The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY. SKPTEMKER 8, 1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Measures Heat of Sun's Rays Ffl FUIUREJBie Scienlisl Finds Vavialion in Heat of Sun's Rays Affects Temperature. By RODNKV 1II1T(;III-:R NKA Service Wriler 'CopyrlLjht, 19IJO. NEA Service Tlic.) WASHlNGTON-Atler incie llian 30 years of experiments. Dr. Chur!<-s Clreelcy Abbol, who probably knows more ab-ut liie .sun than any man in lhe world, bcliev.?-- he ha-, dLinonstratc-d that solar radiation I is variable and lhal Its variations' con'rcl ilii! temperature of this c:ai Hi. j He has gone into remote places i of South Africa, Baluc-hislan, Ai- j gerln. chile and oilier countries In I his j.;arch for exact proof.' Oucc ] he traveled 30.000 miles to find' tlie spot, to record radiation.! Jle developed an lustrumcm called | Uic bnlomcler which measures j lemperature to n millionlli of a. degree. Today he is able to announce • results of studies which may brinx; inlo the near fulure the time : when weather curi bo forecast fur [ whole seasons in advance, removing j much of lhe farmer's risk, assuring '• safety for the sailor and lhe avia-1 tcr and eliminating great loss and' waste lo business the world over, i «?-A b '^S 1 HS,r t ^ ll Sl At ™ « — •»• ^ «•" River Swimmer Lo Reach Barfiolcl Late Tuesd y With moiv th:u i half of his in-.,-. • ton. u 17-yt'iu-oM brother, follows him. Fml Newton, 21. ot! iU- .v.vlmuiL.'r ul 11 wifi- tllslnncc in Umiun. Okln.. who bas liopi-s ut . a vow bout. Byron snys \ia always swlilliiiini; l!i,. Itnutll oi tin; Mississippi rlv.T, n lent linn Ims yi-i to ik- accomplished by a human. >•: I'Xpt-.-icd (o nirlve nt Harlleld rljuui I; uVlnck Tui'sjay alti'rnoon. Ni-v, Ion visited in the city till- Niuin.iiK anil is enjoying an oil d;iv aim in-riving al Ciirulhmvllle. Mo., yi'su-rday. Hi: will re-enter thc riv fr at Carulliei.svllle tomorrow morning ID resume li|s Ions anii ledtu!:.s swim down the river. - VouiiB Ncwlnn claims to limv •MiUiiii MIL- wnlt-r on the Hist liv of Ills IIUB mile Journey to th,. Gulf (if Mi-xicct al Mliini'iiiiolls. J li- the lifhind his broilicr lo illjiiinaU" nny possibility ul cliLUi;c.s thai he Is tuwinj', 1 Ii e swimmer. Newton, who Is :i native of Mnu- llcclli), Ark., is n former, (uolljall slur and dfi'Uuc.s he iias never u^ed tobacco In uny form ur Indulged ii uiluxlciilliii; ilrlnks. lit' has six brothers \\-lin me ulso ex|ierl swim- Thi> ellorl of Newton to .swim (!:[• Mississippi has urouscil i p on- .sldi'i-able comment uinoni; vrl[>i-iin livmiii'ii nnd "lily recently :i Mem- ly lilli. He lin.s avt-raiicd ulxnii 'M '. l'' lls sffiinincr declared llwt he did nnli.s ii iiay slncr lhal lime, no:' >wi '"'llcvi- Ncwlou would succi'.'d cuiiniini! slops of a day or inon til citi-v, along the river. He cl-iinu lo .swim i-vi-iy foot of the way and doe.s not reM lilmself by lluiitln;:. Ne.vlon xut-.s Into the river some dlsiui'.i.e iibovi- the point, where he left the walev when he brains each day's leu of lhe trlj). Uyruti New- tn bis vi-nture, pointing oi:t the cmri'iil tliu lower stret- weather responds in a v?ry important, way lo sclar radiation, nnnouncement. it has been dieted, will stand as one of the: epochs in the history of meteor- : i thc his insiruments for obserin<! to a millionth of a degree the heal of At lhe upper right is tiie Smithsonian Institution's sun radiation observatory on a lonely nioiin- His'tain in southwest Africa, while the. picture at the lower left shows how U is necessary to tnin.sporl water pre- to the scientists al his observatory. i]'2. was drownnd when Mie (fell from a boal in which she was rowiii" akne on the old riv.-r jncar here yesterday. j Large Audiences Atieml i Presbyterian Revival Meel j Witli another week hpfrirr Ihe | coiiclnsion of the evangelistic inc-i' h« In progress nl Ihe First I'rcs- byleriiiu churcli since last Snndiiy Ui. Samnel L. Joekcl U. D.. of Austin, Tex., is preacliiiiB lo clic.s of tin- river Is much nion- li'i-iicliennis Ihiiii :iloi][! tla; up]Ki' rlvi-r. "Jlnt I've dime Ilils fiu- and 1 am gohin to see II IliriitiKli," Newtiin dcclnrcs. CiaKlen." The Hcv. C. Oii.'r D.ivl l» is clinri;o of tin 1 slnSIn;; wilh Ml.«s I.eone C:illculL fit tlic: pliuiii. Stcelc Indignant at Negro Woman's Story STERI.R, M.I.-A ctrtnlu negro romnn, naini' unknown, will nroh- ibly Mini n b.'M for her hr.ilih to iim-ilii a»;iy fiom Slccle for some Innc lo i-nini 1 . M;i\ Kelly, )ii,lli-e of llic iwacr. who also M-m-.-i :is local conesiwnd- (in IIH a iiiiinlR-r of ncwspapns. ii-ci-lved an liiij'iiiy from Poplin lilul! this nidi-Hijii! concerning • on by aul!ii,-ltlc!- '.here by a 10 .vmiiiin ih:ii nljjht riders had drivi-n lii-r .nul her fumily frnm Ibi-li- Inline i.i-.u- Slci'lc. and burn Then- has been n:> race troubl.. :n cir nan- Stu-le. according lo Mr Ki-llv. who biuiiili'il Hie .story us'- .-I'.i'i-r fabrication. Tlic woiiinii'i mi-live 1: mil iiiimvn. unless shi ii-.mleil sympathy .mil liiuiiicln! LI Id hut it Is il;-.-Uircil she had bi'Sl look tor H else 1 -.litre iliiui in fitui'le, fo: n.-uplr here are iiml[;iianl al ivlut lia-y ri'KHid ;is ,i llbi'l upon tlieli HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesdav top of the world's atmophcre- Wcjto the Sinai peninsula, where! We do know lhal Temperatures Follow Radr.iliun "They'll slarl shoaling a: II." he told this writer. "The whole thing .had to eliminate or leflccls of great oceai iPh^re. r|iiiuitities ; and dust solar radiallon audiences, Besides the nightly scr- nt 10 o'clock and daily brondcast.s al 11:15. Sunday was n (till day with w, tciicliint; the Sunday school lessons r discount the Moses received the commandments | varies rapidly up and down be- : " >e Sunday school lessoi ians of atmos-jfrom find, to liie home of wild cause'of sun spots and variable I , I, " nvv ° Hlcr f lllss '"f"" 1 ^ to Uie home of wild of water vapor! warrior tribes in tlie hills of Bal- whicii radiation uciiUtan in Asia and finally down iTocnes me eartn. We feared lhat, [among the Hottentots of South- our supiwsed solar changes were west Africa. atmospheric. Hence our j ,, e n , K ,, ly sclt |, d on Mol|nt of six years the increa.'es or decreases in the intensity oi solar radiation correspcnded with definite deflactoins of temperature in Washington mid at other pDint.s "But I have only just, begun. H is only 4hii voar that we have plainly connected the small varia-' Wcnl to A! f eria an d Chile | around on rocky ledges all day tions of radiaticn with large vari-i " In I9 " t " lt ' 1912 I wen ' to alid ' cul 'cl a place fcr an observa- ations of teni|ieraiitre. In the last AI 3 clia allj K ot further confirma- • lory cave. He then obtained per- month or two we have obtained " on °' " 10 variat ' on theory. In mission to use the place from these very surprising results which 1913 we "tablisl-ed an obscrva- search for mountains offerinB dry, I !3n ikkaios. after being guided pure, rare air, fr.?e. from dust and ii ic| . c 01 , fool by n Hottentot. The smoke as well as uniform and nn-1 mountain Is 52000 feet above sea changing, in the mast cloudless re- 1( , ve | nlu] acccb sible only by the gicn.s of the earth. [bed of a str.?am. Abbot scrambled seem so remarkably successful thai | tory al Calama. 0000 feel, above I am nnxlous lo have any errors l £ecl level ln the chllean nitrate pclnteri out, if there are any be- i ficl(1l; - lalw thls w? - s moved ta fore we go further with our com .lMonfozuma mountain, 12 miles parathe studies cf barometic ' and other factors " ' rhcre ollr observers Dr. Abbe; for two years 1ms been s;llce mp:!s » rci1 MM teet above " a lcvel have ever intensity of Hotlcniot u-ibe and placed iwo of spots called favuiae on 'lhe!" 1 ' llc SC ," 00 '' s ' ICIlkln B lo lhc sun whicli face the earth one alter Sf."'." i ^., sc ^ nol ,.. n : 150ll " )ly - the morii- the other as brought round by tlir. sun's revolutions. We nrc sure thin tciniiei'atiirc changes nrc the effects of tlicse solnr changes. But ' ing and evening sermons and ti biuadcasl at ft:45 o'clock. There were already live aildl- ; lions to the chnrcli despite no in- j vltalions liuvint; been i-lven bclore HOOD TO TAKE FOR DIZZINESS' ('niislipuliiiii Troubles Iteiicv wl liy i!lark-l)i-;iu«lif, Knys j Ki'iitnrky iMan Hopl<lnsvll!ii. ,Ky.—lUmdmis of i:.-;o])lc in Ilopklnsvlllc know Mr Dale llarils. uf KM Sonlll Kentucky Avenue. Mr. Harris knows Tiled- j ford's Black-Draught, from having taken it tor n number of years. Ho says: '1 often come In from w'oik with a bad fcellni; In my stomach and head. I have dlxzy fi'i?]hi!; Iti my head ond run constInn'.cd. so 1 Us me a (lose, of Btuck-Drnuiihl Im mediately WINDS' . . secretary of the Smithsonian i n .. radiation on every possible day, slitution, the fifth in that succes- j so thal wc f'-' a 'elegram about sion.' He was. elected to the post,! 11 ever ^ " carrying supervision and dircctrn '• ' "Did I hear yo*i say we were geing oiif for a RIDE?" in Washington." ^ _, . ,„.„„ »,,„ „„,;,.„ ,, Ancth'ef station -was estnbll?h- of- tha' grTat "scTe'iitiKr eslabiis'i-' Cd on Table Mo "ntain in (Jali- ment, by a board of reg.inU which !' ornla anrt m 1B25 - «'PPort<-ri hi' included William Howard Taft ;n!0ney from. tlie. National Gco- Charies G. Day,-?? nwigh* W i!or- 8 ra P |uc Society, Dr. Abbot made row and Charles Evans Hughes i llls 30 - 000 - IT i'le t^ur. through Al- Hta Advanced by Lanjley' i BC ' ria to lhe cd ^ e 0{ "'c Sahara, He is 58 years old; a. tall, thin, !*° sandy jvastos back of the Nile, wiry man with Iron-gray hair and " a walrus mustache. Little of the aloofness cr shyness traditionally i associated wilh scientists is found j in Dr. Abbot. He can sp.?ak the | average man's language without cf- • fort, but uses it with modesty nnd i cautious restraint in speaking ofl the significance of his own achive- j menls. . His Important discoveries in so-' lar radiation were firs! fathered by > Professor Samuel P. Langley, yiird i Smitlisonian secretary, who is most , famous because he woiked out, lhe j basic principles of airplane flight! and built and flew In 18M the large ' model of a mechanically-driven i heavler-than-air machine. j -Langley," ^ays ' Abb=t, "knew ! that all life depended on the sun ! and thai if we knew thc amount i or radiation and ils influence, how ' niuclv was lost on the way down ' through the alinpsphcrc and how j much lhe ear!h itself radialcd, we i would ha-,.: the facts en which tern- ; pc-ratufe and weather depend." \ Planned lu Be a Carpenter i Abbot was born on a farm at j Wilton, N. H., and at the age of ' 13 was building himself n forge' and making a bicycle. Me rigged • up wiVer wheels, mmded. farm Ira- . plements and made a saw out of a • tin can. He intended to become a ! carpenter. But people sacrificed to | keep him at school and he began i to win pri?i?s for scholarship and j Good English composition. He still | has tha knack of writing, as shown j by his b^oks and many popular ar- | licles on science. His family sold i seme property and sent him to the ! Massachusetts Instilulc of Tech-' nology, and it wns while he was' doing graduate work <here that I Langley wrote lo Tech asking rec- | cmmendatiwi of an assistant for I the astrophysical laboratory. Lang-1 ley found Abbot in old overalls on i an experiment, took one look atj him and engaged him at. once. That i was in 1895. He began at once by I perfecting instruments which cna-1 blecl Langley and himself lo plot I the Infra-red spectrum. Sun's Rays Not Conslanl ! "About, 1903," Abbot says, "cer-; lain experiment In WashingtMi, led us to suspect, thai the sun's: rays at their source ninety million miles away wore not constant, but variable. In our early work toward confirmation of this suspicion we developed the silver disk pyrhe- liomeu:r which is now used by observalorlcs over the world for measuring radiation. "We put up au obwrvatory on Mount Wibcn and our observations p rt . MW11 , C,l. _,./! ATr.:, almost immediately Indicated that VjUHICl Olll illHl l>iain there was such a variation. j "Our dlfficully was to find what folar rndidtien would b« st the I itis men from Washington charge. Cost Nearly a Million Observations from all three sla tions—Chilean, South African an-J California]!—have been receiver and used by Dr. Abbot, in Washington. The Smithsonian group has been the only one in the world to- carry on such experiments Abbot says the work to date has cost lomewhere between half a million and a million dollars. Of'.en il Ins teen hampered by tack of funds. "We are not in the business of wcalher forecasting," Dr. Abbol says. "I don't want to attempt now any far-reaching predictions we. don't know, for instance, why 111:' effect ol the change at one. .. . part of Lhe year is to send Icm- ' Us " lg " s Ws sllbjccl pi-i-atuies down and at another to ". " e , se " 11( "'. "Hie -send them up. We will try lo find out. "Nevertheless, If I am correct, j "• persons skilled in the art ought i yc V mbor nllu nrc lle[lv V la( '. - ! cned nnd I will give thee rest. Take my yoke ti]xm you and Jcarn of me; for f am meek and lowly ill heurt and ye shall find rest nnlo his snbjecl (or th Cireates. Ver.v.-s in the Uible." Dr. Joekr-1 talked upon the words from Malth- i ew 11:28, 20: "Come unto me all i!iiard oil n s]«>ll of A Slnry o/ Aiit'C— OI ilic Love 'Ibat Kno«t J)c^ i Dlio^l l Dolthl, I.o)'aUy, • Sacridccl TraJnly Tot,! liy an Alt-Star CnK—l'atsy /(;j(A .\lilltr, Mai- ccliii MtGitgor, Scmihein. /)j'rff(fi/ l>y Jamts r'/oo.f PAGE THRFK RITZ THEATRE Monday and Tuesday f> Do you remember when ? —tmnilems were nil tlie r&K<>.\ —tin- Florodoi'ii Sextette was- tin; Tuast or tlie '('own! . soon lo be able lo use our charts ! lo forecast weather anywhere in i the world." Falls from Boat and Drowns at Little Rock your souls. Fur my yoke is easy nnd my burden is light." His cvangellstical sermon wns a LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. B. I „'," h',7 opinion. Tre 'lii^y'renlcst^o' (UP}-Bclievcd to have been strlck. nll i llc scr ipi ul - cs ;UK i i, c closed hi' en with a heart attack MUs Lula I musogc with a plea to listen to the j Invitation of the Lord. ! "What Must T Do to Be Saved?" ! was the theme for the night serv- of head or throat fj usn«lry i Ice in which indifference wns ttu benifited by the vapora <rf— keynote. I choir rendered an anthem at - the mornins! hour nnd last evening, . Miss Virginia Keck snug "fn the illness: "I have always found lllacl:- Drimi;h( to be perfectly pnlls[ac- il cry in every way and would rec-- I f ommend U to nny one os a Mife I [ ntul >vonderful medicine when a If niruallve Is needed. "It Is n cood Idea lo keep a box of Clack-Draught in lhe medicine cabinet so al n moment's noilcc you may take sotn? wliem di/zy spells nnd constipation^occur?' Tlionscnds of olhers have reported lhat many disagreeable symptoms, due lo constipallon, have gone away after they hud taken Thrdford's lilnck-Draught. Insist on llic genuine— PATARRH —niillioiiiiives Ijiiw.ud in-ound"- I lie I'liiiuius Ijciiiitiu'H by Ihu • .si-ore! Those wci'u tlio [lays! (in Inti-k to lit; itny, Comedy iJIntince and Night 10c-25c. OVER 17MILUON JARS USED YEARLY MARION DAVIES In All Sound News. All Talking Comocfy, ."Big Jewel Case."- Miilinec 2: Admission iOu nnd liOc. iN'ight 7:00—0:00' Admission iOc and 35c. •' Patching old (ir*S and tubes fo run :he last miles out of them only spoils trips and is expensive trguble, now that new Goodycars are selling so cheap. Come in, let's make a deal on the Idlest All-Wcathcn «r Pathfinders. GOOD Lifetime (ionic in and lot us figure wilh you on equipping your car with Goodyear Tires. Value nnly (he worlci' company can ofTcr. rubber ROAD SERVICE TEXACO _^_ PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Cars Washed and Greased MAIN SERVICE SERVICE Phone 711 C. T,. Bennett, Mgr E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100

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