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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 8

The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

TOM SALE. WANTED. WANTED. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 18, 3888. Catholic Prayer Roebs, Largest stock in the city to select from. Prices low. KEAinro's Book Stobe, 127 Fifth avenue, 1217o Above Smlthfleld. Our stock of bedroom suits cannot be ISPrSTKIAI. ROTES. THE hric makers, ata meeting ieldlast tight, decided to demand an dvnc of 10 per cent on April OrriCEBS of the nttsbnrg Salt com-jtany state tbt they will not enter the salt pool. THK Fittsharg Bteel Casting company fcftS not been eucoessful in casting a per-feet etem post for the United State war ship Maine. Seceeiaet Loeffler, of the Window Glass Manufacturers' association, returned lrotn a meeting of the executive committee at Chioago yesterday. Unless trade im-proves be predict a shut down alter the of the year. Bcxes for Gas Shortage. The officials of the People's Natural Gas company are complaining very much of the neglect-Jul manner in which the consumers use the fuel, and have sent out ciroulars to their patrons reading as follows: "Have placed in each grate flue a substantial damper to shut off the draft close above the grate opening. Have a damper placed close to the lower end of the stovepipe in each cook stove, range, beating stove and fnrnace. Have eaoh of your burners cleaned and tested and put in such condition as will result in a perfect combustion of the gas." Present Highlj Appreciated. A delightful present; an elegant opera Class; an enjoyable present, a magio lantern or a photographic outfit; a valnable present, a pair of solid gold spectacles or eye glasses; a useful present, a beautiful usujunted barometer or thermometer, field glasses, tourists' glasses, binocular telescopes, mtcrosoopes, grapbosoopes, stereoscopes, at Kornblum's Optician Store, No. 37 ifth avenue. Store open evenings. Jlolldny Prevents. Solid gold spectacles and elegant gold eye glasses with chain and book. Glasses subject to exohange after the holidays and fitted to the eyes tree of charge, at Kornblum's Optician Store, No. 37 Fifth avenua. Christinas Articles. In the following list you will find useful and a large number of ornamental artioles very suitable for Christmas presents: Brass Fenders, Bird Cages, Brass Fire Irons, Coal Vases, Brass Umbrella Trays, Stands, Andirons, Brass Cospadores, Brass Novelties, Nickel Cuspndores, "Wash Machines, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Stretohers, Clothes Wringers. Urns, Pearl A Kate Tea Sets, Hated Fork Plated Knives, Fancy Wooden "Ware. Plated Spoons, The celebrated Boss Coffee Tots and i Keystone Egg Beaters. The best stock of Air Molstoners for Gas Fires. Splendid variety. The great Empire Roasting Pans. DF.MMLEB ISROTHEItS, C26 and 528 Smithfield street. 1213FZCDII lire; i a HACKi, Corner Fifth Annas and Bfnrket Street. Black goods, many new and handsome weaves which have been reduced for our holiday's clearance sale. 1216ZDFJH Catholic Prayer Book, largest stock in the city to select from. Prices low. Heating's Book Stork, 327 Filth avenue, 12170 Above Smlthfleld. Imported cigars, wholesale and rotall. G. W. Schmidt, 95-1)7 Filth avenue. 1211DFJZS GO QUICKLY to Henry Terbeyden'e jewelry store, No, C30 Smlthfleld sueet, and buy oue of those Mexican onyx tables. 1215T Lotjkges, comforts, lace curtains, ad-jusiable easy chairs, etc, are the best presents you can make for Christmas; cash or credit, from F. P. Thomas, 40 East Diamond street, Allegheny. 1214rzDFJZQ Ulbll A ilACKE, Corner 1'iftb Avenue and Market Street. An elegant assortment of wash goods, up in neat boxes, suitable for holiday presents. 121GZDFJH If you are in need of a sideboard, wardrobe, desk, in fact anything in the furniture line, it will pay you to give us a call. Michigan Fitrnituke 437 Smitutiuld street, SAVED -IN- Seal Seal Seal Jackets at $100, Walking Coats, $125. Sacqnes, $125 to $220. All High Class Furs Specially Selected. SILKS. Department bristling with attraction In low prices ror superior qualities. ru: from tl to Si. Kich fancy Weaves Jrom to v. eivets ror costumes ami iraiiiiuio. mvj featins and Plushes for art work. DRESS GOODS. Woolen Fabrics, recent additions, tip top values, at ffic to 11. 60-inch cloths, street shades. 50c. (af.hmcres at 37c and lress lengths Irom CLOAK DEPARTMENT. Tailor-made Jackets, t5 to Tailor-made Ix)ng Garments. to 180. lJlush Jackets. 2, 27 and SO inch, 812 np. lJluh Mantles, from S12 up. Flush Kacques from 818 to 30. Holiday Novelties and Substantial In Oioves for Uidios, Children and Men. In Hosiery for Indies, Children and Men. In Underwear for Ladles Children and Men. Iu Handkerchiefs lor Ladies, Children aud Men- 505 AD 507 MARKET STREET. At KORNBLUM'S Optician Store, 1210N NO. 37 FIFTH AVENUE. BANK STATEMENTS, 1)KPOHTOK THK CONDITION OKTHK Third National flank at Allegheny, in the state ot Pennsylvania, at the close of business, Doc 14 ISs. Loans and discounts 4S OverdrafiH, secured and 8,723 Ki U. H. bonds to scenre circulation 00 Other stocks, bonds and 0,20 00 Due from approved reserve ui.nou linn from state banks and bankers. 26 Iteal estate, furniture and fixtures. 31.6t0 53 Current expenses and taxes 4,224 28 Checks and other cash items 1.7U7 88 Kxchaiiires for cleiring liills ot other bank 28,710 W) Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents nu io Gold coin 2W oil Hilvcr coin 5,811 y5 4.1,071 85 Iiiral tender notes 2o.IUU lli'demptlon fund with U. S. treas urer per ceni.oi uu Total 81,009,142 OtS J.IAMI.miCJ. Capital stock paid iu 200 000 00 Surplus fund iO.OHO 00 Undivided profits 81.5:17 24 ntlonal hank notes outstanding Dividends unpaid U0 Indlviilual deposits mliject tocheck. 4 Iiemanil certitieates of deposit 2.006 00 Cashier's checks outstanding S6 Total 06 Stale of Pennsylvania, couuty of Allegheny, ss: 1, 11. A. sl'ANGLkK, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is truo to the best of my knowledge and belief. II. A. KPANOjI.ER, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this lith day of December, HK.NDEESON IX DAVIS. Cokkect Attest: Notary Public. W. M. McKKLVV, H. 11 IKiUUs, KAM'L Mi'KNIOHT. 1217T Jiirectors. U- 1 POKT OK II CONWfolTciTTHK First National Bank, at Pittsburs, in the slate of Pennsylvania, at the close of business, Due 12, 18S8. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $2,551,705 81 Overdrafts 2.530 00 U. H. bonds to secure 00 Other stocks, bonds and mnrtRS HO, 153 IS Due from approved reserve ats Duo Irom other national banks 2J.II34 04 Due from state banks and bkrs 25,51 1 50 Ueal estate, furnitureand lixt's 00 Current expenses and taxes paid. SU'TO 84 Checks and other cash items. 58 Kxclianges for clearing house 18381 07 Kills ot oilier banks 00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and pennies 1W 84 Gold coin Silver coin 3.BMHH) lepal-tender notes SIO.UUO 0J Keilemption fund with U. S. treasury (o per ceuu of circulation- 2,250 00 83,910,914 69 ofvi on i 66 94.428 39 00 2,700 00 ABILITIES. CttjilUl sUcfc In Surplus Hind Undivided profits National bank notes outstanding Dividends unpaid Individual deposits subject to ch'k. Certified cliecus Due to other National banks Due to state banks aud bankers 57 14 4 .9 8 mur 47 91,094 GO 59 State of 1, J. 1. Houllv, cashier of the First National bank of Pittsburg, do solemnly swear that the above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. J. 1). Si T1.I.Y, Cashier. subscribed andsworn to before mo, this loth day of December, isss, Correct Attest-. Notary Public. Al.KXANDFIl N'IMICK. THOMAS V1UUTM A.X, Directors. JOUN II. MtKfcXVV, 1217T 101 l. lOCXD-THEY COME UCT OF THE1K to die; use Abel's unfailing ermin Exterminator lor rata, mice, roaches, etc DruRttints. J211DFJrt 1 'OCN A PLACE NVHEKH OU CAN Ret holidav presents in furniture or household poods for your Iricnds at i.0 cr cent, off for cash tor the next 30 days. IS. F. A LOIt, 14 Wylie ave. 12Udfjzo iToUND BOIJD COLD CHILDliEN'H 1 ring's at fit) cents ench; nothing like 'em in the oitv: solid gold toothpicks So cents each at EMANUEL DeHOV'H, 04i Bmithlield 4in door from Sevenih ave. IsUOzpfju 1OUND-THA) I CAN SAVE 25 PElt i cent, by buyiug diamonds, gold and silver watches, earrinps, tinpjsr rings, at Hi (i and 12i Peun ave. P. atch repairing a special ty. 127.N TliE CHEAPEST PLACE IN 1 the two cities to buy jewelry, musical goods, bric-a-brac, bisque figures, terrra cotta ware and unredeemed clothing at GAL-LINCEK'S, lllHi and IM Penn ave. Established l.soe. 127N 1.H'l'ND ONE PA1U OK1IaMOND EAK-KINGS at N. Gallinger'a weighing l1 and 1 1-lfi karat, perfect goods, at the small sura of S75; also one pair weighing Pj 670, and one pair weighing 1 1-16 karats at $06: also a few nice 1 karat stone studs trom $15 up. At GALLINUEK'S, 1106 and 12U) Penn ave. A 11 VOTICE-TU WHOM IT MAY CONCKUN: 1 My wile. Kate Itamaley. having left my bed and board without just cause. I hereby warn all persons not to give her harbor or ehel-tei in mj name, JOUN liAMALLY. imxl fflOHEY II i. BOUSES. TT7 ANTED To buy, house of six rooms in good condition and good location. W. W. Martin, fi4 Ohio Allegheny. 121 7MQ BOOMS. XV ANTED Two or three rooms suitable for light housekeeping? no children: reference if given; Pittsburg or Allegheny. Waton, Press office. 121smp OCCUPANTS FOB ROOMS. WANTED Occupants for furnished rooms, with board. 73 Sheffield Allegheny. 1217ms Y7 ANTED Two gentlemen friends to oc-ff cupy large front room; with board, JS each. Address Comfort, fient office. 12I8M "11; ANTED Occupants for large front room, yy handsomely furnished: good board; near East Park car Hues. Address Private Family, Press oSlce. TJ12mo 11 ANTED Occupants for furnished rooms, yy with breakfast and supper if desired; use of bath also; reasonable for gentlemen. No. 21 Second ave. 1217MY "11) ANTED One or two gentlemen for nice-V ly furnished front or back room, about 8 doors from parks, Allegheny; private family. Address K. Press ofllce. 1215MT FINANCIAL ANT ED Lodgers at 107 Fifth second floor; beds 15 to 35c. 1210mpb AV "i ANTED Mortgages Money to Joan iu IT sums to suit at 4, 6 and 6 per cent. oraei ine cyon, ino ourtn ave. vjin Al TED Mortgages ou city property over 11 84,000 i percent: no ttx. Heary A. Weaver A D2 Fourth ave 46.T "11 ANTED Mortgages in large or small IT amounts on Improved city or Allegheny county property. McCune 4 Coulter, Agents, 08 Fourth ave. 12u8N "l) ANTED To loan $500, OOOon city property and farms in this and adjoining counties at 6 and 6 per cent Magaw, Vlelsack Gott, 105 Fourth ave. 1U7N "11 ANTED Financial Money to loan in IT amounts from 8600 to $100,000 on mortgages at the lowest rates prevailing. Jamison A Dickie, 1)6 Fourth or 6324 Station East End. 61dfjn "11 ANTED Mortgages 81,000,000 to loan IT on city and suburban properties at atid 6 per cent, and on arms in Allegheny and adjacentcoouties at 6 per cent No money loaned out of Pennsylvania. M. Pennock A Bon, 1115 Fourth ave. 51 5n TO LET. HOUSES. TO LET Small houses on Wylie ave. extension to 812 per month. Inquire at 224 Center ave. 12UMPH riK) LET (99) No. 45 Townsend new 6-JL room house, 825; will rent to two small families. Samuel W. Black 89 F'ourth ave. 1217a ri'O LET New 8-roomed brick, corner Swee-J. ney's alley and Walter st D. Behen, 134 Forty-first st 1218MP a'O LET Brick dwelling, 6 rooms, 844 Ella cor. Isabella, Sixteenth ward. Bloom field. 342 Ella, or A. Miller, City Assessor's office. 1218m ri'O LET House, luniished, 11 rooms and JL four acres of ground and stable, In Belle-vne; a most desirable residence. Inquire of W. A. Herron Sons. 80 Fourth ave. 912kn rpo LET Houses in Pittsburg, Allegheny, A Oakland, East End, Wilkinsburg, and on line of all the railroads. Call and get our new list issued semi-weekly. Black A Baird, Do ourth ave. 12l2ro T'O LET (99) Thirty-third near Webster a nice 6-room frame house: hall and vestibule, natural and artillcial gas, good location. Samuel W. Black 1)9 Fourth ave. 1217o rpO LET (99) 141 Wylie 7 rooms and J. mansard: hall, vestibule, bath, inside w. both gases, hot and cold water and wash house; good location; cheap if rented immediately. Samuel w. tsiacit 99 ourtu ave. izim ROOMS. 'O LET Two large hall rooms, nicely furnished, heated. 311 Bonn ave. 1213mg ri'O LET Delightful front rooms, furnished, East park. Address M. Allegheny o. 1213MO HPO LET One furnished room; both kinds of gas and bath. Ho. 42 Avery Allegheny. 121HMT ri'O LET Furnished room with kitchen. tableware, natural and artificial gas. 41 Ixigan st 1217.MH nptT LET A neatly furnished room for two; J. 88 a month: 1 minute walk from Sixth st. bridge. No. 21 Balkan 1218MP r'0 LET Nicely furnished room or rooms 1 for housekeenlnc: both kinds of gas. extra kitchen and laundry, ice box and ice furnished; hot and cold water; washing done Dynouse; call and look at best arrangements in citv: house four squares from new courthouse. 292 nttn ave. iais MISCELLANEOUS. TO New storeroom, corner Thirty-fourth and Liberty sts, rent 813. D. Behen, 131 Fortv-nrst st 1218.MP HPO LET Immediate possession, that desira-1 ble new building. Nn. 04 Diamond St. In quire room No. 50, No. Ill Fourth ave. 1214MPY riO LET Carpets, stoves, lurniture, blankets, 1 clocks and household goods ot all kinds on weekly or monthly payments. Iron City Credit company, 310 Grant St. 4A2N ryO LET Desk room with desks, or part of room for light work; good light: gases: Fourth third floor. Address IL Press office. 1218MY 'O LET Desk room, second floor front; good JL light; both gasses; central location; also furnished rooms in Dotn cities, iau lwm Room Renting Agency, 67 F'ifth secoud floor. 12I8A PO LET '1 he many purchasers know 643 Smithfield is theoniy place you can get fourth door from Seventh ava 121Hzdf.ih riMJ LET Penn Incline hail lor balls, parties' receptions, fairs and meetings of all kinds; elegant dining room and kitchen attached; finest dancing floor in the city. For further information call on or address Chas. G. Brown, general manager, Penn Incline P'sn" 1025F.IOTT FEMSONAL. 1i ERSON AL LOOK AT UNION CREDIT advertisement lor holiday presents. T214M I) ERSONAL OPIUM AND MORPHIA habit surely and speedily cured. Dr. DERSONAL-YOU CAN GET FANCY rockers, vases, pictures, frames, albums and all kinds of toys for Xraas trade cheap at TAYLOR'S FUR.UTUUE HOUSE, 14 ylie 1 PERSONAL THERE IS ONLY 123 OF those ladies' solid gold watches left at 89 HO and SI2: ladies' coin silver watches, 84.2a to S5.60; at EMANUEL DkROY'S, 613 Smith-field fourth door from Seventh ave. 1216ZDFJH 1)ERSONAL ON THE T. TO ALL those who wish to buy Xinas presents for their friends to know that Gallii gcr will save them from 25 to 50 cents on the dollar; eall and examine our immense stock; no trouble to show goods. N. UALUNGER'S, 1100 and 1200 Penn ave. I27x "PERSONAL THEY SAY HE FELL iN love not with a girl but the clothes he had cleaned and renovated for the spring by Dickson, the tailor, (5 Fifth coiner Wood st, te'ephone 1658, who does fine cleaning and repairing at a trifle cost, or make you a new suit. In either case try DPJKSON. S3N 1)ERSONAL TO ALL LOVERS OF MUSIC and music buyers Before you buy sheet music come to our store and see our grand ld-cent sheet music: do not buy music at even hai reprice before vou gee our stock; remember we have several thousands selections which we will sell at 10c a copy, or three copies for 25c. which other stores seli at regular rates; 10-cent selections regular prices are from Sue to $1 per copy, our price is He; we also sell music books and musical merchandise of every kind; covered and other strings for all instruments a specialty: we sell violins, guitars, banjos, mandolins and accordions at a great reduction; please do not forget the number. ANNIE G. RosSITTEK, 150 Third opDosite new postoffice. Pitts-bnrg. Pa. 121fis V1YIDF.NBH. OFFICE OF THE PKOPLE'S NaTTRALGaS i Com past. No. t)l Fifth Avkmk, PlTTSBUBO. Dec. 10, ls-i, DIVIDEND TH BOARD OF DIRECTORS ot this company have this day declared a monthly dividend of 1 per cent, payable on aud alter Pec 20. at the office of the company- IHEO. JOHNSON, Liisr treasurer. aousRs I7OR BALE Two brick of 4 1 lot 24x130 feet, on Peun ave. F'orty-first st and 6 room1 Behen, 1, 121HMP I.OR SALE-Allegbeny, Sheffield St. fram dwelling of 5 rooms and attic; lot 20x12 terms easy; this is good property and ciieai Black 4 Baird, 05 Fourth ave. 12Sjdfo IiOR SALE $2,800 will buy brick house, rooms, attic, ball and cellar, back entranc. on Juniata st, near ulton st, Allegheny. A IORSALE At a bargain, on Allegheny ave near Locust st, house 8 rooms; moder improvements, fine location; want tosell quick lui a. v. lisou, 03 euerai bu, Auegneny. 1218a 1,1 OR SA A lovely East End home, cheaj only 86.700: near cable and steam cars: rooms, well finished and convenieuced; loj ouAimieei; worm examiuing. rierro i Sons. 80 Fourth av. 1214IJHF "lOR Baden, Ft W. el and natural gas; lot 50x150. with fruit and gooi water; 8 minutes from station: immediate Dot sossion; liberal terms. James M. Wallace 4 in ourtn nail entrance. 1218P I.iOR SALE $3,800 Newand handsome resi dence of 7 rooms, with gas and water; lo soxiuu; situate jiays st, tast Mid, couvenien to cable cars; monthly payments; immediat' Fossesslon. James 1'L Wallace 11 ourth hall entrance. 1218P IVOR SALE If you have SK'O only, and wis I to own a house, we will sell vou a lot li Baum's Grove aud lend you money to build house to suit your own ideas, and give yoi ample time to repay the loan. Send for a plai of these choice East End lots. Black Baird to Fourth ave. 1217CKY SALE 87.000 Handsome new brie residence of 10 rooms, with all conven ences, situate St. Clair st, East End, conveni en to y. it lot 46x100; street graded an curbed and sidewalks laid: monthly navmnnts possession Jun. 1, '89. James M. Wallace 9 114 1 ourth ave hall entrance. 1218P REAL ESTATE TTiOR SALE The best manufacturing sites lH a tne county. Aigeo mothers, 204 ederal st Allegheny. 125PY "1 IflR A Wnr IrnnHnf, r.n parks go to Algeo Brothers, 204 Federal st. SALE Improved property, ranging ill price irom 8:2,000 to Aigeourouiere iuircuerai Aiiegneny. "lOR SALE Improved property on almost! geo Lrouiers, jno. 201 Federal st, Allegheny. 125PT IOR SALE A fine lot, 43x250 feet with 4 roomed house, on Boggs Mt Wash-I ington, for particulars address business, 1 ress oince, izumo IVOR SALE k3u0 each Lots at Walls sta JO tion, P. R. 60x20 each: will rapidly en-f nance, James M. wauace 114 ourtui nan eutrance. I2lp lOR SALE-Cheap lots, 25x115 feet near! I1 I'liMHiirl ctnllnn Jb I fnr Oif each and on easy terms. A. D. Wilson, 65 Fed erai st, Aiiegneny. riA TjOR SAI.Fj Summerlcast 3 minutes from Rouo station and near Fifth Avenue Trac tion road, choice lots 81,250 and upward. Blai kj uaira, va ourtn ave. izibdfjt ri rr irlV Ii'wiv csuu anu iwuo, on easy uirms, will secure you a fine level building lot, atJ jiavBvinu Miaiion. 1, w. J. Jib it. J. Wilson, lift Allegheny. 12I8A IOR SALE Lots; Carson plan; lrouting Col, Bayne's residence, line of proposed electric road; at prices 60 per cent. lower now than will be at the cotnplotion of said road. For particulars call or address J. IL Dawson, 81 F'odoral Allegheny. 107zdfn SALE Only 8200 to 8400, Rebecca st, East End. near Penn Aveuue and Traction road, beautiful level lots on payment of 825 down, balance i to yio a month; only 10 minutes from Lawrenceville; call or send for plan. Black A Baird, 05 Fourth ave. 1118dfjt T70R SALE About 120 acres of land in Belle- vue, susceptible of being divided Into lots; eligibly and delightfully situated; this property can be purchased at such a price and on such terms as will afford a very large profit on the investment, bv subdividing it into lots. Inouire of W. A. Herron 4 Sons, 80 Fourth Pitts-j burg, or J. ti. Dawson bl Federal st Allegheny. 1214KN I.OR SALE (991 Lots! lots! Denny estate plan, near Thirty-third st. adjoining P. it, aixioo to zoo ieet to alleys, on Millwood. Brereton and Ridge prices 8200 eo 8600; terms, 825, 850 and 8100 cash, baiance in long time easy payments, taxes of 18HH paid; 25 new houses have been built during the last six months; onlv a few lots left For plan call on Samuel W. Black HI) Fourth avo 1015N OR SALE 550 down and 810 a month will buy a fine building site at Urushton sta tion. Bank of Commerce addition; and with building restrictions makes it very desirable city taxes. Secure plan from John F. Daxter, Agent, 512 smithheld st 1218DFJ BUSINESS CHANCES. SALE Drug store at a bargain: stock and fixtures will invoice 81,500. App'y at 23) Fenn ave. mis 17OR SALE 8700 grocery for 8500; good loca- tion 111 Aiiegneny; great oargaiu. nnepara A 54 Fifth ave. 12I8M0 I nftijE, vriucery nuoie in guou iuuui.y: for a live man just the chance. Inquire of Alderman Doughty, sub Jfenn citv. 1213MG SALE Special bargain for party with 1 capital of 81.100 to 81,300 in grocery business. Fine location. Good opening. Shepard 00., 04 ntii avenue. izidmo IVOR SALE Fine business chances: drug stores trom SfiOO to S4.000; city and country stores from 8200 to 85,000: laundry, bakeries. confectioneries, cigar and notion stores, shoe stores, tea stores, boarding house, printing omce, etc. nnepara uo 04 iir.ii ave." VISCELLAKE0U3 RALE Look at Union Credit ad. vertlsement for holiday presents. 1214MG IX) SALE Stenograph: little U9ed; good as new; a bargain. 609 Liberty st 1218.MP I SALE Upright piano and set of plush furniture. Aduress I'rivate, Press office. 1217MT IT'OR SALE An elegant sqnarepiano, on account of moving away. Smith, 34 Vino st, near Iteod. 1214ms 'OR SALE Delivery wagons: all styles; our i own make. Win. Beckerr, 340 to S44 Ohio st, Allegheny. Telephone 312tt 913N ITiOR SALE A full line of silverware, lamps, etc, suitable fur Christmas presents at Gallinger 1106 and 1200 Penn near Union station. 127n If OR SALE Or hire Scaffolding for churches, halls, set up on short notice; no nailing or screws required. Allegheny Trestle andVarlety works, 4u to 344 Ohio st, Allegheny. Telephone 342U3. 913N I.OR SALE Ladies' solid gold, stem wmd-1 ing watches, i J9, 810. 812, 815 and 816, Elgin, Walthain, Roekford, Springfield and Swiss movements, with written guarantee for time and quality, This great reduction for two weeks only at Emanuel DeKoy's, 613 Smithfield st, lourth door from Seventh ave, l-'lOZDPJH SPECIAL. 845,000. SALE Valuable property, fronting 152 feet on three of the best streets In the city; 12 new buildings, near court house; big bargain. Alles A Bailey, 164 Fourth ave. Tele-plione 167. 1215H AUCTION SALES. AUCTloN-FURNITURE, CARPETS, V. wagon, buggy, village cart, harness, Wednesday morning, Dec. 19, at 10 o'clock; dwelling, corner of Forty-sixth and Butler streets, Pittsburg: the entire furnishment embracing parlor furniture in hiir cloth, marble top tallies, bric-a-brac, curtains, portieres, chamber furniture, bedsteads, bureaus, wardrobes, washstands, springs and bedding, dining room furniture, tables, chairs, crockery and glassware, stoves, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, brussels and other carpets on rooms, hall ami stairs, ball rack; also spring wagon, buggy village cart harness, house open at I o'clock morning of the sale, which will bo tive. HENRY AUCTION CO, I'JIQp Aiisrinneer. ILOC UTION-M US I LITER AT URE Mrs. Lizzie Pershing Anderson's School Union Allegheny. French and German Drawing and Painting. English studies. Fall terra opens September 1463. Bend for prospectiii. KCorf W1 7 ANTED Glri for general housework. 90 wyiieave. j.immt AN I ED Girl lor general uouseworn. Appiy iw oiun niBme ANTED-A girl to sew on first-class coats. 29 FMth top floor. 1217m "WANTED An experienced dining-room girl. No. 800 Pen a ave. 1217MF ANTED A woman to scrub and clean, at Abel's, 101 Fifth ave. 12I8MH ANTED A girl for general housework. 163 Robinson st, Allegheny. 1217MP ANTED G.rl for general housework. No. 11)13 Carson South Side. 1218MP AV ANTFJD An experienced cook: best wages given. No. KOO Penn ave 1217MP AV ANTED Colored girls, cook, drivers. Walkers.No. O.Sixth L.secondfioor.l213w AV ANTED Girl Jor general housework. inquire at it lxtane Allegheny, iihm "117' ANTED Good girl for light housework family of two. Apply 2115 Penn ave. 1218MT AV ANTED Girls for general housework. airs, wagner. No. 73 Pennsylvania ave. 1215 mo "1 17 ANTED Girl to cook and do general Ti housework; reference required. 31 Fulton city. 121SMY ANTED Good girl for general housework. Amilv immediatelv at No. 181 Second city. 1218mp "1 17 ANTED A good cook; none without ex- perience need apply. Garvin house.59 Sandusky Allegheny. 12I8MP 11' ANTED Giri tor general housework, at If 26 Montgomery Allegheny; must come well recommended. 1215c "11 ANTED Cooks and girls for general housework; first-class help supplied on short notice at Central Employment office, 71 Federal Allegheny. 1213N ANTED An American lady (middle. aged preferred) for a permanent position In business: need not bo experienced, but must have good reference. Call after 830 A. Wednesday, Room 11, 64 Sixth st. 121SMP HALE HELP. ANTED Smart, active boy to learn the barber trade at 2604 Penn ave. 1218m AV WANTED Coachman; none but a sober and exnenenced man need apply to T. B. Morcland, 6100 Penn ave. 1217j ANTED Pupils to learn the art of coat, vest aud pants cutting; terms moderate. H. Brauimer, 704 Penn ave. 1121 psl WANTED A good general machinist at ouce. Apply corner Grant ave. and Bo-quet st Allegheny. R. D. Nuttall. 1218MP A If ANTED Men for the next week, selline Christmas presents; references required. Oately 4 10 and 12 Sixth st 1210a 1) ANTED Intelligent, active man for re-1 sponsible position; must come well recom mended; good wages and steady employment. New York Mfg. 62 Fourth upstairs. ixier WANTED A salesman who is experienced in the furniture business to take chaige of an established house as manager; steady emolovment and good wages; only a man who is willing to make himself generally useful need apply; cash security rcquiren; give age and reference. Address Steady Employment, Press ollice. 12LY AGENTS. WJ ANTED Canvassers, male or female. yy large profits on entirely new article. Ap ply from 12 to 1 o'clock P. to 200 Lacoek st. Aiiegneny. ut, uray. 1217.MY EMPLOYMENT ANTED Ladies to employ good help with reference. Knoxes' Employment Ofllce. 10 Federal Allegheny. 12I6.MG Employment afternoon or even-y ing, as bookkeeper or clerk; good city reference. Answer lor one week, W. B. Press office. 1216.MT WANTED Situation by a young man as bookkeeper, assistant bookkeeper, ship ping or bill clerk; gooa City reference. Aaress IX, Press ollice. 1218m WANTED-All honest persons seeking era-Dlovment. with ilrst-ciass references, and all persons desiring such help call at Twin City Employment liureau, hi raia isecona floor. 1218a WANTED Situation as bookkeeper, clerk, collector, or any outside employment ex- cent canvasser: understands machinery and plumbing; references. Address H. Press office. 1218MT 11 ANTED By young married man, situ-yy ation of any kind; not afraid of work; fair penman; could attend to shipping and packing; no objection moving from the city. Address, Steady, Press ollice. Answer tor one week. 1217MY ANTED A first-class position as book-1 keener: bv a voting man In the employ of a prominent firm in this city; engagement desired in January. Present work can be seen if desired; good work guaranteed and satisfactory references given. Address, Bookkeeper, Box 687. J21li.uo BOARDER.0. AA! ANTED From 2 to 4 boarders. 225Th Ir- ty-sixtn aDove uuiier sc. izumh ANTED Room with board for single gentleman. terms. B. K. Press office. 1218m MISCELLANEOUS. "fir ANTED Desk, flat top, in good order. Address W. E. Press office. 1217MT AV ANTED To buy two pool and twobiliiard tables. Au(ire9s i ress omue. iaiou- ANTED Look at Union Credit company' aUVtJl tloUlllUIlfc IUI uuimftjf uicoriiui. 1214MG li ANTED Houses to rent and rents to col-1 lect. a McAleer, 07 Federal Alle gheny. J2-MJDFQ WANTEI Houses to rent and rents to collect; Jttlement monthly. J. B. Coyle, 179 Fifth ave. 3N "11) ANTED Every person to order turkeys and groceries trom Charters, Third ave. and Grant st. 12ibMG Uj ANTED Hauling for one-horse covered dress M. Press office. 12loMG AV ANTED Houses and lots in Pittsburg, Aiiegneny anu ouum mc, uw tiiau I sold. A. A. Alles. 134 Water st. 1215a unless WANTED Y'ou to call at the new Maryland restaurant. No. 5 Sixth for the best meal in the city, near Bijou theater. 91.TDFN "11; ANTED Houses to rent and rents to col. VV lect; itemized statement once a month. GeorgeS. Cotton, real estate agent, 81 Federal Allechenv. 417DFJN I ANTED Lots and unimproved property II mirta tf riMj ml GllKlirltS fin Sel I Tn iu mi (' v. sale, no charges. Wm Thurmston, real estate, No. 623B Pen East End. if ANTED Everv ute.aiu user to eee in VV operation our SIS steam pump; no trouble to show to any caller. 68 Water st, Pittsburg, Pa. J. B. Sherilf, Son A Co. 811GB ANTED Immediately, active partner VV with tSOO to engage in business in which there is no competition; good opening for the right party. Address P. O. Box 859. 1217Y 1 1T ANTED Information is wanted as to the whereabouts of Peter Lynch; last heard of was at Alice mines, near Mt. Pleasant. Address Mrs. Peter Lynch, Braddock, Pa. 12i7my A.x TED The nuhli to know that Stan- ford A SS Federal st. Allegheny, (Minrnntpn 2'aetion ana prompt oeiivery. Give us a call; cabinets Si per dozen. 12I2f.7.dt ANTED Musicians and others ttiinKing of buying musical instruments for holiday presents to examine Gallmger's stock; violins from SI. 50 upwards; guitars" from 82.50 up: accordions and concertinas for $1.00 aud upwards at Galiinger's, 1106 and 1200 Penn ave. p. s. Full line of Italian stringy 127 All ANTED Rents to collect We pay par-VV ticular attention to the collection of rents and complete management of property, rendering statements monthly with check, relieving' be landlord of all the numerous annoyance a connected ith the management of property. Black tiaird. V5 Fourth ave. 1122X ANTED By Santa Claus partner: every-VV one to prepare themselves lorChristmas: gent's solid gold Elgin. Walthain. Roekford and Springtieid watches, at 818. f2i), $22 and f25, with written guarantee for tune and quality at Emanuel DeKoy's 613 Smithfield fourth door from Seventh ave.1 1210ZDFJH "11? ANTED We oiler extraordinary tnduce-VV ments for IS days only: special watchand diamond sale 10 to 20 per cent, discount to cash buvers: Rogers' triple plate knives and forks tl.5 per set; our stock never more complete; holiday buvers will do well to improve the op- fiortuuity, avoid the rush and (ret a choice se-ection. iUuieh, jeweier, 130 federal surpassed in the city. It will pay yon to give us a call. MICHIGAN FtTHNITtTRE 437 Smitbfield street Turkeys. Monntsins of turkeys of all sizes at A. Muehlbronirer's, stand 123, Diamond market, Pittsburg. SEVERE CASES OF BLOOD FOISOX Thousands suffer from blood poison who would bo cured IX they gave B. B. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) a trial. Send to the Blood Balm Atlanta, for book of wonderful cures that convince' the most skeptical. It is sent free. J. 0, Gibson, Mcridan, writes: "For a number of years I suffered untold agonies from blood poison. Several prominent physicians did me little if any good. I began to use B. U. a. with very little faith, but to my utter surprise, it has made me a well and hearty person." Z. T. Hallerton. Macou. writes! "I con tracted blood noison. 1 first tried physicians and then went to HotSpriugs. I returned home a ruined man phystcally. Nothing seemed to do tne anv irond. Mv mother persuaded me to try B. K. B. To my utter astonishment every ulcer quickjy heaiea." Kent. Morris. Atlanta. writes: "I suf fered years from blood poison, which refused to be cured by all treatment. Physicians pronounced it a hopeless case. I had no appetite; I bad pains in my hips and joints and my kid-npys were diseased. My throat was ulcerated and my breast a mass of running sores. In thin condition 1 commenced the uhe of 15. B. B. It healed every ulcer and sore, and cured me com pletely wiiliin two months." JUST MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. The More You Eat the More You Want of Rockwood Co.1 Cream Chocolates-Rice, per 20 and 30 cents. Pure common mixed candy, per 12 Cream mixed candy, per lb 15 Fine French mm-d candy, per lb 1 Mixed nuts, per lb IK Lirver tiers, per lb 12 Choice 3 IDs. for 2- Hweet Florida oranges, per doz 25 Large cocoanuts, 4 for 5 1:1 lbs. large raisin (no stems), 1 00 17 lbs. new currants 1 00 11 lbs. seedless raisins 1 00 20 lbs. new Turkey prunes 1 00 1 pound leehorn citron 25 1 pound new lemon or orange peel 1H 13 lbs. granulated sugar 1 00 14 lbs. white miRar 1 00 12 cans standard 14 cans best suirar corn. 1 (XI 25 bars Ivory soap 1 00 2li bars Lenox soap 1 00 2(i bars 1 (0 ltl quarts beans 1 00 25 pounds roiled oats 1 00 UU pounds liutler county buckwheat 1 0J gallon new crop Orleans moiases 1 ttallon choice honey drip syrup 35 1 bbl. Patent Amber flour 6 00 1 sack Patent Amber 1 45 1 bbl. francy Ht, Joui wu Goods delivered free to all parts of both cities. Come and see us. Thompson's New York Grocery, 301 MARKET OPI'OSITE Gusky's. Store open every night until Christinas. Tel- GREAT -IN- 0T LARGEST PLOT IX TliE MARKET. Lots eti Frankstown taue, EAST END, Will be closed out In blocks of 5, 10 or 20. at prices sure to double two years. Only live minutes irom railroad station. Terms easy. DICKIE, 96 FOURTH AVENUE. Or 6124 Station ft, K. 1207mFTrr ARTIFICIAL LIMB M'F'G xo. 5)09 ptsJi Near Ninth Sr. P1TTSUURG. Trusses! Supporters! Shoulder Braces! Appliances for Correcting Deformities, Ac. ARTIFICIAL LIMBSI SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS! Trusses made to ordor and a written guarantee given with same. W'Ji'l'X HOLIDAY DISPLAY -OF- POULTRY, GAME AND PRODUCE. We will carry more stock of the above for Christmas and New Years than any two stands in the city. We have Turkeys of all sizes to suit the rich and the poor. Call and see our grand display on next Saturday, when we will eclipse all former displays. Our prices are the lowest and our goods the best. E. STANDS 29 TO 32, Diamond Market, Pittsburg. THE OLDEST STAND IS THE MARKET. HAVE OU EVEK tried a pair of our anions cut to measure S3 Se our winnow ana irbe manv patterns we iUisnlav at this price. TllllEE LHJLLAKa New England Pants 420 smithfield st. Golden and Silver Jelly Cake. GOLDEN CAKE. Take tho yolks of eight eggs, well beaten; add one cup of white sugar, ont-haif cuo butter, one-half cap sweet milk and one and cups flour having in it one-half measure "Banner1' Baking Powder. felLVFP CAKE. Take one-half cup butter, two cups white sugar, three-quarters cup of sweet milk, flavor to t.ste: then add the whites of eight eggs, well beateu. and three cups of flour having in it one measure "Banskk" Baking l'owdcr. There is no Baking Powder comparable to the old reliable Banner Baking Powder, which has been used in many of our very best families for nearly a quarter of a century. Amateur bakers and even quite small children bake delightful cakes with it. Order a pound can with the Banner Recipe Book from your grocer. If he cannot supply the book, send your address to B. B.Powder P. O. box 245, Pittsburg, and we will mail it free. MISCELLANEOUS JlfE.VrZO.v. PL ifV 1 10 LOAN ON IMPROVED tj) city and farm property. EAHHELLi fc UAJ3K1N. MOXKY TO LOAN ALGEO No. Federal at, Allegheny. 1)ATENTH-0. D. LEVIS. KOUCITOK, No. 131 E1ETH above Smlthfleld st, next Leader office, Pittsburg; 20 years' prao-tice. 1215s A MTUTY-HorjsES TO KENT AND VV A IN 1 rents to collect; prompt re turns. W. W. MCNEILL itz rourtn ave. 128JDTO alarm stations, pittsbuko and Allegheny, list corrected to Dec 1, 1888. can be had gratis by applying at PKEBSi OFFICE. 1210N WILli BUY A FINE LOT. 50x200, at Edgewood. P. R. R- easy terms. J. 11. HAMNETT, 413 Grant Pittsburg; Penn Wilkinsburg. 1218jidfy OLD AND RELIABLE ana collecting agency. H. 1 CUTHUERT, 114 smitnneiu St. nouses wanieo. iMiurrn T0 YOU WEAK PANTS? IF SO. COM I and seA mv famous P.1) nants made to order. at CHAS. KLOPFEK'H, Ki8 bmithneld st, Pittsburg, and 120 Ohio Allegheny. IM CVin FOK A 4 KOOM FRAMEHOILSE, Ol.OUU lot 21x100 feet, on Carver st. East End: WOO caHh. balance monthly. JAMISON A DICKIE, 1)8 Fourth or G324 Station st. East End. 1215.TDFT "10ME TO KEK YOl'R UNCLE UNCLE SAM'S loan otllce, 2V Market one door from Second ave. Money loaned on collaterals of all kinds, clothing, jewelry, etc.etc. on rea sonable terms. 12iUin' QQ "YEARS' TEST HAS PROVEN Zon Lunc SvniD a true angel of mercy for coughs, colds, throRt and lung diseases. 50 cts bv mail. GRIFFITH'S DRUGSTORE, Third and Grant, Pittsburg. Pa. 1218mdkjt fKo. MT.YER. THE' POPUEAR ALI.K-jr GHENY barber, formerly with A. B. Hughes, istiow in charge of the elegant new shop at the 1101 EL FEDEKAE, corner or Federal and Erie sta. 1218MP 1)ARHES WlSfilNG TO PURCHASE photograph albums, silverware ot all descriptions, haneing lamps, rugs, iancy clocks, and other uselul holiday presents can get them from us at lowest cash prices oreasy payments. UNION CREDIT 103 Fourth ave, 12HMQ House oi rooms, in no wiuguou cellar on Carver East End; J300 cash, balance long, easy mortgage. JAMISON DICKIE, 8 Fourtli or baa etation East End 21)UPT engineers ami contractors jor nicanue'coui. eieetrir licht wlrinir. eleotrio bells, alarms, etc. 42.4 SMITHFIELD ST. 1025FZDN USE ANCHOR REMEDY and Anchor liniment for rheumatism. aches and pains; gives imraeuiaie renei aim rapidly etlects a cure; rheumatic remedy, 50c; liniment, 25c. ANCHOR REMEDY 329 Liberty st. HOLIDAY PRESENTS TO THE OLD country; dralts, money orders, steamship tickets, at lowest New "York rates; parcels lorwarded to any part of Europe. MAX rchamrkro A foreign bankers. 627 Smithheld st, Pittsburg. 1112 MONEY TO LOAN ON property; no de-lav. ALLES A BAILEY. 104 Fourth avenue. Telephone. 107. 128n epnone, Loan monev, rent houses, collect rents and sell real estate of all description. Ofllce, 107 FEDEKA ST. 126 1 ziK'H and larmpropertv in Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, Butlor and Beaver counties; we will loan sums from $300 to 8100.000 at free of tax -5 and 6 per cent: money ready; no BLACK. BAIRD, 95 vKH VWHITKLY'S PirrSDCRIi MIOK KE. PAIRING factory, the only place in both cities where gents can get soles sewed on machine sewed shoes by machinery: boots and shoes halt-soled and heeled hy my new system, 75c. No. 12SVJ THIRD second floor, opposite Barnes Safe and Lock company. "WVf TTr AN TED -The at-f 'il tention of the vi5 1 lad es is called to Prof Thorp dres cutting 9)tera, being A the beatsystem kiifiwn.making dress making a pleas ore instead of a task. 1 rlina nlefKO call at No. 2 Sixth near suspension bridge. 121SPKJT LOST. IOST-MY EYESIGHT. BUT KEFOUND itatGaliinger's in the shape of a pair of gold spectacles; full line of optical goods always on hand at GALLlNGEK'S, 1200 and IU16 Penn ave. I27n IOST-IK YOU PASS SO. 613 SMITH-j FIELD st without noticing the elegaut display ot tine gcnuino diamonds; a lew prices: collar studs, from to 55.50; gents' studs, from to up; di mond ear drop9, from $1 25 up; genuine diamond rings, from $3 up; lace pins, lrnm S-i up; the larcest st'k in the city at EMANL'LL DkKOY'S, 64,1 bmitbllfld fourth door from Seventh ave. 12i(ilTJH ELECTIONS. Third National Bask, Pa- Dec 8, ls3. LECTION Tl I ANNUAL ELECTION or sctors of this bank will beheld st the bankint -ous No. 101 Federal St. on Tuesday, Jan. 8, Wi. between the honrsof 11 o'clock A. M. aud i y. XL A. SPAN ULER, Cashier. If 1 mm Hooks! Books! ISookit! See our nicely bound books at 30 cents each. Low prices on everything at Keating's Book Stoke, 1217o 127 Filth above Smlthfleld. 110L10AY IS to S3 Per Cent. Knved nt Sum. Mc liee's, Jeweler, No. 13 Fifth avenue, one door below Market street. Diamonds, wstohes, clocks, jewelry, secret society emblems, etc. Store open every evening. Watches, Clocks, Diamonds To your taste, at moderate prices. 439 Market st. Our stock of bed room suites cannot be beaten at the prices we offer. Fred Rolleb Furniture 121GZDFT 119 Federal Btreet, Allegheny. Do NOT fail to call at G. V. Schmidt's, 95 and 97 Fifth avenue, and ask for a price list of goods for the holidays. 1211DFJZN Landlords' First of January notices for sale at Keatisg's Book Store, 127 Fifth avenue, 1217ri Above Smlthfleld street. Orange Blossom Cakes! rnnr Blossom Cakes! Containing all the nutritious qualities of sweet new wheat. A tnumpu oi me rig art. All grocers "11 them. 12l7cnFT S. S. Marvin Co. HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Gold spectacles Immense stock. We agree to fit the eye auci change the glasses after you present the pens. 1. T. RLE Optician, VI KitOi Street, PENN AYE. REAL ESTATE AT AUCTION. On the premises, S03 Penn TjRSDAY. Lee. 118. at 2 p. m. Lot 20x135 to an alley, tLree ory brick building, 14 rooms ALLES 4 BAILEY, Real Estate Auctioneers, Fourth ave. Telephone Al ART CHAMBER AN1 KLCEPllOA KOO.nS To only to Helen Entertainments, Receptions i anfl Conve ntions. Call Hamilton Build- aTi'i rirn avnne. KllT.

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