The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 10-18 BLYTIIKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE KINV Comment Varies On Truman Talk Speech is Termed Alarming; Reaction Of Some is Silence WASHINGTON. Mar. 18. (UPI — A key Republican s:»kt ye.s- terday President Truman "could noi huvc alanned tlie iieo[>le more" in his drnlt tcrjue^t bad he asked for 11 (tei'laration of uav. nan I-i'o Allen in llic llunse Rules Committee .said the president has "asked for world-shaking lee- Ijiilion." The Illinois Rcpubllpnn membrr ol ihc Uou. B e GOP leadership. He luis been blamed for bottling tin in his commuter bills to enact Universal Military Training. Allen's comment was pcrliaps the most ouUsjioken on Mr. Truman's request for temporary revival of the draft. Most Congressmen were cautious in commenting. Some accused .Mr. Truman of creating "national hysteria" in order to keep himself "in power That was the tenor of the criticism from Rep Frederick C. Smith, R., O. Sen. Arthur H. VanclenlierR, R.. Mich,, the OOP's leader in foreien policy, declined to comment Innne- diate'ly. lie preferred to study the | inc.ssacr mcther. Slmulil Study Message Many Congressmen went along with dial view—that, the message should be studied thoroughly before nnv snap criticism was made. One Republican said, however, the request would have to be for a "limited" riralL Chairman Walter G. Andrews. R.. N. Y.. of the House Armed Services Committee said the draft would have to be "what 1 wotilri call a limited selective service—covering say. men 18 to 21, with none to be called who are In high school or who arc gainfully employed-" He said the U. S. might need only 300.000 to 4CO.OOO men. However, Rep. Dewey Short, R., Mo., said bluntly. "I don't think It (the draft) i.s necessary. "I think there Is a lot of hysteria bein^ created." Short said. .Just another new crisis -one In ng series on which the New Deal fed and fattened for 16 years." Most House Republicans took their cue from Charles A. Halleck of Indiana and declined Immediate comment. Soviet Rocket Bombs Face Italy and Trieste If Cold War Should Reach the Shooting Stage BIG AIRFIELD Somber taken by Russians tlieir exclusive ROCKET SITES for Soviet buzzhombs face Italy, Greece and Trieste. POCKET SUBS shipped I o F i u me by U.S.S.R. HIDDEN TANKS wait near bunker chain on Greek frontier. Earmei.s UK* lU'rlldious mid obsti- iiiile, itiul 11 i.-i impossible lo clear heir tomiiis of belief Ln prle-st.s and yiUnls. When priests toll iilimn bells, there \vill he wholesale insurrection," Which explains why the sectvt police—the UDB, or Office for the Security of the Stiilc, until recently called OZNA—Ls MI busily cat- slny |hoso who will be RITCSUM! when nlurm bells toll. It explains, too, why &o ninny people who huvo inanngcd to bullil vip good records ns Communists nnd assiymnonU'i to Italy nnd elsewhere on purclmslng mb^lons, .suddenly become exiles ami do nut return. That Is how 1 fled and how .some of my fricnd.s, who write m.» ol the things they hnvc seen, mun- n^e K» yet out anil never return. '1'oiuiuTow. Russia's Bulk an ar- sen;il for Communlsl expuisiloii. BIG ['.ED GUNS bristle from new batteries along Adriatic coast. AWOL Soldiers Held For Kidnap-Robbtry UIKMINOIIAM. Ala,, March 18 UPI—Three sololevs AWOL, from :'M Jackson, S. C.. were belnR heltl n lU'Ascmcr City Jiul today awiiH- mg action by the U. S. Marshall's illii'i 1 on ohiu'iu'.s of kidnapping LIIU robbing a Columbia. S. C., taxi drlv- Thcy were McmtUeri ns Uurold Mrs. Casey Jones at the Throttle Mrs. Ciiscy ,!OIK'S mounted lo the rnbln. Yes, she's llio widow of that brave uiRtnccr who rode lo cleutli In 1UOO uiul become Inbled In song. Mrs. Jones is n( Die Ihrollla of the General Molars' Ti'nln at Tomorrow on Die run [mm New Mbnny, Miss., lo Memphis, Tcnn., lor * special exhibition. She lives In Jackson, Tenn. Willinni Cruwfonl, * J X of Annlston Alii.. Raymond cMnmlr lx>uke. 21. ol WftKhhiBton, 15. O., luirt Joo Wesley Dunn. Jr.. of Bosmnor. Kuropenti ml mils [Ulnck othei -spccte. 1 ; of mils iiml curry off t]i3 workers us .shivcs. The nve.riiRe nue of llmsc Included In "Who's Who" Is Si yciu-s. Army Chiefs Working oh New Draft Act WASHINOTON, Mar. U. <UF>— I'he Army said yeiterdty it U drtft- * bill to provide for return of selective service. MnJ. den, F. L. Park*, Army la-" formation chief, said draft tlon "studies are under, w»y," The draft ended March II, when Congress let the Betoctlv* •vice Act rile without ext<n*ion. 'arks satci the revival legislation will ix 1 ftcnt to Congress *s aoon us possible. He declined to ipecuUto on Its details, The Armed Forcw are now 310,000 under Authorized strength. The Army'.s deficit I* 119,000, the Air Force's -12.000, and the Navy'* 159* 000, If the draft Is restored, the flrsfc of U pre-surrmbly would be to bring the Armed Forces up to their - [ii]thor!/cd strength. The Army hns decided that M CEiimot, without an act of Congreu, order discharged World War H veterans back into uniform. Bus Company Claims Lack of Jurisdiction By Judge in Civil Suit LITTLE ROCK. Ark., March 18. (UP)—The Capital Transportation Company of Little Rock has asked the Supreme Court to prevent Circuit Judge Audrey Strait from assuming any further jurisdiction in ri $71 r OQo damage .suit brought against the company. The transportation company contended that Judge Strait has no Jurisdiction over the matter as it was brought by Pulaski County residents. However, Thurman L. Ramey and members of his family who filed the suit, contend that they maintain tfUfesidence in Yell County. The suit 1C an outgrowth of an auto-bus collision last September in North Little Rock. By HoKtlan Kaditsa ;x-Y<iEoslav Press Information Chief Written for .NKA Service Copyright. 1948, by NIvA Service. Inc. ^ULssian rocket bombs have b?c:i nioved to launching sites alont; Yugoslavia's borders as Italy prepares for her crucial election April 18 an.1 pressure increases on the tiny Allied token force at Trieste. That in format ion conies to me from reliable eye -witness sources, Yugoslav friends who have fleJ from Tito's domain as I did to escape the fate that, befell liberals in other Russian satellite countries. The rockets are captured German V-l buzjtbombs ami V-2s. which presumably came from the great, Nazi rocket experimental station at Poncmunde in the Soviet zone of Germany. To these I ho Russians havr added their own "improved 1 version, supposedly capable of soaring 400 miles in 17 minutes. Such bombs, fired from newly- built bases on the Adriatic coas' could reach Rome, Naples or Salerno. More launching platform 1 menace Italy from northwestern Yugoslavia and ring the Free State of Trieste, where 10,000 American and British troops are held ''on a combat footing. Other rocket sites in the southern mountains overlook Greece where government, troops are battling guerrilla forces. Those facts come to me in letters which bear a Swiss postmark and the handwriting of a trusted exile, safe in SwLss neutrality, whose name cannot be mentioned. Inside the envelopes is the. handwriting of sincere and observing Yugoslav lawyers and businessman who hnve managed to get lo Italy and there, in comparative safety, smuggle their facts to Switzerland. They have seen more than the rockets which Russia has been delivering nnd Die buses built by slav» labor. They report; Torpedo boats. In dismantled arm, arc being delivered to the lor- ncr naval base at Divuljana, near Split, on the Adriatic. (.Trucks sent to Yugoslavia b^the U.S. were assembled here in 1EM1.1 At least 14 of the torpedo boats have been assembled. Pocket submarines, also In dismantled form, have been shipped by rail by the Russians to Fiume. just, south o! Trieste. After put together, the submarines ^auleiitT for the now Soviet, order But tlie men us well as the wai machines b:?;ir an authentic "made i]) U.S.S.R." stump. In every Yugoslav division and brip.rule, Russian officers and commissars instruct Ihc Yugoslav soldiers. They wear Yugoslav uniforms and speak the Yugoslav tongue as well as their own. '.Tito's T8 generals are young inpti who rode through .the ranks on the Red surpc. but S like Tho, they loo arc puppets; Iho Russian cumtnissar.s who .stand be- by sea in Tito-held waters, prob- i sirte them are the real generals, ably to underground bases which ! Tito's lop officers, ns well as th3 have been observed under construe- j specialists in his Army, ^ot their tion on the Albanian coasl. Combat aircraft—the World War training in Russiii. The Soviet schooling hns been strongest In tin; Tl "Slonnovik," the "PcOjnkov," t air force; Inruc numbers of fighter and nmver fighters which are beinj; kept hidden in hangars—have be.m brought in from Russia to Yugoslav airfields especially prepared for them. The Sombor field in northeast Yugoslavia, built by the Hungarians during occupation, has been rebuilt by tlie Russians and now serves exclusively for Soviet aviation. Big guns—76 and 88 mm. artillery—and the tanks that ride into combat ahead of them have been pilots are ready Lo Ily new-type Soviet planes, although these planes have not yet been seen in Yugoslav skicvs. The Yugoslavs are [('.signed to seeing tho.'ie planes in their skies— in action—by spring or summer. When I was in Bclgnidc in 1015, there was a Rreal feeling of depression amom; the Communists after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima- for two weeks, it, served us the greatest propaganda coming in from Russia, along wi'h against Communism. But -soon tl armored cars. Eighty of the tanks Rct\r, were biasing again, wait under camouflage in a valley [ And last November. Tiln confl- less than two miles from Gjevjgelija dently told thn C'nmmimist leader in on the Greek frontier, where even the camouflage cannot hide thr; guns in the chain of bunker fortifications. , On the Adriatic shoreline from Fiutne to Kotor, the big guns from Russia Cand bigger" 1 ones built m Yugoslavia from German prototypes) bristle • from natural roc* fortifications, pointing toward Italy. At Sibcnik (near Split) anri Kotor uicros,s from Bori, Italy) are Russian coastal batteries; the one at Kotor guards a V-2 base. Ah this, of course, is being done ]n the name of Tito, Yugoslav Croatia "We nrc ready to sink their t American i fleet in the Adriatic. Against their atomic bombs we .shall use our own. We do not .stand alone this time. Our material comes from an inexhaustible source "Ru.SMiin wnrkshnps turn nut 30,000 cars a month, Ijcadquartcr? have at their disposal 150 division? ready to march on 48 hours' notice and capable of wiping out all obstacles obstructing thrir advance to Paris "Comrade, you know well that, the people rtrc not on our side. The Superior Breeding Makes Strong and Vigorous y CHICK/ Hew Hampshire Reds White Wyandotfes Barred Rocks • Buy Here • i _ i j From a • J Complete { ! Line ! • i • i j of ' ' I I ! Brooder ! I i i i f i ' • and i i i i Poultry j | Supplies! Finest Quality AAAA GRADF Specially Pricec Per TOO $6.95 per 100 Lehorn Cockrels 9 out of 10 buy IMPERIAL again! 91.4% tO be exact! When pncclmf tt of Imperi»l were questioned in a nation-wide surycy, 9\A% prove<l to h* refial puribann. Yes, nine one of ten uy Imperial ti or mere old. 50* m>l|ht «W» .lOX jr«Jnn«»tr«l»i>ltit». 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