The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JULY 14, BT/VTHEVTLT.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoc pie OOTO4 If I SWMHtD MV tHUMB -B5 A PULP SON, VOO HANEKVT nA*tseD SINCE sfc WERE A TADPOLE. Of*! AMP BESIDES, PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS ASKIW HAVE ICO GOT A MATCH.' 'MINDS ME Of LOADIKJ' TH' WOOD BOX EVERY CAY AT VsAHV DON'T NOU joer PUT A WHOLE BOX IM YOOR POCKET EVERY •AORNSKKi? OP pLOwJisss Stxi'D ee 10 REMODti- -VHfr PYRAMIDS.'— LET'S SOIT PULLING TA.FP Y AK1D -THIS 3O8 SO CAM 6*T 6O1MG ON A FEVJ MORE BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM Read Courtw Ncw» W»nt NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully reflnished, or If you wish new hardwood, asphalt or rubber tile, or inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wood can do the wotlc experliy and at reasonable cost. Call 2272. FREE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 1949, NEA SERVICE, INC. By Give Grierson Cornish THK rromri Hike ncT>i«, » ilHlMK *»«l»*er wlifc tf «••!«« Icr •( * c«)*rl*l »I4 »r*•»*<-«•'. *• • •4 *»! why (he Dark A»«i-L *• Service - - - That's Our Motto! We spare no etturt m providing jn BXTRA everydas prescription ^service which meant extra *xjn- venlenM ro vou Peel tree to can on iw «t any time Prompt delivery service Phon* 507 WOODS DRUG STORE what k« k*« («<M*4 M»4 ••T* lk»« VMF I* J*kc M*4 Arcklc arc tk* * !«•! *»d h«»Khc4 »«lrtjsk1 *l U*rl* Juke. Hi***, tb* *»Mrer. K U* I" IM •• if, Mi7« Mlk*. **- iiT'LL fire Riggs—we know he's 1 crook—and tell Archie abou Uiese assay figures. Now that it's proved h« oiifiht to he able to iind out what's happening," Cory linally decided. I was so exasperated t could :nve dropped her down the mail Haft of her own mine. I decided LO make one more attempL "Cory, listen to me, Carclully If you fire Riggs, *nd Riggs only you'U tip off the gang and they'! be cagier than ever. Maybe you'' get your high-grade ore, maybe some of it, or maybe none—you'"" always be wondering which." I paused to light another cigaret and let my blood pressure drop few points. "All right- You sa you refuse to fire everybody, be cause somebody who's ianocen might suffer. Very creditable bow to your humanitarian to stincts. But— it you insist on being noble you can't Bre Riggs You can't tell Archie or Uoc Jake or anybody anything. You'v ot to pretend you donH know othlng from nothing, and all the me hunt like the dickens Tor at missing higk-grade. Get me?" "You know something, Mike? on look really handsome when ou get worked up." Nuts!" I shouted, and stamped i ut the cigaret I had just lit. ' "Mike?" *T:es." "Will you hunt for it? For roe?" I looked down At her. Sh« was till sitting on the mosc and bits f it were in her hair. Her shirt as mussed and her slacks were tained with mud from the knee iown, and by rights she should lave looked like two cents. S;ie ooked like the four million doJ- ars she didn't have. So I let her have H straight. 'Yes," I said. "For you, I will." I never could figure out women. Next thing I knew she was crying. AFTER bunch I had i bull •**• sion with myself and even- ually concluded that the stuff either k> regular, producing many have shipped ore to the couldn*t poftsibly be pinched from smelter?" :he mill bunkers. She thought again. "About There were too many men dozen that 1 know of." around, and even it they were all greased, sooner or later one of .hem would decide he could gfK more money from Cory than from the gang and the truth would be out. That left the alternative: somewhere there existed an entirely unsuspected entrance to the mine. But that brought up another angle, one 1 hadn't thought of before. You can't lug a sack of high-grade ore into a smelter and say. *'How much, Mac?" You have to sign a contract, stating location ol mine and type ol ore; you have lo arrange with the railways (or empty gondola cars, pick-upe and freight bills; there are a hundred and one things that have to be done, a lot of them right out m the open. I Therefore Cory's ore was going' PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best ['ricea Kirby Drug Stores - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE \rk-Mn Stale I.In. A CiM)l Place to Eat Sunday Special from 1 to 3 • Crappie Fish • Fried Chicktn Dinner 75c • We Never Close * CDMPXNY H E \ Bl> I Ht Ml Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clilr Call 911 for Private Parlies FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Ther« H Is! mine, where it was mixed with — the mine's own ore; or else it w;is going to what the smelter people thouxhi was a producing mine, but what was actually a dummy outfit act up as a blind. • • • \ I had Xwo problems on mj hands. First, to find a secret entrance to the mine, and second to find out where the ore was gong. I decided to tackle the second one first. I wcnl back and asked Cory how many mineral claims there were in the valley. "Thousands," she s«id. "People have been prospecting around here for • hundred years." "Not counting the abandoned ones, how many are being worked right now, within. My, W milei of here?" She thought a momei>C "Maybe 40 or 50." I tried another tack. "How HALF AN HOUR UIER AS WAYOR Of SMADYSW, I VWsJT *> S#/ TO MK. LUCIUS UVEKMORr, I WftNTlO S*y "K> HfiH—* »_,_^— ——- OM.NO.rWA SPEECH; SO. I SHALL NOW UWEtL THIS WOftTMK "MS B€NeFCEMT — FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER- *«"«' W'7 'Wwpw&Jfaffi wmfxtm-Msifo* f M.f'M. rm starting on my diet gradually of conrs shocks! Today I'm leaving a spoonful of ice I'RISCIU.A'S I'OI O'H, WE. I L... \ OUPPOSF. WE E DID THE SAME 1M1M6 WHEN WE WERE YOUNG. r IT "STRANGE CHILDREN PRETEND ' OMETHING THEY'RE NOT "Good. Tell me how ho get to them." Cory gave explicit directions on now to reach each ol the mines that were shipping ore to the smeJter. Altogether there were 13. which sounded ominous to start with- Some ol them could be crossed oft* to begin with and others would take no more than * couple of minutes to check off oner I'd seen them. Hnlf a dozen stops ought to do the job. I set out in her blue convertibl« hair an hour later, not looking forward particularly to thr job. Prospectors are a suspicious bunch and if you ask them more than one question they think you're a potential claim-jumper and reach lor the shotgun. However, ft had to be done. (To Be Continued) SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS "I figured that was what he was up to when I *aw him getting a loon at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." .STUDEBAKER, Phone Phone 8S8 888 DID YOU KNOW THAT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. OFFERS YOU THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHOWROOM IN ALL OF ARKANSAS? Your Srudebaker Dealer Offers You More! 19 in Knrrf 2-Door Sedan 1!»I8 Studebaker l,and Cruiser liM7 Sludehaker 5-Passenger Champion 1!).17 Chevrolet 2-door, has new rings. 50 OTHKRS TO CHOOSE FROM Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stttd«h«ker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDEBAKER* VIC FLINT A Fatal Mistake liY R1ICHAKI, O'AIALLKY and RALPH LANE St took a minute to bring tht events back clearly to my mind. I'll bet Jose mistook me this other guy when he me the hot bills.'" IF THAT5 RIGHT, Y YEAH, IT WAS A MISTAKE ( IT COST JOSt THAT COST YOU A \ HIS Uffi LOT OF TROUBLE, FLINT' WASH TUBBS After You, Lew HY LKSL1K TURNER CCW6 SftCK WITH THAT I OU GOAT-FACEOOLE FRAUD!! M0LLV tf ONil SECONDS BE:H'.MD HECKfWLSOUT ONTO "IHE ROOF NEXT HOOK'. Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 UGS BUNNY Nice doing, Klnu'r LWER, OL' PAL, WHAT YA ONNA BE UOIN' PER TH 1 EXT HALF HOUR? WITH ELMER IN TH TUB, TH' TlfAE IS RIPE T LATCH ONTO SOWvE CRUNCHIES PROM HIS NEW CARROT CROP/ OUT; _ 'PfW-i' .'WBlTS ^J. I WON'T SAV WHERE I WAS GOING TO TAKE MV BATH...YOU WOBBIN WASCAL/ AU.KY OOP Wrap It Up! IJY V. T. HAMLIN CSCMZ. 15 SSLLINcS THE TELEVISION RIGHTS TO H'5 TRIP TO .. THE MCON mi MOST INTERESTING.' BUT ASIDE FROM THE S VOU TAKE- OFF, I TELL 'IM. WHAT \S \ OOC! THS MAOIINE Vs'lLL KEEP US IN VISUAL can WITH THE FLIGHT AT CLOSE-UPS of THE crew OR. DI5TAMT SHOTS OF THE SHIP. IN FLISHT CfZ ON THE 5*.TELLITE. A.NY VIEW RE PEMAND.' BOOTS AND HER HUDDIES Quiet! BY BOGAR MARTIN HOV« XOO WKCK OO tCT A Vfc

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