The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 4
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FAGIfWB TflE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' TBI COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS C, R. BABCOCK, Editor aW. HAlNES,-Advertiiiu« Sole NtUonal Advertising HtpitfenUUves; Arkansas DaUle*, Inc., New York, Chicago, St. Lou!*, TMlit, Ka?!SLi aty, Memphis. Publthcd Ewry Alternooo Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at B:>'thevlllc, Arkansas, under act af Ctngress, October 8, 1917. Served uy itie United Preis RATES By carrier In the L'tty 01 Blvtlicvllle, IBc per week of $6.50 per year in advance By mail within a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.51) for six monttii, 85u fcr Ihree months; by mall in postal zones two to Eix, Inclusive, JC.50 per year. In zones seven nitf eight, »10.00 per year, payable In advance. A Veto Qnerriddtn When a congru-snmn lintls liiinsell on a spot whore he must L-huosc lio- twcen the general welfare and hi.s own, us rcprcscutoil liy liis julj, he generally does what you and I would bo.very strongly templed to do under similar circumstances. He lakes care of himself anil prays that the public 1 welfare will stand the strain. That is the only sensible explanation of;the 310.'to 72 vote by which the house of representatives yesterday overrode the president's veto of the independent offices appropriation bill. Such responsiveness on the part of our elected representatives to what they conceive to be (he wishes uf the folks back home can be defended. After all, what should count, Hie cou- fX'ictions of one man, who, though a ^congressman, is certainly not infallible, or the will of the people whom the congressman represents? If a ; congressman supports bad legislation because he wants to continue to be a .congressriiai], isn't that government by the people? A'reriH we folks at home entitled to the kind of legislation we want, whether it is good for us or not? Sure we arc, and if it were possible or practicable for all of us to Hud out what is 'good for us we could ask nothing better than to have representatives , at Washington whose votes would rubber stamp our views. UnfortuiuUe- .ly,;'however, it is not possible for the average dtizeiito'kcep himself informed on even a large part of the issues which'ioticli upon his welfare. He has other things to do and he doesn't pay much attention to what congress is doing until something comes up that hits right home to his own individual pocketbook in a very direct sort of way. Then he gels busy, and if he i.s a member of a compact and group conscious body he can often get what he wants, even when it is contrary to the interests of the great majority, l-'or his representative in congress knows that the 10 per cent of the electorate who very badly want, a certain piece of legislation is more important to his own political future than the <)() per cent whom it would affect only indirectly, though iwssibly adversely, and who therefore are little interested. There is no obvious remedy for this condition of affairs that would not involve destruction of representative guv- BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY Various ICurujWHii s lull's have fouml temporary relief from the imperfections of government by politicians through resort lo dictatorship. They have jumped from Ihe frying pan into Ihe lire. The best, we can do is to give more attention to our own public affairs to the end that submission lo the will of organi/ed minorities may he made politically unprofitable for our representatives. Gangster Brains Most newspaper readers, probably, would like lo know niwu alxiul this 1'Yed (Joel/, lln- gaugsU-r who was taken for a ride the other night after several years uf activity as one of Chicago's worst gunmen. This gangster never came from one (jf those slum regions that breed most of our criminals. Hi., was ;i small- town product, of a goud family. Furthermore, lie was n college man, an honor stoiient at a great university, .mil an ullilctu of considerable prominence. All in all, he wa< emphatically not the kind of material of which gangsters are made. Vet he plunged into the underworld, became a hired killer, served a.s counsellor In the notorious [-Veil Burke—and died at last, gangland- style, in a ditch, full of bullets. A slraiiKi! and tragic story must await the telling there, if one could only get at il! Mr. Roosevelt's Velo In ills lirsl velo of ii major J,:L'IT or leyisln- tton, the President, it stems to us. is -on such solid ground Unit only elei-llon-ycnr hysteria cun explain Hi; House notion in overriding the veto. A yciu- ago the National economy Act was passed, and to quote Hit President. "Fur me firsl lime In ninny ycnrs. Uic lecturing annual expenses for the maintenance of the Government were brought, within Hie current revenues of the Government." H was obvious then, mid events have Ixivnc 11 out. (hut the job o[ upholding Die principles of the Economy Act would bi! n continuing one. Congress, especially In election yeais. is notoriously susceptible to pressure for sniianderlii;; the nubile funds. The net which Mr. Romcvclt vetoed i-iiiTied increased allowances (or Government workers iincl for w:ir veterans which would have exceeded the budget by s:»8.000.000. No provision was lor InciKiH'd taxes lo pay for this vast oinlny. Congress simply went on a rote-catching spree. —SI. Iflills I'Oit-DiSt.-alCtl. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark l>y impHcaiion and by oncct itavc-meiil me stigma ol .subsidy ha.-i Ixnnr aUachcd U) domestic aiimail. —Eddie tilckcnback 1 ,-!. * * *. 1 look olfice rich: I li-avi- it poor. I will be unhappy, perhaps, hut an honc-sl man. -Jean Chiappe. lorintT polici 1 chief of i>,nis. Dictatorship is like a (-real b-.-ec.-h ir.-i—nice to ICO'K at. but nolhini; grows underneath U. —Stanley Baldwin. * t :•• H is rrsciscly It,!', hahi' (t[ alio.i nm ihe , s ii- i-alltil pi actual man to silicic p'.iMc iMilicy that h.i; brought mote countries than inn- into Iheii pu'M-nt uoublr,. ' —Dr. Nii-hul. ls Murray lluliei. pu-Milcnl ,,| Columbia Un:vn-..iiy. , " "'!,""/ f< "' il? Why ' il>H lflc s i sold him lust week for 5(1 cents!" book If Body Itself, Leave Fixing lo Docto Fails to Regulate American and of j .--'-veilings in various portions ol ihe body and by changes in the i-MTctioiis. which can be found with laboratory examination * » t finally, there is old lm"- BV I)!!. HOKKIS K Editor. .Inuriial nf the Medical Association, HVKOU. Iliv Ih-alih x.. B ,. The inunlK'i- of notions that people hmv about health are ,-„ lirobnbly greater and more peeiil-jatco. Miy other field. - ! Headache or n feeling of <hill- ilO'vv many times have you 1 11Cis ib , according lo usual bcliet heard the statement made thai I-''""'Vs due lo the presence in the n-itiih.g in s j;ip illu | Olll j,. thc jjpjj i iKiwels of a great deal of putipfy- .. lor the human boily? Ac-' : "" anti decaying food mal-rbil' tually the human body is n self- i Actually, however. Itie presence rei"i:ating mechanism, and if rjne| of such decaying material is a !-ix to eight 31.1MC5 of miterl lalllw ' ''are occurrence. Mcs't -.„, his intestines get, about -all ^'ientific physicians havo discard the washing llicy need under or- (M| (l| i' word "autointoxication " c!in;uy circumslum-e.s. ( : In licalth piaelice there is ;jolh- 01 course. If you ure .sick wl'th'"' 8 w im POMaul as exact knpwl- ton.t- iy 1)0 of infection of the , BPl Notio " s and superstitions brm-rl. you may rrf|iiire lo f p! "' s wlli eh may be more types ol washings, but IHOS3 will have to be picked out by your doctor and ]>erhap.s B i v ,-n lo you by a competent attendant. Another notion Unit has frequently iirovaihil is thc idea thai fieep breaihiiig i-«:t-ri:ises early -n the moinin L ;. pri-ferably taken without any clothes on "in front ol an i,p?i, u-iiirtow, i.s sl certali: niclho:! of gO r,d lieai'.h. While it m-.iy entertain |li> neighbors, inert h no cvidcrVc Ihiit it. really dc;:-s brill" 'ilio-lt any remarkable hnpiuvemeiu in health 1 • t | H lias been pointed out 'n^ad lliat Inne-coiiimiiMl rorral ' i\.. e a\ rcalliiiiB washes out carbon loxidr [roin the blurt! n ,,.| tn h WKDNESDAY.J1ARCH practice lyirtf as sporting seaso .opens; HIS CURIOUS CHURCH EXCUSES Bj (ico. W. Rartium From ivliat my son-in-law and lircJ man seem to think the ilate vhen the b^inniiiK of iiin« stiirt- :cl Ims never been correctly or lefinHely fixed. They s;iy tlie late should havs been lixccl a long hue before or afterwards. They iry nol sure which :in:l they liivc b^en trying hnrd lo drav: ue into the argument bul a man cl my knowledge and ability lincli I unnecessary to even give such rivial malters single AN AIRPLANE CANE* FLOWN BACKWAKOS BY THROTTLING SACK TO AN AIR SPEED OF 7O /MILKS AN HOUR, IN AN 8O-MILE-AN-HOUR. WIND, A GROUND SPEED OF PfK //00 IS ATTAINED. ONE <5 OF MARQUIS V/HEAT, PLANTED SV OOCIOR^ CHAKIES SAUNDeRS IN [OO3, INCREASED TO '• 3OO, OOO,OOO -. BVS//ELS IN 1916, W NORTH AMERICA ALONbi. OF AN ADULT HAVE A COMBINED LENGTH OF ABOUT /OO,OOO M/LBS. ..<.•, like lender- hoiight and should they get this date fixed as a certainly what tearing could that have on the hnrcli of today. Cf course ll'.cy K just Ilk:: a majority of folks, vaste u lot of time and tnrrgy. aiding about somcthiiis thai I., ould have no bearing on the, ase for if they only knew it the; nte of the establishment of the ret church Is so well known| hot. it docs not atlmU acumen., ,„.„„,,., IM ,, lu » 11! , uualu Iso it ,s a well known fact thai, of selectmen. Two of the three he church of today \.\ <tuile (Uf-jtel-jrlmcn are '-.".V.her.s Walter and i erent from the first dnm-h for 1 Chmlr-s Hurt' : •Ihe In-art is Ihe world's mast eiHcienl mim|) . u . ,,, im|ls nholu llvc OUIRV.S of blood at every beat, or about 1300 pints per hour n, the In a day this would, amount to close (o 4000 gallons. NEXT: Why is uiir vitnv of (lie heavciu slowly n ljr( k Conlral Town liliHWiCK. Me. <UPi—The Hurt family control.; this town's board 500 Sh'tpin; Smkcs Fuiiiiil UHARDON. O. i UP)—More than 000 hibfrnaiiiig snakes were uu- eaiihecl in one embankment by CWA employes here when their shovels uncovered reptiles varying i.i length from six inches to n .'ocl and a hair. Read Courier News Wsnt Ads. MERI-I TOI>A» -O. n It^iiil^niiif youth tliKilivc IT|ICT,. Uuc l | "Ccd ir llhil. hli Culra nlih ftm , murmured, e more than tile many minor disturbances of Ihe human todv 13LYTHEVILLE 10 \T,ARS AGO From HIP flrcs O f s Dally C' Bv William' Ti-IAT PAPER AIN'T ON -OUR SIDE- -TH 1 LINE COMES ALOMG RIGHT HERE, FROM TH' CORNER THEIR GARAGE TO TH' OF THEIR SIDEWALK • — . ._.. . i_i_ LJnr^rsi_i . TMAM OURN. WHV, THAT PAPER IS A HULL IMCH OFrA OUR SIDE! C'MERE AM' LOOK*. I'LL TAKE CARE OF ITJ I'LL STAND OM IT,SO IT WON'T i i ! \ BLOW OVER HERE TILL YOU'RE THRU. :ha:ii<m and any ii rmj , M . j c-rfei-!; with it we ;.r- iikelv >= dislnrbmi; Ihc :n:;,,,,. s ,', r Then then: is the iimioii ti-,.|i 1 pain in ti-c tack mi-:, r . :i ; , ,))',. •iise of the fcidney. A lot oi ,, w . un- paieni n-.ediciiu- advi-n, ,m~ :hat I,, t v pivv;,-., ,,; U| , ' tcu'Ji is rf.S[M<;isiblt fu-' •. ' :ir.ce of this idea. l "" Acuially. pain in ih • i.... -.. :„ raiclv a.wo^i.iioti «[•;• •• .fc of ii:-. kidney. lJx"irii; i::e es of Ihese vilal organs ,, : , ... or ., likely 10 manifest thcji,..-;-.,-. 6v , Mrs - . been Friday, .If.ireh 28. I9':i. Twenty-two representative MOHI-JII of .Missi.'.sippi county lormi-d a iit-n- ori;ajiix;ition to be known as Hie Mississipiii Couiuy Council ol Farm Women at a mcciin.,' in thc Blylhevill; courl lionsc 'I'iiiir.«lay. Mis. TaU-r «a.s elected |i:T,si[lcii!. Mrs. stcivar! v:cc-|>rctideiu, and Mr.s. Jlornb.-rijjr secretary. Coinniiss:jH'is O ; u,e Ileiin.ii, Mi-merinl hisluvay. iii;j) h« Biytlicvillc." Msmilii I-'- -s'.n!{- highway c om- lo :Trii,c.' t!ie speed limn C!l lills r "«l f«m K to 2f, mites i . I '" blood-sliot »y*s lixed upon btm Slip was certain now. Tbe man r. aat ! waa "tiling from soaic'thlng _or "rrnri.. i so: ". c "Re. And sbc would n,i\-c tier IhHi br bim^rlt hn^ lj«ra n>-ru*r<l °, f lb r r ^ Inlr "hlfh leak place til ,'i'.!''!'"' l ' !l ! 1 ' 1 "; i»»«» i--icii!-« !'^."_ ht '.': .;.' 1I "'- I '-»' TiiiiTi 1 }!!-"^ Iminccni Inn ii,d in --'. ol the i-rc Uiry v.iii maite M: 1 . Far:' has been tin- .s-.-vtra! inuiitlis. ANNOUNCEMENTS Ihorizcrt to annminc.i- tli<- | ; ,••'.' .'^ n.« candidates for p:,hllc oll-ii- -,b b Kcl to thc Democratic p-'. n '-»rv next August: ' * For Member or Cnnrrr-« CLINTON- L CALDVYKL'L I'or Sbcriff and Collrrlnr CLARENCK H. WILSON For nc-olcction lor Second Term For l.'oiioiy Treasurer JOE 3. DILLAHUNIY KOLAN'O GREEN' for Circuit Cotirl (Trtk !IUO1I CRAIG ADDIKON t.M . ,,, luntrlir* for liliti SO"' r:o l).v WITH TILI: bioin !. , ".''"' ' en.-\PTRR xxiv i "^ .;'• '"• ^ N'OKI..! HoiiWe'1 tiack to her :'.".".?'".',' bbnrn nnd nackcd Her doifm-.; '\i,i : -. . . I"S". Tlie:o was scarcely nmrc to: ]: ,,j." u ..'..'.,.'.'. do M'?u lo slip a riottlc ol ci:i In v '., ,,'.'..." . , I ic front nl her rtres*. This dono. i '..'.,. '' she hohblcd Jorili assm. SI- ivmilrl ^',. .... Ri to tbe swamp for a linlo n-biie - ,},'''" ' «be decided. Sbe did not wisb 10 „„ .!' M ",,, U:7 encoiiRicr liic Innuisitivc slrancer* | ,,,..'. "i j . asmn. rictiireuiucly she curscil ! ' ' ' Iboiii. It llirir co,u,r iq sboultl ,]H. •• ~ Ar ''' >'"'' "•' turl, ibe mositlily remittance frnai ! ! ' : ' :iil '° :lsk -"'! Altovc tb?m tl:c (rec-.^ srew nn- usurilly liit-li [or su-anip grouiul mukins; an iini'Diivlrntilc t;rccn lilnck rool. .\'(,w an.} n^nln ;, ioal stlrrerl gciiily but usually nuiel prcvriileu. "It is n :i-.iii:i il-iv. n-an.'i-r. n,,i( vein liai'c fiu3,icfi. -i|. - ; ,.,| ivnii 3 Itlll'k in-elfll:, ,,1 ,, ,..;. "Ves-" !„• .-,,i:,.-i: ;i ..: ' ' - i ••••->• |; 3 for c.iriug f,, r ratililo what ' JIrail!C ' 1 an ' ! l IK;CWHC of ber? tier sank back In bis chair, bis bro«i furrowed. He bad erowo otn>r In a Tcry sborl time. H« wa« 31111 sure i hat some day. sonw how he would lotaln Noycs!and Ihnt aealn they would dwell In thai urace he now- thoiigbt ot as close to Utopia, lie arose to nay the mcsscnjer anrl tile boy. rcnssurfns himself of l ho fact that be hnd been in (he swamp, nrjnl on his way. I Lollic appeared tben. "Too tad. lioncy." «he said, laying n hand on I'aMito's fihoulJer. lie realized .'!i.i: the only sincere klndnesi tie ! knew tbo?c days caino from Ut! lie. He Ihousbt. "Some lime, In , -ionic way. I must repay tier." * • « .\jOi;.\iA KIKLD ami Kstclte had sen led in Tucson, Ariz. Norma. i:ntwin; ibni Et 10 coiiM not llv« '.i»=. clutclicrt the hours with K.^tcile- Icnloiisly. Kstelle sal oy her mollier's tm] constantly, watcliing sviih tr.igie •-•cum!; eyes nnd smiling sillily. "Darin,c. you sboult! co n:n iri'>re: you slionltl get more exercise." l "f!ut I'rl raltier be here." "I'm alraid it irjusi iia<<.tun!d lor you. dear, penaeil up with me." "I wnnl 'o be here, mother." , l-'slollc [bouslit a great deal dur- ' Ins Ihose days. She Ihougbt of Itie pasl and ot wbat n-.i s ahead. . . leaned , n:ll! litgun to umlersiand lier fnl hot forward over U:e l,.irc-lnppe.] tshlo. ! through his attiiiide nimiii r,ilil1lo. Til ° "''•' t:c?uil| cd a moment!' 10 hatl hpen ruihle 5 « In refusing Chr.intJin. uho has viltr- hosplsai .., tapidlv nnprovit--- = r.nd her n-rinn,- j,, aw-n-.-rl w for Ounilv C'nurt Clerk I'RED FLEEMAN Kor Re-Elcctlon lor 2nd -i c:3l tor Aumm H. L-. (BII.LV, GAISf- U. C. (IKE) HUDSON Tor Comlablr of Clilcknxuiba Tnn-nOiin JACK ROBERTSON TOR ClTl' OFKICKS Kectlon Tuesday, April 3 For Cily CUtk S. C. CRA10 n. L. MCKNIGHT KO5S UEAVEHS For Cily Ailome/ SAM MANATT •"'-.'Vltlr-T rip U.i-i II Mj|rs 0(;OU!(ICrl. M,. t[Ji.,._ rt - s ,,, lh .miles from !,-,-,. to t - OIl Fa)r '. :<Ml. Bi;i Ho-,iarrt TTiibc.iu .anied to make tl:? Journey road-, «i-re rlnseed \viiii .snow. So h^ •-JIIL;- :.y Irani, vu Caribou and tl|... trip muin.i; 41 ,., il( , Ki .- nut ovcr-ti-anii. bcins ili'V/r," f" 01 "™" 8 llial " a (JnKo. hcarl- her mother s »'l:cn ill clcarnis brio jii!ii|-r:. Iwin^c of rl:«u, i-|,i r, s, o. H In be would never torscl. j H ~^ h of , , :."c ,r, :il . orlh'^ll" cSroV i Ch ° 0k3 an " lllc ' ihcMieUcr or tlie"sftanMT-a'^n" ™],^ s '^' ^ ; (la ^c S ( ^oa, | ""^' F|c]( , „, Mr . 00011 '""• '"""'"•- te .^;l™,± :;*° °±L:'^*:•-•"= «» — *«*«*•* «««*>* THffi CURfE IS JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER'S MlODLe NAME- 1WESTWE- ,!". .j'ff ;Mi.\c?.\OESt;i;r - S\ ]f\ \\ EVERMAVG \J"' l -^.- How I.ON& mo IHE Ro >VANO c FS RULE "C.Qo,l day. mother." he jam : Iie '' 3 " c:ilr ' c ^""^ * K "--kcd old ! Thi , rtay IV1 V K«eiWs slilc.cnia rnsily. Me. to,. ,ooKe,l surtle.l. lle!^™" 1 V'° ""' S ™™« » "«".'. b S.rt^ , " v w ^1.0 '-- hnprrt ,» 1R ,n,l not „„„«„ „.„ „,„ I S- c was iy,, s on , wlh .1,1, on c ; t:lln3 ;.,.„ ^ '™,,' ^ k .„,„ sh^ hnd seen H and sm.le,! 'nyly. I ^ '" lstcj "^" her and slie !i=<! ! 5oll) and pur / c anrt " lllc '«ir w a , •h is a coc<] day for a picni-" I c c "'" ecl n3 ll0 lliul R cv " heard : ^-arklinc sil " u5 ."' 1 sl " K| y- " I" J™^" 5 7" n , ; ' Khe h" 1 i"'o r =« mrf bcllcr ' ."ill you share my n,o'.,ir bo!...' 1 ' ^ .^^ '. '^ fr "'" »"-' Kslollc h.rt langhcd «-ith hcr that 3K Ul£ nnil Inrtr llrl ii-siTiitn ....... ° . - »i" "" sunrc my no.,1?" Dei -_ " - " « "»<••"_ •' »ay ,ro,n Her. • [.; slc ]| c h ^ ,.,,„,,„ , v|lU hcr u,. 1t aske,!. She noddor! a- s':e f .,, dn KI1 j J= kl ' •; t '™" l , n 6^ ° '" w0 '"''"'- ™" ' mornins over somo tilvlal happen- on a aimnrK:!; not far f: 0i ii him ! .' W ° > ou? .»' a - r ' ^"" Mends • , ns ,, nt hrid Rm ,,, crt i Uctn M ,,,. 1'lin. she studied lisa, Sao ,,_ ^o^" trom Key \Vesl?" 1 Tftcn Hr& p ^ a hn(J S3|d ,„„ »h»r. sl.- t,';i H to to «i*o—si-.c! . • . . wamc() to rc5l 3ulj f lS i^i f »ci;ld r<-:i:r,i to Key »XH n :; j to ;, | CKKI.VO bcr, ho Sail decided that. soar, to the garden lo look at (he the!r.n::r; i:,a: n man wnsi' - : ^ or noi. he cmil.i not touch mountains, ihe changes ot wrileb iiiuiiL- !:, H;o swamp la i sjiot Lo I bcr! Anil sbe Iml aiwncrcil. never f.ltkd to ".nlralKO hcr. »'!ili-|i s!-,e co';l<! diroci tlicm. Sbo i -'liricki.-i^. "N«. DO! .S'.it trjtn Key . Sbc returned ac luuchcou lime would Jo tb!s. provL:.a: =!IG coukt i vv cs'! I l:ar« a daughter <vbo itlll! lo mcci ihe day nurse. "Dear, hcneiii l»- u. Tlio probability nf' coate to me. Go!" don't come in now!" ihe nu'se noi benclliliiE ?bo would nnko • All. n-ir troubles! A n ; e I » . ordered sharply. Estelle Krcw fnim s'ire o! pelnre s!ie s-.-.okc. I llioiiqiit itiroush ibe pnh, ibai con-, bui ibe nurse did not slop lo brip ~\a\i scoV ibe scllnido?" sha i fused Her. Help Irom Key Wcsi ' her. Sbc burrierl back lo not isk"M i,,ni-,iK- ! would deliver her inlo the power '• paiionL - tslclls Answers on Page sij | Already you look B.I 111 tomirc. | i« tils now—all hie. bad chased you ICOj "Co. sir.iitgcr .ind niili Corl!" • "Nerer nilad. darling- Vou bare she repealed between B«r sroans. I your darldy." be said soolhlncly, "u siMi,ie a alii? variety of Sran-1 So tte Cuban ooj had gone »fler j palling ibe glrl'i rtoulder. H? Isb and ate concluded thai be was j one last giuce toward the dailt- fell ter clinslng «• blm n);ra 'i DOLtberne; vb.o lud bag bsea I utt= ot the s!iai)ow» and liter; tlsbily. la bltlini. i,r,^i, ns ainiseij. j (To Ur Css'.liiucd) , ibe rii^s niles " He s

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