The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1939 Ltixora Society — Personal Dinner Gne s t s Alleiid iltallnee .Miss Margaret Fardeecey entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Miss Fiances Reid Boweu »nd Miss Peggy sillman followed by a matinee parly at the Gem theatre, OsccoJn. * « • • Entcrbln Bridge Club Mr. nnd Mrs, Joe Hires were hosts lo Die members of their Osccola- Uixora-Blytlieville bridge club on last Wednesday night. Mrs. Bain Bowen of Luxora, held lilglj score for ladies, nnd Jesse Brown of Uixora, high score for men. sllectomy.- Mrs. Hatty Stanford lias'for the past two years, Jiavo tuov- returned home from the Baptist «1 to West Memphis. hospital. •. nicteird MIHlin, of Evartsvllie. JBLYTHEVILLE. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Don. Oi'over C. Driver, whose head- Mr, and Mrs. Sam Bowen and |" lnr S e . rs nl ' e ln Jonesboro, Is spend- daughter, Frances Reid and Laylay e " s Vllra u°" »'H1> liomc folk, lefl Wednesday morning for a ten , nnd Mls ' AI) <*'Uveranl have Mrs. days' visit.: with Mrs. Bow-en's ?, s o ' Suests, Mr. Livcrant's bio- lers, M mother, Mrs; H. C. Patterson, and i 'Jl^Jtoroklwant, of Mexico City, nccomp. 1 sister, Mrs. Clyde Uvlneston nnd' ' ' ' '. —~ : : sister, Mrs. , family of Lake Village, Ark., and In Wlnons, Miss., Vith her sister, Mrs. Claud Huntlcy, and family. Miss Prances Reid will remain for a longer visit, ' * * * Mrs. Florns Demon Williams, and son, of' Pine Bluff, Ark., arc visiting In the home of her sister,' Mexico, and Mrs, Livciant's nleco, Miss Animuclle Lyons, of Now York City, N. Y. Mrs; Ira Blllingslcy, Mrs. Dellit Bagslcy, Ernest Poison 'and Jim Poison, of Manila, Imvc returned homo from Qlasco, Ky,, where they were en lied lust week on account of the very serious Illness or their mother, Mrs. poison, They were accompanied by Ira Bllliiigslby. ley. Mrs. Phillip Qeoree amTdtugh- lers, Misses Eva ami Mablo, we're ""led to Memphis Monday ^ ;A;UI t; lui nicii, .—-..., n -t. *•**», nun A summer saliid-snudwlcli plate Mrs - Pcai1 Cowan, wltli iced tea was served after tho °- °- Dl 'ver, who lias spent the Barnes. past six weeks at R. O. T. C. camp iat Fort niley, Kans., has returned Baptist W. SI. S. Meets , ., home. Enroute home he was the , njniM 1>. ill. :>. metis uiuuiui; HUJUC I1U wnfi U1B, The members of the Baptist B uesl - ot Mends in Joncsboro, Ark. 1 Woman's Missionary society met at Ml ' s - Sllc Brown has as her the church Tuesday afternoon for B ucsts her daugter, Mrs. Hays a business session and a Royal Gownn, and children, of Memphis. Service program. Miss Carrie Mac Hires lias re- j 'Hie iii-ogrnm based on the theme turned• from a week end trip spent! for the year, "Tho Great Commis- '" Hot Springs, as the G»rat of rfon—our Mission" with the topic ! 'er aunt, Mrs. Harry Lower, and for the month; "Carrying Out the filmil y- Great Commission In the Home- Mr - arid-Mrs. v. P. BrHkcnsiek, land," Acts 1:8 was led by Mrs. fo''rnor Luxorans John Tlnveall, Tyronza, Ark., , Mrs. C. B. Wood brought the devotional, "Our Greatest National Need," Proverbs 14:30 31 34 : Psalms 33:6, 12-15, after Die song for the year, "I Love To Tell the Story," and repeating the year's watchword, "The Love of Christ Constrnlncth Us", had been used for the opening of the meeting. Mrs. Thweatt was further assisted In presenting the program by Mrs. Charles Evans, who discussed "The Great Commission and Home Missions," "The Homeland," and "Making Disciples in the.' Homeland"; .'.'Turning- Home Mission Pages," was illustrated by a large book of colored pages representing eacli department of home mission work. Mrs. B. O. WilWns i played piano accompaniments suggestive of the pages-Indian, Negro,. Moun- , tain, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Jewish, Dyess French, Colony, Deaf City, and Evangelistic, while Mrs. Tlnveatt explained the phases of missions In the southland. Mrs. J. I. Mifllih concluded the program by telling of "Home Missions and National Righteousness," and . the : "Annie W. ing." , Armstrong Offer! Have Program Meeting Members of the Methodist Missionary society met at the churchi Tuesday afternoon for a program meeting on "Widening Intcrna- liona! Fellowship in the Church," M by.-the president,-Mrs. R. 'W.- Thomas. A Mevolional on "Broad ' now living at visited among friends .Monday, while attciullng to business matters here. Hunter Wright,, of Flint, Mich., spent the,: week-end in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corkran. He was accompanied back to Flint by Charles Corkran, Jr., who will visit with-his brother, Joe Corkran, and uncle, Will Bertt, of Flint. Mrs. John T. Davis and daughter, Lynelte, ot Cleveland Miss visited Mrs. J. I. Mlfflln Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Davis, and Mrs Mlfflin were schoolmates at Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, Miss. 'Mrs. Edward. Gentry and daughters, Helen aiid Iris, of. Spartanburg, S. C., who have been at the home of Mrs. Gentry's mother, Mrs I-ease Williams, during her illness, were joined by Mr. Gentry Sunday. . Mrs. Joe Miller has as'her sister, Mrs. Marvin Palmer, and daughter, - Marlcne, of Tomato. Miss Louise Victory will attend the Peach Festival 'at Forrest City,Thursday, accompanied by Mrs. L. C. James, .of Memphis. Mrs. B. CvWilkins, and daughter, B. O. Jr., and Ann Clair, clar- ence ^Crawford, Helen and Iris Gentry^; of Spartanburg, s, C., were Memphis visitors Wednesday. Helen and Iris will visit their grandmother, Mrs. Lease H. Williams, .at the Baptist hospital. Clarence-. Poteet,- a graduate of is ( lp38yftlass .of; the Luxor»- high a letter man of the iiiumas. ft I'uevouonai on "Broad-; amuuvmuia, a jeuer man of the erling ''the" Home 1 ' Roads'," '.'taken football/sqita'a. has-enlisted In'-the Jrorn II Ephesians 2: 13-20. Song and prayer marked the opening of the meeting. Discussions were heard from Mrs. W. E. Head on •-• ''Widening International .Friendship in the Homeland";' Mrs.'" Jimmie McRae, "Finding Friends in the Church and in the Home"; Mrs. ,n. H. Owen, "Broadening Horizons in the Missionary Society"; Mrs. R. E. L. Bearden Jr., concluded the program with prayer. v • * * * Luxorans Sick and In Hospitals Mrs. R. Permenter and young son are at the St. Joseph's hospital, Memphis. Miss Margaret Moffllt, 'who returned home from Baptist hospital Monday night, continues to improve. Mrs. Thomas D. Wilkins and baby, son are expected home from Baptist hospital the last of. this week. , . . s " B. O. Wilkins, Jr., returned to the Baptist hospital Wednesday . for a simis treatment. ' ' V . Mrs. Lease Williams who has been a patient in the Baptist hospital, Memphis for the past several weeks, contimies'qirite ill. Mrs. O. Howton and Mrs. Elliott Williams arc confined to their homes on account of illness. George Conduit Stanford, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Lem S.-Sinn- ford, will enter the Baptist hospital the'last of the week for\a; ton- Navy, andiis no»:stationed at Norfolk, Va, ... . .-••••••-.Miss Victoria Layle has returned from a visit with Mrs. Josephine -Peterson in 'Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Ted- Elspn, who have made their home in Ltixora OLD STYLE SOUR MASH KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON Y/HISKEY by Mis. l/>uls Oeorgo nml Mia. «ou Simmers, of Osccolh. .-.' - ' New Liberty News "as Ulrlliday Cl»ib~ Mrs. Waiter Wood wns hoslws to members ot the Blrlhclny club at her home Wednesday nfUinjoon. uaiws and contests suix-rvlsed hy Mrs. Perm mn anil Mlss COTO Lee Colcnmu were plnyed. Atlcv tho gifts hud been oncn«l, tho hostess served a salad plate wllh lemonade. Tho next meeting -will be wllh tain. Fondrcn, August 10, Miss Ethol Aniinnlioul returned „.,,„„ ,,..,,,,,,,! VMV I VVUt JUtl lo.lier homo In 1/cnclivlllo Monday nf cr having spent tho weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs 0 Armnnlrout. . J. M,' Aycoek returned from Wynne 'Tuesday. J. W. Epperson Is ill m his home. Mr. nnd Mrs. Arch Brooks, of Unchvllle, wcro Ilia Sunday guests of Mr, and Mrs. 0 ..... rolurned Monday from Nflehvlllo tintl Dlckson, Tenn., «hcro they visited iclatlves. Mr and MI. aim P ; JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (UP)-A warning that,tho Bttith Airican veld may lie ruined. In the not-loa-dlslanl tutmo by orofcs- slonal and amateur collectors of its flora and tauim, Is given In reiwts of- social wcltaro «f[lccrs In rural w »,,-~,r „ I d , lstr '5 u - ' rllev suggest Instruction W, Epperson, should bo given to both natives ind •""•att, Mr.'whites on'nature preservation. 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