The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 193C BLYTIIBVIL r>o:n Page 1) We object of raising prices and proli's. I'UHi.ic \VOUKS WPA permits u large decree ot iuciil control, which is responsible for some of the worst .scandals h Us administration, although then no genuinely energetic New Deal effort In Washington to I:CTD relief out. of polities. Vast sums 'have been appropriated for public works and handled by Secretary Harold L. Ickes, administrator of PWA. This effort was slow in starting mid never iialncd its maximum possible cl- lectivcnts.'i, although it has made a lart!e contribution to business The program is usually rcijard- ecl as sound nnd valuable,' although iwjiticiil Interference from the White House—as in the cases of the Horida Ship Canal and Pus- y—has permitted IL few e projects. moNAi, ni'BT Tile national debt has Increased during Koose- tliat can be worth I '.Hates production, Mint tile corpo- nceotlnicil nnd ilio administration (lie Guffev rail sl-MIMIoii act ji'tions .skl,n olf UK- iM-otlls-and is |, ra ,ul of them, nllliouiUi tho Its (IreWmis vltl W a , ""u n ,«. New »™l »,„,», ,„ SW|1 , ,,rf H,,,,,!,!!™, plnitorm Enounce, Ihe cum,^,,. SHan o!y !h" cl" .111.11,'). ,,f the j'mlli;; to ):cej. tills II;nti. The imUJIc mililles lumim.; ; cUlon which aVouseil must iitnn.lar "iiiuil Mini round" system u)>erul- wmiinuy net Is commonly cousUl- ! reseiilmrm w <is Ih'U npalusl Now , B ' ( ' ' ' nicy avi','10 thnt. the faster the cousUl- ! . c ' ml Ull <> "f Ha' boldest .strokes Yovk'i minimum W ai'i> Kw iigalnsl monu]>i>ly ever undertaken ui'mcn aiul children -vhk'li il for! by any adinlnlslruiin. It may be remembered tbat "liifcp" (Hat can he appli ... drcing teth annual ilo/leli nnd nn- Unpril (H-hl. The Hcplii.'lUan Idea h tbat the ffdcr.'il credit ni.'l QO bust before the (ic 1 in-! end is achieved. I'.ld lilJSIM-SS Tiis r-.'ew im'i manaKcd to I Incur tiie almost universal hostll- '.'v o fbiislni-i'; iiiul Industry, and •"'Niowh iluro's a ie:u!enry among New Dealer? lo uttribute this lo |.i "grccdv" prcm iimincl. there is ! no question that many honest' bi-'ii';";-; men me sincerely nlarm- cd by iinceitnlntv as to Roo£c j u'i''-, futurs policies. ~ \ Yet Hoiravch's one outstiuidlng ' Him has bren to patch up Ihe capitalist system so Him it, will wo-it l^tu-r hi the future than in ' (he past. ] F«i- • lit'lier or' worse, the New , l)e;,l has taken too many steps with progressive, foreiud-'loukhiB,! • and re:«niif;t inleiu to be listed j | bt-e. A-i ro:)vci)lio:i orators can |:<:int out. the ito-nolhlna; attitude,' o fi:ons"iva!ive liopublicans has' iH'en mi.Iaced by a <lo-st>molhfne j policy which hns ber-u K-K, if not | i effective, on innny fronts I'l.AXNINO the TV A amr Mnlli Hie states ami horns Governor money goes around.' (he greater the profits will be and the Ri'ealur •«• ••.•IU-UIU^.-IL-U umi uuuai- '^ uuu iiours Ihe percentage of the federal vi'U speeded reiical ol prohibition. Governur i audon proposes u he applied lo re- t'OIIIfr AND CONSTITUTION remedial fouslitutloiiL'l amend- al rlcn,.!! n.,,1 i, n . Tlit supreme coin t has tcJiockwl inont, It nciYSSitry unit (In- pasi- cui a Microxylou of New Deal laws lion the Uemucra'dc plntfonn may •>" vn tin- of lhi> conservative mil- lake as lo the court mid the Cou- luily on the court - IneludtiH! stltulion L* a matter ot Intense M!A, AAA. iiiilroad pensions, and Interest. Cits, ! that have spllo the luige increase in debt 1'ICKUI' Without the unprecedented increase ol government apcmllna, most economists agree, there could liavc been no such business im- )»orei;ient as has- been had. Some experts believe the entire pickup miiy be attributed. In effect, to that. 10 billion dollars of added ciebl. What happens is that the money ".stlimidered" by the government Is spent at once by the recipients, that this added consumption .stim- SECURITV I A big social security program has at last been enacted, although 1 experts think it is faulty.' The Roosevelt administration has p.iven labor an unprecedented number of "breaks." assuring the Export of most labor organizations in the campaign. A slock market regulatory law hns been enacted, but who hoped for its Dffeclive operation have been scmcwtmf disappointed. Under the reciprocal tariff program, :.neml treaties have been SO IT'S 8 TIMES MORE POPULAR NOW No wonder whiskey buyers £0 for Crab Orchard Top-rim Ken lucky straight bourbon whiskey. It lostcs so much richer because it s made by top-run distilling, using £oo<l old-fashioned open mash tubs. That's the expensive whiskey way, too. That's what crams such extra gxxxl value into Crab Orchard. Always nsk for it by name. Insist OH 93 Proof It Means Better Whiskey BRAND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY cf Mutlonul DMille l i \ Stnius & "rail Orchard 1) Sou. Ine.. l.IIll,- ICiK-k. Ark. SEE THESE BETTER VALUES TODAY? f. CHLVKOl.KT MASTER ;-2-DO()lt SJ'CKT SKDAiV— Xnsc inclion. Bluck color. Car uso; in lowii. Ldiv i»il,",ii;e. OK B nnlee. Snve on tliis rt-r-Jf 'cue e.t ................ $»iO '1935 CIIEVEOLET M A S T i: It COUHi— Car rcudy to «a L-uc model. Will give now car sjr- vice. Owner traded because needed 5 passenger model Extra clean. A Real 'Value at \K\ Cm.VIiOI.KT COACIf- Mnster model, black color. New tires. Equipixtf ,,-iiii ,-; U |i 0 .,,,d no:, wiiler healer. Price includes all equipment. A Bargain 1S.1! CHEVROLET if. TON I'A.VKJ, TKKCK— New green raint jcb. Tires ijoo:l. Motor OK. A reul buy for ;i clostd tlelivery truck. Save <t>- $7r,. Buy NOW for .. ' C'tlEVIlOLET COACII-AI- ,'mdy checked tor your luspec- lic.n. Yon can buy 1931 C:HEVKOI.KT S !•: H A N—' Here is one with 4 doors for the person that don't like a coach. This car ready fr-inr to drive out '. .pi3.) 29 \VIIIPPETT SEDAN—All yen cnn expect lo buy for s:) little money. Sec it. d>rn Cheap nt #59 SI roiin CODI'i:—Very clean m every way. Orceu paint, motor extra good. Low frnnr mileage. Special JpZyi) 1M9 I''OKI) COACIT-Osod tires. Mctor runs gco j. p nin t. OK. but a Hide rou»b inside '"'I nhat a targaln 1MI C'HEVHOUJT COUI'K—It yen need a small car in perfect shnpe fo; low cost cpera- ticn, then buy this P»-JoV cue t^^^^ 1S.M CIIKVKOLF.T I':. T O .\' TUUCK—Dual whecls.'M x li tires. The best '32 mochl truck in cur .stcck. Move it quick . IEI32 C:if:VltOIKT SEBAN — •1 llcor sedan. Bi.v:k color, extra clean, C wire wheels, trunk rack on rear. Worth mere than \\e are asking. £*}1 C Very Special <pZl3 [339 [•(111I) SEDAN—Jusl traded tui new Chevrolet this week. Our competition olfer SJO more lor this one than we _ price 11 lo you nt 1923 CIIEVKOI r.T COACH — Cue of Ihc 1.000.000 that scld of this model, must have been a good one. Buy it, for onl}' IMS CKEVISOI.ET l|i TON' VRUCK—32xs tires in fair condition. Motor OK. Long wheelbase truck for 12 It. body. A \vonderful buy at \V'e have two 12 foot Stake bodies '.n pcn'ccl. condition. Will fit Chevrolet, or Ford |v, ton trucks. COC E 301 ' Price 1023 UK SOTO SUDAN—What a buy on this one. R:ady to •;o. New paint job <!>nr AII .or $yo 1SS8 ClIEVUOi.KT COACII- .iust. nntehed checking it all 'Vi-t. A cav ycu can * -t -i r" I'eren.i on. Buy it nos- <J> 11D 1^2!) FOItl) SEDAN—Runs (,'OOtl. drire It yourself. Tiu'n otie ol joi'i- S50.CO bends will buy it, THAT'S REAL CHEAP; '!KM CHEVROLET I'. TOM TUUCK—32KO Ft. D. tires. Blue l.aint. A real buy fnr ihlr; trrck I'm Clli:VKOI.ET TRUCK— ' ^'2xtJ deal tires, overload springs. Mclor reworked. ClOC fipi'da) ipUj Si'ittiVaFtl'U) THAI LEI!—Pole type, 32sG dual tires. A 7 r Tires only (,iir ,j> / O KIN'RIIAJl TRAlKEll-Wllh 15 foci bcdy. 32xU tiros. Trailer in good condition. d' 1 o C Look at this one »pl«}i} 1!)3C CHKVKOI.ET 11/. T o H TUUCK —Dual wheels" Truck repossessed. Will sell for Artr balance due. Special ipiJj IMO OilEVUOMiT COUI'E— Just repossessed and rcchcckcd all over. Ready tr. go. rhrvi- Siiccial Ipyj 1.132 FOItl) COACH - A la'o mcdcl. Just a little rouch but worth much niore than tf>'i OT we are asking .. $1 JJ . . $ 1 T C More CiomI Used Cars an ,) Trucks To Select I'mrn TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO, Muthcoille, Ark, LK, (ARK.) COUH1KK NEWS *^W PAGE THREE 1 .? Ittttfl* ^ " v> snvoov W£v*A V ,T Ofte \ m 11 o ' •»,4c\ ? f Veloiir if 7 I£r f if' ,'- -jaf/, „ , Powder f S B. a a«te^ ] \ PflWr B$ l,V\$V*^C^» # •\ li '"' I f£3-/^ - iner Father's Day—June 21st i 11» >J> S t»t | ^/ NECESSITV KJT '''»!•>; TO I,ADIICS ONI^ vou willi I,n.\<ir ('niindoxiuii I'lnvdur ami ll)o Now i.tixni nuiiii K;in;i) 'I'l-iviliiiuiii we \vill (;ivc ynii ;\ ', IT ydii will {'oiijinn n n tl iii'i'senl (n us, ncccs-'.'ti'v. 12-inch Size. . Others. . .29cto89c Keep caoi sum- 3 nifr long! "Sea Gull" ELECTRIC PAH ZHl A I! 1 tLditl^KX i|P,,W., §JC '^ li u , . p.,,i Lt <v,ry ,n,n.Wr «l ifcc hm«,l . lie to98c PO-DO llenrynroon Crjne ind o(Ar/ Jr<i/;n\! PLAYING CARDS Vour *5 *^ Cholco .S JSaC /I lira, TOOTH IIRUSI1 K'cen Guar. TOOTH BRUSH Thanks to UDGA Get Treatment due lo ffKccssivo acid. JJ}'. Vou may te posi. lively amazed nl qutclc _. i Jliof. But cail AT I ONCE bclofo supply H l<y FBEE c'islMbution . Is gone. • . Socro/a .. .e, Ari Tikt it on picnic* and outitiK^f C:ity •t in the e*(. f Outing Jug l'o^ culdoor meals L19 1 WAHNINfJ—Don't noglccJ Culilis ;IIK| ".Summer Complilirit".. Don't risk having Typhoitl or .M;iliiri;il J^cvcr. ,Scc your rlwlor (hiv iVcck ;tf>otil AfiKolulu I'revcislioii Trcalnu-nls. If yon need vjuvine HI- have it |u-c.--i:ri|)1ion (n \,' f fillr- ( |_ Try UN ami SAVE MONKY! lips()mSa!ts, 5 Ik Razor Blades, 5 in pkg. Gillette Blue RladesJ foT""Bc 5c C.ish &' C:irry I>ticcs For This Week-End \\'v Kcsorvo (he Ki>ht (o Limit Caps lOcUp as Hi loid S 9c Canvas U a t s With (11 ecu Celluloid Stin Visor Smi Visors 19c Baseball Caps 25c. Thermos, pint 89c Ek, Fans. $139 up ficntiiiic Azurinc SUN GLASSES 4Sc 98c

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