The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BI/YT1IEVII.LE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. H. BA13COCK, Editor H. W. IIAINES, Advertising Manager Saie National Advertising Representatives: The Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sim Antonio, Sail Francisco. ClUcago, St. Louis. Published Every A'.'.ernoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter ot the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 9, 1917- Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of. Blythevllle, IBc per week or 56.50 per year In advance. By mall within a raillus of 60 miles, 13.00 vet year, I1.SO for six months, 65c for three months; oy mall In postal rones tiro to tlx, Inclusive, M.50 per year, In zones seven «d right, 110.00 per year, payable In tdrinc*. Law and Lawlessness Our esteemed contemporary, the Evening Appeal, endorses the mayoral candidacy of John H- Lyle, Chicago's hard-boiled municipal judge, whose claim to fame is established upon his practice of clapping alleged gnngstci'.s and racketeers into jail as vagrants and holding them under bonds of fifty or a hundred thousand dollars- Judge Lyle has won for himself a good deal of notoriety. It is even barely possible that he has made n contribution to tho improvement of .conditions in Chicago. Bui he is on the wrong track. The methods ho has adopted will never attain for Chicago law the respect that is the lirsl essential to stamping out'the very evils he is lighting. Officials who fight crime with lawless methods are the allies o.T lawlessness. Their example provides justifma- tion for disregard of law. \Vfifth Judge Lyle obtains the arrest of a imuduvcr, an extortionist, a liquor baron "an u charge of vagrancy he merely liuikes public confession of abject failunC-oSi-' the part of the agehcia's-to vyhViili'-tf.i] 1 -- - forcement of IftW-iu (iulegated^Wljuii-li*;' • Jiolds these oiitkvwjujti -ji.ivl;-.iift^V'•$'!'Ofe"' 000 bond with no ^tl^T5ge-'aga'in.$.t : tllein but that of vagrancy he' .-nde.s.-.i-ti'ijlfh- shod over the fuiidanicntal{:i'iw i i»il- ; ic3 of the American constitut;i.yy ; .-'i..'V In no country in the woilt'l. : tki. this legal rights of the man accii£e;<l/<>[.;ii vio- • lation of the law rccolve-tlie^qV'uflulou.S consideration thaC,-:iB given*efjjfein in. Great Britain, lllsgal dcleittioB f ' ;tnd third degree meth&ds arc vivlwiil^iui- hea'rd of in the British Isles- Yet''-no- where else, and iea'st of all in Am'o'iiija.j is the,law held in equal honor aild>.i:a- spcct. • ' '"'i'•;-.'• '. Lawless methods are not iicc6}s;<iVy to quell lawlessness- To the contrary,. an example of scrupulous respect for law on the part of those entrusted with.: its enforcement is iiecti'ssary if to have general puu.lic -'respect- If we. could achieve •lh'<' l .ir we' 1 '!! 0 ' our statute book^.' : jiP$rywv which-j)0.body expects to be erifQ£ifeS; 1 -Jt'*A\'(S|-<'. e VW divorce our police '(l^ifri'ttvitJJnfts'.-f.row" political hiflueiKK?, aiid ''Froc- oiir o.ouvts from their burJcii" 6F ftiili'' .pi/Or;, ccdure that nlaUe's ;}ii.--U«s siu'e and speedy draiWiis-atiiHt'b! justice, We OUT OUR ¥AY would Ijo gelling somewhere- If wo do thcso things that need to be done we would have no excuse for extrn- legal measures for the suppression of crime. SIDE GLANCES Liquidators For all this scribe knows about him, Sam J. Wilson may be just Hie man to bo entrusted with the liquidation of the American Exchange Trust company. The trouble is we don't know anything about his qualifications in that direction. He may be the best possible appointment, but most Arkansas people know him only ns a member of tho stale highway commission and a politician very devoted to the present state administration. There is tragedy enough in the closing of a bank under any circumstances- When liquidating agents arc chosen for political reasons, rather than for their ability, losses arc likely to be compounded. There has been some experience along that line in the past. We don't know the motives that prompted the appointment of Mr- Wilson- But wo arc quite certain that selection of a man less active iwlilical- ly would have been the means, if not of obtaining more efficient adminislni- • tion of the bank's affairs, at least of avoiding some rather pointed criticism- The Windmill Cuba M. Higdon. "You can't appreciate Ihe view you'll have until that sign lights up in the evening." years of age will make. It possible I-K /-, x-, i i III for the child to enter klndcr- DV (jCOrgC Cilai'k. 'gartcn or even attend nursery J 5 | i school with the knowledge tliat It has been protected ugainst the : possibility of diphtheria. The other conditions with! which mothers arc especially in-1 tercsted are scarlet fever,] measles, typhoid fever, whooping i cough, and Infantile paralysis. i Scarlet lever is not nearly soj common a condition as formerly, < j and Us severity Is apparently on 1 I the decline. Hence, it is advised that children he Immunized. against this disease only when • there Is likelihood of an epidemic' or when the child has been ex- j posed to the disease by contact; with Kpmeone who has it. i In the case of measles, a serum \ taken from those who have re-'. I covered from the disease confers i j Immunity. Here again it is not'. possible to vaccinate the entire \ community, and it is probably not ' advisable to attempt to , protect j the child by this method' unless j some other child In the vicinity.! has developed the disease and it j is exposed. Evidence is accumulating to' indicate that children muy be pro- ; teeted against Infantile paralysis! by inoculation of scrum from l someone vliu has recovered. Here . also the protective measure should | be available for use in times of' epidemic or exposure, but not giv-', en as routine. i The vast majority of people arc ! now protected against typhoid ! fever by tlie sanitation of water, j sewage and fcod supplies. Vac- j clnation against typhoid fever should be reserved for those wlio are going to travel in places' where sanitation is not well de-1 veloped. ' The evidence that vaccines and' vaccination for whooping cough protect against the disease is not such ns to warrant the use- of this measure ns a routine. It should be left to the individual physician to decide whether or not H is to be used in any certain case. BRSURE YQLTRERIGI SW PREVAIUHG M- raESS'.ON OF EOSAR MlAjlPOSSfrWHE ISSODOt-HEVJASA <cuGH,noei6i' Aft'-Efe MO ^CELLED AS rV \T $< OU WAY •frtlHK'fef WfcH OCCKS fi8 MADE IN UOUANP. NEARtt AU.OK HCWPJEfyARE MADE IN 1UE BLACK CI930 BY [1EA SCRVICE.INC. .2IL A USEFUL LIFF, If flowers along the Journeying road, Will help to lighten some traveler's load And -loose"'the cinches of the iirlckcning goad, .' W.e. 'should plant flowers-fis we go along, • Aivl-'cliiuit sweet anthems for the weary throng. .!'••!•*• .I.-can change one Irown to a smile, . if .1 cnh.'cijcei' one lonely for n while. :.'. -AjKl : /cXiy.;prily one said heart -beguile, V-i-tli'dH's/iall'thliik-.when^I- am gone ThiiJ'.'my. life wh'l'l'e h'e'W .echo on. .•;..-' ' G'EO. W.'-ALLRED, '•;'; •'.' Ccotcr, Mo. * * ••(• There was a right sniarl of excitement at my house Olirlstmns day during the dinner hour. A roast chicken mid myself hml u big tussle and I knocked the stuffing out of it. ' • * * * . ..'.... Nly brother, missed a whole box of gciacl cigars ai^l l',c s:\id he would give five tli>llyi.s to learn W-1JP took- -(hem so he could .w'nljcw' the thief In. -the mild. Being Uia't. 1- rp'riily.- uc'eUetl 'the inches'. I confessed to -•takilig' them. •'- - * - •:*••. .' * 1 cnme out $3.15 ii°6viftl"in the deal. It Just, cost'ine Sl.^5 to get, riii'.,suit.cleaned and pressed WASHINGTON LLTTER 11Y RODNEV DUTCIIKR Another "Pe NEA Service Writer Mcanwhil;, as If there wasn't. WASHINGTON — Uncle George , enough trouble to be had from the V. Ncrris, Republican senator from national chairmanship, Hoover and Nebraska, is unquestionably the! the party heads created tlie new most painful thorn in the side of post of executive director for Lucas, this unhappy administration. ' then commissioner of internal rev- And the Grand Old Purly appar-: enue. Lucas was supposed to sup-' On Dcc - 27 - 1&71, enlly Is never going to get rid oi: ply the brnins so Icng and sadly '['"'• °nc of the v.-=r!d': Mint frightful jinx which clutches'lacking in party direction; to do! ironomcrs. was born jtt, Wurttem-j his hading character, the high executive post of its na- the real effective work for which i berg, Germany. i perhaps that Is over-stating BOOKS 111 SURVEY! Atncld Bennett Studies a Modern Hotel and Guts an Interesting, Though Soine.vhat Unsatisfactory, Novel—Beth llrow" DOJS the Same for a. More Ancient In- siitutlon, • * « By BRUCi: CATTON NEA Sen-ice Writer In "Imperial Palace." Arnold Dec. 27. lb71, Johann Kep-' Bennett makes the curious exp?rl- i's greatest as- . nient of using a modern hotel as tlonp.l committee. : Fess wasn't fitted. He was -another As a child he was sickly, tmt ox- • litt'.e bit. Tbis fat novel lias the . ... , ceedingly precocious. At the age > usual complement of human be- campaign fiiniid has must have been something extra- r,f n he received his bachelor's de- : ings, who get mixed up in the usual The Nye committee investigating "personal choice" and there really found out Hint much. It (vrlainly. ordinary about him, for, after "care«-(is a very large surprise when fill study" of November election re j Executive Director Robert H. Lucas. suits, he aiiounccd that they sig- ol the Republican National Com- nlficd nothing other than a vindl- mlttec had to admit that he had; cation of the Hcover adminlstra- Bone to unprecedented lengths in' lion. an attempt to h?lp the Ku Klux. Now Lucas, in the eyes of many, Klnn and the power interests de- j proves himself just another parly tent Norris, Hie Republican candi- • liability. No one need waste tears date chosen in Republican prima-; on the Inccmlglbly Insurgent Ncr- ries, and elect his Deincculic op-; ris or defend his brand of Republi- poncnt. former Senator Hitchcock.) canism to realize that: Previously it had appeared that 1. Lucas worked in the dark to ] [iiicns would he mmle national pay for and circulate Ku Klux Klnn chairman, sttccocciinc; Senator Sim- propaganda of the type witli which con D. Fi?ss of Ohio. No-.v il ap- : 310 politician of standing could af- gree from the Univerrity of Tubin- conilicts that go to make the usual Ben. Though he knew liulc of th:' novel: but it is the great, s'-snntu- s-ubject. Kepler was unwillingly OU5 London hotel which provide', made to accept the in astron- ; bo , h the t i tlc and most of Ihe nar- cmy al Graz in 159-1. • Forced into this branch of learn-1 ing. he made the best r.f it. lie became imn;rial mathematician and: tha ' t Mr Bennett has tried to aro- astrobeer and made _tl.e acc.uaiii- : .^ ^ h<)M as a son „, S , mb3 , tance of such screntifis as Galileo and Brnhe. She shows why this is, ancl| shows what it means In tct?a hitman suffering. Her fcoo| sobering and thought-prove^ The publisher is Harcourt, and Co., and the price is $1.50j A GOOD MYSTERY STORY| AND A GOOD DETECTIVE One of the best, mystery sll of the fall is "About the Murdl Geraldine Foster," by Anthony| bolt. The detective in this case ' real policeman—the police missioner ol New York, a soi modified Grover Whalen; and! murder is solved just as mil mysteries in real life are soliT by straight-out police work oil kind that is practiced in every| ot the land. There are, thank ] en, no supercilious amateurs in I book. Everything is very llfe^I Gcraldine Foster WRS the vil of a peculiarly bloody and bafT [or all modern life; an elaborate I "ace murder." and Thatcher it a : rative. All of this makes lor a somc: what unusual novel. li may bs Kepler's chief title to . 'and complica'.f d mechanism, inter- !*Me above-mentioned 'police .Mcrchaiidisc is b'e!iVg.,'.soli( .oh tl liin in Gci innmv!; Every.' ijilich: pli course 1 , is a the installment iase there, ot Then.-N);«Vth;e'.-B$r. '•*'$!• thought his mother was., .to •try-'her; ltand--.-[»t'-ari;lnnrtic when sliu "told iiliij. lie;'- lOa's .'df'lvJ'hls'MVer 16 distraction. •.'•"Tlie, AmiM'l.cuii pe-billc^-^iivs. Thomas W. La- hibrit. flnavxolRrv "iicWKllflr'tliingf,' In halves." Is it pimiblc he's nover fcteji vo ;i (ootbnll game? By Williams »ars that someone will have to be mind to siicucced Lucas. Others ford to associate himself publicly. 2. As directing head of the paity, in repudiation of oiiiciai party pol- The history cf President Hoover's icy, 1:.? sec-rclly fought a candidate --?r£onal choices to head the na-; duly nominated ill a primary by His di over of he'three iTs o r' st "* a " d « Ultcrln *- "'" «P**>»s : misstep does -'a Wry work I i An" motion 0?™r • P ? • and soulless. Certainly the hot?l Mike job of running tlie crimtn tanT feature-To.'! 'his wc:°k welkin ' overshadows utiy ol the people ill j earth. There are times', when regard to gravitation and the c:s-, tnc no\el. plnnation of the tides by lunar at-! Now a hotel is a thing worth i Thatcher Colt is something pompous nss. but after 't traction. In 1926 he called the attention •''Imperial Palace" is reading ' abou't"' ami "in" that sense « privilege of police ccmmlssio] entertain- i and we needn't be too critical of astronomers to the appronchm" ing. But after all. when you've seen I Ail m al1 - lts a 8 rade A 'I -. --,... . . transits of Mercury and Vesius.'onc hotel you've seen them all. Ths j l«y stor/, and I tnmk. : you111 tioual committee seem lo demon-; Republican voters and sought the, That ot Morcury, which occurred-book seems to me to miss fire, just. >'• « (s published by Covlcl; Fr| stiate what a remarkably hardy in-! elcelion of a Democrat. ] en Nov. 7. 1631. was the first trr.n- a little. When you fiiiis'.i il you hie., and retails at $2. •ililiition the G. O. P. is to survive 1 3. He thus further alienated the S n O f a planet across tlie sun ever certainly do feel ns if vou had gone * * - • Lell '""' j uu "-^ -- ° FOLLOWING THE RISE OF from the laundry to the THE TRANSATLANTIC USE bridal suite- but you haven't really | " A Century cf Atlantic' Trai met anyone on your tour, and yc.u'.'V F™'* rc - Boiven - save-ml lon't care verv greatly if you ever \S"**- dM ' of enjoyment; and Ifl repeat the experience. i have any interest al all in ships | and thrive despite such political: progressive Reiiublicans in the par-| observed.Kcpler dirt pioneer work.through a great hotel from top ;D leadership. His t^sl friends m ty and created a demand among j on several important scientific tub-; ^[10° ... longer credit Hoover with a shred tlicm for his own resignation. j >?cts. brida' of political acumen. Firsl tlicrc Also, of course, he. embarrassed ' was National Chairman Hubert the administration. If Lucas hadn't.I n •,- i p i , »j Work, personal choice for the cam- ; insisted tlitit, his anti-Norris cani-j"H«Sn UOIIlpieie rtBW r , ne at t-e exirr.enc^ uatosn, whric- resignation was ^e- n >aign was outirely his own person- Belgian Airways Deal; It 'is published by Doubleday. Do- "ie «a. 1 think it will please ran and Co.. and sells at S2.50. , ndrd hi the midst of the 1928 m iciea, no one on earth would fight by some of Hoover's strong-, have imagined that it wasn't in- csl supporters. Work was finally 1 spired- or al icasl apyiovcd—by tha LONDON. tUPl— Another ini»:--. * * * Lu'callnational air hookup has tscu • «'KETTY-BUT, AS SOMEONE quite as greatly. j 7.1r. Bowen ha.s given a com;| .and readable history of the Atlantic passenger business dil .iOOD WIGHT >\/H es i W-frV S1XE OF ] U -THAT uooT! I v HE \VAI~TE.D v\e. w/v=> QOl"T SCVICOU LOuCr OosiT CAM Gtrr A JOB MOW? ascd out ar.d in came i.hc never- while House. Even if the Iv upright and devoted to Hcover. i Senate fcr^r, more years and alternate days. The only trouble with Fcss was thai, mure four on the administration Traffic, particularly i ever encountered anywhere. between. I can see no good reason «hs ; ;•; he refused to He n "mere symbol. Hci than ever. Lucas/amazingly enough. BrnFsels" and "London, ha.s inain-'an anther should not write a book i ^'"^y, ^ "^j,". "° d ™^ soi.glit- lo beccitie the party spokes-i fays he wants Norris read cut of..t n i n:( ] itself well. The hinjk '- l "' h """ k ' nri "' s(> ttlne: suielv. - •• man andi in a post-election slate-1 the party and \vants Norris to vole inent promising that the Ii.-:ptibli-. with the D?mccrals to organize the cans would te '.In: dry party in; next Senate, which now has a lit- is now $1Y. 1032, precipitated an inicvnal wet- • publican paper dry row featured by several dc- j Lucns' app.ircnt willingness lo turn mauds' for his resignation. That the Senate and all its comraitlrcf resignation has been anticipaled; | over lo tlie Democrats makes his no one had exacted Fcss to lend! position about 10 times as peculiar the big presidential fight in 1032. I as it was bc'.Dio he began to talk. :L1 l.UVS 1KI3 ,V LVV- _, . _ . _ majority oi one. exchange Icacher bays the book at S4. 'j|Vaccination at Early Age Urced by Health I in this' outsptto: era. a painted \ ri " bl . thin s b 5' "*'•*&"« ma».'j -••madam" can bs the heroine of a I'"tV^j 10 "?' . ! novel without sending us into Iiys- Lltl!e - Brow » 1U:;| Co. is on terics. Hut the job has to be don? with a gcod cieal of skiii. It is ju>! 'a liltlc bit dangerous. The anllnr needs cither an aloof detachmcn'. t 'cr STII.l. RADFORD, V.n. iUP)—Ad ST. LOUIS. (UP?—Ainrricin ' C r "a burn'in" 'indi'-imtion"'^!"^): i lhc "heady long list cl unique high school students ar= rr.esrr dif- author of this b=ok. unfortunately, j Ol o|icratmg mooi^hinc stills.' flcult ID teach tiian Ei.KkT.ts in MCI , 1S to have neither. German higli ?rhoo'. c . accordhn to I Miss Johanna Willicli of Bev::i:. e>:I change teacher in the East St. Louis f ur |Vve and prmbnt !ip-?macking Ius;ead. sl'.e dwells on certain with wlut seems to be a miles from RacHord. cfTicers fq two pits dug in the ?rounil together. One contained mash 1 ll-.e other the. ?o arraiijcd thatl if any - likcllhood 0[ « „„,„. ,,,e ...iltb M 3 ,uinc nicrc serious.y. [i:jli schoo'.s in GMmny more advanced." the time wl-.en t':ie child! ' school it should be vac-11 111 ! 1 again, first because vac-! s '_ lc The dissemination of knowledge: clnation does not protect in every j n ° r . iiins the spread of in-, case thronphout life; second. i.i| tcclious diseases creates great in-.order to protect the child against. aic tc.cst- in the iiossibilitics of free-'severe exposure, such as may oc-| ing the child from the likelihood : cur when it goes out into tllc 'BefCar Had Income of having some ol the conditions' world. It HID child is sufficiently | bj> "" 7 wl-.ich were formerly considered Immune to smallpox, tlie second i LIU inevitable porlira o! Us lot. vaccination will probably not take ! In ;i recent i-onsitii'ratlon of and the result will merely be a CINCINNATI". O.. iTJP> --Fmnk . nhut may be done for il-.c clnld in little red spei on the arm for a ;n . u . L . 2 -2. IMS, marie ;\ "ijUMiic.-J" c: : tills connection, the United States any or uvo. j traji.ij. i I'ufclic Hculth Scrvin- Mates t'.int : The United States Public n . .-„.. School. a ;,rt if " Eomc censor conceives it t o J '««S5.->ry fermentation W as After (wo mcnths as German i:i- |, n ;,- K rt llt y to proceed against "For! dllc ™ b >' healing Hie iwrtition - 'structor shr h:s d?c:tlcr! t.-nt r---- - M Cn Only."" il will be very hard toi Tnc operators were not found [man students learn more readily work up" much enthusiasm in its] "" Sffi not «h ? , 1 tlnnk C^r,uu Kcnda,,. and selis at S2. I IN rKOSrKROVS T1MKS •'gome Fa"i:* Wuu't Work" is n valuable contribution to the study ol unemployment. Its author. Clinch Calkins, has studied unemployment. not as .1 phenomenon of hard of $56 Per Day' limcs ' tllt n5 an "•ccomiwninieiit c( J.t;«.V.L'f>'\<^. U. 5. PAT.Orf.CIDW •-.' --tA b'.nvKt ,*.- - prosperity. Sl;e lor>kcd into the , manner in which modern Industry. | c-,-en in br>nm limes, r.rnms lo' be a'ole to ?e! r.ions with 'ewer an;l Public'-,Y r ";;.; s . 11 , c? t ! , fl i;ci-civc£,i:ly:or '™.cr workers, aud-ss the title I childicn should be vAccinated Hcall'i Scivice rccommenrii r .n,;iai-.rii:ni.. Police fciuic sis i-.i " du-atcf—MK- hns 1:13.,e lie, UC/OK , tmalHicx before Ihcy arc immunization ag.iinsl (iiphtheri.i h:s cr.p wi-;u he wai tai.ui c-.i a a " -mswcr to tnoir miscijoiei l o:ir ywr oM. by the use of loxoid or of toxin-; F ; rcc - C0 rr.ei'. further invoiti'ri- 6"M'<'-= v -' ; '°- ^'-™ tl!C sueject is. The chief adviml.isos of vac- antitoxin. The poriod for this ticl , vcvcalrd he owned ;>n e\pai- bvnnhl i;p. ..irily di'iivUs it by re-: i i illation at this early ;i_-e are the iinuiunrzatlon Is prefenibly tl-.e 5;vc automobile, liv^ri nt ;> i.-.irtm™ m-irxir.g that t-on-.e fo:k wont (act the child is ccmp'.c'.cly under tune known as the pre-tchool a;c. i 10 -,,i, anr j >,i:, c.stuna'm; p:cK%s w.'-k ar.y;-.ow. r.o matter how p.e-n- Icqnliol 50 lhat there is no danger nUhough it is quite possible lo vrrcSSO a ciay. tifui -ob? may be. I lo' Injurv to th^ varnr.r.tion from iLr.nunme li'.e child at a much The only cffe:i;i.V^ of l-.i< 'ivi--'.- Flic fhoivs line thai even in j Ti-.c in;oc'.li>ns slvo:: nets" were a pair ui ;:\s pi-csporous times thtrn .ire many. I many people who canv.ot go; jobs.; I bvinti itruck by lurd i-bjccl>. no c.uliiv a,;c. I danscr o! gcltin? <',;it into .1. and Uc'.«ccn t!ie age ol o:ic and nvojand a Mite wagon. ,;

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