash in which two truck occupants were He ruy Dreyfus tt. of ."717 Ho hart St., Squirrel Hill died instantly when his true! at the Woodville exit. Foster B. Brown, ,12, of -405 Covell Way. who was riding with Mr. Dreyfus, died a week later at Allegheny General Hospital. Mr. Sladky testified his truck had snapped an axle, and was immovable. He put out two flares, one 40 feet from his trailer, and the other 100 fppt away. The nearest flare had been struc k by Mr. Dreyfus' vehicle. In thp other case Smith. 23. nf nv-. uv ' buy-jHerron Hill, was held on "a J . () P " M St J MP i I'M i r 0 1 ft Ix-w. . JL . -,. L.f n.. nil , i i ll LEAVINC FEDERAL COURT in the custody of a U. S. marshal are four of six defendants who received stiff sentences in a plot to ship stolen guns to Cuba. From left are Marshal Albert DiMeolo, Daniel Hanna, Stuart Sutor, Norman Rothman and Victor Carlucci. Imn rebel leader Fidel ('Hiiro was beginning' bis attacks on now deposed President .loan Batista, 317 weapons werp atolen from the National t.uard Armory at ( anion, Ohio, Several weeks later, on Nov. 4, a plane plioted by Sutor was (aptuied at the Morganlovvn Airport with 121 of the stolen weapons, plus two heavy ma chine guns. 1 lie pi oxeriiuori s i ase, vxiiiie j complex, can be stated simply. Mr. I eitelbaiim. and his assistant, Daniel Snyder, related tn llio iin v nf niirht women and i ;n'o,ai u r-,-.., n,r,n,o iwvii mi ii inai iiic uvivi imn mi :h!.,i n.wi that! Rothman had been identified as being the man who pid up $0000, at first to buy, and then rent the jilane Sutor piloted when he was raptured vvilh the stolen gujis. -Dr. Louis Pessuliino, formerly of New Kensington and now residing in Miami, had been contracted hy Kotlinuin to get the plane and pilot and that Dr. I'essolano had admitted both Kothman and Sutor told him later that the plant was being; used to carry Runs. -Mel-ola had told Dr. Pesso lano. in October, 19.".S. that he was going in accompany1 Sutor noi th on the first flight, although no one except Rothman knew where the plane was to go. Merola was accused of showing Sutor the directions to the Reniirh Airport, near New Kensington, where the guns were loaded Nov. 1, shortly before his plane was captured. -Sutor told Dr. Pessolano, an un indicted co-consph ator in Widow Loses Fight On Kaufmann Will Adequately Provided For, Judge Says; She Had Sought Half Of $10 Million Estate Continued from Pace One til the following September, five mouths after his death. She charged then that the agreement did not make a reasonable and adequate provision for her and that she had not been given full and fair information of Mr. Kaufmann' worth. I'nder the agreement she waived any rights and claims "that she may acquire as Mr. Kaufmann's surviving .spouse in his estate upon his death, including; . , , light of election to take against his last will and testament . , ," In exrnange, Mr. Kaufmann promised: 1-The gift of 2.100 shares of common stock in May Department Stores, Inc., mp-erator of Kaiifmann'si. worth $!12,H.iO at the time of his death. in liee said he had been driving vv'"1 an expired Pennsylvania learner s permit and piled Ohio license. an ex His passenger, Miss Mona Jean McCauley, 20, of Dun-ransville, a student nurse at Mercy Hospital. Altoona, died when his car collided with another auto Nov. 20 at lech Farm Road and l.emington Avenue. The other driver, Miss Nancy Harrison. 1.19 Dallas Ave., Point Rreee, attended the cot oners inquest on crutches. She testified she recalled only that she had asked to he taken to St. Francis Oneral Hospi- Thomas J.Ital where her father. Dr. R. H. u, - rin u o,. ci. remembered no additional' de : 1 - izrs-n tin i j -c 1 the rase, that he had transported guns his first, trip north in October, and that Rothman told the physician the same thing. -Carhieci, , lerola, and Hanna had been spotted at the Keniirli field on Oct. ' when "bundles" were loaded aboard Suloi's plane, and Hanna, Sutor and Carliirri's rar had been seen at the field on Nov. I. Giordano, who was a fiiend of Hanna, Dr. Pessolano and Carlucci, had purchased 130 i bags in October 1!T8, and that bags similar to those he purchased were covering the stolen arms found in Su-tor's plane. That was the story that con vinced the jury. But for the story behind the,mous Apalachian gangland story-which is liie heart of j meeting in lfl.TT that Kelly J the matter- a much closer! Mannarino was known to have look at the Government's case' attended. His brother, Sam, j must be considered. Was reported to have escaped - The most important factors nave io no wnn .xorman koiii-i man, lormer business associate1 of Sam Mannaiiiio and a Cuban by choice. . j It w as brought out during j the gun-running trial that Sam! lived with a son-in-law, and; that the truck used to trans- nn.. 4Un ....... 4 t . . 1 .. A "" , , ' ' a' V; ti Minting i 'o.- which by Kellv'riho, is owned These were the things that weren't brought out: Sam Mannarino and Kothman have been indicted by a Chicago Grand Jury on charges of being involved in a 12 -million-dollar robbery of Canadian stocks the biggest bank robbery in history. Ihe Indicted with them for 2 His residence Springs, Calif., SI 10,1100. .1- Life interest In income from at .shares in Stores, w -Ma i;ep.uiment i itch at the time of the agreement would have yielded $2.1.128 a year after taxes. I Mis. Kaufmann contended that the annual income was : not sutiicient to maintain her-self at the expensive California est ale, Judge Boyle said that a paragraph in their agreement stated that Mr. Kanf-inaiin's net worth on the day of the signing was III million dollars, which was later .shown to lw accurate. Although Mis. Kaufmann id. Judge Boyle charged fiaud, said, there was support it. no evidence to Meyersdale Doctor Dies At Hotel Here Dr. Charles W. Stotler, 43, of Meyersdale. died in his room at the Hilton Hotel early today apparently from a heart attack. Police were summoned hy his wife, Joyce, and applied oxygen to the stricken physician for 30 minutes, without avail. The couple had checked into the hotel Wednesday. , Beer Bottle Victim j Wins $25,625 Suit ':' A Kentucky man whose eye I w as injured by an exploding beer bottle won a $2."i.G2"i damage suit today in Federal i Court against the Glenshaw Glass Co. i Bringing the action was i Goldie ShofTner, SI. of Middles jboroKy., who suffered 50 per CPIlt loss of vision in nni pvp n n, af.,i, -!,, at T.nn..-. fii,iff amn i m i,).). THI PITTHBIIOH PRrit sJ'Jl Plttiburrh. PBiurlinia. H-iiM w ft I ettnt CXrm - robbery of ihe Krookville Trust and Savings Co. of Ontario was Guesrppe C'otroni, reputed head of the Canadian crime syndicate. Here is what law enforce ment officials believe was in back of the ronbrrv: In the early ID.'iOs, Rothman was manager of the .r'ans Souci Club in Havana, Culm, ; reputedly the front man for Sam Mannarino's gam. Win, concession there, As time went on, reports have it that the gambling interests in Cuba were becoming more and more dissatisfied with the Batista regime because it was taking a bigger cut of gambling profits. j Then there was the infa ,ne P "'e . "J??"01. caP' I uireu anour tu noons mere. One of the principal topics of discussion at the meeting, agents believe, was how lo raise money, arms and ammtt- Inition to aid Castro in his at tempt to overthrow Batrsta. Mannarino, Rothman and Cotroni allegedly planned to Il,ll "P 1he Canadian bonds for bly Wt,;l,lons ior llle cuuan rebels. In his final argument in the, trial, Mr. Teitelbatim had told . i the jury of the quotation on ' the walls of the Justice Da-jpartment In Washington. j "The United States wins ! , every case, so long as justice , i is done," (Jie quotation read, j he said. ; I The jury's verdict proved his point, he said today. I 2 Fined For Fight .At Traffic Light 'Slow' Driver Punched On Nose A fist fight at a red light ! wound up before a magistrate at PalniJ in South Side Police Court to-valued at day, I James J. Folev. :SS. of 21 11 ihe entire iUolromb St.. P.rookline, told ast 20.000 ;..,,..,, Willi-.m c p,l. mon( .stopped at a light .stopped at a light at Arlington and Warrington Ave- nuejast night. When the light changed, Mr. Foley said he was slow in starting and someone behind him blew a horn. When .Mr. Foley shouted back to Ihe horn blower, Robert Tiedf, 21. of 1071 New Arlington Ave., and Joseph Fleck, 21, of 10!)7 New Arlington Ave., ran up to his car. Mr. Foley said Fleck punched him in the nose and fhen the two jumped in their car and rode off. Police picked them up later after Mr. Foley reported the license number. Fleck and Teidt were fined $10 each, 4f Pioneer In Field Travel Service Head Anne Egan Dies -Ax i -i 77S WWliiliift -sWA P ttiburqh f'tu FnJy. Ftbruiif J, 1963 Girl Killed In Crash Of Birthday Car Driving To School When Her Gift Auto Skidded Into Tree Prft Sia'e Wire NKW KENSINGTON. Feb. 5 A cherished birthday present brought death to a 17-year-old Westmoreland County high .school student today. Last Monday -loann Aliilell Kenyon was as happy as only a young girl can he when she was given a car by her uncle, Ilaryot (.recti-wood, with whom she lived at Avoninore. She drove the rar to Bell Avon High School in nearby Salina w here she was a mem her of the senior class and promptly became the envy of her classmates who arrived via school bus. j Today she started out for school as usual but she never arrived. About one mile north of Saltshuig on Route 9sl, her i rar skidded on the highway and hit a tree. She suffered a fractured skull and was pi'.inoiiiicid dead 1.1 minutes later by Dr. Thomas Haddon of Saltshuig. School authorities said she was the daughter of Mrs. V. G. S.T'ler, of 1120 Hillsdale Ave., Dormont, and had entered Pell Avon for the first time last fall. Preying On Priest Costs Man $150 Boys Town Director Traps Swindler A man accused of preying on parish priest:: with a hard luck story to ;4et cash hand outs today found the shoe on the other foot. lie was ordered to pay a total of $1')0 in fines or spend nine months in jail. A priest in MrKeesport brought about the capture of F.wing Thoinpkins, 3a, of 20) Dinwiddic St. At a heating before Magistrate John J. Fiorucci today Ihe story of Thompkins' operation unfolded like this: He would purport to he a representative from the office of a Common Pleas judge in phoning the rectories. Then he would give out a woeful tale of a litigant in desperate financial and niaviiql straits. "If you can help this fellow I'll send him right over," the caller would tell the nriest. A short time later Thompkins himself appeared at the parish house. His st rfry of desperation brought more than $-'i00 from his benefactors. Py the time Thompkins arrived at the Auberle Roys Home in McKeesport Wednesday, The Rev. laic Lit.enber-ger already had seen a circular distributed among priests in the area. He detained him until police arrived. 3 Get Petitions For Legislature Two Republicans and a Democrat took petitions today to run for nominations for the State Legislature. In Ihe Seventh District, the Democratsic incumbent, pep. Kdward Schuster, signed for papers in the Haelvvood Hays district. John Howard Murphy, an employe of Stale Treasurer Robert F. Kent, i seeks the Republican nomina tion in the Seventh. Warren M. Tes.niro. Republican chairman of Glassport, took petitions for a loth District seat. Woman Dies At 104 NKW CUMBERLAND, Pa Feb. .)-Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hench, who moved here from New Bloomfield in 1900. died yesterday in her sleep at the age of 104. Anne Egan, pioneer travel agent in Pittsburgh, died today at Spencer Hospital in Mead-ville after an illness of several weeks. Miss Egan. who lived at the Cathedral Mansions, was one of the first to plan and arrange trips for tourists here. And she arranged plenty of them for herself, too. Traveling was bpr life. She started the Anne Egan Travel Service in 1922 and when the firm was incorporated she became president. Miss Egan was active in travel arrangements until a month ago. Just last year she made several trips to Europe and stop ped ofT in the Bahamas and other well-known tourist spots. Funeral arrangements will be handled bv H. Samson's. I Former President and ."Mrs. Harry Truman arrive in Florida Feb. 16 for a t two-week va- , tion mixed '- with jxilitical J events. Mr. Truman plans People ' to interrupt a vacation at Mrs. Truman Key West Feb. 27 to speak at a Democratic fund - raising dinner in Miami. He and Mrs. Truman will be at Miami Beach while thfir Daniel, is appearim: in the comedy "Happy Time" at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, nai .'larch, recovering in a iGrand Rapids, Mich., hospital from about w iih pneumonia, talks with his w iff. ('and y, who is in a New York hospital where she gave birth to their fourth child, a boy. March, a for-nor television ptizmaster. was touring with V the play, the Broadway "Two for j Seesaw,"! .March when stricken. 5 t '--t v 1 !i S- s sjf Polly Polly Bergen, .singer and actress, has heen appointed chairman of Ihe women's activities of the 1900 Multiple Scln osis Society Hopp ( best campaign. The appointment was announced by Palpli . (dock, president 01 the society, in New Voik. Ihe campaign tin year tuns Mothers Dav, Mav 8, through lathers' Dav. June 19. Miss Bergen succeeds Joan Crawford, who served m a similar position m VJoS and 19,1!). ',1 r Ti v J : ..& 1 frxs'&it:wiX Stephen Cub Scout Stephen McLaughlin, ft ycar old son of Robert McLaughlin, District of Columbia commissioner, pins a minia- lure Boy Scout badge on Vice President Richard Nl.xon as part of the celebration of the jubilee anniversary of the Boy Scouts i of America. ff. '-Mr v "J ft- ' f! .pm lf h !1 u .If III 0 The graduates. Graduation is a serious business, even in nursery school, hut two of the graduates just couldn't resist a peek into the future Ihiough their new diplomas, The youngsters are members of the Paiker Co-Operative Nursery School in Detroit. FROM NINE TO FIVE StI r- spL. 'I have a date for lunch Trumans To Visit Miami For Politics, Acting tsm-r Worjoret daughter. Ulrs. Clifton Lindsay Barbara I.iudsuy Crosby and dancer Barbara Frederickson will he married tomorrow in a wed ding in which L i n d say' s crooner father, l!ing, will be best man. Lindsay. .21. y o u n g e s t of Bing's four? . g r o w n sons, Bing and Miss Frederickson will he married at St. Paul the Apostle's Roman Catholic Church in Westmont, Calif. The couple look out a marriage license yesterday in Santa Monica. It will be the first marriage for both. Nixon but I'll be awfully hungry ... 4 4 , ,, t JJU'V lsv 'ifL' 1 i: ! A R4, Is it AVNE FGA.V

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