The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Page 3
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, ATTOTTBT 14, 1W1 (ARK.) COVRIBR NEWS PACT TJUtn Sister Kenny, Famed Polio Fighter, Suffers from Incurable Disease SYDNEY, Australia, Aug, 14, (,Vi* —8ist«r Elisabeth Kenny, who won world fam« helping others fight polio, disclosed today she Is treat- Ing herself for a disease she de- •erlbed a* incurable. The 64-year-old Australian nurse told the Associated Press she preferred not to make public the name ~Jkf her ailment, but, she fiatd "it is ^Whlng horrible, unsightly or In fectlous." . The white-haired woman, whose controversial treatment of polio has gained her wide renown, said she knows she has not long to live perhaps "a couple of years." She smiled as she talked of deatb but her movements ware slow, she acknowledged that she suffers some pain. She said she has known for two years the nature of her disease There still appeared to be plenty of vigor, however, In the body of th« woman who for years has battled to convince the world her understanding and methods of treating Infantile paralysis are correct. Sister Kenny said that through her self "treatment she had regained better use of her legs and hands than she had when she came back to Australia last February after 10 yearn in the United States. She leaves Thursday by plane for a two-month visit to the United States. England and European countries to talk about polio and to listen ' to doctors—many of whom do not agree with her methods- tell of their findings In the treatment of the disease. There Is No Cure Asked If she would seek medical treatment in the U.S. or elsewhero Aring her Journey, Sister Kenny said simply: "There is no cure." She said she failed to understand why newspapers appeared more interested in writing about her health than about her famous treatment "After all," she said, "20 years ago four doctors gave me four months to live because of my heart. They •11 are dead except myself." Sister Kenny came to Sydney from her mountain home in Toowoomba, In the mountains of southern Queensland, last Sunday to get ready for her trip. Travelling with her as companion and secretary Is Mis* Ella Vigar, a trained nurse. To Arrive Friday Sister Kenny will leave by Pan American airlines for Honolulu and then on to Los Angeles. She is due to arrive there Friday (9:15 a.m. 1ST). From there she will go to Copenhagen, Denmark for the International poliomyelitis conference starting-Sept. 1. "I will go there as an onlooker." •he said, "to see if anything new Is presented from any part of the world in order that it may be added to my own contribution." - She .will present her newest and she • sayv''her last contribution to the medical committee of the Sis- ^r Kenny Foundation, which is Pgeetlng in the United Slates In mid-September. Sister Kenny has completed a written record of her knowledge of polio and its treatment. The final chapter Is 27 pages of foolscap entitled "the cause, detection and prevention of stiffness and deformity." Cure Claimed •Inter Kenny never claimed a our* for polio. But she did claim that those who recovered under her treatment escaped twisted limbs. The treatment Includes application of thick, hot packs and thorough nursing care. She has fought stubbornly to have her Ideas about treatment of polio accepted by medical circles. Doctor* have debated violently the ../'Kenny treatment" during the time , ' she toured the United States and set, up clinics there. An Associated 1 Press survey this year showed most doctors agree that she started » "virtual revolution" In polio treatment, but they still oppose her i ^wncept of the disease. She believes ^Qie disease can affect tfny muscle I or organ. Most doctors think it i strike* exclusively at the central nervous system. At the end or her trip, sister Orders of Four Romanians Give 'Spie*' Sentences LONDON, Aug. 14. (A 1 )—A Romanian military court yesterday sentenced four men to death and four others to long prison terms. They were convicted of treason and espionage on behalf of the United States and Britain. The radio dispatch of the Romanian news agency, monitored here, said the four who were sentenced to death—one was formerly commander of Romania's air force —had confessed that they plotted :o overthrow the communist regime with the help of the two big western powers. Sentenced to die were MaJ. Gen. Mihail Romanescu, 52, former Air Force commander; Georg Polidu- Micsimesti, 50. identified as once a "leading civil adviser;" Alexander Liciu, 67, former president of the Bucharest court of appeals, and Col. Mihai) Bosoanca, 48. The four sentenced to prison all confiscated, were Ratlu MaUik, 25 years; Anton Dumitrescu. a former colonel, 16 years; Ion Vasjlescu- Valijan, 15 years, and Tituf Onisor, 12 years. Dreifus' Year of Challenge! Prices That Challenge Comparison! HE'S ON THE BOLL—Disc jockey Ed "Boll Weevil" Keane, of Harlingen, Tex., made the mistake of declaring on his radio program that "Anyone can pick, a bale of cotton in a week." Veteran ;otton growers challenged him to do it, offering $1600 in cash and prizes if he made good. Here, with three more days to go, he mopi his brow and decides it isn't ss easy as he thought. ' Russian Agriculture Behind Schedule, U.S. Agency Says WASHINGTON, Aug. 14. (/Pj —, The Agriculture Department said' today the best Information it has ndicates that Russian agriculture not yet attained the ambitious iroduction goals set by Soviet rul- rs- In an 188-page survey of Russian agriculture, the Department said it appears that the total area planted to crops last" yenr was 363,000,000 acres compared-with a government goal of 392,000,000 acres. In fact, it said, last year's'acre- age fell a little short of 1938, when plantings totaled about 378.000.000 •PS, U.S. plantings have been running upward of 350.000,000 acres, j increase Livestock numbers at the start of 1951 were also below the official Soviet goals, the Department said. Data Is Scanty "While reliable .statistical data recovery of Russian agriculture has at a considerably slower pace Lhan was contemplated in the ambitions goals of the Soviet reconstruction program." The sur\ - ey gave an outline of the collectivization of agriculture and of a series of "five-year" plans for boosting output. The last five- year plan was launched In 1M€. By 1950, total agricultural production \vas to increase 27 per cent over the 1MO volume—a goal which, the department said, was not reached. Emphasis Is on Yields The chief emphasis in the plan, the department said, was on an in yields to the acre through improved farm practices which were said to have deteriorated during the war. 'Lost Weekends' Plague Kansas, WCTU Is Told BOSTON. Aug. 14. (IP)— Delegates to the Women's Christian Temperance Union convention were told today that repeal of the Kansas prohibition law has greatly increased the number of "lost weekends" in that state.' Fred W. L. Squires of Chicago, W.C.T.U. research counsel, said arrests for drunken driving have more than doubled and those for drunkenness have increased 21 percent since state repeal. He said the survey compares Kansas drink condition in 1948. last complete year of prohibition, with Ihose of 1950. Mrs. Margaret G. Munns of Bur- lincame. Calif., and Seattle, Wash., orld W.C.T.U. treasurer, reported we more countries affiliated In ne past year. She listed them as British Ouina, Paraguay, Panama, Nicaragua nd Haiti. TRANSPORTATION: COURTESY UNCLE SAM— What this Red officer loses in face, he makes up in shoe leather. It's Chinese tJeneral Hsieh Fang, one of two Chinese negotiators at Kaesong, sitting in the front seat of an American-made jeep. The vehicle still bears the Army's white star marking indicating its former ownershp by Uncle Sam. Truman's Home County Air Base Project Due for House Vote have been scanty," the survey said, "indications are that the postwar Kenny will return to her Australian home. But she says she will continue to mak e frequent visits to the United States as long as she lives. < The department said Russian farm production statistics are usually over-optimistic. They include for example, the estimated yields before crops are harvested. Thu. harvesting losses, said to run from 10 to 20 per cent, are Ignored. Se/f-Service Customer Helps Self to Money NEWPORT NEWS. Va., Auff, 14. <AP)------At least one person in this area believes In helping himself at a self-service market. White customers crowded around produce' shelves yesterday at an open air self-service market, somebody went to the cash register and made off with $109 in cash. WASHINGTON. Aug. 14. f/I'j—A $19,000.000 project Lo expand the Grand view, Mo., air base in President Truman's home county faces a House vote today. An argument over the Item last" week delayed house action on a $5,768,000,000 military construction bill. Before voting on the construction bill—biggest in war or peacetime— the House must take a rollcall on a motion by Rep. Gross (R-Iowa) to knock the Grandvlew project out of the bill. Grand view is in Jackson County and the President's plane often lands there on Mr. Truman's visit to hfs home at nearby Independence, Mo. The issue would have been settled last Friday except for a "gentleman's agreement" between Democratic and Republican Party leaders not to call for roll-call or record ed votes on Fridays or Mondays. This permits many members of Congress to take an extended weekend. Gross fni!ed !ast Friday to win louse approval of his move. However, only a relatively few congressmen were on hanct and he .Icmandcd—and got—a rollcaU for today. G ross suggested the military chiefs were guilty of "extravagance" in planning to use Grandvtew Instead ol n nearby air force base at Sedalia, Mo. The Scdalla base is down for a $22,000,000 expansion. The Air Force plans to use the Grandview base, after !t is prepared, for the headquarters of the central nir defense force and ns home for an interceptor wing with the job of protecting nearby Kansas City. The military construction will provide for construction and expansion of , military bases and facilities here 'and abroad for the Army, Navy and Marines. Included nre a number of secret Air Force projects aimed at building bases in friendly countries within striking distance of Russia. AT $ THIS * PRICE AT STORE NAME DflEIFUS Meet Urcifns . . . Wear Diamonds iUli \Ufjl \I.\I\ STORK IN BlYTHIVrlll. MtMPHIS AND DTDKBUtA Scientists estimate the light of a firefly at Ij400ths candlepower. 'Look, Ma, No Hand*,' But He Writes Checks LO3 ANGELES, Aug. 1- W)— Orville Rambo, who has no arms or legs, is slated to stand trial Aug. 39 on charges of writing three bad checks. Police said Rambo holds a pen between his chin and shoulder. ur Family PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 860 On Your Dial Wednesday, Aug. 15, J951 MORNING 5:15—Musical Roundup 6:00—News 6:05—Farm Pair 6:15—Musical Roundup 6:30—Goapel Gems 7:00—News 7:05—Yawnin" In Mawnln' 8:00—News 8:15—Bing Sings 8:30^KOSE Kapers 9:OO--Woman's Viewpoint 9:30—Tin Pan Alley 8:45—Dearest Mother 10:00—News 10:05j-Modern Concert Hall 10:3c£-Meet the Band 11:00—News 11:05—Farm Frolics U:30—Pentecostal Church 11:45—Farm Frolics AFTERNOON 12:00—News 12:15—Tops' In Pops 12:30—Cotton Forecast 1:00—Behind World Newi 1:05—Matinee Melodies 1:30—Stars on Farads 1:45—Marine Show 2:00—News 2:05—Hillbilly Roundup 3:00—News 3:05—Heptlm« 3:15—In Groove Boyi 3:30—Hep Tims 4:00—News 4:05—Murray'! Madhous* 5:00—News 6:00—KOSE Scoreboar* 6:15—It's Dancetlme 8:30—News 6:35—Organ Melortle* 6:45—Sign Off how you can find practkaRy everything you need ia thi* new exerting catalog! owns e cars!" "I was first in our targe family to own a Dodge," say* Frank Perrotli, Woodbridge, Conn. "But it didn't lake long for the rest of the Perrolti family to follow tuit. Yes, once they saw my Dodge, rod* in it, compared it with the cars they were driving, they all began to swing over to Dodge. Today our family owni 13 Dodge cars and 11 Dodge trucks . . . and that'* toying plenty for Dodge value and dependability." It's Easy .. . You select the Item* you want . . we handle all details of ordering. Speedy Service Your order ts rushed to Memphisnnd returned!)? fast express. H's Thrifty . .. Save money order. C.O.D. fees, postage. Save on transportation charges, too. Buy Now . . . Pay later Catalog purchases total- Ing $20 or more can t» made on Scar* Easy Payment PJan. 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