St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on May 4, 1988 · Page 26
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 26

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1988
Page 26
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5' MAY 4 ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1988 5D SPORTS i Rzeppa Parlayed Talent And Timing Into Big Success BOB BROEG CONTRIBUTING BPORTS EDITOR ! No wonder Zip Rzeppa was a pa-! perweight quarterback. He had more crust than overbaked bread. Imagine ' a guy unemployed six months and with empty pockets four years ago, offered a $50,000-a-year contract and , holding out for $75,000? That's the Zipper . . . er. Zip, a re-' markable overnight sports success now sitting out six months again, this time in the penalty box before taking ' over a $300,000 contract with KMOV-I TV. ; This time, however, Rzeppa is not ! financially horse-collared. In the in- ' terlude of a contractual tug of war between KMOV (Channel 4) and his former employer, KTVI (Channel 2), . Rzeppa is working a 35-station, five-minute radio syndicate and doing a few commercials. Additionally, pleas- ; antly for St. Louis honorees, he's preparing to serve as master of ceremo-nies at the Post-Dispatch's Scholar-Athlete dinner. The 22nd annual S-A festivities will be Thursday, May 12, at the Omni ; International Hotel. Rzeppa will join an impressive list of former P-J dinner emcees. He listened to the list: Jack Buck ... Joe Garagiola ... Jay Randolph . . . John Auble . . . Jim : Bakken . . . Bob Costas . . . Dan Dier-dorf . . . and Bill Wilkerson . . . some : obviously more than once. After coming to St. Louis, Rzeppa 1 turned from a local unknown into the i hottest personal property. So hot, in ; fact, that when he sought to leave Channel 2 for Channel 4, he was caught in a legal rundown play. He escaped, but KTVI won the right to keep him off the rival's boob tube for six months. Rzeppa, who surfaced in St. Louis on Feb. 13, 1984, will go on KMOV on July 11. For Rzeppa, 36, this is as unbeliev- , able a development as it is for many who thought at first that he was only i a funny-faced hotshot. Truth is, Rzeppa isn't funny-faced at all. And he is extremely efficient. If you will, a writer who preferred to be seen ; and heard. Modestly, he said his rapid success in the eternal and infernal ratings , war of network news shows was due in part because the "timing was right" But there's much more to it than happenstance. ! Sure, Rzeppa's early "Zippo : Awards" the best, the worst and the weirdest, edited on tape by his " own hands were an eye-catching MICHEUN I 'Jtt.-iS'W 1 a-a. 1 1 " ' i:. . js-- -"- -miMMi.. -r - ww .ear 1 -TV FFJ STBATTON PREMIUM SX 5000 ALL SEASON STEEL MDIALS 2 StMl Ball Whltewall ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Belli Whltewall Long-Listing All-Ssason Tire Handlee Precisely. Accurately A Friend Come flaln or Shine GUARANTEED I LOWEST I PRICES MICHELIN kauu ioMutt. on ioua THIS STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Bells "whltewall Affordable BFGoodrich Lifesaver XL 111 STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Belts Whltewall P15580R13 P16580R13 P17580R13 P185I80R13 t u J Excellent Wet A Dry Traction GUARANTEED P185I75R14 P19575R14 P20575R14 P20575R15 P215(75R15 P225I76R15 P23575R15 V LOWEST PRICES lX. ,ES05!MA. M-tT NC.,... Ai--jCr XnkVT!-''W.. ,-ni - LauSiiaMa III -irWM IIRELLI I P5-P6-P7-P8 I PERFORMANCE 1 STEEL RADIALS 20570VR15 P5 $110.28 , J 21570VR15 PS 135.00 Wj 18560HR14 PS 75.61 1 1 MICHELIN IKMJIIinaaXHll tlOlW. (JH'tXJl rtMl MXVTRX PERFORMANCE RADIALS I j 19560HR15 P6 88.11 TX i II 99;f;nHDij P6 n.lnnr. & V GUARANTEED I 19550VR15 P7 132.83 1 22550VR15 P7 169.78 tjfd ) 205(55VR16 P7 172.24 ViPJ 22550VR18 P7 182.47 I Xf 18565SR15 P8 55.13 tj LOWESTH PRICES Jfctwy ia,tii,mai.i 'pmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiimmimmmmammmt r rn t jn 1 factor, but so, too, was his considerable use of filmed highlights. Also, more disciplined timing and more time. Like a good newspaper copy editor, writing better photo captions, he timed his voice-over remarks so that they set up a viewer for what he would see, not what he had seen. Rzeppa said: "I had a videotape editing machine put in the sports office at Channel 2, and I dictated the shots to be used. At Channel 4, the producer has done it, but he'll find that I will structure my own shots and show." So that's how Christopher Rzeppa did it, the guy called "Zip" because he was only half-fast, a medium-sized guy (5 feet 9, 155 pounds) whose asset was the strong, accurate throwing arm that zipped the ball and led to his nickname. " Rzeppa played for a Catholic high school in suburban Detroit. His father, Edward, a product of Polish-German ancestors, sells automobiles. Zip's mother was Irish on both sides. He has two younger brothers. A baseball shortstop who described himself as "good field, no hit" and who idolized outfielder Al Kaline of the Tigers, he gravitated early to football and to basketball. His other athletic hero was hard-nosed, high-scoring Gordie Howe of the hockey Red Wings. To get away from work early, he worked a 6 a.m.-to-3 p.m. shift as a summertime busboy so that he could go into the city and shoot baskets with Detroit's playground sharpshooters. He played basketball for a time at Boston University, where he gravitat-' ed to get away from home and to study journalism. At BU, Rzeppa fell under the influence of Tim Cohane, an ex-newspaperman and longtime sports editor of Look magazine. The tough-talking, hard-drinking Cohane was a top-grade journalism teacher. He chewed out Rzeppa many times over his writing, Zip recalls fondly. Broadcasting on BU's pygmy radio station, he suddenly got an unexpected opportunity. A metropolitan broadcaster of Terriers games quit for a better job. The kid moved into the radio varsity for two years, airing football and basketball games. After graduating, Rzeppa did a daring thing. With little money, he took a nine-month leave to circle the nation by Greyhound bus, taking in major sports events with press credentials. He sought to become, in effect, a Charles Kuralt kind of radio sports nomad with brief, brittle Win Elliott humor. His potential interview syndicate didn't get out of the economic infield. So in 1976 he went to work for a STHATTON SUPER 70 ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS 2 Steal Ball! Wtilteiaell 40,000 Mile Limited Warranty ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Belts Whltewall KSSSSSIS' 42" MMffoR i MS P19575R14 $51.73 I r, gift f Km g!gjf ?? 'MW0R 3 36 P17S80R13 MM I pi75moR13 gjjl SSTJSU CA g Elot SnSJ? 45 95 P19570R14 51.91 P20575R15 58 55 U P18580R13 43 71 P17580R13 3877 P18580R13 37 59 I P18S80R13 H'S! P18560R13 29.33 I Ifi pJStmS 4 48 96 P20570R14 52.92 P21575R15 61.39 I p 85(65R14 50 27 155'80R13 40.78 P18575R14 40 31 I P18575R14 37.97 P16575R14 31.10 VJ 1Dr,m S VXXnla i 49 49 P21570R14 56.96 P22570R1S 63.10 I P18575R14 47 14 E1S5 J551i 43 27 P19575R14 43 30 P19575R14 38 85 P19575R14 31.83 -eaeWVlipw MOHROtf . H oJnlJISli SI 91 P22570R14 57.97 P17570R13' 45.47 I P195I75R14 4991 P19575R14 44 27 P20S75R14 45 30 P20575R14 39.93 P20575R14 32.89 If Jl MONRO-M ATlf" B plnfKISl? 5396 P21570R15 58.98 P18570R13 48.31 I P20575R14 52 53 P2057SR14 45.77 P21575R14 46 89 P21575R14 42.92 I P21575R14 35.59 I I aaaVCiCTV? t! aW 9 P2ia75R15 56 96 P22570R15 59.96 P18570R14' 48.89 1 P20575R15 55 29 ??f"R15 47.77 P20575R15 47 73 til P20575R15 41.91 I P20575R15 34.37 I W I SHOCKS Bull P97ll 59 98 P235(70R15 65.96 P19570R14" 52.29 1 P21575R15 58.20 EJ'f "R15 49.72 P21575R15 49 54 H P21575R15 ' 43.93 I P21575R15 35.75 lof, I ,'" U'&J&B P23575R 5 ' 62 88 P24570R15 68.88 P20570R14' SB 55 I P22575R15 61.26 "" "Rlf 52.73 P22575R15 51 87 P"g15 JfJS I P22575R15 37.90 MJLj Tos, TnT 1 P23575R15 i ,, H P23575R15 64 48 I P235I75R15 55.20 I P23575R15 54 79 P235I75R15 47.97 P23575R15 39.70 ' T MO" "s CAgs t ach M MAJOR MANUFACTURED DELUXE CUSTOM SlttL BtLlEL) RADIAL 2 Steel Belts a Whltewall P15580R13 $22.59 P16560R13 23.52 P17580R13 24.26 P16580R13 25.36 P18575R14 26.17 P19575R14 27.10 P20575R14 27.92 P21575R14 28.80 P20575R15 29 32 P21575R15 30.28 P2257SR15 32.70 P235I75R15 34.73 $29.80 1 30.99 32.74 35.01 37.37 39.30 41.33 43.01 44.64 46.10 50.59 GOOD, 'YEAH EAGLE GT PERFORMANCE RADIALS Raised Outline White Letters P18570R13 P18570R14 P19570R14 P205J70R14 P22570R15 P19560R14 BC1560R14 P235I60R14 P24560R15 $68.02 71.62 75.41 79.37 86.98 80.62 87.51 87.83 93.38 96.28 P25560R15 P21565R15 83.74 W M 3 aaaaS B aaaaaajajajaja V BB MM W 133 monin g Age I Batterv .4,.oc.0,,,c:"n:'",'ro.3C I- 65 Month ni Age - f Battery . Sf5'0 75 Month ' 0 nge J Battery . 6.7S fSTT'r. Nr99B .... V 1VL M, lodestly, (Rzeppa, above) said his rapid success in the eternal and infernal ratings war of network news shows was due in part because the "timing was right." Fort Wayne (Ind.) TV station for $40 a weekend. "I slept on the news director's couch," he said. Six weeks later, Saginaw, Mich., near home, beckoned with a whopping full-time job, $15,000. Three years later, he went with NBC's outlet in Cincinnati, teaming with Bob Trumpy and Weeb Ewbank on preseason pro-football telecasts. When Cincy won an NFL division championship in 1981, Zip wrote the lyrics and hummed a tune for a rabbit-eared pianist, creating a record titled "The Ballad of the Bengals." Sold about 15,000 "even with me singing," Rzeppa noted. The town Zip loved, Boston, beckoned. He went back for a fetching $80,000 offer from a CBS-TV outlet. Trouble was, with the company hurting for money, the guy who hired him was fired. So were Rzeppa and others. This time an attempted recording about hockey's Bruins flopped. That's when, with Rzeppa canvassing the country, the Times-Mirror Corp. contacted him for a secret St. Louis look-see.Zip got the job at Channel 2, but, as mentioned, that's when he bad the gall to risk longer unemployment by asking for $75,000 when Channel 2 offered $50,000. Spoken like only a gutsy bachelor who, incidentally, bought Red Beren-son's home in Town and Country and converted three of the five bedrooms an office, a radio-recording room and a gym. The trim faddist trots three miles daily. St. Louis now has replaced Boston as the object of Zip Rzeppa's affection. "If I marry and have children, I'd like it to be here," he said. Please girls, don't bother Zip the Lip until after the Post-Dispatch's Scholar-Athlete dinner. ill Vtt&MKt I'll il ! 1 I M ! GOODYEAR AHHIVA ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Belt! 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Kirkwood Beside Venlure Phone 966-6601 The top performances in each event during the high school outdoor track and field season in the St. Louis area as reported to the Post-Dispatch through Monday. Handheld times have been rounded up to the nearest one-tenth of a second. Updated marks can be submitted by calling Art Thompson III or Dennis Cutter at 622-7477. Please include first and last name of ath-lete and year in school, Boys 100 METERS 10.5: Kenny Robinson (Sr.), East St. Louis; Jon Vaughn (Sr.), McCluer North. 10.6: David Mays (Sr.), Hazelwood Central; Reggie Myers (Jr.), Mascoutah. 10.7: James Cobb (Sr.), Sumner; Pat Stovall (Sr.), Lindbergh; Robert Williams (Sr.), Berkeley. 200 METERS 21.2: Earl Jenkins (Jr.), Ritenour. 21.4: Jon Vaughn (Sr.), McCluer North. 21.5: Sean Walker (Jr.), McCluer. 21.8: David Mays (Sr.), Hazel-wood Central, Chris Riley (Sr.), John Burroughs. 22.0: Alonzo Parish (Jr.), Berkeley; Sheridan Wilks (Sr.), Hazel-wood East. 22.1: Tyrone Perry (Jr.), Belleville East. 400 METERS 47.9: Sylvester White (Sr.), Normandy. 48.1: Darnell Walker (Sr.), Sumner. 48.4: Norman Sheppard (Sr.), Webster Groves. 48.5: Sean Walker (Jr.), McCluer. 48.8: Bennie Chavis (Sr.) Normandy. 49.4: Marlon Boykins (Jr.), Berkeley; Ronald Harris (Sr.), Sumner; Jesse Lane (Jr.), Riverview Gardens; David Mays (Sr.) Hazelwood Central. 49.5: Ronald Harris (Sr.), Sumner. 800 METERS 1:56.4: Darnell Walker (Sr.), Sumner. 1:57.1: Marcus Banks (Sr.), East St. Louis. 1:57.4: Adam Hylan (Sr.), Hazelwood Central. 1:58.3: Lorenzo Whitley (Sr.), East St. Louis. 1:58.4: John Blassingame (Sr.), Belleville West; Brian Walker (Soph), McCluer North. 1:58.7: Larry Bosman (Jr.), Riverview Gardens. 1,600 METERS 4:23.7: Robbie Pind (Sr.) f. Herculaneum. 4:24.0: Adam Hylan (Sr.), Hazelwood Central. 4:24.6: Danny Munz (Jr.), CBC. 4:25.4: Alec Bolten (Sr.), Kirk-wood. 4:25.8: Tracy Grant (Sr.), Hazel-wood Central. 4:27.4: Robbie Irwin (Sr.), Lafayette. 4:29.3: Lonnie Lucas (Sr.), Lincoln. 3,200 METERS 9:27.2 Danny Munz (Jr.), CBC. 9:27.3: Roger Knedel (Sr.), Patton-ville. 9:30.9: Robbie Pind (Sr.), Herculaneum. 9:36.5: Ashley Dean (Sr.), Chamin-ade. 9:40.0: Alec Bolten (Sr.), Kirkwood. 110-METER HIGH HURDLES 13.9: Paul Bland (Sr.), Hazelwood East. 14.1: Sheridan Wilks (Sr.), Hazelwood East. 14.5: Tony Billups (Sr.) Hazelwood East. 14.6Charles Burton (Sr.), Soldan. 14.8: Virgil Lucas (Sr.), Ladue. 300-METER LOW HURDLES 38.8: Eddie Robinson (Sr.), East St. Louis. 39.3: Vernon Powell (Sr.), East St. Louis. 39.5: Terry Elmore (Jr.), Mascoutah. 40.0: Terrenes Winston (Jr.), Alton. 300-METER INTERMEDIATE HURDLES 38.1: Paul Bland (Sr.), Hazelwood East. 38.4: James Holt (Sr.), Lafayette; Alonzo Parish (Jr.), Berkeley. 39.3: Sheridan Wilks (Sr.), Hazelwood East. 4x100-METER RELAY 42.2: Hazelwood East (Ron Boles, Marlin Collins, Paul Bland, Damon Love). 42.4: Hazelwood Central. 42.5 East St. Louis. 42.6: Sumner. 43.0: McCluer North. 4x200-METER RELAY 1:27.1: Hazel-wood East (Ron Boles, Marlin Collins. Damon Love, Sheridan Wilks). 1:28.2: Sumner. 1:28.3: Hazelwood Central. 1:28.4: Ritenour. 1:28.7: East St. Louis. 4x400-METER RELAY 3:17.0: Sumner (Ronald Harris, Juan Barnes, Darnell Walker, James Cobb). 3:17.2: Hazel-wood East. 3:19.2: Webster Groves. 3:19.3 Riverview Gardens. 3:20.6: Normandy. 3:20.7: East St. Louis; Ritenour. 4x800-METER RELAY 8:03.0: Hazel-wood Central (Maurice Reed, Adam Hylan, Wilson Banks, Tracy Grant); Normandy. 8:05.0: CBC. 8:05.7: Sumner 8:05.8: Normandy. 8:07.0: Lafayette. 8:07.5: East St. Louis. 8:07.7: 8:12.0: Lafayette. LONG JUMP 23-9: David Calomese (Jr.) Hazelwood Central. 23-8V2: Jon Vaughn (Sr.), McCluer North. 23-6V. Myron Hickman (Sr.), Alton. 23-5Vi: Earl Jenkins (Jr.), Ritenour. 23-3V4: Robert Ross (Sr.) Lutheran North. 23-2Vi: Jesse Leonard TTT. IV If! PUT. - MAJOR MANUFACTURED American Spirit ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS 2 Steel Salts Whltewall 40.000 Mile Limited Warranty 1 BFGoodrich Litesaver AIS ALL SEASON STEEL RAOIALS 2 Steel Beltl a Whltewall MAJOR MANUFACTURED MAJOR MANUFACTURED DELUXE SPORT RADIALS For Imports & Compacts 2 Steel Belts Tubeless 155SR12 $22.37 155SR13 23.28 165SR13 24.88 175SR14 27.02 185SR14 29.89 165SR1S 27.95 17570SR13 25.71 18570SR13 27.47 18570SR14 29.37 19570SR14 30.80 LPS METRIC SPORT ALL SEASON STEEL RADIALS a Tubeless a Blackwall 15SSR12 145SR13 165SR13 165SR13 175SR14 165SR15 17570SR13 18570SR13 18570SR14 19570SR14 '$26.55 27.77 27.82 29.99 32.57 32.54 32.58 34.60 36.33 37.61 MAJOR MANUFACTURED SX 9000 MAJOR MANUFACTURED it nm n ii TRUCK HIGHWAY a TRACTION RADIAL 1 NONRADIAL PERFORMANCE RADIALSl L78X15 $49.34 36.65 51.34 46.96 50.83 57.52 $51.03 38.35 51.83 51.91 53.38 60.75 All Season Capabilities 700x15 750x16 800x16.5 875x16.5 950x16.5 a Raised Black Letters H Speed Rated P20560HR13 P18560HR14 P19560HR14 P19560HR15 P205760HR15 P21560HR15 $54 56 57 56 60 62 OACHON 750 R16 800R16.5 875R16.5 950R16.5 $71.96 63.63 71.62 $77.77 80.95 90.86 89.52 80.14 LT23585R1679.00 plUIFtT Charg HOURS- SATURDAY SUNDAY 11 to 4 8 to 5 ALTON 2610 Beltllne Highway Beside Venture Phone) 463-4161 FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL. St. Clelr Square Phone 632-3227 Ladue High Jumper Is First To Clear 7 Feet This Year By Art Thompson III Of the Post-Dispatch Staff When Mascoutah High junior Darrin Plab cleared 7 feet in the high jump Thursday at Collins-ville, it was reported that he was the first St. Louis area high school jumper to clear 7 feet since La-due's Rob Merrilees did it in 1981. Not so. Leo Simmons, a senior at Ladue who has received technique tips from Merrilees, beat Plab over 7 feet by nine days. Like Plab, Simmons made his big jump in a dual meet. Simmons' mark . (Jr.), Madison. 23-2: Mike Hall (Jr.), Belleville West. TRIPLE JUMP 47-8V4: Robert Ross (Sr.), Lutheran North. 46-9Vi: Andre Townsend (Sr.), Vashon. 46-4: Albert Bates (Jr.), Kirkwood. HIGH JUMP 7-0: Darrin Plab (Jr.), Mascoutah; Leo Simmons (Sr.), Ladue. 6-8: Travis Hellyer (Sr.), Fox. 6-6: Tim Deines (Jr.), Francis Howell; Steve Peters (Sr.), Lebanon; Ryan Stockbarger (Soph.), DeSmet. POLE VAULT 14-1: Kenyon Holmes (Sr.), Eureka. 13-8: Danny Smith (Sr.), Orchard Farm. 13-3: Marc Bader (Sr.), Ritenour. DISCUS 182-8: Terrence Parker (Sr.), Parkway North. 179-1: Mike Wells, (Jr.), Fox. 174-3: Vern Garrison (Sr.), Lincoln. 168-7: Richard Hamilton (Sr.), John Burroughs. 163-6: Ron Willis (Jr.), Lincoln. SHOT PUT 59-3V2: Chris Pieper (Sr.), Herculaneum. 56-10: Richard Hamilton (Sr.), John Burroughs. 54-10: Vern Garrison (Sr.), Lincoln. 53-8: Phil McCoy (Sr.), Parkway North. 53-0: William White (Sr.), Lincoln. Girls 100 METERS 11.8: Christina Perozzi (Soph.), Edwardsvilie. 12.0: Angie Lalu-mondier (Sr.), Crystal City. 12.1: Vanessa Berts (Sr.), Sumner; Cherrell Washington (Soph.), Lincoln. 12.2: Tiffaney Parks (Jr.), Kirkwood; Cynthia Tylor (Soph.), Lincoln. 12.3: Wendy Allmon (Jr.), Ladue; Elaine Atkins (Sr.), Webster Groves; Cindy Hayden (Sr.), Ladue; Libby Klimek (Sr.), Kirkwood. 200 METERS 24.4: Carmelita Williams (Jr.), Lincoln. 24.8: Terrell Washington (Soph.), Lincoln. 24.9: Angie Lalumondier (Sr.), Crystal City. 25.0: Christina Perozzi (Soph.), Edwardsvilie. 25.9: Tiffni McNease (Jr.), Normandy. 400 METERS 54.8: Carmelita Williams (Jr.), Lincoln. 58.3: Sela Thompson (Jr.), Clayton. 58.5: Christina Perozzi (Soph.), Edwardsvilie. 59.3: Sharonda Watts (Sr.), Berkeley. 59.4: Angie Dunn (Jr.), McCluer North. 800 METERS 2:17.1: Susan Bliss (Sr.), Francis Howell. 2:18.5: Megan Thompson (Soph.), Hazelwood Central. 2:19.5: Janel Humphries (Jr.), Parkway South. 2:20.7: Marques Sanders (Soph.), Lincoln. 2:22.1: Melisa Rice (Jr.), Lafayette. 2:22.7: Trina Jefferson (Soph.), Riverview Gardens. 1,600 METERS 4:50.7: Susan Bliss (Sr.), Francis Howell. 5:04.2: Megan Thompson (Soph.), Hazelwood Central. 5:09.9: Sarah Bliss (Sr.), Francis Howell. 5:11.5: Melisa Rice (Jr.), Lafayette. 5:13.0: Mary Lee Bankhead (Sr.), Lindbergh. 3,200 METERS 10:33.4: Susan Bliss (Sr.), Francis Howell. 10:51.3: Megan Thompson (Soph.), Hazelwood Central. 1 1 :01 .2: Sarah Bliss (Sr.), Francis Howell. 11:04.1: Melisa Rice (Jr.), Lafayette. 11:32.0: Montrice Granberry (Soph.), Lin MAJOR MANUFACTURED MAJOR MANUFACTURED DELUXE SR PREMIUM LPS ALL SEASON S TEEL RADIALS ALL SEASON RADIALS 2 Steel Bella Whltewall a 2 Steel Belts a Whltewall P15580R13 $29.96 P16580R13 P17580R13 P18S80R13 P18575R14 P19575R14 P20S75R14 P21575R14 P20575R15 P21575R15 P22575R15 P23575H15 MAJOR MANUFACTURED U mMjun mnnurHuiuncu rfA IKIUI II r"Mwn "Murnviirpiw , PATRIOT BELTED 75 POLY a Polyester a Whltewall wh saan a new oaugn Ooublt Ftgaioaii - etM UnOar IrM lao PMvM'w CorO 0O0, PMI Whnwoi P16580B13 $22.12 P16580D13 P17580D13 P19H75014 P20575D14 P21575D14 P22S75D14 P21575D15 P22575D15 P235I75D15 P17580B13 23.23 25 82 26.95 28.01 26 96 28.85 30.28 32.15 P19575B14 P20575B14 P21575B14 P22575B14 P21575B15 P22575B15 P23575B15 " t ry. 'ryftaataT'rTlrltfiiiyV'"' il MAJOR MANUFACTURED MICHELIN TRAIL KING XCH4 STEEL RADIALS Raised Outline White Letters Raised White Outline Letters ! On-Olf Road Design Tubeless Alwaya First Quality Smooth, Comfortable Ride Excellent Traction SIZE 9.50-15 31110.5015 3211.50-15 3312.50-15 mm UARANTEED LOWEST L NORTH COUNTY 2777 Dunn Road I 270 t New Hells Ferry Rd Phone 741-2120 SOUTH COUNTY MARYLAND HEIGHTS KIRKWOOD NORTH South County Center 12207 Dorset! Road 10855 Manchester Rd. PhOns) 487-3331 East ol 1270 at Oorsett Rd. One Block West ol Linbergh Blvd. Prion 997-02 9 Phono 96S-7666 was "discovered" when he was seeded first at last weekend's Clayton Invitational. Ladue coach Phil Brusca, who entered Simmons at Clayton with a qualifying mark of 7 feet, said he didn't report Simmons' dual-meet mark "because it was just a small meet and we feel he'll be able to do it again at a much bigger meet." Unfortunately, for track and field fans, Plab and Simmons will not have the opportunity to compete against each other this season. coln. 11:33.2: Shelley Hill (Soph.), Lafayette. 100-METER HURDLES (33-Inch) 15 1: Charman Jackson (Sr.), Lafayette. 15.2: Savannah Taylor (Soph.), Lincoln. 15.7: Donna Little (Soph ), Riverview Gardens. 1 5.8: Tracy Lambert (Jr.), Oakville. 100-METER HURDLES (30-inch) 15 4: Savannah Taylor (Soph.), Lincoln. 15.6: Briana Smith (Fr), Edwardsvilie. 300-METER HURDLES 44.5: Patrice Liddell (Jr.), Lincoln. 45.4: Reflaye Williams (Jr.), Belleville East. 46.3: Stephanie Small (Sr.), Riverview Gardens. 46.5: Savannah Taylor (Soph.), Lincoln. 47.9: Michelle Love (Soph.), Hazelwood Ce'ntral. 48.2: Tracy Lambert (Jr.), Oakville. 4X100-METER RELAY 48.5: Lincoln (Savannah Taylor, Patrice Liddell, Lecia Rives, Carmelita Williams). 49.6: Webster Groves. 49.7: Edwardsvilie. 50.2: Ladue. 50.3: Hazelwood Central. 50.7: Parkway South; University City. 4x200-METER RELAY 1:43.6: Lincoln (Savannah Taylor, Cynthia Tylor, Lecia Rives, Patrice Liddell). 1:45.2: Normandy. 1:47.5: Webster Groves. 1.47.6: Clayton. 1:47.8: McCluer North. 4x400-METER RELAY 3:59.4: Lincoln (Savannah Taylor, Cynthia Tylor, Lecia Rives, Carmelita Williams). 4:00.0: Riverview Gardens. 4:01.5: Normandy. 4:04.4: Clayton. 4:08.2: Francis Howell. 4x800-METER RELAY 9:33.5: Francis Howell (Sarah Bliss, Kristy Rees, Robin Putnam, Susan Bliss). 9:41.0: Lafayette. 9:51.9: Lincoln. 10:00.2: Parkway South. 10:03.0: Hazelwood Central. LONG JUMP 18-2: Cynthia Tylor (Soph.), Lincoln. 17-11V2: Angie Balducci (Sr.), Wentzville. 17-8: Reflaye Williams (Jr.), Belleville East. 17-5: Patrice Liddell (Jr.), Lincoln. 17-4: Debra Sawyer (Jr.), University City. 17-4: Charman Jackson (Sr.), Lafayette. 17-3: Cindy Hayden (Sr.), Ladue. TRIPLE JUMP 36-6: Tiffni McNease (Jr.), Normandy. 36-4: Trina Jefferson (Soph.), Riverview Gardens. 35-4: Charman Jackson (Sr.), Lafayette. 35-3: Tina Grutch (Jr.), Ladue. 34-11: Angie Balducci (Sr.), Wentzville. 34-8: Kelli Jordan (Sr.), Hazelwood Central. 34-6: Patty McDevitt (Sr.), Lafayette. HIGH JUMP 5-10: Reflaye Williams (Jr.), Belleville East. 5-8: Kolette Davis (Sr.), Belleville West. 5-4: Kelly Taylor (Sr.), Duchesne. 5-3: Janene McDaniel (Sr.), Kirkwood; Sherri Siebert (Jr.), Oakville. 5-2: Carrie Fletcher (Jr.), Lafayette; Eva Gerhardt (Soph.), Duchesne; Christiana Helm (Sr.), Oakville; Carrie Schroeder (Jr.), Rosati-Kain. DISCUS 128-2: Kelli McCrary (Sr.), Hazelwood Central. 126-6: Nicole Chester (Sr.), Parkway West. 123-6: Erica Brooks (Jr.), Lincoln. 121-8: Julia Smith (Sr.), Kirkwood. SHOT PUT 42-4: Julia Smith (Sr.) Kirkwood. 41-5: Kelli McCrary (Sr.), Hazelwood Central. 40-0: Debbie Kusiak (Soph.), Wentzville. COMPUTERIZED fROtff WHEEL ALIGNMENT 1 MOSI US CASS BendaX BRAKE SERVICE MAJOR MANUFACTURED IV 4 Ply WIDE 0l 6T Aggressive. Wide Treed Pattern Raised White Letters .mti SemwretariHcpadf eWUgTl US cost extra ilnf-di-d CAPS A78x13$19.88 B78X13 21.99 E78x14 23.93 F78X14 24 88 078x14 25.95 H78x14 26.96 G78x15 26.88 H78x15 27.97 L78X15 29.96 G6014 G6015 L601S A70-13 F70-14 43.22 43.42' 48.20 31.39 37.52 G70-14 G70-15 H70-15 40.59 40.78 43.22 'WlPfspS BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA Mud-Terrain TA AIT MT LT21575R15 82.48 $90.06 LT23575R15 89.14 98.84 LT23685R18 106.00 30950R15 89.00 947 311050R15 98.29 108 27 321150R15 105.75 116.45 331250R15 113.47 12499 311050R16.5 103.71 114.20 331250R16.5 119.45 135.96 3512.50R15 123.93 135.96 Prices Effective thru May 7 e . - M ?i,SefrV5ilrf ,S - "V ... ... 11986 TIRE AMERICA s)s4r-slereeiiitavfcii

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