St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 6, 1987 · Page 45
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 45

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1987
Page 45
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1987 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 7D TELEVISION TUESDAY Television T LOWS STATIONS " O ' KTVI O n ' j T K,,ov zr O KSDK 69 HIGHLIGHTS Danny Cox Sports Pitcher Danny Cox and company take on the San Francisco Giants in game one of the National League Championship Series. Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola handle the play-by-play and color commentary for NBC, and Marv Albert tackles the pre-game show . assignment with Joe Morgan. 7 p.m Channel 5 Drama David and Maddie search for a mystery woman in this week's "Moonlighting." Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd star. Eva Marie Saint and Kay Lenz make guest appearances. 8 p.m Channel 2 Science The season premiere of "Nova" takes a look at the astronomical phenomenon of the supernova, appropriately enough. 8 p.m Channel 9 Comedy Mike (Kirk Cameron) runs for student-body president in "Growing Pains." Joanna Kerns and Alan Thicke co-star. 7:30 p.m Channel 2 6 PM 6:30 7 PM I 7:30 I 8 PM 8:30 19 PM 9:30 I 10 PM I 10:30 I 11 PM 11:30 O News Ent Tonight Who's Boss? Growing Pains Moonlighting Thirtysometfiing News Nighttine M.A.S.H Taxi Q News Newlyweds Houston Knights Jake And The Fatman Law & Harry McGraw News Carol Burnett Diamonds 0 News Wheel Fortune Baseball Playoffs: San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals Championship Series Game One. News . Best Of Carson Love Conn. O MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour Postscripts Wld. Of Animals Nova I We The People Business Rpt. Postscripts The Avengers Family Ties We Got It Made" l.'.Wini "Firstborn" Pyramid News Cheers WKRP Bob Newhart mag H3) Insp. Gadget Martian Lassie j Super Bcok II CNNNews Larry Rice ShapeUp "The Ranger And The Lady" Fisher Family Sonshine A-Team "Shame, Shame On The Bixby Boys" Perry Mason Sanford Beaver I Love Lucy Perry Mason AAE Rockline Smith & Jones Associates Good Time Pygmalion I Golden Age Associates Good Time BET Fashion Fair Going Places Entertainment Gospel Mag. Video Soul Soft Notes Going Places Entertainment CBN Remington Steele Crossbow Butterfly Island 700 Club Celebrity Chefs Remington Steele j Burns & Allen Groucho DSN jrTTTBI Cont'd I Mouseterpiece The Boy Who Loved Trolls ES3 "The Red Fury" (PG) Ozzie & Harriet mm "Thunder In The Valley" ESPN SportsCenter Tractor Pull Drag Racing: U.S. Nationals SuperBouts: Cruz vs. McGuigan Billiards: Varner vs. Sigel In The PGA SportsCenter Auto Racing: Off-Road Champs. HBO iTfim! Cont'd Intimate Contact - Part II ICim ''Ameriran Justice" (R) Cffl3"Mandea" LIFE MAndMike. I Falcon Crest Way Off Broadway IBZO "Heartland" Way Off Broadway MAX CBSa "The Manhattan Project" (PG-13) irrwni "Purple Rain" (R) EEZ2 "Soul Man" (PG-13) NASH1 Can Be A Star Fandango Nashville Now New Country Crook & Chase Videocountry Can Be A Star Nashville Now NICK You Can't Mr. Wizard Car 54 Mister Ed My Three Sons Donna Reed Laugh In Monkees Ann Sothern iSpy Car 54 SHO Tall Tales & Legends rrwn "The Name 01 The Rose" (R) ! mm "Dreams Lost, Dreams Found" Temptations TDC Wild Canada Tomorrow Pacific It's Hell To Be An Astronaut NW Animals world Alive A.C. Clarke j Yrs. Of Cinema Japan This England TMC iTW "Kflcrnt Places" (PG) rmrn "Rich And Famous" (R) rrfflm "Oliver's Story" (PG) TMPO Alive J.C. Miller Mack Brown Mike Archer Pat Dye Mike White Sports For Veterans Lifestyle "Yellow Rose Of Texas" USA Airwolf Riptide Boxing: Kelvin Kelly vs. Vaughn Hooks Airwolf Dragnet Edge Of Night WON Cheers Barney Miller FPWWI "Ordeal By Innocence" News INN News Honeymooners Magnum, P.I. mjrj WTBS Andy Griffith 1 Sanford iTfTTHf "Pool A Space Odyssey" lEUCT "The Silencers" Radio AM Stations KATZ 1600 Oldies KFUOBSORelig. KOL0 1380 Oldies KIRL 1460 Gospel KJCF1400Coun try KMOX 1120 Talk KSIV1320 In spirational KtLQ 1350 Adult Hits KtTL 690 Gospel KU550Coun try KWU 730 Court try KXEN1010lnspi rational KXOK 630 Adult ContempTalk WBQZ 1S70 CountryT alk WEIL 1490 Inspi rationalGospel WtW 770 Bands WONU920Pop, Talk WIBV 1260 Con temporary WIL 1430 Country WHTH 590 Bands FM Station KATZ 100.3 Adult UrbanContemp KCFV89.5 New Music KCLC89.1 Jazz, Rock KEZK 102.5 Beau. titul Music KFU0991 Classical KHTR 103.3 Rock KLTH97.1 Lite music KMJM 107.7 Contemporary KRJY 96.3 Lite music KRSH90.1 Diverse music KSO 93.7 Adult Contemporary K8HE 94.7 Rock KSLH91.5 Educational KWK 106.5 Rock KWMU 90.7 News-Classical-Jazz KWUR90.3 New Music, Jazz KVKY 98.1 Adult Hits KVMC 89.7 Rock WCBW105Relig. WIL 92.3 Country WKKX 104.1 Great Country WLCA 89.9 Rock WMRT 101.1 Rock WSIE 88.7 Jazz-Rock-News Computers From page one be Identified are fed through the network simultaneously, and the letter with the highest activation is thosen. In this example, the weights were set in advance by the designer of the network. But networks can also learn by trial and error. One can feed the, features of a certain letter into the computer and see what the network says the letter Is. If the answer is wrong, the responsibility for the error is apportioned to the different connections by using a mathematical formula the machine has been given, and that changes the weights on the connections. Gradually, after several hundred or several thousand trials, Krrc CASLI STATIONS KPUI ... ArttEnterUinment ' SIT.. Black Entertainment "LC CBN.. CBN Cable Network KDNL DSN . . The Disney Channel TTTTTTTT 6 AM 6:30 17 AM 7:30T8AM 8:30 19 AM I 9:30 110 AM1 10:30 111 AM11:3Q O ABCNews Good Mrg Arena SupenorCourt Jestrs rftosBoss' MfBwwem flyansHope Lowg O NewsContd I fctorrwig Program Pyrannl jHtghRoaers "HotywooSq. TruffiConseq. PnoelsRigN Young And The Restless O NBC News St Lous Today Donarwe HourMagazme WnLoseDraw Wheel Fortune O Off Ar Behavw Yoga MsterRogers SesameStreet Today s Special Capt Kangaroo Mister Rogers Square One TV Today's Special Sesame Street Q SptralZone ScoobyDoo Denns Jem SaoerRider j My Lrttte Pony Little House On The Prame Ml Moore BooNewrt CHiPs (23) AG.Day Supertaom NewZooRwt SnapeOp OpenmgUp Richard Retorts t Robert Titon Here's Help Fisher Family & CNN News StrverHawte TKinderCats Transformers Ghostbusters J. Swaqgart 7M0ub PTLOub AndyGnffrth F-Trooo ill OttAr Borgias funny PageT" CS3 The Shangnai Gesture" Golden Age Sfjnature BET J.Swaggart Video Vibrations Special Audience Programmng OrtTneUne GomgPtaces Entertainment CBN Serboofc Cbo I Wooster Square I Gentle Ben Fatte Knows Irtaei l700Qub OonsDay BilCosby DoftsGrts DSN GoodMornmg PoohComef Donald Duck Dumbo's Circus YoutMe CZS3 FtiAber Tarzan" 1 Annuals Walt Disney Presents OzlHamet ESPN Nations Business Today CootrJ SportsCenter Sportstoofc SchofSpots Seniors Gcfr Vantage Chmnionsfiy Second Round Aerobes Getting Ft HBO Seabert iFraggleRoa E3 "Secret :Places"(PG) Cattomta Suite" (PG) Humor And The Presidency LIFE Journal Contd it Ffflres F.I.T. Wonung Mother Marcus Wetby. MP. Attitudes Mothers Day 1 Baby Knows Our Group Couples MAX "Termtial Man" (PG) Cont'd 1ES3 'Reprisal!" . I E3"Shanghai Surprise (PG-13) CS3 Soui Man" (PG-13) NASH OW - ICmoHChase VideocountTy Can Be A Star Fandango iNashvifcNow NewCouriy NICK Lassie Mr Wizard Dennis Today's Special Pmwheel Elephant Show Maple Town Pinwheel SHO CS3 "Country" (PG) Cont'd The Temptations i Four Tops CS23'Wtien The Boys Meet The Girts" "Dreams Lost Dreams Fnd'1 TDC OftAr iTornorrow? WildlfeCmema iHarryBuHef Travel Images StoryOfWrne ISpiceOfUfe Where Death Wears A Swte TMC Effll "The Cheyenne Social Ckib" (PG) E3 'Rich And Famous" (R) ShortFilms "Sky Above, The Mud Betow" TMPO C3B3"Dual Alibi'' Cont'd lES3''Heartaches'' 1C3R Plains" FrtFcxLife J.C. Miller Robert Tifton J.Swaggart USA Cartoons EE3 "Angel On My Shoulder" Candid Camera Anything 4 WCN Muppets Spiral Zone , Bozo Smurfs Teddy Ruxpm Hogan's Heroes Twilight Zone Andy Griffith Soap Geraldo WTBS 1 Tom i Jerry And Friends Cont'd Bev. Hillbillies Bewitched 1 1 Love Lucy Hazel BBS "The Great Lie" Perry Mason , NOON j 12:30 TTPM 1:30 I 2 PM 2:30 I 3 PM 3:30 I 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5-30 O Al My Children One Life To Live General Hospital WiShriner Geraldo News ABCNews O Getii Touch iBoldiB'ful As The World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey DivorceCourt TheJudge News CBSNews O News SJ.Raphaet Another World Santa Barbara Days Of Our Lives People s Court Jeopardy! News NBC News O StCont'd JoyOfPaintmg W. Atexander Justin Wison We're Cooking SesameStreet Mister Rogers Square One TV 3-2-1 Contact SesameStreet G) Aim Family ESS "Wake Of The Red Witch" Teddy Ruxpin Smurfs R.Ghostbusters DuckTales Jetsons Silver Spoons Facts 01 Life S3) CNN News ESS "Somettung To Sing Atwut" Circle Square Super Book ZooMeeZoo Dennis Kidswodd Stuff Superfnends Rocky (13) Rcckford Files Hawaii Frve-0 Addams Family BionicSix BraveStarr She-Ra Bev. Hills Teens Punky Brewster Webster Webster AAE Great Detective MontreuxRock Smith i Jones ES3 "The Fallen Idol" GoidenAge Journey . Great Detective BET GolpeTMag. IVideoSoul I Video Vibrations VideoLP Soft Notes jOnTheLw CBN F. Daughter Patty Duke Doris Day Bill Cosby Green Ages Flying Nun Hazel' FatherKnows Big Valley Crag Like A Fox DSN CBS3 "Bom Yesterday" Dumbo's Circus Pooh Comer Mickey. Donald Duck The Dragon j Ugly Little Boy B3 The Lfttiest Outlaw" ESPN Horse Show: Hampton Classic Auto Racing: NASCAR Holy Farms 400 - AWA Championship Wrestling Auto Racing: Gold Coast 300 SportsLook Fishing HBO Egg "Mandela" EnS3"Dragonslayer"(PG) Princess "The Slugger's Wile" (PG-13) LIFE People In Crisis Wo!:Wifi Yan Regis Philbin Show I Attitudes CBSZ3I "A Time For Miracles" iFlamingoRoad MAX EBSCont'd CES3 "The Garnet Princess" CB3E3"Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?" CS3 "The Terminal Man" (PG) NASH EB23''Tumblin'Tumbleweed'' Crook t Chase Can Be A Star Fandango Nashville Now New Country Crook i Chase Videocountry NICK Pinwheel Cont'd Today's Special Myst. Cities Spartakus Insp. Gadget You Can't Lassie Dennis Double Dare Monkees NICK Rocks SHQ CEI3 Cont'd EZ3 "Country" (PG) The Late Great Me: Story Of A Teen-age Alcoholic CESS "Rubber Tarzan" TDC Perspective I Scientists Animal Crackers Chg. Worlds This Land Hansen To Ride The Ice New Pacific American Diary TMC CHSaCont'd E3 "Oliver's Story" (PG) EEZ3 "Benny's Place" ShortFilms EBS3 Blue City" (R) TMPO Truth For Today I C. Martinson 1 Sweden Today Looking East Media Arts Fresh Ideas EES "Catherine The Great" USA Gong Show Make A Deal Hot Potato Your Luck Percentages Jackpot Bumper Chain Reaction Dance Party Mr. Ti Friends Cartoons WCN News DickVanDyke AndyGrilMi Braver Ghostbusters Jem Transformers G.I.Joe BraveStarr Facts Of Life 1WKRP WTBS C323"HonkyTori" Tom i Jerry And Friends Flintstones Flintstones Munsters Lav, t Shirley Alice Caret Burnett ftrilDWgl2-30 1 AM 1:30 2 AM 2:30 3 AM j 3:30 4 AM 4:30 j 5 AM j 5:30 O Manrix News Perception Off Air O EES3 "The Cheyenne Social qub" Offte CBSNews Q Late Night With David Letterman News OflAir - O rjarklhadows Streamside j Off Air CD EZSa "Barbarella" Cont'd CBS3 "Three Hundred Mites For Stephanie" CEB3"flolkes" Agriculture (P TheHyphen CNN News I This Is The Life j 100 Huntley Street ESDI "American Empire" "The Cisco Kid Returns" Christian Conn. CNN News Mason Cont'd Dating Game CEB3 "American Oral" CESS "Death Scream" Good Times Morn. Stretch AAE Pygmalion Golden Age Oft Air BET Special Audience Programming Soft Notes Video Vibrations ; Robert Tilton CBN Jack Benny Laurel t Hardy 700 Qub Medical Center Stoney Burke Wackiest Ship In The Army James Robison J.Swaggart DSN EZ5S3 Cont'd EBB "Born Yesterday" Transmission Test New Vaudevillians Too Scheme Mickey Mouserdse ESPN Speedway Running SportsLook SportsCenter Auto Racing: NASCAR Holly Farms 400 Fishing Aerobics Getting Fit Business Today HBO CES3 "Mandela" Cont'd ES23 "Commando" (R) "WarrjorAna Sorceress" (R) Movie Makers" CBE3 "American Justice" (R) LIFE Investment Advisory ' investment Advisory Prescribing j Surgery Obstetrics MAX CESa "Trouble In Mind" (R) CES8 "Class" (R) British Rock: The First Wave NASH NewCountry IE5S3 Tumblin' Tumbleweed" Off Air NICK Mister Ed Donna Reed Laugh In Monkees ISpy ICES3 "The Big Wheel" Curious George Little Prince- SHO Temptations 1333 "Laura" (R) CHEa "Trw Concrete Jungle" (R) Test Tall Tales i Legends "In S rch Of Goldn Sky" (PG) TDC Animal World AIQeming Case Of The Missing Mummy Oft Air i TMC CEB3 "The Cheyenne Social Club" (PG) CB3 "Blue City" (R) Test CS3 "Close To My Heart" TMPO CESVGuest In The House" . ' His Guiding Destiny" EESa'DesertTrai" "LefS Gq Coflegiar USA Search Hollywood CBE3 "Angel On My Shoulder" ' ICSS3 "Bedlam" Love Your Skin Beauty j S. Brooks Diet WGN CESS "Passage To i Marseilles" Cont'd I INN News Lav, a Shirley ICSSS "The Great Santini" Faith 20 WTBS CSS3 Cont'd CSZ3 "The Evil 0! Frankenstein" " CES3 "Attack1" GomerPyle CNN News 1 Tom Jerry the weights will be adjusted so that the network produces the correct answer most of the time. Far more powerful networks can be made by adding extra layers of units between the input and the output. These extra units help extract features from the raw data. While the mechanism of neural nets is a greatly simplified version of the way the brain works, the properties they exhibit are helping to understand the brain. They are also intensifying a long-running debate on whether people learn by applying rules or merely by accumulating experiences. But some scientists question whether these machines are really Mr Ertterteinmem Network NICK Nickelodeon USA USA Network HBO.... Home Box Office SHO Showtime WON. .Chicago Independent LJrI LHetime TDC The Discovery Channel WTBS. Atlanta Independent MAX Cinemax TC ... The Movie Channel NASN The Nashville Network TMPO . . Tempo Enterprises learning at all. "The neural network is just doing a good job of statistics," said Alan Lapedes of Los Alamos. Neural networks perform poorly on tasks that require ' precise answers because they deal in rough-estimates rather than exact calculations. "I would not want one of those things balancing my checkbook," said James A. Anderson, a professor at Brown University. ' One thing they can't do, said Marvin Minsky of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is count. Similarly, a person seeing a forest is unable to say immediately how many leaves are in view because it is impossible to count in parallel. But people can switch into a se quential mode and count the leaves, one after another. Indeed, Minsky said, the brain seems to be made up of many specialized networks that can call one another into play. That suggests that neural nets will eventually be linked to more conventional computers, with each handling the tasks to which they are best suited. Dial 622-7111 to begin home delivery. SI LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 1 Tarses Is Over His By Kathryn Baker Of tht Associated Press A SIGN on the wall of the nondescript, suburban studio that houses "Slap Happy Productions" warns that parking in the wrong space out front could elicit a tow by the neighboring floor store. This is big-time network television? Come to think of it, though, next door to Tile World is not such an unlikely place for Jay Tarses to make his un-Hollywood comedy, "The 'Slap' Maxwell Story," for ABC (8:30 Wednesdays, Channel 2 in St Louis). On a sound stage in the rear of the building, actors Dabney Coleman and Susan Anspach rehearse a scene, a bit of physical comedy involving a flubbed hand-off of a suitcase. Tarses is directing or rather, at the moment, watching. He stands patiently to the side while the actors try to work out the timing. Coleman plays "Slap" Maxwell, an old-school sports columnist. Anspach plays his estranged wife. After watching them struggle for a while, Tarses decides just to shoot it. Several takes later, he suggests to the guy with the clapboard, "Don't call it seven. It's 'another take.' " The actors take a break. They'll try again later. Tarses goes back to his office to talk for a bit about "Slap" and his other show, "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd," on NBC. "Molly" completed a successful 13-week run this summer and will return midseason. "Slap" premiered last week. Both shows are complex character comedies with touches of poignancy. "I try to get inside of these people's heads," Tarses says. "It's just interesting writing. It's just fun to write. I mean, jokes aren't fun to write anymore. Those are for nightclub comedians. It's just better to write people and the way they talk to each other, and their hopes and dreams " "And the hopes and dreams and everyone's careers are involved in this particular show," interrupts Coleman, who has come in to rehash the suitcase scene. He spends about 10 minutes working it out in Tarses' office. "Suppose she starts to hand it to me, I'm looking at the woman, she starts to hand it to me, as she starts to walk away, I get the message, and I'm still looking at the woman " ERMA I .WW S T ' Lifting The Curtain On First-Class Travel 1 WONDERED HOW long it would take airline passengers riding in tourist, economy and super-saver seats to storm the Limp Curtain of First Class. How long would they sit there and watch that little curtain being snapped together, leaving them suspicious and classless? How long would they watch little carts whip in and out behind those curtains before being challenged to take a peek? Well, folks, the revolution has begun. In a recent story in Travel & Leisure Magazine, a California woman was awarded $8,000 in a suit which alleged that a first-class passenger cursed and shoved her as she stood in line to use the bathroom in first class. (On a scale of guts, that's equivalent to landing a plane in Red Square in the Soviet Union.) The victim admitted she pushed through the Limp Curtain only as a last resort. She could not reach "her own" facilities because a drink cart blocked the aisle. The defendant charged that the woman "trespassed in first class and violated his priority right to use the bathroom." This is serious stuff. Oh sure, now it's only the loo, but this is only the first brick to be plucked from the Berlin Wall of the airways. Next thing you know, a super-saver passenger will try to infiltrate his garment bag into a first-class section or try to inhale first-class smoke. First-class travel has always been a mystique to most Ameri CHECK OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY IAWN & FARM SEEDS OF ALL KINDS ALL VARIETIES OF BLUE GRASSES, RYE GRASSES & ALL VARIETIES OF TURF TYPE TALL FESCUE GRASS SEED WE CAN ALSO MIX ANY TYPE OF SEED REQUIRED TRY OUR BLUE GRASS BLEND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS AREA ALL OF OUR SEEDS GUARANTEED TO GROW ALL FRESH STOCK AND HIGHEST QUALITY We carry one al the largest, moit complete line of lawn. Flower, Vegetable and Farm Seeds. ALSO FERTILIZER 'JJI 1HL i irrSI1tIJ-I.V H-J-l.LJ ILJj WE HAVE THISTLE SEED WILD BIRD SEED & SUNFLOWER SEED Insecticides and Weed Killers WE SELL AND REPAIR Special Price to Dealers ALL TYPES OF HAND PRESSURE and Commercial Growers TANK SPRAYERS AND PARTS "We Sell Wholesale and Retail" CHECK OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY PAINT. ELECTRICAL GLASS, PLUMBING SUPPLIES ALSO SUtUXNG MATERIALS HOURS 7:30 .m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday AYLAS SEED & MARDiVARE CO. 2651 CHOUTEAU AVE. (1 Block West of Jeff erf on) COMPARE OUR PRICES 776-33 1 1 Slap Happy Two Series "It's all false movements," Tarses notes. "The key one is the first one, which we left out," says Coleman. "Now we gotta do it" He leaves. Tarses calls after him: "We'll do it 10 times. If we don't get it on 10 the suitcase was stolen." Tarses resumes the Interview. "What was the question? No, I just do 'em because it's good writing. I like to write. I like to write clever things. It's writing, it's not just doing jokes." Tarses did jokes early in his career, as half of a comedy team with Tom Patchett, whom he met in 1956 when they shared an office in the advertising department of the Armstrong Cork Co. in Lancaster, Pa. A talk-show appearance with producer Carl Reiner launched them into television, writing and producing such shows as "The Carol Burnett Show," "The Bob New-hart Show," "The Mary Show" and "Open All Night." The partnership broke up after NBC canceled their last series together, "Buffalo Bill," a critics' favorite that still has a cult following. Tarses could be describing a divorce when he talks about the breakup. "We were together for 17 years, and I think we only should have been together for 10," he said. "I think the last seven years were a struggle, just pulling apart. "We did a lot of good work together and we needed each other at that time, and it was a good collaboration. But people change." Patchett made a comeback last season with the sweetly sardonic "ALF," a commercial success on NBC about wiseacre puppet space alien who lives with a typical American family. It wasn't any big surprise Patchett would do a show starring a puppet. He and Tarses wrote two of the Muppet movies. But Tarses turned to a deeper, more human comedy with "Molly" and now "Slap." Patchett's show is in its second season. For Tarses, second seasons are strange, new territory so far. He says if he winds up with two hit shows on television at the same time, he'll handle it somehow. "I want to be low-profile forever, and I want to work hard," he said. "I want to just immerse myself in the project, and that's pretty much what I do. I don't know how to do it any other way." BOMBECK cans, shrouded in fantasy and mystery. Some visualize it as a special place in the sky where skirts and flight times are shorter, entertainment is live, bathrooms are big enough to shut the door without standing on the seat and the pilot will go into a holding pattern if an orgy is in progress. Some people with great imagination actually visualize women with tiaras, large bosoms and lace fans throwing back their heads and laughing, "Let 'em eat stale sheet cake and green noodles back there." Most first-class passengers are sworn to uphold the secrets of the first-class myth when they buy their tickets. But now that a tourist passenger with a weak bladder has infiltrated the holy compartment it is ludicrous to keep silent any longer. The irony is that the Limp Curtain dividing first class from tourist was never meant to keep the tourists in the dark ... but the first-class passengers. No one wanted them to know that their cocktail service was longer so attendants could get tourist class served first. They wanted to keep secret the fact that although they were paying twice the fare, the food was the same and they had half as many bathrooms. Recently, I was riding in business class when I saw a first-class passenger spying at us through the Limp Curtain. He knows too much for them to let him live. iJ3t - Complete Line ol All types

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