St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on June 24, 1990 · Page 29
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 29

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 24, 1990
Page 29
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3 JUN241990 SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1990 5F SPORTS ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH BASEBALL 3 Hummel 7rom page one $ .Craig Lefferts, who signed on as fSan Diego's stopper when Mark Davis "went to Kansas City, has closed out cnearly everything for the Padres. Lefferts was 5-1 with 10 saves in his first sil opportunities. He had stranded the ast 19 runners be inherited and his ;ERA was 1.36. 2 Lefferts pitched last season for San rgrancisco, and San Diego manager "Jack McKeon said, "I bet they wish 5hey had him back." il Giants manager Roger Craig said, ''It's not like I didn't want him. He's no Surprise. He's pitching well, and he 3&as a chance to make my All-Star iteam." : The next time the Giants and J?adres play should be intriguing. Giants pitchers had hit just four opposing batters this season other than San Diego batsmen, whom they have drilled five times in 30 innings. ' Jeff Brantley alone has broken Benito Santiago's arm with a pitch and Slso hit Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar. San Diego pitchers made no retalia-, tion when Alomar was hit last week, and Carter said, "This wasn't the time. But the time will come. : "We've got to stand up for what we believe. They say they're just pitching Inside. But there's too many coincidences, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. We're not going to stand there and take it." "'Craig thought Alomar barely had been grazed. "If we're going to throw at guys, we'll do a better job of it than that," Craig said. -Flyweight outfielder (155 pounds) Luis Polonia of California had a recent 24-for-61 stretch, which prompted Angels manager Doug Rader to say, "If Luis Polonia weighed 200 pounds there wouldn't be enough money to pay him. " Juan Samuel's steady decline continues. Samuel, after going zero for 30, was benched by the Los Angeles Dodgers, who immediately won six games in a row. Home, Sweet Home: Los Angeles righthander Ramon Martinez was 7-0 at Dodger Stadium with two shutouts and a 1.59 ERA. On the road, he was 1-3 with a 4.58 ERA. Slump, What Slump? Oakland's Willie Randolph, muttering about recent criticism he received, said, "You go zero for 20 and people think you're in a slump." Former Cardinal (briefly) Mark Salas had five homers and six singles for Detroit. "It's easier to jog than try to run around the bases," Salas said. "The ball's jumping out of this ballpark Tiger Stadium. "I might as well get them now before it gets cold and I get cold." The Tigers had a chance to get to the .500 mark for the first time in 230 games on Wednesday, but they lost to Oakland. Detroit hadn't been at .500 or above since the last game of the 1988 season. The Boston Red Sox's airplane was delayed 1 hour 40 minutes in leaving Baltimore, and Dwight Evans, complaining of a bad back, got off the plane. Roger Clemens said, "Where are you going?" Evans replied that he would fly to Toronto the next day. Clemens also got off the plane and flew the next day. When Toronto plays at Fenway Park on Tuesday, the Blue Jays will carry a streak of 15 consecutive victories at Fenway over three seasons. Calling Dr. Pena: Boston catcher Pena used an old Dominican Republic method for treating his in jured right thumb. He put salt on his thumb, then cut out a lemon and wrapped a bandage around it and ap plied that to his thumb. Said Red Sox Get The Fans Before They Get You: Todd Zeile egged on a muddled spectator after last Saturday's home game. "You need tickets to tomorrow's game?" the fan asked the group leaving Busch Stadium with Zeile. "How much?" Zeile piped up. "They're $10.50, but I'll give them to you for $10," said the Cardinals follower, apparently not recognizing the catcher without his mask. Zeile shot a conspiratorial glance toward his wife, Julianne, then took pity on the man. "Nawww, I've already got tickets." Zeile From page one the National High School Cheerlead-ing Championships for ESPN. Todd understands how important it is for his champion to have her own challenge, whatever it may be. "She needs her own thing. She's got a lot of energy, and it s not easy to stop all that." Julianne is confident about both of their careers. After all, she's already seen that dreaming of the improbable pays: Her father, who saw the first game ever played in Shea Stadium and brought up his two little girls on Mets baseball cards, is now "almost a Cardinal fan," Julianne said with a smile. Anything can happen. Buck From page one billed as a co-host of that show, I thought of myself as the wet-behind-fhe-ears kid who was being thrown into the same room with a legend. - "I mean, I idolized this man, so in the beginning I did my best to stay out of his way. He kept drawing me in and including me (on the show) more, and when he became too involved with Monday night football, I remained on the show as a solo act." c NBC's Joel Meyers, another former KMOX employee, said: "I've never met anybody as honest as Jack Buck. There is no kinder individual, no one as down to earth, no one as void of ego. "In this business, it's nice to see someone who treats the little guy exactly the way he treats someone important." NBC's Bob Costas is yet another former KMOX staffer, and Costas still has a home in St. Louis. He showed up there at the age of 22, fresh out of Syracuse University, to announce the basketball Spirits of St. Louis, and got to know Buck. "It took a little while to win his respect," Costas said. "I was this precocious character with a baby face. " "But once he saw I was a hardworking guy and my philosophies were more in line with those of the old-timers, everything was fine. ; "There's no question he's one of the better baseball announcers in the country. "His call of Ozzie Smith's game-winning homer in the 1985 playoffs dgainst the Dodgers 'Go crazy, folks, go crazy' was one of the great calls of all time. It would only have worked on a local broadcast, but that was the beauty of it." s Two days after Smith's homer, Jack Clark hit one out at Dodger Stadium against Los Angeles' Tom Niedenfuer. " Said Buck on the air: "Swing and a long one into left field! Adios! Goodbye! That's the winner." ; Scully's national TV call of "She's gone" on Kirk Gibson's homer in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series is a good one, but so was Buck's on CBS Radio. 1 "I don't believe what I just saw!" he bellowed. Said Costas: "The more exposure he gets, the more people throughout the nation will understand that he belongs on any list of all-time baseball announcers." : KMOX alumni also include Harry Caray, Joe Garagiola, Dan Dierdorf and Jay Randolf. Buck credits the station's longtime general manager, Bob Hyland, with an ability to spot good talent and develop it. During his first 16 years with the Cardinals, Buck was a backup to Caray. Garagiola worked with them from 1955 through '63, and has a lot of respect for Buck. T'Tm not so sure Buck shouldn't have been the No. 1 guy (at CBS) in the first place," Garagiola said. "Before they made a decision, I thought, 'Hey, they got the perfect guy.' Jack is very talented, witty and one of the quickest guys in the country. "As for his age, he's going through what I was going through. I kept seeing my age after my name Garagiola, 62 when things were up in the air for me at NBC." Garagiola, who quit NBC after 27 years in November 1988, was recently rehired as a co-host of the "Today" show. Buck has said he saw his age after his name so often that he began answering the phone, "Buck 65." Garagiola said, "Satchel Paige, one of my heroes, used to say, 'How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?' "Well, I don't think it matters how old Jack Buck is. He's a tremendous baseball announcer. "As for his lack of high profile, let him work the All-Star game and World Series, and that will take care of that." Curt Smith, a speech writer for President Bush and the author of the outstanding baseball book, "Voices of the Game," said: "When they cast Musburger overboard, I applauded. Jack Buck is so much better, one of the finest announcers in baseball history." Buck said his philosophy on life is: "Do a good job, have a good time, and get along with people. I like people to like me, and I work at it." And Buck doesn't mind sharing the spotlight, something, he said, Caray was not very good at. "I was lucky if I got to do more than an inning," Buck said of the old days. These days, Buck treats Mike Shannon, his partner since 1972, as an equal. During a recent extra-inning game, Shannon called the last few innings. "Hey, it's a close game," Buck said. "What do I care? I've done everything there is to do. Why not give the other guy a chance?" Being liked is almost as important to him as his family, which includes eight children. Buck has been married twice, 22 years the first time, and 20 so far the second. He had six children by his first wife, Alice, and two by his 48-year-old second wife, Carole. His oldest offspring, Beverly Bren-nan, 41, has been a high school teacher for 18 years. His youngest, Julie, is a high school senior. "Julie will be the eighth I'll send to college," Buck said proudly. One daughter, Christine, works as a news anchor in St. Louis. Another, Bonnie, works for a Chicago radio station. And his son Joe, 21, is a play-byplay announcer for the minor league Louisville Redbirds. "One thing about having eight kids," Buck quipped. "It's going to be a hell of a funeral." Asked if Buck is really as good a guy as he appears to be, Brennan said with a smile, "He really is." She said Buck even gets along with his former wife: "My Mom and Dad have a great relationship." trainer Charley Moss, "If this works, I'm going to say I've been advocating this for years." Of Pena's 27 RBIs, 15 have come with two out. Former Cardinals utility man Tom Lawless still doesn't have any hits for Toronto, but he scored his first run of the season as a pinch-runner last weekend in New York. Lawless is zero for nine as a hitter. But one year with the Cardinals, 1987, he waited until Aug. 12 for his first hit. On the day Toronto hitting coach Gene Tenace went to Poway, Calif., for his daughter's graduation, the Blue Jays romped to an 11-0 victory. Afterward, Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston said, "I just got off the phone with him. I told him he could stay out there a week." The Montreal Expos have signed five free agents who have relatives with major-league backgrounds. They are pitcher Steve Renko Jr., son of Steve Renko; pitcher Chris Haney, son of former catcher Larry Haney; first baseman Mark Tsitouris, son of pitcher John Tsitouris; pitcher Matt Haas, son of outfielder Eddie Haas; and outfielder Gerry Nyman, a St. Louisan and younger brother of outfielder Nyls Nyman and first baseman Chris Nyman. Second baseman Billy Doran almost certainly will not be back with Houston next season. Houston tried to acquire pitcher Scutt Scudder from the Reds for him, but without success. Chicago White Sox manager Jeff Torborg assailed the media after his team broke a five-game losing streak by beating California. "This one was for all those people who thought we had collapsed. Collapsed, my rear end. We were only blown out once in those five game. The guys stuck their tongues out at those people tonight. They said, 'Hey, look at us, we've got some character after all.' "All that has been building up in me so we held a meeting tonight. We were playing this game like it was the World Series." Attendance has been so good at Comiskey Park that the White Sox ran out of their 400,000 Ail-Star ballots. Their North Side friends, the Cubs, . came to the rescue by sending over 40,000 more. Strange, But True: Charlie Hough of Texas is the only pitcher in the majors to win at least 10 games in each of the last seven seasons. After Minnesota reeled off a club record 21-7 mark in May, the Twins stubbed their toes in June, losing 14 of their first 17 games. Strange, But True, Part II: Milwakee's Paul Molitor is on the disabled list for the 12th time in 13 seasons because of a broken finger. Earlier this seaso, Molitor suffered a broken thumb when it got caught under a base as he tried a head-first side. When he broke his finger, Molitor got his hand jammed in the glove of Cleveland first baseman Brook Ja-coby, who was reaching for the ball. "Once again," Molitor said, "I'm faced with a situation that's strange and peculiar. You don't get your finger stuck in a guy's glove every day." Before the weekend, Molitor had spent 362 games on the disabled list. The Brewers were 163-199 in those games. When he has played, the Brewers are 859-730. 7 Toronto's Todd Stottlemyre.ha$ lost two shutouts in the ninth this season. The first happened when Matt Nokes, then of the Detroit Tigers, dou- bled home a run. The second happened last Sunday when Nokes, noV with the New York Yankees, ho mered. "I just hope they don't keep' trading Nokes around the league)" Stottlemyre said. The run allowed by Minnesota's Rick Aguilera Friday against ine, Royals was the first he has given up in,' his last 12 appearances covering 14' innings. He has been scored on in only' three of 27 appearances this season Despite permitting that run, he TeJ corded his 17th save of the seasonT ; ' After beating Detroit 1-0 on Frir day, California is 7-0 at home in games Chuck Finley has started. " a John McHale, longtime executive and president and chief executive officer of the Expos from 1968-86, will receive the 1990 Sporting News Pioneer Award. The honor is given annual" ly to the retired baseball executive; who has made the biggest contribution to the sport over the years. 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