The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 17, 1936
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LLE COURIER NEW NEWSI'APKIt Ol* NOKTflfiAST ADKAMUIU i.n^ „„.,..„,., VOL. XXXJI1-NO. 7!) Oouiler B]ylliu'lll6 L><t!)y Blytheville H«r»U Muaualppl v»lley °'l N ^ e ™^ AS ^' AKKABBAH AND BOUTHKAHV MIBHOUIH tM.V'I'UlOVlLl.K AUKAN'SA.S, WKDNRSIUY, ,IUNR 17, ISM HINOLfi COPIES FIVE CENTS Administration's Accomplishments anrl Failures Will Provide Issues At the New Deal's SI el in t i;y Courier News Washington (:I>M<- s|iouilenl PHILADELPHIA.—Pointing with »Mde temporarily will become Pennsylvania's chief industry when the Democratic convention opens here June 23. The nominotion of Roosevelt ntul Gardner is a matter of such routine that the Democrats will hiive little to do but brag about the achievements of Ihe New Deal In the last, three yeors and four months. The "glorious story" will be bellowed, crooned .chanted. und i-l.irped in keynote speech, nominating speeches, platform, and in urnctleally every oilier uttrmncL (if Ihe convention. The history of the New Deal will be painted in the most bi.'u Uful colors which word ortLsts can . Und. The re-suit will contrast so I amazingly with the black splotch which Republicans at Cleveland held nu to Ihe world as the IHIL picture that 'you won't believe. even politicians could so totally disagree os to UK? facts. Upon the invitation'of both parties and in the words of Al Smith v.-hcn he was campaigning eight years ago. "Let's loo!; at the ILL crrt!" HANKING Mew Deal orators will tokc you nght back lo .that famous day in nUrclt, 193.7. when the last bin! closed as Hooscvell was hum MI rated. Nothing can obscure the fact that P. D. R. handled that crisis Hi such manner-as to restore ni- •ttei.Jj confidence when' a w 15 iiiOEl sorely needed. And althouji •1600 banks had failed in the preu ous three years, there hasn't bien iin Important bank failure in Ihe first, three years of ihe New Deal mid banks now have public eon- lidence, because nearly all deocsiu "re insured under federal law HNEMJ'I.OYJIHNT On the other hand, although millions of people have gone tact- to a-ork, the nation still worries about its -ten million unemployed. The Republican platform promises re-employment in a vaguely phrased program of generalities and it is to he feared twat the Democratic platform won't be much more helpiul Technological unemployment is an increasingly big problem and (he threat of u permanently huge body ol unemployed is common talk. I-'AJIM HKI.1E1-' AAA wns NRA's rural cousin, aimed at increasing prices by regulating and adjusting basic crops surpluses of which had forced juices down and ruined many farmers. Cross farm income, up to S13 - 500.LOO.tWO in 1920 — when many, farmers made their land investments—had sunk to 55.300.000,000 in 1M2. It «-a s more than $8000000.000 ill 1935. although AAA must share credit with the great drouth of 1034. Since Ihe supreme court killed the agricultural adjustment net, .the AAA has embarked on a huge toil conservation benefit program. Vhtch even Ihe Republicans endorse in principle, claiming- it as their own idea. IlKMEF . Mast spectacular of • (ho New Ufal efforts have been the pro- Brains to carry out RooseveJtS l.rcmlse that "nobody shall starve." Relief remains a vital'problem nnd ' It's a big campaign issue, chiefly because it costs so much money and its administration has been bad In loo many spots, tt has cost about $8,000,000,000 Otto Awaits Summons to Rule Austria VIENNA, June 17. (UP)—Olio von IJapsburf, with the apparent .support of Premier llpnlto Mussolini o) ll.-ily, issued « proclainallan to the Austrian people today lell- In<j Uiem lie awuii«| their Kill to return to Ihe uirone. High sources said Mussolini linil . approval the resloratlon of t'ne monarchy anil hud reached cn I) . Congressional Aclion 'Stirc Is l^xpcclotl I'omplly -----.• >""' i mvin,n .xii i \VASJllNCiTQN JllH l* 17 f1 asirimcni with the Austrian gov- IKaise and semUe confer s . t'vce,'" i i «>oi>™>ll°» Dt- <d complete agreement ,0,, " Hum the two ,.,,iiriivi^« Hie two .. „„, Despite the expressed opiroslllon "I the J.ltlJf Entente nations—iiu- inanla, Jugoslovla nnd Czechoslovakia-public ;, u j|a|lo;i for the I i restoration has been Intensified. ••»< J> i J Ciiimceltar Kurt. Schusdinlgg, 11 '^f ••-' J 1 wtls imrterstood, intends to devote ^: ::^i iff I a " llLs f" u »-e energies toward tin; 'M X f f \ i '"'oration as a means of Austria's viU ^~-*«* a i 'imation. ..... .,u.. L . .IUVUL. 9O,UUV,UUU,WV vjwll Ill^ll lOrt the New Deal to date and July 87 7-8 88 3-4 87 1-2 Wallace Kopcr Shice, 1933. this group o, ,„ Democratic leaders, shown wu,, PlVK I (foil f Pn->l-ill.^lt l,n- ... i . . »»«(! ..sevclt, has played a major part in sluipinj admhnstra- l.on pohcies. They are Ihe members of Ihc Hoosevclt cabinet III BLEGROW; Gendarmes Repulse Crowe Seeking to Destroj' Machines BHUSSm^s, June 17 (UP)—The ?rcat Bel;:an general strike, now, , lalucm in its third day. spread today ns 1 munitv gendarmes encountered increasing U \ V M '' dilliciilty in copin B with acts oflpjtai' 0 : THf PIIHTlf LncJorscs Coughlin - To\vn- i-encl Shiirc-llie-Woalld Coalition WASHINGTON, .lime 17 (Uin_ Representative Willlum Lemkc N. D.) author of ihe de$8,000,000,000 farm niorl- *< inlliillon bill, icday cast Ids "i|Vor! behind Father Charles E. Cminhlln's pro|H)sal for a Ihh-d ! 11U The told headed one time non .iitl'-im leader denied however that he had been offered a lo head the ticket as n DiCMdcntial candidate and said "I Know ...nothing, about It." Lemke mined "ns. his condition for siip- uoUliif the proposed coalition of the National Union for Social C (he To'wuscnd ' old nge !i forces 'and the. nliafe-lhe- ttc.ilth fnction, led by the Hev. '"rild L. K. Smith, embodiment his farm relief measure in the inn-cl party's platform. Father Coughlin In a persistent crusade urged congress •luffman -Fanner Succumbs at Rlylhevillc Las I Night Graver c. Hughes. 57. pioneer rrsidenl of the died at . Huffman com- 11 o'clock lust to enact — •-•t>^^ vuu6ii^>.i 10 ennci tie bill but. It was killed recently Hie house. Progressives Aloof WASriINCITOK, June 17 (UP) — Wisconsin's PiogrerKhe parly leaders made clear (od ay that, (hey , nloof-for the pres- are standin - ent. nt least—or any third party presidential gested by I'H' HeliclHicy mil earry1ii' B "7H'T, - UICI.MO for ia;n relief n«-:ls and nr- raiwiminls were made lo uci on n >» His house lain- unlay. Hrimlor Alva Adiims (Dem., (jol 1 c uef of the senate conferees .said (He small, probably will t:ike i<n liic 1 bill loinorrow. The house will vole' oii^lwo Semite ir.ucmlmeiits, one W Ihe Florida slilp cai'mL wh'l'ch If favorable would permit iTsiimp- tlon of work ou the project. The oliier vote will bs on Ihc sen-lie proposal to penult ihe Public "im-.s Admlnlslratlon lo make MM., nnd grains out of a $300 - COO.OOI) revolving fnuil. The bill conhiins fun;!.-,- f or tin- IVimessee Valley Authority, the social .security program ami numerous miscellaneous expenses in addition to the relief funds '. S. MllSl Buy Move Abroad | O Hold Foreign Markets Says Davis ...MEMPHIS, ,111110 17 (Ul'r. _ Chester v. Davis, AAA ailmlnislru'- or .ioji,y praised Ihe reciprocal trade asrcemcnls fostered by President Uouscvelt nud wiirned that the present tariff system must lie thoroughly overhauled if agriculture Is to rcgitln foreign markets. Davis, who has Just returned from Em-ope where he made a study of foreign market conditions, said the United States uch as srj- Father Coughlin. Senator uobert M. LuFclleUe sai<! a "representatii'e confcrenci" of Progressives would be tailed after Ihe Democratic national convention at. which the course of progressives in the presidential campaign would to determined. would never be able to sell abroad "•'join unless "we are willing lo buy." "Everyone In Europe f heard ii:l Ihe sail-,:- story." Davis said. "If Amerlcji would regain or even j hold its export trade abroad II must buy from abroad. Tt l.s u lesson which apparently we have net yet learned." Representative Thonns (Proz., Wis.) threw cold . Amlie miter BlytheviM; Ibs- cn the Coughlm iiroposal. predict- gendarmes repulsed work Funeral services will l>e held at Uie family home at two o'clock 500 slriki-is who attempted to halt ' , — and destroy nmchlnjt | l~^df ™' factories slill operating in (he vicinity of Ruysbroeck, near Brussels. Authorities issued ordcre for- Jlclding Ihe use of bicycles in Liege, where last night squads of cyclists were arrested for attempting to extinguish street lights. Striking workers, demanding: higher wages, reduced working hours and recognition of the! closed shop, increased, especially; .,*,„ ,^ <t m the coal fields, steel mills and Cotton closed and Lurial at Maple Grove | cemetery here. The Cobb Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. Hughes is survived by his widow, Airs. Florence Hughes, and eijhi children. New York Col ton NEW YORK, Jime 17. <UP>-( , - ing the only cm-el of a Coughlin- To'.vnsend Ehare-thj-weallh can- would be to threw live. . the Repub- iexlile works. steady. western slates iican column. Senator William E. Borah (Rep.. Tdnho) who said after the Republican national convent Ion that he would wait until his return to liis home stale before making u decision on his stand in the forthcoming presidential campaign, laughed at the idea lhal lie ui'fht be the candidate Couglilin has in mind. "No one has s^id nnylhim,' to me about il." he said. Rural Electrification c L i i i acheduled CABUTHERSVJLLE, Mo.— Thrc rural meetings arc scheduled Wed nesday and Thursday nlghls to dc (ermine which farmers in Coote Virginia and Holland townships are lh - v ' lllc only . moisture lo be 1 " re- interested in obtaining electricity . mrl( 'ii In the cotton belt. thfnitcrli t>io - niivni T.'i_-d_i«_ i. r*ftt(*\ii *^r,, .r. !.-•- ... uuvxiiiLiig cicttl 1C! through the Rural Electrification Administration, tl was announced Western Tour Cost Roosevelt Five Pounds WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP) — I'ri'slilenl lioasevelt tvveuletl uit he lost lire pounds on lib lour tlumiiih the soulhwi'.u that Included .sjH'Wh making In Ark- aiiMiii mid Texas under a Inoil- Init Mm. He liiUKhhii;Iy ivi-om m e nd ed Kuril u (our (o all Ihose who wero iiu^ to nbtiiln a lifin ninuiv Duncan U. Rdclior o Moi'idii Siiccinn]);; After 27 Years Service WASHINOTON, June 17 (111') -Senator Duncan U. Hetcher, 'n, veteran member of the senate, anil (ilinlriiiiin of committee on banking and cnrrrncy. died tcduy. Fle'cher was the second oldest member ol [lie senate In point of service, I/ .was Uie second Florldn senator to die within a few weeks. Us colleague, Purl; Trammel!, of Florida, died just a month uso. Tile only member of the i;enate »'illi a longer period of Mrvlce. limn KlcU'her. Is Senator William E. Unmli of Idaho. Fletcher died suddenly at his Washington apartment lit about 10:30 n. m. He had not been In paitlciuarly good health but his death came us u .surprise. Fletcher was one of ihe slamich- cs( of President Roosevelt's supporters In the -senate. To him went credit for draitlnu and pllotlni' throuah coiiBi-e.'vi some of Ihe most compJlCTled nnd v |( n | O f (lie New Deal's fiscal mul biinkhiK re- Dakola Congressman Demands Action in Speech House Today form measures. Ho had served In Ihc lie. same thnV''a.i ! senate ,, - . — *- »...iu u.-> inn collcatiue, Scnutur nillson u Smith (Dem., S. C.iyile wns re-' eleclcd every six years following Dentti mis attributed lo'cerpbrni hemorrhage. Siiicido Victim's Botly .. Iflcnlifial by IXuiglilcV of Inventor FAST OI1ANC1B, N. J.. June 17 (UP)—The bmly ol Jcwn Phillip Oelihardt eetenlrlt electrician, was Identified definitely (odny m-, that of Ihc man who visited 1). Mc- Fnrlnml Moore. no(ed Inventor and foimer aMoclate of (he Inle Thomas A. Edison, Pu> nlglit !lc- fure Moore \viis shot" to clenlh on ihe lawn of his home here. Itrulrlco Moore, daughter of the Inventor, made the idenlllkatlon iu lied Banks, N, J., where acu- liavdt died ye.slerdny iifler shool- Inir himself wllh a .'it calibre rifle, Ihe same type of weapon used to murder Moore. Oeblmrdt. was esiU to have miar- I'c.led «-ll;i MOJIC over biislnet: matters.. Moor.u'hu;! inore.than 100 Patents to Ijh civdlt unit playtvl nn Imporlunt' part m the dev'elon- ment or television. Ill NKW VOUIC, .nine' 17 (UP>- Pivsldent noosevcll hns directed. I lie jiisllcu (Icpiutmeiil to invcstl- liiite' the lieatlni! of Miss Willie. Sui; liliigden nnd tin. Rev. Claude C. WHllumi In Arkansas, accord- Ini! to a message from Uie White House lo Norman Thomas, Socln!- Ist leader. Thonuvs nrBCd (he inesldent yesleidny "to ae.1 In this moh- i.lrous perversion of- everything decent In the American tradition." White House Secretary Marvin n, Mclnlyrc replied: "In reference to "your telegram attorney itcneml lins ueen aslied !« lnve:;llunle linmcdtately iind re- piut." lon Reporlcd Suffering from Drouth in Some Parts of Arkansas MTTLE HOCK, June n (UP) -Arkansas had Its fourth con- cciillve day of 90-degreu tcm- ucralures today. Tlie United States weather bureau reported a reading of 055 Si ",', ' ^ ^'' wlli « slight n central Oklahoma lat tras recorded Colton croiis In "some parts of Arkansas were reported to All tratis|»vtation except the July railways was seriously affected. ', Oct. Chicago Wheat | iiixler Ihc end is far from in sight. I Sep. Nearly 25,000.000 people conlinuei on relief rolls. Roosevelt originally uccepted fertcral responsibility for all o rtheni, but more recently, with establishment of WPA. he open 1il low , Mar. May open hish low close . 1176 1195 1175 1183 . 1132 1143 1130 1130 . 1127 11M 1127 1135 . 1121 11:17 1127 1135 . 1127 1137 1127 1130 1130 1141) 1129 1139 close | Spols closed stir.dv at 1103. up 89 90 1-4 38 7-8 S3 8!) 7-8 Chicago Corn million "unemplovables" back *on' the stales. ' j Many slates ond cities were on ! the verge of bankruptcy when the original policy was adopted and some ot them are now no better able to care for the load. RECOVERY The NFiA came, floundered, and finally was killed by Ihe supreme court. Few mourn Its passing. Planned as a machinery for shortening hours, raising wages, and thus stimulating industry through creation of added purchasing power, it soon became primarily a device for the nonc-to-compati- (Contlmicd on pane three) July Sep. Spo( Avcr.i;o Is 11.53 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the 10 spot markets today was 11.93. (lie Bly- i'lsville Hoard of Trade reports. 59 CO 5J J-8 (JO " ' Crs "« C °°" 3-3 59 7-8 i today will be entitled to a subsidy Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, ill., j mio iUl')—HOSTS <(000 Top 10.35 170-230 Ibs, 10.25-10.35 I4C-160 Ibs. 9.GO-10.M Kulk sows 8.40-8.7S Cateie 3.CCO Steers 7.40-7.90 Slaughter steers 5.75-3.50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-8.50 Slaughter heifers 8.45 Beef cows 4.50-5.25 Cutter:; and low cutters 3.25-1 Orleans Cotton NEW OHLBANS. June 17. (UP) —Demand broadened on the New- Orleans cotton market today and prices closed wuh grains ranjinj from six to 15 points. open high low close July 1177 11% 1177 1190 Oct. 1127 1133 1120 1131 Hcc. .'.'.'.'.'. II2:> 1133 1124 1129 Jan IT23 1130 1125 1129 Mar. . .. ll:'5 1133 1125 1130h May ...... 11'.'(>' "28 1120 1132b Spots closed steady at 1210, up 10. 163 3-4 34 l-'i 53 J-8 08 3-4 4 5-S 100 1-2 49 1-2 38 1-2 M 7-8 83 1-1 8 7-3 45 I-1 30 3-! 10 3-8 40 3-S 2 1-8 31) I-S 53 32 5-8 , 89 . o;i 1-2 9 3-4 . C 3-S Closing Stock Prices) NEW YORK, June 17. IUI'1-j Moderate selling In steel sharer gave the stock market an trregulir appearance today. Bonds alw turned down from early highs while commodities were mixed after several had made new highs A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Beth. Sleel Chrysler ,[ Cities Service ".".'.'. Coca Cola \. .. Gen. Am. Tank ".'.'. Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ".'.'.'.'. Mc-KcssoH-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio St. L.-S. p. Simmons Beds Standard of N j'" Texas Co. ...... U. S. Smelting' U. s. Steel ...,"" Warner Bros ISonllc .... ra was received within'(ho next few ii-eeks. Gardens generally were report- 1 '- lie suffering from the eil to drouth. 'oLiunuii, u. was announced (LI ™"^'-> ueju reported to he Tuesday afternoon by Judge T. R "'Ifi'iiiM/ and some, planters nrc- ooJe, president of the. Pemiscol (Ilckl<l " I'nrtlal failure unless rail Bounty Farm Bureau, '""" ™™ii-...i ,..:.i.,.. •.. The meetings will lie held us follows: Wednesday, 8 p.m.—School No 8 Cooler towns-nil), W . c . Clark, com- mltteenian. Wednesday, 8 p.m.-c.ibson school Virginia township, c. a. Thompson, committeeman. Thursday, 8 p.m.—Holland hlzh school, Holland township, Gideon Clews, conuulttconiiin Meetings arc to be held later in Alaska Fisherman, 86, Works Single-Handed KETCIIIKAN, Alaska (UP)-Joc Mnssey, of lai^g, | s .,nid to be nil- in Concord to»-nshlp, John lender- son; Little River, o. If. Acoiir Pascola, Frank McCollom- HavtV Charles w. Reed J r . ; BinggadMio wither Curtner; Little Prairie, Henry A. BoDiie and J. Ralph Hntrhl so": Pembcot. Barney mitfhl ' Cooler, p. i Godnlr, Son Boon. rho slill le Is Hi) - -- .'nich he and (rolls slngle-linndcdly for Stiedle Scores 36 In Morning Tourney Round oldest mikes - ,. years old, owns a boat !u fishes and Ir a livelihood. Massey does much reading on his lotiely irips. but does not use glasses, lie has spent the last 50 years In Ahsk.r "I've never been sick a dav in my life," he Mid. "except with « tamiacho. I've lost of years to live yet because It runs in the family I My father died at the age of 117 ' and my mother at 110." MFMPJIIS COUNTRY ' " <U second nine this afternmn in Hie Southern Amateur G™ a - roctotton tournament, after cord m? a 30, one over par for his morning round. ' Stlcdle shot a 73 | n Qiialifyiryr round. topped par by two for "a 37 on his first nine today after tally- led' two holes on the'* Vimcul' course this morning. "»""> Files Divorce Suit" Ruby lii-ycan* has filed suit in .... . chancery court against Sidney into hisj nrj-eans, ,-isking a divorce on the and Burns Aflcr Takeofi From Warshi p WASHINGTON. June 17 (UP) —Two ii.ivy llj-ers from the cruiser Indianapolis were killed near Norfoll:, vn., today ivlien llielr plane, takin-; off from the ship, crushed Into the .sea from a height of ICO feel and cauiihl fire, the nnvy department was advised. The dead arc U. C. K. Mallory, of Bcthesda, Md., and Radioman W. C. nray. Horlon, Tex. The plane was one of three which were Inking ,off In formation from the IndliTnapolls. temporarily based nt Norfolk.- Navy department officials understood that Mallory's plane (jot Into Ihe "slip .stream" of another plane in the formation, causing ihe crash. Smith Is Reelected Mid-South Director MEMPHIS. June 17.—Reelection of c. G. Smith, Dlythevlllc, as director of (he Mid-South Cotton Growers association for District 7 which includes -Mississippi county was announced at headquarters here yesterday. All of fne association's present directors were rcelccted, including Drew Vardell, Kcunelt, representing the Missouri district, and C. G. Gregu. Jone.iboro. representing District 11. ground ol desertion. Biirlwra and Holland, local nl- lorneys, are counsel for the ulaln- till. Henry Wallliall, Famed as "Little Colonel," Dies MONKOVIA. Cal., June 17 (UP) -Henry 1). Waltliall, the "Little Colonel" of the motion picture, "Birlh of a Nation,' died in a sanitarium here lodav. Sanitarium attaches refused to reveal ihe cause of death. The elderly actor had been coming here for treatment o[f and on for some mouths, they said. Cars Collide Fined for Drunkenness | C ar S an™ VM« Allco Pisk " ; and a woman \\-ho gave 'her nnm* Oracr Reece was fined $10 in mu-; as G.wnctt Golf, collided at Ihs ulclpal court this inornlnj on a: Intersection of Chickasawba and charge of public """- •The fine was suspended durlnj I good behavior. Fifth streets this morning. f'nnitrew Hears Dcinaml WARUINCVl'ON, June 11 (UP) — Hep Pred 11. Hililebrandl (Dem., H. D.) today denmudcd n federal Inve.stlgnllon Into the' rcixiMcd Ilr,|!nlnif of a woman and n clergy- iiinn bj' a band of men iicnr Enrle, Ark. Ucinaiiilinii thnl Ihe house Inkc action on mi nntl-lynchlng bill before, ndjournmcnl, llildcbrnndt siild there were "no words In tlie English language stroiiK cnougli" lo eoiKlemn Ilia'rcuortcd flo'jghn! of Miss Willie Sue DUigucn, or Memphis, nud (he Rev. Claiiile O. Williams, Ultlu Rock, by a sk- iiiaji group at Enrle. "Tlie demand for a federal in- vc.'illgntlon hns my emphatic endorsement," IIIldebiKiidt said "It Is perfectly obvious that local authorities arc likely to-do nothing—ns In the cose ol most lynch. lmjs-«nd that nothing less than the -.sfronR. rmn 61 national au^ Ihorlty can put Icav of the law mid respect for elemental decency la Ihe hearts of such gntigslcrs," Illldebrnndt called attention ' to Uie fuel.Hint n petition signed bsi 21B house members, more than a majority, is already In effect to discharge the house judiciary ransUlornUoi'i of bill so that it floor, vote. Relieves Negro Alive UVCI.E ROCK, June 11. (UP) — Slierllr Howard Curlln of Crlttcn- deii comity snlcl today he "felt sure' Prank Wccms, 40-year-old nejro sharecropper, reported beaten to tlcatii, was alive and safe Curlln said he hud not found Weems but that the negro's wife and relatives appeared unconcerned and Indicated he was safe. "My opinion Is that the negro Is hiding out just lo make a story for Ihe papers," Curlln said. It was Wcems' "death" ami subsequent plans for a public funeral by (he. Southern Tenant Farmers : Union thai brought on the nb^lim two days ago of a Memphis "fili-l •n-'lnl worker and a Presbyterian minister. discharge the lions I" Hi committee from con; ilfj the nntl-lynchlng bill lull cnn lie- brought to a Mrs. Hester Zaricar Die's Suddenly This Morning Mrs. Hester Zaricar, 55, wife of W. R. Zaricar, died at five o'clock his morning at the family home In the Clear Lake community. Mrs Znricar Ita<J been 111 for about two rays but her sudden death this morning wn s unexpected. Funeral services will be held nt 10 o'clock Thursday mornin* at Maple Grove cemetery where" interment will be made. The Cobb Funeral Home is In charge of funeral arrangements. Mrs. Zaricar is survived by her niisband, four sons and two daiijh- Frank Dulaneys Buy R. F. Kirshner House Mr. and Mrs. Frank Diilaney have purchased the R. p. Kirshner residence, at 110 Kentucky, which they will occupy as ttieir home. The house has five rooms with balh and other modern conveniences. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight inrl Thiirsdiiy. • Memphis anrt vicinity — cloudy tonight and Thursday. Possibly showers tonight. Somewhat cooler Thursday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 97, minimum V".i • •" *""• ••"""•*•:;• v >ui*..Krtj «a5 y(l niminium G2 Aside from damage to Ilio cars! clear, according to Samuel F Nor-' Hero w as no Joss. 'ris, official weather observer.

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