The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO JBLYT11EVILI.E. (ARK.) pOURlKK NKWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27,J930 ; A. and M.Student FIKST BAPTIST CHURCH Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. in. Morning worship 11. "Tafciiig an " ^WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Review: The Pattern of Christian Living Jchinon-UndcrHOOd. The marriage of Miss Marie Underwood, of Portagcville, -Mo., and Mr. Murray.W. Johnson, of Memphis, took place here yesterday ivilii Justice Oscar Alexander performing the ceremony., > * •' * Children Attend ...; Story lionr Toda^r.. : . . There were 33 - children at t!ie third story 'hour sponsored by the Blj'theville library on Saturday t i mornings for boys and girls b;- '. tween the ages ol fix and ten years. ^ Miss Delia turtle, who is In charge of' the fre; etUsrtainmc.-u, | tolct two stories and taught Ihc i children verses. . , | There will be another story hour luxt Saturday incrning P.'. 10:33 o'clock. . ., ll'iul B'rith to Society-- Personal .Baptist College \ Students lo Give Program Sunday m?T Cimi ; Inventory of Life." B. Y. p. U. 6:15 p, m. Special program by college ttudcnt*. I The public k cordially Invited to I The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for Dee. 28. Review:. The Pattern of Christian Living. EV \nt K. GII,ROY, I). I). KdUor of The Consrejatlonalist "" last Sunday In the year i attend all services. IIIISTIAN CUTJIICH E. K. f.allmer, Minister Church school, 0:45 a. m. . "Student N'ijjht" v.-ill bo ubser. ". ; Mis. T. C. UL-asK'y. ucco::ip:n:ii'd \ at the First Baptist cii'.irch S.i:i- i l;y her daughter. Mrs. Sims Mii-iue. i day cu-niii:; wilh an approj)f..if! ! Subject, "Beginning the New Year' j mo: mi to Mraiphls Friday to mi-« I program presented by Baptist cil- . Christian Endeavor societies, 6:30 | ' }..-.i ; -.i'V, v.ho is attending :,"hcul nt dents o; the city will be guest", oJ I ll:v i;:>r.n:l-.v (.( Alu'iam.i. Kin.- !•: 1,0,,,,.. ., lul l!u . , mb:ll . ^ ccr(1 i L1 -, v | S'vi.'.liu; her holidays hea>. invited to attend at 7:30 o'clock i • Mi-. ;•!•.;! ; ,l:.; Ii. !•:. D^riK.':,;:en;.| Thc ^.^.^ thsn)ij Icr [h[ , ^ j . t.p holidays fti'.h relathcs m &..! gram w ||| be "Christ, My Only KC- ' brings us to review of the quarter's le-scns which have dealt with representative men and women of the New Testament. I Of what, one might ask, woro Communion and sermon, „ a, m.! ±^^,^^1^'™^ ! nd In their experl- ve of I problems and situations, but m. Evening praise, 7:30 o'clock. all CI1HKCII OF TIIK NAZAUENE 110 Clicrry Sired A. T. McAniilly, Pastor ; representative of Christianity as applied In daily life. Christianity was lo these a new experience. In Zacharias and Elizabeth, whose godly life and good- To Mary, with her unborn babe, easy" of modern times with refreshments served at tables scattered about- the dance floors. The invitations and decorations will b; appropriate to such an tiUlr'c'. at'eul cl the s!iiti''h ixtsn- ficn dcpaitment. Mr. and Mis. Carl Holt, of Dyer, •jf Ml.-:; Oci-trude IlmlRcns. 'Second All-Southern Baptist .'fl;.:- -.,,..<,„„ Ml.«s Ethel Pctly ami /.lr.! SM-.'-'ajdPnt Conference." Murray Smnit,'"" o! Blyllicvillc visltcil wilh Mitsi University of Richmond;- talk,,- C'1IKISTIA\ qf IFVCF rillinr-H Pctly's parents here Monday. ^Christ a Necessity in the Student* i Venice' lire he,^ every Sunday ... - . . n Mr. and Mrs. Allans Shine and i Intellectual and Social Life." j as i'rrMniK 11 oclcck <n rcom 1M of ? j ,,.... !„!... ir«i,i«,n., vnK»> i T/unnki.,. ^ uji- .-,•_. _«^'| niLrninj,, ii ccicch, .n re om iu-1 "'k Paul Became Powerful And then came those to whom the llvng fact of the Christ had be•cir-; a historic reality, v.'ho had Tcnn., are visiting Mr, mid Mrs. J. Bits of News Mostly Personal .... . , „.. holidays licte with his parents Mr. I Misses Marie Le Bg eU and Othus , \ v E i>mder Bracken will spend several days Ml . am , Mrs j. H . Ry . l!s n! , v: , next weak- in Memphis as guests „ { C!)t t| ,, 5 ,. vcek i]K \r son,; of '.:as Bnbc Pnrks. J ,,. f gt ^^ \ Miss Mary Frances Slacy has | ' MI : : "J OI , Bcaslcy'is spending the gone to St. Louis for a weeks visit • hollrtnv3 wU1 . , li3 ,„„,«: here. Mr., : mid Mis. T. C. Be.\blcy. He is ;il- . lending pchcol at Tulanc. Now i Organs, Ln. \ Mr. I'.nd Mrs. Ncwbcrry Johnson j motored to Memphis Sunday. with friends. Mr.=. W. C. Lcggcil and children will ijo to Memphis tomorrow lor r,h:-rl visit with relatives. for Jamie McGarrity, of Oscsola, was a visitor in the city lait- night. I a Miss Mamie Elythe, & returning I to Utt'e. Reck '-lomorrov after vis- j * itlng here lor'several days. - : • r Mrs. Jake N-alin, 1 of 'New Orleans.! has gone''to Pbrtagevllle, Mo., Sftcr ! a visit with Mr; and Mrs 1 , Lee Mas-1 Out of ,„„.„ luvllalicus v .- erc „._ Mr, and Mrs. J. P. Wonnck] 1 " 6 """'^'«>ay lor In, «« Ycav, | Alma Grbson^ I *jVC 0 £:5/Gf MARY'S I o'clock. ; Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. j AH are cordially invited. FIRST i'ltESlll'TERIAN CHURCH Marrh M. Calljnvay, Pastor Devotional Reading: Luke 4:1B-!0 Nazareth, where he had been brought 'up:-: .'J was, he went into the synagogue en the .a or to'read. delivered unto him Ihe bcok ol tho propaiti he had opened the bock, he fount! came the most powerful fautor in the preaching of the new Gospel Tjle Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath sno:ri.ied p] and in the spread of. Christianity. | me to preach the gospel to the poor; ho hath sent m: to hear. In the richness of his world-wide the brokenhearted, to preach •Jeliveraiicc lo th; inptives. cr..l ic- - I visicn and in the intensity of his missionary enthusiasm he outdis- j lanced even the Apostles who had n / n 7 y n Mr. and Mr?. Frank Wisdom ami, ___ M ?r > r r\ I Miles Holly spent the holidays in, New \ea;' & Lve Uance st i^ u i s with relatives. I . I Mr. and Mrs. Abner Asherafti sp:i\t Christmas 'day with Mrs. • Buckwheat is Sunday school, '9:45 a. in. Ray had personal contact with the Worthinstcn, superintendent. "A | Master and the privilege of Ills class to n> '-lie needs of every in- teaching. I dividual." Worship and sermon. We have dealt in one lesson with 11 a. m. Simon Peler, rocklike in name but The Fev. Frttnk G. Smith, pastor weak and vacillating in character covering of- sight to the bllii'J, 'o set at llbiit.; then Ui-f are bruised." To pireach-the acceptable year ol (he Lord. '.. .,.'," manfcd in his character as, a sol-- lo restore four-fold lo any maii" dier. And at the other extreme the . whom he had defrauc",:J. Tc-'hiV" ruch young ruler, 30 fine in his' house there came talvaticn 03 £:sm' ' cleanness of living and in his ob- j parsed through Jericho. BY SISTER MAIIY NEA Service Writer of the First Central Congregation-i and achievement, until the Master • edier.-'* to the moral law, .but lack-j From these we have turned/to alUt church of Omaha. Neb., will j set his feet really upon the rock i ing Ihe une thing needful for the: Stephen, the Hn,t martyr, .and,,to; :: . occupy the pulpit. Miss Virginia Keck, of Lintienwood college, St. I grain since ,-!• ' .i_. , I - " I" "• iv.l,j 11JUL1V iiACit Aiexnnner of tr.^ U. b. xa\\ producing calories Trn npr«:nn ir._._ 1L_ 1. „!:,!„ ..^ Ur.^i. li-ill» _. . "_ f«-*nvm I Is an esccllenl winter • charJcs, Mo., will sing a so it proves many-h,-?.t. n v, v ,=ti« n !•„,!..„„„? ,™. DlO. and he became a foundation stone making of his character noble and Saul-of Tarsus, who sicoj ty hbW ; ' in the Christian church. Thomas Provides Lesson | complete, almcst at' the verg-2 of j ing tte garments of th'osa /toh'o the highest privilege of discipleship j stoned him, so soon to tak3 • sla- " Christian Endeavor society, fl:30' Thomas, the man of queslioning, but turning back, sorrowful, and! phen's place in leadership and en-' p. in.- • , honest and slow to yield his faith thinking of his great possessions. ! Ihusiasm in the cause which Ii'::"' 1 knowledging his guilt and offering'threshold? he- gave and de- ing Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hall and olher relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Tom P. Jones reluming (o Little Rock tomorrow j 'L!! U after visiting "relatives for a few I days. They formerly'lived here. MUses pick and Eve Harwell are In Maria'iina' arid Memphis for Ihe I holidays'-dances;-"'-• •••" ~~ • I Eric Taylor and .Leon Scctt, of Caruthersville, were lry.]the city Jnst i Charles Fritiius will' return - to 1 Little Rock tomorrow after several; days stay v:ith his aunt, Mrs. John [ H. Long, and family. ' ' ! ! Miss Dola Harwell is visiting friends In Ma'rianna for several I days. . j Mrs. Meadie Bellon, of New Mud-'. rid, Mo., is the guest-of her sisler. , Mrs. A. C. Hall, and family. ! Mr. and Mrs. J: E. Crilz have ?.s : their guests lor the Mrs. | J. C. Beverly Snd Mi<: lindie Moon ; Buntm, of Etark'vilie, Ml«s. Mrs. I Beverly is Mr. Critz's si'^er anS | Miss Bunlin his niece. ] Mr. and Mrs. Jack Applebaum i spent Christmas .in Memphis with I friends.. /•' ' : Joe Applebaum is leavinj tanight | lor Yatoo City. Miss., where he will '. spend ten days with his parents, j Miss Avis Miller returned y?=- I terday from-Campbell. Mo., where j she spent Christmas with her par- j cms. - : Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Honrfcrscn ' and daughter, Lois June, of-Amu.. 111..were guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Ii. • S. Hearn yesterday. "j J. R. Marr, of Eldon. Mo., lus ' been the' guest of his brother. Russell Marr, during the holidays. Tcm Neal Simpson will return Monday from Union City win-re V.c i spent Christmas with relatives. Mrs. '• Simpson and children v:'! remain ! until their home, damaged by fir; recently, is repaired. ' Mrs. W. S. McCall. cf 6!. Lc ,, u ; who lived here until rcccmlv. h' tho guest ot" Mr. and Mr;. W. n. ' S'.ovali ar.d oilier friends. Mis. Fred S-nith and sou. Kre- 1 Smith jr. ol West Helena. Ark., are : , 0 .. . . In Ecotl = ntl - K «™1' iRWOM TPVTILE DE SIGNS SV1O4M BELOUJ WAS BtsiOEO rcjor-1 OUR AMERICAN visitinq relatives here. Miss LaVergne Hood will :,pe n :l . ! tomorrcw fn Memphis. ! I Mr. and Mrs. John T3. Ljn: will leave Monday lor Pine Bind -i-iv-re : : they v.ill attend the state B. Y. p I U. ccnveiiticn. Waiter Rca'Iand. oi : \ Jackson, -Tenn.. will arcDmpr.ny ' ! them. They expocl to return Fn- i I day. : ] Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rr'- 1 - -. \ Allen Ru.5hln«. Mr. and Mr;. John ! B. Lane have returned from An- ', ' Rusia, Ark., where thev S;K-IK Crrijlmar; " . ' Mrs. Leu Ecliols, of M;mp!ils, is Handing several days \rilh Mr*. H. ! P.. Brsndin, and other relatives. ' Mrs.'.?? T. Kramr-r. of Lit- ! lie Reck, Is lure, lor-a '-wo weeks i nay with hc-r family. Is a .noy^ icmc persons who have eiiten (bo! Junior Hi and Ser.ior Hi League. I frc?!y of buckwheat cakes, "is duciG^O p. m. i to ihe fnct lhat there Is a dye in ' Evening wnvship, 1:30 p. m. | the .r:?(i which sensitizes the bitty I Watcll service, Weduer,;lay cv?- ; to light. The scns;tivei:;:s cfK-r.-'Ining bcsinnins at 7:30 o'clock, j lain persons to ihls inconvenience" Choir rehearsal, Wednesday eve- I ]'vc':ably is ciuc to lack of stiff!-' ning. | cleat pigment in the skin." This ; explodes the fcrir.?y theory of the | IndlecstiMity of buckwheat. •' i | Buckwheat cakes made ivith 1 I yc;ut are perhaps moro whoUvj:ne j I ihan thor? ' mnde 1 by the "fi:i:ck ' i rarlhr.d," but the a\er:'.",e healthy ' j cc i : . person can parlnke of either type. ! p r | el Maxine Brown Entertains With Christmas Party LUXORA. Ark.—Oi^" of the Gayest of the Christmas parties was LAKE STP.tKT METHODIST given by Miss Maxine Brown in • -.CHURCH I her lovely home on Calhoim Street • W. J. fcHoy, Pastnr I Christmas Eve. She had open honrc S'.inilay school. 9:45 a. m. | and about one hundred guests en- Church. 10:50 a. m. Sermon sub- ) Joyed her hospitality duriiiE the "Saying Gccrtbyc to One-half t'nkM yeast i League, C:-I5 p. m. Church, 7:15 p. m. The Rev. Mr. I evening. Dancing was Ihe principal diversion and at a lat? hour a dei licious buffet supper was served. Ibta. Plays BRIDGE BY 1VM. E. SIcKENNEY ? would hav3 to lead into the dura-- Secrctar)', American Bridge league ] my's queen, nine of heart 1 ;, 'Hie following hand was selected from the national auction cham- East was on the job and overtook • j with the queen of spades and cashi •' j pionship events. Just a slight dif- ed his good diamond;. The"'deference in. play made the actual i clarer in this car? made only—one- 1 1 difference of four tricks between two tables. NORTH S—K-7-5-3 H-1(M D-6-5-3-2 C—A-K-3 yra.-t cnkr In 1 'J cup luke- wa'.ci-. Wl',?n tlioroiiplily (::>:clvr-ii r-.c'rt :alt, sus, f ar.a:id 2 1-2 cup: wnvin wa:rr. Adr! b'.ickwlieat Hon.- am! mix until perfectly Min.tth. Cover nucl let stand in a w:::-ir, ]t\:\K over night. In the i :.^n,r,. di^ihe «,dii in remamms , to P' c: . "^ Christians Fruit in Si- ; Nov 13 |hn &hc i mau Mills dld , nc LUTIIKRAN CllllRCII CIRCLEVILLE. O.. (UP) — The numeral 13 may be a jinx lo some . persons, but to the Eshelman mills i here, il has t3en an important fig- I II. J. Kli-iiulirnsl, Pastor . Sunday sclxol and Bible clas^ 9:1S n. m. 1 ,.., Diiine wor.ship and celebration of | In thcS Holy c °n'mtinicn 10 a. m. Sermcn ii.ili rap cf v.aicr and t^at '.ntb ™ et)!1 ' s Henri: AM are cordiallv invited. t.-.i:tcv Let .st:i:id five or ti-n mui: titi-3 r.n:l bakt- en a hot, well ! c,i nridrllc. The batter should be RECOXn 1:A1TKST CHimCII ; t|!iil,; Ihin and runny. Buckwlieit! E ''•• -Ncwsum. Pastor tcakis rcintlre a liottci-criddlc tlian! Suiidsy ;t-hcol. S:-I5 a. m. W. 1 cii-n nual or wl-.ea 1 . cakes. ! M - Blayl'jck. That fact was learned recently . • follcwius in announcemet that I Nov. 13 Ihn Eshclmau Mills did the ' largest volume of business in tlieir historv. • , . . , Plant officials said it was fumd- i llavc '» milld v;;I5 ex!ica 5 P Ule Ealnc ed on Friday, Feb. 13, 1898. It was I Tllc nanrt w « P' 11 ^ 11 al auction sold Fcb 13 1918. and turned over \ and South, tne dealer, bid one lo the new owners MArcli 13. 1018. h «rt. North taking th.; contract to VJEST S—A-l H-A-J-75-2 D—Q-J C—Q-J- 1"-S SOUTH—DEALER S—10-9-6-4- H—K-Q-9-6-3 D—A-9 C—S-6 The Uitldms The bidding at the tsvo tables EAST S—C-8-2 H—8 D-K-108-7-4 O-7-54-2 the tatter can b= M«:l o'clock.! Clmrch. 11 a. in. Subject: "Go-! ! :::v.\ u-i-tl us a -;tr.rt?r" frr aiicth-•'"E Forward," .\ j er brikin^ instead cf u.sinj a flush I nion. vr..;: iskr. 'tiicy aiv even better j Evening cinirch. 7:30 r.lur Ihc 1'ivsl day as th.^ •'.-ec-d" i Subject: '-Thr- .Sorrows of O'.d I .<;i-msto ripen ar.d prcjuco a bcl-l A - ; ^ Christ.- l-.-r r.ike. : n - Y - P U.. G:15 p. m. • » > A special effort is b?iii5 made lo! have lareo attendances for (lie The mill was sold to the Eshelman .,3. 19 d the 4 \ew Years scr- Q , K ,..,, ha(! its bi g gcst day Nov. diainrnd, one spade ar.d tv.'o club Iricks. or four tricks in all,-going-j down three tricks. •<>*•• i At the other table, the declarer • correctly reasoned that W,;st held the four iiru-Mng hearts and.,two chiDs and had gone up with-.the ace of spades to reserve a ^p.^>for an exit card. H? therefore, swung the king of spades ir, liie West hand and now !ed the ttiree of clubs, ;hrorting West in the le'atl. All West can do is cash his goad ten of clubs and the ace of hearts, and the declarer will win the last three tricks. Instracl of going down three tricks, as was done at the ' oilier table, this declarer made 0112 no trump. • • , ' ' (Juick U«rli« Cnkrs Cue and one-half nip 1 ! Ir.ick- . fir-al services of the year with the j ilcur, 3-4 oup \\\ ^: 11. in, ; evening ;.;riice an evangelistic one. j Attempt ?.e-0rganization Of United Mine Workers | <; no trump. The Tlay East cpencd the seven of (iia- i monds. dummy played the nine and j West false-carded and won I trick with the qu3en shlfled to the club suit ami retiir: Agriculture in Eleven States Conference Subject WASHINGTON. IU1" -The West then ' 1 ' icultliral outlook for clcv;:i ,' jcni states is to be the subpi't of' i- u j i conference of Federal an:! 3tMi: •i-,,.i;i fall. -"> tc.i-;i:o:is bsk-1 Aii are invited. :: \-?. a;p:> 5',\cct nnlk. !.'.i\ tivy ingreclior.: 1 *. :-'u'-'.iy. Stirling to m:il< A: 1 -: \; cg.j ar.ri Arid melted CLA1RSV1LLE, O. (UP)—An j attempt lo re-orsanire 10,000 min- jers In eastern Ohio into the Uiiit- •r"T i-C"" , I'LAM: TACCILI) 1'OK PARKING c<1 M ' uc Workers of America is be"""' '": NEWUURGH'N Y iupi-oeo ing mt>tlc by a grollp hCRded by Add nllk' naymmid. cwncr of'an airpHnc Frallk Rc " dcr ot Zancsvillc, win that West was out of diamonds and long smooth, used in connection with an adver- -.j; until. tisiiiL; >.tuiil. was reprimanded by was designated president of the Ohio district by the anti-Lewis -i-.-!i-..'i:HiR ; ps'llre for lurking the plane In a convention in Springfield. 111., last organiza- •oject ol rc- .-"iWifyinx liiiii Vo'^ppMr I e ailli »S coll!ro1 ot t: "-' mi ; lcs - wll ' ch 'was lost with the ascendancy into power ol John L. Lewis, are from i:ii ix-r.t cr.o ir.'.ii'.ile. r>.U:i:ii c:r r.;strictcd zone in Broadway. Ray-1 March. i. i-.'n. v-Tl! 5i-r-ascd crian'.e. , !lc nd lr!l the plane, and when lie ; Former members of the ' ' ' iieturnctl l:e found the customary | tlou interested in the pro. ' pa: King zone. Daily Mciiu URIiAiCFAST—Orati-r iu:ce. cc-.j,, court. The ship was moved to a V;. inTiin. li.ikcd 1-inuh t!..iil.l i.i-,\ miik. coffee. 1 i.NCiihON •- IliJCkv 'c .*:•?, ':..-.r.;. n;iplc ^;uu-.-. ". :.ion • "•:,- ii.c. nuik, lea. ' ' IMNKElt- Ci-raincd vo.'l. ::i.:-Vir.l .. i.,:,-.. lv,:t!i-:cd r.ini-,-.; 1 . r :as, Four expert:- from UnlSel States Department of A^ricult' : heart suit before the ace ol ciia- j win oe present. <nc sia:c? uiiiclv i\ monds was killed, and relumed llie-will send cxlension siiirialisti avc-i | ten of hearts. Colorado, New Mexico. Arizam. Ni- East played the eight, dummy Iho vada, California. Oregon. \Vashin?-- : three and West won the trick with; ton. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.'anl 1 the jack. The eight spot falling; Utah. from the East hand should inline-1 ch [ c [ discussion top'cs 'vill b-- ciiately warn the c'.rclarer lhat East: , he i,.,, s inrss siiiiation vvi c-maVs-i' 1 out of hearts or else holds cnly i [or npr i a iltural produce "th-Vciii ' (he bare ace. West returned the olll!ccki M1( , prospects fcr b-ef cit-' jack ol diamonds whic.i dummy; „ and 5hcc < birvm { - ia ,-. won with Ihc ace. Djclarcr re-1 Thc ^ c cxlc ;, v , K n . n ;L['i., turned the tcr. of spades from dtim- ,'.: my, and at both tables West Jump- f, 1 "" ! - . • - '" 1 Hie Flushing. Lafferly. Barncsville,; cd up with the ace in order lo pro- ' Fairpoinl, Maynard. Crescent, vide hLs liand wllh sn exit cardj' to i-<sr-h» , i i« K, K • e.wrl.s . O r farmer*' • Belaire. Siiady- c;'.rrol L'xns lo.i.iso jnu: WALK MARION. Ind. (UP)— decree B.! B1 * Ule Than.!,. fS. vrariirrt the cn.-i of a side. Powhalan. Big Rmi. Adi-m ina.lcO-mib wnlfc v,h»n lie retirert al!cl Sinithfleld districts. Arranj:- frcm the postal .service alter scrv-1 ments have been made for ;,n ear.y i:i ? .is ;: r,ir:i L - ifcr 31 Ji -.irs. ' election cf olRcers. ir.c his i-'ivice Tiin:nr.s s.iirl l:c lud • worn cut ?.1 pairs of shoos. 300]i3irj . cf inl!-.-olc c . and 50 imi.or:n ; ..- c There h;r,c been no comnlainls or i' : rircrf ii-pr,vteri h: his service to: ' 16 yo:i:",-i. l-,r 5.1 ;;1. '. slioiild 1:: be later thrown in wlUiL (ATFRN , 1TY UOKPITAI -- ., a heart. West returned the Jack or| M * 0 ™atc T! "° s-c^H~',,' vn •'.' clubs which the declarer won wilhl ra , C5 rcS ; 0n ji,] c ' 'i\>'r iiifo-m'iion'' tllL ' kln J- .„. . i write Falrmouiit"Hosp:t,ii 49;'i"rasl Here is where lite play dllforert. I7tn Kansas City Mwoiiri at the two lables. Bolh players decided lhat their only chance of. making their cor.tiact w,is to find i the ace cf hearts in :hc West hand., At one table, the declarer's next i : Flowing ::i el;e American :ir;-.iy j lead was ihc four of hearts, which 'v.i^ nr-t r.bcl:r,'.-.ed until 1SB1. tip-West won with, the ace. West <-.'.v-.i' jcar the Civil War b^s;.in. ca:h:d his two good club tricks and; •i 'Hi.': ;r.::n of puni'slimcnt was nTj.'letl the jack of spades. Tns de- candidate for a license to . tnxicr.h in London to still nicdlral cxaniiiiati:>..i. a doctor's Prescriplinn and IT in the navy clarer refused lo win. l-,r:pir,g tu IS Till-, MOST SPtEDY RE51EUY KNOWN. Ccinmc:'.s. I leave Weit in the lead- so that he i GCfi ALSO IN TAHLIvl'S.

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