The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1946
Page 6
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JJLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Puts Bltne On Hitler ;: v HJfr- ***••»'*»« For /t/AftUtwfek Policies, ;. Njjii L*od«r Claim* ;XU«OfMRO, April 29. (UP)— most rabid oiHl- , - 3fmlt«, «inbng the Nazi leaders, told Uie War Crimes Court today thai UK decision to exterminate o«r- a»n Jfciff was made solely by Adolf Hitler,, who "cookd not Ix infhjen- c«d. "v - •-• • Challenged tharply and repeatedly by : - Justice Robert H. Jackson, SJrcicKer rambfcd through a JOIIK ,a*ni»C of • personal culpability In farmi«i and carrying out the Nazi policies against the Jews. V'He tald he learrwd of Ihe mass slaughter of Jews only after the war, and "If I .had been told that Othman Is Disillusioned When He Spends Night In Limehouse BY FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United press Staff Correspondent LONDON, April 29. (UP—Hush. Subterranean passages, Piimes of opium. Fingers of fog ejulchlng nt your throat, secret docks, The insidious Dr. Fu Mnnctiu. His cellars , millions were killed, I would n«t have believed- that It wis technically' possible- to kill to many." ~ Streieber admitted that he order,ea the' Burning of the main syna- .'gague^ln-Nuernberg, but only bc- cause JU ori«it«J architecture did ' n»t "ijuit the aesthetic style" ot 'the nifdienil-city ;^As;t»r his own sentiment, Strel- :. "I SI riot want to cause hatred or ahpr—I only wanted to explain : lhe Jiwish problem." V He gbaerytd'blandly that Martin Luthei vac 'anti-seraIUc, wrote vlo- >)eht L sentiments - against the Jews, «r»d If; the eivcumstance and tim- |p« h|ii been different "would very probably be sitting in my place on of Pennylietd Slihhhh. I tell you, *o have my GoUIng braver. I swaggered to Ihe bar trying lo look like a characlor out of Sax Hohnie:-, bunged on the beer drippings li-lcklfiii; across the mnhog- nuy, find ordered a uln. "C'.linim- a double gui," I told the overwork- Street. Limehouse. e-u bai'inan. "I nin very sorry, sir." lie fluid, friends. I'm going "b u( . double Ki"H are strictly agaln-si soliclior sue every Ihc law. I can only s,;ll single gins, British detective yiirn writer who's scared me these many years wllh tales cf horror In the Limehouse. Having left my wallet in the office and gone two days without u shave (so I'd look suitably tough) I siient n night In Umehousc. where I understood every third man v.-as a murderer and every female was an operative of Fu Manchu. ' I kept looking behind me (you'll understand if you've' ever been ad- dieted to British detective tales) but nobody swatted me on the head with a leid pipe nor pulled me Into any slnfHI den. The streets were deserted. There was no fog. Tite only Chinese J saw weix' playing cards. Thy scarcely looked up when I iwked my head In the door. There were ships at the docks and a few sailors titrngglini; up to Peimyfield street where more Imu- IAe Twi-'sTmuTc T* 0 of .!!JT-.*; e _ re ^ of "enlightenment,"- ind •claimM of his own publications • that 5 enlightened the 1 masses In the nMct popular way of all." i i cnnyilem rairen witere more imu- ' Binary deeds of clastardy have been j performed probably than anywhere else In the world. Whole blocks of Umenouse were leveled by the blitz bomUP but ' there still stood a place called the Anchor Dial looked suitably mysterious from without. Him lights, one xmnll door, strange noises seeu- ing out. I ventufed In. The Anchor was a saloon seillns nothing but mild beer. There were some sailors Inside quufflrtg same. ,g a darts and 'arguing about It. Tlinl's where t!| noise came from. The bar keej»eress, a portly lady with, authority In her hiss, hushed them. . Ihe He 4<Wr I e JJ*'s, he Incited 111 treatment of said, and they were "nowhere *o safe at In Nuerflberg," where-'-i stretcher's propaganda organ Dsr Stuermer was publlilied. j'.He jaid Hitler "always told us Steiiruvwas a man he worshipped— 'a* man' of action, but lie was sur- roundtiJ , by. Jews." At this point b«n. Jtofnan Budenko, Soviet i>ro- I had a beer and staggered into tlie Limehouse night. Down (lie street was the' far- famed Charles Brown's hangout known to all sailors over The piano was (Inkling Give You Anything Baby." Te folks inside, mostly sailors an:l their marcelled girls, were but you can have two of those. •• A fine thinis. Limehouse, and here it hard-boiled character mimed Clhmun couldn't even buy n double SlUj! of fill. ' I took two singles, ixnircd them In the same glass, and joined in the choral work. A double gin at Charlie lirowji's turned out to be half an inch of yellowish fluid in the bottom of a water glass, IHIle more wallop than a • straw berry malted milk. I got out of there with my regard for mystery writers at low ebb, but the worst still W iin to come. I hoofed down Ming street, where fame fictional fates worse than deatl) also have been perpetrated, and It pnhvi me to report what I KUW, The citterns of the district were' lining up lo spend a IJme- honse nlglit at Ihe Cinema watching Clark Gable smooch Cireer Garson. The ssiinu of It, Tomorrow I sue. Memphis Grabs Southern Lead Chicks Take Double Victory Over Bears; Travelers, Pels Split By WILLIAM TIK'KI-R llnltnl I'ress Srjnrts Wilier ATLANTA. On., April '2<J. I UP) — The reel hot Memphis Chicks held :i tenuous lead in the Southern Association today ninifl u nenr>r-\l scramble of Hie standings rtsiilUHif from Sunday's doublc-hvudc'f.s which saw the home clubs winning in * ev . en out of eiylit tries. Actually, five clubs were very much In the pennunt cluise and ihi- Little Rock Travelers were pashlti" for a sixth miiK-nding spot with only the luckless lilrmiiiulnim fiar- ons and Mobile Hears out of the running for the moment. The day's decisive developments advanced Memphis into first place half n nnino over New Orleans and tumbled the Atlanta Crackers all the way from third to Itflh with the Chattanooga lookouts taking over third while Nashville c.iscil Into rm ' lth ' , U"' Vols in foin-Ui, five percentage Desperation rallies In the eijjhlh points over (he Crackers find ninth huiinus uave Little Rock ' C'batianooga advanced to third by a_J° to 0 victory over New Orlcansdownins tile seventh-place Binning- ' I WAKXINd ORDER III (ho Oham-i'ry Court, Clili-ka- .sawta District, Mfs*l.s«Jp|ii <'uuri- Wilmn Robinson Plnlntlff vs. No. 955-i Merle Robinson Defendant. The defendant Merle Robinson Is hereby warned to appear within thirty clays in the court named in the caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of the plaintiff Wllma Dated this 13 day of.April, 194G, FIAIIVEY MORRIS. Clerk Hy Freicla O'Neal, D. c. , . W. Leon Sinitli, Atty. for Pitt. stcutqi, 'interrupted to support weak beer and singing about love. •JtcksMi's renuest for strong ad-1 They sounelrd plain awful Tin :nt of Strelcher by the trl-jJlags of ine world Muttered from i;-:!;-:•....•-. . (the celling. TWO waitresses in felt Prank c. DonglM, Atty. ad Lllem. ••;'Jactaorr had'interrupted angrnf .hats wllh feathers hustled growlers to niteect to the eourt that BUel- ,of beer to the customcis. This look- ehed TfcuidMohlthfd and admon- ed tougli. all right, but I was Ished "iri •"way he can understand •^tf that is possible." At anolher point he asked th e court to have SJtrekher "returned to his cell and Justice Sir Geoffrey Lawrence warned ihc witness that the court have any further remarks he wants would not tolerate further tip nake submitted in writing." Icncc." "Insor 1F YOt ; SER^EI1 IN EITHER WORLD WAR YOU HKI.ONG IN TUB *»<• W J>".''. MERICAN LEGION oMhe First War, came lack lo Jt WorW of re- iljiistment, without assurance of a job, Ke-hal>ilila- tmt or hospito]zation — K.T . Remember — This Is Your Legion " : fv Now. — you come back to a program thai gives Jjjjr protection, that has taker: u.s 26 years to accomplish, ami ihc benefits which von are entitled BABY CHICKS Finest quuriiy at all times. Complete line of poultry feed. The handiest place in town. "We Buy I'liultr; & K«s" Chester Lewis Poultry •113 East Main St. i;.; First, yon have the G. I. Bill of Rights (this was sponsored by The Legion) that gives you an op|x>r- trgtity—to take up where you left oft' when you 011- te*«d Service— . Ji-'jT.pjgo back to school, expenses paid—Vocational to college. i {:,Whatever you do—KEEP YOUR INSURANCK ror Readjustment Allowance and assurance of your old job, or both, contact the U. S. Employment Office. • You have the opportunity to borrow money to buy a farm, home or go back into business provi'cliiu' the PRICES-or COST are NOT INKLATlil) (this is for your protection). IT '' main ol> J ectiv e of the American Lcijion is Uiistlfish Service for the Veteran and his dependents — *v_erythmjj from disability iwnsions- non-service pensions, death compensation and/or pensions; $10U burial allowance regarcllcs.s O f assets, headstones *nd flags; free hospitalization, child welfare aid to widows and orphans, U. S. insurance, Bovs and Girls State; Junior baseball; Scouting, Sons ' of Legion Americanism program in schools, History and Know ' Post awmls mc(lals ' '" many W0rthy My Regular Deliveries Have Been Completed I Still Have Available a few bushel* of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid SEED CORN in Popular Varieties CAU OK SH Mrs. Howard Bowen Luxora, Ark. I'honc 1-F-ll Those varieties on sale nt Uic following stores: I'ultlwcll-Mahan -Slnrc Hwy. Gl South I'rrstnn Kamry Stnre Sandy Kiilj^e W. M. Taylor Store Kriser Wallnre ^Miller's Stiirf Joinrr in I hi' cipcner. The Pebbles scored tliri'i' runs In each of those frami'.s lo cki- mil their victory despite the IM-IS i<l five I'ellciui pitcliei-.s. New Orleans beat down another Little Hock liist-uasp rally to save the Ihicap. 1 to C. Hie lirsl-gHiiic loss, however, cost the 1'elirans Ilrst place as Mem- jiliis too^ a double liel])ln[[ of the vlii'try [Jisli lit the expense of the finik Mobile liears, 2 to I and 7 to 4, Herman Drcfs was in rare form __.. be look the opener on a .six-hit job fur his second victory asain-st one lo;.s. eashiH out Mobile's Paul M inner. Wimpy Willis, who citrne on in the fourth trmlng, (jot credit for Die second aame after Do;\ nimker proved unable U) protect a f» lo :>. lead. I lie Atlanta Crackers, who ca:i rrally use- their two slueglny ont- flclders, 'J'i'd Clc.slak and Mori'ie Adi'i'lioll, dropped their fourth and llflh decisions in a row, bowing twice to the Mashville Vols by scores of fi to 4 and 0 to 1. The Crackers rallied desperately In the eighth innlna of the opener, H'lth I.loyd Genrhajt hitting a homer, but Toner came In to save the Vuls victory for lluss Meyer. Dale Aldeison loafed to victory in the nightcap as the Vols poimded three Atlanta hnrlers for 10 hits, sewing H]) the decision with four tallies in i the first inning. The double-win put j MONDAY. APRIL 20, 1946 Jo Cranford Wed To Leachville Resident Miss Jo Abbott Cianford, daughter of Mrs, Viola Cranford of Ma- v.'ith a sweetheart neckline, basque waist and bourfnnl skirt. Her nc- leiEorlcs were in while and .she wore a shuuldei lions. Her maid of honor, Miss Peggy Downing, wore a dress of yellow West of Albuquerque, N. M., are three conical peaks of volcanic or- , ijjin. At the bases of these peaks corsage of white carna- | arc found unique lava flow formations. Miss Estelle Jackson of Newport A program of nuptial music was j were bridesmaids Mrs White wore presented by Mrs. Orrin Hrecn. lighted, Mrs. pianist, while tapers were and dnrliiR the ceremony. The Rev. J. Woody Htovall. pas- a Irock uf turquuLsc blue linen with a corsage of gardenias and Mis« wore a light green jersey Jackfion frock. W. Gone Seotl of Leachvllle served as best man. The bride was yraduatcd from . ... „.„., . Manila High Hchoo! and attended fashioned | Hi-.rdinj! College, Searcy. Tin-re she 1 v.'us president of Tofebt. girls' social club, a member of the Dra- Ilardln C'alhey tuiiied'iii a uaii-i " : ' lic Club - Cl "»P"s Chorus ami [ Arkansas Club. Mr. Ilucler and his bride will make Ilieir home in I^achville, where he is Sunning-. niL-mbcrs and intimate friends. j The bride wore ;t dress of grey i and while slieer crepe; Nearly every majjor Wyoming industrial and agricultural activity is represented In Lovell, VVyo. ham iiarons twice. 3 to 1) and :! to ! dy tlnee-hit shutout in the opener; for ills tlilrd victory :i|<ninsl no defeats, Sol Royovin edged Wally Onddis in a close nioujul duel fur Ihe second Irlnmph when Ciiau.i-1 noogn broke a '>-'> tie with a tally In Die seventh. The teams are paired Ihe same way in single tjumes tonight. The Poultry Market as furnished by W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. Hens — Today — Cox 23c 16c nil W. Vine - Blylhevllle DEMAND St. Joseph ASPIRIN 100 TABLETS 35 IN OUR HONEST OPINION... • there is no better tire value than ATLAS And it isn't: just, opinion, either. There's plenty of fiu:(, behind H... 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