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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 34

St. Louis, Missouri
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Beautiful Smile Mirrors Good Health Youth Parade John Crosby 'Mr. Wizard' Is Real TV Veteran NEW YORK, Feb. 27. THERE ARE ONLY about four network television shows Aat have lasted 10 years on the air and a very odd quartet they tha Press," Ed Sullivan, "What's My Line?" and "Mr. Wizard." None of them, you'll notice, feature people who are essentially wmwmmw ictora or Derformers.

Well. 'S7 i ') i I -7? IS i 'y A i I Aden Francis it a performer, but John Daly isn't at least, sot primarilyand neither la Bennett Carf and neither Ed Sullivan. Don Herbert, the wizard who playa "Mr. Wizard," was both an actor and a teacher and simply combined tha two. Actually, he's mora teacher than actor and "Mr.

Wizard" Is a triumph of good television over bad reasoning. Actually, "Mr. Wizard" was dropped soma years back but was restored to television through the outraged howls of children who loved the show and 1l DON HERBERT By Reba and Bonnie Churchill 1. Would your smile and feefh stand tha clos inspection of a TV camera? If not, batter start doing something about it. Remember, oral hygiene delay may mean decay.

As actress Zal Parry knows, beautiful smile mirrors good health and clean teeth, which mean proper diet and proper brushing. Also, circle a data on tha calendar for those twica-a-yaar check-ups with the dentist. 2. Most of us ar awara of the proper way to brush teeth, (se illustration) but ring up "no sale" when it comas to massaging the gums. Zala discovered daily massage begins by vibrating brush handle in a quiver motion never scrubbing sideways.

This improves local blood circulation, with pal pink tha sign of normal gums. 3. What you eat, and sometimes don't eat, plays an important part in dental health. Zala, who appears often in the TV series, "Sea Hunt," is an athlete, as well as an actress. The Wisconsin native is one of America's top skin-divers and holder of tha world's depth-diving record for women.

She knows the do's of diet, and includes such fruit as a crunchy apple, also vegetables, milk products, lean meats and whole grain cereals in her daily menu. P.S. Your letters asked for it, so wa'v reprinted our "16 Star Secrets to Beauty" pamphlet. If you'd like this 12-page, fully illustrated, booklet on facial beauty, send 10 cents and a self-addressed, stamped envelop to "Youth Parade 16 Star Secrets," in cara of the Post-Dispatch. Due to volume of mail only those inclosing coin and stamped envelop will be answered.

Secret of Dirty Eyes, Clean Roses on TV used to have an awful time getting my roses clean, until finally I tried getting in the bathtub with them and giving them a good washing with Pahm-ov soap. Now I have cleaner, lovelier, fresher roses. Squash Dish Ever fill baked acorn squash halves with creamed chipped beef? VAC CLEANER HOSE tha critics who respected it. "Mr. Wizard" Is a science show (Herbert was trained to be a science teacher) pitched for tha 12- and 13-year-old mentality, including mine.

(All that I know about tha passage of sound waves through the air I owe to "Mr. "Mr. Wizard" is on NBC on Saturdays (although It's not seen in St. Louis) and he doesn't cars how many stations he's got or what tha ratings are. His private rating service 1 tha sale of his science books which have told 200,000 copies, almost all to his TV audiencs.

Says Herbert: "I do a kind of educational television but tha difference between what I do and educational television is Ilka night and day. Tha primary purpose of educational television Is to teach and the primary purpose of Mr. Wizard' Is ta entertain, te stimulate, ta intrigue." That word "Intrigue" best describes what Herbert does on his show and intriguing indeed ara his ideas on educational television: "I am not convinced that television is an ideal medium to teach with. To teach you want a student to learn. You want something to be going on in his bead and you can't, I believe, accomplish that with television because television is a passive medium.

The most television can do is open some doors but I don't believe it can teach. The tendency of people who watch television is to sit there and not think. Tha most you can do with television is to establish soma habit patterns like brush your teeth and clean your floors as the advertisers have discovered. "I do not, for instance, think that Mr. Wizard' has that great influence on a child's life.

There ar many mora influences in the life of a child that outweigh television hi mother, his school, his father. Watching "Mr. Wizard" doesn't make a scientist. I wish I could say that soma viewers have gone on to be nuclear physicists but I can't." Since tha beginning, "Mr. Wizard" has used kids on his hows so that the kids at home could identify themselves with them.

Tha kids have been bright, attractive children who add great charm to his show. They all were selected for their nonspeclallzatlon in science. Nona wis particularly interacted in or excelled at science. That," Herbert explains, "Is how build and ah washing herself but she Is washing a rose. That's right a rose.

She's got this rose in the tub with her and it's all covered with lather, Just like she Is. Now tt may be that washing roses is a sort of hobby with her. On the other band it may be that those same two gats met at the airport and the conversation got around to rose. One ays to the other, "By the way, ar you bothered much with dirty roses?" And the other one says, "I Urn 'llhSh 695 IRINS IN OLD HOSE EXCHANGE it lovingly against her cheek, and for all wa know sha never did wash off the soap she put on. It was at this point that it occurred to us that for some years now we've been watching women wash their faces on television with this soap and that soap and they all do it the same way.

We have yet to see a woman give her face a good, all-over washing. So the question naturally arises, how long can you go without washing around your eyea before they begin to look like they're covered with soot? You tell me. Now that we have solved that mystery, there's another little matter that keeps bothering us. We find ourself thinking about it every now and then. It, too, concerns a soap commercial.

In this Ins tinea we find a gal la tha bathtub and not only Is ARTS SERVICE ALL MAXES BRING IN YOUR CLEANER I SAVE NORDMANfii0 3215 MERAMEC FL-3-T1S5 By Dickson Terry Of tht Polt-Diipalch Staff I MADE an important discovery the other day, and one that I must lose no time in imparting to a colleague. He wrote a column not long ago in which ha referred to a new practice among the gentler sex of putting soot all around their eyes. Obviously he was Just reporting what he could see with his own eyes, and it was a mistake into which any man might easily fall. But the truth of the matter Is, it isn't soot and it isn't something the women spply to their eyes. What it is, it's Just an accumulation of ordinary dirt which has been piling up for a good long time.

I mean, you let dirt accumulate that way, and in time you're going to look as though you either had soot around your eyes or you had run into a double door. I made this discovery while watching television the other night These two young women met at tha airport and they hadn't seen each other for years. Suddenly, when they're ao closa to each other their noses ara almost touching, each recognizes the other. After an exchange of rather cautious greeting, during which they circled one another like a couple of smiling cougars at the water hole, one explained to the other that tha reason shs didn't recognize her Instantly was be- Fair i ADVERTISEMENT I'm glad Shopper cause shs looked so young. Thlf doesn't make a great deal of sens because If she looked so young she must have looked Just Ilka she used to look back in college, or where-ever they were pals, and la that ease ah should have beea recognized Instantly.

But that a mora or less beside the point la fact, most of this Is, except that It all leads up to our big discovery. Anywsy, the other gal explains that tha reason she hasn't sged a bit In 10 or IS years is because ahe uses what Ed Sullivan refers to in his commercials as "Pahm-ov" aoap. This gal is surprised that anyone doesn't know that users of this soap not only have a lovelier, fresher, younger skin, but they sre also loyal, obedient trustworthy, helpful and kind. Well, the first gal can't wait to get away from the second gal and get horn and take 10 or 15 years off her own face. Obviously sha picked up a bar of the soap on the way, because in tha next acena wa find her in the bathroom, with a towel around her head, washing her face.

And here is where we had our revelation. Sha worked up a little suds with her fingertips, and then rubbed soma on her chin. Then aha rubbed some on both cheeks, and then she rubbed a little onto one spot on her forehead. Wa kept waiting for her to wash the rest of her face, but ahe never got around to it Instead she took a towel and held opens Wednesday A famous lower master shows you how The Japanese ara acknowledged leaders in flower arrangement but now an occidental student matches them. In March Better Homes A Gardens, Colonel Norman J.

Sparnon tells you how he mastered this oriental art Full color illustrations show you how ha chooses flowers snd greens, how he arranges them for dramatic effect You can duplicate his skill with March Better Homes A Gardens. Get it today, wherever magazines ar soldi to-day is washday. Contract Bridge ny u. jay Becker 1 IS A FACT Svingi ractivtd bfor ih 1 0th el th month tarn dividend! from th firtt tha month. IP en Insurod 4 Savins and trumped a diamond.

He repeated tha operation by leading a spade and ruffing another diamond. Then declarer played a club to dummy, ruffed a diamond and another club, and ruffed another diamond. By this time, Geza Ottlik had scored nine tricks. He had won four tricks in spades and clubs, and had made five trump tricks by ruffing all of dummy's diamonds. Dummy still had the 9-8 of hearts and could not be atopped from winning a trump trick.

The form of play he adopted is known as a dummy reversal. The hand provides an extreme example of a type of play hard to recognlza under ordinary circumstances, but which ia infinitely harder to recognlza when dummy has only two trumps. No other method of play Is ss promising as this one, nor, in the actual hand, would any other method succeed. North dealer. Neither aid vulnerable.

NORTH 4NAK4 eeuit WEST EAST 4Q107S Jt 62 J7BS 4QJ10 AK8I4 QJIT J. 10 4 SOUTH 48652 l633 Tha bidding: North East South West 1 Pas ls Pass INT Pas SV Pass NT Pas Opening lead queen of diamond. HERE IS ONE of the most extraordinary hands ever played. It is described In "Spotlight on Card Play," by Robert Darvas and Paul Lukacs, in a book which delineates the type of thinking that lies behind the play of the cards. Declarer was Geza Ottlik, Hungarian star.

The contract was four hearts. West led a diamond. It is not easy to make 10 tricks, even if all 52 cards are seen. From declarer's viewpoint it would seem that he requires exceptionally good luck to make the contract Apparently, he needs a 3-3 trump break plus a 3-3 division in either spades or clubs so that he can establish a tenth trick. On the surface, all that South can realistically count Is five trump tricks and two sets of A-Ks.

But Geza Ottlik scored 10 tricks by adopting an exceptional line of play which made him a favorite to bring home the contract He decided to try for six trump tricks instead of five. This goal he achieved in the following manner: After ruffing tha diamond lead, he entered dummy with a spade r4 arc thf urn KM laaft. SAVINGS F. and LOAN ASSOCIATION measure audience reaction at home. It the kid an the how Is Interested, ws fee those at home aren't bored.

Every week wa alternate boy, glrL boy, glrL" Ha thought ft over a moment, then added: "After working with a lot of children, I think girls tend te be bet ter equipped to be scientists than boys. It's too bad most of them don't go en with It" During tha II years tha show has been an tha air, four girls and nine boys have been regulars on tha show. It helped their school work Immeasurably, all of them getting excellent marks la science after they were en the show, though they were Just average before that time. "Unfortunately, -Mr. Wizard' can't make a scientist.

Take Continental which is educational television. People who get up at that hour (6 a.m.) already are motivated by their interest in the subject. But the trouble with any kind of educational television is that you're not required to watch you have the tendency to sit down and relax. "NBC leaves us alone. Wa don't even go through continuity acceptance.

We've even done shows on sex." On sexl "Oh, the gestation period of hamsters, flowers. I don't think enough la being done on television about science. I've got five or six idea for specials I'd like to do. There I so much scientific news nowadays and nothing really la being done about it" Sheilah Graham Hollywood Happenings HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 27.

LUCILLE BALL is looking at "The Big Blonde" play script again. Two excellent playwrights, Frances and Albert Hackett, have been working on tha story Tab Hunter his a data in Tokyo end of April to buy objects d'art for bis Oriental shop la Beverly Hills. ROGER VADLM, who discovered Brigkto Bardot on a magazine cover 1951) has dona It again with American model Josephine James. She playa the American heiress ta "Only for Love." When Vadim first saw Brlgette's face he sent her a note: "Mademoiselle, you want to be in the movies, call He did the same for Josephine. SCREEN GEMS would like to corral Joan Crawford for a TV series.

If tha scripts are right, Joan could be interested Richard Boone, who would like to have a going career when if ever his "Have Gun, Will Travel" aerie ends, will Journey to Arizona in April to star in a feature film for Metro, "A Thunder of Drums," with new young star George Hamilton, and Luana Patten the stars of "Home From tha Hills." CELESTE HOLM, on comedy: "Anybody who can be funny can be dramatic, but not vie versa. All comedy Is based on something serious. Actors may be trained, but a comedian i born." THE ELVIS PRESLEY $11,000 custom-built 1960 Cadillac that ha turned in for a $20,000 Rolls-Royce can now be viewed in a Beverly Hill car showroom with a pries tag of $5500. So far, no takers. Closest bid has been from another singer, RCA Victor' Sam Cooke, who Is willing to pay $5000.

ANOTHER SINGER, Fabian, cut short his visit with tha family In New Jersey, and headed back to California to discus a new movie with 20th Century-Fox. JOAN FONTAINE, having finished her "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" movie, flew back to New York. Apart from her TV show, the first thing on Joan's schedule is acting a chairman with socialite Mrs. William Woodward for tha Tony Awards show that takes place at tha Waldorf for Wv1 Would You Tour The HEW KITZMILLER BEAUTY COLLEGE They1 1 1 Do It Every Time By jimmy Hatfo r-V 4 I I ITS AN NO CONSIDERATION I tub. wav TMosa )- why I 7 I ANClD I PEOPLE DAWDLS I CAMT THEV HUkOV UFt CVEP THEIR I SOM6 NERVE? hLl I AND FRALI SOUND OFP IP THEY'RE KEPT WAITING A MINUTE IN THE DINING CAR FOR LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE DAY OR EVENING SIX-MONTH TRAINING COURSE Jobs Hard tt Find Hart's Rtal Job Security! GRAND OPENING OFFER SAVE $237.50 For this class only, th manager Is offering a $100.00 reduction in the cost of four six-month courses KUS POO AOCUIPFlArOl EDWARD KITZMILLER, Jr.

Stylo Dlrootor I I ORDER ANOTHER R3T I VC 0(1 COFPEE.PET-.TMIS I $72.50 Value AKO Manikin With Holder and Cos $45 Value 1-Week High Fashion Hair Style Course FREE 1hEN THEV 6ET SEATED-AND JUST TRY TOPRV THEM LOOSE TTLX. THE END OP THE -ftUMt ArtOA-npew ma Mru utt IfQUAfMfNTJ: rtAkt Of Ail AND GiADI EDUCATION. C4LL Tf. t-4Ui FO IHUAHCt qUAUrtCATlON INTlkYltYtS KITZMILLER BEAUTY COLLEGE of MO. UMUWPHY, Zf CSMTRAL.

tha benefit of tha American Theater Wing. Iff Pflghway (I, riflrlmnt, Ms, N. II Cnndvliw Plaza Shopping Center 2D Mom, Feb. 27, 1961 ST.L0UIS POST'DISPATCH XUT 4tw.

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