The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1939
Page 4
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BLVTHEVILLE,' (ARK.) COUEIER NEWS THI BLYTHBVILLE OOUEIEB NEWg f , •'••-,•• IBS' OODKDH1 WCWS OO, ' ;. ' ' - •.'«, HAWW, FublWbn ,•" ,f'"'^-l. ORAHAU 8CDBURY, Bditor •*'6AUUSL F, NOJUUS, Advertising U»na(«T • i Sato NaUaaa! Adrcrtifac R«ew««nt»HT«»: trkamu D*ittt», Inft, N«v York, CWct«o, D»- h«it, St. Louii, DrJlu, KMUM Qtty, Uemphto Pufcifctod Rmr Afternoon Kxccpt Entered as KCCAd diss tattler it the post- ifllc* tt BlyttwvUlej Arkantiu unrtw »ct n» ' OetoMr 9. 1817. • Strved by the United Press .SUBSCRIPTION! RATES 1 -By carrier In Ihe'CUjr of BIythevllM I So per i week, or 6Sc per month. >~ By mail,' »;ltlil:i a radius of 50 miles, 1300 per rear, 11 SO for fix months, 16c for three month*; - by mail In postal tones two to six Inclusive, K50 per year; In zones seven and rl*M tlOJOO per year, payable In adranc* An Arknnsas "Kxlribil" We 'regard the action of the Neltlc- ; ton ( Ark., mayor in finding it necessary , under IheMaw to fine a young 'matron '__ of'Hhat town for "indecency" in the - •wearing"of shorts as an unfortunate incident. , Not that \ve feel sorry for the young - lady particularly because s,lio was lined §50. We have a very tiefmile feeling that this will follow other such cases into* some <iust covered file and eventually become one of Die "forgotten" cases. So we have little apprehension - that anybody is likely to be forced to " pay $50 "and costs." - The real sufferer and just as much a parly in interest as the young lady defendant is the state of Arkansas. . \Ve hold no brief for exhibitionism, hut this applies in more ways than one. Somehow we can't escape the feeling 1 that the Nettlelon mayor has .succeeded in subjecting Arkansas to ridicule thai could have been avoided. . The nation at large will take notice for a day or Uvo Hint a young lady has been fined for indecent exposure by wearing shorts "down in Arkansas." The fact, if it turns out as we expect, that she never pays the line or thai the case is shelved and forgotten, of course, will never receive notice of consequence. - Sotndhow wo doubt that, the verdict of the mayor's court will curb to any noticeable extent such "exposure." In-fact if we would hazard a guess we v would pi-edict that His Honor will probably have to keep indoors to miss similar "exhibitions" now. Stamping Out Surpluses ' It is loo early to tell about the "stamps for surplus foods" plan. But it has been in operation for more than two months now, and the optimistic experience of the first weeks seems to be continuing:. The plan is to be tried in more and more cities, perhaps ~ns many as 100. Then, by the end of suin- nier, it will be possible to judge whether a new means of distributing foodstuffs has been found \\hich may make a more or less permanent addition to our economic system. •Those on relief may take as much of their relief allowance as they wish in orange stamps, good at all co-operating groceries. For each §1 orange stamp bought, a GO-cont blue stamp is also given. But this blue stamp is good only for the purchase of certain' foods of which there is an embarrassing surplus, up to now including butter, eggs, OUT OUR WAY flour, cereal products, citrus 1'ruits, pears, and fresh vegetables. Cotton goods and lard may be added in the fall. • ; Of course the government then redeems the stamps when the merchant who has collected them turns them in, Something under §100,1/00,000 already appropriated by Congress for reducing commodity surpluses will have been spent. The key to the plan is that grocers, handling greater volume of these products and others, may be able to reduce prices on some of them, and thus induce gieater consumption and greater business, even, among those not on relief. If careful study this winter .shows lhal it has worked that way, Congress may decide that "it's got something'there." A man reaching 70 usually H a s achieved most of such philosophy and wisdom as is likely to be his. Most of life's experiences have by then touched him and made their mark upon him. He has had time to think, opportunity to feel, leisure to reflect Such men, if natively wise,.are worth listening to. Such a man is Peter- Witt of- Cleveland, lie is one of those men of whom every town fortunately has one'or two, who have devoted a great deal of time and thought to the affairs of men, and to the general well-being, as well as to their own. • • "Forget yesterday, believe in today, hope for lomoiTow," says' Witt. "Live your life in your own way, wholly unmindful of what others think or; say. "Forgetting yesterday means no worrying about the past. What's done cannot be undone.. "Believing in' today gets the most out of the present. It is the only: thing we can bo sure of. "Hoping for lomprrow'ia what makes for progress, even though most of the dreams, .all born- of hope, never come true." ;-...'..' Wise words, and a man who has readied at simple and-so sensible a point of view has not lived in vain. Why does it take most of us so long to achieve wisdom as crystal-dear and eminently sane as that? • SO THEY SAY •iho tumbling hand of ti le eQmmilc ,,t (s ,i, c chief thrcnl.-Frank Onfall, newspaper polisher, to the Americnii Denial Association. / ' • * » •» '. 'the .first sign of.hysterlu Is legislative ncllon ngnlnst minority groups.-Dr. Vlcn Boothe Ohio Slate University. ' . ' • » * *' A limn good and drunk Is oricn less n nuisance (o society (hnn a man hull drunk-city Recorder of Florence, S. C.,'"rejecting „ plca for reduced drunkenness fine on ground Unit (Ho defendant was only .linlf drunk. ". ' * * '*.'.' The majority of formers In America are land ' values • nnlmnls, In a generic sense, noi i all ,i animals, as nre most. prasanls in u, e old World.-BcnJamin c. Marsh, executive secretary ot the People's Lobby. * * • The majority of us drivers Just n | ck ul , O nv driving habllx us we go nlong. following Hie practices ot oilier drivers.we observe, nils Is a haphazard kind ot driving Hint rareir produces anything but a ham ilrivor.-J. Slammrd Bnfcev, Irnmc coiuultniit for (lie National Safely Coun- THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1933 SIDE OUNCES by Gafbraith • SERIAL STORY GHOST DETOUR BY OREN ARNOLD COPYRIGHT, IS3S, NIA tERVICC. INC. J ttl lvd nl "You're like all 'men—you never consider personality." n woman's PR. 1»> IVUCA, UIVICI. INC. 7. M, »[C. U. S. PAT.OfF. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of letting anybody else teach me to "JVVlrtl rnmnmllm- Kmv Inner* li fnnlr Incf p*iry\rnm> *?" nvim—remember how long it took last slimmer?' THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. HIM. ML. •. Addition oi' Extra Vitamins to Food Needs Discmnination Also B 1)11. MOKHtS FISIIBKIN Erlilur, .VotinKil of • Hie Americciii Medical Association, and of llyeci.i, the Hraltli JInsaziuc The vast interest, in vitamins lias raised Hie possibility that, all I of our ordinary foods might be I fortified by nddln; to them extra jriuanlitics of U>c various vitamins'. | For Instance, there is luc possibility that, cereals may be deficient Mil vitamin D. In Iron and in calcium when they arc refined from llic wliolc grain, ami the sug;rs- lional vitamin B, iron and cal- cimn could be added to prepares cereals to make them more useful in the diet. It lias bet'ii recognized that vitamin D is needed for certain purposes and already v;c liavc available irradiated milk and milk to which extra vitamin D lias been added, as well as other foods whicli have thus been 111- ilchcd. Chewing gum, beer, eak^. flour, candy, ice cream and r,au- have at one lime or another lias been made Hint nctdt- ' been advertised ns fortified with By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplo AVSTAM MAJOR, TH' VACATIOM 3i)s coMS oewouR M6,AU'THERE'S \ A COOL POMD WA\1fe OF S(?UlCMI«EB ') LAKH Okl THE CANADA UNE WHICH WAITS TO'ME"~1 BE HARD TO (SATHER MMO ASOSJEY, AM' KIOVV 1 MOS' REACV TO C31T AVVAY FO' A COUPL8 OB WEEKS CQWMUTIU'WiF MCTMW NATURE IM ATBNT"--AFR r EX)'' OF MIME iOAMS SAM IS MEA£> WAITER AT BLACK MOOSSIUM, AW ME WRfT.ME- PRESiRIBISJ' TH 1 PREMI6eS~~HE SWTHB LAKE IS PULL OS FRIED FRAWS'S LA'6S ' GO RIGHT AHEAD, CURLY--X WANT TO GET A, GOOD COLORED MCVIE OF A COWBOY GETTING A COW OUT OF A BO6 OH, MO! , MEVER TAKE A PITCHER OF. A COWBOY IT WOULD' SPOIL ALL TVV GLAMOUR AWD ROMANCE! NEVER TAKE 'CM COIN' AMV THING BUT GALLOPtNT SHOOTIM' AM 1 A61N A. BAR! ECN3, JkSOW, -fVIE VEJW THIMQ/ Si-IPPOSE.l. OOIM YCU THERE«~ A CAU DEPART W OtJCe t/,-ZV, AMDARKAUQE MY ARRIVAL .R-RUMp t MUST MAKE MEMTS (|J PIWAU CIAL MATTERS ~A FBW DEALS TO CLOSE BSR3KB-X CAM AVE EVERVTMIWC3 READY, , luccuoiNJa A MEAL; 'taj i Tkc rlcl* nre wor- >ut Dlck'n «lr«njte iiiove- •i'iil« in IU« nld Jiill, hldliiit Ike "»ir>-. 'I'li^j. «r« H-rirrlrd loo n» i»> roinunllf rmnjiltaillun. dr- i °i lhi *, n |JU J'K » iJUrxi. '»ir u.iMlnr, MIC ilfM.ovciH if, te '3* II I* (rum Dirk, CJirJxfljie Su; •!;„:» ,r r s?'ffi; •'"*"• CHAPTER XII UN LARKAWAY jusl .... there gazing at Christine Palmer as she walked away from h!i car, "God!" lie mullered to himself. "1 sure can muff every Ihiii'j!" , . lie hadn't meant for her to see the purse. She hadn't discovered (he silver ring because it was in a smaller package. He picked that up and put it in his pocket and Eluck Ihe purse back in its wrap- par, lie doubted it lie could handle Dick diplomatically enough lo make him give Clnisline Ihe purse, He had bought the purse lo give .Christine himself. But (hen—well, she had practically admitted being in love wilh Dick, earlier.- And he was Dick's best friend, trusted friend. A man doesn't let his friend down. If Christine loved Dick, and he himself loved Dick as a friend—well (hen—aw (o the devil wilh il all. Franklin swallowed, and all at once remembered what he bad learned about Carl Quail, the robber-murderer, v Impulsively he called to Christine again, "Hey! Hey, Christy! Wait! . , . Come here a minute!" She nlopped and looked back. She bit her pretly lips to keep Ihem from trembling, she who had been about to cry. "Come hero, please. Look—I got news lo tell you Christy!" His voice had dropped to a coniiden- llal murmur. "News about that money in the vault. In the old mine shaft, I mean." II.wasn't in the mine shaft any more, Christine told herself. But no matter now—what did Franklin have? She came close lo his car. "Gel in and sit a minute, Christine. Listen—thai 'money was put here by a pay roll bandit named Quail. Jlc was senl to prison, but escaped and murdered a man. lie's at liberly now!" "Franklin!" "No fooling! I went to the sheriff's office and—" .'•*•-« * * ' JJE told her all about It. Told her with almost a happy, boyish enthusiasm. Of course Christine found his excilement contagious. She welcomed it, tco, because it enabled her to control the other emotions lhat had stirred her, arid so hold back her tears. Franklin had not noticed her crying, though. "Whatever will we do?" she dci mantled now. "He -hasn't shown up ye(, but we know he's a dan- gerous oullaw, free and likely to come any ';lme." ' "He's probably been just lying low. People forget about a crook aflcr a while and even the officers get careless it they don't catch him. But Christine, he'll learn about Goldcrest being reopened. Hie papers have carried it these past few days—I brought a San Francisco paper wilh your photo and Koselee's and the ghost town's l» It. He'll come any night for the money. I'm surprised he hasn'l come already. When ha docs—we must trap him!. That $2000 is a juicy reward!" They agreed not to tell Rose- Ice lest it unnecessarily disturb her. Christine hinted—without explanation—that Roselec was already distracted about business and personal details. Franklin was curious but too interested in Quait lo bother much now. "Just keep quiet and say liolh- ing," he counseled. "I'll make arrangements with Dick." She turned to him in sudden alarm—"Franklin! You'll—you'll both be very very careful? Promise me!" He was quilo close to her there in his car. Too close for ease. Christine's eyes were ^ovely, and very siriking when fear shone in them. But now a hurt in his own heart was renewed. He understood what ske meant. Understood—he thought—that she was deeply concerned for Dick. Bancroft's welfare. Franklin nodded. "DicVs strong," lie almost whispered it. Nobody ever gets the'best of him. Don't worry, Christine." He left her then and went to find Dick. • * * J}ICK had a group of travelers from Detroit in tow. Two cars of people who were bursting with questions. They represented $9 gross to (he Goldcrest firm, and Dick was trying* to be nice to them. He had met them at the highway turnoff that morning by appointment. He knew that such patrons, treated right, could send oilier customers to the giiost town. He stayed with them until noon and enabled Mrs. Hogan to serve them $5.80 worth of meals and almost as much more in souvenirs. They had set up. an emergency gasoline.station, rest rooms,-tire repair, and cold drinks supply at the highway turrioff by the" big sign and put a genial old-time ranch'cook in charge there. He was an admirable salesman for Goldcrest himself, and sent • in many customers for the ghost de^ lour. Before Dick could send his Delroiters away, other cars'had come up the rough two miles i of dirt toad into the old ~ -town^ Htid Franklin was pressed-into-guide service. He didn't get a chance to talk lo Dick unlii lale afternoon again. "So that's how it is?" Dick exclaimed, in high interest, when Franklin finally told him about Carl- Quait. "Payroll robber, ch? "It'll he at night, of course," Dick went on. "Wrfen lie comes, I mean. Now that we know what wo do we'll have to keep an even sharper watch, Frank. And don't say anything to the girls. They'll just get (he jitters." Franklin looked glum. He had already told Christine but he didn't admit il now. He'd see Christine and ask her to say nothing. 'We'll take (lie bank watch in shifts," Franklin staled, positively. "You've been sleeping there every nighf. I'm sleeping there tonight, Dick." "Listen, Frank—I weigh 201 pounds. You weigh about H8 only. Now I could—" "There's a gun, remember. That makes men equal." "I know, but—" "No excuses. We've been buddies four years. We" slill are, Dick." Dick looked closely at his friend. Franklin wasn't smiling. "Okay, fcrank, okay then. But I hope 1m comes on my shift. You—well, don't sleep too tight, is nil. You know where the col is. You can sleep out of sight behind the old tellers' cage, and get life drop on him. Keep a flashlight handy. And don't be afraid fo shoot." "I can shoot. And; uh, Dick?" "Yeah?" . . '% uh, well, I was in town. And I brought out a—a leather purse, beaded. I thought perhaps-you well, you go give it lo Clnisline, see? Those girls have been working hard, wilhout much relaxation and such these two or three weeks. You—we wahla keep them happy. Girls like little allenlions, Dick. You know—just give it to . her, sec? And—well, here—isn't it prelly?" He held the package oul, open. Dick appraised it, with obvious approval. — . . "Sa-a-ay, thanks pal! That's ducky. How much did it set you back? I'll pay you, and many thanks. I'm not good al remembering this sort of thing, as you know. You took care of me in college a lot. But say—yonder's Koselee. I think I'll just take it Over and give it to her instead. After all, she's the boss." Before Franklin could protest Dick had lifted (he lovely purse and was trotting away. They saw Roselee halt a block down the. street: leading . a saddled horse, and .pick impulsively .called' to her,...-;- _ , ( ...:, : ,...._,£ , . '• [ \ ,-"Hey, boss!- Hey—Rose-tee!, t ,J got something for- you!" ",-.' . (To Be Continued) vitamin D. Certainly there is no reason why icople should pay extra lo get ixlrn- vitnmin D in foods when n the first place Ihcre is no evidence that the person needs extra vitamin D and, in . the second ilnce, when beer and sausage lire not In the regular diets of the infants who do not need it. The question also arises as lo whether or not oleomargarine, ivhich lacks-vitamin A, should not ' - fortified with that substance. Then, again, various preparations of lomnlo juice and of orange juice vary in the amount t.l vilamin » lhat -they contain. Canned (omalu juice usually contains about <10 per cent as much •itamin C ns fresh orange juice. t has been suggested lhat extra ilninin C coxild be added to •aimed Ipinalo juice so that il •cirtd be ns rich as orange juice n vitamin C. The difficulty of fortification of .'Cinds with vitamins is Unit the ix'ci'BBc person docs not study la- icls to kn'uvv- exactly what there s in the fuotls ll.r.t lie buys, f here is ir.f]>scrimir,iue forlifie.i- ii.n of nil so!ts of fi-ods wilh :»li •>niis of vitamins n;irt minerni.-, •pii! 1 will liavi! no UKV as lo what jnc is gelling, it is conceivable ilso that the points of safety In Icssigcs may thus be passed. The general principle has been idoplod by iVm scientific bodrs of Ihe merican Medical Association thai. II is Kilistaclory to ndil vitamins and minerals to foods in order 10 brinj (hem up to (he ldrnl levels of the licst in their Held wilh the underslanding. ho'.v- cvcr. that, such additions can be limited lo vilniiiins or minerals for which n wirier distribution is cniiEldcrcd lo be In the interest ot the public hcallh. Smith.*' Would you say- la) Hew do' you <lo? Ib) How di you do, Miss Smith? fc) Glad lo know youV Answers 1. There is no limit, (.hough he milst not cut back en the man «rho takes her from him. 2. Yes, s> that he can help the girl. - 3. Precede, so that he can make way for her. 4. Yes. 5. Certainly. •-. Best "What Would You Do" solution—either (n) or <b). Motorists never should use high pressure hose on the body of an automobile when washing it. ' New Monetary System Urged for Philippines MANILA (UP) — Commonwealth Auditor General Jaime Hernandez believes the 'Philippine monetary system should be divorced fr^ni ih'e U. S. dollar and placed on an independent geld basis. Hernandez said this reform should be under'tekcn by the government immediately. "It seems incredible that n gold- prortucing- camlry like ours, with an annual output of snore than GO.GOO.OOO pescs, ($30,000,000), should continue to have foreign bank'bal- ances and silver pesos f:r reserve funds," said the auditor general. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the fol- towmg' qucott.ns, Uwn checking against the- authoritative answers below: 1. What is the limit to the mim- bcr of times that a man can cut in on the same girl at a dance? 2. Is It all right lor the man to go first when getting Into a b;at with a girl? 3. In a large crowd—as at a ball I park—shculd a man precede or fol- ,tow the woman he Is accompany' ins? 4. Should a persrn having n coughing spell nsk to be excused irom !hc table? 5. if you don't kn:w exactly what a dish on Uie menu is. miy you ask the waller? What would y:u say ij_ ' Your hostess sap, "Tills Is Miss ON JULV 27, AAAKES <DNE OF fTS CJ.OSE TO THE EAFOTH, AND SMALL TELESCOPES W/LL. SHOW ITS MOOI /«OE- CW*. l»( BY MA SERVICE. IfCC, T. ». KO. g. S. W T. 0 ft. EAST AFRICAN SWELLS Uf?LIKE. A &UBBEK. BALJ, TO SCARE ITS ENEMIES ARE THE OF A ANSWER: Tlie lyr!« t>l a song are the words, not the music. About every 15 to 17 yoars, the planet Mars makes a relatively close approach to the earth, and on July 27, it is only about 36,000,000 miles from us, At limes it is 235,000,000 miles dislajlt. NEXT: A nsonkcy-cjllni;' tmlt. -

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