The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1930
Page 6
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">>AGi3 SIX BLYTHEVJLLE. rOWlir-lR w Big'Train's" Sons divvy On Red Birds Only 2V-i Games Out. o{ Lead; Robins Dc- feal Giants Sunday. NEW YORK.—The ciirlnllni; Sl. Louis Cardinals were pulliii; 1 . on .note steam than ever Sunday ami when, yesterday's games cndei! th: fust stepping Sl. Louis entry ii: ihe Nalional leasiie race after n Ut-latrd s'.arl. svas bl.l two isnil a half games behind the Ci]bs_of Chicago, league pace sellers. TJie Sen- slors bjal Hie Macks in Uic innioi circuit. . '••: Tlie Bruins ran Into the" Pltlv uurgh .PiraUs yesteiuny and the Bucs proved a stumbling blork for ;lic leaders, defeating them 9 to .7. Paul and Llnvijl Wcncr rpntrlbn'.ed icavlly to U:e rirales' victory whilt he Buc pitchers managed lo slave jff a Cub rally. The Cardinals jumped on UHI C!nclnnall Reds for iwo victories. '.1 to C 'find 4'lo 2. Hhem proved iflecllvc in ihe firsl caiiie nr.d Haines worked steadily in Hie se-j- •>nd (o give the Cards 19 oul of Vi •aines v:li!i the Reds Ihls season. • The Phillies and Braves- ci.ivlut-d \ doub!e bill with Phils v/innlni; he ffi-sk game 1 to 0 nnd the 3reves"lhc second 2 to 1.. Bo:h amcS wwe pitching duels with the 'hils :-.6Le(tbiB but -two hils off Jrandt iii. the first encounter whib Belize held ihe Braves lo 'ilve-Li .he second. . Itcblns Take Giants The Brooklyn Robins wlth'-Djzzy Vance on the mound Eavo'tlic New i-ork Giants a 5 to 2 defeat ye*-, icrday al Brooklyn. The Giant? •«-T] thrpo nilcl'.ers but failed .U stem the title. Frederick of Brook.; ,n mime a catch . nf. Terry's line drive. • • ' ;. The Washington Senators kept i:i '.he American rnce although still far \behliid tho Macks when lli'.'y handed ^facks diarges a 1 to G defeat nt Washington. The garlic- was a thriller with Marberry .rellcvliis Jones to pilch Ihe Senators'-lo victory. A two run rally, in ll'.tj nlntji P'.it the Nals actoss. ', '•,' ' ,. ; . Jim. Moore, recruit from - LiftlS Hock, held the Cleveland 'Iiii(la||s lo six hits nnd the Otilcagq.'.Vt)jt(-. Sox won 5 to ?. The Indlans',did not hit safely vn'.il thc'-nflh'j-jlqil were never dangerous.-. IN mm u Tlioinscn Has Hard Task at Arkansas; Magnolia Depends on Green Men. ,'iy \<».KN nvi.i.ocii 1 lljiilul I'lr'.s .SlulY iJorrespoiidenl 1-oailiall practice was under way loday in virtually nil Aihansas col- : I'jui'M mid hiah sdinuls, wltn the : sound of ihe openlnx whistle. In. aiii'.nratliit; tin- 1930 season, nnl> siif.n time With H li-acruieii mid many rtt- rkTs b;;tl<, Hit 1 RJMII backs setin- Bly should be In U'Wil .stuhpo to: • tin; fcc.isun. but the toss of seven i [•xiiLTlenui'il veterans, Includlm; ! Wear Bclioonmer. All-A^ncrlcaii i end, has su-.'kmed the varsity, Hesides .Sct.oonover, ihe Razor (Continued 'from oase (Wrfil u<»irri^ ilJi t u! It-.iju. five) .to O*ll ' " - !isn:r> Xuue SM.I- j. •].. Ur-ilj I. 1.. S. s. s. n. 'w. u. b. w. r,. w. ;:. W. t*. \V. Sftkj.(y II. W. P.llllL.V <l. W. W ; : . •if rvr. 'i/u. or i«n >SM rV"" Ti.lWll li'.'lJSn' TiJ»«!l 11. ta'l'j II. Tal. U. T'l. H. Tal< U. Tai. l.k« rr> II. '«»' S»lan,f 18 14 17 Ili 19 5" •' ^SuMlTll 1U II I'J 2 ;t 7 'fi " K'I-: o j» \t 19 ! ] 1 ) 1 I n of Uli 4-i-t _ .kOulKnjtJcl'l Ad •li II i: Town <,! 1 1 1 1 MONDAY, SRPTRMBRn' 8, 1930 FlIUl- w. w. Hir« w. w. n»rr» Vtikr-nvn ' I'nkoOHr. S. K. Ill of BKttl AdiUlloo— fautf I., r. Null . •iff S\Y Ifl m I'l HI I" . n .. Ad4111on--J.«cliTllle \V. 11. i-ni.y MtiilhL w. (i W. \|. J. W. I.E. Man,!. . W. l.'ivcp V>Ml»li-t< ilr>i.<lrri l.ol 1 UK .ui i N i: .on 'J17 NK i.u Hi NK .tl I XW l.wl 1 SK XW SW HI: SK XK S'W Sl-:t NW NI: si: hacks lost Cliinitcc Oeis, qunrlej-- liacks losl Clnicncf Gels.- quarter- ui i;. W. s. n. w. s» 11. ^v. &'. u. w. b. nYile Ttei . I all inncy liiLtr are beini; lakon cave of down on the little M.irylnnd farm of Waiter John..,,. After ,,,e rccont ,, a ih o, thr W.,h,n 8 «» n ,,;,,,ball manacer's wife, tlie management of ihu place v.U.s asMirncd byl Vri|1 ^irtip' Aii-Confercnca guard. Eddie Johi'Son. 13— shown above milking a <•»»•— and his brother. . For t j lt . ||,. sl time in many- sua- Wtilter. Jr.. who is 15. They linvc abaniloncd th:lr o™ baseball j sons the Porkers have four regu- practlce to work In the tiuck Harden ami IVrd the chickens. Texns Chrls- phoros to tils yoiinjuivei'sirrs at are netting aloiiu. HelhcMla, Mil.. t« llnd oul how they home first jarre 5 to 3 bill tlfe '-Ynnks countered by taking the second by a 5 lo 2 score. Goston wns-th'e winding pitcher of the first game while Sherid got- credit for the'.'second: I.OU Gehrig hit a. homer. The, St. Loi^J3rownS;Yfniv-jlic'lr final meeting of tlie'season . f™n the Detroit Tigers. 0 to 0. '.Tiis U'i- uniph gave the Browns «iiV-eVen break with Detroit for' tlie year villi 11 victories, cacti. Stewart ivns ihe winning hufler. Postpone Fight Card to Tuesday \ mimilo annniinc-cnirnf by I'rcmnter Jnc Cralf stated lluit thr light radii had keen |inst- pnncil until Tnrsilay ni;lil. A battle nf wallops is in store for Islic lans tonisjhl nt tin; Main Irect nihlellc arena wllh ihe lunehlnK'lluhtheavy froin Luxui. Stanley McUne. urrayed ngnlns". ioward Lalirler of New Orleans Thai McHae can punch is a well tnnwn fncl and LaBrk'r, who I; chedulcd lo nnUe licre this nf- einoon. comes wl.h the reiml?.- 'fon nf a walloper. Ho was recoin- ncndod to Joo Crnie. local \trst- noler, by 1! C. Millar. Memphli fli;ht nnnaaer and referee. In the seml-windnp. Otto Youni legro fealhcr ol this uity. lackles e Tnylur. Nnshville. Turn ' Memphis. New Orleans Birmingham Atlanta ....: Little Rock Chnttauooga Nashville •Southern League • - • • w. L: . 03 53 . 86 50 . 83' 63 . W 67 .79 08 B2 85 .. 05 . 01 Mobile 38 101 Philadelphia Wasninatoi; New York . Cleveland .. Detroit .... at. Louis .: Chicago ... Boslor, American League W. L. 46 51 59 C5 93 85 17 15 GG 54 53 45 Pet. .637 59 S .5(59 .541 ' .537 .44'2 .418 .20. Pet .009 JH5 .50C .503 .48" .394 .39* .33 , Two four round bouts open tlie card. Addllion ,4 S rj n S. L. Hzj.i" Addltk.ii—L.itl-vllH U. tlnriou .... . „ ,,. IVlcinplilS Nc«(s DUt I WO And . Uiv conlvrtnce gamcv ; il:iii University. Te nice Inslitiilc ; slly. • ' ;,t : At Arkansas Tecli, RnssellvilVf, r.nd the Schools al JortYs- boio, Mauiioha. and Moiulcellti' ! as•, pirant-s have Botteii used to llklt ' Icotball toes. Piacticc bsgul! nl -flic i four schools on Sept.-1. ,-. I litiulrK Optimistic ' - ;,. j Hurt by the loss of several pl»y- <-rs, who let! for the University ol ' WyomliMj. Mntnolia. champion; en • 'he lltthi lhrce last yt-ar, is de.. pending upon fresh material. \\ _'.'• ! Ganics will Ix? [ilayrd at Jofips- • uoro. including u eame wltlnBl LouLs University Hi Jotiosboiu. A, mamlsiii'4 siMson Is expelled- b>> K'rl Sclivfiirlc. l i' 1 •1.' K. llulnm Wl-3 41 4'J 4! il d& Cll C4 I'JO (-J4 iii l lili lil 171 I?.'. SI-Vi ] tl, 191 LkS 1 •!!>i •ii/9 . 1.40 1.4'. .11,14 F<!:,.- u N, W. w. w. w. w. r. w<»a C, Wo ml I'. Weed I 1 . Wool l'«nj I r*,,. S3 .!. I'. Cull..,, . i:, X. H S f. >.n., J. A. ."..Ikl.rkinni lj X. l« S K i-UIII- -I. M. lljllMU fkim- n. K. IllrU 1'. X. II 1" K Ilillint, T»|. li X. II Mi. 11 K U K lll Kiu 1:7 I:.T 14 14 !"> I.) Ili 1C 16 . i-'lin fine. 0. U. Jach»iri Addition—Leacisllla A Ksmo . Li ItattUVa' Addition—laacbvtlla 3 Sauu- »'. .1. lVyJ HvjJ lilbllk WooJ jiB](lj 100 101 blcs Threati'ii ATLANTA, Ci:l.-—With JlIM flboul •Games for Pennant; Pel)- \ ^l',,,,.,,, rolp!is ,,, , ll( . nendrixr '< Sl Division'Htmitr.'oii camp, win-re ft hostt of veterans reUirnt-d. Nineteen leitir 01 rcsvrvc men have -ittiuawl U> over but the shouting i" 1 ? r ° w - Uic Memphis Chicks invade New | Tim Warric™ open Die SHVSOII Orleans ioilay ivlih the Southern : c!:|)t. 2ii with, a loi«h game .will. Jeanne pciinnnt In llu-lr bus- -but ; Cenienary c'- Sh'.t-vrporl. W. •_.-.< Ihe ui-lp 1= miliickcd and Hie 1'ell- ', The Slat* 'iVucIu-is GoUtyr, VK eiu.s by some miracle mlRl.t tieal 1 Wmrlovs jiomc-towji eiittulw. .vrtU the bmilliiB from ihe pnci; sellers. ""Wl Hcwliix lll ""' fsg '"'*-. lh utit •the Chicks were but two wines , Tr.arti.rf n,v not too optimist* fiom reaching the stains ol K pen- j mint certulnty when they tossed i (he Nashville Vols oveitjoard with ; n 5 lo 0 whitewash yesterday, thanks lo :cmc proficient pitching on Hie part of Waller Deck who held the Vols to three liils. The Pelicans continued to hope against hope, winning from Ihe At- End Nears; Howe Almost Certain Winncv. linla Crackers 5 to 3 wllh Blnkre- Icy in Hie role of pinch hitter clrir- | ins in two runs for the Pels but ' fnileil lo concentrate' their blows. | The Lillle Rock Travelers were i but four p.iims uul of the first dl-uUP>--l-'i"W vision :irii:v defeating the Chattanooga Lookouts in n clo^.e yame ycElerday '3 to ?.. llie Pebbles counted two runs In • the eighth lining lo cinch the sjaine. Hughes ' trie wlnnlui; pilciiiM. nbonl their (.'liantss. J :.-i. : '.. While IB Itlternicn are etlgtblo fur !iie year, cevp.rul aie not eKpect- c<l lo Klurn for the F.eoson. No: reserves arc left in stock for tin- Mason. A veteran line will ; rw.on which sives hopef iollowers of tJie Hears. Arkiininii College ul BatSiVlUe Is okins form\rd to a ijyod year and t* ?A 8A tA 1IA 1 1 A 111 Mi M- h w ll,ll,r> .II.M H. DrivW KL-^' C>i- K H. CO T.,*i>V • I'o. 11. A. Klnitt \l A. Sinllb -I. T. Artntlruor .1. K. 'i.'Ua<!el» O. C. !il.i|.l/jr Kit t. H. ;l'pnl.rrrlfJ Sinlll: It llrow/i •l'nK| : |i[.- I'w. I). A. "fill.lit . .1. \V. U>« K Wrlr •r. J. L-iiM i Will . i Hjrrj , h. W. i II. W. B. W. - . II. «'. > f. V. * kTa/.iLa I'llM-Glilb > Mai.ilo KlaVn <'c. r Kll> Huurli (• I-'. H. -K«J Uu.-l Cli, ff j I'. H. ftarurr . W. Frft'ttlBri Ir. 'A. Henry 11. un 1 C'uwan tilery f<. W.' II. (.;. '('<Jt.-u.-j U. . U. A'. U. A Krl. Nit: i.l II NW i I K. u( H. U. S\V XK I 1 HI-S ^l-i !iL'%., ? liw '.si: !: NK XK SK .st: !>W .Xh •in Ml •10 Hfk CO»1U i l'o««'H ; Urn -A. ' fiu.r Xftuu- S'lUut Ttiwolilff Toirrilit A'. H. .1. llucV .1. flucV C. K. l II. W. C II. A. M D. Ai^ititalia»r ' - Manila K. S. K. -S. H. H: .lor Al IluJion liuthon UudSou lies i XSV :ln NW :lu iSW an KW 31 •J XW Nr: 2 7 SK XK in Kl-'J MV XK IU NVI •'.' li\V XK I'l Ul I I XW NW .10 l.ol I'J SW XW in l.nt 13 *K ?;\v iu XK XW 'iii UK NW ' 'JO 6W,XW SC SK KK :::> NW SK ' a.'i SK M; :i.-j Ul I t.l.1 ;. hE Sh NV," SK ?E SK N-K SK . <K KW .NW SW KK SW K. ol 11. H. S\V K. o( K. S. XK KH XK SK *K. SK. : ?K>'r..;-J NW :ici Htlr Ks nrii,.i Tlrn. llri,. [)ri> .\. Ilrj., M. llfh. K riiB I'jia: Cliff K. N. K. M, Terr; . r. •IVrry Vl.rnr. Tta>nKl U. J.. fjnilL-r« K 13 K* Ifi'N. Uiii art tte(VJ a » I K«U«u'a i .'i to tli'- ,S«{BP SAIII.- i S.coia AJ4U1.T—I, U S-j«-.f H S*mc Ii Mu.» Fut AoUllisi 11 i, Mk.n.rJ A—LaackrUl* it. JoJ.|,'. aie they have » Vat of :iuie<lnl. - '•• - - ... -- clone^ Alb Amerkwi aiid Io«r - All-South*!**. -O. Chicago.*.... St. Louis^... New York .. Brooklyn I.. Pittsburgh- -. Boston Cincinnati . Philadelphia National League W. L,. 80 5G 58 17 1C 75 04 55 44 PC!. .588 .570 . .550 j .550 .522 .4GCI .414 .328 Ark-Jfo i Evadale . Gosnell . Cooler .. Holland Wilson .. Yarbro .. Keiser .. Osceola . W. . 8 . 9 . 0 . 9 . 8 . 4 . 2 . 0 Chlckasaw . Howe .......: Promise Land Burdctte Little River Flat.&ike W. 12 . 9 . 7 . G . 5 . 3 Pet. With but one game Icfl on ihe schedule of the Ark-Mo Icac'ue Eva- dnlc slipped Into the lend in the loop's standings yesisrday to replace the Gosnell aggregation which has been leading practically all the season. Howe appears lo have tlie Ctiicknsavv league- title definitely sewed up unless the club's officials order some games lhat have bsen left off, played in which event Prouiiso Land inny have a chance (o lie Howe. The Holland-Gosnell game ycs- tcrday was protested mid decision tn the game will probably not be handed down until Saturday night, If Gosnell is awarded the game and wins the final game niv.t Sunday. in the event Evadale should loose. Gosnell and Evadnie will finish al- i most neck and neck. G.i?ncll and j Holland were- unable in yesterday's Same to agree on the score. The Holland storekeeper held that the i;ame was lied 15-15. while Cornell's storekeeper imilnlaincd thai Gosnell won. IB to 15. Cooler and Osceo'.a wased a derul li?at with the score 9-9 nt the end of tlie ninth inning when the same was called. Yarbro and Wilson battled for 11 innings before Yarbro finally mnn- ajjcd to emerge victorious. 5 to 4 Ark-Mo Defeats The Ark-Mo Independent team of Blylhevlllc defeated Bogota, Tenn. In n close c.iine at the Chi- ci\!jo Mill park yi'.stcrriay afternoon 1 to 0. The fealure of Ihe u'.inu' was the . sensational pitching of Monk J Wright, who hurled for ihe Ark- ] chief tn r .k of head coach Fred 'Ihoinseu today us tJie I of Arkansas ocean UK f»l practice. • Although 14 Ictlermen were a- peeled .10 report .for the inilial grind, as well as n dozen .lreserV.8 men. Ihe te of seven *-iis felt kwuly- as began Us prellmliurics lor a toiigti One ot the hardcU' • losses lo rt- place will he thal'xlf Wear- Bchoou- ovcr. giant All-Anierican end. Olh- ur Ic'.ltnncii who w'erc lost nre: Dick Miller; Clyde Van Side, guard: Clarence OeLs, captain, and Qiienllii Craliaiieh, tackle; Joo Moorf and "innty" Gardner, tackles. Miller. Cribaugh, Van Sickle and Sclioonovcr' were.all-conference men Alttiough losing two bacltflcld men n strong offense is expetled. i Mo club. Wrighl held thr Teimes- (Jack Dnle, half, and Barney Upi- ] see team to two bingles and slrucl: ! moor, lull, will both be back play- lout 10 men. LUler mill Pierce of I iiiB tlwlr third year, j the visitors set down nine of tli'l Oliver "Chicken" Holmes, Isuer- [ locals on strikes. Dlythi'ville snd rinaiUrbacit In 19?8. re- j cd errorless ball. | turiuxi lo Jein the trolning camp. Score by mimics ii. 11. : j nf ' r1 ' being out lost year. Two Ark-Mo 001 001) - OOx 14 i); oilier backs who won letters are 000 000 000 0221 Wliitcn Kyle and Homer Ledbcttef. M: Ark-Mo— Wright nnrt ', Reserve ellyibles are Dean Morley. Bogota—Pierce. I.lsirr and ' *'•"•" Bradley, L. n. Bulls and Tuin ; Ilnner. ! Chambers, Kays and Nations CAT WORKS I.ATC'HKS wen 1 the mast promising material CHARDON. O. HIP)—A cat that' 1 " eal1111 tm thc wlna goes from room to room in the i llnvs ^ lllltlc; rslmly to I'.oiise. opening and closing doois Bogota balteri Phillips. Brook;. K. U. (V>p|ik(< K. kl. Cup|,J< u K. y. :Vl>ll»[r K. u. C-^I.M' Hit, \>k.-l n. II. Sirukii Adiliiso— 1 Manic • • • f.iuo • .Ion. Skinn {) K Qkrila O Y. rikrilo O K (iiriiixr A. Ybc&c II. A>b»brk=- n 8 /: Kim. W. F. V i •'• X. K 9 K Finn Joe KilK:.:i ^ ... H in r-. S.i.i, W. M. llii.i,, fai.: r W. II. Bur.,, >-.IM W. il. Hum* S5IC W. II. 11 K 16 X. H I'J K fik-no • . llr-iv M 19.18 Urn Hill: Billi • SK 5 39.38 I.OS U X. .Same IS X. Sam. Sal ir 11 V & I'rril K II. Sn 11 . tl 'L.'BkQOWB . JJakra'-'^i^l 3 V'.' lU.-nlkl. itl! K!' A! Joaj! W. M. • W. VI. v,'. U: w. ;M. A. .H.-iioili A. r). Hrro A.'- Si *P£K A. .».-l;COU ber, .' «t • Ai 1 t«:a- .S'. . U. iitkbrkk- • ner, i ol • al K. X. AIU1UM1W AiilllCB - MulU ' ' - . • Stinnir • <i • run. Kiy . -J<i:uk N. li. Ait»ljr»nr.Br Kklip .\'i U. A.thalrlnr.Vr ." C. MfH^'nry -In/, t'tmark .lohL . yiiiiou .li.tu VlnVoli ' .iB.-n t:irt. •!••'•••-' Sl'-t- SW SJJ.jNW. I.ot..iO . 0 S0.9S ;••'•' T.,|i •X.-Vif K. XK SK'. SW -8K E. ot U. Fanie , .\\V SW LI2 -10 Same Brn*Q i Blllin AIL IJ^IIOCA »ki» c^n Ert up kny ri*ht In lild lain to forf*it»J aaj kolil. in tt.usrqu*nre r,t t.rij inlurr alii) or aay irr«|fularjiy .-onui-i-UJ »ill. i!ie Jklj < il Ik.iil* la ll>< Kiait- fit Arkkiisa, l<7 rrtjoii ij furfrilnre. kre htreljj nkrr.tu lo apprar bi II Ifiitjl.iji OhkDirt> C'ourl. {'Li,Ankk«l.» Dillri.l. 8rht Iflrm aflrr Itie [>oliliealioa ul l>ii« noli.-r.i 1. >;• Ihe 1 day ul r>t>raar). 1«31. and lion i-ni. aoy Itikre hk. wby tb» lale d) ranjc tn lh^ Si« IR]I! nnt -bf cxmfirmoil aai] tbo llllf to iniil .1 riurj lasdk. and <ara kr.d PTery Irarl liit-rri bulil not. t>4 qotilrtl Ir^ l>ie Slain nt Arlknil;.. littB un4tr'ir; : htnif an.i nllii-ikl (,.1 s, I !,' Ite - Uifiiklililn C'!.»triry Coull p:: Iliik '-.'• ^ .inly. nao. • •• - W. W, HOl.l.ll'KTF.H. Clerk--of illlliliippi Cliancny t'niitl. -. • Chicl.k^a*-ua Fljnrkl.- :1 fiaul'p "I >Jkt:ip i«« AddlUeu— Unlnoi- Sell IX IV- iover for the past two seasons. as he walks, is owned by Mrs IrU * Captain Crclghlon will IK bhllted Kiny here. Tom, us ihe cat i, ,from a eiuvd position lo —'-'- " .643 .533 .363 .222 .000 Ss^sTVT'r^^or 0 '{h^mmed:",.^ learned To ^r^\ n : lading to the pre«nt plans of lei"ue title us Kehcr filled to 1 li W> thumb latches in Mrs. King's coacn Thomsen. Others inalrtng how mi o- its «me rid he con- '^ '»-•. a fa"'"y pos-wwlon for three » bid for the place are Van Meter, te was forfeited ' roncratior,r. Mrs. King says Toir> Stout. Butler, llciblnson. Groo,ns Hie fiaiiiB between Ihe leader I '"f 11 " 1 lo vl ' ovk th<; ^ h <* Iro-n j and Keeling. inn lunner-up in the Cmckasaw **• ™ °^" cnt who IK ' ct! "I ^ \ F r' :1 8ccrMt - vctcran ' W1H b(! a league also developed a protest. Ac-P'O"^ an<1 «'»° u " ovv l ' faA - • \ u ^ MM y al °™ Ruard position. forfeiicd "wlic'l"^™ of rtie'^eam' I ln lhc Chancery Court fur the j four men will Tight U ont (or failed to appear and the mamsf- | Chickasawba District of ML«is- .the pivot position. They arr Hoi- 1H - - - sippl County, Arkanfas. jlls t)uc)3lo*'. Lcroy Kelley, Jack Travelers Building & Loan Asso-!Robinson, and Looti Hlrshoin who i was 0:1 ihe freshman squad hist .400 .3B5 .231 Games Today Southern Memphis at New Orleans. Birmingham at Aticnla Mobile at 'Little Rock. Nashville at Chattanooga. ment of the second team claimed lhat he did not have time to get his men on the field. Little River gave Ihe Burdelto beys nn easy time and ran themselves ragged as Burdctte ran the bases lor a 32 lo l victory. Flat Lafco beat Deil 10 to B and Mlnyard failed to appear for its game with Lone Oak. having dropped oul of the leagi.e. elation, Plnlnlifl vs William Hall, et al, Defendnnts. WAWN1NG ORDEK The dcfendanif. WUHani Hall nnd Ethel Nimn Hall, are wiuued j Hard Schedule Til- Arkan^.i.s schedule ioCovr On. •( -TulsA Univ. at Tuisa. v)ct. ll.-Ti-xus Christian U. .Open date. ' National Leairue Brooklyn !at 'Philadelphia. Only game scheduled. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT The re-asnssmcnl of Curbing. Gultering and Paving District No. 1, of the City of Blythevtile. Ar- .kansas has been filed in my of- ifice, nnd the same is now open for inspection. I . 8. O. CRAIG. City Clerk of Blylhevllle, Ark. • 8-tf. to appear. !u the Chancery Court • fcV-rt Worth (Conference). for the Chickas&wba District of. O:. 18-Rice luslltiitr at NflssissippV County. Arkansas, with-'Cttevlile (Confercnoe). In thirty days, nnd a rawer the', dt. 2j Texar. AijglK ^t I.'.'.tk complaint of the plalnlitl. Travelers It^'ck iCmiference). Building fc Ixjan Association. Xev. 1 -L. S. U. at Sr-j-frcport. Witness my hand and the stal Nov. 6 Oklaioum Anlf* of said court, on IhLi 16th day of' FtiyestcvlUe (Conf«- s .niv) August, 1930. j Nov. l&--&iylur W. W. HOLL1PETER, Clerk. | iCunfccericr). By H»rvey Mo:rls. D. C. ; Nov. '27-Ceiilenny a'. Slirtve- Rcld. EvTard & Henderson, pori Attorneys for Pl.-.intifT. _ , ... ,—,—, Aug. 18-23. Sciit. 1-81 Read Courlsr News want all. n D n u !> V. i: r. B r. G r. K E K B K K K. F, K E f II II (i 0 a H ft n i; n H u K U n H n n u 11 u ti u n u n 11 ii ii 11 V 11 il I 1 1 1 I W. |lilUr T,'. 'Hill»r rJ ill»rJ Mk;nrd Cuptlkfld Home Samp Suuw 1. I'. Chkndlkr 1. 1'. CbiKdlir 1. 1'. CikndKT 1 P. CkkAiilar .1. il. Unllkp .1. U. Dttlip L'bVfiftWK TJnl LU»Q Q. W. BiL.r li W. Hit U. W. Vr. W. K»v«r HkV*r U K. I. F. !„ F. \V. «. W. W. SoUj NI-2 .il si-a HI-2 • FV.IUO B^ua KJC-.J . L. I.. tl. U, .(l. V. rfTkrvoVn. I'nlopvf CoVtnw oltU'l AJJUUn— Ulnlla • 1 -Samp .lohu - Kmilh filnilb 8 A Ul 3tapfc*ij •) .lulid Davis .1. U Vt'ilfeuii .1. I.. Wiltmn Tonltilr. I'" .^mith ianilj Tnmiiitc (*o II. .A . Smilli n. i). i). .1. K. klru.tun T. U Wlfh.-! T. Ji. llitrkfl Ukr yjo ». H. rwk II. H. Manila Klafc Co klinlla Klavr Co name A Xalson .-iaqie X. II. lie'. Bam^i Uaoila Tont'iite I 1 lUa Haw* Csnc Sanip .Xkltir ^klup Sarao r*llj Jokt . fpn^-Joha . I'rllj .lukn \V. W. C«l .OBaU Tarilb ' . W. W. .t. \S'. .1. W. 0. ' O. ilf^ Uri. A. f.. A. JL. HhetwcoJ .1. W. Slrrbi<ii » i**tap .r. w. MtcpieTi 9 >>&iap .1. W. Hlrplj 1 rUui« J. W. Sl'pt M Saint J^ \V. Slepb^n V ^ami- .1. \V. .Slrphaa » H»ma .1. W. Sttphrc y Skm» .1^ W, i^lfp' y Simo .1. W. filfpTien •J X«nio .1. W. Sl(l>i'i 0 ^auif J. W. ftl.pbeu 10 Millie J. W. Slcph«n 111 Pknif J. W. 8lfph»n 1O 8ku;f .1* W. .Slcpb 10 MkUie .1. W., 10 Samt .1.' W.' Sl^pl ID ^km. i. W. HtJ.I Wllrifvttl fc OaiTliaa'l Addltlea—Ma«lla 2 Simp llalllr ilij lirin, llallir ilir (Iri W. II. Cal. .1 41' Skint Karop Kkmp S*cik E. . . Co* W. J, Wood \V. ], ;Woei TV. J. Woe* IV. ). VT«»d J. W. Wridor J; Vf. Krtilor Xl-2l.«'i 3 XW 18 S cl B .SVV HW 11 X K XK XW XK. 6K XV, W. Da Aibahr^ "V ."=? U. A. Tn, i Kami. lion, h -III 3 Kamt C. UuflinaK I BLTTUEVILLE DISTRICT T»p. li X. R S K ' HfC. icru V. W. I I'. \Y. I TlT(:. U X. R 9 K NK XW ST. XW 8. at r). RK 40 40 40 40 f'trt Tarr Fair Fan Ch 2? 19 10 •J St'mi T*v- I* . K 13 t \V. Trim O.ti -Want lo Buy --Want to Sell -Want Work --Want IIolp --Lost Something -•Found Something No inattrr want you what will you got quick action l>y usintr Courier News WANT ADS i .

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