The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
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Served by ttic United Presit '' - " ~ ^* TUEDOM1NANT NEWBIWKU OP NOHTHBA «• ARKANSAS AND aOVmjBABT MI8SOURI HOME EDITION YOU'XXXI—NO. fl Btythevlllc Dally News Blyllierlllc Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhi'vlUc HcrnUl ... \r,,,ii •,..•« i i, ., ., ,, IU,\ I IIKVILI.K, ARKANSAS. WKDNKSDAV, .1MHC1J '-"K |i).'M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS'! PAY VETO Jury Acquits Caiscm Lake Farmer After 3'4 Hours Deliberation OSCEOLA, Ark., March 28.—T. A. Byniini. Carson Lake fanner, was acquitted of the murder of his son-in-law, Clarence Morse, in a verdict returned nt 11:30 Tuesday night after three and a "noli Jiours of deliberation. It was reported outside the court room after the verdict was returned that Hie jury stood nine to three for acquittal on the first ballot, the three holding out Tor a verdict which would.carry some lessor degree ot punishment Uian (hat of life imprisonment or the death penally nsted by the prosecution, and swinging to the unanimous verdict alter n re-rcati- ing of (he conn's Instructions on sell-deirnsc antl communicated threats, on which pleas die defense based its case. The trial occupied two days and attracted crowds which overnrAVPn the court room and filled the court house corridors. Climax of Long Quarrel BSnum. who shot and killed Morse while tlie latter sat In a T»rXtd voavtoter nV Vile sice ot the Wilson Molar company garage in Vlilson ont toy lost f»H, testified (hat trouble between the two dat- ci\ tek lo June. 1333. when Morse ncciised Dynum of intercepting his letters. Morse tate married Bs- Jium's daughter. Tbp ill feeling was resumed \n vhf Sail vthen Blmim attempted to collect rent. viMch. Morse owed him in cotton on o 40-acre tract Morse sub- rented {torn Bynwu, and cAilmtn- ated in the. shooting at Wilson after Morse' threats to kill his father-in-Jaw had been repeatedly communicated to htm, Dillinger Double I Lloyd Gets Held as Suspect Ten y ears for Killing Says Governor May Not Extend Tax Paying Time MTI'I.K HOCK, Mar. M lUI' : Ally. Oiji. ll;il I,. Norwood tin, in nn opinion .',-ilit lh.,: Imirl! luis no iiuthurii' j tn exit-mi thf Hiiir fur payim-m M.>.-Tmy!! ;l ' """••••..'"»• ":•', J»- 111.- llllWl-.; Lloyd of niylhuvilk-. Ari.. was i ">, T1l " tt ! mv I-''""''"'- 1 - tomirt uuUly ot m:ins>am;hl.-r! U "' lir - sl '"•'•'"""''•'•I »" *">" VOTE IN SENATE flT KB CITlf Sivc-n 10 vnira liy :i olrctiil rci.iu.';;"' ' il , 1P1 "' ;l ' "'"" '• """ "'"' \r I ,,"""] " \j- ; Jury )iL-i',."veslml»v. !' "' ^"iiiH.v ^I'lund',, ,i|ilnhm n. | Vlli|(-|lCP Murks VldOl'V oi ^-X^^^^ Tom PcnclcrBasl'K Muni- r*rnuilniiil .iltr, ,,F nl.i<li^"^^' ' l]v : 1 1 . ._ 1. .. I to Bynum's testimony. The two men went armed for each other ami Bynunj .shot ami killed die younger man when Morse beckoned to him to conic- to his car and leveled a ui.-j.ol at him liy- num testified. Johnnie Woodruff, 21 year old Little River farmer, entered a formal pica of guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 21 years in (lie penitentiary. The sentence was passed last night, when several casts were disposed of by [he court while waiting for the Bynum verdict. Warm Against Liquor Young Woodruff, who shot and killed his companion, J. D. Sur- ratl. on a drive from his home to Etoirah one night n few weeks ago. has maintained since the fatal shooting that he was so drunk he didn't know at the time and since ihe killing has no recollection, of what happened that night. The court, in passing the 21- yenr sentence, which was pre -iy agreed upon between Prosecuting Attorney Denver Dudley and Bruce Ivy. defense counsel, look the occasion to stress the diabolical effects of whisky on some men. and to stale that the 21- year sentence young Woodruff must serve should be a warning to others of the effects of liquor Trial of the case of Willie Stewart, negro, who killed Willie Kel- Icy, another negro, on • Hickory Lake plantation, vvns begun at the nialit session last night and will be concluded today. UK-Land, also Cojvlaml \\iis "taki-n lur vv ridi-"} July -1 nf Insl yi'iir iiiul It-fl. l:it-j j nily iii)tircd, in u iWtl In Mis-] Miuri just above the Arkansas line. 5 , ITr had bi'i-n pickeii up o!f tin- Mivi-i.. ( ,f Blyilu-vllli- liy Lloyil :\no uvo companions. Cliurgi-s aKuir.'.l Ehf other pair were dis- m'.-j-.d '.H've scvernl months :il!o. H '.v,i:. u ported here today that ifloirjt-.'s lor I.loyd \voie planning i intKioii for IH-W lii:il pii'ijLint- awy in nppi-ai «[ the cast- to a llpllfl- C'Jtll't. Tickcl Nn, llil* is linl .lolin lull Krftlik Deuni-: CarpPiii^r, •whose closo yppenibUnc'e Ui ilii'. fnsitlvo dc-sperado rau>-/'d f'.ir- ponlijr'rt ttouMHioiL lu MUmoKito- lis on susFu'cioEi that lit: N ilu> "IMllJngor double" who lofik part in several finuk rolili^vlp.s in ili« vic'mUy, inrUuVmi; iU<i $-,S.OOO .Mason Cily, la.,doirl- up. i:»ri»>iiliir is r.lmwn a* KANSAS cri'Y. Mm-, aa >UPI_ Tlie "l-ilt!i' 'IViniuany" nf itn- inid-wc'.st I'lniasi'd vU>inrloU!i 10- Id:iv fruiu sin ck^'tifln itwvkcd by iotu- ol tlu 1 wildest .spm*.s ol vlo- Irnce In nwnt ilnn'i-lritii lilstovy. j WUh the incumbi-nt OmocriniD jinnclitnc lit Doss Tom IViKlcv |May Bid for Mai) Only Af-p" lr ?™£ ^ ^, ""S Themselves i'^ PlolteVS iMiKm-rt IXlllS. WASHINGTON. Ml,-. 2H I.Uf>>- Favor Federal Reserve Bank Loans to Industry vetllnmi '"io" privntT iri couipiini^ i score nursing bruises In •.ilu-mulons nl Ihe io uns no Immediate re- ivort on whiit, [actions thi- victims i-cpreseuted. Shots rniis out \\m\ blnck jnck.-. ivllhl/i two mouths, with all iili-i ros< ' nni! fcl1 with inonototioits WASHINGTON. Mai. 28 (UP)—llhios eligible tu bid for tcmpornr. jrcKiilnrHy as ihe Democrats cnn-.ract.-i if they purge Ihem.selvc.s 'swarmed lo Ihe'polls lo roll up a of fonm-r official* vlmrgod wli'.i **'''. iiuijovlty (or Muyiu 1 Uvyi'i- B. fjnml and rollmioti. imstmnstcr'Smith, nmchlnc candidate for re- Gcui-rnl .Inmr-s A. F-.nluv nnmmni- 'election. cd Irxlny. I Ur. A. I Joss Hill, former Unlrcr- A(lvcrllKenwil.s toy bids will bi- ist '-y "I Missouri president, who sent out by On- jxisiofficc dcparl- :'""' o:i n Citizen.-; Fiiilon ticket, Glass' plan jiuivides thai cst'.ib- Intent, this wcrt;, tailing lor sul>-'. VVtts wc 'l supsiorlcd lu tin- rcsUlcn- inlssion of bids within 15 days.''lit areas but was .siioivnl wider tnniorily yive.u the uincliluc so-cnllcd "rlellvernble" The senate trniking co/u»iHtec today discarded the adminfitrailoii's indiisirinl crriKi brink )rfan In M' vor ot t'uc ol Carter Ula.w iDeui., Va.l lor direct loans w h-.tUistvy by the fed- lishrd foncsnis, unabh to adctiuate credit trom usual bauli- h>g sources, may aj)j))y for loans directly from tlw rcsevvi- bank in their distrkl. The loans could b? Fnrley said. made for rts lane as (ive Successful bidders will bo vemilr-! lJ>' rti tr> starl oj*iniloiw within ai.sliu days after contvutls HIT nwnrrtert, (wni'ds ot the liulusttlnl iiort - • - ' • ;rhc slnin uic'ii wove Lee Interest Will Center on Doling Case If Indict- ipent'ls Returned Only one murder trial is slated for Ihc- spring term ol criminal circuit court opening here April 3 and tew other cases of outstanding interest await disposition. On i.he v.'hn'.e, with probably one ov two exceptions, the term is expected to prove an uneventful one, although a number of minor cases will require steady operation ol the ca;irt, mneMtiery. S. T. Holing of Manila is' the only man likely to be brought into court to answer murder charge and Bolinj's trial must a\vaii his indictment, Boling is accused of murder ill t-hc slaying of Paul Coday on the streets of Manlln, about Christmas, and con Find Traces oi Vanished Civilization in Sahara ALGIERS, Mar. 58 (UP)—Traces of a lost civilization, dating back thousands ol years lo an era when the vast Sahara desert was rnpii-, lated. were reixirlctl • today by a French archaeological expedition. The expedition, lifadcd by Prol- e/sars Oaiithier find Heyenrse, reached Blida, outsWe Algiers, niter exploring the heart of. the covwrd by commercial uir romc:s. occupant of one of the nutomo- Dr. M'Daniel Is Charged With Killing 28—Ui'. J, li. Mi'lJiniM of'siri'lP, shiyi-r ot Jn&e Dlldlni-. ulleRixi hml mini of llii- Sti-i-le si-ctlon, has been charged vtMIi mmdcr In u MIIIT.IIH L-wiu'il by Jiislict. 1 of Hit ri-nci- t^. R. HruBU ht-VL- ou complaint of n-liillvi's ol Uildlne. Helntlvt-K «t tin- ttarnsiil nre io luivi- uski-d pro.vciilloii ot McOiniii-l rifti-r Ur. O. \V. nf Cni'iilliorsville reixirli'd nn i-x»mhinll»u of Dlldlno's Iwdy HIM lie had been slnirk In Hie ick by l\vo shuts. A coroner's Jury returned n vcr- cl of Juslinnbte homicide i\ttev the slaying occurred nn the streets t Steel? Friday. Uoboil Haw- Im. prosecutor, said lodily Hint mlesa tvWcncc nthcr tlmii that •Ircndy brought to lite attention vns icvciilcd thnt, lie could sec 1 Mini the charge .Jr. McDanlcl woylil be ubslaiillatnd. Uv. McUanlel 1ms modi! bont 1 11 the sum o[ ,.,^0 for appear- ntc ali n hcnrliiK here Frldtiy. The ic-nrliii; will pi'obably bo jxislpon Fifteen mutes will l>c flown • ll i; cl °I llll i' shcrltt. William Finiey. the start, i-m-crins slishtlv inn-ci 110 !! 1 " Democrallc precinct ciipiain, _ _ _ U»« half oi the ml^c forSy jl-vy C.ppo, n, s ht club waiter, ^ K ^^\,,~^ t<\ nn liuHrrecllon ugnlinl his ruin n a municipal election yesterday narked by tour dwillis nnd num croiis net.s or violence. Compamcs contracts that carried Plucy's slayers, . cancelled on ctarues of frauil .iiiti jn»d f. \V, OJdhnro. . collusion must cluuigc their s«t- 1 u Democratic ehailciiger, m>s, Farley sntd. in addition, thc-y • wns Mrct l "P 0 " !>y n suns riding iitusi have dismissed all officers In. two automobiles as he entered, who were connected with the so- " ----------- ..... "siioils cotifcrciicc" hold by Postmaster Generul Waller F. Urown lu 19SO. "Tiie temporary contracts will : made for a period of three months." Farley's apirainnnent Tiiey reported Ilif indications vine Hint, the desert was once l»pulotcd by men uud nnimals. Mississippi Liquor Bill Near Approval in House JACKSON, Miss., Mat. 28 (UP) —The Mississippi house wos ex- pccitd to a compromise liquor bill today so tlim the scnr.te could vote on it before adjournment. adorable interest has o'ecii nianlM te V t . a . l ; i .^l. y --: <io '... r . or Sall »' da S'; festcd «t Manila in the trial. Bol- it\g is now st liberty under bond obtained at 11 haix-fts corpus hearing before Judge Nell Killough. Bruce Ivy of Osceola has been retained by interested parties as special counsel to assist Denver Dudley, district prosecutor, nnd i r . Leon Smith, local deputj', in '. Cooper nud repre.vnt Bol- c 21- i me iriftl. Claude F. Cooper nud v'lous- oscnr Ffiitiler u'lll represent Lepasvto Hen Gains Fame Via News Reel Pictures LEPA.NTO, Ark.—She's only n lillle brown leghorn hen «1th a ycu tov Hllte biUcns, Vjuv she galn- fd national prominence when a Universal NC-KS Rc«l man Jora- ueycti down to Lcpanto to take picuvtes oC sh« and her adapted feline family. She .s.',raUed all over the cWck- cn yard with her adopted fnrnlly in to*- thei\. nwchtag to iwr "icst. .ihe waited at the entrance while trie .kittens nted in one by one. The tuti« brown hen In her joiith was befriended by the old n™ mn 1 "" au<J <Kllm toc ral me lillte kittens a couple weeks ago the iutte htn charge of ihe feline tribe look. Legislators still were faced with a budget $2.000.000 out of balance ind strongly backed proposals to ncrcase approprinlions anolhcr «000.000. Switzerland to Adhere to Present Gold Parity BERN, Switzerland. Mar. 28 (U P)—Switzerland will nahere to the present gold parity ot the franc. me government, announced today answering reports that the coiin- Iry is In danger ol being forced o/f the gold Mtinrlard. Thomas Trial Likrly Sam Thomas, former sccretaTy- reosurrr of (lie defunct Auricu'l- ural Finance corporation, indlcl- d by Ihr full grand jury oil three hargcs of embezzlement,, will probably be tried on at least one charge at this session- Thomas, low in Memphis, lin.5 been nt Jib- •rty under bond. Ellis Wheeler, butcher, accused of burglary in the removal of sev- hundred dollars from n sec•et cache in Lutes' store, may be ried at the coming term. He «'as ndlcted last fall. Andrew Jones, negro, has an Indictment against him charging as- smilt witli intent to kill, ami Abbic Connie, negress. Is accused of the same offense in an old indictment. Felony cases to be brought to attention of the grand j'ury involve Jesse "Toughy". WDHnms ol Ma- niln. accused of robbery; P. p Bramlett, charged with obtaining money under false pretense: Vester Hudgens. Harvey Tanner and Thomas Hale, accused ot robbery; Bennle Dlxon and B. N. Norn'ood, negroes, burglary: John Boyd. Arthur Freeman and B. T. Walker, negroes, burglary, and Ross Will!-' ford, burglarj'. Williams, alleged bad boy of the Manila section, 15 accused ot stag- Ing a hold-up. Tanner, Hale and their alleged girl friend. Vestcr Hurigen.";, are accused of a series of holdups here recently in which Hale was finally trapped by his victims. The negroes, Dlxon and Norwood, are charged with breaking into Bell's pharmacy. Willie Broote, Holland, Mo ne- gro, identified by the driver of a local street, bttf as the wouW-bo bandii. a-lio shot him (» an attempted hold-up, may be indicted by the grand jury. n e ff as bound (Continued on Page Eight! Three Face Death for Plot to Murder King BELGRADE. Jugoslavia, Mar. 28 UP)—Three men were sentenced to death lon.-iy lor plotting to as- Finnic King Alexander. Observations : by C. R. 1 .delicatessen two women ciirnixmlons. Although mortally wounded t:r n-Jiirntjl the fire and one of his biillels wnnndc.d Cnppo lalnlly. Pinley H'as pistoled to death liy a 1'ioup of thugs shortly after the said. The pontuftlce dcjiiirtmenl. (IfHs o'.i-ni'd. yesterday, will iiave Iht- i-Jg)>i [o extend .such ' contracts for one or three luoulh Dccbion to retiini tl:e atnnail o private companies followed the deaths of ten dyers in carrying the mails anil In duties connected with Hie nnny's preliminary arrangements nnd In Uiilnlny." Kindly Strangers Just Wanted Motorist's Money KEENE, N. li. i UP)—When It's time to ve-lire. do il yourself, is the advice of O. N. Surr. traveling salesman. »; ( He was ch.TO(fing n "flat" by tilt- roadside when iwn men cnme -ilong. "Are you in n«'d ol nnvlhinp,?" they chorused. "Nn." replied Burr. "We aiv, and «v wniit your money." s.iid. 'Hie (Wlr escaped wllh lite riicney and traveling case. Homer Samuel Ryles Drops Dead Suddenly limner Samuel Ryles, 02, dropped dead lute yesterday afternoon white madlug nt the home of his .Jefm NaiK in Court vas Son Goes to Tria NEW YORK, Mnr. 28 (OP) — Glittering Jean Nnsli, who has be^ trnycil her preference tor the par! (it n moDiiv \o that" of the Vues tlrrssctt woman In Europe" by her ilevntion io her son, snt In frown Ing silence toiluy as lite fedora Rovrrnmenl began semi the nttctript man to the lows for Hiiirtlcr on the high Andrew Donaldsnn Kirwan, 53 who Wfls born to Mrs. Nash wh« , .son, D. D. Hyles. HOI West Ashl sllc wns °"'y ls old. Is IN HUplES Maiotis Bound for Ruman iau Port, Her Com mander Announces ISTANBUL, Turkey, Mar. 2 IUP>— Tht QreeW sl«nwslilp Mai otls, chartered by Samuel Insu to seek refuse from American « tradition charges, passed Chann In the Dardanelles nl- 8 n. m. lo j-. Tlip ships master soid li was bourn! tor a Rumanian ixirt, As the news reached hero c the Mnlolis' entrance Into th Dardanelles, -Qcorge. Pap, one a iHsull's AUieiw..lnwiiers, vevenli Ifi tht: United I'rgss corrcspoudci there thnV iwiUier he nor tl ship's owners had hPard from for three dayfl. ., . . . . street. He had been ill but was ! charged wllh the fatal stabbing or believed to IK much improved n f. 'O""am Sossoms, 52, aboard the liner Prosldrnt Oarjield. Mrs. Nash (s now the wife o( Paul Dnbonnctl, wenlthy French vl (idler. United Slates Attorney Martin Conboy told the Jury in his owning address he would seek to prove (licit Kirwan stabbed Sessoms during n drinking bout over n fancied slight to h(s religion. icr hai'ing been up several days Funeral services were held this afternoon at nnssett with' the liev. ,J. M. Eubnriks, pastor of the Hassett church, officiating, and burial wns made In the cemetery thcrr. The rtc-fciifed Is survived by live oilier sons. J. K, Ryles. E. D. Ryles nnd Walter Ryles. of Wilson, Ark. S. T. Bylcs of Mils clly nnd Arthur Ryles ol Elhol. Miss., and two daughters, Mr.s. Lucile Jones, of Bahsctt. auO Mrs. Rstt-lle, of Wilson. SIo?s Uudf-rlnklng company was 1 In chanie of nrrangemcnlA. Mny Jill Chicago Corn open liigh Ion- close •S8 1-8 49 -IS 1-2 48 3-4 50 7-8 iil M 1-2 50 S-8 Smiles of Relief Greet Peace In Auto Industry Jtarvey Couch's advice to rural residents of Arkansas and of the South generally lo plan', a good garden nnd keep "n cow. a sow. some hens and a rooster," is eminently sonnd from a certain practical point of view. It Is at least a pretty good form of Insurance against going hungry. U is nol. however, the way Mr. Couch got to where tie is today. I can't offer any safe and certain rule for those who trould lite to follow in Mr. Couch's footsteps. I am reminded, however, of a conversation with a certain member ol our o«'n business community. "Where have you been keopltif yourself?" I Inquired. "I've uccn working. Hod the nose to the -oW grindstone,'.' taid he. "Fine," saW I, "I'm glafl you're mnkliiff money." '•Huh," was the reply, 'Vm trying to matte a living. Did you ever hear of anyone limiting money by working?" Maybe that is not quite fair to Str. Couch, ti'lio, according to all reports, wss an industrious, fellow in lite youth, willingness to work is essential, but it Is nol the whole secret, by any means. If you doubt Ihiu. read Jowplison's recently published. "The Robber B.irons." and learn ho\v Daniel Dre\v. Jay Gould, Jim Fisk. Cornelius Van- dcrblll, Andrew Cornejie, Jolm D. Rockefeller. CoDls Iluntin^ton. long series of conlcT-uccs to avert o nntlon-ivlde strike of „. .^ M -.,.i.-.. v.^,.,, M U ,, ull m Un w ' ork<irs - r ° 1 "' OI the '"^^ in the nc s ollatlons m'e shonn here In Jovial mood after a White House l.cland Stanford, and numerous naf "; J ' la!t lo ™S hl 'hoy nrc Rdward McGvady. nsMsuuit secretary Qt labor In the Roosevelt cabinet; others made moiiey atirl [wtvcrj come tltelv wny. i w llllfua M-n. )>residetit of flip American Federation of Lnbor; Gen. Kiigh Johnson, N'RA chief; and Williams Collins. A. F. of I,, organizer. )cclarcs Roosevelt Is Fair to Former! Wearers of Uniform : WASHINGTON, Mar. 28 <UP>.-.. 'he battle over . vuti-rmis' leflsli-l Ion bluzud tmliiy' as tho M-'nriUJ Its illicit dramatic sceiief f the. sesalon before crowded „__. erli'fi. fought out thq Issue*oil vhethcr lo override Prcsldejltl loossvelt's veto. , Vf- I Mnjoflty Leailcr Jawph T. Rpb-| nson, declaring the president i tenting the veterans with HbcrSl'rl ty and without Injustice, plondedl hat the vclo be sustainetl. The hoiitc rebelled yesterdfty| mid overrode the veto, 310 to 12. McCitiiaii Comes by Air , Veterans advocates urged lh»t| t b« uverrldclra and opened tliclrl olTenslve wlUi nn hour's nddrcis'byl he dellberntc Senntor Broii£on| cuttlns (Hep., N. M.). Both sides appeared confidentl ol vlulory us Ihe vole nearetl, but] here wn:> consittcrnblc cloakroom! biiiton linllug loi- voles solng '.<">! as (he tlcbalc waxed warm. Excitement wns added "to a slt-l imllon nli-pndy tense by the tilr-| plane Illglil ol Senator Pftt Mj-l Cnrrnn (Dem.. Nev.l \vho chart-l ereil n plane In Net\' York to re-J turn lo vote for ovevrldlng. The result ot tlie . senate np|«ared (o lilnge on a few scn-j nlors whose poslllon lu unknown. Strenuous eiforts wove being made lo siring their votes. -| Itnblnair, Lauds Vediranj RoUnson, praising • pnuing'a prewiicntlon of ihe opposition case, ucenii Ills speech by lauding tho veterans nnd (ho part'they played tn American history. "It • Is not .Jitet." f\e said,. "as some linvc ntlcmptcA lo do, tb plncc (lie president (n Uie attitude ol nol comprehending or ol l&\\- !nif (o demonstrate a sense or Justice nnd of patriotic Insull Relumed Mar. 28 (UP)— Mar .In Inswll, indicted ChlciiBO ml Hies official, today was declared an alien nt nn Immigration hcnr- Ing conducted here. lie was 1m- mcdlntely paroled to Chicago officers far return there to fuce cm- bC7.zlement charges In connection with (lie rollniisc of the [mull (import lea. for the gallantry, courage, 'and heroism ol those .who have, worn our uniform. "My purpose Is to attempt to show Hint there Is no Injustice, Ihnt llicr'e is liberality loft-ord the' veterans in the measures and ar- i angonienls nttccUng Ihe veterans as concpnipiatcd by president Roosevelt." New York Cotton NEW YORK, ifni-. 23 (UP)— Coiton closed steady. open high low close 1)83 H8fi 1171 1177 1195 1191 1181 1180 Mny July Oct Dec Jnn Mnrch 1209 1210 1197 1203 1220 1221 1207 1211? 1225 1225 1213 1221 1233 1233 1222 1230 closed stondy at 1200, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 28 (UPI- Cotton closed steady. open high low close May July Ocl Dec Jnn Mai ch 1178 1183 HUB 1190 119* 1191 1203 1207 1193 12H 1216 12W 1220 1220 1220 1177 118<5 1202 1213 1217U 12271) Spots clavd slcadv at 1183, oil 12. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T ........... 117 1-2 Anaconda Copper ..... 14 1-4 Bethlehem Steel ....... 39 3-8 Chrysler ............... 51 3-8 Cities Service .......... 2 7-B Coca Co!a ............. General American Tank 33 General Electric ....... 20 7-8 General Motors ........ 36 3-4 International Harvester 40 !-2 I-siddlewest Utilities .... .NiCXgomery Ward ..... 30 3-4 New York Central .... 34 1-2 Packard ............... 51-4 Phillips Petroleum ..... 18 Radio ................. 7 ;-4 Simmons Beds ......... 183-8 St. Louts-San Frnncisco 3 3-4 SlBnrinrd of N. ,;. 44 3-8 Texas Co .............. 23 3-8 V. S. Steel 49 3-4 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 85 1-8 8G 85 85 1-1 Jill 84 .1-4 85 5-8 84 3-4 85 Roosevelt Sails Today --on 10-Day Ocean Cruise JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Mnr.'-28 t UP)—Accompanied, by his'" son, James, President Roosevelt-sailed trom this pact today tor a 10-day cruise In southern waters.' Tin- nation's chief executive, seeking rest and relaxation offer months of administration duties, departed nbonrd the N'oiirmahnl, palatial yacht of Vincent-Aster. Accompanying him was n little grou',) of close friends who were shlpiunics with him on previous tri'iJi, on the yacht. Expect Entire Steel Industry to Boost Pay NEW YORK, March 28 (UP>Thousands of steel workers in the great plants In the' eastern arid mid-eastern Industrial centers today looked forward to a 10 per cent wage Increase, effective Sunday. While some major companies, particularly United slates Steel corporation and Bethlehem Steel corporation, hav'2 made no announcement regarding the Increase, exijcctations were that more than 300,000 employes of the Industry would go to work next week at higher rates of pay. Grandmother Engages Gunmen in Pistol Duel CHICAGO, Mar. 28 (UP) — A. gray-hnlrsd grandmother, Mrs." Fred Curtis, today was credited with wounding two gunmen whom she engaged In a pistol duel last night during a holdup. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, warmer tonight. Thursday cloudy, warmer in east and south DOT'-"-' ttons. ' ; Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight, lowest 3i to 3«. Thursday fsfr and warmer. Tlie maximum temperature here ycslerdfiy .was 59, minimum 36,' partly cloudy, according to Samuel P. Norris, oificial iteaVher observer.

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