The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1944
Page 3
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V; NOVfri\mi.;R 22, Author Defends MM in,YTi'iKyiM^'to ijmj.;u' Brands Noel Coward As 'Cruel, Snobbish' For Critical Remarks ' '. N.c.,kov. 22 :m> , • s -'"- lt|1 ' " i6 Brooklyn .jlilhor, thinks Noel Cp.i«ircl is cruel and snobbish anil . that 'iils works ure outdated, trivial ami senseless. .. Slie said s.p 'yeslcrujiy lu commenting soriiewhaf, candidly oii the British playwright's remarks nbout Hie fighting attitude of Brooklyn sojdtcrs. . ; ... . : •, W life "Middle East DinnV Coward had said hc.yrns lew Impressed W : .s>UIers (mm Brooklyn, "many « ivtyorfi lie found "in , tears with nothing worse thaii a bullet wound in the leg or a fractured arm." Miss. Smith, who wrote' "A Tree priras.'ln Brooktyi," said: . .''Such . snobbish cruelly is uncalled for. And I would have the same say if he" had said those tflmgs about Pennsylvania boys or California boysi" • ' : /Brooklyn boys, slie says,- arc more apt. to be homesick than boys Iroin the west, or other points in this country where, travel -Is. not such a- novelty. She says many Brooklyn bpys. have, never, before been. out, of their .nelgliborhqwk, or at least not farther away than Manhattan or the, Bronx, and they "n re' very sehii- mentar about their homes. Nairn- - i;lly,,,she stiid, they are , homesick iqr Brooklyn". ;_.As for Coward, it is nbt.neces- ary, she thinks; to ban his works hi . , Brookly/i or '.Anywhere else. Heres how. she sums up .the situation. 'liiiie nils' already ; banned Oieni. Jjtls works arc outdated. They were the bible of trie . dizzy era that- went o'ut-wllh repeal. In our own time, with somber things happening in the .world, plays such, as •'Design for Living" become verv trivial alid. senseless.' 1 .,;, . " . ; '0IWEK In (he Chancery Court; Chickasawba IHsiricl, , Mississippi County Arkansas ....... Minnie Klmbell, Plaintiff/ . i " vs.' No.' 8901 John Kimbcll, Defendant. The defendant, John 'Kimbell, is liereby warned to, appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Minnie Klmbell. Dated this 21 day of Nov, 1944 .. HARVEY MORRIS/.Olerk. . B. C. Meadows, Ally, for Plf.' ' Clnmlc P. Cooper, Atty. for Litem. •'' _ Hi21-28-12j5-12 EDSON IN WASHINGTON A Worjd Economic Council t BV PKTKK KHSON Courier News Washington Gne of the most striking, differences between the old League. of Nations .and, Uic .proposed United Nations organization would conic hi the inanncr'.oC ^dealing with yconomtc aiid'soclal .questions. • The old League gfi,Vc..'aull>oritj' 16 dealwilh such matters,Id both Its Council and ,Its" Assembly. Thai provided ,n conflict In authorltv, but on lop of that the League'confhi- ed itself to. dealing wltli a few specific subjects and developed iieiv questions 'only very slowly'.'-'The 1 League did ihakcT a beginning' on such problems ns control of 'disease while slavery nnd'the opium trade', but about' (he only active survivors of the League mechanisms for defiling wllli economic or humanitarian problems' were certain stattstics- qatliering agencies and the International Labor Organization. in Chapter IX of the Dmnbar'-. 1 Son Oaks proposals provision • is made for the United Nations orga- : nlzniioirlo go Into the field of iri- tenialional economic ntulsoclal co-. operation on a.-'much broader/basis; .done' through- an Economic anc) Social Council. — 'a subsidiary of the General r Asscmb- ly. ,.The General .•Assembly.'would have' the power'lo 'elect 18'countries, whose.' repicspiitsflvcs' ivdiiid. sit on this .-Economic and Social .council' for three-year, tei'ihs. ,Tlic ''number;, was limited to 18,to create a workable body.' ..Each 7 .c'oiiht'ry would, have pnc^vote .auil^ decisions would be by simple majority! ' r '• ' - ECONCStlC WJUNCIL ,iv'oOl.ti '. , ONLY RECO.MjMEN^i' ' r ' ; ' !. ' pe'c'isioii.v' of the' Ec'ohornic' And Soilnl Council would 'iibt become laws regulating 'international commerce, immigration'and.emigration, 1 or sanitary, .mbdr and living conditions in any country.. All the'Eco- nomic and Social Council would :b'o empowered to do is to recomnienrt courses ,of action to the, General Assembly, to recommend't the 'co- ordhiatiori of ac.tlvitjes of specialized agencies, or, when called upon, to provide-' information. to the Security Council on international economic conditions. In spite of this limitation on its powers, the Economic and Social Council .would be a powerful and Influential body. It would electUts own president and make its own rules of procedure. Then it would set up various commissions of ex- perts—oiic to deal with economic questions, another for - education, an c i so on. rhe many new and exisling jri-- PYREX WARE WILL GET THEM OUT OF THE KITCHEN FASTER dependent International economic and social agencies dealing wlthp;ir- tlcular problems wo(ild participate in the deliberations of their appropriate commissions. The United Nations Relief nnd Rehabilitation Ad- mlnlstraton and the Internnttonil Libor Oreaiuznlion, for Instance, would come unq'er the social ami humanitarian commission. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization scl up at. Hot Springs, the Inlernalional Monetary Fund and the International Rank discussed in Drctton Woods, Clvl) Aviation, etc.. ALb THE i.QOSK KNDS WOUl.l) BE TIKI) IN Under this brond plan all the Iccse. ends nf Intepiatlpnai trade nnd economic relations ivatii'.l for Ihe first time be brought, together for study and co-ordlnatloh. The Economic and Social Council would not exactly be boss over nil the independent retjtilfitory agencies set up by agreements between two or more nations. Bill It is proposed dial, (lib economic and' so- cinl Council be given the power 'to review the budgets of all* such agencies, and where their activities overlap, recommend to the agencies or the General. Assembly Hint their work be co-ordinated. , Airy recommendations of Ihe Economic and Social council would go —cither directly or, through, the General Assembly— to the sovereign nations for their approval before they could be put into effect. •The important point, j,^ as with (he entire United Nations orgft'nl- MUion, is that this is a... beginning. I- or (he first .lime If is proposed o create a body which can looli at the. whole .world, see what goe.s on l|| commerce, labor' and living con'i dltions, then recommend what can tie done lo keep nallons from hurting each other or going to war. Production Of Honey Higher In Arkansas .I1TTLE ROCK, Nov. 22 (UP) — "lie .Arkansas Pedern) -State Crop Reporting Service estimates a totili production of 1,491,000' "pounds of honey iti Arkiuisas tills year Tills figure Is some 44 per cent above the 1943 production of 840000 liountts. Tiie reporting service says the Increase, is the result of ah estimated colony yield of 21 pounds nearly double that of last year. Cfmner NCV* Ada Stricken. . Now In Hospital At Denver, ,C6lo.' •DISNVEK, COl.,.Nov 22 (UP) — The' little boy .who. celebrated Chrjslmns Sunday" because 'lic'lnny not ilve until the real Christnms rolls .around ls In h'Dciwcr'Jiosul- '"'•> -.' . Marshall •iiorrmn'iij'alher of three- ycnr-oli) Ntibbliis' IjofjiiM]);' snys the child was hroiight to Denver from Cheyenne, .Wyo,, .mainly to get rest. " •. . - ' ." *,' Say's Hoffman:" '.'' : .''.'' " : . "We wanted |o got hliii! 'a'wny from all the cxcltcnient. 1 tipiirorl- ate the people. w|io'.linvo !tWl!ht oi\NubWnV l nmi\Wc 'soiiV him nrcsciils, letters, telegrKinii ami even money. I know they did" U, "(h'ro«Bh kiii^noss. ina Jl'6 Jiisvibo riiiich. It tin ned hilo a mirco-rlhg circus.' 1 • 'Hoffman snys ',hc and his wife pill sthy in Do'nvor with th'd child. The doctors do not believe Nubbins will live. . ii. • 'Where Are Th&Cigarets?' Stars And Stripes Asks LONDON,.Nov.'22. (UP)'—Hoic Is a cmestion from tho soldiers In Ihe united Kingdom: "Where are the ctairets?" , ..••'-!•••.• . The question was asked washing- ton in n | )IIK o p, 10 cdlloHal' lu the ?tars and Stripes' }'ralcrd,aj'.' after the sale 'of clyarets' to hon^com- bntanls )n..Ens;)ahd.,\vas.Kiujicmlc'd The Stars and Stijpes says ' nobody begrudges the (Ightlni! nien on the ground and In the air wlint unokes nrc available. ' . ! I3nL the soldier newspaper says it Is-looking win, a coW eyc pi , , ]|( , shortage itself and the muddled reports from the home' front/ -,•.•• It's high time, snys the Stars and Stripes, thai the soldiers' lusty voice be heard. ' '..:' "Where are the clgarets?" Non corns To Play Bingo Members of the NCO Club mid "loli" Buests, will 'unrtlclnnle In a Bingo Party .nt'-thc ricwly-decorat- cd cliibrooins Thursday lUjjiit, Mns- ler Scrgt. Vic Torncllo, president of the ornanrzallon, nnnoiinccd today Play will, begin ,it 8 p. ,n. ami w II continue iintll.10 o'clock. Prizes will, be awarded.-'- *,'_ "~ DEPnEPARED"''.'.' *°.f, cl ! SY° cMs ' " c ' iy .'Wsdra, Bore tli ron I willi !3t. Joseph Asiiirin, 1 world's larmst Kllur nt lOr. No iis[>irln cuii do more lor you. .fiia iOOtubtetsizo fur o PYREX "FLAVOR SAVER" PIE PIAIE! Cuts baking lime one-thifd. Deep, with fluted edge, jt' keeps all llie iujceand flavor in your mince and pumpkin pies. Hand/ glass handles. 10'size on PYREX DOUBIE DUTY CA5SEROIE! Gives you two dishes in one. Bake your Thanksgiving squasli or candied sweet potatoes in the bollom part. .Use the cover as an extra pie t plate. 3 sizes. l'/a qt. PYREX DEEP PIE DISHES} For many Thanksgiving jobs. Serve soups,cranberries, jellies. For baking puddings or cus^ lards. Tne children love them! Gel six. Two sizes. l/> A .•8 at. (one cup) onfy f \) f PYREX IOAF PAN! Grand for your favorite homemade fruit cake or crispy nut bread. Use it tne day after Thanksgiving for turkey or chicken loaf. 9'/V' size (one quart) . . . only PYREX BOWl SET! Will help with aH your Thanksgiving dinner mining, .baking, serving,and sloriag. Clear glass makes jellied vegetable salad look even tastier. Set , of 3 bowls, nested PLANTERS HARDWARE COMPANY 126 W. Main Inctrporlted Phone 515 LJFE& , INSURANCE..;CO. E. H. FORD, Representative - ' 200 Lynch Bldg. Sale Of Army Equipment Brisk At Camp Forrest CAMP FOniUJST. Twm,, Nov. i (UP) - Whi'u S70 illscnnli-d Army . vehicle, IncltKlliig ( tw k s ii'nilws, concrete misers nncl liie like, went on tho blwk nt. Cmiui I'mrc.-jt ri'cciilly n nultk "sell-out" '' WlllCl1 " TO PROPERTV^OVVNERS W Termites may be ruinlriisr your property, C»!J'' '&* fo, cbeclc-up without coat or ohligatiiiri. .: ,. EATS, MICE ANI) KOACH CONTBOL * GUARANTEED WORK ... . H. C. BLANKENSHIP ^i • SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH f LOWERS (Mac) WUUa™, owner ii GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing »hd Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. „ N.Hwy.61 CEILING PRICES ,. Phone 2291 1 =-— : -.——__±_- : . ____: ! Farm Loans — Long terms, Low Interest Rates, Quick Action. Southeast Missouri lan. You can gel the We also sell farms, I. 1rB c and i smil | i ; n aU counties. Sec us before you btiy or gel a 1 0 benefit of our long years of qxp-rience. Caleb Smith i C. E. Golladay 217 E. ' ' 217 E. Malon'c Avenue Slkcslon, Missqnri.' Planters HM Co.; (nc. home of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE. COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, Blytheyille, Ark. Carl 'Hill, field pro])orl.v ofllrk snys -that 10 per cent of tho Items wlilcli K-cro auctioned off wore sold nt OP A celllni; iirlces while 111 Hems Sold i\t prices Ijelow |)>o U'unl inliilhiniArBUtdlng ni the K(\I6 were, 014- rcfelstercd dcnlers from SO Milles. The ttiUe of'Tennpsseo nnct 'KQY- ' prniniMi(,')'n(ii.iicles, tilveu .priority i«tlii|{,l ; '/mi i clmab'cl 10 nulls before upon .''Mlnpdlllve Wilding wns •' • ' Veteran. Heeds Understanding With Employer nv ANN STKVICK NBA Staf,' Wrllcf niiiiiloymenl conllimes to bo n major question of returning S (>r- vlccipcn... This (Hiestlon Is typical of nyany.usked by homecomhin M'-hmifoix; .. - ' ; Q. Uefoie my pre-war job can be counted ns a "iwinuinent" jolj which' I can gel back ns a vcteVun, how long must l have worked for »)y employer} , ' A. No definite lime limit can lie fixed, according to Selective Service officials.. Much depends on your original iiiidc'i'standlng with your employer. In mniiy rases, mifor- limntely, legal gymnastics may bo Cadets Receive Wings Monday At Local Field Aviation cadets of GlasV 44 I a HrtAF received their whits ' am commissions at graduation cScrclsej, at tho Decreatlon Hull Monday uf- tcinoon. Llotit. John K,. Booth, local flying Instructor nnd holder of n distinguished flying record of )1 months overseas service wltli t|ic,secom mid Klghlh Air Forces .was tin speaker ill the RrniUiiuioii proBrim which began ill, 2 p. m. Tile (>51s AAP Baud iilnylng \iiuier' liie dt rccllon of CWO nernlitird M Kiisr-hel, furnished 'the mu.slc . : . M«J. Lewis J. l.'uitrldije, dlrcc nr or flyhiij, proseiitod . the whig* lo the t'rndimdiii; class, ' Sevonly-elght members of th samo clnns also completed (hel Inilnlni! Monday at 'iS'iidall Field I'nnaina city. Kin, and were prc st-ntfil their wings by 'LI. Col Ociu 1>. Lnnunu who (lew (here for In occasion. This group wiis sent t Mini bnse some time HKO for sue rial co-pilot training. Courier N«ws Want Ad«. mi'ulml to .sellle the Ksiti-, Vou - can lie sure, your Job \vn not on n "permnnwip basis If yoi ronlnccd nnother veteran or \ver hired on a temporary basis. So'nu labor \inlous art tylnr; tu eslnbllBl a working imminent to the elite dial six months will ifenernlly I H considered Ions cnoii(jh for iwnua ncnt stiilus, ' * ilrops In cncli iipstrl jvurl(«wirily(o)icl|iyol lirontno frcorniinln, t'»u FEINBERG'S- Fall Fashion Favorite! Dressmaker Suits to 39** The dressmaker suit takes top fashion honors this Fall? Because ir's so flattering, so versatile. You can dress yours > "up" or "down" with accessories. See our super collection today. • , );j . We've Also A Complete " ; " 'Showing of New Black SATIN BOUND SUITS Priced 24.95 to 34.50 Sizes*! 0 to 20---38 to 42 Feinberg's Fashion Shop BlyrKeviile Cape Girardoau Kay Smith Receives Fur Coat From Paris" j, •Kay, Smith, nlhD.ycar-ord' : dau : gl^ a?ii? r f^ r 'i n " cl MrSi Rflndoipli oinllli, ,ls the jiroud jwasessor.- of ii.'. new fur coat \yhloh arrived for her Icist wu-k^liaiaiH from ' Paris; Finnce, fashion 6cnter oflhc world. Tho coat, which Is fpshloiw'd of !!i.l 0 »" 'J n ;-, u .• 1 .! 11 ^>."!.'• w«!i9 i , ««c'« woc o dcllgfit. the hciirt.of .any young ,>.l)o'lior of the g'nnticht Is. Kay's ifnelc, LIcuK'.EImore U. (l)uck) Smith or O.sccolii, who has been ov- FEINBiERG'S rs. ilnd R' gift, of souy^ir? ifftii: hei" uhc^ mcludlrig>--a aefmari'h'ebnet'i knife nnd cartrldjf'teitiVr'^'^S;/.-'-', :,••• ' "' ' ••'-- ."' -^ .••;;.-j..:'!.';. 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