St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on February 6, 1984 · Page 42
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 42

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1984
Page 42
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6D SILDUiS POST-DISFATCH MonFtb. 6,1984: television Eric TelevisionRadio 7"X MONDAY EVENING I PUS UYQTKOdXT Dcst Dot Dierdorf Reverses Field After a distinguished career in pro football and some dabbling in ; sports broadcasting, Dan Dierdorf " has changed directions and is trying his hand at non-sports radio. ,' He worked a couple of days two ' weeks ago, but today really marks his Inauguration. Dierdorf's primary duties now revolve around the 4-to-6 afternoon drivetime shift for KMOX radio, teamed with Charlie (now called "Charles" by executive order) Brown. Word around the station is that general manager Robert Hyland decided at the last minute to replace Bob Osborne with Dierdorf, but Dierdorf said that "it was something Mr. Hyland discussed with me a few months ago." In any case, Dierdorf is sitting in the chair and slowly finding his way in the unseen world of radio broadcasting. He has had some experience as a more-or-less regular fixture on the KMOX sports call-in shows. But this isn't sports; it's news, weather, traffic, features, the odd sports report now and then, and talk. Dierdorf is aware of the rj difference. "I'm eager for the v luarnx iu uu suiiiciuiiig uuici iuau f sports," he said. "It's a great i opportunity to expand how people look at and perceive me." The "talk" is the hard part, of p course. Saying "Now here's Bob with the news" or "Up to Don for a 1 look at traffic" doesn't exactly strain the creative Juices. But filling the spaces between reports ; in a way that sounds natural, relaxed and "in control" and ! exchanging banter with an on-air ' partner without sounding like a ! kid broadcasting from a basement ; takes a great deal of skill. Dierdorf may well have what it ; takes. He's uncommonly bright, articulate and possessed of an easy-going on-air manner. Time , will tell. Sports is not out of Dierdorf s . life, though. As noted here before, it's virtually assured that he will get the color-commentary assignment for KMOX's local m broadcasts of Cardinals football tjZnext season, replacing Joe Sullivan alongside Bill wilkerson. Dierdorf refused to confirm those . reports. He did say that plans now call for him to host KMOX's sports call- in snow rwo nignis a ween, ana ne also said there was a chance he might handle some CBS radio network football assignments next season. He was drafted hastily into ' service for the network during the most recent NFL playoffs, and he performed admirably especially, be said, for a guy who'd "never been in a broadcast booth . before." ' 6 it Channel 2 general assignment reporter Paul Farmer was fired last Monday, following an on-air gaffe the previous Saturday night in which he was accidentally shown mouthing an obscenity. Just after he had begun reading a story to viewers. Fanner learned that a mistake in the newsroom had made most of the story useless. He finished the story as best he could and then, believing he was no longer visible to the audience, vented his frustration at the foul-up by mouthing but not speaking aloud an obscenity. As fate would have It, the camera had remained focused on both him and anchor Donn Johnson, and some viewers apparently needed only a little competence in lip-reading to figure out the words. 'I apologize to the people who saw IL" Farmer said. "It was an unfortunate mistake. I've been in this Job for eight years, and I know better", Monday afternoon, Farmer said, news director Barry Copeland called him at home and told him he was fired, although not because of the incident Saturday night Farmer said that Copeland had told him that "my job performance was not up to the standards of KTVI-TV. They don't think I fit into the Times Mirror organization. I don't know what their standards are. They've never told me." Farmer said that the quality of his work had never been criticized by management before, although he acknowledged having been told that he had an "attitude" problem. Farmer was part of a team of Channel 2 reporters whose work on the Times Beach floods was submitted by the station for a local Emmy award. He went on to share primary responsibility for - continuing coverage of the dioxin story with former weekend anchor Jane Akre. He had been with the station for about a year and a half. Other station sources said that Farmer had a temper that flared up occasionally. But they also suggested that management may well have considered Farmer an enemy and might have been glad to have an excuse to dump him. On several occasions. Farmer had spoken out during staff meetings and had asked hard, direct questions about the direction the station was heading. "My attitude was one of dismay, concern and frustration," Farmer said, "that the station was sinking from first to fourth place. My problem, I guess, is that I cared about the place. If they find that attitude a problem, they're going to have to deal with a lot of other people, too." Times Mirror does seem to be concerned about attitudes, though. The company recently hired an outside management consulting firm to prepare a lengthy questionnaire and distribute it to all employees. According to people who filled out the form, one of the main areas of interest of the 30- to 40-page document was employees' attitudes toward management I bet some of those filled-out forms were hot enough to ignite. IM 241 News I MacNeil Lehrer Newshour 11 One Day At A Time 24 Rehearsal 2 P.M. Magazine 4 Family Feud $ Wheel Of Fortune 11 Soap 24 Timmy And Lassie 3$ Andy Griffith 7:44 2 IT rrti Ox fmi. -Arte" !& lit tftij MiuefliVMrt CielflrfLwjtaUwt 4 Scarecrow And Mrs. King $ TV's Bloopers Mystery!: "Reilly: Ace Of Spies" (Part 3) (CC) 11 Movie: "Downhill Racer" (1969) Robert Redford.Gene Hackman. 24 Mister Ed MBJ-Lobo 7:31 24 Westbrook Hospital 8:W 4 After MASH: When Mildred goes out of town for a night Potter thinks he will be able to spend a restful evening at home by himself. $ Movie: "Little House On The Prairie: The Last Farewell" (Premiere) Michael Lan-don. Melissa Gilbert 9 CiMtereOa f Opera "UCENEREKTOU" 24 Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon 31 Hawaii Flve-0 8:31 4 Newhart Dick doesn't quite know how to handle a guest who seems to fear nearly everything. 24 How Should We Then Live :0 SKOAL! Mr. T, Ester WilliiM NmnJCtsel 4 Emerald Point N.A.S.: Mallory and Warren challenge Deanna to prove her innocence when evidence of her involvement with the KGB mounts. 11 Joker's Wild 24 Burns And Allen 34 Fantasy Island 3I 11 News 24 Another Life 10:0 24$ News 11 WKRP In Cincinnati 24 Let My People Sing 3 Sanford And Son 130 r 2 M A S H (R) 4 Hart To Hart(R) 5 Best Of Carson (R) 11 Movie: !4"Bad Day . At Black Rock" (1955) Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan. 24 700 Cub 31 Rowan & Martin's Laush-In 2 XIV Winter Olympics: A preview and recap of Olympic ice hockey. I Business Report 34 1 Love Lucy liM 2 ABC News Nigh Uine S Late Night With David Letterman Latenight America JICflllttrtSMM Tkkkiiftttlfr 11:41 4Columbo: A research specialist turns to blackmail to further his career. (R) 124 2 Mission: Impossible 11 Movie: H"Hitler: The Last Ten Days" (1973) Alec Guinness, Simon Ward. 24 Midnight Soap Opera 1131 S Medical Center 24 RinTinTin 2 News 4CBSNewsN!ghtwatch 31 Movie: 4"Stranger On The Run" (1967) Henry Fonda, Michael Parks. 1:31 2 Face To Face SNews 2:15 11 Music Magazine 2:45 11 Movie: ft"Gentle Art Of Murder" (1962) Richard Todd, Michele Morgan, 3:44 31 Movie: H"The Lonely Profession" (1969) Harry Guardl-no. Dina Merrill. TUESDAY MORNING 5:04 4 Good Morning Headlines 24 A Memorial Service For The Homeless 31 News 5:21 4 Country Way 5:30 4 Newsmakers 5 AgDay 11 The Muppets 24 Movie: "Utah" Date) (No 1:0 2 Romper Room 4 Body Power 5 NBC News At Sunrise 11 News 1:34 2 ABC News This Morning 4 CBS Early Morning News 5 Today In St. Louis 11 Lone Ranger 24 Music 3 Morning Stretch 4:45 I A.M. 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Men Another Ufi PsoplsSinq 700 Club (3$ BJ-Lobo HnniFivtJ Fantasy Island Sanford Laugh-la CBK I Spy 700 Out) Bond AnothefUs Groucho ?,; LIFE Whole New You Health Report Ftegjs Ptutwi s Healtri Styles Nature Sexuahty workngMoffw jHeatthRepon CINE Movie: "Night Stuff Album Flash Movie: "Man On The Roof ESPN College Basteftal: Louisiana State vs. Tennessee Coflege Basfcetbal: Connecticut vs Pittsburgh " ; HBO Not News Movie: "Playing For Time" Movie: "The Amateur" HTN Movie: "Fiaf Movie: "Magic Stetue" Ftshmg HASH UO Paradise Fandango NashviMNow Yesteryear AfterHours Offstage HICK Nanny Work) War : Secret Army 0nedmLine FhtEJition Handnade SHO Faerie Tale Theatre Movie: "Stroker Ace" Movie: "Carnal Kriowteclge' '' - SPH Photo Eye Post Tune Mediterranean Echoes Meow Man American Bab) TMC Movie: "The Man With Two Brains" - Movie: "The Year 01 Living Dangerously" Movie USA Tennis: Marco Island Women's Finals Hitchcock WCH SoMGok) ISalute News , Soap LoveBoaT WTBS Movie: "Cactus Flower" News AH Family TheCatlins 7:31 I Mister Rogers (R) 11 Popeye I Black Buffalo Trails 8.00 I Sesame Street (CC) 11 Bugs Bunny And Friends 24 RinTinTin 31 700 Club 8:31 11 Scooby Doo Z Shape-Up l:0 2 Woman To Woman 4 The New $25,000 Pyramid 5 Donahue Electric Company (R) 1120 Minute Workout 24 Guidelines For Family Living 1:30 4 Press Your Luck 1 Letter People 11 Please Don't Eat The Daisies 24 Burns And Allen 30 Jimmy Swaggart 100 2 Benson 4 The Price Is Right Sin Touch With Sally Mister Rogers (R) HLaveme & Shirley 24 Majestic Praise 31 The Facts Of Life (R) 19:30 2 Loving S Dream House 13-2-1 Contact 11 Hogan's Heroes 24 Why Do Bad Things Happen Even When We Are Good? 31 Family 11:00 2 Family Feud 4 The Young And Restless 5 Hot Potato Rebop 11 Harry O 24 Insight The 11:31 2 Ryan's Hope J Wheel Of Fortune I Sesame Street (CC) 24 Hazel 31 Perry Mason TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:01 2 All My Children 4 Tattletales 5 News 11 All In The Family 24 Another Life (1978) Blair Brown, David Ackroyd. 24 Jeffs Collie 30 Match Game Holly- wood Squares Hour L00 2 One Life To Live I Magic Of Decorative Painting 24 Land Of Ahhhhs LSJ 4 Capitol 5 Another World Great Chefs Of San Francisco 24 Vegetable Soup 30 Sale Of The Century 2:00 2 General Hospital 4 Guiding Light Nova 24 Stuff 30 1 Love Lucy 2:30 S Love Connection 11 Woody Woodpecker 24 Children's Variety Show 30 Superfriends 3:00 2TheWaltons 4 Barnaby Jones 5 Hour Magazine Sesame Street (CC) 11 Bugs Bunny And Friends ' 24 Infinity Factory 30 Inspector Gadget iM 11 He-Man And Masters Of The Universe 24 Inside Track 30 The Brady Bunch 4M 2 The Jeffersons 4 Quincy People's Court I Mister Rogers (R) 11 CHIPS Patrol 24 Somebody Special 30 What's Happening!! 4:30 2 Barney Miller Entertainment Tonight Electric Company (R) 24 RinTinTin 30 MorkAnd Mlndy 5:00 2 4 S News Sesame Street (CC) 11 Little House On The Prairie 24 DENNIS THE MENACE MO TiriTiThelllMTlM St. Louis Skyline - ' 24 Oi Ywr TY UNews 30 Good Times 24 Another Life 5j30 2 ABC News (CC) l"18 n ' '"" 4 CBS News Business Report . SNBCNews 11 WKRP In Cincinnati 24 Father Knows Best ?$on!hi1e. ' 30 Sanford And Son 10 Sanford AndSon TUESDAY EVENING i j.,g 2 M.A.S.H (R) 24JNews ' 4 Magnum, P.I. (R) MacNeil Lehrer To Beaver n nn.nL 4 Tim. 11 Movie: "High-Bal- SUveiThe S!XPdeter World's Greatest Book uZrtl ' MHaysAgaL jJKnb ft Martin's 52! Laugh-In 2 P.M. Magazine jjJs !WofFodrtune 11 Soap 15! 24 Timmy And Lassie ABC News Nightline 30 Andy Griffith 30 1 Love Lucy 7jM 11:30 2 XIV Winter Olympics: ' Lae Night With David Today's scheduled Letterman events: U.S. vs. Canada 30 ThicReOf The Night In Ice hockey; a pre- 1L40 view of other Winter 4 McCloud R ' Olympic events and a 12:00 look at some of the 2 Mission: Impossible competitors to watch u Midnight SoapCpera " for throughout the 12-30 Games (from Saraje- , ., , ' , . vo, Yugoslavia). M.ed'cal Cenler ,. " 4 The Mississippi 11 Movle: b Tn TheA-Team '"l1 J iuiea,i Nova(R)(CC) 1969 01iver Reed- 11 Movie: "Car Wash" .i5iaJ!??Ig?- J (1976) Richard Pryor Public DefendJL, 24 Mister Ed LOO . 30 BJ Lobo 2 News 7j3J 4CBSNewsNigltwatch ' 24 The Hunger Next Door Movie: "A:ountess 8-0i From Hon? Kong" 4 Movie: ""The Sky's ffi J?' Brando' . No Umit" (1983) Sha- SoPhla Lf ' ron Gless 1 5 Riptide 1 Perception American Playhouse News (CC) 24 Fury 11 Music Maga.'lne ' 30 Hawaii Five-0 lf M 10 Movie: H"Back-' 24 The Silent Killer track" (19i9) Neville fcOO Brand, Janes Drury. . 5 Remington Steele : . 11 Joker's Wild 11 Movie: !i"NightkiU" 24 Burns And Allen (1980) J.clyn Smith, 30 Fantasy Island Robert MLchum. p COUPON ------ 12:30 4 As The World Turns Days Of Our Lives t Creative Woman 11 Movie: "And I Alone Survived" vvCViv;'sS,v III Let Us Help Ypli , W irer bIbp. Uvjng - . PAnrrrn and IRCb I - pnfidrnllal Imling m , ST. LOUS AREA 2-530e ! BallwiaAra . ! 227-2268 St. Charles Area 417-9300 llamplaii Village 962-3633 IRTNaiVHT ttllMfB 1171 ; HOW OPEH. . .WESTPORT: 77 Westport Plaza, Suite 152 434-8650 ST.' CHARLES: 4200 N. Clovetleaf Dr.. SuKe M 922-9093 FLORJSSAJfT: 4585 Washington St. 838 0444 WOODSMILL: 14377 Woodlake Dr., Suite 203 434-6540 FOREST PARK; 1 00 North Euclid 367-5151 SUNSET HILLS: 3555 Sunset Office Dr., Suite 208 821 6500 WESTPORT: 77 Westport Plaza. Suite 152 434 8650 CLAYTON: University Club Tower, 1034 S. Brentwood. Suite 790 725-1234 Vnand HaerCd wvtayrw. 8 n to 7 pm Mot-Fit WEIGHT U3SS CLffflCS OF AMERICA, ffC 1963. Coming Tomorrow Buckle up! DollarsSense features a consumer's guide to buying child restraint seats for cars: what brands of seats meet the legal minimums; costs; and options. Also, more tax tips. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH y ECLAIRS $ ChocoIate Frosted Bavarian Cream Filled Long 9 PER john9 Xfrfirt Regular Price 5.64 Cannot be combined with any other offer. Good at participating Dunkin' Donuts shops. One coupon per customer. j Limit: 2 Offers per coupon Offer Good: Thru 2-13-84 DOiJUTS It's worth the trip. 12865 OLIVE ST. ftD., CREVE COEUR , ' 12735 NEW HALLS FERRY RD., FLORISSANT 1 1240 MANCHESTER RD., KIRKWOOO 513 MANCHESTER RD., MANCHESTER ' 10650 ST. CHARLES ROCK RD., ST. ANN 5353 CHIPPEWA ST., ST. LOUIS , 5706 S. LINDBERGH RD.. ST. LOUIS , ' 2218 FIRST CAPITOL DRIVE, ST. CHARLES OPEN 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK 1 '.. ' I 1 I v I 4.''. I 1 I I " I . I ',. I: i a. l J.j:i;:

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