St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on February 25, 1985 · Page 45
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 45

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1985
Page 45
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ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 5E televisionmonday Eric Mink TelevisionRadio Mon., Feb. 25, 1985 ST. LOUIS STATIONS O O KTVI 0 O KMOX 6 O KSDK Q5) Highlights Lesley 'Ann Warren Drama Anna (Lesley Ann Warren) corresponds secretly with Iris' father, while Iris weds a doctor who escaped from the Nazis, in Part 2 of "Evergreen" 8p.m ..Channel 5 Kirstie Alley plays Gloria Steinem, who goes un- dercover as a Playboy v Bunny while researching a magazine article in A Bunny's Tale" ,8 p.m Channel 2 Comedy Newhart: Stephanie's ' ultra-rich parents (Jose 'Ferrer and Priscilla Morrill) offer her anything money can buy if she'll quit her job as a maid on '"Newhart" v 8:30 p.m Channel 4 Sports Football: USFL Memphis Showboats at San Antonio Gunslingers 8 p.m ESPN Baseball: The Grand Old Games 8 p.m SPT 6PM 6:30 7PM 7:30 8PM 8:30 9PM 9:30 10PM 10:30 11PM 11:30 O News P.M. Magazine H.McCormick mTOHABunny'tTare" ; Newt M.A.S.H Nightline Hollywood O News Family Feud Scarecrow And Mrs. King Kate & Allie Newhart Cagney&Lacey News , Simon & Simon McMillan O News Wheel Fortune TV's Bloopers And Practical Jokes Evergreen Continues News Best Ol Carson Ent. Tonight O MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour Wld. Of Animals Charles Fraser American Playhouse Business Rpt Beaver Latenight America CD Day At A Time I Day At A Time Diana Ross: For One And For All NameTune News WKRP LoveBoat Movie H Danny Thomas Dobie Gillis Early Warning Justice Burns & Allen j Shape-Up HM "Captain Kidd" Public Defender rjgi Diff. Strokes Diff. Strokes EBB 'The Shadow Riders" " Hawaii Five-0 Sanford Combat! St A Hutch A&E Can'tDoThat Dangermouse Nanny Tenko Old MenAtTheZoo OnedinUne Nanny CBN Here Come The Brides Cisco Kid Cisco Kid 700Club Togefher Bill Cosby Groucho Burns&Allen LoveThatBob ESPN College Basketball: Connecticut at Boston College USFL Football: Memphis Showboats at San Antonio Gunslingers SportsCenter USFL Football HBO Braingames Fraggle Rock EH3 "South Pacific" Sexual Abuse Of Children Lfflg "Brady's Escape" HTN EHB1 Cont'd Africa: On HTN BBB"Spacehunter" ' OfTheWorld liwiJV'The Outsiders" (PG) Utah: On HTN I EEBHI "The Riddle Of The Sands71" LIFE HotProoerties Regis Philbin's Lifestyles America Talks Back Good Sex! Smart Money Whole New You Nature MAX "Beastmaster" (PG) Cont'd EBS3 "Under Fire" (R) maa "Frances" (R) Movie HASH MO Paradise Dancin' U.S A. CanBeAStar Fandango Nashville Now New Country CanBeAStar Yesteryear Nashville Now SHO EEBBaiCont'd iB3 "Now And Forever" (R) Gallagher The Maddest! Rick & Bob Rpt. Franken& Davis Movie SPN Women's Court Microwaves Hello Jerusalem Looking East Discover Australia Color Millionaire Maker Richard Roberts SPT Viewpoint-Live! Bob Knight Sports Probe Baseball Special: The Grand Old Games Sports Desk Putters Baseball Special: The Grand Old Games TMC "Mixed Compny"(PG) Con, fCTWf "Avantj!" (R) EHa "All Night Long" (R) EEB3"YentJ"(PG) USA Radiol990 I NHL Hockey: Winnipeg Jets at New York Rangers Dragnet GongShow Make Me Laugh Radio 1990 SeeingStars WON Barney Miller Benson Greatest American Hero Lifestyles News WKRP Love Boat Movie WTBS I Little House On The Prairie IcEffig "Gunfight At The O.K. Corral" iBEgg "Ghost 01 Zorro" - PortraitOf America Radio AM Stations KATZ 1600 Soul KFUO850Relig. KIRL 1460 Gospel KJCF 1400 Country KMOX 11 20 Talk KUSA 550 Country K8IV1320lnspira - tional KSTL 690 Gospel HOLD 1380 Rock KWRE 730 Country KXENIOtOlnspi- rational KXOK 630 Talk WESL 1490 Soul WEW 770 Bands WGNU920Pop, Talk WIBV 1260 Contemporary WIL 1430 Country WBGZ 1570 Adult Contemporary WRTH 590 Bands KCFM 97.1 Pop KCFV 89.5 New Music KCLC89.1 Jazz, Rock KEZK 102.5 Beautiful Music KFU099.1 Class!- KHTR 103.3 Pop KMJM 107.7 Contemporary KRSH 90.1 Diverse music KSD 93.7 Adult j Contemporary KSHE94.7 Rock KSLH 91 .5 Educational KSLU 90.1 Educational KWK 106.5 Rock KWMU90.7Clas- KWUR90 3New Music, Jazz KYKT98.1 Adult Contemporary KVMC 89.7 Rock WCBW105 Relig. WIL 92.3 Country WMRV 101.1 Jazz WSIE88.7Classi- WZEN 100.3 Soul FM Stations KADI 96.3 Adult Contemporary Animal Doctor By Dr. Michael Fox DEAR DR. FOX: Our 13-year-old poodle has been diagnosed as having kidney failure. After having an enviable record of no accidents on our rugs for years, he suddenly could not hold his urine. The vet says we can control the dog's problem with a low-protein diet Do you agree? Is there anything else we can do to help him? ; THE FIRST sign of kidney failure in many dogs is that they suddenly become unhousebroken. This is because they drink more water, which is in part compensating for kidney malfunction. Since protein is being lost in the urine, some nutritionists say i dogs with kidney failure need some , high-quality (lean meat) protein. ; Others believe too much protein can be very harmful. A low-protein diet ekRBl GRAMS SOUmON BY JJOO & r & d3 CKtv - t RACK 2 0 LID 0 0 E d ' MM (COM tM-tM JUOCt TOTAL KETC KPLR CABLE STATIONS AS.E rtEntrtmmn1 KNLC CBN CBN Cable Network KDNL ESPN Entertainment Sports 6 AM 6:30 1,7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 I 9 AM 1 9:30 110 AM1 10:30 111 AMI 11:30 O Romper Room ABC News Good Morning Amenca . : Walters TrtviaTrap Family Feud Ryan's Hope Loving O BodyPower CBSNews CBSMomingNews . $25,000 Pyramid j Your Luck PncetsRigrit . YoungAndTheResHess Q NBC News jln StLouis Today Donahue S J. Raphael Scrabble teword Wheel Fortune Q Yoga MisterRogers Sesaro Street BeclricCo. Letter People Mister Rogers 3-2-1 Contact LetterPeopte Sesame Street CD Superman Lone Ranger' He-Man Vottron Popeye TomAndJerry Lav.lSlwley MakeADea) Joker'sWHd TicTacDough AlFamty AlFanfy ES3 Cont'd Shape-Up Joy Junction Vegetable Soup Healthy Richard Roberts ' Monday MommgLrve Judge Roy Insight rj News ' ILoveUiCjf Bewitched Jeannie Munsters FatAfcert 7000ub Jim Bakker J.Swaggart GomerPyle CBN Superbook ' Flying House Private Eye FHpper Dobie GIs BachetorFather 700Club AnottierUe Ben Casey ESPN Business Times ' Business Times SportsCenter CoBege Basketball: Purdue at Indiarta Aerobics USFL FootbaH HBO EBg Cont'd CB"Hammett"(PG) Braingames Willie Nelson's Texas Party CE3 "South Pacific" - LIFE WholeNewYou Working Mother Baby Knows OverEasy It Figures R.Simmons Cooking jPetPeeves Smart Money Mother's Day Baby Knows MAX CBO "Savage Harvest" IPG) rma "Uy Rrviyrji ani" (Pfi) EBS3 "The Beastmaster" P6) "RattleOIASimpleMan" NASH Makker I After Hours P.Wagoner NasrwieNow NewCountry jFandango CanBeAStar MOPararise AtTheParadise NICK Black Beauty j Lassie BeBe Today'sSpeoial Pinwheel SHO theHasty Heart ' . lEO'TheOutriders" "Agplane H: The Sequel" (PG) SPN Conlempo Cont'd ' jContempo: Music & Lifestytes Richard Roberts FYophecyCountctown Success'N'Lite J.Swaggart TMC EHa "Mixed Company" (PG) rrmi"Ym"(Pft) EBa "Bete Are Ringing" USA Cartoons CaSope - Sonya Tales (iiawrffaii'ThiRawrd1' WON Muppets TerryTunes Bozo Show Hillbillies Waltons Big Valley FamSy WTBS iFuntimeCont'd Jeannie Bewitched. lLoveLucy "Ski Party" 1 CatJins LucyShow PerryMason NOON 1 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 O All My Children OneLifeToUve General Hospital Ate Jeflersons fsCompany iBameyMier News ABC News O Body Language lAsTheWorldTums ICaptol jGukJing Light BamabyJones HartToHart News CBSNews Q News DaysOfOurLives AnotherWorM . SaleOICent HourMagazme Peopte'sCourt Jeopardy News N8CNews Q St. Cont'd R. Gardening LapQuiltmg Cooking LatenigrriArrrica SesameStreet MisterRogers 3-2-1 Contact Sesame Street Q ForMoney nwwi "Human Feeings" Wcody ScoobyDoo Voltron DukesOfHanard Little House On The Prairie d3) Renfrew Of The Royal Mourrties Public Defender" Fisher Family CE23 "Jack London Dennis JoyJuncfai Circle Square RmTmTm Mister Ed o) Andy Griffith GZS3 "South Sea Woman" Insp. Gadget Bewitched Brady Bunch W. Happening Mork&Mindy GoodTimes Happy Days CBN Embezzlement & Margaritas Pat Boone, USA 700 Club ' Blockbusters Face The Music TicTacDough Card Sharks Hot Potato jRffleman ESPN USFL Football: Orlando Renegades at Tampa Eiay Bandits Cont'd College Basketball: Nortfi Caroitna State at Vrrgrnia SportsLook Col. Basketball Report HBO Cffl3 Cont'd rwifa "Crackers" (PG) hrl "Hammett''(PG) TteYearCTTreGefttleTiger Wiie Nelson's Texas Party HTN EP"SavarrtSrrfe"lPG) "The Riddle Of The Sands" LIFE Regis Philbii's Lifestyles Housekeeping R.Smmorrs j Hot Properties XmericaTalksBack WtWatchers Working Mother Smart Money MAX EBS3 Cont'd "A Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sawhyich" (PG) rmra Savage Harvest" (PG) MaxTrax EESS3 ' The Beastmaster" (PG) NASH Yesteryear P. Wagoner 140 Paradise Dancin'U.SA CanBeAStar Fandango Nashville Now NewCountry At The Paradise P.Wagoner NICK Pinwheel Cont'd Today's Special Black Beauty Lassie Belle Can'tDoThat tengermouse Third Eye Powerhouse )Mr. Wizard NICK Rocks SHO rm "Funny Lady" (PG) . AJmostWasn't EEa "Dusty" RockOfThe'SOs" Movie SPN MedicTneMan HealthNews Crafts ThislsNewZealand " Mediterranean Echoes Fresh Ideas Morey'sMarket ScubaWortd Telephone Auction TMC "Bells Are Ringing" Cont'd n"Bells"(R) ' i"Pulp"(PG) "Mixed Company" (PG) USA "The Reward" Cont'd AKve & W&tt Hearttight City Room222 Candid Camera GoodMoming GongShow Cartoons WGN MiddayNew5 Card Burnett Arx)yGrifMi Jeannie ScoobyDoo Superfriends Heathci ' DukesOIHazzard Jeflersons Alice WTBS CES3 "The Love God?" Bugs Bunny Heck.iJeck. FWstones FMstones Beaver AndyGrfth ilbies GomerPyle MIDNITE 1 12:301 1 AM I 1:30 I 2 AM 2:30 3 AM 3:30 4 AM 4:30 5 AM 5:30 O Mission: Impossible News FaceToFace O McMiHantWifeCont'd CBS News Higtitwatch , Confluence jNewsmakers Q LateNightVilDavidLstterirHn News tp . CBia "Eywitness" Cont'd MinuteWorkout Muppets Jim Bakker jVictory In Jesus tOCHurrtteyStreet ICorricStrips NiteUne fnsipjit BtbieBaffle Before God Movie (grj) SiarskyCont'il EBa''SouthSeaWoriian'' ESg'TheShadowRiders" ' News News Morn.Stretcn A&E Tenko Old MenAtTheZoo OnedmUne . CBN I Married Joan Dobie Mis Bachelor Father Blondie 700Club iRossBagley lAnotherLrfe I J.Swaggart FtomperRoorn ESPN USFL Football: Memphis Srpwtoats at San Antonio Gunslingers Cont'd Basketball Rpt SportsLook NurneroUno Fsriin'Hote Aerobics Business Tines ' HBO CO "Doctor Detroit" (R) rji?"a'itetrayiii"jR cg''Harmirt''(PG) Tucker HTN rX3Cort'dSur CO'ToixjhErKHigh"(PG) - LIFE feg'sLifestyles iGoodSexf jHotProperties Heai Cooking FastTrackToFortune Stetch ltFigure$ mx r''Sl3rouixl''(R)Cont'd rrmrnafnf) EO''UnrJerFire,'(R) "Say Amen. SomebooY' (G) NASH Nashvilte Now NwCountry Offstage Yesteryear I J.Swagoart SHO "Joysticks"(R)Cont'd rgyai'D.C.Cab''(R) RockOfThe 80s iGateghyTheMaddesI! cg"Dusty' SPN JHousion "AShotliiTheDarl('' "Uirkpy" cor:MusictlJestyles C(iriterrirjo:MusiciUtestyles TMC E3"Yenll"(PG)Cont'd B,lTteHou5eOIGoil''(R) EB3 "Bells Are Ringing" USA GetRichWthRealEstate - Tenrris: BMWCripiorertips BenetNews PTf?" irnitatCTi OfUte'1 Cont'd w.News IZaneGrey ES3 "Wyoming Outlaw" News Abb.iCost iFartri 20 WTBS l''Breakfa5tAtTiffany's'' jca "Cyborg 20gT' IJ.Swaggart News FuntBne containing a high-quality protein source Is probably the best answer. Ask your vet for homemade recipes if your dog doesn't accept the special prescription diet, or add a little gravy ' to it to enhance palatability. THE AMERICAN Humane Society recently gave a special humane award to a heroic pet pig named Priscilla. This altruistic porcine pet helped rescue her house-mate, a mentally retarded boy, who began to drown while swimming. The first to notice that the boy was in distress was the pig, who had been out swimming with the child. It went back into the water to save him! I have seen a piglet of a few days old rescue a runty litter-mate on two occasions when the latter, got its leg stuck in the floor slat of a factory pigpen. The distress squeals and Subscribe to the Post-Dispatch. Call 622-7111 for home delivery. - i HBO... Home Boi Oft ice HTN Home Theater Net LIFE , Lilthme MAX Cinemai NICK Nickelodeon NASH The Nashville Network SHO Showtime SPN SateMrte Programming SPT Sportl Time TMC The Movie Channel struggling of the runt brought the rescuer, who ran over and rooted the leg up with its snout People who keep pigs as pets are struck by how intelligent, responsive, curious, affectionate and playful pigs are not at all like the pig stereotype of being filthy or insensitive. And now we learn that they have an inhorn altruism. Knowing these things, I for one now abstain from eating pork, Coming Tomorrow From St. Petersburg, Florida, Rick Hummel writes about the opening of spring training for the Cardinals. In Sports. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH USA USA Network WON Chicago Independent WTBS Atlanta Independent Paid Advertisement ham and bacon. They just don't taste the same anymore. Send your questions to Dr. Fox in care of the St Louis Post-Dispatch, 900 North Tucker Boulevard, St Louis, Mo. (3101. The volume of mail received prohibits personal replies, but questions and comments of general interest will be discussed in future columns. "If an unplanned pregnancy presents a personal ' crisis in your life ... Let us help you! Free Pregnancy Test (Newest early detection method) Professional Counseling & Assistance All Services Free & Confidential (7?) ' llf ST. UXBBc K243O0 I I L V " BtOvkll 22T42SS I V j Billlilil 227-8773 JtJ i St CtartaK 724-1200 'Bunny's Tale' Hops On TV Trail Talk about eye-openers: If you cram a couple of dozen women into skeleton-tight, skimpy satin swimming suits so that their breasts spill out the top, their rear ends fall out the bottom, their blood fails to circulate and their ' lungs draw insufficient breath. If you also clamp satin rabbit ears on the women's heads and stick a large, white puff of fabric on their bottoms. If you then put these women to work serving men food and drink in a private club owned by a magazine publishing empire built on pictures of naked women. If you fill the place with hordes of male yahoos whose idea of a good time is leering, patting and pinching their way to a point just this side of unconsciousness. If you pay the women paltry wages, tell them to flirt with customers to fatten up tips and force them to conform to an infantile point system of behavior. If you do all these things, it turns out that the women will wind up being treated like so many pieces of meat and not like real human beings. They may very well be made to feel cheap and exploited. ' Oh. You already knew that. Well then, count yourself among the tens of millions of thinking human beings with no conceivable reason to have these obvious points bashed into their heads by a televisionized sociological sledgehammer called "A Bunny's Tale" (tonight at 8, Channel 2). The story was "inspired by" the 1963 experiences of Gloria Steinem, then a struggling freelance writer in New York who lied about her identity and became a Playboy Club "bunny" for a short time in order to write about her experiences. Steinem, of course, later had her consciousness raised and became founder and publisher of Ms. magazine. The main problem with "A Bunny's Tale" is that 22 years is a millenium in an era of sexual revolution. What were revelations in 1963 seem like common sense today. With the perspective of time has come the realization that "bunnies" are really nothing more than designer cocktail waitresses, a group that has been suffering the indignities of revealing costumes, presumptuous customers and exploitive employers for decades, if not centuries. "A Bunny's Tale" tries to broaden its message; a concluding narration declares that all women are "bunnies." It's an arguable point, to be sure, but the program offers no real substance to back it up. Instead, it wastes a lot of time on a ridiculous love-story subplot between the Steinem character (played by Kirstie Alley) and her Tweezing Again? Isn't it Time You had Your Eyebrows Permanently Shaped by Gregory? Does it make sense to tweeze your eyebrows week after week when Gregory can permanently shape and beautify them in a style best suited to enhance your facial features? Our medically approved method will forever free you from having to tweeze your eyebrows again. Call for your complimentary consultation today, and you will also receive a free demonstration of our exclusive hair removal method. See for yourself how easily you too can have beautiful, permanently shaped eyebrows. World'! Largest System of Permanent Heir Removal Clinics gregory ST. ANN: 500 NORTHWEST PLAZA CENTER SUITE 517 PHONE 739-4010 1 ru i nil mi T j v them! playwright boyfriend, apparently in an effort to convince viewers that there's more than one way to exploit a woman.' I just thought the guy was a jerk. ' ii it Good news for the Sports Time pay-cable channel, which could use it Two holdouts and one new cable company have agreed to include the channel among its smorgasbord of offerings. The big one is Continental Cablevision which hopes to offer the service in about a month to its 60,000 St. Louis area subscribers on both sides of the Mississippi. The cost will range from an additional $10.95 a month to $5.95 a month, depending on how many other pay services you're paying for. American Cablevision, which claims some 11,000 subscribers in areas of north St. Louis county, and STL Cablevision, one of two companies that Vere awarded franchises for the city of St. Louis, also plan to offer Sports Time. On the negative side, Sports Time has lost Rex Lardner, its director of programming, who came to the operation with 13 years experience in network sports at NBC and CBS. On March 4, Lardner is scheduled to take over the television sports operations for Ted Turner's WTBS cable superstation in Atlanta. He'll have responsibility for Braves baseball, NBA basketball and a range of "college sports. Replacing Lardner at Sports Time is Dave Axelson, who was his second-in command. it -to -to At 7 tonight, Channel 11 has scheduled a stereo broadcast of Diana Ross' notorious Central Park concert of last year. The concert, telecast previously by the Showtime pay-cable channel but never aired locally on regular television, was accompanied by off-camera violence by roving gangs of punks. Channel 11, by the way, recently picked up the local rerun rights to NBC's "Hill Street Blues." . Assuming the show's not cancelled by the network a safe bet Channel 11 will be able to start showing the series in 1987. The program has been available on the syndication market for about a year, but buyers were hesitant to ante up the reported asking price of $15,000 to $20,000 per episode. General manager Barry Baker refused to say what he paid for the show, but it stands to reason that it was on the low end of that range. Baker also has bought the local broadcast rights to nearly 200 episodes of "The Beverly Hillbillies," the old "Bob Newhart Show," and the vastly underrated "Bosom Buddies." r p, 5 system Saturday: 9 A.M.-2 P.M. m A f1 j I cQ J V

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