The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1939 · Page 22
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1939
Page 22
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TWENlY-TWO Want Ad Headquarters, Court 4900 Tilt PITTSBURGH PRESS Other Press Departments, Court 7200 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19. 1939 Jacket Coat Years Are Guide For Toy Buyer Playthings Must Fit Age Of Children Pudgy Starlet Is urowmq Streamlined With a flair for smartness and an eye on her budget, the fashion-minded miss will select this black .wool coat with separate jacket of lustrous Persian lamb fabric. Sizes 12 to 20. $16.98. For the name of the shop, write to Charlotte at The Pitts-burgh Press or call Court 1200, line 88S. between 9 a. m. and 3:30 p. m. You Want To Know You can get an ansicer to any answerable question of fact or information by writing to Worn-en's Editor, Washington Service Bvreau. The Pittsburgh Press, 101.1 Thirteenth St., Washington, I). C, enclosing 3 cents in stamps for reply. Medical and legal advice cannot be given, nor can extended research be made. EDITOR. . Will a hooked rug made of silk stockings be very serviceable if used in places where it would be exposed to strong light? A. Silk deteriorates on exposure to light. By OLIVE ROBERTS BARTON Should toys and playthings be: A. Muscle building? B. Aids to Initiative and planning? C Beautiful rather than wearable? D. Always suited to age? The old idea of buying a toy for a child was to have it last forever. The doll, if it cost enough, was the cause of many a whipping when it was broken. Today, we think more of toys as a means of developing the child's imagination and ingenuity, and we have learned to look upon reasonable wear and tear as natural. As for "A," I think that every parent today knows that energy toys calculated to strengthen young muscles and teach body control are necessary. But there is such a thing as putting all the eggs into one basket and neglecting constructive playthings that develop thought, wit and dexterity. The proud father who wants his son to be a Paul Bunyan will insist on balls, bats, boxing gloves, exercisers and so on. He may not be at all sympathetic with his wife who buys games or stamp albums or butterfly nets. Yet she is doing her boy a favor, because she tries to round out his play experience. So both "A" and "B" should supplement each other. Mind stretchers are as important as muscle stretchers. Playthings should be chosen for the most part for their suitability as to age, although the preference of the child should be harkened to. Mental age and physical age do not always coincide. Tiny children learning to handle toys need big, safe things to drag about. At three they will suddenly develop a fondness for small things. The little fellow who was all for wagons and cars will suddenly take more interest in the things he can carry. The car passes from the "ob ject" stage to the "agent" used as s means to an end. ' Thus it goes all along the line. There are many stages in the child's toy hunger and need. Manufactur ers have spent long years of re search to discover the seven ages of toyhood." Often a child will say that he does not want a carpenter set, or a box of ready-made mechanics to construct miniature bridges, only to find later that he prefers it to all else. So children are not always tne best judges of all they want. a V7,vN Jane Withers Sets Example For Reducing Look As Good AsYourHome A. Are there any black roses? A. No; Nigrette and other so called "black roses" are actually deep shades of crimson or purple with a velvet sheen. Mothers Meet The Mothers' Club of Phi Delta at the University of Pittsburgh will meet tomorrow at 2 o'clock at the chapter house, 255 N. Dithridge St. Mrs. Richard Neff , president, will conduct election of officers. The Jane Withers of 1939 has overcome her tendency to tubbi-ness, has reduced to 100 pounds and is neatly streamlined, as you can see. Mind Your MANNERS Kappcls Greatest Anniversary Sale DIAMOND & WATCH Values On Easiest Kredit Terms Kappels great Anniversary Sale offers you a great jewelry buying opportunity, with fine quality diamonds, highgrade watches and other jewelry on easy kredit. 25c Down Delivers Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the fol lowing questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below. 1 When a woman is introduced to another woman, should she offer to shake hands? 2 When a man meets a woman the wife of a friend should he offer to shake hands? 3 In avoiding a "fishy" handshake, is it necessary to be careful that you don't squeeze the other's hand too much? 4 In a business office is it good manners to rise when a co-worker brings an outsider to your desk for an introduction? 5 Should you look at a person and not beyond him when you are acknowledging an introduction? What would you do if You meet the speaker of the eve ning after he has delivered rustaiK. Would you (a) Say, "I certainly enjoyed your talk?" (b) Don't mention the talk? (c) Say, "I was especially inter ested in what you said about so-and-so?" Every plump teen-age girl who is beginning to be clothes, boy and figure - conscious, wishes she were slim. And such remarks as, "Don't worry, you're a nice size, or "You ought to be glad to be so healthy " or "Youll slim down in a couple of years, just as I did," really aren't of ' much help. But perhaps the story of Jane Withers will be. A year ago last summer, the young actress reached the wish-I-were-slim stage one day when her gang came over for a swim. "I look like a cow in a bathing suit," she told her mother.. Jane was 12 then, but she wore size 14 dresses high-waisted one, so her rotund little stomach wouldn't show. She weighed 111 pounds too . much for her 5 feet of height. Her hips were 34 inches, and her waistline a scandalous 21 y2 More humiliating, her best friend blond June Carlson, of the Jones Family series, had a 24-inch waist Then and there Jane bet June that by the summer of 1939 her waistline too. would be small. Jane won the bet. Now she weighs . exactly 100 pounds. Her hips are 32, and her waistline 23 She can wear a size 12 dress with out alterations. First, Jane and her mother settled the health question. The twice-a year examinations that movie children' get showed that Jane would not need any special diet or super intended exercises. Then changes in menus were made at home and changes in food between meals. Fewer rich desserts and bigger salads became the order of the dinner in the Withers home. Jane didn't cut out entirely any of her favorite foods She simply ate smaller portions of everything. Between meals she ate oranges and drank other fruit juices instead of sweets. She used to lie on her back and touch the floor behind her head with her feet. Now she can touch it with her knees. The diagonal floor-touch helped, too reaching the right hand over to the left foot while keeping , knees straight, 1 then reversing, touching right foot with left hand. There were stretching "routine, too. "I think we started at the right time just as Jane started to grow," Mrs. Withers concluded. "Now she's not only slim, with a nice waistline, but her carriage is excellent." 4r; Laser-. ,J?yn f a WZl " 1 ersonality and Furniture Should Be Matched ly wouldn't let anyone persuade you to use pink anywhere In any room. This means, of course, that the chic woman simply uses good Jud- ment in answering the question fhe asks herself before buying furniture or deciding on a color scheme. The question is: Is this becoming to me, my personality and the kind of life I lead? By ALICIA HART When the chic woman redecorates her home, she wants her house to be a Suitable setting for the kind of person she is a background against which she will feel at ease - and therefore look and be more poised and gracious. If she's a sophisticate she would no more think of doing a conventional, comfortable but unimaginative kind of decorating in every room than she would of buying a pretty-pretty but . none too smart dress. She's likely to go in tor striking color effects. Or pieces of furniture that would be just re markable in the home of the woman across the street but which are so right for the sophisticate herself that no guest notices any particular piece. For the brisk young modern whose clothes are streamlined, whose talk is of the latest book, the best play, the most interesting chit-chat about world-famous figures, a mod ern decor might be just right. But it would hardly do for a motherly type with a household of children and a pet or two. The latter's warm per sonality might become a little blurred against .a background so foreign to it. The matter of color is something to consider, too. If your skin is quite sallow, why cover the divan or even a chair in a particular shade which intensifies sallow tones? Or, if you are a red head to whom pink is anathema, you natural (Advertisement) Try Saxolite Astringent The Delightful Skin Freshener Saxolite helps tighten skin tissue and produces a temporary contrac tion of the skin. Aids also in reducing excess surface oil. Just dissolve Saxolite In one-half pint witch hazel and pat this lotion on the 5 kin several times daily. Sold at all Cosmetic Counters. wiLSorTs) K MEMO ) Y-?""SI by 1 1 X 1 J 1 &S "You can gobble all yon want, but I can't," screen starlet Jane . Withers might be saying to Mr. Turk. In this photo, taken a year ago, she presents a picture of pudgy adolescence. She didrt't like it and talked turkey to her mother. So steps were taken, a slimming diet started, and today the size 14 dress she wears would be much too big for her. Luncheon Party , The Woman's Civic Club of Brook-line will hold a luncheon and card party tomorrow at Rosenbaum's. Mrs. A. EL. Showalter is general chairman. To Clean Glass Decorations Fruit and flower table decorations made entirely of glass can be cleaned by dipping in warm soapy water, rinsing in warm water, then dried with a lintless soft cloth. Dance at Club Members of the Edgewood Coun try Club will hold a dance Oct. 28, with dancing from 9 until 1 o'clock. J.ana Turner In "Dancing Coed" starting tomorrow at th Stanley. y PERFECT "75" 1 If she necessary. 2 No. The woman has the privi lege of deciding whether or not to shake hands. 3 Yes. 4 Yes. i 5 Yes. Best "What Would You Do" solu tion (c). SI. SO Weekly Perfect diamond set with eight fine quality side diamonds, including two marquise diamonds. Beautiful solid platinum mounting- Ask for No. 57P. Easiest Kredit Specials at all 3 Stores Tomorrow and Saturday 4 Diamond Ladies' Monarch 17-Jewel Bulova 25c Down 50c Weekly Ladies' accurate and dependable Monarch watch. Small size case set with four fine quality diamonds. Link bracelet included. Ask for No. 11M. 25c Down 50c Weekly Gents' 17-jewel Bulova watch 10-k natural rolled gold plate case curved to fit the wrist Ask for No. 92B. 25c Down For Both Answers wants to, but it isn't Senior Is Named Tennis Manager Miss Flora Acheson of Washing ton, Pa., has been appointed undergraduate manager of tennis at Wilson College for 1939-40 and will plan and direct the annual tennis tournaments next spring. A senior at the college, Miss Ache- son is a member of the Pythagorean Club and of both the hockey and basketball teams. She is the daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Acheson of Acheson Ave., Washington. Clutp Dinner A dinner is planned by Le Foyer Francais, French social club, this evening in the International Insti-ture. Motion pictures of the New York World's Fair were shown at the October meeting.. Italian Women Plan Meeting Members of the Italian Women's Committee for the Italian Room benefit ball, to be held Nov. 28 at the William Perm Hotel, will meet tomorrow night at the Pitt Cathe dral of Learning. Mrs. O. A. Macchiaroli, general chairman of the benefit, has appointed Dr. Emilia Caprini, Mrs. Anthony Casperino, Mrs. M. A. Luongo, Mrs. Joseph Badadli, Mrs. James Messino and Miss Connie Cicarella her aides. "Everi month in mil diaru has three new dai)$" - FOR DELICIOUS HOT CHOCOLATE (6 Write far Premium Catalog and Recipe Book WILSON'S MILK PREMIUM STORE. 3013 Jenkins Arcade Bldg., 3rd Floor, Pittsburgh "ST J Of 1 'dp Jl GEORGE RECTOR When a housewife has a whole Wilson's Bone- In Tender Made Ham on hand, it is a good time for her to take a culinary inventory. These are some of the potential assets she has in that delectable investment: One or more good center cut steaks for broiling; the butt half to be baked and served as a hot roast; the shank half to be dittoed, or just sliced and served without cooking; innumerable 'cold platters, sandwiches, snacks and salads, as well as several hot entrees. Finally, the bone can be used for a big "mess" of delicious black bean soup! Food Consultant Wilson & Co. oil???: Use Our Confidential Easy Kredit Plan 12 DIAMOND BRIDAL PAIR 9 2 50c Weekly Twelve fine quality diamonds are set in these perfectly matched bridal rings. Both mountings are 18-k solid white gold. Ask for No. 62C. Immediate Delivery Mail Orders Promptly Filled. Write for Our Anniversary Circulars. East Liberty Store Open Every Eve.-rOthers Mon., Wed. & Sat. Eves. TKAMPIEIL Noon Club Meets A meeting of the Thursday Noon Club for Business Women took place today in the First Presbyterian Church. Rev. C. Ralston Smith was the speaker. College Drama 'Family Portrait," stage play by Lenore Coffee , and William Joyce Cowan, will be presented by the Department of Drama of Carnegie Institute of Technology beginning Saturday and continuing through Oct. 28 in the theater of the College of Fine Arts. New Members' Reception Court Grace, Catholic Daughters of America, will sponsor a reception for new members Sunday in the Knights of Columbus Home, Sharpsburg. A dinner will precede the program with Miss Frances Maher, supreme vice regent, as guest of honor. 10 9 -107. Sixth Street IsS EAST LIBERTY STORE 6103 Perm Avenut tut i'lUuiU NORTH SIDE STORE 423 Federal Street ft- SURE DEATH TO BftgC3B Dear Diary: What a difference Midol has made in my life! Not so Ions ago 1 was only a "possibility on party lists; now I'm the "sirl Svho never says no"! What fun not worrying about regular pain, never breaking dates, really having three gloriously active new days in every month! How I do it is a secret among us, Diary-you, Midol and met IF YOU haven't tried Midol to relieve functional pain of menstruation to release you for active living during the several dreaded days of your month you may be passing-up comfort which more than a million, enlightened wynen enjoy. It is common medical knowledge that much of this pain not only is needless, but can be relieved. And Midol proves it. Unless there is some organic disorder calling for the attention of a physician or surgeon, Midol usually brings welcome relief. . It is made for this special purpose to ease the unnecessary functional pain' of the natural menstrual process. Give Midol the chance to redeem your lost days. If your experience is average, Midol should see you through even your worst day. All drugstores have Midol in trim aluminum cases which tuck easily into purse or pocket. Peterman's Roach Food is absolutely safe to use but quick death to roaches. It lures tnem from their nests. Kills eggs, too. Effective 24 hours a day. No odor. Guaranteed results. Economical. Over 1,000,000 cans of Peierman's sold last year. At your oruggist's, 25 ' PEfEMlAOTS amOVEO IT 600D HOUSEKEEFtNQ IUIUB Midol it a tptcial formula I recently developed for iU me dal DonKxe. Midol eonlairu no opiate and no amtdopyrme. The net Midol formula it plainly printed in fall en the label of every package and u approved by Good Housekeeping Burma. EIEMI BlUt COMMIT, IEW TOIB. R, T. v - Y ixememoer ntn on SATURDAY yf w" , r r r I ri ZZ i i - y in LA , rv i . .... .. I V IAKF Sfltiirdflv tru v "Sweetest Uav with a III I rJAcn npicTiirft nf rlAvninn. A delicious aift II I W W I I I JW- ' w. . ... - j in II -C anw If aluatc a r rmr-'i aiorl vnilf Wlffi. Ill mother or sister, and you'll find it so easy to stop j - m in your favorite Candy Store for just the land of , ' candy they like. ' - Read the Candy Advertisements in in . hi I ; - THE PITTSDURGI1 PRESS K T?Z " " What's Left is Right Some of our tastiest dishes, even those served in the best restaurants, are made from food that has previously been cooked. For example, here is a satisfying and quick lunch or supper dish, which utilizes a small fraction of a Wilson's Tender Made Ham: HAM PAN-DOWDY 2 cups flour (sifted before measuring) 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoons Wilson's Certified Pure Lard i cup cold milk - Sift together flour, salt and bak-' ing powder. Add lard and mix to a fine crumb as for pie dough. Add milk and mix with a fork until the ingredients hold together. Turn out lightly on a floured board and knead a few times. Roll out to yi " thickness and place in a greased tin, about 8 inches square. , spread with a mixture made from: 1 cup Tender Made Ham, ground 1 cup whole kernel corn r Savory Mayonnaise to moisten ! Salt, pepper and a dash of sugar Spread on top of the biscuit dough and place another layer of dough on top. Bake in a hot oven (425 F.) for 20 minutes. Cut in squares and serve as an entree with a brown mushroom sauce poured over it. rafter Bridge Menu 1 1 rxJM OR OYSTER BISQU I THE WIFE OF THE PARTY The hostess is not required to be the life of the party but certainly she ought to add to it numerically. Careful planning will obviate any long, embarrassing absence while she is preparing the "eats." The dry ingredients for the waffles may be mixed in advance and tha cheese grated so that nothing re mains but to finish mixing th w allies. Certified Cheese Waffles 2 cups all-purpose flour (sifted before measunngl 1 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoons baking powder 3 Clear Brook eggs 114 cups milk 7 tablespoons melted Certified Purt Lard , Add Jlb.Certined American Cheese, grated - Beat egg yolks till light. Add the milk, melted lard and the grated cheese. Combine with the dry ingredients, sifted together and beat with rotary beater until smooth.' Fold in the egg whites, beaten stiff. Bake as usual. Serve with Pineapple Sauce, Currant Jelly or other tart topping. Makes 9 waffles. Pineapple Sauce Heat 1 cup of crushed pineapple; add 14 tablespoon cornstarch mixed with a little cold water, and cook until thickened. w a n V W E d I I

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