The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1930
Page 5
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first. Insertion and one cciu a word [cr each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement t'tken lor less than SOc. Count tlie words and send the cash. Phone 30U KI_.YTI1EV1LLH, (ARK.) COtWIER NEM3 ANNE AUSTIN BOARDING HOUSE ' ' ••-" . - - . •• *?,'.'? PAGE FIV -^•^-^-TO By Alier^H THE BLACK PIGEON 'IIIG AVENGING PAVUOT "MURDER BACKSTAIRS' FOR SALE i FOR SALE—RCA .Radlola, $125.! Also General Electric refrigerator, j both practically new. Terms. Phone! 356W. 27C-K31' FOR KENT FOR KENT — Four room house, newly papered and painted inside. On paved street. Garage. L, Fowler, Phone U88 or 450-J. 18C-TP RENT—3 room i house, $3.00; 4 room house, $11.' IN DELL—FOR house, $3.00; 4 L. Fowler, Phone or 450-J. 18C-TF FOR RENT—Sleeping roam In I steam heated nome on Main st. I TV.-O young men preferred. Address | II Courier News. 10:-ktt i FOR RENT—Well furnished front! room, bath and garage, S3 per I week. 505 Park St. Phone 503: k31 ' FOR RENT— decorated and furnished 3-roorn apar'.nicnt. Vacant Jan. Int. Also 5-r:o:n cottage, Ash p.nd Division. Mrs. j Wyatt Heulcy, rhone 335W. I 2CO-K29 I i!i:i;i\ 111:111: JIIAMTA SLOI.IM 1« jiiurdrrcd nl lirldec KiiBiiecIt urrt I.YIJIA (Allll. Ilir MiMlJi fl.llli A MII.I'.S, lit MlrVs rlmi-l in lEic llmr nl Ilir inurilrr rciijlnj; n null' itic (Mithk l> fruiii I,. I InjiliiiuiJ, TUAIMTr, liul 1. hi.!, l« Iriilll !)i:\ Tl'H SI'H.U;i'i:, urnlinlMy Mln'n liner nin] iicirlniT In Mnrk'niid, nnil un IIA1IMIIM). fnKneri! lo .VI In All lull l-'lin-:i irriit (irne- Urn.l> rlcniril. l.)ihn hn)h *J] p diirnn'l Umm vvliiim \i|rt reared. nnd lf\l* nr 11 I|| L II Sprnem' i-ont rli-til near Mln'i lilil. In rt.iu In l.j.lln'. niiini. In- iTMll^nlhiiz the 9III.1KHI Mm re- rrlvc-ii, imilnMr n« hltiel(iu:ill, ni!\ni:i: ;,lu» IM:.\XV rn.ux, Dinner nn-iel.r ^Trl, Hmv (tie ilU- Irlrc ntliiriir.* '» ftri'rrlnrj, It nnr <if the Mnuifji \\crf In [i urniiilnl nl (Tie rurAjlr .S'lmiil. lihrrr Mm illrcrlcil CEir Kapler lilrtr. 1:11} In lint I'imiliirril liv lier rtrnlal. II* Irarns Ilitit M Mrs I! \ I.L. |,l* ulfr. KMU-'A. I'tll.l.V IIK.AI.l-:. Cl.tVl-: mill Hnl|ih llmmnnni!. lM"n:it iind I.OIS MIIM.AI 1 . imrt JOHN 1111 Mil: or.nlil nflV.rd In pnr tilnek. mail. .1.1X1-1' IUVMOND l» 1111 nn iilliuyru'f.- in, I* PMini.VN DIIAICr. j,, u l Tr:ifrr lin. Unit liiciiirv nl EiEi i^vn. lull riMmiKn ' i. Icnrn* from l.nU Uini llr*! iMimi-rX [tifvrroterl In In II ..... [Linn, liul nm l> i-\<<ilnl un • crhifi a i>!i-!nrp nf "The llru'cnr'a ::rnl dreCileJ lu runie. limlnii In li,i.,1ll,. lim:ml tun] nni:r.v in till' (illlitli-hy \\ltr. On thr \vny bnulr, nul in 0:23—12nd of rubier ut lalilc No. llanimoiul. . luvo. toy dear Walb'in: Ihe mur derer still noes not know ihiu Nua'l. i'liiyors: Polly Ikale. .laiiet Kay Imrned lite paucis Fridny nli;hl. imuid. Lots Dimlap, Fli.ia' Mlies Sooner or later, when ho believes j (dummy:. Colly lli'ale leaves llv- police- vigilance (.us been relaxed, lie'll BO prowling about thai nniiso. atul to Caplnlii Shawn. who docssri take llio bllKlili'^i stud: In IM>' theory, will go crcdll (or Hie ar rest. . , . Unless—" rat-rv nn uiTh rho Mnrkmull. inltidliic t tin IU:it Mm 1:111 n liul- : PLANNING li-l. n« nrll „» SIO.HIHI. FOUNDING xn\\ - r;n u:; UTIn TIII: STOUV CM A PI F;R XXXIV !~\UNI)I'W reached tor a tc!r:npli *-' form anil usalii s.-amurl Hii! penciled mi-ss:i[;e. Only that ufu-r- noon liad it occurred lo hUn in us* llio tclegr;iuh coiur-niiy for n ro'yy of Ihe wire by which [IrMer story, hail been bsimniuned lo Ll-iiu iltou by Nila Selim. The manager had been ohllglui;, had looked up tlio messa;v? and cou ted It v.'llh Ills nivn haiul. It w:n a ni^ht letter, and had licet: lik'd Mil Hamilton April 21-tlie ililril i nj! ilay after Nlta's arrival. Ad dressed lo Dexter Sprayue, at a lnv tel In tbc theatrical dlslik't. -N'ew Vork Cily, Itic nirrsase read: i "IvVK-UYTIIIN't; .IAKI-: SO FAtti'l RUT WOULD FKK1. SAFKIl VOU on;-: CHAMBER or COMMERCE UUOSTKIi MCn'11-: room lo Join CIJvo Hammond y:2-i—Jai'ot Itfvymoud leaves rixim; ?-,.<>> B'M went titialchl lo front porch. r i\ 25 — Tracey Miles parks car al Juru; walks up to Die house, liaiii:3 lip li;l! Ill Cloliies clOSl't lll'.J tbt3 tsilmali'l at iJ:-7— Mih-H cnlerfl Living; room. l;ilks wltli Mm. who. as liiiiiiiny, !:aa jnsl laid clown her cards ill Intilc No. 'i. I'lnyors: Karen Marshall. Penny (Jrain. Carol) n llr?.l;3. f> SS--.NHa leaves living room, . KUCS to her bedroom to make-up j £i;2SVj —l.ola Dunlap mid Mllc-a ^•0 inlet illnini; room. Miles to malic 5:111 -Juilxc Mai>!ia!l enters llv- iiii, lutoniiins 6:33— Join: (J. Uiako e:iicrn ilv- Ins rootn. baviiTt; walked from Country Club, wlilcli lie says he left :<t ">: 1'J. anil wlileli is only three- lilt mill stick. Proceeded i!l.,(ely lo the living room. "Third: John Drake tol.l 1'cler !:>• entered tlio front Inill nnd lissed on to Ilic liivnlory In wasli Felt slleky after his walk fnnn il:o Country Clnb. llune uii bat lu finest closet. Went to living in williln ihrec minutes after chh'.K the honso. "IpOtlilTIl: Colly nnd dire lold *- Peier iliey tlaycd lowtkcr in j HID Eoliirlnm the whnlo lime. Cloned ul n front window, walclilng l'ir Italpli. Wlicn Peter a.skul Hum If liicy could conllrm Judge Mar- v liair.s Bloi - y nnd Jolmny Drnke'H -[nry, 1 tlsoy snld tliey liad SCL'II tliem t>ctli arrive, but hail p:ild nn alien- !lnu lo them after (hey were Ln Hie liouse. It occurred lo tV'U-r. loo, lo woinler If eillier Colly or Cllvo •-vent to .S'lta's room lo warn Her :liat llalpli knew about Spr: , .lavlns slept lliu illicit liedue lu 'the ll|islall-H lirilniiiiii. They holli J K'aled ciuiiliatleully llial they imd tlrae so. •TKlh: Jiuisc Mareliall volnn- FOR RENT— Nice apartment. 207 North Fifth St. Phono 846W. 27P-K31 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed anrt ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF IT wa- - 1 vlirtln \Vtdnc3day evening, tout days Elnce Mia I.eisli Selltn Imd heen murdered wliilo she Tns dii'nmy at bridge. Pliln- clcthcsuicn. in pairs, ilay and nlslil shifts, still g'larileil Xbc lonely hoL'sfc In Prhnrore Meadows. l>ut [1 lliu iMiiirinallDii lo PclCr ritrs ot a mila from lliu Sullui .il:iii Nltn lini! mil \a\A lier rent, on iK-'itt. .jilic plea tlin! Rhe was fliort ot 5:30 —Karen llnislien playing ot : (uin!s, anil llial 1:.; iirnl lull! licr lo hanil. anil Deilor SoniRiio nnd-let 11 £O null! ii -MIS iinltc coa- Jnuei Itayir.ond enler from flout i ixr.'ir.'V Of HAMILTON I.COKIS'O l-'0[{ |.ori:li. iirwmllny Inro dining reinn. j -suili: The w.nil •M.ickmnll' (100D DlliliCTOH WHY NOT THV i 0:37 —I'cuny Criln linlsiies stor- nas not inentlonvil, r.-.n .lulniny VQll JOII AS <;n<)U KXCUSK'inK. and Kaieu leaves rrwin lo tell Dinko. because of iii-nd-sslnnal STOP ALL MY l.OVi:—X1TA" Xila 11 it sroro. iclhic?, 1 iappnsc, did mil loll ahoiil Dundee laid Hie pairer on his S:3S — Knrcu screams upon dls-1 NHa's two tleposlla o[ 55,000 In Ills ilesli. locked bis hands lieliinil his j coverlnR ihe body at bead, and addressed the iiarrnt j dressing lable. asiin. Tlie Habit of usin'4 tbo Idrd ... for an audience and as un e.s Ilic bank. ".Seventh: T;.t secret :-liclf In ll:i fuyi-r i'lo?i!l wns col ineiuianeil. ^Peii'r's vcnllcl, after he i;ot WORD BRcrrHeR -TQM is WEEK-, WAR/J O~F LESS -THAM EV/ER MET ( ~ ARdLJE HIM MER&LV CORRECT HIM ', VOLS WERE WROki6 CfF ~TH£ I^UXDEH .laid aside tbe typed Jlumici! had taken 1:0 interest in ] for l ull!zli »S ami niuilhis aloud bai! | U s ; :C ei anil readied for anoilitr. t Uiri.nuli wltli us. was tiial only ll:e arlual scene ot Ihe crime since Brown on l " 1 " <1 " 1 ' }|1 S the year be.|iie iyping ot wliich was pi-: feel. ! Sprague could bave done it—uslnii Carraway. nnseriirint eiperl. had lia^ owned tlic ilouylii.v old Cau'ii. | s i ncc penny's cfliclcnt lingers liad , Ilic sun und sllc-ncer which Nltn repoi'led neualively upon Ihe ee- POULTRY WANTED—Market prl-, ces, any quantity. .Marilyn Hat- i chsry. 210 S. Funrth St. ' OC-TFJ WE NEED on& veil educated: middle aged woman to takc : charge of established business In I Blytheville. Excellent earnings lo, (his ty|K ol woman. Write Box "C", Courier News at once giving full qualincatioits. 27C-K29 DO YOU NEED MONEY?—I have a REAL mail order plan. Oper-1 ate at home. Only very snmll in-- itial capital necessary. Brings in j quarters like hot cakes. Complete' confidential instructions, SI. S. C. j BROWNE, S, DeSoto, ilo.. 27P-KMJ SALES-MEN—Splendid line- Adver-' Using Calendars, Signs. Novelties, Leather for Banks, Merchants, every business; liberal commission; reliable manufacturers. Quick action. Novelty Advertising Co.. Cosh- 1 cret shelf tienvrai Nlta's Uedroom closet and the guest closet. The very lad; ot tiniiurprinls had ut course confirmed U'.mdec's he- lict that the murderer's hand had prc-jcd Murm that swinging panel, had tiiiitud in vain for the In criminalSLIL; diK'Umeiil^ or lellc-rs v.-;njr!i lisil l)j.->n Hie basis of .Vila's bl^ckn-ail si-Iiemo, hail dctiosiied uiirMi llio shelf the gnn and silencer v.-ilb which the murder hatl been accomplished, and had lalcr retrieved il:e v.-capun lu perfect A !i::nd loosely wrapped In was about to sny. my near [ ,nanl!iulat«l the keys. herself had stolon from lingo, Watson, Captain Strawn's boys out j \vhen be had telephoned to Ibe ! couldn't loll blm that you :ire cnn- at the Sellrn IIOIIEO will have liu-ir | n ni.-e just before live o'clock Monday vim-ed llial l.ydia's iililit Car lilin is chance lo nab o:ir man -- ur afteriinoii lo see If anyibln:; liad ,.1 K'-iiHlne one. for niinarcnily l.yilla come np. Uuudee had learned [rom ; luisn'l loli] cither Klnia or Traft-y Penny that Peter Uuiilap hr.d Is-ulinl b'ne was able- lo fnrnlsb sued an Informal call lo "Ibe; Si>vn?ue an alibi, crowd" for a meeting at his homo "And that's all. except thai f'cier asked me to convey ID .MJ-.I apologies for bin rndeiit 1 ! woman—unless Dexter Spra^ne ignores my warning and tries ID carry on the blackmail Ei'licrup. which he undoubtedly knew all ahum, and which,'ir.ost probably, he- eucouiaged Nita to undcitako -tiio trtend' she bail to consult, yna BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin - A COME-DOWN FOR TIPPY tvcntns. "Vou'rt: piling. 01 course?' 1 Dun d"e had askcil. "Thon. during the. nflc: ni:un. . . . ronolnpo Urala." know, before slio could decide lo i tllsc'jssion ot ihe case, 1 wish you'd I With a deep slsli l)n:ideu laid accept Lois Dunlap's offer." L ry to Eot i|, e unswcra lo Borne! Coiiny's report aside. The parrot Intcrrnpleil \v!i:i a riueslious whioli need clearing up—| "And thui does soem lo 1st all." hoarse cackle. j if you can do so without Betting j he told (he parrot. "Exactly half a "Have you KOIIC over 10 Hie J yourself 'in ilnicb' with your | do/en possible snsiiccis. and not an a h3:id!;e:cimr . . .*ThG hand of enemy. Cap'n?" nun:!co rc[irov:i! t friend?. . . . Fine! Coin pencil?" j atom ct actual evidence :u: a cn'milir curefnl cold-blooded i '^ c bi 1 "^- " v ou sonrnl e\actly lil;ei And now lie \vas re-i-eiidiiif: the of Ihem—except that Jndyo M;ir- ninrderei---or nrrdci-ess |; ul ' Slrawn '.vlich hu lansbed at my in-1 "report" she bad couscitmthmsly ' shall owned the linn. Klx—count —who? llonnle Duntke, brooiling at Ills deb!; in the llvlnj; room nt nis of this message this''written and tell on bis desk Tuc-3 afternoon. .My lale ebicf coulcnds— day moniiTi:;: and It Is just possible, of course, that be Is right —lliat Nlla wa; S ma!l apariinLin. rellecled bitterly! arrajl , , lol ,,, 1| ,. [ .,,...,, ,, j ,, ,,,[„..,, n , m: , M ||kc a , , h lh;u he was n,, nearer Ibe answer orSM ; 7MS and ilircctiim Lois'! beach, ami asked nearly every ones'. tie Thvater. and S])ra-,*..i! I lion yon wanted iho answer in. "Pelcr. dcclnriiiB lie wanted toi llcale. Janet llnyinond. . . yet at the bollnm of llils cass. pre- Islimte one cf them a possible victim lo Ihm 'iuuhlio:i than he bad bucu ati hoar after Xlta Sellm's death. litre, octon, Ohio. 27P-K29 "\Vr-;i. my dear Watson." lie xtl-l ' . . . ,, , , .. i,,~r,,i i.i, 1 . r..„!,., .^sisiaut. i.dttnats as lover ami imot (iretiy LOST AND FOUND WANTED- To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First St. 23C-TF1 ..'." 5 ,-. ' ' j Oh. nil ri£hl! i.angn. damn yoi.i * 1a - cilln - | nut I'd feel heller it Strawn nnd The parrot stirred on his perrl:. tn | ;en ,, 1; - a ,|vicc. and set n dick to out Ijjs lioolictl licuk to nip j trail S ' ' . to ECU Mint tic All this, however. IL'veryone In tiV> crowd adores gruf eld Pcler i.nd i.; omi i'.icameil ol resenlio^ bis liarraye of rjuesltuiis. I Wiiai a Selective he would makel ! "First; Janet adiiiltled die did nr.i i' . T jOST—Ladies brown pursc with green leather K^intj. Finder call 367-W or Courier News. Reward, LOST—Slcwlyn Setter, black and v.-hic:- head v/ith dim blacl: sprite. Name, "Dan". Return to Scott Hcvier, Ncwbcrgcr Cotton Co. C-K-29 : iua iiias.Ii'r'3 prodding ilnKtr. ttiLii| nm ._,: disuainfriiy turned bis back. "1 don't blame you, Cuiui, 11 Dundee chuckled. "Yon must be as sick of that question as I urn. . . . And wbat a pily it ever had to be j for Ihe "Time Table" be asked! If (lie murderer bad nol drafted from bis notes made during Lien so liasly—or so pressed for the yrfsiy replaying of the "death time [hat be really could not wait! band at bridge," aod scanned to listen lo Nila—lie would have again: : yets us no nearer ly answering that { Went ilr^t I eternal question. 11 With a deon si^b the troubled young special investigator readied PERSONAL k-ariicd that Nita had decided to bo a very coot] girl, a art had burned the 'papers'—all because she 5:20 —Tlora Miles, dummy, table Xo, 1. Jerives living roe:n to telephone. WIM, GIVE 107i of receipts lo unemployment relief. Haircut' 25c, Shave 15c. Work Guaranteed.] C. E. Bradley Barber E. Main. ?\CW Yoi'k j,-r\y YORK. Dec. 27. (UPI- Shop, 318 j Colton closed steady. 18C-K31 AUTO PAINTING We will arrange time payments. Get our prices and, s a v c. Genuine Duco W. I. Denlon Chuvrold Co. 18C-R26 Jan. Jan. old Mar May .... July .... Oft Open Hijh 060 934 1012 1034 1C53 055 005 S89 1010 1041 10SO Lo-.v 957 95! 030 1007 1030 10 40 Clos? S35 065 03D 1015 1010 loan Spots steady and unchanged at ; 980. HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on. 88c bu. Shuck off. 8Cc i>er bu., in cav hits. Colton Stiles Sales Co., Inc. Blythcvilic. Ark. Phone 174 or LO 180fi. PAVING TAX Time to ray I'.iving Tavcs is ;cltiny short. Tlie. iictully is :nn liigh for anyone to ncflcct Jajiiif licinrc llic books Close— Ucltfr Pay Now— C. J. EVKARD. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 11. (UP)— : OpDn High L,->v: Close Jan !tj5 D33 !!S2 OSS Mar 080 BSD HM 3M May 1COO 10H 10S2 1013 July 103^ 1030 1027 1038 OcL .... 1031 1051 1017 10-il-Slb Spots steady and unchanged at 940. antl long distance Inulins;. ^prchl rates on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. K. WASHAJI TKANSFER 1400 Cliickas:i»L.i rhone 851 Call WALPOLK For Ekclric Work I'lionc 3M IN THE MATTER OF J. W. BADFtV ADMINISTRATOR, DIJK, OF THB ESTATE OF J. E. BELL: NOTICE OF SALE OF LANDS FOR. THE I'flirOSK OF PAYING DKBTS. Notice is hereby given that T. the undersigned as Administrator., I DBN. ol ihe Estate of J. E. Dell,I | will on Ihe 2-lth rlny of January. I j 103i. at t'r.e South dcor of the; Court House in Blythcvilic, Arkan-] sas. ofler for sale on a credit of', thtce (3) months the following described property: The East, Half IE 1 -) of the Northeast Quarter iNE'i) of Section 13-14-12 and the acre; ation (hereto belonging. I The purpose of this sale is for : paying debts of Ihe J. E. Dell Ks, tutc and the purchaser will be rc- j quired to give good notes drawing interest at tbc rale of C%, ill addi- Vi'hy 1'iiy .\lore Than Half I'rioe Fr, r Auto I'arfs? JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 .Main Hioue 6G Do not delay lo p-a> PAVING AM) vSE\VKR TAXES Dec. 31st is the last Day. Pny toclav anrt avoid (he rush. G. <;. CAUDILI,, Collector. T1P9V WOOVO W\«M TO 'otn: JinlfiG Marslmll, Jojiti lira ho, Miles, Clivo llaTinuoiid. of hlackir.uil, since the i;!]-];- nil ut- tcndt'd the Foifyte Si:bool, u Si ere directed tho luinter piny for tv.'o yoLir.s, nnd sincu llse men IEIHKO se.'tinl trjp^ i 1 . year to Ntw Voik. ... Six people, ail of whom un- doublcdly l;new of the existence uf llse sccrrl shr>lf. . . . Six TiW EXVlMbW. I VVil OT XOO M«< VltTUWri 10 VJVTHOUT t$X CWR w» ON fVWEEKVX AXXOVJAMCt directly to tiio front porch tier bed- rou;n. either froui IsaviuK teen her or frntn he;uiti^ her powder Imi -WW\OVJT A \W TOR WcfO-AKO, :en she left tbe living room after her table finished the last riildicr. its dunnitiblc tune! co:ub her hair and renew her make- Said she was there alone r. cerned! If Sanderson won't let me, five minutes, then went (o the frant York— which is whero Truccy Imil saiil ho diO not see her bushiest; Marled— I'll on the imivh when he nrrtvcrl.) resign aiid go on my own, without TO TWUK OT OftitCT OF Jud^e -Mnrshall sr.iil ho wnsliny another day here.* 1 glanced into tlio living IOOTU he urrivctl, ra'.v Karen, Carolyn Hut Dundee did not go to New York the next morning. Ho was far mo nli.-orbc<\ in our gnme, nnd went too busy In Hamilton. the hall, lo hang up his lien thereto a lien to be retained CENTER. Minn. 'UP)—Foi. r hogs m-ro missed and it was as- on the land sold to secure the pur- months of fasting U the record of snmed they had strayed awny. Re- chase price. ; a 400-pound I:CK on the Ralph P. ccntly '.he straw was cleared away. ' Daictl this December 27th, 1930.' O'Connell farm. Early in A\i=i;st Out walked one of the ho-js, a llt- J. \V. BADEK. ; tv.o hogs were buried inn!er a slr.isv ; tie tliitmer but slill in good licaltb. 12-21—1-3—1-10 shed dnrin:; shock harvesting. TlijlThe other he;; dicrt. RKMEMBKANCE BArk urs DOTY i JOST orjoopgo IM To CAV coco BYE... , JOST THE SAU.E B^T you rxtJT CMJ& we A 7Hivis...irviAS ALL isi H>V Line Or OUT/.- AWD, BESIDES, IT WAS F*l OJ.vJS THIM5S FOR A SoM LIKE yx>RS .'.' ev Tue VHAY, Riuev, r FEE'- THAT 1 C\fJE -)tx) THIS IS JUsr A UTTL6 FROMv W.t DOCTOR SAYS TMi A 1 -'- ViSuL ASAiKl, WIGTER Riusy THAT'S Ycf MS TUPU DADS Of PER. SO.V.STVISJ6 FBECULSS YOUS3. LITTU6 FR1SMD IT VJITH WV 0-WrJ L( ^^o^'=^ '< C 1930 BY lit* StHVlCt. IW COUNTING HIS CHICKENS Vt'ASH TU BUS (" / N\, TOR TiAE Ck\NNC6 TO ItWIH TrtE ~\J (. OF TH£ KORTrt ^ LESSON- I EUUOV6, TOO. TUINK OF THE PLUMPER 1 . / \ VJC6U STARr ^ WAP. 1 . A OOtEN • -^ I YlfxRSl 1.6T AV K'r\\\V. bO OCV.'N ELE.H EtSTCUE. e^tRY G9.EM CEECi «\R r,0 rtf.ESTORV HEEM. SCOM CO,V.E& 6LOR.10US orPC-^rj\'!TV. ft *UM f*\ I 1 , VHUW A THE QR£MF.ST COKXJUEROR WE NM>oteoN OF wtsrl Tut WAR LORD OF Tttt MID HCtiCO 1 . CHIV.V , THE TO CE.CE1V.'£ FOR TvIE S°-Lt W-\R l\VCNTn.'.M. ; vjifi.vro;i .c

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