The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1936
Page 2
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13LYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS' Crete Social Calendni THOUSHAVS EVENTS Junior. U. p. C. state convention having dance, city auditorium, 9:30 p. 'tn. Altar society, Immnnilale Conception church, having bingo party . Mrs. Bells Wood having Thursday Rook club, 2:30 pm. Children of Confederacy Will Meet In Convention Tomorrow iwrt Has Dance I The •• country club had a rtnncc last night when Mr. and Mrs. Halo Jackscn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Florida nrid Mr. ond tyrs. Jomes Driver of Osccola, were hosts and hostesses. Music was .furnished by Harold Sudbury- nnrt his University of Alabama orchestra ond S. J. Cohen was niastev of ceremonies for the dance, which was In night club style, wiiii several spKlnlll'S. Out of town guests were: Mr, mid Mrs. Lefty Alexander, Mr. and Mi's. Hen Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Brags, Mr. and Mrs, Lee, Mr. ond Mrs. L. W. Walters, Miss Julia Craig, Mrs. Natalie King, E. b. Tnllafcrro, Raymond Carlwrtght, Mr. and Mre. C, B. Driver, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose, of ' Osccoln, and Mrs. Herbert Davis" of. PUtsDureb, Pa, houseguest of Mr. •• find Mrs. Saimtel F. -Norrls. • Ccmp'lmcnl Guest Mis R N \Varo, of .Tnlltilali, I,n;,; was guest of honor" nt a morning bridge parly given yesterday by Mrs. Hunter O. Sims and Mrs. Floyd Whlto at the Sims home. Garden (lowers decorated the sun porch anrt ' living room, where the font tables \\ero in-ranged for Ilia" card earhc and tho two course luncheon. Mrs Ecfgii: JBoiuin won hosiery foi the high scoio prize, second high' iprlzc, cards, went to Mrs. R«?5Cll /Phillips, mid- Mrs. Wnrc v>ns piesenkd a handkerchief. j f * * Hn& Oucils At' Club Fartj Airs. T.' L. McHnney hnd an extra table of gtiesU when she en- lei lamed the Younger Set Bridge club Tuesday' afternoon In compliment. to . licr housegucst. Miss Laifra D-mgherly, of Tupelo, Mis?. Otliei giiesls wire Misses Julln Craig iitid Louise Hale, of Osceoln, Mfs;;Joc Lltzclfelner, of Washington, ,D C, who Is visiting her parents, Dr (met Mrs. 8. P. Martin, Mrs.i Jim Harwell and Mrs. Louis ' division, children ol the Confei- eraey, to IJQ held hero Thursday The convention will open ul u o'clock, at ths Hots! Noble, when Mrs. A. M. R. lir.imon, 'Historian of the U. n. O, chapter here, will say the Invocation. Miss Evelyn Smart, president of the local chnn- ler. win welcome tlie visitors, tlis pledge ot allegiance 13 the flfig will bo alveti by Buncll Mourning ol Little Rock, .501] o/ Mrs. B. A. president of the local U. I) c. imd Mrs. Marvin nobtnson,' uist director of the Children of tl:c Confederacy, Miss Lois Tomllnson, '4 IMI: Hock, ivlll give (he response, Mis' Lenom Roiiion of lloiie. stnte prusi- dent, will bs presented bsfore Miss Jean Harrison, with Mrs. p. it Joyner ns nccommnut, slnjs "Lav? In My Heart." Greetings will be i-ivcii by Mrs. James D. Clark, tilled vice-presi- ton, James Karl miller of No;tli LltUo nock, and Miss Vlr s lnlu Henderson of DoWltt. Bobby Mc- Hnncy, nsslstcd by George Hubbard and oilier "Indian Warriors" will Blve u dance with Miss Mary Emma Hood us accompanist, and Mildred Mulr will give, it reading, "My Grievance," before business Is laden up BKii prices nwnriied. ' Late in the nftcrnoon the con- vcntton members will go to Osu°- ola for a swimming party ami p|.","18 supper, to'be 8 l ven by'Miss .Martna Jine Caitwrig'iH, I Tlii> dniice at the city auditorium, with Harold sudbury and his University of Alabama orchestra furnishing the music, will bcjjln nl . !):30 o'clock. | The convention «>»! close f'Mw morning with u Di-oakfasl ni. n,c 1 Ho'el Noble. HAS. S. LEMON'S FURNISHINGS Moderately Priced inst She was showered with ylfts of 'Handkerchiefs and a Bible. After p*nylng games, ice cream and enkc were served. * • » Has Birthday Varly. Dickie Qrecnwell «-ns c-is'it years old Tuesdny iittmioon so ho' find 16 of his friends for a parly «l the homo <T his pircms, Mr. and Mrs Paul Greemvell. Patricia Child mid Oil S5i»] won pri'-s 1« a guessln-i contest. Mrs. Greenwell was assisted by Pnlrlch wise i'i serving Ice cream and birthday cake. Council Has Soclnl Merlin?.. Tile Woman's Council of the First Christian church Imd n sorlal mc=l- Inj Mond.iv, nL (lie home of Mrs V. a, Holland, it w a s a "take-» dish" allnlr. Lunch will be served itt itc Aincvican Legion hut with fe local U. D. o. chapli-r ^5 hssti'Sj In tho nttcrnoon session, Mrs. c. F n- 1 —cr wPl S iy the Invocation. Miss Evelyn Smart will play piano numbers, Mrs C S. Lowr.iorp, of Hope, parllairiJiiliu-lnn, , v lil give Uio rules of the convention a report will bs given by the crcJni- tlnls commlileo. Miss Jnnc Bran- Zinnias \vcfc' uscrt Tor decorating- the living mid dJnliig rooms. A salad plate \\as served with Iced lea alter the games Jlrs. \V. A Af flick won club high, Miss Sue Butt was second hlfeh In the club, Mks Craig received the high nvvntil among the Eliests and Miss Daugherty was presented a gift. » » % W. M. U. Has r-cpam Meeting .Mrs. O. W. nffllek was leader of the piogram at Hid meeting ol the Woman's Missionary .Union of IhV First Baptist church Monday afternoon, at tho church, when she used for her subject' "Signs 01 : Kingdom's Progress.". Mrs. Lloyd stlckmon spoke on "The Influence of Christian Ideals," Mrs. Paul L Tiplon sang n solo with Mrs Murray Smart ol the piano, Mrs. J. O. Fuller Ion spoke on "Missions Beget Missions," Mrs. Ney Hunt's siibjcci [tit & talk was "Brotherly Lovo Increases," and prayers Vevc ol- lerect by Mrs. Theodore. Logan ntrJ Mrs. Alfred Carpenter. Reports of the district meeting of the W M U at Osccola were given by Mrs. John Buchanan >"- b'slie Moore and Mrs. odts Shepherd * * * Has Club. JSrs. B. ; I* Hale-rind the Fortnightly club when she carried out a/javender and white color arrangement.-, in her : flowrrs. tallies, refreshments and the prte, a pair ol pictures, which went to Mrs. \V. H Holcomb, -.;--An Ice course ivas served. Given Surprise'Tarly. ,;Airs. Jake Huffman, supsrinleiid- ent-of'the primary department ol the Sunday school ot the First Bap- Courier News Classified Ads Pay. p WAK i 1SVER BILE- Wlkail CsloMtl-Anil You'll Jump Oul«[ DtJ in iKc Moininj Rj!i!i' lo Co TIio liver BlioulJ pour uul In-o iwiitjils r>f '•i'VM Mlo into j-our bow<)> ilallr. If ll.ii Ma !>r.?' I'oiv.tig freely, yimr f<*>Jt3<>efi!i't>lixval. II jilll i)»c»y« 1.1 Uic U.«cl«. Cnn blOi.l.i «n your Blnmarli, Vmi (,'cl ron5li[>n(rj. Your \vholo R)T*lom Is i»l.'«ncil n)id you f«l flour, flunk anil tho world look* punk. laxatJv-M i\ro only l:inVcaMf(5, A morn WH'el iTiovecic-nt OwjKj't net nl ttir- f«,isc. It ti>kc» vlioio S<XK|, oil C«rlor'i> l.ltllo Liver I'llls lo net Ihcso two |x>urul« of bile Howliii,- Irccly ami makd V-QH f«l"tinamiuri". llnrni. Iwi. KCnltf. yet ainaxinii In jnskidK Life l!ois- (rcoly. Ask for Cnncr'a I.Ullo I.lvcr 1'ills by umc,,Stubbornly rcfuso Anythinii else. ' Veterans-and Others ! k;t«e .see me he fore buying n liome, vacant li)l, iif M farm—liirfjc or smjill. I ciin save you money. I liavc JiOHic vcrv lir.v-priccd lol;-, dcsirnblv locnlcd for liomcs iii sections served l>y pavement find Hewer, lull without (ax, pracli'cally. I have Ktiburban acrciiirc, close in, Inil witli- <ntt improveiiHMil (iix. I huvc attractive a>tinges, on or. off the [lavement. I have farmK—fari;r and .small. All thenc ;i( prices (o iiiiit (lie buyer. E. M. TERRY -Pntistts Junior Organization / . ofU.D.C. STATE CONVENTION DANCE .. Thursday, June 18lh , 9:30 R-.JI. City Aiuli Lori iiii! .r OF ALABAMA 12-PIECE ORCHESTRA Delegates .from 16 to 21 jcars= old ivjll bc*gufesX4-6r Ixmo!'. • - • , j Script §1.10 FOR BROILING DAYS! America's Two Leading Lines >l O i Newest Design SUITES •Duncan Phyie DIHING SUITES WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 1930 Winnie Mclisnry of con way second vtct-prcslocrii; Dean Smith of Montlcello. third vlce-))res!d"nf Miss Dorothy Bromley of HelcW recording secretary; Miss Dais Dorothy Heard of Hope, corre spending secretary; James Eau Buller of North Little Rocft, treas- v rer; Miss Pauline Lobsl! of Buren, historian; Miss lx)«lss lian of Lewlsville. ciiaplai:i; aud • FOWH & Country Club! CKS : Featuring Sun-back, and Sports Types , . , Semi- dress and dressy • models —Voiles —Dolled Sivlss — '"cn-ljcrgr Shcors — IJucns These internationally [amous designers, have ever stood for (he ideal perpetuated in our shop . . . the ideal to bring you origin-0 significant {ash- ions with a flare (or distinctive lines, fine detailing and \vorkmanship . . . ever in quest o! inspired, exclusive fabrics . . . aclvciiSiinng in color;; . . . setting a stuiitlzn! ,,f unmistakable quality and a <c.ii ( - ( ,( unchallenged values. $ P'lFfl? 1}HB AKKAST KOOM- SUITE y>,p. rjr U I !L\jL! Grceit. or-Ivory .' - tfitUD T-TTTTMr- LIVING ROOM SUITES Netvcsl designs in Mohairs, Tapestries anj clhci- new coverings. All ModerateJv Price;!. AT A SAVING or W In ?1 1( ^ v/o llr ^«J3/o ARMSTRONG INLA1 NEWEST J'ATTKKNS NOW ON t>I8f'I..\V v liH-csligHl>,- (Ilia bunn- liftil ;uu) durable «v- for your kitchen D r iiiithroom. Over ;i ),:,riod of years il. i ; tho chciip- cst llo'.ir txivei' i n jr .von can }:s'i. Thci'. too. I h»; qiMlity (if the work \\r do' laying it will surprise you. mu] you will forgcl. the cast \vlien you know how easily it is tu kuc'u floitti wongs Quaker Rugs ADD S KITCHEN FURNITURE SELLERS KITCHEN CABINETS Other Kitchen OF ALL •J 1 * Time to get rid of \ * thai old sweeper ... \ Quickly, easily, not much more than a flick of the wiist needed to whisk «w«y the difl, wilh this most popular of all Hi-Lo" Bissell sweepers,.. the "Grand Rapids." Modem low body . . . chrome-plated fillings ... are plus features. 'Good for'many'years • of everyday thorough Ti.e lofj and imoolh Pc/fccJ Sleeper Maltrtsses asiure perfect iplaxation tir.ei ilcep.fnduclng comfoit faecauro Ihcre are no lufti—no lumpj, lei us de.xonsimle Sleeper't pafsnled fea- tuffcj. The moltresi and box ipringj to malA ate priced ot $3?.50 each. Other Mattresses ,$'1.95 Up The BROADLOOM HUG is growing. .. it gives you MAXIMUM LUXURY at MINIMUM COST* /AUK beautiful figured Broadloum Uugs—all by tLc " Bigelem- Weavers—are (lie ansivcr lo many a'ru" problem. Their total lack of borders makes ibeiu'-Blay oil tbc lloor'—Jit iu harmoniously in'tli auy decorative scheme. These Broaiiloonis CHH be cut to any length you wish — aud arc seamless up to 12 feel wide. Many lovely patterns to choose from. When may 1V c call anil lake measurements for a cuslom-lil ru"? for cr(irn;jfc: tins riclilv colorful hooked rug pattern coils only $4 {Other sizes ut proportionately tow prices) mm RUGS »,!;„;. i? ficc ,, nm

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