St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on January 22, 1985 · Page 16
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 16

St. Louis, Missouri
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Tuesday, January 22, 1985
Page 16
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books StLCUIS POST-DISPATCH 4B Tues., Jan. 22, 1985 Obituaries Congressman Gillis W. Long Dies At 6 1 Book Review Career Of An Anarchist Through Admiring Eyes EMMA GOLDMAN: An Intimate Life By Alice Wexler 281 pages. Pantheon, $19.95 LOVE, ANARCHY, AND EMMA GOLDMAN By Candace Falk, 523 pages Holt. Rinehart and Winston, $25 Reviewed by Joseph Losos ; Emma Goldman attracts the same sort of biographers as Queen Elizabeth I of England. That sounds crazy, but when you think about it there is a simple explanation. Many writers are attracted to very strong women ("lady" does not quite fit the Queen; for Emma it would be an utterly ludicrous appellation) who combine forthright stands on public policy with a proud and glamorous private life. In both cases the heroines did what they wanted to do, and although they minded going to prison (as they both did at times), they would have minded much more giving up their self-control. This understandably appeals most powerfully to women, so it is not surprising that the authors of these ' two biographies are female. It is apparent that they both admire their subject greatly. Alice Wexler remarks that she "found Goldman both admirable and irritating," but it seems to me that with both books the former reaction is paramount It is evident that the authors empathize with this little girl who came to America without knowing any English and, in a few years, became one of the most notable anarchist speakers in the country. Between 1892 and 1919 she spoke on many platforms, before a surprising number of groups (some of them quite respectable), advocating the elimination of the government and the eradication of the capitalist system. In the First World War, when Goldman's ideas moved from the domain of curiosity into the arena of valid struggle, the government agents assigned to report on her classed her as the most dangerously effective radical; During the war she was imprisoned; after the war she was deported to Russia. As anyone who saw t the movie "Reds" knows, she quickly became disillusioned with Soviet society, and she spent her last years in geographic and intellectual limbo. During the Spanish Civil War she became an adviser-mother figure to the Spanish anarchists, but their heyday was notoriously brief. She died in 1949, tough to the very end. Wexler does not go beyond 1919, either embarrassed by Goldman's " opposition to Communism or unhappy with the aimlessness of the last 20 - years of her life. The criticism leveled against anarchists has centered on the charge that they were totally unrealistic. A world without capitalism must be a world with state monopolies, because the third alternative, The Best Sellers Hard Cover from 1. THE SICILIAN, by Mario Puzo. (Linden Press-Simon & Schuster, $17.95.) A fictionalized life of Salvatore Giuliano, the Sicilian bandit-hero of the 1 940s. 2. THE TALISMAN, by Stephen King and Peter Straub. (Viking, $1 8.95.) Two parallel worlds and a young boy who can travel between them. 3. SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH, by Douglas Adams. (Harmony, $12.95.) Suddenly returned to Earth, the hero of the "Hitchhiker's Trilogy"- . ' science fantasy is confronted with new riddles to solve. 4. LOVE AND WAR, by John Jakes. (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, $19.95.) The Civil War rages in this saga of a Pennsylvania family and a South Carolina family, begun in "North and South." '5. THE FOURTH PROTOCOL, by Frederick Forsyth. (Viking, $17.95.) A London jewel robbery leads to plots and counterplots behind the Iron Curtain. 6. "...AND LADIES OF THE CLUB," by Helen Hooven Santmyer. (Putnam, $19.95.) . . Life in an Ohio hamlet, 1 868 to 1 932. 7. JITTERBUG PERFUME, by Tom Robbins. (Bantam, $15.95.) Reflections on the , olfactory senses and the tyranny of growing old, presented in an idiosyncratic , fictional style. ' 8. ILLUSIONS OF LOVE, by Cynthia Freeman. (Putnam, $15.95.) A romantic triangle that spans a quarter of a century, from an Italian village to Manhattan to San i Francisco. 9. THE LIFE AND HARD TIMES OF HEIDI ABROMOWITZ, by Joan Rivers. , (Delacorte, $8.95.) The comedienne tell the "true story" of her high school ; "t "friend," a notorious tramp. 10. LIFE ITS OWNSELF, by Dan Jenkins. (Simon & Schuster, $15.95) The adventures of a Giants halfback turned television commentator. Nonfiction J. IACOCCA: An Autobiography, by Lee lacocca with William Novak. (Bantam, m $1 7.95.) The rise of the automobile executive from immigrants' son to top jobs at Ford and Chrysler. "1. LOVING EACH OTHER, by Leo Buscaglia. (Slack-Holt, Rinehart & Winston, $13.95.) Suggestions for "setting our priorities right in order to enjoy life to the , fullest." Y,3. PIECES OF MY MIND, by Andrew A. Rooney. (Atheneum, $1 2.95.) More essays by the journalist and television commentator. 4. MOSES THE KITTEN, by James Harriot. (St. Martin's, $9.95.) A waif kitten is . adopted by a pig; illustrated. .7 5. "THE GOOD WAR," by Studs Terkel. (Pantheon, $19.95.) World War II as I remembered by men and women who lived through it. . THE BRIDGE ACROSS FOREVER, by Richard Bach. (Morrow, $1 6.95.) The author v - of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" recounts his search for a true love. " 7. DR. BURNS' PRESCRIPTION FOR HAPPINESS, by George Burns. (Putnam, : $1 1 .95.) The octogenarian comedian provides a regimen of laughs. 6. THE BRAIN, by Richard M. Restak. (Bantam, $24.95.) A companion volume to the PBS television series. ' 9. HERITAGE, by Abba Eban. (Summit, $30.) An account of Jewish history by the Israeli diplomat who hosts the PBS show of the same name. 10. HEY, WAIT A MINUTE, I WROTE A BOOK! by John Madden with Dave Anderson. (Villard Books, $14.95.) An anecdotal autobiography of the popular television sports announcer. ; , f V- f" Emma Goldman chaos, is unsustainable. A credo that appeals to individual violence favors the strong, but anarchism predicts that the meek will inherit the earth. Foes of Emma Goldman told her this all her life, and many conservatives were smugly delighted with her experiences in Russia in fact, it may have motivated her deportation in the first place. Neither Wexler nor Falk come to grips with this issue. By leaving out the last years Wexler can picture a great fighter for freedom in an imperfect America, and let it go at that. Falk is especially reluctant to confront the issue of anarchist support for assassination. Neither writer spends much time on any of Goldman's concrete ideas in the years before 1917, other than birth control. It can be argued that she was not only the earth-mother of world anarchism (the tender role which these authors carefully suggest) but also the earthy grandmother of the PLO. She was controversial in her time, so why not now? Emma Goldman was criticized by her more prudent and bookish colleagues for not merely supporting free love, but for practicing it as well. And with lots of gusto, no less! Both these biographies are greatly indebted to the letters which Candace Falk discovered, letters between Goldman and her raunchy lover, Ben Reitman. These letters preclude these books from ever becoming dry accounts of the life of a political thinker. Emma Goldman, like Queen Elizabeth, has outlasted and probably will long outlast any of the immediate causes for which she struggled. the New York Times (as of Jan. 20) Fiction Joseph Losos is a St Louis banker Compiled From News Services WASHINGTON Rep. Gillis W. Long, D-La., the second-ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee, Is dead at the age of 6 1 . Rep. Long died Sunday night at his home in Washington, apparently of a heart attack. Rep. Long was a member of the family that long dominated Louisiana politics. He was a distant cousin of Huey Long, the former governor of the state and U.S. senator. Huey Long tried unsuccessfully to gamer populist support for a presidential campaign before his assassination in 1935. Rep. Long's endorsement last year of Walter F. Mondale after the California primary was thought to William Waldman, 89; Owned Button Firm A funeral service for William Waldman, owner of a button company, will be at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at Berger Memorial, 4715 McPherson Avenue. Burial will be in Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery, Chesterfield. Mr. Waldman, 89, died Monday of heart disease at St. Luke's Hospital. He had been under treatment for about six weeks. Mr. Waldman, of Chesterfield, retired in 1966 as an owner of the fimeral notices Index Baum, Florence Ann Borick, Gary E. Brauer, Walter 0. Caruso, Joseph A. Dettling, Frank J. Domminguez, Quentin R. Eakle, Isabel W. Eck, Francis J. Eckholdt, Joy Anne Fields, Patricia A. Gallagher, Elizabeth Gokenbach, Margaret R. Goltermann, Millie Grimes, Albert M. Haeckel, Julius E. Sr. Hamilton, Thomas L Hart Heytman, Charles J. Jarvis, Benjamin F. Jones, Ernest E. Jones, Howard H. Klipsch, William F. Jr. Kracht, Albert H. LaBarr.HomerA. Latzer, Louise B. Leber, Clara B. Mallon, Myrtle M. McCauley, Anna H. Monti, Johanna C. Moore, Mary C. New, George W. Nicks, Herbert E. Sr. Noe, Minnie O'Connor, Leo C. Olsen, Nellie I. Poppenga, Marie Purcell, Marjorie V. Reese, Melenda Rehm Riecken, James L. Sr. Schaefer.Vera A. Schmidt, Samuel J. Siekerman, Clemens R. Smith, Bemice Smith, Harry N. Smith, Woodie B. Traina Tubbesing, Angelique Vivrert, George J. Sr. Wagner, Louise M. Waldman, William Wallrath, RaeleneC. Walsh, James E. Yozits, Margaret BAUM. FLORENCE ANN (nee Falsetti), 59. fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Sat Jan. 19. 1985. dear mother of Paul Baum Rita Botzenius and Barbara Lied-inn. dear sister of Robert Fal-setti. dear grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, cousin and friend. Service from ALEXANDER SONS GUARDIAN Mortuary, 11101 St. Charles Rock Fir, 9 30 a m., Thurs. to St Blaise Catholic Church, 3130 Par-Kwood Ln . Maryland Heights for 10 a m Mass. Interment National Cemetery. Visitation Wed, 2-9 p.m. BORICK, GARY E., Sun.. Jan. 20. 1985. beloved husband of Helen Borick (nee Blackwell). dear father of Cindy Haynes. Telesa Cawvey, Sharon Scott. Jason and Paul Borick. beloved son of Alvma Gerstacker and the late Paul Borick. dear brother of Paul Borick, William Gerstacker and Shirley Gibson, dear son-in-law of Wesley and Alta Blackwell. our dear father, in-law. grandfather, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, nephew and cousin Mr. Borick in state at KUTIS Funeral Home, 2906 Gravois, Tues., Jan. 22 after 11 a.m. until 9p.m.; then in state at GILBERT Funeral Home, Dixon. Mo.. Wed., Jan. 23 after 9 a m Funeral same day, 2 p m. Interment Kenner Cemetery, Dixon, Mo. BRAUER, WALTER O.. asleep in Jesus, Jan. 20 1985 beloved husband of Selma Brauer (nee Bauer), dear father of Dons Brauer and the late Janet Sandler, dear grandfather of Scott and Stacey Sandler, ta-ther-in-law of David D Sandler of Minneapolis. Minn., our dear brother, brother-in-law, uncle and cousin. Mr Brauer in state at JAY B SMITH Funeral Home 7456 Manchester Ave., Wed., Jan. 23 from 9-1 0 30 a m ; thence to Concordia Lutheran Church (Maplewood) for 11 am. service Interment Our Redeemer Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Concordia Lutheran Church or charity of your choice. CARUSO, JOSEPH A. . on Sat , Jan 19, 1985. tortilied with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, beloved husband of Constance Ft Caruso (nee Lombardo). dear father of JoAnn Jarzenbeck and Connie Louise Caruso, dear grandfather of Christine and Brian Jarzenbeck. dear son of Josephine Caruso, dear brother of Vincent Caruso, Pauline Roth and Angie Sweazy. our dear father-in-law. brother-in-law. uncle and cousin Funeral from WHITE-MULLEN Mortuary. 118 N Florissant Rd . Ferguson. Wed , Jan. 23 at 1 1 a m to S S John and James Church for 1 1 30 a m Mass Interment Sacred Heart Cemetery Visitation after 1 p m Tues Donations to Cancer Society or Masses preferred. DETTLING, FRANK J., Sun , Jan 20. 1985 dear brother of Matthew Dettling. Robert Dettling and Theresa Watson, our dear brother-in-law, uncle and cousin. Funeral Wed;. 1 p m at JOHN L. ZIEdENHEIN I SONS. ?027 Gravois. Interment Lakswood Park Cemetery Visitation after 4 p m.. DOMMINGUEZ. QUENTIN R ot Arnold.. Mo., formerly of Okla . Sun , Jan 20 1985. beloved husband of Melinda Domminguez (nee Gross), dear son of Lillian Dosha Cnm (nee Peairson). dear son-in-law ol Lena Gross, dear brother ol Jack Cnm. our dear br other-m-law. uncle, great-uncle, great-great-uncle, nephew, cousin and tnend. Mr Domminquez in state at LANG-FENDLER Funeral Home. 630 Jeflco BlvoUHwy 61-67), Arnold, Mo , Tues . Jan 22, 12 noon until 9 pm Mr Domminguez removed to Starting Road Baptist Church. Wed , Jan 23, to a.m.. where he will lie in state until service same day, 11am. Interment Mt. Hope Cemetery Donations to the American Cancer Society will be appreciated EAKLE, ISABEL W., Sun , Jan 20 1985. dear wife of the late Wayne H. Eakle, beloved mother of Audrey Ann Mills and Ida Jane Summers, dear sister of Jemima Moon, dear mother-tn-law. grandmother, great-grandmother, sister-in-law and aunt ' Visitation Tues and Wed . 3-9pm at BOPP Chapel. 10610 Manchester Rd., kirkwood. Funeral service Wed., 7 pm Interment Salem, Mo Donations preferred to a chanty of your choice. ECK, FRANCIS J., Jan 20 1985. tortilied with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, beloved husband of the late Bernardme Eck (nee Mes-chede). dear lather of Mis. Vernon (Helen) Streck. Mrs Paul (Amelia) Gorotzinger ol Pilot Grove. Mrs. Charles (Leonora) Nichols, Mrs. Kenneth (Theresa) Modglm. Vincent. Leonard. Francis Jr. and Alfred Eck. dear grandlather, great- Srandlather. father-in-law. rother, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle and cousin Funeral from ORTMANN S, 9222 Lackland, Overland, Tues , Jan 22, 9 30 a m. to All Souls Church for 10 a m Mass Interment Calvary. Mr. Eck a member of Western Catholic Union. ECKHOLDT, JOY ANNE, of Bisbee. Ariz , formerly of St Louis. Jan 18. 1985, daughter of Adeline Eckholdt ol Springfield. Ill . sister ot Edwin Eckholdt Jr ol Norfolk. Eng . Shirley Jaster of Bisbee and Lois Dey ol Springfield, III. Service Wed.. 11 a.m. at Oak Ridge Chapel. Burial Oak Ridge Cemetery Friends may call from 5-7 p.m.. Tues. at the BISCH Funeral Home. Springfield. Ill Those who wish, may make contributions to the American Cancer Society . FIELDS, PATRICIA A. (nee Rogan), of Venice, III., entered into rest. Jan. 20. 1985. beloved wile of the late Arthur (Pete) Fields, dear mother of Maior John (Jack), Arthur iPetel Jr.. Thomas . Fields. u. Mrs Richard (Mary Ann) George and Mrs. John Richard (Betsy) Hooks, dear sister of juoge ano Mrs. taenia rvroran. Mary C. Rogan and Mrs. Charles (Helen) Heil. dear grandmother ol nine. Funeral Wed., Jan 23, 1985, 8 30 a m from IRWIN Chapel for Funerals. 2801 Madison Ave.. Granite City. Ill to St. Mark s Catholic Church Venice. Ill for 9 a m Mass Interment Calvary Cemetery, Ed-wardsvtlle. Friends may call at Chapel Tues.. 3 30 p m.-9 p.m. Contributions may be given to the American Heart Assn. Rosary Tues , 7:30 p.m. GALLAGHER. ELIZABETH Inee Hoban), fortified with the Sacraments ol Holy Mother Church Sun., Jan 20. 1985, beloved wife of the late Lester J. Gallagher, dear mother of Jack and Donald Gallagher, dear grandmother, great-grandmother, mother-in-law and aunt. Funeral from HUTCHENS Mortuary. 675 Graham Rd Florissant, Wed., Jan 23 at 1015 a m. to Sacred Heart Church lor 1030 a m. Mass. Interment Calvary Cemetery. Masses pre'erred. Visitation alter 3 p m. T jes. GOKENBACH, MARGARET R. (nee Coleman), Sat,, Jan. 19. 1985, fortified with the Sacraments ot Holy Mother Church, beloved wile ol the late William Gokenbach. dear sister of Louise School and Dorothy James, dear sister-in-law. aunt, great-aunt, great-great-aunt and cousin Funeral Wed . Jan 23. 9 am. from JOHN L. ZIEGEN-HEIN AND SONS, 7207 Gravois. to St. Andrews Church for 9 30 a m Mass Interment Mt. Hope Cemetery. Visitation after 2 p.m. Tues. GOLTERMANN, MILLIE, Fri Jan. 18. 1985. dear sister of Hilda Ltenhop and the late Rose McGovern. Arthur, Edward. Roland and Harry Goltermann. aunt, great-aunt and great-great-aunt. Member ol Second Baptist Church since 1902 Memorials to Second Baptist Church, 9030 Clayton Rd . St Louis. 63117 preferred. Private services were held Mon., Jan. 2 1 . GRIMES. ALBERT M.. entered into rest. Sun . Jan. 20. 1985, beloved husband ol Dora Lea Grimes (nee McMahon), dear father of Robert D ancf Frank D Grimes, dsr grandfather great grandfather, uncle end friend Funeral Wed., Jan 23, 2 p m at BUCHHOLZ SPANISH LAKE Mortuary, 1645 Redman Ave Entombment Valhalla Cemetery Mr Grimes was a retiree of AT A T Long Lines and life member of Pioneers In keu of flowers, memorials to the Christian Old Peoples Home, 800 Chambers Rd , Ferguson, Mo 63135 VISITATION WE6. AFTER 1 P.M. HAECKEL, JULIUS E. r SR., asleep in Jesus. IsJ Mon. Jan 21. 1985. ' " beloved husband ol father ol Mane Merkle and Julius E. Haeckel Jr , dear lather- In-law g grandfatht granatatner, areai- :ner, brother-in-law and uncle r....l Tl.,.a Ian 94 In I m from MATH HERMANN i SON S Chapel. 10212 Has Ferry Rd Interment Laurel Hid Gardens Veteran of World War I and member of 8 B of A. Visitation Wed after 2 p.m. have sealed the Democratic nomination for Mondale. Rep. Long was considered the most liberal member of the Louisiana congressional delegation. He was a close associate of House Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill JT, D-Mass. O'Neill "will miss Gillis friendship, and the country will miss his service," a spokesman for O'Neill said Monday. President Ronald Reagan paid tribute to Rep. Long at the beginning of his inaugural address, asking the 400 dignitaries gathered there to honor him with a moment of silent prayer. Rep. Long was elected to Congress eight times, first in 1962. He was beaten by a cousin, Speedy Long, in Waldman Button and Pleating Co. He was a founder of the firm in 1912. It made covered buttons, belts, pleating and embroidery for the SL Louis garment industry. He came to this country with his family from Russia in 1906. Surviving are his wife, Fannie; a son, Barry of Philadelphia; two daughters, Geri Blumberg of Rockville, Md., and Marcee Silverstein of Frontenac; and seven grandchildren. HAMILTON. THOMAS L. . on Sat . Jan. 19. 1985. dear son of the late Harry W and Johanna K Hamilton, dear brother of Florence H. Meinecke, Robert K Hamilton ol Greensberg, Penn' and the late Esther Fi. Eller. dear uncle and brother-in-law. Private service will be held Wed Interment Valhalla Cemetery. No visitation. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the St. Louis Council ol Boy Scouts ot America. LUPTON Service HART See Wallrath HEYTMAN, CHARLES J., on Mon . Jan 21. 1985. fortified with the Sacraments ot Holy Mother Church, dear husband ol the late Theresia and Anna Heytman. dear uncle of Syl-' vester and Dolores Heytman. Russell and Dorothy Boyer. dear uncle great-uncle, great-great-uncle and tnend Funeral from KRIEGSHAUS-ER S SOUTH. 4228 S Kin-gshighway. Thurs . Jan 24 at 9 30 a m to St Matthias for 10 a m. Mass. Interment Resurrection Visitation after 1 p.m.. Wed. JARVIS, BENJAMIN F Sun.. Jan. 20, 1985. beloved husband of the late Josie May Jarvis (nee Showalter). dearest lather ol Raymond Jarvrs. Mabel Deaton. Shirley Stockman. Alma. Paul. Bill. Richard. Glenn and Gary Jarvis and the late Benamin and Virginia Jarvis. our dear brother-in-law uncle, father-in-law and grandfather ol eiqhteen Service at HDFFMEISTER CHAPEL, 7814 S Broadway, Wed . 1 30 p m Interment National Cemetery Mr. Jarvis was a retired member ot Boiler Makers Union Local No 27, also a member ol the Golden Age Club and Temple Corps and the Gardenville Golden Agers. VISITATION AFTER 2 PM.TUES. JONES, ERNEST E . or Mountain nome. Ark , lormerlv of St. Louis. Jan 16. 1985. husband ol Genevieve Jones (nee Huelsman). lather ol Ernest E. Jones Jr of Fenton, Mo. and Carolyn Cash of St Peters. Mo , brother ol Virgil Jones of Nobale. III. and Opal Catanzaro of St. Louis. Mo . stepbrother of Laura Lee of Cuba. Mo . grandfather of live. Funeral and interment were in Mountain Home. Member ol Mountain Home V F W Post and was a former resort owner. W ' JONES, HOWARD H. ri Sun , Jan. 20, 1985, beloved husband of 1 Virginia Jones (nee Kennedy), dear father of Howard and William Jones, our dear brother, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle and friend. Funeral from KUTIS Funeral Home. 2906 Gravois, Thurs., Jan. 24, 10 00 Interment National Cemetery. Member Teamsters Local No. 600. In parlor Tues., 5 p m. KLIPSCH, WILLIAM F. JR.-, fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, Sun , Jan. 20, 1985, beloved husband of Ruth E. Klipsch (nee Johan-nmgmeier), dear father ot Sr. Mary William. O S U . Pamela R., William E. IBud). Thomas N and Martin J. Klipsch, dear brother ot Helen B. Klein, our dear father-in-law, grandfather, brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, nephew and cous- . Funeral from KUTIS Funeral Home, 10151 Gravois (AF-FTON). Wed., Jan. 23. 10:30 a m. to St. Catherine Laboure Church for 1 1 a m. Mass. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Donations to Benefit of Retired Vincentian Priests and Brothers Provincial Office. 1723 Pennsylvania Ave.. 63104 appreciated or Masses preferred. In parlor Tues., 2 p.m. KRACHT, ALBERT H Sun., Jan. 20. 1985, beloved husband of Louise Kracht (nee Frillmann). dear father ot Robert T. Kracht dear grandfather of Kimoerly and John la-ther-in-law of Carole, dear uncle and cousin. Funeral Wed , Jan 23.2 pm. from MATH HERMANN & SON S Chapel, 10212 Halls Ferry Rd. Interment Friedens. Member of Friedens U C of C. and Brotherhood. Visitation Tues. 2-8 p.m. LaBARR. HOMER A., Mon.. Jan. 21. 1985. dear husband of Alice H LaBarr (nee Henderson), father of Barbara Carter and Susan Barker, brother of Mildred LaBarr, grandfather of Kirk. Jim, Laura and Reid. Private memorial service at Ladue Chapel. Friends desiring, may make memorials to a charity ol their choice. LATZER, LOUISE B., on Sun.. Jan 20, 1985. wile ol the late John A. Latzer, mother ol Mrs. George W. Scudder, Thomas , F Latzer and the late John B. Latzer, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of eighteen. Memorial service at the Church ol St Michael and St. George. Wydown at Ellen-wood Wed , 11 a m. In lieu of flowers, contributions to the Episcopal Presbyterian Foundation tor the Aging or charity gl your choice. LUPTON SERVICE. LEBER, CLARA B. (nee Thompson), fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, Sun., Jan. 20, 1985, beloved wife of the late Joseph Leber and fiorvai Kreie, dear sister of Lucille Pioller, Elizabeth Sneed and Elbert Roy. Edward and Harold Thompson and the late Leona Ctitton and Earsel Thompson, dear sister-in-law. aunt gieat-aunt. great-great-aunt and cousm. Funeral horn KUTtS Funeral Home. 10151 Gravois (AF-FTON), Wed . Jan. 23. 9 15 . a m to St Kevin Church for 10 a m Mass Interment Calvary Cemetery. Masses prelerred. Inpaiiof Tues. 3 pm. MALLON, MYRTLE M. (nee Harte) Fri., Jan 18. 1985 beloved wife of the late Henry Carl Mallon. dear mother of Richard G. Mallon, dear step- Sjughter of the late William otsch, mother-in-law ol Barbara Jean Mallon (nee Hille) grandmother ot Frederick Karl and Tamara Ann Mallon, aunt Of Howard Astor Kiedaisch. Private services were held Jan 21. Interment Sunset Memorial Park. 1964 because he was viewed as too liberal for his district Rep. Long won the district seat again in 1972, when his cousin retired. He was defeated twice in campaigns for the governorship, in 1963 and 1971. He suffered a heart attack in April 1979. That year, he declined to run for governor again. Rep. Long helped make the Rules Committee once a major roadblock to liberal legislation a loyal working arm of the Democratic leadership. Rep. Long was chairman of the House Democratic Caucus from 1981 through the end of 1984. He had been scheduled to be elected chairman of the congressional Joint Economic Committee today. William F. Klipsch Jr.; Founded Hauling Firm A funeral Mass for William F. Klipsch Jr., a trucking executive, will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church, 9750 Sappington Road, Sappington. Burial will be in Resurrection Cemetery. ' Mr. Klipsch, 72, died Sunday at Incarnate Word Hospital. He had been under treatment for heart disease . Mr. Klipsch, of Kirkwood, retired as chairman of the board of Klipsch Hauling Co. in 1977. He founded the McCAULEY, ANNA H. (nee Six). Mon . Jan 21, 1985. beloved wife of the late Lewis McCauley. dear aunt of Frank Helker. dear great-aunt, great-great-aunt and friend Funeral from KUTIS Funeral Home. 2906 Gravois. Wed. Jan 23. 1 p m Interment New St Marcus Cemetery. In parlor Tues. 5 pm. MONT), JOHANNA C. (nee Caiderara). Mon . Jan 21. 1985, fortified with the Sacraments ot Holy Mother Church, beloved wife of the late Steve Monti, dear mother ol the late Mary J. Traina. dear mother-in-law of Joseph A. Trama, dear Srandmother ol Robert S and oAnn Traina. dear great-grandmother ot Michael J. Traina dear aunt, cousin and dear friend. Funeral Irom CALCATERRA Funeral Home. 5142 Daggett Ave., Wed.. Jan. 23. 8 30 a.m. to St. Ambrose Church. Mass 9 a m. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. Member ol Our Lady ol Mt Carmel Society of St Ambrose Church. Masses preferred Visitation alter 3 pm. Tues. MOORE, MARY C. (nee Heinz-er, fortified with the Sacraments ol Holy Mother Church on Sat . Jan. 19. 1985, beloved wile of the late John T. Moore, dear mother ol John T. Moore, our dear mother-in-law. grandmother, cousin and tnend. Funeral from KUTIS Funeral Home, 10151 Gravois (Altton). Wed . Jan 23. at 1 1 a m Interment Mt Olive Cemetery. In parlor Tues. 3 p m. NEW, GEORGE W.. Mon., Jan. 21, 1985, beloved husband of Patricia New. dear father of Jeffrey New. dear son -ol Florence Fleury. Visitation at SCHRADER Funeral Home. Manchester Rd at Hollowav. Ballwin. Mo . Tues. 7-9 p m. Funeral service private If desired memorials may be made to American Cancer Society. NICKS, HERBERT E. SR., Sun . Jan 20. 1985. beloved husband of the late Helen B. Nicks (nee Baldwin! and Lena C Nicks (nee Kauffman). beloved father ol Helen E. Weil. Herbert E Jr., George L , Rev Ralph E and James L. Nicks, dear father-in-law. grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, brother-m-iaw and uncle Funeral Wed , Jan. 23. 11 a m at BAUMANN S COLONIAL Chapel. 2504 Woodson Rd. Interment Mt. Lebanon. Member St Paul s United Church of Christ. 9801 Olive St. Rd and veteran World War I. Visitation Tues., 1-9 p.m. NOE, MINNIE January 19, 1985. dear mother ol Helen Riechers and Arthur Noe, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and great-aunt. Services at HOFFMEISTER COLONIAL Mortuary, 6464 Chippewa at Watson, Wed. 10 30 a m. Interment Sunset Cemetery. In lieu ot flowers, donations to the charity ot your choice. VISITATION Tues. from 2 pm. to 9 p.m. O'CONNOR, LEO C, fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church. Sat.. Jan. 19. 1985. beloved husband of the late Mane O Connor (nee Pao-lucci). dear brother or Richard G O Connor, our dear brother-in-law. uncle, great-uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. Funeral from KUTIS Funeral Home, 2906 Gravois, Wed , Jan 23, 9:30 a m to St Cecilia Church lor 10 a m Mass. Interment Resurrection Cemetery. St Louis Postal employee. In parlor Tues., 3 p m. OLSEN, NELLIE I., fortified with the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church on Sun , Jan. 20. 1985. wife of the late Albert T. Olsen, dear stepmother of Lucille K. Peters and Lorraine H Stanley, dear sister of Hazel Hampton, our dear mother-in-law, grandmother. great-Grandmother and cousin. Funeral from DPEHMANN-HARRAL Chapel. 7733 Natural Bridge. 2 p m.. Wed Jan. 23 Interment Memorial Park Visitation alter 12 noon. Wed. POPPENGA, MARIE, (nee Evrardl, Jan. 21, 1985, beloved wile ot Harry Poppenga, dear sister of Shirley Brewer. John (Mick), Robert and Gerald tvrard. dear sister-in-law and aunt. Service at ORTMANN S, 9222 Lackland, Overland. Wed.. Jan. 23. 10 a m Internment Ml Lebanon. Visitation after 2 pm. Tues. PURCELL, MARJORIE V., Sun., Jan 20, 1985, dear wile ol Kenneth H.' Purcell. dear mother of Keith F Purcell and Lora Broadhurst.dear mother-in-law. grandmother and sister. Private family services were held Contributions may be made to St Joseph Hosp. Pulmonary Therapy Dept ,533 Couch, 631 22 BOPP CHAPEL. REESE, MELENDA , on Sat.. Jan 19, 1985, dear sister of George Reese and the late Robert Reese, beloved aunt of Peggy (Penfieldl Schlueter John Reese. George and James Finger, Betty Campbell and George Reese. Jr , dear great-aunfof Daniel and David Kaline. our dear sisfer-in-law Funeral Irom KRIEG-SHAUSER SOUTH, 4228 S. Kingshighway. on Wed., Jan. 23. at 1 p m Interment Sunset Memorial Park. Visitation after it p.m. Tues. REHM See Schaeler RIECKEN, JAMES L. SR., of St Louis, Mo . formerly ot Granite City, III . entered into rest, Jan 20. 1985 dear lather ol James L. Riecken Jr of Edwardsville, III . Rosa Maria Riecken ol Madiscnv Wise . Laura J Riecken ot St Louis and Emily F Riecken of St Louis, dear brother ol Barbara Schreiber ol Granite City. Nancy Murphy of Granite City and Fred Riecken ol Edwardsville. IN., dear grandlather ol "funeral Tues , Jan 22. 1985, V30 p m. at IRWIN Chapel lor Funerals. 2801 Madison Ave , tranite City. I" Interment unset Hill Cemetery. Edwardsville. IH Friends may call at Chapel Mon , 4-9 p.m. Contributions may be given to the American Cancer Society. SCHAEFER, VERA A., (nee Leeaki. Jan 20. 1985. beloved-wife of Melville Schaefer. dear mother ot Dons Walsh. Arthur and Robert Rehm. dear sister ol Francis Leeak. our dear grandmother, great-grandmother, mother-in-law . sister-m-law. aunt and cousin Service at ORTMANN S. 9222 Lackland, Overland. Wed Jan 23. 1 30 p m Interment Oak Grove Donations to Diabetes Assoc. Visitation after 4 pm. Tues. SCHMIDT, SAMUEL J , Jan 20. 1985. beloved brother of Cele (Louis) Chuver. Laura (the late Mike) Bernstein and the late Max J and Ben M Schmidt and Mary Goldsmith, our dear brother-in-law and uncle Funeral from BERGER Memorial. McPherson al Walton. Tues , Jan 22, 2 p m. to United Hebrew Temple Cemetery In state Tues . 1:30 p m Memorial contributions of your choice prelerred. SIEKERMAN, CLEMENS R. fortified with the sacraments ol Holy Mother Church. Saturday. January 19. 1985. dearest father ot Judith Ahn Pierce, beloved brother ol Margaret M Siekerman and Marian C Martin, dear lather-in-law. uncle, great-uncle and cousin. Funeral trom WITT Mortuary 6409 Gravois at Holly Hills. Wed . Jan 23 at 8 30 a m to Church ol the Magdalen for 9 00 a m mass Interment National Cemetery Mr. Siekerman was a member of Teamsters Local 700. Masses preferred VISITATION Mon. alter 7 p m. SMITH, BERNICE, (nee Seeder), Sun , Jan. 20. 1985. dearest mother of Eleanore S Tyson, dear mother-in-law ol John F Tvson. dear grandmother ol Elizabeth and Keith Tyson, dear cousin and friend Funeral Irom DREHMANN HARRAL Chapel. 7733 Natural Bridge, 1 p.m. Wed.. Jan 23. Interment Laurel Hill. Memorials to The Humane Society ot Missouri, 1210 Macklind Ave. Visitation after 2 p m. Tues. SMITH. HARRY N. . on Sat . Jan. 19. 1985. beloved husband ol the lete Emily Smith Krause (nee Baumeister). dear steplather ol Robert Krause. dear brother of Clarence, Earl, Harvey, Ralph Smith and Eleanor Reinhardt and the late Roy and Ray Smith, our dear grandfather, great-grandfather, father-in-law. brother-in-law and uncle. Funeral services at WHITE-MULLEN Mortuary, 118 N Florissant Rd.. Ferguson. Wed . Jan 23. at 2 p m Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery. Visitation alter 2 p m. Tues. SMITH, WOODIE B., Jan 17. 1985. lather of Woodie Jr. and Robert Smith Memorial Mass Wed.. Jan. 23. 10 a m at St Rose Catholic Church, 1015 Goodfellow Funeral and interment in Memphis. Tenn. TRAINA See Monti TUBBESING, ANGELIQUE (nee Hertenstein) (Nan), on Sunday, January 20, 1985. beloved wile of Robert W Tubbesing, dear mother ot Robert ff Tubbesing Sr. and the late Ensign John R. Lan-dis, sister ot Carrie Schroeder, Belle Sielert. and the late Ben and Charles Hertenstein, our dear mother-in-law, grandmother, sister-in-law andaunt Funeral Irom DREHMANN-HARRAL Chapel. 7733 Natural Bridge. 11am. Wed.. Jan 23 Interment Memorial Park Cemetery Visitation alter 3 p.m. Mon. VIVRETT. GEORGE J. SR., on Mon , Jan 21, 1985. beloved hus-hand ol Edith I Vivrett (nee Sansoucie), dear father ol George J. Vivrett Jr., Gloria Russell. Jerry Vivrett, Gail Umlleet and Greg Vivrett. dear brother ol Delmar and Ethel Vivrett. Dorothy Petty. Thelma Ridenour, Myrtle Wilson and the late Cecil and Ollie Vivrett. dear father-in-law. grandfather, uncle and cousin. Funeral from KRIEG-SHAUSER S WEST. 9450 Olive Blvd on Thurs , Jan. 24, 10 a m. Interment National Cemetery Visitation 3-9 p.m., Tues and Wed. WAGNER, LOUISE M. (nee Mutrux). on Sun., Jan. 20. 1985. beloved wile of the late Bernard C Wagner, dear mother of Bernard C. Wagner, dear grandmother of Bruce Wagner and Debbie Kaiser, dear sister of the late Cecile M O Harra, mother-in-law of Christine I Wagner, our dear aunt and cousin. Funeral Irom MICHAEL FITZGERALD Mortuary. 4580 S Lindbergh at Gravois. on Tues , Jan 22, at 1 1 a m Interment Sunset. Visitation alter 9 a m Tues. WALDMAN, WILLIAM, Jan. 21 1985. beloved husband of Fannie Waldman, dear lather of Geraldine (Gen) (Ralph) Blumberg of Rockvnle. Md.. Marcelyn (Marcee) (Merle) Silverstein and Barry Waldman ol Philadelphia, Pa dear brother of the late Abraham (the late 8 oldie) Waldman and the late lara (the late David) Wallers-tein dear grandfather of Susan Blumberg. Robert Blumberg, Jill (Perry) Newman, Karen Silverstein. Noah, Wendy and Cathv Waldman, our dear ta-ther in-law, txotnerm-law and Funeral from BERGER Memorial. McPherson and Walton. Wed. Jan 23. 11 30 a m to Chesed Shel Emeth White Rd. In state Wad.. 11 a.m. Funeral directors 024 fawril DtrKtom 024 Fimeral Dirocton ALBERT H. HOPPt 361-0500 BOPP CHAPEl-Kirkwood rv ,n i r . W610 MANCHESTER RD 965.7680 Direct Bungl Cremations ' AMBRUSTER-DONNELLY HUTCHENS MORTUARY St Louis MortuaryolOiStinctlon 675GRAHAMRD li nivi 6633 CLAYTON RD. 863-1300 ' KS m BAUMANN Cofoniol Chapel JOHN STYGAR i SON 3504 WOOD SON R 0. 427-2345 WJiHatlsFtrryRd. 8671500 f J Rep. Gillis W. Long business with his father in 1926. The company was started as a coal firm. In the late 1950s, the firm switched to hauling bulk chemicals. Surviving are his wife, Ruth; three sons, W.E. "Bud" of Kirkwood, Thomas N. of south St. Louis County and Martin J. of South County; two daughters. Sister Mary William Klipsch of Sellersburg, Ind., and Pamela R. Klipsch of, Kirkwood; a sister, Helen B. Klein of Aspinwall, Pa.; and seven grandchildren. WALLRATH, RAELENE C. (nee Hart) Satuiday, Januaiy 19. 1985 beloved wile ul Ronald Wallrath. dear mother ol Lisa Wallrath dear sister ol William J . Robert Lee Joseph Leslie Hart and Ruth Rector our dear stster-in-law. aunt. , niece and cousin Visitation at CALVIN FEUTZ Funeral Home. 9480 Lewis 4 Clark (Hwy 367). Tues evening 6pm until time ot service at 8pm Services will terminate at this time Past Co-Director of Dellwood Swim Team and Ot-lice Manager ol G J H Contracting Co WALSH. JAMES E., fortified with the Sacraments ot Holy Mother Church, Tues . Jan 1 5. 1985. beloved husband of Edith Walsh (nee Lewis), dear father of James Walsh Jr . Carole Thoma and Jean Guyot. dear brother ol Margaret Km-sella and the late Joseph Walsh, dear grand'athet. la-ther-in-law. orother-tn-law. uncle and cousin Private service was held Jan 18 1985 Masses prelerred MATH HERMANN & SON S SERVICE. YOZITS, MARGARET (nee Smith). Mon. Jan 21. 1985. beloved wite ol the late Alex Yozits. beloved mother ol the late Shirley Conrad dear sister ol Annabelle Hoehn. Rose Fisher. Katherine Fisher and the late Frances Lewis, dear grandmother ol Elaine Kam and Mary Shewmaker. dear great-grandmother ol Matthew and Pamela Kam. dear aunt of Rosemary Hoehn and Jacqueline O Brien. our dear sister-in-law, great-aunt and cousin Funeral Irom KUTIS Funeral Home. 2906 Gravois Wed . Jan 23. 1 p m Interment St Tnnity Cemetery. In parlor Tues. .2pm 017 Fraternal Notices BR IDGEond STRUCTURAL IRON WORKERS LOCAL M Pleose be odvised of the death ot BRO PAULV FIELDS H M Died Jan 18, 1985 Funeral Tues , Jan 22, 10 a m at Buchhol; Spanish Lake Mortuarv. 164S Redman Ave WILLIAML BUTLER, PRES BRIDGE and STRUCTURAL IRON WORKERSLOCAL 396 Please be advised ot the death ol BRO LOUISW SCHLUETER Pensioner Died Jon 18, 1985 WILLIAM L.BUTLER, PRES 018 Masonic Notices WELLSTON LODGE NO 613 7251 N HanlevRd Regular Meeting 7 30 om. Jr Post Masters Night Worshiotul Bro Loren H. Graves presiding Visiting Brethren Wei-come. JOE B ROBERTSON, W M. 019 In Memorian! GUENTHER, MATHILDA E. Jon 22, 1984 In Everlasting Memory ol Our Beloved Wile, Mother and Grandmother Sodlv Missed bv HUSBAND, DAUGHTERS Ond GRANDDAUGHTERS TO PLACE on IN MEMORIAM, PLEASE CALL Chris 613)101 Jean 6!! 7115 023 Florists E xpress Your Sympathy wtth NETTIE'S FLOWERS 3 14...77 1-9600 3801 S.Grand Open Sun. 9-3 3U...487-3700 South County Center Open Sun. 11-6 618...624-3800 -St. Clair Sq.-Fairview Hgts. Open Sun, Mall Hours A Beautiful Way To show Your Svmoathy PROFESSIONAL -FLORIST GROW FTDFLORISTS North BRIX 869-4444 West GRIMM & GORIY -391-0101 South KRUSE 892-2666 DOOLEY SFLORIST 690ST.FRANCOIS (37-7444 028 Monuments ROSEBROUGH MONUMENT 7001 Ctiipoewa 351-4300 S232W. Florissant 365-7766 ill

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