The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AJAJRGH 28,-1034 BLYTHEVJLLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Casting 20-Ton Telescopic Mirror Tlic fu'sl stei> in wlial is called man's most amuuious scheme to lutlKnn [he mysteries ol Hie uiiiveiv was witnessed by G.OOO ixrsoiK at the corning (N. v.l Gl-,is.s Works wlvcn wovkmcn j:onred 20 lor. of molten glass Into :i mold which it is expected v;ill produce the uorld's largest telescopic mirror. 'I'll inlrmr, which will 1« titled into a telescope in California, will be 201 inches in diameter, cusl SO.ODO, OCO and lake pi: lies ot nebulae 1.300,000,000 light years away. Hen' workmen cue .seen i-cmoring fron 1 Hie furnace the flrsl Indleful of molten sj'-nss. Bidding at Contract Is INot a MathematicaiJPropositioni I I tliEii; mathematically or phiy cards mechanleally. The player ii lloday's linnd wlu feels that Ii light lie conildeivd u Hide opll- Isllc, es|)ccliiUy since he has no her ace — tnnl Is, It gciienilly oesn'l pay lo Invite n slain wlth- .U coiucol of l» p o suits. The Play Eiust ojKncd Hie Jack of clulx;, 'lilch was won In dummy with j ic uce. A player who plays me- ' lianlcully simply will lead anther elub, umt (lien k-ud tile Hie losing clubs can lie discarded, and (he declarer Iras lost only his one diamond (rick. lird club in an endcnvor lo ruff 11 dummy. Knst, o( course, will Taxlen Home Town'i Reward to Marshal NCWTH UKNM. Neb. (Ul'l— AS u vxpruikshin ul (he riuwns' tip- |.'iTdn.tloi> roi- Ills services (o Ihu i my. Piuil Emevlino, ntehl muv- . , nil with (hi' nve o( spades mid ;i,,,|. | ms bven glvwi u lift- rait s dluinaiut. I io ifsidciicc Dioiwrty. North llien will play n lav din- ; KiHcrltiH' irrently wns Injured noml (ruin dummy, Wc&l \\H1 1 j,-vva-!y wticit lie rugngcil In n KUII v\n with (he king, rcliirn miollirr tiiitlc with u roblwr, U w«s iitc- clly. The nurted. The lioiisc Is not .subject (u lux and Enlerllnc cun \lte In II ns lonlj us lie .-ilnys lieuv Iwb mid Kast will run ,„ lin , 1)ull , lt , , c(t . „„„. liniiiuntl will be returned, wlilcli ! wn™ tin- iimrclinl left (lie Vcsl will viiil. and I he lU'cliuci' , ui i,p W nl buck lu Ills Job ll be down three tricks. Culwiis of llu- town decided lc Why not decide llmi Hie only i lT .,y Entcrltnc tor his snncrliw. wily yo» CHII nmke ycnir .coiUrucI [Tliry drew up « )x>llllon mid prc- b to linil llic king ot (ll'.unomls | miteil U to tl\e city comii-ll. Tlic 11 (lie West hand, mid play llic ' ]):(itioii asserted (lint tlie miir- laud (iccordlugly? You either can '• i>ml's tumprnsHllon was not mte- iliiy the nee a! dlumomk niul .<$,:«<• anil uslwl (lie council io .Uus drop iHe king, or \ilny u i s!,ow »]ipn-clnUon ol Kntcilliic's iiiinll diamond toward the uecii. | d>ur;iKc ana devotion iiy (uriiluii riils would establish Uie diamonds, , wet u> him properly invncd by (be ~~ ! Renil Com lor News Wunt Ail*. Wl ImUi On liM WMI CONSTIPATED III >|iilc c.f lli,> fuel l!i:<l h'lvllsi-iiiinLit Hie (jnHlrsl, miHi-il ami nii-nl-lu-lakr laialivi*, il lui n-al ni'licm—arlim llul IJc'lilly lint f<onu<yJfjMirri>|» |wi«w fnmi \iuir AViU'iii—tlojuxri the- villt of llio icilcMiiU'i ami purge .1 mil piilriit waitf liiallrr llul i' HxKlina Ihi- \vil,'iu nilli pni^Hi*. V«ni (an'l >;rl tlir LiNativii in. Kmlinili c«it cil 1-Vcu-ri-iitiikl uillicjiil i-lirn-iiiij-iiiilihisi-UrMiii^ili^irilniii'Jihi! Uxulivc uiiifuntily lliruuy)out Ifm irtlc-^- lillC< HllilMI]l|llif1 I In III will] Mlivn JIIHV luilivi>lv«ilry wiitlr uiillrr. Fctn->-iiiil>t D.m'l MiGfri 'Icxalivnircaii." "IVI.y 1 ii ilaii|;rr»ii<. Clirwnilrliciuui b'rrn-ti-iuiul. ttucl KC> on iiliuul yonr tHi^inn.1. Ifciiui! Wual ilni|;i;Ut.i rvrrytvhc-n. GUARANTEED New >iij<t ConnpWe Une'of New and Complete Uifc'- 61 Genuine AlacMen'lump Partis ...-.;.'..' 3»c BURKE HARDWARE CO. OUR AD.TAKBK VVHX BR «UD TO HKLl" YOU COURIER NEWS WAW-ADS Today's Conlract 1'roblem N'orlli plays the contracl at Fix dianiomls. opensi llicj king of sradcs. Perfect tlm- will jtcnnit J'OU (r) niaku A Nune V A S 7 ! .1 3 • (j a 7 5 a + A K Solution in Beit issue. Solution to Previous Contract Problem ItV M'M. E. McKENNKY Sccirlary, American Hrjdge Ltajjae Too many [)eople have learned lo play contract in a mechanical and mntlicinalical pay. They bid mathematically, adding up hi^h-. card tricks.and playing tricks, and! paying no attention to location ot cards. Mathematically, we :ire taught Iliat a king is worth one-half trick, but if the player to our left bids the suit of which we hold the king, we might as well make up our mind that it ta not worth much. Bui U the man to our I right -bids that suit, the king, ill 'all likelihood, ritrn- is worth a whole trick. Don't get into the habit ol Wd- IJ J A K;I * K i io s r, 5 f K- T 3 M a s l A i •'. V A (i i; i * A i« 7 r, Opening lead—£ J I'.iss I'atiu Pass Xoi-lh 1 * Pays I'ASS I'ass J'ass ...jst ruff the IOMDB clubs will lose his contract. jump to spades BANKRUPT SALE Hall Sisters Stock Bought From U. S. Court At Less Than 25c on Dollar The entire stock formerly belonrjiny to the Hall Sisters Shoppe together with other merchandise will be offered during this bankrupt Sale at equally low prices. (-oats-Dresses-Millinery-Hosiery-- Underwear—Accessories THE NEW fa^f^ J- i J- AJ X^J^VV ^~ TERRAPLANE 6 Ladies Rayon Silk BLOOMERS 18c Muyers Departntvnt Hlort- stoves »«'•«"! We wwc the hij-htst iiiildev when lhi> 11. S. Court s«ltl Hull Sisters slot* . . . >Vc iMitiKht this mi'irhanrfise for less than 25c on thu dollar und will sell it tht wime way. Act promptly! lie licru when the <l<n>rs "lien! (let your ahure of (lie s;ivinj;s! Nothing executed! Nothing Reserved! Kverything Must Go! Sale Starts Thursday, Mar. 29 Ladies Rayon Silk HOSE 15c DRESSES For Every Occasion I Dresses for L-VOIIJHJ; WUHI-, wear, street, siiorts iiml business wear . . . Silks and rayon in ilnrk shades, new high .shades and (lowered prints. Group No. 1 Group No. 2 $129 $A95 Group No. tl Group No. 'I O95 $y|95 Hundreds Upon Hundreds Ladies HATS Formerly sold up lo $5.95 /ill put in three low priced groups 25c 50c [ton't lei (lie IAW t^ke keep JKU aiva/ fw here arc many new h»U th»L Ihe II.ill SLs- 1cm S4))U «it many limes their pirscut markings. All colors 1UKJ . r h3J>f-1, WASH Dresses Lini'iiH, V r> i I s, 1'rinls and Kay«ms. Values to S'^. 88c KOTEX or KLEENEX Limited Quantity 13c The THRILL of the Low Price Field The new Tcrniplunc offers you many fcaturc-b seldom found in cars in the low price fickl — Baggage Compartment or Luggage Vestibule— concealed in the sweeping streamline of the rear, yet accessible from the outside without disturbing passengers. Advanced ycar-'cound ventilation. Axlcflex Independent Springing that gives "knee-action" but retains full front axle safety. Scorts of other features. 14 models, two whtelbasw ... 80 and 85 H. P. engines. TRY PERFORMANCE THAT'S REALLY A THRILL—TH/iTS TERRAPLAN1NG! Skirts Corduroy, 1'lannel.s :iml ^YlH)i- fns in .solid colors and pluids. Values to $3.50. 77c-98c Children's Print / Hack Spring Dresses Coats Fast colors, new patterns. ftnm other scaw?n\ h«l Wfjrlh A. lot morr th-^n - Ihrsr. Iww jflvr-away Main & 51U J. C APPLEBY MOTOR CO. Blythcvillf, Ark. Tune in on the Tcrraplanc and Hudson Program every Saturday, 10 p. in,, Ii. S, T., Red Network, Station WENR Purses, Gloves, Costume Jewelry; and••fnfwits Wear All to lie Sold al bankrupt Prices 50 Coats for Spring and Winter Here is a rare opportunity lo buy a beautiful coat for a lltllc money... .Bcautitut fur liLinincd uintcr coats ann now 5prin<2 at a fmclion of their real worth. • Coats up to $18.50 Coal* up to Coats J^ ^| 77 up to ^ • • ? * All Hall Sisters McrchaniHsir Marked, with l5Uiu ami White Tags— Other Marked wilh Yellow Tags. '.- -'"-." Hall Sisters Shoppf Meyers Department Store Successors Now in Charge BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. :

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