The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1930
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I Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF' NOKTHEABTJAFIKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS VOL. XXVII—NO. 2-12 Blyihevllle Courier, Kytlievllle Daily Nc'vs, _mvtlievlll<! Herald. Valley u-iuler. HOME EDITION , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,;,.,,„ , n HIKV1LLK, AUKAN'SAS, SATURDAY, UKGKMIWK '27, Ifl'.W SINGLE COPIES F1VK CENTS7 DEflTH M Mystery of Navy Academy Clocks, Elevators Solved ANNAPOLIS, MD., Dec. 21 CUP) | or go out at hours at night. An- I'j—The myslc-ry of why elevators ' other device gave the young man j bound for the fourth floor of Ban-'. access to thc telephone system croft hall dormitory at thc U. S. within Bancroft hall, (ho calls not Poffnvnifrl flvpr NnV!l1 Aciulcin 5' here would stop passing through any academy, w; '' 1UI11K - U Y,,, M tho illlrrt alld then return to swilchboard. a Week /V>0 Oil NVar!" 10 cellar, or why lights blinked. Hundreds of feet of wire hnd i i p " I ] T I • in tllc con ' i<ior and the electric' been laid to make the devices el- ! Leader IxevealCCl lOClay. clock system might show most any. fective, Ihe wires ninnini; through! . sort of time, has been solved. j the attic and down pillars, all well. PARIS, Dec. 27. (UP). -Joseph ; The solution came when an oMI- concealed. Tt took several hours to' Jacques Joifrc, nnrjJial of France cer making inspections heard an trace them all. Quiet Youth Takes Spin In Big Red Anto CHICAGO, Dec. 27. (UP)—George :M i A , r iv i •,,! B. Warner, a pale, quiet and sln- | INcMiied Agent lor Dig Little dlous appearing young iiinn with Rock Rank at Rrcmest of " lrep lK>ulos of eln '" hls i*"* 1 -' 13 ' |\UV.R. juniv ,i[ IMAJUCM ui i. !m]iml to w , llk p . lsl UlD dt} . lmll I aniell. '• Jllst il fcw minutes bclorc he had ' taken a small sip from each of the and coinniandcr-in-cMef of her aimifs during (he World war, was in electric clock tick behind the door, The strange behavior of the ele- of the room of a second year man. ' vator system had puzzled academy ;> r ' om | nt>n t A « He found an ingenious system of authorities for n year and a half. ' LITTLE ROCK. Dtc. 27. (UP) — Earn J. Wilson, a member of t'ne state highway commission and county planter, thtee He paused to admire n shiny, red automobile at the curl). Never, '.nought George, would he be able to serious condition today after jclr-clrical wiring which had given The >' olln S 1rctm lla d been at the lias been appointed a special depu- an operation for arlerltis performed j the youthful" mldshlpman""coiitroi a ™«l«:niy Just that length of time. !£,£ a "h "' offers'"!)?'"the" \mr-rlMn eight davs ago. I °f a good part of the electrical ap- The ,°" lv P erlod when there was p , - co , nm L, **,<• |0!1S '" Tiemblina. he planted a foot The marshals right foot was am- -.?"". * ^ *=*'' i ^^J^ ,^,™± . ^So^S! we^'s" a? 0 . ""< °» <*< ™ <"" «« .0 cyilnders putated on account of gangrene. drive a car like that. George, n quiet young man. sk-cl- rd himself to "just feel of the cush- Naval academy authorities an- was at sea. --John J. date 27 (UP) "The marshal's condition is very nounced today the young electrical grave," Dr. Boulin, an attending ] Genius had been asked to resign physician, told United Press "He ' and llls room mate natl been dls- was operated on Friday, cicht days ! ci P lmet * for failure to report the ago. but complete silence was main- ' strangc gol " es °"tallied regarding thc operation \>t- T ' 1L ' name o cause Joffre himself did not wish been withheld. . _ to make himself the subject of at- • llis father is a Marine corps of- tciition." fleer. Five doctors were at the mar-! Through hia electrical devices the AnnapoMs Vasr'week"aft'er"ofi'icla'is' shal s bedside today. He was in the . youth could control the electric discovered he had turned his ouar- hospital of St. Jean de Dieu, be- ; elevators of the hall as he saw fit. ters into a sort of control room , The appointment made last roared Into life. He threw in the ; night by Walter E. Taylor, state ' lutch ; f. 16 ' 11 *" °" lhp K ns ' nlul ; banking commissioner, and came as ° llcnc " the slrcn ' a surprise to local banking inter- ; Past" and faster the big red nu- its and members ol the depositors: tomoblle, which Incidentally be.-, iOijiiJlu UIVUll/VlO Ul VI 1C ViClJU.'IlUl* . ' -..v...*.. LJ «,-!.M i , 1°".!? ™»mittee engage<l In a plan to re-! lol! B s to'Chief Mlclmel Mucklcy of itlar-hpn to ihe - .,,„ c i, Ica(!o nre department, went. '" B lt wolil(1 bc ''"Dossiblc to at- M'cWgim avenue tcmpt to carry ollt all - v P lnn wilh °™.. I ?. r !™'. up and onto Lake (he affairs agent. in the hands of an : Pedestrians scrambled lo safety, longing to a religious brotherhocd j Hp had installed a master clock for the dormitory eleclric. system : of monks who are nursing the mar- I back of the door of his room which He is now taking studies prepar- i sllal - coui , d >'"«'-i-ol all thc electric ntory to a West Point entrance ex-! The cnmmillce's plan called for,.,. , ,„ It was udcrstood Joffre wanted to Alecks in lu.1 section of the .hall, aminatioil in March. He was given!creation of a new organkallon !^P"' '° r go to the hospital because he was | He could make the time to suit a conditional appoinlmenl to Wc-stJwlth capital.of $210.000 lo be con- e 1)Ulsl "" certain the monks would remain • himself. Another deuce conlroll- point several days ago by Pros!-' tributed by Little nock bankers!silent about his condition. ' <•" the corridor lights, making them dent Hoover. No mention was who were to place Ihe plan before • The physicians explained Ihe op- t ™ m "*"<• °>' dim. It was a great made at tho lime that he was a ; Ne«- York banking interests and i A 01150 ,, eration was performed eight days i advantage when he desired to come former naval academy student. ! apply for loan of' 52.000,000 which' -. ' ago due to suppuration and then! ' ~ ' —•* ! u-nn>M ^™,,i,^ *«. « ot' — —> nim. j motorists made for the alleys Gcargc Hashed by. Five times ge1 there never dltl ,. « L n (rlcll(i ' s f «""'y for a lit- cau S hl gangrene. The second dressing of the wound was undertaken yesterday at which time Joffre suffered an attack of syncope. -Madame Jof-1 fre remains almost constantly at! the bedside. "The marshal's condition became ; very grave Friday night, Dr. Bern- : lln said, afler he had mnde good ! progress during the week. - I Harold Lloyds Want Boy When Stork C^'^™^ ( : would provide foi a 25 per cent ' payment to depositors immedialely.; It was reported today Governor! Isted the banking I i "I've been riding for four hours a » d :ake the appointment| *£ ;''"•„«, , after he had been informed of the I VJCOr '' L ttns my thanks." Officers of Mississippi In-; Arrest Christmas Dav I stitutions Work on Reor- " I n °p« il 's » boy." said Lioya, as -.„...... -;.—.-.,,„"'•:.?. _ -, i..„„„•„,-_ Dl-... • his wife, the lorwer-MlWred Davis, HOLLYWOOD. Cal., Dec. 27. reorRanlzation plan. (UP)—Mr. and Mrs. Harold L!oy<? Wilson issued a statement lasl expect to become the parents of another child next March, the filti actor said today. :cl at police headquarters for dillcrcnt kinds ol Companions of Hazen Boy ! HAZEN, Ark. Dec. 27. (UP)—i Four Hazen youths, all companions! j of Earl Prime, 19, who was found ' • dead in his automobile here Christ- i Platis. mas day, will be arraigned tojay.'.^ 5 ! • CORINTH, Miss.! Dec. 27. tUP) -Plans for reestablishment of thc 'irst National Bank and the Cor- tc Bank were underway to- owing their closing yester- . The four,. Olen T. Screeton, L»< Reviser, Don Weems, and Tim Bur- Tho tVl '° ins *''«tions were closed , - iiett, were arrested yesterday but ! ***" thelr Dcarcjs of directors who released immediately upon their j s[>i< ' cllei acte<3 I0 protect dsposi- own recognizance. j tors. Bank officials. said failure of Weems told officers that he and j banl:s in adjoining towns hid rc- his companions, including Prime ! sulte(i in unusual withdrawals. Tho had "been drinking a little," bin neiv organizations are expected to said he was unaware Prime was be corn P letctl in ten days. (lead until notified yes'.erdav. A Ueposits of the First Nationna he Lloyds now have two children, Mildred Gloria, 0. and Marjorie Elizabeth. 5, the latter recent- night In which lie said he would cooperate with the depositors to the ! fullest-extent, but would'not con- jslder any liquidating or reojgiinl- jzation plan which does ml p'rotlcto d£ocsitor3'Gt'l:mtM5--«fits on '«R dr' Jeweler's Find Spoils Quiet Day At Police Station mobile, Impersonating the fire chief and for causing several accidents. A small vial containing a few ounces of oily fluid broke the monotony of a dull day icity hall this afternoon. at the R. E. Lee Wilson and R. E Lee Wilson jr. Acquin Stock in Institution. FOR IIS Commodity Prices for 1931 Depend on Reduced Acreage Caused by 1930 Low Marks BV KLMKK 0. WAI.KKK United I'rrss I'tnimclul Editor NEW YORK, Dec. 27 (UP)-The extent of recovery In the commodity [ ? 0 [j ce Firemen irk-e situation during 1931 will depend to ,\ vast extent on drastic mine- lon In acreage which present low prices, II Is confidently expected, will bring, according to agricultural Icadi'is. uirini; 1030. the feature of thc business depression was the deflation of all commodity prices. All farm crops tor the year are esllmaled by the government at a valuation of $fi.214,tt2-1.0!KI, a decline ot 27 per cent rom lire $8.075,420,000 valuation ot 1029. This year's was the lowest valuation since 1921 when It was $5.075.877.000. Acreage this year was high at SGO.507,000 acres, against a04,522,000 acres In 1929. Comparison of this year's principal crops will) lust In dollar value follows: Guard Rush Aid; Rescue Will Be DilficuU ! Oro|> jnji) Valuation Corn $1.378,874,000 Winter Wheat 388,627,000 Spring Wheat 121,780,000 All Wheat 517.407.000 Oals 453,013,000 Rye 20,895,000 Cotton • 014,044,000 Sharp Depri-sslcn H The foregoing commodities have Dccn depressed sharply, July wheat rccenlly sold at the lowest levels since 1901, while rye touched the lowest levels since 109G. Thc entire group averaged thc lowest since 1915. Tn addition lo the declines in the farm crops oilier commodity prices made new lows for many years, a long list for all time. Sugar, coffee. rubber, silk and silver made record lows. Copper made a nuv,' low for this century at O'.i centt a pound, 3'-i cents a pound under the average cost of podiiction ot 13 cents. The decline In silk was especially significant to cotton producers. From the September, 1929, high ol S5.40 a pound raw silk dropped lo $2.39 a pound In October, 1930, a decline of 55.1 per cent. This drop In silk values, accord- in to Jerome Lewine, president of the National Raw Silk Exchangs, Is being passed on to consumers. Lewine said: "Not only has raw silk been dras- IK'J Valuation $2,048,134,000 010.128,000 224,703.000 840,921,000 538.445,000 35,371,000 1.225,032,000 1 RELIEF Public Can Support Program by Buying Wood From Goodfeliows. Residents of Dlythevtlle who may not be In a position to make cash contributions to the Goodfeliows fund may nevertheless 'render substantial assistance to the local relief program by buying their wood from the Qoodfellows woodynrd, it Is declared by C. A. Cunningham, general chairman, who declared today Vhat with pfbpW lutrbnK'ge* there Is assurance that thc woDd- yard can be mnde to carry an Important part of the burden of pro- tleally deflated, but Investigations jvlding for needy families 1n I Ms have also shown that the price of nltv nnrl vlHnlfv SANDUSKY, O., Doc, 27 (UP)— One hundred men were reported trap[>t'd on an Ice floe and drifting Into Lal:e Erie north of here . loday. Because of the thin ice rescue was thought to be almost Imposs- : .' Ible. Police and fire emergency, squads from Sandtisky were called ; 10 assist. Cii,ist guards from Marblehcad were headed toward thc floating Ice. ' '• Thc men wer.e said to have beett fishing from the Ice tn Sandusk'y bay. Many were In huts on. run-' ncrs. Thc huts provided protcc- '. tlcn from tlie cold while the meii' (Ishcd through the ice. - .A stiff westerly wind carried th8V Ice an eighth of a, mile into the bay in a quarter of an hour. Tha sheet of ice Is about three acres -\, In size. Theodore Miller, who lives along • thc shore, said the men were • gathering around the edge oI'Uw..f- floatlng ice. - • ;^ "U looks as If they will break. \ 011 smaller pieces unless they.' spread themselves over the Ice," he said. The Ice was said to be safe for a time but probably will crack; : up If It drifts into thc rough open . J water of Lake Erie. Small K-ats used for iflshlmj and put up for '.'. tiie winter were being brought oi.'C • by police and firemen for Ui; in an attempt to reach the men. Coast guardsmen siu.1 the flc 1 ' must be reached tn Uie next. few'•:. hours If the men are to be saved. Wood from the huts Is the only jhlng with which they will -pe\ ' able tojte.en-'aflaat.fl thp^ Ice t up Opeii 'wnlcf Wifti choppy ' lies Just a mile ahead of the Ice sheet. J. L. Guard, owner'of Guard OSCEOLA, Ark., Dec. 27.—The Bank of Osceola Friday Increased its capital stock from $25,000 with a $25,000 cash surplus, to S50.000, DisCOVet'V of Fake Certifi-l Jclveir V Store. 221 West Maln; strem J ll " ;nm f thc Institution to the' coroner's ji:ry returned n vertlic. i bank were $1.000.000. Tt was capi- of "death from unknown causes" : talizel! at S120 - OM ' The Corinth i State bank had deposits of S280.000, • with capital of $50,000. Failure of thc Peoples Bank and British Steamer Afire f^.f -, „. • • ! "^—- "^^. *,. vui-i—/i ; A ilium iin.-i i^ i]iiru-givcenue Off Coast of Arabia , ^ om P Anv of lu P e: ° anii £ «'- i £t °<* swindle in which thousands j commented Mr. Guard, displaying eral of its associated banks was! of forged share certificates of Fox j thc vial in one hand. street, walked nonchalantly into j cxtenl that the local linancial sit- NatlOn- 'he office of A[. G. Goodwin, chief ; uslori following closing of the First ] of nolice, where several cops and' sta te Bank a few- weeks ago, can - •• - . be amply cared for through the Bank of Osceola. Purchasers of a portion of the new stock are R. E. Lee Wilson sr.. |and R. E. Lee Wilson jr., who sat cates Brings Wide Inquiry. CHICAGO. Dec. 27. (UP)—A j "I think this Is nltro-glycerhie". I visitors at headquarters were hhered. ADEN Arabia Dec '7 (UP) iS'™" as0the Cau5e of clos!n B- ! Film A.- and other large corpora-| The Jeweler holding the small'hi conference with members of the -.1, uujn, -i-tc, £ <„. \ Ur J — ,\ t. Rnnnni'illfi f tin Or^n,-,,,: 11 „ I *! nn _ t i .... . I i . ., . .. ... . . , , ., . ... The wa: fla amidships. The bridge of the sV.lp also was afire and it was unable ( make steam. The American st°in-.-, ••- — »."*••* ,, *i» » ut.^, *»•*•! - _ r /- - —-3-. ---•.-,,,.". cr Jeff Davis stood by ready to r"s ' M L C D t Vctk a " d othcr '" ee citiss we:v | nmlne ll 'c ''1 UI <i '" thc small con-; Miller, H. J. Hale and L. S. Mlt- J Ci !0 r ' s ". in March Says rrOSeCUtor reported to have been ii3tin:a -f i ! ainer - Eorum was not positive; chcll. silk goods in deportment stores has undergone the greatest reduction as compared with any other type of merchandise. "All Indications arc that raw silk will move during 1931 within a fairly narrow price range nnd that, consequently, Ihe price ndvantagi. enjoyed by silk will be retained. For this reason it is believed that consumption of raw silk during 1931 will be extremely large, par- city and vicinity. Wood, sawed and sp\lt to any sto desired, may be purchased from the yard at prices as low as any hitherto prevailing here. All money derived from its sale goes to aid the relief program, cither through payments to farmers for cordv.-ood. to labor for sawing and splittln;, or In cnsh contributions to lh« Iowa Trapping Grows Into Large Industry DES MOINES, (UP)—Trapping is rapidly approaching a million .dollar Industry In Iowa. State flg ; mes showed trappers netted more than $800.000 last year. Prlncip!.? catches were: Muskrat, Ooodfeilows fund. Sam Ahxancirr i 4GG.914; akunk, C0.452; mink, -31,-. . of the Chicago Mill organization, is G41; oppcssum, 18,520; racr.on, 10,I orga: In charge 61 the woodyard, and E. ticularly when there is a lurn for B . Dickey, also of the Chicago > the better in Ihe general tconomic ! k helping In its supervision. Mill. situation.' Foreign Cotton : This statement by Lewine Is evidence of one form of compelitian for the cotton grower. Thc other is freign cotton which is said to | men. like all olhers in the Good- fellows organization, are serving without compensation. Orders for wood may be placed ellhcr at the woodyard. at Main and Fourteenth, or by telephoning be ol better quality and cheaper | number 800 even than our own Chairman Al- j Mv . Cunningham also announce:! exandcr Leggc ol the Federal Farm loday , llnt Bt i dltlolm , c:ish co t ,. Board, however, has stated that | buttons will be nedcd shortly ',,!,,, , _ ~ : slock exchange officials ant ^ Borum, local druggist, was, were bought In by thc following old | the present, cotton prices indicated ' |; ecD t]lo ' :lK3(!ock V/lll rate Tnal i brokerage nrms in Chicago. New calle(i to the police station to ex-;stockholders: J. L. Williams. Ike that the acreage next year would R cciuest<f J'' Vi-l-l- f n,,.t n<V.A« I- _-.- IfllllltlO Mln lifllllrl tn IV,n nn. n !1 ~f.~ ,\III1 TT 1 TT_I- , . « . . _- ._- -.-_ IX'-HULJti the to have been natifira scheme and a nat.ion-v.-ide it was not nltro-glycerine but be-1 The personnel cf the bank's di- that the acreage next year would rests' be cut 10.000,000 to H.000.000 acres ing . nmi arc bs| m and that cotton prices wnuld nd-' as the necessary investiga ' functionlnT 073; weasel 4,000; red fox, 126; badger, 124. Chinese Bandits Free Foreign Nuns, Priests SHANGHAI, China, D^c. 27. (UP) —Five foreign priests and four 'sisters, including the Filipino nun Ho- sario Ramos, captured by bandits at Klanfu in thc Ktancjsl provincs last October 4, were re'.based today, """"""' '" PeiP ' ng nls ^ lches ' .. j estigations can cue the crew. . lne sm «ne and a nat.ion-v.-idc. "• »•'=• ," UI - "".ro-giyccnne uut DC-i Thc personnel cf the bank's di- vance materially within thc nest' hc " mndD "" b ":V.,,.,,_,,, nriHit , , , FAYETTEVILLE, Dec. 27. tUP>- c " ecl;u P slatteA to determine the ' - VC[i . * tr> h = murialic uciri. i | rcclorate remains unchanged, w,th 10 months. nubhc rn^nnt ihJ ,„ " dd "-™. G. L. Matlock, aged Civil war vet- autlienllelty of all stocks in cll( . ;1 . clcnnsmg fluid. |j. L . Williams president; Ik: Mil-I The wheat situation Ls not as Sr Banlz , t lm «•! 1 h T , , ° face trial early in March ]a!lon - Chicago brokers r.dmitt:d i, Everybody agreed it was a grand , ler, H. V. Cartwright, II. J. Hale.'easily solved, nor is that of olhcr ! - bo cxllauste " t: „... with first degree murder l!lc swindle might have extended H° 1:e bllt lt ' erc Ms no °"* '**•'•> O. W. Knight, J. ,,r,,, v ,, mr ^r~ : 'n connection with the fatal shoot- ;over the nation, stocks of nt IcaV j*' anted . to glve tlic lltll: lnule mi G. B. - : Segravi tiuLLYWOOD, Dec. 27. (UP)- lng of Sheriff John A. Phillips of' two companies in addition to Fox !lts co "tenls a further Ust by slam- board. Day, motion picture act- Madison county according to P-oi- werc said to have been forced ' mms " a ^ ain st the floor. : Tlie Bank ress, ,,as formally announced her ccutor J S Combs ' ' An ofnccr tock it outside the t est bank in Day to Wed Fur Man rur man Bonds Will Italian Beaut\ no date ding. . to wed Arthur J. Klci-i. Matlock allegedly shot the poace : -> Angeles fur dealer, but officer while the latter was readin • s been set for the wed-. a warrant for his arrest. He has been confined in Jail here since !u was captured by a posse. building nnd carefully contents Into the soil. poured its Banlzed in 1891 with James Driver to Imposition of a 42 cent a bushel | FLASHES ; Cives Seat to Lady, i Breaks Back in Fall * ? i~i i T • • r i " " f\ r> VL ^ ^i ! An era l >lo - ve of th" Jewelry store I Un Lar [heft Charge discovered the small vial a s!m .... „„ „ Ullltc „ j . I distance from the rear door of the president, '["he late W. P. Hale sue- ! prospects of export, according to I 1 J. E. Carroll, St. Louis salesman,! ston ' tllis afternoon. The proprls- |cecdcd Mr. Driver, and at his death Isome Farm Board officials in view who visited in this city Chnslnn-; i *° r '; , wlth memories of recent, ssfc about 12 years ago he was succeed- lot the increase in Russian produc- prcsident. it has served this com- tariff. Here ako Is a prospect of a i munlty for nearly fony years with i drastic reduction in acreage. This • Tv-ij r U but two changes in Ihe office of j cut must be sufficient to clhnltKV.:: | Passengers Overturned i '• Eve, was arrested at Holly: Springs j blowing attempts, carried the bol- ' (iiitd !|lc to the police, who to tell thc BANDITS GET $20.000 : MEMPHIS. Dec. 27. (TJP>—A II'ILADiii.fHiA, Dtc. 27 (UP) chivalrous act of surrendering hLs 'our ii!-;n held up the branch streel car seat to a lady resulted "'ley bank (oday and obtained a sum of money estimated in ex- <Fss of 520,003 ami escaped. today, charged _ theft, local police were Informed Iriilh, r^ily didn't want by InsiJcctir Will Griffin of the; 15 "' 1 " would? Memphis police department. j ' Carroll, who stopped here in the | f}J,| f . iM,,, P a t p -,»car he is aliened to have slohn, i !O » lsa ra «-'" rtn.l ed by J. L. Williams, the present j lion. president ol th; institution. Speaking of American LUXORA, Ark.—Thc most seri-' . ous accident of the holidays so far ini5UCM>| i n t i, e vicinity was thc nvcrliirnln? i S12i,0«fl CHURCH LOSS Mn Claude E. O'Chalion. 34, WorH ! made a number of Christmas pur- war piloi, memb-or of Captain Ed-: chases in Ihls city, die Rickenbacksr's corn;;, suitsinlnj ; Officars believe Carroll is a. dope 1 a fractured spine and broken rib addict. .here last night. hw Airplane Model ; ! and industry, John A. Bunncll ; of „ , rllck olvncd b lh s M wn] :, )lf,aCCf;ar Into Earth | president of the Chicago Boar.1 cf ;i ams!)ll Ca . of o'Donnels Bend „,,•"•.,. r . . i rrade, said: "Judsing from other • whcint collided with a Forr. sedan When raving UlVes Away;Periods of depression, the| 0n highway 120 about two 'ward movement has begun to ebb j East cf fwn. The truck was driv- ST. LOUIS, Dec. 27. (UP)—A i with the "levitablc upward turn , cn by a negro man and there were : family of four motoring leisurely i m pros P ecls r ° r the mont.w ahead." fourteen passengers In It. Seven of MARTIN'S FERRY. O., (UP)-A'along a str-ct here literally "droo-1 Rc S ardlr 'E agriculture, hoivcvcr, I the numbjr were seriously Injured Government pat-ent has been Issued jped from sight" whc-i the pave- i Bvmne11 sa 'd the problem was moro j when the truck left the highway; on a new mode! airplane to which.|, nen t undermined by a b-oken wa complex - and overturned in a fifteen foot: according to it's inv,?nlor, Nassif E.\i eT mam ,,-..„ U-av and the hravv "Grain farmers have experienced i daralnnge canal. The Ford was: chin-,, ^n .,,..:..„ ,. - lt ,__i • B< } " "«- '»-•»* onc rif the|r mojt (rying ycar s," h?i driven by Chas. Robinson who w.-ss. eet. WILL HJR E rEVEE WORKERS : l ° the "°° r ' yh " n the car lurched J MEMPHIS. Dec. 27 (IT) - i c ~ ' Z~T~ . . Government pnpnccrs loHay siW I ibeVCH Montana PCHOOIS 300 men wouM be given work on I, U,,.. f\ D 'I 17 L. levcc construrlion beginning- ' naYC UHC rupll tECh .Monday morninc. The announce- " mini followed closely that of Ihe HELENA. Mont.. (UP) — There Murray AVoml products company , arc seven schools in Montana who said their plant, employing i «Wch have only one pupil, accord- 700 men, would reopen Monday, ' ing to the biennial report, rf th; a wcrk abean of schedule. ; Department of Education. MELTON, Mov Dec. 27. (UP) Tho moo'el Is enuippcd with two!* owbray. EnjbnJ.>«o« .ha> an extra propeller forlSiUtoii^'inlurri -Prince George. • weight carrying and hns two air, nlldre " " e ^ lnjured ' youngest son of the king nnd queen ; n*abnizcrs to prevent tipping. | dislocated his left shoulder frtav: shlb '=V " a W H'-c model will be, In an accident while fo>: hunliriT! li;aiutac>urcd lnt ° a full-size plane! L" « " ls Uo said, "and so has cur entire grain jivl seriously injured. WCATHCD trb/\>[ir,K with the Prince ot Wales. by in airplane factory soon. r. !• > C " 5 '".' Victory AIJKAN'SAS.—Mostly cloudy and tries prices have continued to de | uaicttled tonight and Sunday;; dine. Time -.'ill te:i the result of - "The Federal Farm Board, ere-1 i |«ted by the Agricultural Market- j Omaha Pastor Will ! I lng Act, Is again endeavoring j ,, , , n , , (through Its agencle'i to maintain I UCCUpy Local rUlplt ; j certain values <vhile In other coun-' I The Rev. Frank Q. Smith, D. D., pastor of the First Central Cons KPrtiirt Virtnr,; ' ^ fl",™^ Ji° f ^" r 1It>norC(1 i Possibly Iccal rains In south po'r : j such efforts." gregatlonallst" church "of Omaha. HitSy indeed will bo the persona dt\.i"n Ticiory i CAMBRIDGE. N.ass., (UP) —Dr.; tlon; not miich change in temper-: Farm Income Down ' Neb., and a prominent figure In re. '- l ho possess engraved portraits of Over African Tribesman' , , Fpln, Hamilton Kuhn,.ature. ! Or.tsSao of wheat and cotton.! llgious circles, will occupy the p'jl- this joung lady which soon are to • '; rrofcfscr of biol'«lcal chemistry at ! -Bunnell said, "both of which have . pit of the First Presbyterian church be Issued by the Ital!a:i govern- have

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