The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1944
Page 8
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! '$PAGE BIGHT" 1 BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS Mosley Fights Overconfidence " 4 i ^ i- *"' £ Junior Coach, Warns f, -Squad That Indians i£ Gunning For Upset * Y. .. ,. , t t * '^hls little 'ilrl,' Orphan Annie pi Oi£*corniest has sphiellilng when she i, said, don't underestimate an ? enemy;"' ''It'was Sylvester (POD) Mosley talking jq )}ls Junior IJigh Papooses as they prepped tor the Wednesday rilght; engagement' with the Marked Tree Resenes '• • "Always remwn^er that, especially in footbXl^&jjd you won't get slipped up by Ypeemlngly Inferloi learn,' (he grizzled \eteran continued'"Many n game has been won or lost before the actual thing started; The mental: condlflon Is just as Important as the plvjelcal Both must be at their best in order (6 get the most out, reap the full benefit of what jcm hove. VAnd I am just reminding you boys not to win this game before you fake the field tomorrow night I-want you to be confident of your- selies, and be ready for anj emergency. But gl\e Ihe other fellow credit for feeling the same way. Visitors Are Geared •'This Marked Tree team Is out to N ym, v or they wouldn't be coming over here You can pasle that in jour hat as a fact And, unless I miss my guess, they are going to be" geared to the gills and ready for action the minute the game gets under way So, let'? forget all about the fact that Jonesboro beat them For that matter, they heat jou, too, practically the sumo margin Let's get ready, work hard, and let the game take care of Itself" ,And fiom all reports the Papoose mentor had e'vcry reason to sound a note of alarm to his jlsing joungsters They are In for a dose of razzle-dazzle, Houdlnl, who-has' the-ball stuff as they have never seen all season Operating from the famed T formation the Indians arc clever handlers of the ball They nave, drilled for hours In the art of shielding the nugget and that they have done all right is re^ DOPE BUCKET •1 J. F. ffUKND FOOT SOLDIERS 1'l.UGCiKl) t (The Rockets defeated the Co- Tlicy say~don't quote me, though lumbus, (Miss.) Army Air Field, —that the Air Corps gets the press 25-0. The Fourth Infantry Raiders notices and the glory; the Navy gets played a 7-7 tie with Kccsler Field, all the fun; the Marines get there one of the stronger service learns In the fastest nnd the credit, bill the Infantry gets (ill the dirty work. This statement Is not true, of course, They arc nil Iminrtimt branches in the greatest fighting machine of the greatest ration In the world. Each has a definite work to do, a definite.niche to fill In the great scheme of this war business.' But it Is true the Infantry, the foot soldiers nre the least publicized, Ihe guards nnd tackles, If you please. Their work at clearing the path Is most Important. They slosh the mud In the winter; ent dust In the summer. Theirs Is a thankless task, us if any of 11 is one of glamor, Pfc. Finis Hardy, who Is stationed with the Infantry at Fort Bcnnlng, Oa., (Co. B—GOth, APO 3CO) gives ft reminder that we hare not given as much comment to Ihe exploits of the Infantry us some of Die other branches of the service nnd offers some "dope" on the foot soldiers of Uncle Sam's Army. Dear J. P.: I've read a lot ol your "Dope Buckets", but so far I've never noticed' any comments or versions on the infantry. I would like to give you a little dope on the fool soldiers of Uncle Sam's army. CONSIDEKS SELF LUCKY In n way, I consider myself very lucky to be here in the Infantry, I'll tell you this much though, I believe it is the best branch of. the Army. There nre n lot of boys who will dlsngrce with me, there. Most of them think It Is tough, but 1 found out after being In It for almost a year that you get used to their ways of doing nnd the long marches we have. • For the last few weeks we have having plntoon and bnltallon fleeted in the eight straight vie- problems. That is the Plntoon hi nl- ' lories and repeat cliamploys In the 1 fast Northeast Arkansas Conference. ' ? See Much Action , While it is true Coach Kohn Bray won't bring any of his first stringers over to tangle with the locals, most of his jeseives have seen plenty of action In the face of big scoring by the clack Indian back- fleld and should be a far 'different bunch than the one which dropped a" 3T-I3 victory to Jonesbcro.earlv in the season •=A joungster lack. In these problems we call on the Tank Corps ana Artillery to give us supporting. fire power. Now here is where the rough part comes in. The infantry (that's us) advances on the hill while the artillery nnd tanks fire over our heads. Spine times' you can look back and sonic boy who has become nervous and lost control of himself will start firing his rifle wildly over our. heads or under our feet. I've had many a close call just because of that. You must' have nerves to go there with _ .- bj the name of.-this kind of stuff. After two or three Singleton, 125 pounds of hipper- , close calls like'that you can see dipper motion, and Al Cooper, 145- j what we would have to put up with pound fullback, are said to be the over In combat, chief .threats in their smooth vork-j BOAST GREAT TEAMS'' although the other J. p., those are just a few thlncs Jin nnrt Wall,., M-m : ^ ^ l n f nntr y ^5, j, 0 w.,i wnnt to give you some "dope" on the football team down here.-Last Saturday .arid .Sunday I saw two of .the ing attack, backs. Glen . take th nnd Walker eir regular turns along with the ehds, Bridget (130) and Moore '(1_38)| Dent (HO), crack center, nnd MIMpound, Cooper, brother to the starting' fullback, are the spear, heads of a strong line "J' >No Changei Planned ; '*pop", ', does not anticipate ,Wi3> snanges hi . his regular lineup nnd Ukely flllj use r thi W eleven wno lli BgahfcC Jtmesboro and ence, . them' to a few Seletted plays; con-!, centratmg on their pcrfectlbn be-J fore 'giving more. "Ppp" has been giving much attention to the defense v.htch will be fisfA against the Indian Papooses He isrset on the standard 6%2-l, but has worked out a few variations according to his material ana -believes it -should prove effcc- ,Uye if the youngsters can handle the assignments ' % "At -"any rate, they'll give 'em n battle", he warned, then went back to work. :hc country, while the Third Infantry led by All-America Billy Hll- dcbrnnd nnd Mike Cimtcrella, defeated Fort Knox, 10-0). Since then, however, one of his prides went down to defcal'beforc Jackson Army Air Field.) This Is ntjoul all 1 have to tell, J. P., so will close. Wish I could see the Blythcvillc-Joncsboio game, for I believe It will be plenty good. (It was, Finis, even though the Chicks took It on Ihe chin, 31-0. That came does something to your Jnsldes, doesn't It?) I wish the'chlcks all the luck In the world nnd hope I can make it there for the next game, (So do we all, fella). Yours truly, . Finis Hardy. Son of Mrs. J. W. Hardy and half-brother to Alvln, Finis has seen considerable of these great United States In his two years of service. First In the Tnnk Destroyer In California, he has been shifted nbout to finally wind up nt Fort TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 19-14 Bennlng the Infantry where he appears to be well pleased. He hns two brothers In the service. Woodrow Is stationed In Iceland where he hns been for three years. Hnywood Is somewhere In the Southwest Pacific. He tins been in two years and formerly was connected-with the Courier News. A brother-in-law, Claude Kolwyck, Is stationed In Arizona, . best games 1 ever snw in my life. I am enclosing a clipping or two from the Fort Bemilng paper and you cnn see for j'otirself they were two swell games. Plenty of nll- Anierlcan boys playing, loo. Still, I would sny Sonny Lloyd could have beat any of them If he had got his chance In college. Terranova was penalized-In' the seventh round for hooking his \eti In foul tcrrltorj ! , 'Tcmnov»> h^ft' former 51 Nalional Boxing Association featherweight champ, and Jeffra Is an cx-fcathcr DiMaggio In Hew York NEW YORK, Nov. 21 (U.I'.)— Staff Sergeant Joe DiMngglo is back-Mil New York for the first time since ho went overseas with the Army Air Forces, nnd he's in the nation's .biggest city lo ccle-' bra'te' his 3Dth birthday. However, Joe was close-mouthed last night about .speculation over ills trip to Now York. Rumors Imvc been heard that the former Yankee slugger might be negotiating to return to the Yanks. DiMaggio was in the hospital at' Honolulu for n stomach disorder not long ago but; has vigorously denied that he Is about to be discharged from the Army. He says he Intends- making no overtures to.the Yankees, the club which he became the premier home-run hitter in the majors. President Edward O. Barrow of the New York club says DIMngglo hns not communicated with him, nnd that lie doubts whether his visit hns anything to do with n possible return,.to. the team next Truesdale And Welch Winners Defeat Von Ludwig And Gus Wisbar In Bout At Arena Here Making their first start together as A lag learn, Roy Walch and "Tuffy" Trucsdnlc slugged out a clean cut victory over the Germans, Gus Wisbnr and Otto Von Ludwlg, last night In the feature of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly show. It ,wns no pushover affair for Roy and "Tuny". Despite the fact that they toasted a slight weight advantage by virtue of Welch's mare than 200 pounds, the 2-1 victory was well earned and came only after a. bitter, hard fought, but rollicking performkncc. This Wlsbnr, thougn on the losing side, nearly stole the show as far as the 1400 fans who jammed the sinull arena to Hie rafters vveie concerned. Gus was at his best, both as a wrestler and a showman.' He gitvo Welch and "Tuffy" the fight of their lives, and the customers a great show us the Juicy plumb of a riotous evening of entertainment. Start Winning Streak, For a while It appeared as If ;\yis- har and Von-Liulwlg were going'to make a clean sweep of the program. Gus opened the show by trouncing clapper young Truesdale, the St. Louis boy who recently won the light Heavyweight championship of Mexico while on a lour, in their single-full preliminary. Von Ludwig followed with n victory over Welch, thanks to a neat bit of opportunity grasping. "But It'll be different in the tng match", one loyal fun said in open confidence as his fallen Idol, Welch, stepped through the ropes and went Into .the dressing room prior to the main event. From the way it started out even he must have changed his mind nt lenst n half dozen times as the pendulum of victory swung bnck and forth In the face of a .fast, blistering, exciting pace. • •." Wislrar and Von Ludwig broke the victory ring for the third time as they disposed of Welch to gain''nn edge or the first fall which had everything from comedy nriti clean fun to good, clever wrestling. Gus ' brought the thing to an .end by ; kicking Roy in the chest a couple 'of times after throwing him against the ropes for added effect. It.vas •Truesdale's turn next nucl he caught t In; n double dose from the rough Von ; Ludwig and Wisbar. Otto-put the screws to him with'two--pile drivers, followed by a body pin, the Don't Look Now— Lieut. Robert Henry 19-ycnr-old-jon of Mr. weight nnd bantamweight chnmp. Neb, next week. Lieutenant Peterson Wins Navigator Wings Second Peterson, nnd Mrs. J. T. Peterson of Blythe- vllle, receiver! his silver wings as nu nerlal navigator of the Army Air Forces Saturday.In graduation exercises at 'the AAP Navlgutloii School at Sari Mar^ps Army Air Llculcrinnt ^'Peterson 1 u6w fs spending his leave here with his parents before reporting to Lincoln, Featherweights Draw 7 NEW YORK, Nov 21 <UP> — Phil Terranova of the Bronx and Harry Jeffra of Baltimore battled through 10 rounds at Saint Nick's Arena last night, but Ihc two featherweights finished even Stephen Referee Harry Ebbetls voted for Terranova But he nas overruled by judges Fred Branclll and Tom Guilfojle who spilt (he 10 rounds and called it a draw * There were no knockdowns, but MODINGER-POETzllRE^CO. How Sluggish Folks Get Happy Relief >T .««J CONSTIPATION mkkes yon feel f*ak u the dickens, brings on stomtch met, tour taste, g«sy discomfort, take Dr Cudwell't famous medicine to quickly »«H the trijjer on Uzy "inntrds", «nd Mip joa feel bright And chipper ftgAin, *«. CMAWTELl'S j« the wonderful sennt Uttbre contimed in good old Sjron Pep— '" -"•« it so euj to Uke. , • < pepsin preparations eiemeeinetnor ««ble«nd»Eree»kletotake. So be sure \ yMCUxctivetsconUineditiSyrup Pepsin. ' i 9t unions for SO yetta. >nd f eel lh«t whole- slf'" 1' •*<""'"ff'Totacon«tipat 1 on. Even finicky ,* ( ckjdteii love it. ' ,.i '- **UTK»N :TJs«only«sdirected ( &$$ PAVING TAXES DUE * * Paving Districts 2 and 3 taxes will be delinquent Dec. 1,1944. * * Avoid Penalty — Pay Now Byron Morse Collector , 114 N. 2nd St. out Truesdule In a thrilling match to open the fine show. Kangaroo kicks,. followed l>y tile usual body pin, was the oiftclal clincher in 10 minutes. Von Ludwig showed tremendous slaying qualities to finally beat the favored Welch In their bruising bat- tle'that lasted 16 minutes. And lie can credit his alertness to the vicr lory. He caught the veteran Welch in a careless moment when It appeared as If Roy was weii on his way to victory and turned the apparent defeat into a win, Welch had the Dutchman In a pretty bad way from flips but made the mistake of not circling for the clincher. Otto came up' with a crab hold and forced Roy to yell, "I give up." And it was a good thing, too. Georgia Will Observe Two Thanksgiving Days ATL-ANTA, Nov. 21 (UP)—Governor Arnall hns proclaimed both November 23 anj Nov. 30 as legal holidays In Georgia for the observance of Thanksgiving. The governor says he hopes the proclamation will solve the problem besetting residents as to whether federal or state law should be followed. But the state's bankers arc cry- Ing that the governor has only entire time taking 23 minutes. Losers Change Tactics Coining from the brief rest period Truesdale and Welch nltcrcd llieir tactics and It reaped big ditfl- demls. To start with "Tuffy" lit in on Von Ludwig with a scries df headlocks. He squeezed a while then turned-Ills vlcllm over to Hoy who applied more pressure. In desperation after Ave minutes of the punishment without chance of getting relief from Ills partner Otto surrendered. They, tried the same plan on Wisbar but the clever Dutchman evaded the vise-like clutches. But he fell victim to a bit'of rock- nnd-sock; "Tuffy" again getting credit for the fall In five more minutes. Von Ludwig was the principal tar- gel of Tnie«lnle and Welch as the third and (tedding fall got under way. But it was not ensy, not.with Wisbar on the loose and quite proficient with the head bump mode good and handy. But that problem was solved. A sudden switch to Gus' prized non-caullflowered ears, which life free of knots after these many years of mat campaigning, turned the trick. From then on Gus was just about willing to do anything in order to keep thctn away from his ears. Welch Calls On I»ct Hoy submerged Von Ludwig with body slam in five minutes, then culled on his pel to put the finishing touches to Wisbar In 10 more minutes, which won the match. Showing an advantage by virtue of his superior weight Wisbar edged .EDUCATIONAL EXHIBIT eo/uf TO COAST MI/HUH tr now" THE AN I m. ^INACTION ,ALV WEEK 9AM.TO II RM. CHICKASAW W«t Main Neur Zlrt Bt B»t »tarta 12:45; Bon. •Urt* l:«t Night showi 5:15 Exe«pt Monday, open* *:iS Continuous shorn 8»t. and Bun. Tuesday . PAL NITE Z Tickets For the Price of 1 "THE GLASS KEY" with ' Veronica Lake & Alan Ladd Also Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "TWO YANKS IN TRINIDAD" . ' • with Fat O'Brien.& Brian Donlevy and , "GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY" with Harold Pcafy OIL MEEtS UP TO 3000° ,KE*VT; UP/K) iooo LBS. PRESSURE PER SQJN.J WORN SUMMER OIL. -CANT. TAKE. ir.v. CHANGE OIL NOW TO AVOID ENG1N E DAMA0E i GASOLINE POWERS THE ATTACK** DON'T WASTE A DROP I sc ,y| I£)RR-RR-RR-R .' ONLY I fO% PROP /N £fFICIEMCY |^ OF YOUR RADIATOR. CAM Ol/WieAT YOUR ENGINE. CHECK XOUR RADIATOR, NOW.'.. WINTER'S NEAR.' /INTER KILLS BATTERIES FAST? AT/4 CHARGE, YOUR BATTER/ CAN FREEZE AT ONLY S DEGREES... < HARM A BATTERX /N PRIME CONDITION. GET.YOURS -. ~'-t ?f|C'* v v\ (iA-^«v-w/ -J v: v--^--; I^M r •T^'^v c- '- : -^- rftife • r - <3>^pm / ^ 4^|»K*;) /, ?/ s l # ;/ [Xi-^-y^- STONE"W ^ YOUR ESSO REPORTER EVERY DAY STANDARD >OIJ. COMPANY OF LOUISIANA ter; ,Mr~R=S muddled the waters further. They say previous arrangements have ocen made to close state hanks on the 30th, the day set by Georgia law, and to keep them open on the 23rd, the day set by Congress. This arrangement will prevail, they say, because they believed Arnall lacked the power to declare a legal holiday. Regardless ol what the bankers do, state employes will take a double holiday. Thousands of other Georgians are expected to follow the .governor's proclamation and do likewise. 'Big' Winnings Stolen CHICAGO. (UP)-Pcter Parker, a painter, was robbed of 98 pennies while on his way home from a friendly poker game. New Theatre Manila's finest Shows Nightjy 8:00 P. ftj. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Mi Cooling System Tuesday "MOON OVER LAS VEGAS" A Universal Picture Serial & Short Wednesday & Thursday 'CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY' with Ueanna Durbin & Gene Kelly Fox News & Short Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Oh My Darling Clementine' 'Yank Albertson, Lorna Gray and Koy Acuff & His Band THE MAN NO WOMAN COULD TAME MP1HA O'CRISCOV Screen PbybyWaircn Doll Produced bySobcil Fellows ' Directed by R.'cluid Wallace News of Ihc Day Short RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. . WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show SU at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show BUrU 1:15 " Tuesday & Wednesday 'FALCON IN MEXICO' with Tom Conway KKO Jfcivs & Siiort (Tuesday Night Is . , Opportunely Night)

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