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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas • Page 1

The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas • Page 1

Brownsville, Texas
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time, all other times, is a very jbod one, if we but know what to do with it. Waldo Emerson 60 10 PAGES Yowr Freedom Newspaper WEATHER Cloudy Rain 72 90 Degrees BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER, 1061 DIAL LI 2-4331 Tornado Adds To Gal vest on Woes Our Port Busy Alter three days ol buffeting In the fringe of Hurricane Cavla Brownsville was back to norma September weather today with aunny skies, warm temperatures and a fresh southerly breeze. The U.S. Weather Bureau here the Wednesday outlook calls lor considerable cloudiness aix tome possible isolated showers.

Some 20,000 pupils in private parochial and public schools here were back in classes today after a Monday "storm" holiday. Supt Ben Brite said principals reports "normal'' attendance figures. The Port of Brownsville was back business today and with the distinction of being the firs on the Texas Gulf Coast to do so Other Texas ports including Cor pus Christi and Galveston where Carla storm hit harder, were stil cleaning up harbor damage. Richard Schultz, executive as Kistant of the Brownsville Naviga tlon District, said four ships which had remained In haven here during the hurricane, were preparing to sail. They were the Dutch "Aardyk," the Swedish "Shireholm," the Dutch "Wolter sum" and the American tanker "Samuel Q.

Brown." Outside SniVjjFLgo Pass where they have me at tc enter the Ship Chan nel were the "Sigland' and the British 'Beaver Scores of shrimp trawler hurried to basins at Por Isabel and Brownsville last wee! Carla made mountainous seas and massive tides were prepar tag to go fishing again. If th precedents get by previous hur ricanes are followed, fishing i. expected (o be bountiful. Although wind gusts here reached up to 50 miles per hour over the weekend, damage to local property was negligible, po- Uc reported today. Two school; one downtown store and somi homes reported broken windows The maintained eteuiup crews throughout the three dayt of strong whids bunts of rain and today there wai-little evidence of the storm's Jitter of palm and ether debris.

Rainfall for the last five days to 1.40 Inches, the wea cher bureau reported. Corpus Christi received even less wiih .62 of an Inch. Houston had some thing of a deluge with 5.19 inch Temperatures Wednesday are expected to range from 76-86 long fte coast, 74-92 hi the Mid Valley and 72-38 in the Rio Gran de City area. Prison Term On Weed Charges Jacinto M. Garcia of Harlln gen drew three years in prison Monday for possession of marihuana.

Garcia pleaded guilty District Court. Mariano J. Resales, charge; with assault with Intent to mur der, was placed on three years probation. Ramiro Flores Cantu drew tme year probation for driv Ing while Intoxicated, and J. Hall two years probation for bur glary.

Donna Rotary Sets Double Meeting Time DONNA The Donna Rotary Club will hold two meetings this week with District Governor Howard Duffy ol McAllen attending both sessions. In addition to the regular Fr) flay luncheon, meeting, the civic club assembly ThdiAjbsjat 7:30 p. m. Officers and chairmen will discuss activities lor year with the district governor Thursday night. Duffy will pay his official visit to the elub Friday.

DON PEDRO CUM UM ctrryiBc a Hffchd.j rod. "This the iateit InvsrHoa ol the PUB," he uld proudly. "Whit does Public UtUlOem Board need with Ugktalna: rod when they are opening a new plant?" asked the City Editor. "I da not mMoeUto wilt tke Public Utilities Board," Miffed the- Don. lljrtitnlni rod developed bj BUI Haygood and he have fomx-il the Fttf Unuther Bottle society for hot-ohoU mmelVM.

AdW" Aid oat be went. Mid-State Area Hit By Storms Hurricane Caria began Its slow dissipation in Ceulral Texas to- AT but spawned death dealing TI UPI1 A Spaced by ornadic winds and of ymg Hurricane Carla clipped an L-shaperf swatii vain In Us backlash along Ihe Tcx-j" lmt 1 lo heart of flood-isolated Galveston early today, buildings around sleeping occupants and cans- Winds described by the U. R. jing death and injury. Weather Hureau as either torna- Estimates of casualties were hampered by the fact docs or waterspouts ripped an rescue workers had to plough through waist-deep water path of destruction on'and search flooded rubble for victims humcane-battered Galvcslon Is-j John Sealy Hospital reported! land before dawn even as Ihe eye i six persons "dend, five men and if 'if if MUCH LEFT OF THE BEACHCOMBER Padre Motel was a scattered mess of debris today as receding and diminishing winds allowed inspection of the isle.

In the right foreground, J. R. Butler examines a deepfreeze from the motel -It still contained frozen meat. Butler is the brother of the Beachcomber's owner, Mrs. Kathy Anderson.

if if "WE WERE LUCKY" Two Units of the Dunes Motel on South Padre Island collapsed when the sea wall broke, allowing angry seas to tear'at the building Sunday. However, Mrs. Stan Scruggs, co-owner of the motel, said today "We were lucky we're actually happy and ready to make a fresh start." She said it was feared Sunday the entire motel would crash down in the pounding surf, Padre Damage Light: Clean-Up Under Way SOUTH PADRE ISLAND A It appeared more like a tornado each to the storm when their tea Another house nearby sun beamed down and a balmy breeze was gently blowing in from the southeast late this morning as "operation cleanup" ripped the motel apart than the ea. Just south of the wreckage is a home heavily damaged, the front got under way on South Padre seciion facing the Gulf ripped and, brushed briskly by Hurricane Carla Saturday and Sunday. By some miracle the pounding waves and gale-force winds that raked the island over the weekend did very little damage when 'ou consider what could have lappened.

But some spots did suiter high 'roperty damage. Beachcomber Gone The Beachcomber Motel Is gone. Waves still crash against what's left of the foundation. The, motel's upper structure is scat- ered over wide' area with build- ng materials, bedding, steaks and oaves of bread, television sets, lumbing fixtures and rclrigera- name sonic of the debris in the wet sand over 100-yard circle. away from the rear of the house, owned by George E.

Rockwell. North of what's left of the walls collapsed. fn this genera! area profile of ths dunes and beach has undergone a complete face-lilting. Where there were protective dunes the storm cut the sand down almost to sea-level. A big cut was blown through Beachcomber, Dunes ndjthe dunes near the Beachcomber Capri Motels lost several units to the Laguna Madre area.

Weather Alert Issued circulation about Hurricane Carla, the threat of a few isolated tornadoes will again exist with the FORT WORTH, Tex. (UPf) The U. S. Weather Bureau today issued a tornado forecast for portions of extreme Eastern Texas, Western Louisiana and Southwestern Arkansas. The forecast warned: "Wiih increasing daytime tern- most likely along and ap- had severe damage and two others were undermined badly, Including the large John Tompkint residence, which fronts on tha Gulf of Mexico.

But most ol Ihe many homes not built up on pillars escaped wiih only slight water damage. Those built up from the were very slightly alfected by the wind, which at times gxisfed over m.p.h. Sunday. Open For Ruilnrug Water damage was suffered In many business establishments to slocks and fixtures, but structural damage believed slight. Workmen were busy sweeping out water from them today.

being to 50 miles northeast of Texarkana. from II a. m. (o 6 p. m.

cst. 1 a mi trouble spot. The cafe be opened lor business Wednesday. Feit Case Is Opened AtAustin AUSTIN (UPD- Maria Ameri ca Guerra, 21, fold a district court jury In Austin today thai Roman Catholic Priest John B. Feit attacked her as she knell saying rosary in Hie Sacred Hearl Catholic Church in Edinbiirg laj! year.

"He grabbed me and tried to stuff a rag in my mouth, and 1 started fighting 1 the attractive, dark girl said. "He grabbed me down towards the floor and kept me down with his hands on my mouth." She jaid she bit her assailant's linger and screamed. In answer to a question, she pointed her finger at the priest and said, "he is the one." Feit sat stoically during the testimony, looking Intently at the young girl. Shn'i First WHnes, Miss Guerra was the first witness called by the prosecution when the trial got underway after a delayed start. The delay came when defense attorney F'red Semaan of San Antonio requested a continuance because of missing witnesses.

After a recess check on location of the witnesses, Dist. Judge Penn Jackson overruled a motion for continuance. Feit Is accused of assault with intent to rape the girl, who at the time a Pan American College coed. The Jury, Casualty Totals Vary; Hospital Gets Six Bodies of the main storm pumped slowly through the Austin area. Fragmentary reports from Gal- a woman, and 44 injured, 8 seriously.

Police said another 40 or 50 veston indicated at least three persons were hurt, mostly by fly- persons dead and scores injured ing debris nnd glass. nthe wake of Ihe Island tragedy. Property damage, already tre- Two Coast Guardsmen were In, jured and the Coast Guard sta- mendous because of hurricane lion on Pelican Island was dam- nnH hiff'n HHfle cniraloj aged. Curia Inland winds even higher. Carls Head" North Carla Use); was slogging north-.

ward through the state and was not due to expire until after it crossed Into Oklahoma tonight. Its force, however, was spent and about the only damage It was ex- to cause now was flooding from heavy rains that accompanied it. Ralo gauges along the cwst couldn't begin to measure the total downpours which stung like BB pellets as the water was blown liorizcnrally by the powerful winds. At Victoria, for example, a nine Inch rain gauge began overflowing at mid afternoon Monday while heavy downpour! continued on Into the night. Heaviest amount acrimlly recorded by a Weather Bureau station able to get Its records on the wires was 9.69 Inches at Wharton, west of Houston.

Hallettsville reported 8.75 Inches In the 24 hours ended al 6 a.m., while Columbus had 7.83. Galveston 7.26, Elgin 5.44, Houston 5.19, Taylor 4.10. Blanco 4.52, Rusk 3.12. Wor- fham and Bel I on 3.00. Beaumont- Port Arthur 2.20 and numerous points above the two-Inch mark.

Halns extended over all o( the state except the extreme south and extreme west portions of the stale. Overnight low temperatures ranged from Alpine's 56 to 79 at Beaumont. Pipkin Had Low Amount Of Expensed Browjisvllle'i representative In Texas 3. one of nine stale egislalors who kept their expenses under the JMO alloled lor expenditure during the regular session of the body at Auslin. Expenses of Pipkin were 88, according to word received from AusHn today.

Twenty House members spent all Protestants or stating no religious preference, was empaneled Monday night after several defense attempts to postpone the or dismiss the jury failed. Miss Guerra watched part of Monday's legal maneuvers from seat in the half-filled courtroom. priesf sat with clasped hands read from a Bible at tha counsel 1 table. prison Pcmtble Felt faces a penalty upon eon- viclion on the charge ol not less than two years In the penltenti-j ary. If he is found guilty of the lesser charge of aggravated assault, the maximum penalty would be a two-year sentence and-or a 51,000 fine.

The jury is comprised of 10 more than the $900 altoted. Lead- Ing the lop spenders was Mrs. Myra Banfield ol Rosenberg. Her expenses came to J1.192. Next biggest spender was Rep.

George Richardson ot Fort Worth who Is recorded as having spent $1,136. The low spending of Pipkin a long with Ihe nine olhers. including Roger Thurmon of Del Rio, made statewide news. Expenses of the members are recorded by Mrs. Carrie Franks, House Contingent Expense Clerk.

Expenditures for the first and sec- are yet lo The twister hit as Carla, Monday a 150-mile-an-hour fury, steadily lost strength moving inland. It hit the capital of Austin with gusts up to 68 miles an hour Monday night, but they rapidly diminished. Carla, which was downgraded to a "tropical storm," and hurricane warnings came down but danger hurricane-born tornadoes remained In wide areas. The tornado swath through Galveston was four blocks wide. Police said it hit first at the Coast Guard station, moved west through (he business district and then turned south Into a residential area.

Ont ot tha dead, Identified as Mrs. Marie Harris, 57, was asleep in her home when the wind hit with a thundering roar at 5:10 a.m. Her house collapsed around her. Most ot the houces hit were older, two and three-family homes built shortly after 1900 Galveston hurricane and tidal wave nation's greatest natural which as many as 8,000 Many Buildings Wrecked Some houses were flipped over knifed in two. An estimated 50 homes wera destroyed, along with several commercial buildings.

Snakes as well as water plagued Marchers. One policeman on a rescue detail was bitten. Three olhor snakebite cases were reported by the John Sealy Hospital anli-venom center. Heavy equipment was needed to push aside the tornado-caused debris. But there was IKUe of it on Ihe Island and none could get through across the flooded causeways connecting Galveston onto the mainland.

Electric power failures ham(See TORNADO Page Eight) Utilities Weathered Big Blow With new Improvements completed and in service, the Brownsville municipal utilities weathered the fringe effecla of Hurricane Carla in good shape and the sys- lem generally is giving full servw Ice today, according to Manager George K. Weir. The new 69 MlovoH loop drc'Jng the city, part of the Improvement program, kept storm-caused power failures from extending beyond immediate areas, he said. Weir estimated that 95 per cent of Monday's problems were caused by sen-ice dropAies which run through tres or. private proper- Palm Frond Troubles Many property owners object to? cutting of trees, he said, pointing out that If they do object, they are In position ot accepting the risk ot trouble In event of high winds.

Palm trees proved more troublesome than any.other kind be-cause fronds blew across fines, knocking circuits even when (he wires themselvea were undamaged. Weir also asked publia cooperation In event ot future emergencies through public use of telephones. Many persons Monday, he said, called to report power interruptions and then took telephone time to review some past complaint, ask about bills, or chat about service generally. None Off Rook With limited number of phone circuits available, this kept other persons from reporting Interruptions because all circuits were busy. In an emergency tha utilities man each drcult separately and no phones are "taken off tha fiook," he asserted, but busy nals are genuine because many callers do not keep their reports brief and hang up to allow Ihe other fellow a chance.

La Pesca And Eighth Pass Are Improved Local fishermen had some good lews todav In the wake ol Hurricane Carla. Massive tides have cleared Jesus Maria Pass to Laguna Madre 100 land south of Port Isabel, also known as Eighth Pass, and Pesca on the Solo la Marina, two of the most. fruitful fishing areas on the Gulfl dw l' Iin at Mile 9 North and a Coast. Report that the backwash of. Hurricane Carla had cleared the long sand-clogged passes was made by Roberto Monte mayor, Vlatamoros ranchman and pilot.

Montemayor flew over the Monday. J. Gilbert 11 ol Brownsville also flew over the areas today and reported that La Pesca had two passes opened. Bolh areas draw fishermen Fire Destroys Rural Residence WESLACO Fire early today a four-room frame West. Four units of the Weslaco Fire Department answered the lira call at around 3:40 a.

m. How. ever, the blaze was at such an advanced stage that it was yond control when firemen arrived, according to Chief Truman The rural dwelling was occupied by Ihe A. L. Marliner family.

abtilated. all over the United States But no one was at home when Nine of the other Valley legis- and are known for harvests of'the fire broke out. Lyles said. laton mentioned In her re-j trout, redfish, pike and other port. species of the have no Idea how the fire started," he atfded.

PUB Dedication Is Set For 7:30 p. m. At Plant men and two women. One of With skies clearing and Ihe filmed cartoons depicting various ij. C.

George, as mayor ant! mm is a Negro, jgrounds sufficiently dry to han- pnai'-'s of electric power subjects 'member of Ihe Utilities Board, Defense attorney Fred crowd, dedication ceremon- Films of San Anlonlo tried (he trial. He told hiled' Judge je for (he nPW idlowalt Penn Jackson he needed time to 1 collect "more than 4fl" defense witnesses who he plans to call, The motion for rtnlay was overruled. Laltlmore Prosecuting Chief prosecutor R. L. Lattl- more, Hidalgo County district attorney, said he did net know how many witnesses he would call.

One defense witness subpenaed electric plant will go nn as scheduled at 7 p. rn. tonight. i- "We're actually hannv reartv'to appear was state Rep, Elielo peralures and It was Ihe second tornado lore- make JTfresh "tart andI nJtUKika! De la Garza of Mission Federal Judge Reynaldo G. (ake are We Uve tricity." titled "Power bv! w111 ive the res mse to Garza.

"Urf i Garza. who will official- Principles of descale t(ie un was city Color slides made locallv will Garza will dedicate the unit to; public service and In memory ol! the late Si Ray who devoted much civic aclivity lor the benefit of the utilities. The unit wl!) be known as the SI Ray Extension of the municipal electric plant. The program will start at 7 p. ttaw ,0, lw Tt llt-'arl Slrtl I flllU II'.) I U.

,1. Uluv, ,1.1,1. up Ul £11. velopment in the warm unstable, cast includm Texas today. Itjbemoaning our Jittle loss." saW) who he did not know why he hour and a half.

Opening cere- air in the eastern portion ol thejexpired tt a.m. at. (See ISLAND Eight) i notoriety" had prejudiced Iti will be tree movies and utilities electric, water and sewer construction programs' The speaking ceremony is scheduled promplly at 7:30 p. m. and will last no more than 30 minutes because Judge Garza has antrther engagement at 8 o'clock.

Ruben Edelsteln, chairman of m. In order to wind It up In an the Public Utilities Board, will crt as master of ceremonies will Introduce the speaker. Dr. commissioner when previous generating (aclllb'ej were built. He suggested to the Ulilities Board that Ihe new extension named in memory of SI flay.

Following the speaking, conducted tours of the plant will be offered. Since the plant will be operating, children will not tw allowed on the tours unless each is accompanied by nn adult. Refreshments, displays of electrical equipment, and more movies and slide! will close the program-.

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