The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1949
Page 11
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\VJ-:i)M«:SDAY, APRIT, IP,, 10-10 BUYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN Convict U. S. Plans Rival for 'Queens' V.'ur Crimes Court V/inds Up Triah In Nuernberg Cases Hy Donald Donne NUKHNHERG. Gcmmny. April 13. (>1V—Seven hiah Geitn;in diploma Ls mid (u)vernmpnl officials yesterday were convh-ted as willing accomplices in the Na/,i extermination of E!,GOO.OOO Jews. They wore (he men wlin di'iilted the programs and signed the orders I sending Jews from all over Europe to gas chambers nnd concentration camps, a U. S, War Crimes Court, ruled. In .searing: words the court convicted: Wilhelm Kepplrr. Hans Helnru-h [^miners, Richard Walther Dane. Otto Dietrich, Hans. Kehrl, Gustnv Steengracht von Moyland and SS Lt. Gen. Gotllob Berber. Barn Ernest Weizsaerker and Ernst Woermann were found guilty of Jewish persecution Pifonday nig hi. briiip.tnR to nine the number convicted of the 59 accused on this charge. 21 Defendants Trictl Of (he 21 defendants in this last of all U- S. war crimes tiinis. 11 h:id been convicted on one charge or another. Tliere l.s still another 'day lo go before the long vet dirt is completed, One defendant was cleared of r$he only charge against him and Vftfas set free. He was Otto Voncrd- mannsdorf, 61, deputy chief of the foreign office polltiml division. "He was little more than a chief clerk," the court said, in acquitting him of Jewish persecution. Ernst Wilhelm Bohle, English- born chief o( the Nazi's foreign organization, was acquitted of crimes against Jew.s, but he til] had two counts remaining against him. The court's detailed judgment painted a graphic pictnre of how Germans In various positions lent their official aid to the sysleniatc mass murder of Jews. f I.ammers a Top Figure As chief of the former Retch chancellery find "one of the mast important'figures in the Reich government." the court said. La mm erf "participated in drafting and co- aigning many. If not most, of the anti-Jewish laws and regulations. 1 That made the aged one-eyed Intimate of Hitler the high man, with convictions on three counts already ; against him and three more counts remaining. Today's was the second conviction for Moyland. once the bright young wman or Hitler's foreign office, for "^Berger. chief of the SS main office, and for Kcpplcr, Hitler's economic adviser. Weiz.saecker. state secretary for the foreign office, and Woermann. head of the foreign office political division, also are guilty on two counts. Of Dietrich. Hitler's press "chief. the court said: "A persistent campaign to arouse the liatred of the Germans... npninsl the Jews was fostered and directed by the press' department and its chief, Dietrich. By this Dietrich consciously implemented and participated in 'the crimes against humanity regarding Jews." Officers Deny Negro's Charge Tipton County, Tenn., Sheriff and Aides To Be Tried in June Here is n model of the proposed $70.373.000 Amcriciin Uuiisuilniuic supei'liner, largest ever constructed in the U. S. Accommodating 2000 pnssenccrs. or 12.000 troops in lime of war. Ilic 48.UOO-IOU ship will be 980 feet long and have a speed o( more than 28 knots. Proposed for the U. S. r.incs, it will be slightly smaller ihun Britain's "Queen" ships, the fcli/abeth and Wary. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Boyle Suggests Egg Rolling Contest By All Nations in interest of Peace By Hal Bnylr NEW YORK, April 13. c/F'i—To Harry S. Truman, Blair House. Washington, D. C. Dear Mr. President: I have a small free idea to help • you will world peace. ' You are'nt planning to have the annual Easier egg rolling party for children on the While House lawn this year. But why not hold an international egg rolling contest there for world dipluttmts? They'd love it. Great men love games as much as children, but their games often leave people crying at the end. Such as war. the an- they'd po along with you. Everybody is looking for a vacation from worry these days. Show 'em A good time. Slack the joint with caviar, ham, lamb, liecf ] and hot t jng sandwiches. Bring them 1 all in the kitchen Saturday nl(*ht. • Miiko 'em stay up late dyeing Eas- j tcr egi?s And dye the ejjRs with j patterns r their own countries ami I their heroes. | After they fall astccp. let the i .secret service men hide the ej!s;s i LI round the White House lawn. | Bright nnd early next morning ' roirt thnn out of bed for the great i epp hunt. MEMPHIS. Apr. 111. f,l>.-Six West Tcnne.s.scc ln\v enforcement offi- ceis yc.slerdiiy pleaded Innoociit to federal Indictment.s chnrgln-j that they deprived a negro prisoner of hi.s civil rlRlils by bcnllnt; him. U.S. .indce Marion lioyd set thcii trial fur June 13 ami their bond »t $500 each. The fl\ arc 'llpton County Sheriff Charlc.s P. Forbids, Chief Deputy Sheriff Jcssi- Samtrr.s. Deputy Shcrilf Aubrey Dcvoral, Covfngton City Marshal Robert Gift. Assistant Mi!V.<lml Vi'rnon I'ickins, and Jim T fieotl. former city mur.slml who is now a rlcpulv wmdeo nt the State Penitentiary In Nashville. Scolt's innocent pica was entered by his lawyer, I,. K. Gwinn, who stud Scott WHS loo 111 to be piesrnt. The Indictments charge that the NoLii-o, John Wc.slcy Scott, was illegally assaulted while he was n pi'.suucr in the Tipton County J.ill Th 1 ? prisoner was aiie.stcd in December 1947, on a charge of honse- hreiiking and huceny. He cscajwd from Jail while he was avvaltiiu; trial, a:id was lalcr rearre.stcd. In March. 1948. he was convicted and .scnuyiccd to not more than seven years imprisonment on the house breaking charge. He is serving the sentence now. Some time HBO. a $25.030 damage suit wr>f tiled ng-ainst the City of Covlniuoii. charging that Scott lost an eye because of treatment he received in the Jail. The suit- »m Inter ivllhdrawn. Garrison Graduate Listed On Honor Roll at College Knymon Steward, one tit last year's seniors from Harrison High school WHS the only member of the Freshman class at A. M. & N. College of : Pine Bluff to nnike Ihc Honor Holl with nn average, of "A" 111 all subjects. According to offinxls of the College, ho won recognition Ix-cumc of his scholastic ability In spite of Ills working in the College dining llBll. The Harrison High School Alumni AsMiclalion made U possible for him to go to college, and has .sent ndditionul fnuds in order for him to L'cniitlu this li'rui. According to G. D. llollls, prill- clpul of Harrison School, Rayinon has been recommended to recelvr nn additional $50.00 Scholarship toward his tuition next term 1( returns to college. This scholarship Is to be awarded by « National Or- Pie Eaters Become ///; Health Officials Test Memphis Bakery Samples MEMPHIS, April 13. I/It— Memphis hi'ullli authorities yesterday li-.ited .samples of cocoiimit crcum pus after hearing rcixjits Hint nc.irly !K> Norlli MiiutUslpplntu be- niiiii' III uftcr rating such pics. K. H Woolen of the Clnrksvllle. MI.S.S.. health departini-nl said some GO persons there were 111. Dr. H G. Wiunrop. Hootievllle, MLv>.. lienlth oil leer, s»ld 26 or 30 of his Icllovv townsmen were III. Both said all \ktlius are expected to recover. Memphis authorities sultl nil Hi- plc.s hiive Ix'en removed from the market. No reports of con- nrcted with them havo come from MeiiipliLoius. Tin. iiHine of the manufacturer was withheld pending the Investigation more) and Mtes Mtrjirel II* Kof- eis ol Blythevlllt. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained mini lime licenses nt the office of Miss Ell/.abclh Blythe, county clerk ycsleichiy: A.J. I .owls and Mrs, Pearl Cowan, buth of Manila. Clinrlcs D. Thorn of Blylheville and Mrs. Minnie Sanders of Lcach- vlllc. Aaron Johnson Blackwell of Ar- The first complete copy of th« English Bible in Braille fUltd M large volumesj according to tht Encyclopedia BrlUnoica. - Pin- Worms cieni sport of k'.ngs. Why not give ' An < ! M Ihc people of America the great men a simple game they I mnss outside the gates and watch can play in pure fun. ' ivntlc tne Ri'ent men frolic like Alert the fly boys of your Air ] schoolboys about the lawn, search- Force. Send your new B-36 bombers east and west and north and south to all the lands of the earth. Have them bring back the leaders of those lands, large or little—the victors, the vanquished, the bystanders. Tf you hurry, you can get some here by Friday. Then tell them: i "Boys, every- nation that ever i lived has a pei'lo'd ft sets aside to | celebrate peace.- They do it in dif- | ferent ways, and many pray to dif- When the game i.s over, pick the ten that have found the most eggs. Put eac] of the ton behind a huge ostrich e^g labeled "peace." At a signal the ten can then start fi r- iously rolling an egp toward the finish line fifly yards owny. The first chieftain across the line with his ostrich cpg intact—that's the winner. Call all (he hot, sweating, laughing lenders into the house. Crack ferent gods. But they all have the ; open the hen's eags dyed with the same idea in mind. . j maps of all countries. Chop up the 'This is the d:iy our own prince ' contents and serve every one n por- of peace died for mankind. And , tion ol international eg, .salad. Sunday Is the anniversary of the \ Now for Utr Rijj Announcement day he rose again, and thereby gave j Then you make you]' announce- us hope. I want you Lo celebrate it ! tncnt. Suppose the man who won with us in the way of our people." ! the ostrich CRK derby was Joe Sta- Ilnrse Trading Banned | lin. Weil. Harry, boys arc boys. You ' "Joe.'* you could say. "You're the might have to warn them that any- i winner, and every winner ought to body caught making horse trades on ; have a prize. I suggest—and I the back steps would be ducked in , think every one here will agree the White House pool. But I think i with, me—that it be the South Pole. as you wll. You can propagandist the penguins, you can collect all the tnxes there. "But a winner usually throws n. party, too, joe.. Suppose we all get together at your house next year, and play a game In th» Kremlin? Any peaceful game your people like—except- Russian roulette. And the winner will get the right to rule the South Pole for the following years, and teac'i the penguins anything he wants to. "Wlmt do you say, Joe? Let's make It an mutual event!" And what could Joe, or any other leader, say—but "Yes"? That l.s what the peoples of all lands want —peace at the top. Wars rarely start at the bottom. It might be rough on the penguins, Harry, but the LT.S! of the Aorlii would love it. Let's roll those iicacc eggs. Sinc-erclv, Hul Bovlp. Harrison Students Attend Meeting in Pine Bluff Twenty-four phis from Harrison II R!I School attended the an nun I meeting nf the Slate Now 1 Ionic Makers of America In PI tie Bluff. Ark.. Saturday April I*. 1949. I,avern Morion, n sophomore from H HIT] son WHS elected -illi vlct* pri'ul- leut o( the. Slate oi'Kiml'/.iitlcm, and wus also selected H.S a crvndlttnU 1 to the National meeting which will hold 1U session in Jnck.son,, in June. The school also look purl In thr Fashion Show, nnd the following girls participated: Ad line Fum-lir •; modeled a school dress. A vie l*r Haley, a Church drc.vs. Pientl*', Shii'crs, an evening dress, nnd Mne 1 Frances Kyi PS-Sports wcai'. All nur- ments were mncle by the girls trj the Home Economics department. In the pronrnm "N.H.A. Olrlt, lakes lo the Alt": Jcnn McCloddcn. nnd Lnvcrn Morion wei'c winner! This was a quiz program conduct«d on the order of Dr. I. Q. Higher Food Prices Loom for the British LONDON. Api'il 13. '/H—Another lean year stretched ahiMiri for Urtt- ons tnriiiy—a year oE higher feed prices anei skimpy tax relief. The of Commons §»vr overwhelming approval yesterday to the labor ROVCI nment's J15.304,000,- 000 Iju'lRct for 1DW-50. The Tote wns 302-3, with ail conservatives an'l a, hnnriful of laborltes abstaining. Tlie three negulive voles were t:a-st by itidependcnLs. The budget calls lor higher prices for nlioned meat, cheese, butter and oitXiniar^arlne. CAPUDINE Asphalt Lake From the famous pitch lake cf Trinidad, off the mast of Ven- ezuln, millions of. tons of asphalt have been taken, ypt no impression appears to have been made on the contents. Pressure from below forces now supplies of pitch to the surface to form the seemingly inexhaustible reservoir. BABY CHICKS Healthy, Sturdy • Buy the Best • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry Jin East Main Phone MI7 No more sleepless nights when you have a CoolairFan! FH A terms. Ask for installation estimate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. Pease .1. Wilson llenrj South Highway 61 Thone 2434 In R«v*r«nc« To THE HOLY EASTER DAY your ESSO Pealer! Now'.t the lime (o drain out dirly winter oil and rcflll with fresh 8ummei--gn»de Easo Atotor Oil! And ritjht now your car needs a thorough lubrioation job by Esao lubrication experts—with 8 apccinlizcd Ksao Lubricants —each one npplicd according to manufacturer's instructions for your cur. When you drive in nt the famous red, white and blue Esso Sign, you're sure of htiili-fiiittliti/ automotive products ... sure, too, of ra/ie;Y service! Sec your Ksso Dealer regularly! ' V* «vtt?- i 1 s» BlythevilleWater Co "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" IT'S SPRING AGAINI-.-liinr lo t\\:nh out Winlcr'.•» wliirlcc nnd Krinin from ynur car pnpirip !... limo to «: lo Ihc right KracJp of frrnl) Moinr Oil for Kr^nl jirotcction in hot wcallier driving. DON'T RISK Ui(* nxpriiRc nf fntilly n !... tnltn ytmr cnr Ioyour Hcnlcr wlinr^ lubricnHun f.\- ijjHr: tJin riclil hihricanl.i in 1iio rijjht places ... ni»« xficcitiU' In- bnctinls! ... applied by ux ports TRY ISSO IXTRA OASOLINI1 .. ..smooth power... K^.r quick atnrts. f!roat forniilen^o. < 'mitnins exclusive li^sso Solvent Oil for added engine protcclion. AUAS SEAT COVERS—Spruce up y<mr car! ., . wiih a set of atlrac- livc.smooili-fitlinK, watnr-rcflialant Atlas Seal Covers !.,.durable, lac- quor-lrcated fiber! ATLAS GRIP-SAFE TIRES—SUrl your mK rifitit!... on rugged, . Alias Tiros !...hncked by a 12- monlh warranty nl ."iS.OOfl dealers in II. K. and Canada ! Get Atlas Butyl Tvibrx '. . . . Ihcy hold air 10 llmea longer than natural rubber ATLAS CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS — Pul new j)Rp in ynvir car with n of UIPSO long-laaling. high-quality Your ' Happy Moforino sforts at fh« Esso Sign. Your fao Deafer is on independent business man In your co mm unify. FOR SAFE DRIVING — Atlas Sun PS eliminate dangerous ronrt sun Rlare! . . . Alias Wiper i s and Anns help Lmd weather vJAihility . . . Atlas Klashlijrhls and for nifiht - time emergencies I ATLAS 1ATTERIIS— engineered and y huilt f«r drprndalile SPTV- icn anil Lnni; life. A. written warranty cornea with each battery. COMPANY

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